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Clearing pores, getting rid of tiny bumps

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Hi there, I am new to the group and am learning sooo much.... I appreciate such a site being available. :dance:

I am very interested in trying the Mandelic mentioned on pg 1

A lil' history... I am a recovering heroin/anything addict and unfortunately the 3yrs of drugs ruined my skin. LITERALLY! I never had acne as a child...some blackheads on my nose, nothing more.... During the using phase i would pick at my skin.... therefore my arms and face are covered with pitty scars...

I got off the street drugs almost 4 yrs ago, followed by 3 yrs on methadone maintenance. When I was on methadone, I would again, get into picking. It was like an obsession really. Well I've been off the m'done 6 months now... and I STILL have issues with acne and picking....

My acne tends to be little, hard, hardly visible cyst like, bumps. When I don't pop them they just keep multiplying... and when I do a hard core comes out and it scars.... I need help!!

I am 30yrs old now.

I tried switching to Mineral makeup.... it was fine, but I am so oily that i would have to reapply 20x's a day... So I switched back to trying MANY different foundations...haven't found one compatible yet. (recommendations?)

I have had horrid luck with Salicylic Acid containing products... have tried the Paula's choice before... but didn't have good luck. My luck has been the less chemicals the better off i am. I switch soaps. I have had good luck w/ 3X strength Tea tree oil soap; Sulfur soap; African Black; a Baking soda soap and lately I've been using "Kiss my face" ... I alternate between the few....

But i need to treat the problem.... I am sick of dealing with it.

Also have you guys discussed peels at all - I would like to find a thread on that , as i think that would help with my scars???

Sorry such a long post.... thanks for reading and any suggestions would be great.

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Hi HplyEvrAftr, and welcome to the group. I'm also new fairly new to the forum, and I'm very appreciative that such an amazingly resource is available... well done to everyone involved in this post (and others!)

HplyEvrAftr --In many ways we have similarities, because I have been severely ill for 17 years, and I'm just and well enough to start looking after my face at last.... Let's hope we both find the solutions we're looking for :pray:

I had a question regarding Paulus Choice cleansers. I know they come highly recommended , but I was looking through the ingredients and found the following;

The One Step Face Cleanser lists Sodium Laureth Sulphate as its third ingredient, which apparently ranks as a 3 on the Comedogenicity scale. The Skin Balancing Cleanser contains Sodium Chloride (rated 5) and Laureth 4 (also a 5). Is that okay? And which one is best? I don't have many choices open to me as I live in the UK, and want to use cruelty free -- Paula's Choice looked like my best bet... I'm a bit confused...

thanks to the author of this thread -- it's given me so much to think about...

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Hi Posy and welcome.... I tried Paula's Choice which a friend passed along to me... so I cannot remember which ones... But i know they had the salycilic acid in it... so it didn't work for me.

But it is highly recommended on the boards :)

I am most interested in the mandelic, and any addt'l info would be appreciated.... (what brands; etc)

Again Posy welcome, and also, since u are in the UK u may wanna check out the international regimin forum for links; and suggestions as to what is available in the UK.


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Okay, maybe I should just take the time to read the posts and figure this out myself, but I wouldn't mind getting specific feedback, so I am going to post.

I need to tweak my products to achieve clearer skin; any advice on what I should try next would be appreciated.

Here is a rundown on what I have tried.

I started out this year with Proactive's products. I was using the daily cleanser (Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%), the toner every now and then, the refining mask (Sulfur 6%) about three times a week at night, the repairing lotion (Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%), and oil free moisture with spf 15. I started looking into ingredients and decided to try to find products myself that were more cost effective.

I bought Clean & Clear Cleanser (Benzoyl Peroxide 10%) to use as a daily cleanser. I bought Biore Pore Perfect Cleanser (Salicylic Acid 2%) to see if it worked better for me than BP (I had read on a website that BP damages and can prematurely age skin, but don't know if that was just propaganda for the product they were trying to sell - any thoughts?). I also bought Walgreens Maximum Strength Benzoyl Peroxide Gel (BP 10%).

