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  1. I'm really looking to start working out, taking vitamin/supplements and protein powders to aide in my transition. My dream is to become a fitness model but I dont know where to start as I do have mild to moderate acne and some protein powders and supplements make acne worse. Does anyone know what acne friendly powders/supplements I can take that wont exabarate my acne? What vitamins are actually good to take to help control acne or wont make acne worse? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I've started taking a multi vitamin called bio-antioxidant (by Pharma Nord) 1 tablet contains % RDA* Vitamin A (retinol acetate) 864 µg RE 108% Vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) 1,8 mg 164% Vitamin B2 (riboflavine) 2,8 mg 200% Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) 15,0 mg NE 94% Vitamin B5 (calcium-D-pantothenat) 7,5 mg 125% Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 4,2 mg 300% Vitamin B8 Biotin (D-biotin) 100 µg 200% Vitamin B9 (pteroylmonoglutamic acid) 200 µg 100% Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 4,5 µg 180% Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 200 mg 250% Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 2,5 µg 50% Vitamin E (DL-a-tocoferyl acetate, D-a-tocoferyl succinate) 30 mg a-TE 250% Chromium (Chromium enriched yeast, ChromoPrecise®) 50 µg 125% Copper (copper gluconate) 1.000 µg 100% Magnesium (magnesium oxide) 75 mg 20% Manganese (manganese gluconate) 2,5 mg 125% Selenium (Selenium enriched yeast, SelenoPrecise®) 62,5 µg 114% Zinc (zinc gluconate) 7,5 mg 75% I'm taking this togheter with 5 grams of B5 and acetyl l carnitine for my oily skin aswel so I don't worry about the excess of biotin in this supplement. My question is are synthetic vitamins (I assume these are synthetic) Effective enough for acne or should I go for a full organic multi vitamin to actually get something out of it? Would appreciate all feedback Have a good day
  3. Hello you all, let me introduce myself and my experience to you. I am writing this so it may help some people like myself who have been battling with consistent breakouts and acne for so long we could remember! I will cut the story really short and sweet, because no one really likes a long winded post I guess? Not me definitely haha! Ok so, I got my first breakout at the age of 13, the age where teens fall in love, have fun and horrible school times. it was really bad for me as I got oily skin, acne face. People use to call me pizza face ): Over the years, trust me when I said I tried so many products, that has promises on their labels. truth is, screw them it did not WORK for me AT ALL. ALL MY SAVINGS HAS GONE TO WASTE by buying those products and HOPING it work. I am quite skeptical due to my experience with products and acne, so I know some people CLEARED their ACNE through medicines OR PRODUCTS. but sorry , not me. So, nothing works for me right? I went to try all kinds of diets, you name it. being patient over nothing as I still see breakouts OMG. it's really demoralizing after so much hopes but no results. I bet you feel it too right? I know that it may work for me might NOT work for YOU. but before you exit my post, please try it as there is no harm. HOWEVER, you NEED to follow the exact method I USED. ALL ALONG, people tell me COFFEE IS BAD FOR HEALTH SO, I avoid it. But NO ONE told me the BENEFITS OF COFFEE. search it up yourself and you will believe me. HOLD IT THERE, not any types of coffee will work for you.. I DID MY research on coffee before I started drinking, and for me, I don't react well to SOY/MILK/DIARY/ANY HORMONES RELATED PRODUCTS. PLEASE KNOW what your body can tolerate, if yours is like mine, you can try it to see that it will work for you! But, most acne sufferers have a similar condition, which is .. LIVER. Our liver is not STRONG enough to remove toxins, clear blood, regulate hormones level. Hence, the toxins flow into our bloodstream and caused breakouts. I DID MY RESEARCH ON THAT. ACNE IS A INTERNAL PROBLEM. BEFORE YOU CAN EAT FOODS THAT ARE GOOD FOR YOU, to regulate hormones etc YOU NEED TO STRENGTHEN YOUR LIVER. coffee is one of them. but, not starbucks or any coffee with sugar added, dairy creamer, milk. it has to be only coffee, it can be instant ones. I drink the instant one with non dairy creamer. I have seen results and my face is cleared, everyone around me started looking at me pleasantly unlike last time. I really hope this will be able to help one of you out there, because it is super annoying to have acne on your face and waking up to see it everyday, I got so sick of it. Now I understood how all my coffee friends were clear and could binge on unhealthy foods. if your liver is not strong to process and remove toxins from the food you ate in a day, no matter if the food is healthy or not it still has some toxins in it, then your skin will never be clear. you can go on meds and see results and still breaking out, you have to find out the root cause of acne before experimenting it on YOURSELF. love, megan
