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  1. Take vitamin D and K to begin with, that will help rebalance your retinoids. Anxiety is probably one of the main causes, as Accutane completely messes up your stress and sex hormones, so right now your body probably feels a tonne of stress. People who take such a limited dose recover much better, and one of my friends took 80mg for 15 months and he is good now, though it knocked him around for a fair bit.

    One of the ironic things about accutane is it makes your body react poorly to stress, then creates a fuckton of it.

    My full recovery advise is:
    "Buy creatine, fish oil, coq10, zinc, multivitamins and a decent protein powder, take the recommended dosages for all of these, and try to meditate for 20 minutes a day"(if its early days take some k2 and vitD as well, that will get your retinoids in check post tane)

    Anyway, even if you are a random healthy male the things I've recommended would only improve your health, all would probs be available if you went to your local discount chemist 
  2. 10/19 Update

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    Dropped old Omega-3 fish oil supplements, started Nature Made Super B-Complex with Vitamin C on 10/17. Take one tablet a day with food. Benefits include helping to support the immune system and contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system through aiding of cellular energy production and antioxidant support.Waiting for the order of 5-HTP supplements and EltaMD sunscreen for face to arrive in the mail (then I can start using my topical acne products on my face before school without putting myself in harm of the sun's UV rays. It causes my cheeks to form rough bumps, which I noticed the week after last summer, when I actually went outside for longer than 30 minutes, 6 hours to be exact, since that's how long I spend at school. Well...minus the time spent in class. I have 3 minute breaks between class periods, and I have six classes with an included half hour lunch break. So 51 minutes, that's approximately 1 hour. Yikes.)Have been eating mostly unprocessed, healthy meals for the past three days. Although, too much meat...Sleeping schedule is still messed up. Yesterday I ate my breakfast at half past 3 in the morning and then took a nap for 3 hours, then went to school. My stomach felt really uneasy during school, and I was exhausted. I could feel my eyelids swelling and a general lack of energy throughout the day. :/
  3. I am sort of cross posting this, as the combination works as a mask, but my TCM Dr recommended Pearl Powder and Royal Jelly to take orally and topically. Pearl Powder once a week in tea and as a replacement for calcium, my research has revealed, and Royal Jelly 1 tbsp a day. Both of these are considered historic fountains of youth as well as acne treatments. The coconut oil was recommended by my nutritionist friend, to replace oils I've lost with age, through over-treating, and lacking in my diet. If someone else is up for trying or has tried any of these ingredients, orally and topically, and has an opinion or feedback, I'd love to hear about it!
  4. my dermatologist had prescribed me zevit capsules which has vit b complex + vit c and zinc suphate. (i could add exact measures if needed) for 6 weeks. after 6 weeks,i'd continued it for 10 more days. i was wondering if i should continue taking it? if yes,then for how long? do u have any idea why just 6 weeks? someone told me that vit capsules shouldn't be taken for too long...but i've never read anything like that on am not sure..a lil' confused actually! they seem to help after all. i was clear without any active zit or acne(excpt for few tiny whiteheads ) but i suddenly broke out after using lemon juice on my face. ((i've added a word of caution for my frnds here.)) what do u think? here: (zinc sulphate monohydrate IP 41.4 mg(equivalent to 15 mg of elemental zinc) it's got nicotinamide IP 100mg .how does that effect? calcium panthothenate IP 50mg and folic acid 1500mcg along with differnt vit b and vit c. )
  5. Can Vitamin B Complex Cause Acne

