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Going off Diane 35 (birth control)?

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I forgot to ask syncrosammy, could you please specify the ingredients of your supplement? You say that the main ingredient was saw palmetto, but what dosage? And what are the others ingredients and doses?

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Hey ladies,

It's been several years since I first started this thread. S let me give you all an update:

As with the vast majority of you who have responded to the thread, my acne returned with a vengeance after about 3 months of going off Diane. After about a year of this, I ended up going back to birth control but tried a different brand. It was depressing because i really didn't want to be on the pill forever. I eventually want to have kids.

But I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!! I'm now trying an herbal supplement called EstroSense. It's been 1 month, and I have had amazing results. My skin in smoother, I'm not breaking out, the tiny pimples i have (it's that time of the month!) are barely noticeable. I am still on birth control, but that's because i don't want to get pregnant just yet. But the pill that I'm on really wasn't helping with my acne in the first place . I think you should give EstroSense a chance.

This is what I'm taking:

EStroSense - 2 per day

Evening primrose oil - 2 per day

Cod liver oil - 1 tsp per day

There is hope!!!

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