  4. Hi! I was just recently prescribed Accutane and I am about to start my first course of 60/mg day tomorrow. I have been using the regimen EVERY SINGLE DAY (BP followed by AHA+ mixed w/ moisturizer) for about 2 years now, and I'm terrified of what is going to happen to my face if I stop cold turkey. I was thinking of gradually decreasing the amount of BP I use from two pumps down to one until I feel the Accutane is making my skin too dry to use any more. My face has always been extremely oily and I honestly don't remember the last time I had dry skin, so I'm not too worried about the BP drying me out immediately after starting Accutane. Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions? P.S. If anybody has any suggestions for good supplements to take while on Accutane that would also be greatly appreciated
  5. I'm 5'9" 26yo. Med to severe acne. 30mg accutane, first week, no side effects. I feel great. Question is, I take a multi vitamin for hair skin and nails because my nails are always fragile. It contains 5,000 IU Vitamin A. Can I still continue to take the supplement?
  6. Hi! I've read many posts about success with megadosing vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), however I rather not risk the side effects. I have mild acne with extremely oily skin (to the point where I can fill up 4-5 oil blotting sheets every hour or so), so I wanted to try taking Pantethine as a way of combatting the oil. I read that Pantethine is much more effective in comparison to Pantothenic Acid and that 300mg Pantethine is approximtely equivalent to 3g of Pantothenic Acid, however I'm not sure if this is entirely true. Has anybody had success with taking low-dose Pantethine (I'm thinking 600mg/day) in conjunction with Acetyl-L Carnitine (500mg/day?)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm also taking 50mg Zinc, 10,000 IU Vitamin A, 400 IU Vitamin E, and 1000g Vitamin C per day.

  7. Take vitamin D and K to begin with, that will help rebalance your retinoids. Anxiety is probably one of the main causes, as Accutane completely messes up your stress and sex hormones, so right now your body probably feels a tonne of stress. People who take such a limited dose recover much better, and one of my friends took 80mg for 15 months and he is good now, though it knocked him around for a fair bit.

    One of the ironic things about accutane is it makes your body react poorly to stress, then creates a fuckton of it.

    My full recovery advise is:
    "Buy creatine, fish oil, coq10, zinc, multivitamins and a decent protein powder, take the recommended dosages for all of these, and try to meditate for 20 minutes a day"(if its early days take some k2 and vitD as well, that will get your retinoids in check post tane)

    Anyway, even if you are a random healthy male the things I've recommended would only improve your health, all would probs be available if you went to your local discount chemist 
  8. Hi. I have been suffering with acne for about two months now... derm said it’s hormonal. I’ve been taking zinc, vit a, D3, and calcium. So far it’s been helping. I’m thinking of supplementing magnesium as well. Decided to try and figure out my trigger and I think it was all internal because the vitamins did help. I was originally getting deep cysts on my jawline but only on my right cheek (so weird) but now I get small bumps all over my right cheek which is better than cysts. However I struggle with picking and irs making everything so complicated because I pick and then it takes forever to heal I’m working on it.... i guess im just looking for support from other people who are suffering from acne because to be honest I feel so alone most of the time. I get these waves of anxiety that results in me standing in front of the mirror for 20 minutes picking and over analyzing my face. Im newly married so it’s even more stressful because I get so self conscious around my husband even though he try’s to support and comfort me.... acne is rough... it’s definitely taking a toll on my mental health. I find myself checking the mirror every 5 min hoping something got better....tonight I picked at my face and now it’s all red and irritated so I iced it and put vasalin.... guess I’ll see if it helps in the morning. some new things I’ve been trying -calamine lotion as a spot treatment -BP as a spot testament -zinc oxide (dipper rash cream) if anyone is interested in any updates on my skin. Feel free to ask. *hope to and it cleared soon!!