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    I take 1 tablet of Vitamin B complex every morning, along with other supplements from what my nutritionist recommended, the Vitamin B complex does include Biotin in it (it says 500mg) so I was just wondering, does vitamin b complex cause acne and hairloss? I'm 18 and noticed my hair a bit thiner then it usually is, I usually have thick hair and what not. If vitamin b complex is bad, is it ok to stop it instantly or do you have to go slow off it? thanks.
  6. So this is what worked for me in a few months for controlling my oily skin, I'll keep it simple: 30 mg L-Optizinc, 500 mg of vitamin B5 and 25000 IU of vitamin A. It took about 3 months to work full force, don't expect an overnight change or even changes in weeks. Also, try to do regular blood-checks for the vitamin A. I know it's dangerous, but I think it's worth it when you have an horribly oily skin like me. Everyday life is way better now that I have an oil production like other normal people. No more shiny greasy looking face, no more blotting like a weirdo in front of everybody. Good luck to everyone. Update: after 9 months on that regimen, I decided to drop one pill of each once a day. Also, if it doesn't work full-force for you, you can still add Milk of Magnesia to your regimen. I tried it and it can really make your skin look mate for an entire day.
  7. I will not be trying it even though i have cystic acne in my face becaues i read you get hair loss from it. I seen many ppl that said vitamin b5 works for acne but many said it has an initial breakout like accutane. Can someone confirm if this is true? Such as if you use it... you will get an initial breakout no matter what? Is there anyone here that tried it and it works but you never even had a bad breakout when you first started?
  8. I've only posted on here a few times in regards to my adult acne - I am a 28yo female who started suffering from adult acne about 3 years - which started after vitamin b12 shots given by my doctor - they say there is no relation but I really disagree with them! Anyhow, I have been all all treatments possible, all antibiotics and nothign worked. So, my dermatologist put me on accutane (Isotretinoin) capsules a month ago - on a 20mg a day dosage. I've suffered some of the usual side affects - very dry lips (I have a pot of vaseline chained to me) and terribly dry skin on my face, esp round the nose and chin - after I shower I can feel how tight my face feels from dryness so carry a pot of Simple Cream around with me and moisturise my face around 5/6 times a day to stop it drying out! My body I haven't noticed any dryness but I use thoroughly moisureise with Palmers Cocoa Body Butter every night and did so 3 weeks prior to the start of my treatment which helped. I've noticed other side affects though which I wonder if nayone else suffered from. I am suffering from a really dry mouth (even though I am drinking more as aware accutane can dehydrate you). I also am suffering from spells of dizziness - I dont know if this is related to the medication or from a virus I caught a couple of weeks ago as the dizziness was constant back then - has anyone else experienced this? i've suffered from really bad breakouts - my face is covered in large painful spots, esp around the chin and cheeks - my forehead also is suffering and my whole is littered with even more blackheads than before. I am also suffering badly only my neck and before where I had minimal spot breakout on my back and chest, I am getting awful breakouts and loads of blackheads everywhere on my body. Assuming this is normal?!? I have another appointment with my derm tomorrow and hoping he will increase the dosage! I was wondering from those who start low, this is the usual pattern after 4 weeks of being on accutane? Is there anything I can do to help/reduce the breakout? I know I need to bear with it as its very early days but if there is a way I can reduce it as getting many scars from the spots that would be great. Thanks all!
  9. Am I Doing The B5 Thing Right?

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    So I have severe acne. Severe to the point where I hate everything. My skin is just horrible and it's been like this for months. Now. My cheeks always hurt and I get whiteheads throughout the day. Here's my question. I recently bought 500 mg of pantothenic acid I also got l-carnitine and a vitamin b complex As a topical cleanser I have proactiv just because it's worked for me in the past Here's the story Yesterday I took 10g of vitamin b-5 and 500mg of l-carnitine and took 1 pill of bitamin b complex I washed my face 2x a day as it is directed from proactiv. Am I doing everything right? When will I see results?
  10. Acne Related Question

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    My acne has been clearing up great with use of cetaphil antibacterial soap but I need that one little boost one more thing . tommorow I'm heading out to buy either jojoba oil or Vitamin B5(panthothenic acid(both great things for acne/skin but only enough money for one . any experiences or advice/recommendations?
  11. Just Started Accutane.

