HELP! What are all these tiny bumps on my forehead?

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hey tiny littlebumps, just curious, but did you ever rub hard over these bumps with your fingers (not nails, just fingers) or with a washcloth? What happened when you did that? Did any of them scar?

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I get flesh colored bumps on my forehead too! ;[ a bunnch of them, have been getting them there for a couple years (im 16)

so what do u recommend i do? i use retin-A no help, and a nutrogena cleanser-no help

what was your method? cold cream? i just wana make sure im understanding this right

and what is BHA? sorry im unfamiliar with the term ;[

i never thought it was possible to get rid of these without surgeory!

i dont suggest cold cream or anything that is oily(or can make ur skin more 'moisturised' than needed).

BHA is beta hydroxy acid.

i suggest u use a low% salicylic acid face wash.maintain a proper skin care routine.

change ur diet for good.(please follow the 'diet and holistic living' forum or blogs to get the whole full idea)

follow simple tips like cinnamon,lemon water and rake care ur vitamin through supplementation if needed.

ur lifestyle including sleep,stress etc should be taken care of.

bumps could be milia,clogges comedones or acne/zits of any kind.

u should reason out the root of ur problem.

Itchy red raised skin - dermatitis??

huge pores

indented scar

oils used for cooking

inflamed whiteheads & clogged pores

my balanced diet chart and skincare routine(medications taken & products used now)

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Omg your skin change is amazing I dont have any words too and I have the same problems as you and i've been suffering from that for two years with out any change ir improvement in my forehead and now it is starting going down like in the middle of my eyebrows and on my nose I dont even call it black head or whitehead its just lots of tiny red bumps can u please suggest me what exactly to do I will really appericiate it I will upload my pictures below I tried tuns of stuff but its just not working for me :'(

Thank you

I was trying to upload picture but I dont know how to it help please

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Listen, the only thing that helped me get rid of these little fuckers is : i mix 5 % hydrogel benzoylperoxide with water, until it gets more watery instead of gel.. (the bp must be hydrogel cause it has to mix with water) then i apply the watery bp substance all over my forehead. The water makes it absorb so deeply within the skin that the fuckers dry out within 2 days. Do this every night and let it dry, apply just a little moisturizer on top after one hour or so. Its the only thing that got rid of them. Btw my bumps were colorless and had little white hard plugs in them when i popped them , i tried ketaconazol shampoo that didnt work. If they are red and itch then its probably a fungus. Im talking about skincolor bumps underneath the skin with hard white plugs in them. Try my method and thank me later. Best if luck to u all. Btw if you have like crzy cyst infected pores, you are most likely intolerant to some kind if food. Get a bloodtest for intolerances and stop eating shit that your gut cannot digest, acne will disappear . Most people are intolerant for gluten & dairy but it could be anything. Get urself tested before going on accutane and shit !

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Hi there.

I followed this a few weeks back, i have since been to a dermatologist - £180 later i have been put on a typical cream which is the equivalent to actuate. (Epiduo) it has since gotten rid of my forehead bumps.

My derm did mention that the bumps i had scrubbed off my blackheads which left inflammation and that was why the bumps had appeared?? not sur if this helps anyone but Epiduo seems to be working for me (stings, though!) 

Will update soon!


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