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pimples on lip line- please help

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I get small little white pimples/blackheads around my lip line. They aren't inflamed at all and they are difficult to see unless I press my tongue against the back side of my lip. I'm guessing they are blackheads. One in particular was a little bigger and was bugging me so I tried to squeeze it out. I got some puss out, but I couldn't get it all out.

Two days later, the spot is now red, inflamed, and sore. I have some BHA, green cream and benzoyl peroxide, but am currently not using anything on my face besides a mild cleanser. What is the best way to get my skin back to normal? Should I use the BHA? Aloe? Nothing? Ice? I have an interview next week and hope to get rid of the big red mark on my lip before then. Thanks!

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Don't mess with those little bumps around the lips. It's a very sensitive area and as you've noticed, picking can make it very much worse than just an under the skin bump.

It should be completely better in a few days if you don't do any messing with it. It won't hurt to put some ice on it every so often.

A dab of antibiotic ointment and bandaid at night, if the bandaid will stick right there.

No more picking! (unless it develops a white head, in which case pricking it with a STERILE needle and letting the contents flow would be fine).

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