  9. stuff i've learnt about acne.

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    stuff i've learnt about acne and some of my thoughts regarding the subject. -researching acne is 100% important when trying to "cure" yourself. there is different types of acne. all have specific treatments. (some skin problems are not even acne) - it important to educate yourself on post acne marks & acne scars + how to treat them. it is easy to mistake post acne/ skin damage for active acne. -sodium lauryl sulfate (aka "SLS" for short) is an ingredient in most acne soaps but should be avoided if you have sensitive skin as it causes redness/irradiation. - get out of the mindset of thinking acne is solely a top layer skin problem which needs to be scrubbed or washed away. this mindset leads to unnecessary skin damaged and lines the pockets of the companies which were created drain our pockets with their "cures". -aspirin topically, over night, works well on under the skin acne lumps. research aspirin masks health and safety before using (under the skin acne lumps are caused by a mix of blocked pores, hormones and poor diet.) -exfoliation is important but should not be over done. (lightly rubbing your face a simple towel works well) -poor diet /binge eating normally has a delayed reaction, in my experience it shows up in the skin within 2 days. - in my experience exessive sugar and fizzy drinks are 100% bad in respect to acne. -sometimes we cause our own misery. you can not expect your skin to be clear if your constantly picking, over washing and attacking it with soaps/washes. -cut your fingernails short and limit your time in front of the mirror. -vitamins can often greatly help improve redness,acne and promote skin healing. -benzoyl peroxide cream (BP cream) should only at 2.5% or 5%. 10% is too strong. also worth noting BP cream can cause redness and drying. so should only be used in a very small amount to initially "kill" a spot and not used after that. - BP cream can also prolong post acne marks. -doctors / gp's have very little time for acne. they will often just hand you a bag of pills. your have much more success in using research via google or forum than just solely trusting your doctor. -no one, male or female, should be ashamed of using makeup. imo your goal should be to dull down the redness of a spot or lump not try and hide it. (simply dulling down a single red spot on someones face can greatly improve your overall look) -excessive touching your face can cause spots - never blindly trust anyone or buy into hype of a "cure". what works for one person might not work for you. and lastly, some advice i once heard from a bodybuilder on youtube which i think can be applied to acne.. never compare your self to others, you should only compare yourself to yourself. ie is your skin better today than it was last week or last month or even a year ago? (for me,now i dont have bright red, sun burnt type acne. mainly due to info on forums )
  10. NOTE: Please scroll down and read update I am a 40-year-old male and I've decided to register here and share my experience because I think I might have finally found a solution to the bad skin I've had since my teenage years. Just a warning that this is a long story (27 years' worth) but if I can help even one person then it'll be worth it. I never thought I'd reach this age and still have hang-ups about my skin. You get told "it's okay, it'll clear up naturally as you age". Well mine didn't. My problem started back in the late 1980s. Suddenly I developed acne-like bumps on my shoulder blade area. Over the course of a few years these bumps spread and would cover my back, down onto my buttocks and thighs, and sometimes extending to my chest, tummy and neck. I have been fortunate throughout my life to have avoided facial acne and have always had fairly clear skin on my face, except for the odd zit or little patches of dermatitis which would come and go. The bacne, though, was awful. I was ashamed to get changed before and after sports lessons, and my worst nightmare was being made to play on the "skins" team in basketball, when this horrible rash would be exposed for all to see. The rash was always there to some extent, although it could be more or less inflamed at different times. Bear in mind that back then the internet didn't exist, so there was nowhere to get information other than from the doctor. I eventually plucked up the courage to go and see my GP, knowing that it would involve showing another person my awful rash. The knowledge about various skin conditions was lacking in those days, and the treatment options were more limited. I was diagnosed with acne and put on a course of oxytetracycline. It didn't work at all. Once I started having a sex life, things got awkward. Going to bed with someone meant exposing my body and rashes are a turn-off, right? I tried not to