With Proactive, I noticed a change pretty quickly in the beginning, as I was inclined to believe in the mask and would use that more frequently than the three times a week recommendation because I wanted to see results. The Proactive took it down a notch to where I just had papules (I think), along with redness, and my neck finally completely cleared up. Progress seemed to stop there, though.

I used up all the Proactive BP products, so started using Clean & Clear, alnog with Walgreens BP Gel, and Proactive's sulfur mask. Then I ran out of the refining mask, so I bought the only sulfur product I could find at the store I was at. It is Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, which I was skeptical of because it lists water as the first ingredient, and sulfur is the 7th ingredient (I heard somewhere that the order of ingredients ranks the most important/prominent ingredients). After a little while I also run out of the Walgreens BP Gel, so I bought a different brand, which turned out to really irritate my skin (very itchy). Before I realized what was the culprit, I decided to start using the Biore Salicylic Acid (BP must be getting to harsh for my skin, I thought). This product doesn't seem to do me much good, as I started breaking out again (whiteheads and greater density of papules), so I went back to the Clean & Clear BP and stopped the secondary BP lotion which was aggravating my skin.

Now that I am using the Clean & Clear morning and night, plus the Mint Julep Masque every night, I have gotten my breakouts at least under control, but the remaining pimples don't seem to be going anywhere fast. I feel that the Proactive refining mask helped clear my skin up at least a little more than it is now, so I am thinking about buying some of that, but I am wondering what else maybe I should try, since so far nothing has cleared it up completely and yeah, Proactive is expensive. I am definitely weary of trying salicylic acid products again. I also want to try to keep it cost effective and not too long of an ordeal to go through every day. That may be too much to ask. I just read the don'ts of skin care topic and think some of the products I am using are no-no's, so it would be good to get in line with that too.

So now with that information, any suggestions? Thanks.

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Hi. I've been having acne mostly on my right cheek for about a year already. It's been on and off, everytime one bursts, a few weeks later, another might form in the same spot and my right cheek area is pretty inflamed.

Went to the derm a few days ago and he gave me a facial wash, an oil controlling product and something to apply after tt [only at night] which is supposed to reduce the appearance of comedones and stuff. He also gave me erythromycin to use in the morning.

When I first started this, my face started breaking out with 2 or 3 huge red acne and my left cheek is pretty bad now as well. After about a week plus, they cleared up, leaving red marks. I still have a few breakouts now but I think that's due to stress and the fact tt my period's coming, lol.

On my forehead are alot of whiteheads - the small bumps which are VERY unsightly. I'm wondering whether this is supposed to happen? That apart from the breakouts I experience, the comedones are now making their way to the surface and hopefully in time, they'll get better? *crosses fingers* It sure is taking a long time, though and right now, my face looks so unsightly! There are some on my cheeks as well. The ones on my forhead, I can't see any pus but the comedones on my cheek, I can see the pus.

Also, my blackheads seem to be more prominent now. Is this what's supposed to happen?

Another question I have is that, I'm wondering whether I should go for an extraction/facial. Maybe that would clear the plugged pores? But I'm a little wary of going through all the pain.

Please help! :(

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Hi everyone,

Ive been using Paula's choice BHA gel for a couple of months with good results. However it leaves my skin very flaky and dry. Can somebody suggest a good light (preferably serum based moisturizer). Would a moisturizer work for the flakiness too or do I need some exfoliation to take care of that.

Any help would really be appreciated,


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Hey, guys ....

I don't know if people are still posting here because they are hoping for answers from me specifically .... but my advice for dealing with this condition is pretty well contained in the first post. I'm going to update that post so that it's a bit more useful, and then I'm going to close this thread.

People who are actually using the products I recommend, or who are interested in them -- you are always welcome to PM me with questions. I'm no derm, but I've used this stuff pretty extensively.

People who have questions about drugstore products: sorry, but I am clueless. I don't use them and I haven't researched them. You might try searching the OTC forum for specific product info.

Cheers, and good luck all ....


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