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Infected/clogged pore on nose & blackheads

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Hi -

I'm on my 5th week on low dose Accutane. So far I love the results - smooth skin and my chin breakouts less!!! I do have a question. The blackheads on my nose were dark during week 2 and 3, and now much lighter and clearing out (which is great). I thought a few pores on my were flaking, so I took my tweezers and tried to pull the sebum loose. I made little holes in my nose, and a few look redder and crusty today. Like they are infected... :( It doesn't look severe, but wanted to see what I can do to heal. I have a few topicals but wasn't sure what/which to use. I have clindamycin, finacea or azaelic acid, salicylic acid/azaelic acid drying gel (spot treatment), and benzaclin. Any recommendations to help? I Also, will the pores on my nose clear on their own OR do I need to carefully pick it out? Wasn't sure what's to happen and thats why I picked...??

Thanks so much!


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