get into situations where my partner would see my back (e.g. I'd let them get out of bed first for shower or tea-making, and by the time they got back I'd be half-dressed - I got good at that stuff!) I even started using foundation mousse on the affected areas ("this is for my wife - I hope I got her the right brand!") If I was going through a phase where the spots were fading then this would work quite well, but if I had a new, angry red breakout, the concealer didn't work and I'd have to make excuses not to go on dates (I've had "flu" more often than any other human being!) I think I tried another course of tetracycline at some point but to no avail. Recently I learnt that they don't even prescribe that these days and tried better antibiotics that were effective to some extent, at least until I broke out again :-( Over two decades passed like this. I tried exfoliation which would bring me out in an angry red rash but then help to clear me up for a while until the next uncontrollable breakout. When I was 23 I got put on a course of doxycycline for malaria prevention for going overseas, and this coupled with lots of sunshine on the beach cleared me completely for the first time since my early teens. I was tanned, lean and hot as! I experienced for the first time what it must be like for people with clear skin who can go to the beach and not have to feel ashamed. For a few weeks when I got back home I stayed clear, but then gradually the spots came back. I was mortified and really depressed. My depression got worse until it actually became full-on anxiety and panic attacks in my late 30s. I got put on anti-depressants. I know my depression was related to my skin for the most part - not just stress at work etc. Then I did some reading about malassezia folliculitis and tried Nizoral shampoo. This cleared my skin quite quickly and I got excited, thinking I'd found the answer. But like many people have found, it stopped being effective after a few weeks. I then tried Benzoyl Peroxide wash. Exactly the same thing happened. I booked an appointment with a dermatologist, who diagnosed me with malassezia folliculitis and told me to use Nizoral shampoo. I told her I was already using it and she explained that I wasn't leaving it on for long enough: at least 20 minutes, she said, not 5. I asked her why BP had worked for a while if the problem was not bacterial and she said it was because of its exfoliating and deep-pore oxidising qualities which would help stop plugs from forming. I tried leaving the washes on for longer and that may have worked for a while but then I went on holiday overseas in 48-49C heat and sweated a lot. My rash came back angrier than ever and Nizoral and BP were now totally ineffective. This problem is coming from the inside, I thought. Is it stress? Probably to an extent, but I was now keeping a diary and I seemed to get breakouts even at times when I was on holiday and relatively reponsibility-free. Is it diet? No, I told myself, because I was always reading that skin conditions aren't related to diet. Anyway, there were people who lived on fast food and fizzy drinks and they had clear skin, so it couldn't be that, right? Wrong. I hadn't taken into account that we're all different. Our genes predispose us to problems and some of us need to work harder to maintain decent skin. My breakthrough came after recovering from a really bad bout of flu (actual flu this time). The virus totally ravaged me and left me weak and feeling totally depleted. I craved vegetables and fruit, and started wanting oranges (I don't usually). I did some research on the net and it was when I came across this article that I had my "aha" moment. I had been looking into nutrition and what exactly all the vitamins and minerals do in terms of function, and this was telling me that certain deficiencies could cause skin issues. I looked through the list and recognised problems I've had to deal with on and off over the years: the folliculitis, keratosis pilaris (tiny bumps at the top of my arms), cheilitis (dry lips and cracking at the corners of the mouth), eczema, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, seborroeic dermatitis... they were all there. Maybe I have malabsorption issues, I told myself. Or maybe I'm just not putting enough of the good stuff into my body. I immediately changed my eating habits. The only meal I changed was lunch. Lunch is now a salami, ham, sardine or cheese sandwich stuffed with as many vegetables I can lay my hands on. I have a big tray full of veg which I bring out of the fridge and treat like a sort of "Subway with all the salad". Onto my meat/fish sandwich go olives, cucumber, spinach, herbs like basil and parsley, red onion, grated carrot, sliced radish, red pepper, sometimes avocado, spring onions, tomatoes, gherkins or raw mushrooms - basically anything I can lay my hands on. If