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My routine honestly hasn't been working yet. I'm seeing a dermatologist in two weeks so I'm going to try this until then. If I go in in two weeks and my face is still a mess, maybe they can recommend some different topicals. I'm going to ask for Spiro then too.


Take Yasmin

Alternate Clindamycin and Duac (apply Duac after moisturizer)



-Take Ibuprofen EVERY 4 HOURS to help with inflammation

-Drink 3 cups of Rooibos tea daily.

-Get 20 minutes of sunshine (10 minutes front, 10 minutes back) a day. Not too much, just a little vitamin D..

-I'm starting this on Saturday just cause I start the pack of Yasmin then.

Starting on Monday, I'll be going to the gym five mornings a week, first thing when I wake up. This does require having my picture taken but I'm just going to suck it up, hide my ID in the back of my wallet and deal lol. I haven't wanted to go BECAUSE I need an ID picture taken and my face is going to be a total mess but hey, I can be the pimpled person there at 7 in the morning..

At the end of this period, I will post before/after pics. Not expecting a MIRACLE but a slight improvement would be nice.

Experimental elimination diet

I'm going to try a couple weeks on ONLY the following foods:

-Lower sugar fruits (grapefruit, berries, apple, lemon, tomato)

-Veggies, some with every meal (spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, green beans, onions)

-Red tea and unsweetened almond milk and lots of water

-grains: QUINOA hot cereal if I can find it

-Green Smoothies with flax seeds (using above fruits and veggies)

I'm starting these on Saturday.

After two weeks I'll reevaluate.

"copper boom!"

--Gilmore Girls

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Good luck! :D

thank you!! you too with you regimen. my ex actually used AcneFree and it seemed to help him, or at least from what i noticed. though i probably shouldn't be thinking about him *sigh* i miss him..

"copper boom!"

--Gilmore Girls

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