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Vitamin B12 causing acne?

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Well I've been thinking about adding vitamins as a part of my regimen for clear skin, so I was just reading up about different vitamins, and I had an epiphany.

I found a ton of information about how vitamin B12 can actually make acne and skin problems worse! I became a vegetarian almost 3 years ago, and have been taking a vitamin B12 supplement for quite some time, since B12 is just about the only vitamin that cannot be found in a vegetarian diet (it's in milk and eggs as well as meat, and I'm not vegan, but I still want to make sure I get enough).

Sooo I'm kind of in a dilemma here, because I don't want to stop taking B12 for fear of becoming B12 deficient, which can lead to serious health problems over time, but I'm very annoyed to learn that it's probably breaking me out!!

The B12 supplement I'm taking is like 500mcg, and it says it's 8,000% of the daily value, which sounds wrong... I just don't get why each pill would have such a high dosage, when it says to take one a day.

Apparently you only need 3-4 mcg of B12 a day (it's a vitamin our bodies need very little of, as it is stored for a looong time) but vitamins don't seem to come in such low dosages, they seem to always be at least 100mcg. Anyone want to explain why?!

Anyway, I wonder if taking B5 would help clear my skin, even if I continue to take B12? The thing is I don't even take B12 every day, I forget and usually only take it a few times a week. But this would explain why I just started having skin problems in the past few years, and why nothing seems to work so far at clearing my skin.

Is anyone else taking B12 and B5 (maybe a B-complex) and noticing improvement in their skin?

I'm gonna see if I can find a B12 supplement with a lower dosage or something. The one I got was just from Target so maybe one from GNC will be better. Hmm.

So the B12 from GNC is still a very high dosage, 500mg = 5000% daily value.

I just found some multivitamin that has B12 though, and it has it at 30mcg -- 500%, but still lower. Maybe I'll just go for a multivitamin and that way I can get the B5 too.

Anyone know the right amount of B5 to take on a daily basis? Nevermind, just saw the pinned post.

So, have any other vegetarians/vegans run into this little problem? hehe.

Currently: clear, no new breakouts for a few weeks, just dealing with RED MARKS >_<


Cleanse: Desert Essence Thorougly Clean face wash (tea tree oil + awapuhi) with a few drops of jojoba oil [both at GNC]

Tone: 50/50 ACV toner (water + apple cider vinegar; for redmarks & balancing skin)

Treat: FOTE 100% Aloe Vera gel (apply to redmarks) [WalMart] & Desert Essence blemish stick [GNC] & Puredeming R-ALA Intense Gel

Moisturize: Have a Vine Day chardonnay hydrator by Nature's Gate OR Biore Beyond Smooth

Makeup: Everyday Minerals foundation (intensive or semi-matte formulas) <33

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Hi Astraea,

I know this was a long time ago! But I have run into the exact same problem myself and I am just wondering did you ever find out if it was the B12 that was causing the acne? Thanks :)

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