there's part of a carrot left or a stick of celery, I'll have that on the plate separate from the sandwich. I have a piece of fruit with every meal - usually a banana, orange and apple in that order. I've also started taking multi-vitamin tablets once a day. I bought an anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger liquid and take a swig of that with my vitamin pill. Since I started this new diet, I haven't had a single new spot. My skin has smoothed out and feels invincible. Even when it gets sweaty, greasy or dry depending on my activities or changes in the weather, my skin just deals with it. I don't know exactly what mechanism underlies this or what out of the fruit/veg/pills/liquid is most responsible for the effect, but whatever I'm putting in my body must be doing stuff involving enzymes, receptors, inhibitors, immune system and absorption boosters... whatever, I don't know. Anyway, it's working, and that's the important thing. There's no way I'm changing my new routine! I used to think I had an ok diet, but it seems my body needs a bit of TLC when it comes to nutrition. The 5 serves of veg a day just won't cut it, perhaps because my gut is dysfunctional. If I bombard my body with more fruit and veg than you would think it needs so that it can absorb its daily requirements, I am rewarded with clear skin. I'm so happy right now after 27 years of anguish! Even though I've only been clear a short while, I know deep down that I won't relapse like I did after a few weeks of topical remedies, which were only addressing the surface symptoms and not the underlying cause. And the sandwiches are delicious :-)
  11. So I've had acne/back acne since I was around 13. I'm 26 now and still have it though it isn't nearly as severe. I used to eat very poorly and that definitely didn't help anything. My diet is a lot better than it used to be but I still eat junk food/fast food/sweets/ect. occasionally. Once I started drinking more water, drinking green tea, ending showers with cold water and taking vitamins and supplements, it has improved tremendously. I get new breakouts on my face here and there and I still have some on my back/chest as well. Some weeks it clears up almost fully and others it doesn't look great. I do a lot of research into vitamins and supplements that could contribute to clear skin and I've come up with a concoction that seems like it has helped a lot. I would like to hear from anyone if they have had success with any of these vitamins/supplements or any suggestions on if I should cut some out or add new ones or even alter the amount taken. I will list the vitamin and supplements below. I take each vitamin/supplement once a day Vitamin A - 8000 IU C - 500 mg D3 - 1000 IU E - 400 IU Apple Cider Vinegar - 450 mg Magnesium - 250 mg Zinc - 50 mg Magnesium is one of the newer supplements that I've added to the mix. I've read and heard that it is beneficial for sleep (I've had sleeping issues since 13), anxiety and of course, acne. Apple Cider Vinegar capsules are the newest supplement that I've added. I've heard so many testimonials about how apple cider vinegar helps with acne whether it's topically or internal. I didn't really plan on incorporating this because I didn't know they made capsules of it. I just saw it at the store one day and figured that it would be a good addition. If anyone has any suggestions or questions about the variety of vitamins or supplements that I take, please let me know. I want to make this assortment the most effective as it can be. I also don't want to be over doing anything that can contribute to breakouts. I hope to hear from some people. Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone just wanted some advice on good vitamin supplements that help with skin. I'm currently on antibiotics for my acne, have seen some slight improvement but not much to be honest. I've started taking probiotics because I read some horror stories about the damage antibiotics can do. I want to take some other vitamins to help boost my skin and health. I can't take anything with Zinc, Iron and magnesium I believe because of the antibiotics I'm on. I should also note I'm vegetarian so can't take any fish oils
  13. Hi all, I am a 21 year old female and have been struggling with breakouts ever since I was about 16. My skin is Combination-Oily. Though my skin has calmed down a bit since then, I cannot seem to put a stop to my pesky breakouts completely. I would not consider my skin as horrible. However, it does happen to get small, sometimes cystic pimples several times a month. I know my diet is probably the culprit here. I'm vegetarian, but rarely consume any fruits or veggies. My diet is mostly just carbs. I am looking to make changes to my diet, however. Which fuits/foods do you recommend for clearing up skin? Also, should I be taking any vitamins or supplements? Thanks!