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    After 8 years of Acne and some scarring I have tried almost everything over the counter including going gluten/dairy/and processed food free as well as only organic cleansers and moisturizers for many months.I have tried endless different vitamins and supplements with no major improvement except pantothenic acid(vitamin b5). I was also on minocin/minocycline for about 4 months and saw good results but had a few unsavory side effects. My dermatologist has now put me on accutane and I started it 6 days ago, beginning a 5 month 80mg a day treatment and have experienced no side effects except for headaches if I don't drink enough water, but I have been breaking out significantly under the corners of my lips on my chin, which was already a problem area prior to medication. One of my questions is if this is normal with this treatment, are breakouts expected at first? My second question is if a blue/red acne light will irrate my skin at all, my Dermatologist told me to avoud sunlight while on the medication but I am unsure whether they meant all forms of light or just UV?
  12. On February 7th, I have a Dermatology appointment made to be put back on Roaccutane! But! I was on it last year for 4 months and it got rid of all of my acne for 5 months straight! Not one spot had come up, then in October last year, I started having quite bad break outs and I was trying all the different over the counter remedies and nothing seemed to work! I phoned my Doctor's to refer me over to Dermatology and they had it sorted by December 15th. Around this time however, I had started to take a high dosage of Vitamin B5 tablets as I had heard they help reduce oil production and it tightens your pores. RESULT! It works! But the cost is inconvenient as I am tight for money (£10 for 100 tablets - That lasts me 5 days!) and I have to take 20x 500mg tablets a day to keep them away. I'm worried that if I go to this appointment and the dermatologist sees that my skin is clear that she won't put me back on Roaccutane, so I don't know whether I should stop taking the B5 for now and let my skin break out how it usually would be not on the Vitamins and go like that? Or carry on taking them and risk not being put back on it! I don't know what to do!? (
  13. How B5 works for those who experience problems with acne: Vitamin B5 is great to help the skin with certain problems that may pop up from time to time, such as acne. Basically what the B5 does is create high amounts of Coenzyme-A. People with acne are often lacking in their metabolism of certain types of fats ~ they do not have enough Coenzyme-A in the body. The fats do not break down, and instead get deposited in your sebaceous (oil) glands. The p.acne bacteria feeds off of this sebum, and creates acne. Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) is must be present to make coenzyme-A (CoA), and is a must for metabolism and synthesis of nutrients which we get from certain foods. Vitamin B5 is often used to help treat acne and is quite effective when used on a regular basis to do so. This vitamin can be a strong weapon against acne. Many people swear by vitamin B5 for many of the skin care treatments to aid the skin. If you want to get rid of acne you may want to make it part of your skin care routine. With the aid of additional B5 (all of this extra Coenzyme-A,) these excess fats can be metabolized and oil production better controlled. The results would then be non-oily, or less-oily, skin. With a minimal amount of oil on your skin, little or no acne is produced. Compared to the acne medicine A*cutane, which also minimizes oil production but it does so by shrinking your oil glands B5 is a much healthier option. The B5 Pantothenic Acid doesn't need to shrink your oil glands, because it controls the oil simply by metabolizing it the way nature intended. An extra bonus you get with Pantothenic Acid (B5) is that it also, in time, makes your pores smaller. It is recommended to apply the B5 serum only to the areas where you have excess oil production and/or acne. Do not apply around wrinkle-prone areas, such as eyes, upper lip, etc. (these areas benefit from oil). Some might experience an initial increase of acne at first, as the pores start to clear out the old sebum in the pores. But this is only temporary, and once it's clear you can start to enjoy a new complexion! Instead of downing massive amount of Vitamin B5 a good B5 serum might just do the trick
  14. I registered today just to tell my story that I feel compelled to share with others. After 22 years of suffering from extremely oily skin and acne I have finally found what I believe is my own personal cure. It's been a very long road to get here and I still can't quite believe it, but Vitamin D supplements have COMPLETELY eliminated my super oily skin and acne. I'm not talking a little bit here, not a 50% or even 90% reduction. I'm talking 100%. I still can't get over it having suffered for so long. I know some of you aren't going to believe what I just said or what I am about to explain. I would have my doubts too if I were reading this just a few months ago, but I am 100% telling the truth of my own personal experience. So here I go... I am a male, now in my late 30's and have suffered with excessively oily skin (way way way too much sebum) and severe acne since puberty around 14yo. I have taken EVERYTHING over the years. This gets said a lot around here by 16-18 year old acne sufferers, and I can certainly sympathize, but trust me when I say I have had over 20 years of experience trying EVERYTHING from prescription meds to over the counter topicals to various supplements. I have tried every systemic and topical antibiotic prescription known for acne. I have tried every topical retinoid. I have been on 3 courses of Accutane. I have been on doctor prescribed very high doses of Vitamin A (a safe aqueous form) after my 1st course of accutane when my acne flared back up after treatment. I have tried and used many of the over the counter washes, scrubs, masks with BP, salicylic acid, tee tree, etc. over the years. Fed up with prescription meds that never fully worked (or in the case of Accutane worked only while on them), over the last few years I have also tried various supplements, including fish oil, cod liver oil, B5, vitamin B multivitamins, antioxidant multivitamins, borage oil, and others. About 4 weeks ago I began supplementing with Vitamin D3 1000IU. Why? Well a year ago I got a blood test done showing my Vitamin D level was low. It was a 19 which is considered quite deficient (normal I think is 50-70; reference values have been upped recently). At the time my doctor prescribed Vitamin D over a 3 month period but at the time I saw no results so stopped after 2 months (this was to try resolving fatigue not acne anyway). But this winter I started reading up on Vitamin D again