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  1. So, i just came across this protein. A quick searcg finds quite a few studies. So I googled how to down-regulate zonulin. The article below says " Splenda is suspected as a stimulator of zonulin along with heavy metals, stress, and most likely other triggers not yet discovered. Gluten is one of the many proteins that seems to be involved in inflammation and autoimmune problems when leaked out of the gut. " We've known that food intolerences often develop due to stress. Then it says something about treating patients with supplements to down regulate zonulin, but doesn't name them, Here are more articles. Aparently probiotics are one method. There's this article about zinc Carnosine ( ZnC ), which is an artificially created "nutriceutical". We know zinc benefits acne. Carnosine is taken by body builders & for antiaging for reasons I don't really remember right now. Muscle recovery I think & anti-inflammatory/anit-oxidant. "carnosine is a dipeptide (comprising β‐alanine andl‐histidine) that is naturally present in long‐living cells such as muscle and nerves, where, among other actions, it probably has a role as an antioxidant." I took if for a little while. I also took b-alanine to both produce carnosine & be an anti-histamine. But the researchers only state it would be interesting to examine it's impact on zonulin.
  2. I read somewhere that probiotics kill zonulin, which is a protein that is released when you eat products containing gluten. Does that mean that if you use probiotics you can eat food with gluten in it without causing acne or reduce the amount of acne?