  14. I've spend countless hours on the internet reading about acne and have tried countless more products, none of which have completely helped. i've been on accutane which cleared my skin but of course it came back and it never really helped the blackhead situation, only white heads. birth control also helped but i recently went off of it (5 months go) and really don't want to take it again, but am wondering if my hormones are still balancing even after 5 months? im also vegan, i take vitamin a, zinc, maca, probiotics. i wash twice a day with a natural oil-free cleanser, tone, moisturize, do face masks, everything you're supposed to do, but nothing helps and i'm desperate and so tired of my skin looking like this. if you have any advice or anything you think might help PLEASE tell me! literally every pore on my face is clogged.
  15. Hello everyone, Today marks my third week on Accutane and I'm not sure if I will be continuing the treatment. Just yesterday I started dealing with very intense depression and anxiety. For example, I couldn't stop thinking "What if someone very close to me died.." my grandmother specifically, and it was absolutely tearing me apart. These thoughts keep me up at night. So, I skipped last nights dose (40mg) and I'm calling my dermatologist today. Has anyone else experienced these thoughts? How did you deal with them? I've also done a lot of research on the vitamin 5-HTP which puts serotonin back into your brain. Has anyone tried this?
  16. How I cured my acne

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    I felt that I needed to share my story as a year ago it was me searching looking for a possible cure, feeling my lowest self esteem I have ever felt, feeling like everyone can see my acne even though I wear make up and feeling like my boyfriend cannot fancy me looking like this. I was willing to give anything ago now as my usual benzoyl peroxide was not working anymore, I went to my doctor who prescribed me epiduo (0.1% adapalene/benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) and started me on the contraceptive pill Diane, I chose Brenda the generic as it was a third of the price. I was sceptical about whether this would work for me as I had previously tried Yasmin in the past. I made a promise to myself that I would stick with the regime for 6 months at least no matter how much I wanted I quit and believe me I did! So in the first few weeks to a month of putting a pea sized amount of epiduo on a clean face every night my skin became very tender, dry, red and chapped I had been using cetaphil derma control moisturiser which made a stinging sensation and did not keep my skin moisturised, I later switched to neutrogina water gel and this stuff is amazing. During the first few weeks I went through the dreaded purging stage, I felt like giving up but I am so glad I stuck with it, in 6 months it was a vast improvement and a year later I have clear skin with the odd pimple now and again. To get my skin super clear and soft I do a turmeric honey and yoghurt home made face mask twice a week, apple cider vinegar mixed with water as a cleanser and neautrogena naturals skin cleanser to wash my face morning and night. I hope this helps someone! I know what it feels like for acne to make you feel worthless but there is something out there that work for you! If you have any questions about my regime please ask below
  17. What is the suggested dosage for over the counter L-lysine to help keep acne under control ? What is the suggested dosage for Vitamin E taken orally to help control acne ? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks !
