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Trying to Balance Excess Androgens (in female)

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Although it does not seem to show up in my blood tests (?!), I have symptoms of excess androgens (PCOS actually, but my father, an ob/gyn, tested me and said I don't have it, I'm going to an endo for a second opinion though).

I am also on birth control, month 2, but my dad said it would take at least 3-4 months to get me clear.

I'm on a low glycemic diet, incorporated fish oil into my diet, I take multivitamins, and I eat healthy.

Topically, as of now, just wanter and jojoba oil.

I have a combination of whiteheads, blackheads, and big red dots. I had mostly whiteheads then I went to a stupid derm who gave me tazorac which has since only exacerbated things and those red dots won't go away.

After trying a host of products, both internally and externally, I stopped topical treatments. I wash my face with water and will mix a little bit of jojoba oil to prevent dryness. So we'll see where this goes.

Accutane log (August 2008-June 2009)

My 25% TCA peel log (March 2010)

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Hey your new diet sounds just a lot like mine. Two days ago I started taking

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-Fish Oil

-Cod Liver Oil


-Vitamin C

-Vitamin E





I know my acne is caused by hormones/excess androgens because I've been on and off birth control since I was 13 and my acne was always helped when I was on it. Also about 9 months ago I started taking Flax seed and Primose Oil Supplements and my acne really subsided.. but I decided to change it up and try these recent supplements because my acne wouldn't completely go away there would always be 1-4 at a time and it just got frusterating.. I want to be CLEAR! ahh.. But let me know how this is working for you, I'll be posting my updates once more time has passed. Thanks

My Regimen:


*Wash with Purpose Gentle Cleanser

*Yaz - bc


*Nicole Miller mineral foundation


*Wash with Purpose Gentle Cleanser

*Moisturize with Jojoba Oil

*Apply Paula's Choice 2% Salicylic Acid Gel

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