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Cysts on Inner Thighs

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Hey, everybody.

I'm new to the board. I need to do something about my cystic acne. I have very clear skin on my face, back, buttocks and pretty much everywhere else on my body except on my inner thighs and under my breasts.

The acne under my breasts isn't cystic or pus-filled or painful. They're mostly small, red bumps that are barely raised. I'm going to the drugstore tomorrow to purchase products for the regimen recommended on this site.

However, the acne on my thighs is a bit more problematic. I have some small cysts and occasionally these cysts grow a little larger and more painful. Some of the pimples are pus-filled. Most aren't painful, but some are a little tender. I know the pimples get worse because they rub on my pant legs. That's why I sometimes try to cover my inner thighs with bandages to prevent chafing and further irritation, which does prevent the pimples from growing even larger.

I would love more than anybody to go to the doctor or a derm for Accutane or some other anti-acne medication, but I just recently switched to a job without medical insurance. There's no way I can afford to see a doctor and pay for a prescription right now and this acne can't wait.

So, barring all prescription treatments, which I know are vastly superior, what can I do to lessen the breakouts on my thighs with over-the-counter drugs and cleaners?

Do you think the regimen I'll be using on my breasts would work even remotely on my thighs?

Thank you.

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Using the regimen would be my first course of action. I've heard good thing about the Aqua Glycolic line for cystic body acne. It's usually available at the pharmacy desk, you have to ask for it. There is a wash, a toner and a lotion. I think I would try either the wash or the toner. If your inner thigh skin is sensitive though, I'd be very slow and cautious. Are you using a body lotion? If so, what kind?

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That sounds like a very unusual pattern, which makes me think it might not be acne.

Is there a chance it's not acne, but lymph nodes or glanduar swelling?

The ones on your inner thighs - is there a chance they're ingrown hairs from shaving?

This problem might also be due to friction, if you have large breasts, since under the breasts and inner thighs would probably be high-friction areas. Not sure what to do about that. You said you know the pimples get worse from rubbing your pant legs, so maybe it would help if you switch to skirts for a while, don't shave your legs/pubic region that far up, and also wear 100% cotton underwear. This might not be possible due to your workplace dresscode, but I find that American Apparel cotton leggings are more comfortable & less friction-y than tights, if you are in a cold area and can't simply skip a leg covering. They can be a fashion choice in themselves, or if you wear ankle-length skirts with knee-high boots they will be invisible.


Cleanse: ZUM goat's milk soap

Moisturize: La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche for most of the face, and La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume for the extra dry-area around the mouth and all-over body.

Cosmetics: Avoid makeup if possible.

If that's not possible, use Pop-Up blush gel stick and Sue Devitt Studio pressed powder.


Indulge: fruit, vegetables, fish, olive oil

Limit: unprocessed starchy carbohydrates & whole grains

Avoid: fried/greasy foods, refined sugar, refined grains, synthetic anything, alcohol


Zinc 100mg/day, Pantothenic Acid 1g/day, Calcium, Omega 3 (EPR and Fish), Milk Thistle, Vitamin E 1000iu.


Accutane (Sotret) 20mg/day 1st month, 40mg/day 2nd month, 60mg/day 3rd month, 80mg/day 4th month @ approx. 5'5"/100lbs


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Its possibly a certain type of acne called Hidradenitis suppurativa sometimes called acne congoblata. Its more frequent in females especially ones who are post pubecent. I would definitely go to a derm and ask him/her rather than trying to get answers on here.

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that really doesn't sound like acne. i'm not a dermatologist, so i really have no idea what it could be. i can't imagine it could be more than $100 to see a derm. i dont think over the counter treatments are going to help. and you will probably end up spending that amount of money on drugstore stuff that doesn't work than it will cost to see a derm and get an Rx.

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