  18. So here is my story. I've been battling acne since the age of 18. Initially my acne was not too bad, i had few breakouts on my forehead, but still it made me feel very uncormfortable.I went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed tetraysal antibiotic for almost 2 years, which has helped me a lot. No blemishes at all while taking it. I stopped taking it and my acne was under control until i got married at 22. since then my acne has changed. i started having small cycts on my chin. I' ve used a number of harsh anti acne lotions; clean and clear, murad, ZO skin name it. it helped me only for a bit. no success with cycts. i gave birth in 2015 and after that my acne went crazy. i started having cysts on my cheeks!!!!! my cheeks used to be so beautiful and now they are covered by pimples and scars from them. So i've tried everything; dairy free diet, candida diet, gluten free diet, sugar free diet. nothing helped. i've tried doing accupunture, regular sports, drinking lots of water- nothing. i even went to see a naturopath and paid lots of money to get supplements and vitamins against acne. It does help but only a little bit, my acne is not under control. it gets worse when i ovulate and when i menstruate. I am so against taking accutane, but sometimes i think it is the only option that i have... i feel desperate and ugly. my skin looks horrible. i lost confidence and i feel so sad all the time. i try to approach my problem by using natural and chemical free products, eating organic food... but it does not help. i am so depressed i don't know what to do
  19. I was reading about magnesium deficiency and its causes. Some of them are eerily similar to some of the diet related causes of acne. Even stress can cause a magnesium deficiency. Has there ever been any studies on a possible link between the two? Here's the article I was reading about magnesium deficiency:
  20. Hello! Brief introduction, I'm 17 this year and i'm Asian. I live in a humid country. My acne main concerns are on my cheeks as they are everywhere on my cheeks and get dry in the night but oily under the sun/will turn red. I have a few acne on my jawline too.Daily routineMorning:Slather my face with Raw Honey (Really Raw Honey brand) for at least 30minutes to an hour ; sometimes when i'm lazy or in a rush, i use Cetaphil Gentle Skin CleanserWash it off and apply toner (I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, dilute 50-50 with water)Spray water mist (Miracle Bio Water from Bio-Essence)EveningHoney or Cetaphil, depending whether I'm lazyTonerWater MistI'm also taking Vitamin A (From Fish Liver Oil) 10,000 IU and Vitamin D3 5,000 IU daily before I sleep to help my acne. I'm not sure if there are any improvements as it's only been a week since taking them. I have just ordered Zinc Picolinate 50mg and Aztec Indian Secret Healing Clay and will give them a review once I tried it out.I have dry/oily acne prone skin, and I'm finding a suitable moisturizer for my face to use at night. I am currently not using any sunscreen as well in the morning because I don't know any good products for my face, in fear to break out. I wanna try using coconut oil as a moisturiser but I'm scared I'll break out... Any recommendations or suggestions?
  21. Hello! Brief introduction, I'm 17 this year and i'm Asian. I live in a humid country. My acne main concerns are on my cheeks as they are everywhere on my cheeks and get dry in the night but oily under the sun/will turn red. I have a few acne on my jawline too. Daily routine Morning: Slather my face with Raw Honey (Really Raw Honey brand) for at least 30minutes to an hour ; sometimes when i'm lazy or in a rush, i use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Wash it off and apply toner (I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, dilute 50-50 with water) Spray water mist (Miracle Bio Water from Bio-Essence) Evening Honey or Cetaphil, depending whether I'm lazy Toner Water Mist I'm also taking Vitamin A (From Fish Liver Oil) 10,000 IU and Vitamin D3 5,000 IU daily before I sleep to help my acne. I'm not sure if there are any improvements as it's only been a week since taking them. I have just ordered Zinc Picolinate 50mg and Aztec Indian Secret Healing Clay and will give them a review once I tried it out. I have dry/oily acne prone skin, and I'm finding a suitable moisturizer for my face to use at night. I am currently not using any sunscreen as well in the morning because I don't know any good products for my face, in fear to break out. I wanna try using coconut oil as a moisturiser but I'm scared I'll break out... Any recommendations or suggestions?
  22. I was feeling so good because my skin hadn't been breaking out for like two weeks. I went to a carnival and walked around feeling normal...the next day I had 5new spots, the kind I usually get from dairy. The foods I had that I suspect were Eggplant( baked not fried, no cheese) Funnel cake with caramel sauce(deep fried) Gummi vitamins for hair and nails, the reason I suspect them is because I'd run out and haven't had them in a whole, once I got them again it correlated to the time I broke out. So disappointed
  23. Seriously what is going on.. I had crystal clear skin growing up and now I started getting breakouts last fall/winter. I turned 21 last month. Is it hormonal? It started out as whiteheads/clogged pores next to my nose/cheek. Only on the right side of my face. But a few popped up on the other side. Now it's the chin area too which I 've never gotten before. I change my pillowcases, clean my phone, and I have a good skin care routine. I got a facial and extractions last month and my skin was pretty good after that. Then boom, started getting crappy again in those areas. And I'm wondering if my job has anything to do with it cause it's a daycare/preschool and I know there are germs there. I wash my hands constantly and I never touch my face. I started working there in August and got crummy skin in October/November mostly. I get red hot cheek randomly too but I've had that for years. I just got my period so I know that had something to do with it. Can anyone help?! Should I get checked for hormonal imbalances? I'm taking a multivitamin along with vitamin E, C, Zinc, and sometimes d3 and calcium. Should I take vitamin A or is that just too much? Should I slowly add the vitamins? I eat great and drink only water. HELP! And I tanned outside and my skin cleared up a bit, but then the chin breakouts started and even though the rest of my face cleared up/even tone, I had those. It like burned my acne marks. I know my chlorine pool/sun helped cause last year my skin was AMAZING when I swam and tanned.
