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Hot or Cold Compress to Cyst?

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Should a hot or cold compress be applied to a still red and slightly raised cyst 48hrs after cortisone injection?

Full Text:

I have a .5cm diameter cyst on my chin. I went to the dermatologist and she gave me a cortisone injection. Now 48hrs later the area is still red and slightly raised. Should I be applying heat to aid in the delivery of white blood cells (in hopes to fight the infection) or cold to constrict the flow of blood and reduce inflammation? I keep reading to use ice, but that seems counterproductive to me.

Thanks for your opinion/experience.

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I would reccomend using ice myself. Or, I what I did once was I soaked a facecloth in ice water and slept with it on my forehead and it helped a little with inflammation of some zits I popped. Even though I've never had a cortisone shot, ice probably seems better :/

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Hot is only good if you're trying to bring a zit to a head to pop...

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