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Fish oil or flaxseed oil - which is better for oil & acne?

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One person says fish oil, one says flaxseed, how do you know for sure? Some say flaxseed makes acne worse. Ohhhhhh there is just TOO much info on the net and my head literally feels like it's going to explode! lol

So, anyone got a good idea of which is better? I used flax and saw not a whole lot of improvement :(

Also, how long should a person give the oil to determine whether it's working or not?


Thanks in advance

Dear Acne, I HATE you!!!!!

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Fish Oil vs Flax Seed Oil

The fish oil vs flax seed oil debate continues among health supplement providers. Some say that flax oil is better. Others say a fish oil dietary supplement is best. No one denies that they both contain omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to many systems, organs and tissues of the human body. The flax oil vs fish oil conflict concerns which omega-3 is best and why.

Most current scientific study involves the benefits of certain omega-3 fatty acids to heart and brain health. The omega-3s used in these studies are DHA and EPA. These are found in a high quality fish oil dietary supplement. Flax oil contains an omega-3 called ALA and other fatty acids. The benefits of flax oil and fish oil are somewhat different and each can be beneficial, but for different reasons.

However, for heart health, a fish oil dietary supplement is recommended by most medical experts and naturopathicpractitioners. ALA needs to be converted to DHA and EPA in the body....and this conversion does not always take place, especially for people who are in less than optimal health. This would include many elderly folks. On the other hand, if you're in good health flax seed ALA may be converted by the body to DHA and EPA.

Thus, when the heart is concerned in the flax oil vs fish oil debate, fish oil wins in our opinion since you can get the crucial DHA and EPA directly through a quality fish oil. For brain health and symptoms like depression, a fish oil dietary supplement is recommended for much the same reasons.

The brain needs large amounts of DHA, but if the body needs the ALA for some other reason, it may not ever be converted to DHA.

So, when the brain is discussed in the fish oil vs flax seed oil debate, fish oil wins again.

Having said all of this, some people prefer flax oil over fish oil for various reasons. For example, strict vegetarians must supplement their diet with some type of omega-3, but will not take a fish oil dietary supplement.

Flax seed oil may help to alleviate hot flashes in menopausal women. It would be nice if there were one supplement that did everything for everyone, but there is no such supplement.


Go with the fish, *does fish face*.

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* Low GI, No Dairy, Lots of Water

* Hide From The Sun Like A Ninja

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Hi hun! I use to struggle with acne, terribly! My, when I was 15, it was just scattered terribly around my face! I was embarrassed, I hated reflections, and as if you don't struggle with your confidence enough as a teenager, I'm 18 now! But, I heard of this treatment, taking fish oil capsules, and boy did it help heaps! The only way to ensure this is to drink water, not chug it, but sip it throughout the days, if you're not use to drinking a lot of water, then you might get a bit bloated, but your body will get use to this, and soon you'll slim down again. I drink a lot of tea, and take a 1,200mg Fish Oil Capsule (One in the morning, and one a night) by Naturemade, (I don't think it makes a difference with the brand.) Over a week my acne became less of an occurrence, however this will not completely whack your acne troubles away, something I kept telling myself (Progress not perfection,) I still have my breakouts, and yes it's irritating, but something you have to do is just love yourself unconditionally, and SERIOUSLY tell yourself that in the mirror, and I'm sure even more progress can be made. Acne, is a b*tch, but with a self disciplined attitude to resisting sugary foods, carby foods, and sugary drinks, you can do wonders to improve your skins vitality without all the topical treatments, and herbal pills, and medications. It's just swinging to a more healthy lifestyle.


Hope I helped some!

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