  24. Update

    Blogs My journey from 28th Dec 2014 2 comments

    Hi guys, Another day, another dollar. I'm currently at work on a Friday afternoon and thought hmmm I haven't updated my "blog" in a while. Obviously when we have a breakout, we jump onto google/ in the hopes of finding an answer. I'm just going to paste my skincare routine from my prev blog entry & then add some notes. This is less boring then reading paragraphs. Just to update you though, my acne has now shifted from my cheeks (relieved not to have to deal with constant cysts) - to my forehead, but only localized on my right side - not sure if this is hormonal, seems to flare up around TOM. I always feel like forehead acne makes your face look yucky if you have ANNNYYY tips to get forehead acne under control please please please let me know. The struggle is so real right now................. cleanser - still use to remove make up NEW - Mario Badescu Enzymes cleanser - i'm still testing this out cannot commentACV toner - I now only use this PM NEW - Mario Badescu Special Cucumber gel or whatever it's called - Still testing but liking. Not sure i'd buy this again PIXI - Glow Tonic - RUN out but been using since my last post. I do like it!! Gonna repurchase nowww in fact - makes my skin glowy and evenCetaphil moisturiser - Too greasy dont use NEW - La Roche Posey Effaclar H Moisturizer/Simple with Zinc - La Roch is great for winter, it's now spring so it's a little too heavy. Hopefully the Simple worksSmashbox Light etc - yup yup all the samePM - post make up cleanser NEW - Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser - Still testing, let you knowclearogen cleanser - Mmmmm sometimes. Quite drying, only use when i'm desperateACV tonerLa Roche Posey Effaclar Duo+Cetaphil with a drop of EPO - damn maybe I should still use EPO in my moisturizer it was the NEW - La Roche Posey Effaclar H MoisturiserSpot treatments (sparingly)sudocrem (errrday) PTR sulfur cooling mask - sometimesCortizone (only for deep cysts) - mmm sometimesMasksDe La Cruz Sulfur - still useAztec Indian Secret with Braggs ACV (I add de la cruz sometimes) - lifesaver but I should use moreSupplements Zinc - 100-200mg per weekEvening Primrose Oil/Starflower oilNow Foods Female Balance - THIS i think has shifted my acne from jawline to forehead. Not sure how i feel about this! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you have any experience on the above products, and let me know what you think. I really want to engage and share tips. I'd say I was 80% clear compared to my acne at it's worse (while on Yasmin ARGHHH) but this forehead thing is distressing. Bye for now
  25. Ok lets just get straight down to business. I've had acne for not even a year and it has already amounted to this. Cystic acne started developing within 5 months of me getting acne and they haven't stopped since. I currently have 15 cysts on my face and I cannot touch my face without a pinch or throb of pain. Started Roaccutane (or accutane) 11 days ago and would like to share some photos with you guys to show you my progress throughout the 6-9 month course. I'm currently on 10mg for 1 month then bumping to 20mg. I am currently experiencing an initial breakout (or flare) like reaction and my lips are starting to dry up. This photo here ^ is well before I started accutane and was when I decided to do something about my acne. This is my first day on minocycline ^ , it had no effect - in fact (not the drugs fault) it got worse. I was getting acne on my jaw line I was so disappointed and made me so anxious to start accutane and get rid of this awful acne. So I did it's been 11 days, here is my week 1 progress photo(s). Please stay tuned for the weeks to come! Week 2 has arrived here are the photos for my second week of accutane, dry lips, dry eyes and very itchy legs. xD I don't know why but yeah.