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Lactic acid to remove flakes ?

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Hi all,

This message is especially for you Lionqueen. In the last couple of months I've been reading your log, numerous posts, and difficult path towards wow skin. I am in your age group and have a similar type of skin, but having suffered from severe acne in my teen years and later, I've been left with ugly scars and horrible, enlarged pores.

Basically I am following your path, easing my way between Green Cream (still only using level 6), BHA, mandelic acid, emu oil, hyaluronic acid, and so on. I'm spending fortunes at Diana Yvonne, but so far things are improving.

I even went as far as buying the horribly costly Biogommage by Physiodermie. But I am using it up quickly and cannot afford to buy it too often. Also, many times, even after I've used it in the morning, I still have ugly flakes that become outstanding the minute I put my mix of Red Tea Serum, emu oil and a couple of TIO sunscreen on. I remember that at some point you posted that you found Diana Yvonne's 10% lactic acid gel did wonders to exfoliate your skin in no time, without irritation. Do you still agree with that statement?

Thanks again for your wonderful postings. You are a true inspiration to keep on searching.

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