as my fatigue was increasing again and came to find out that the Vitamin D that is prescribed via a pharmacy is of the D2 form which some studies have now shown is ineffective in vivo. So I decided to start taking over the counter Vitamin D (in the D3 form), like I said about 4 weeks ago. Again, the intent was to possibly help with fatigue and perhaps immune support, not necessarily help with my oily skin or acne. But to my amazement, about one week in I began to see significant reduction in sebum on my skin. By week two my skin had become COMPLETELY normalized. I can't even believe I am saying that after so many years of super oily skin. The only medication capable of doing that for me is Accutane (isotretinoin). Nothing else could reduce or control sebum production for me. Not prescriptions or supplements of any kind, even B5. Remember I'm a male, so there is no other option other than Accutane for us males like BC or Spiro to try and normalize hormones/oily skin. After taking Vitamin D for 4 weeks now my skin is tighter, smoother, looks normal, and I haven't had a new pimple of any kind surface in 2 weeks which for me is nothing short of a miracle. Most amazingly is my oily skin is completely gone and hence why I'm confident this is going to work long term for me. In fact the results, both sebum and acne elimination, are just as good if not better than Accutane (Accutane can be super drying in normal doses and can affect wound healing). I was going to wait 3-6 months to tell my story because I know there will be naysayers that say 4 weeks isn't long enough to judge long term efficiency, or maybe this is just an anomaly, or something like that. But after 22 years I have more than enough experience with my oily skin and acne to know that this is a fundamental change in my skin that I have never seen before (other than again with Accutane usage). So I just couldn't wait that long to post. I felt compelled to do so today in the hopes that my experience might help some others right now, not months from now. So anyway, completely amazed by this result I have experienced with Vit D I have been doing quite a bit of research online about it and the more I research the more things make sense of how this is affecting my skin. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and was mislabeled a long time ago as a vitamin because at the time researches didn't realize the body (skin) can actually produce vitamin D. In a strict sense, vitamins must be supplied by diet, while hormones are produced in the body. Now, we all know acne is a result of what is most likely an imbalance of hormones in the body. This is why it is very rare for pre-pubescents to have acne, their pubertal hormones haven't kicked in yet which is when most acne first appears. "Vitamin" D, being a HORMONE needed in vital bodily functions, can be one of those hormones that is deficient. Vitamin D is produced via UV light action on the skin. In fact, it is produced in the oily cells (sebocytes) in the skin. Interesting but slight gross side note - I read somewhere that dogs and cats actually get their Vitamin D intake from licking the sebum on their face and hair follicles where the vitamin D is created (their skin cannot directly absorb the vitamin D through the skin). Apparently (and luckily for most humans) human skin can directly absorb vitamin D on the skin . So I've been pondering, perhaps very oily skin (and associated acne) is a negative feedback of low vitamin D levels in the body. With lower and lower Vitamin D in the body, the skin produces more and more sebum in efforts to create more Vitamin D to bring the body in balance. Perhaps those like myself who have consistently super oily skin have an impairment in the ability to create or absorb Vitamin D in the skin. (I don't really see a reduction in oil during the summer when I get a fair amount of sun). For me, perhaps the only way to increase my vitamin D levels is not through sun exposure but through supplementation. There are very few sources of foods with sufficient levels of vitamin D so the only way to get it in sufficient amounts is through vitamin supplements. In my research I also found out that Vitamin D will bind to some of the same skin cell receptors as certain forms of Retinoic Acid (one of the metabolites of Accutane). I believe this is likely why Accutane works in a similar fashion (normalizes sebum production) by binding to the same Vitamin D and related receptors in the skin. Now this is my own hypothesis here, but perhaps when those receptors have vitamin D or retinoic acid bound to them, they in essence tell the skin they have enough Vitamin D and not to produce any more sebum. Perhaps Accutane works by substituting for and mimicking Vitamin D in the skin . This could possibly explain some of the side affects of Accutane like bone and joint pain which can be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency (accutane thereby exacerbating the Vit D deficiency). I could go on about this but this is getting a bit tangential to the subject. Anyways, I am completely beside myself that Vitamin D has worked better than anything else out there, and that I have suffered with acne for so long due to what appears to be a simple Vit D deficiency. I really implore others to try this too. It is cheap and easy to do with no side effects. The amount I am taking is 1000IU and is considered a relatively low and completely safe dose. I am not going to state this is the cure for everyone as I am a case study of one right now (although I have read here and on other websites others having great results with Vit D as well). But if you have very oily skin, especially into adulthood, I would give vitamin D3 a try. Not that I think it matters, but in light of full disclosure, I am taking "Natures Made" Vitamin D(3) 1000IU tablets once a day. I don't think the brand will matter so much, just make sure it is Vitamin D3 and not D2. I am also taking Safeway brand Vitamin C 500mg tablets at the same time (this is your generic ascorbic acid Vit C). Note these are run of the mill vitamin brands, not anything special. It's possible the Vitamin C is adding a synergistic affect to the Vit D; I really don't know. But I do know Vitamin C alone hasn't done squat for me over the years that I have taken it so Vitamin C alone isn't causing the amazing results I'm seeing. (I am taking Vitamin C for immune support). These are the only two supplements I am currently taking. I have dropped all topicals other than washing my face in the morning and night and have just begun moisturizing at night with Aloe Vera Gel. I'm hoping others will try this as perhaps this might be the solution for them as well. I'd be more than happy to answer anyone's questions.
  15. Hi I know that wild caught salmon, sardines and mackerel have a good amount of Omega 3's. I also became aware that they have a high level of vitamin b12 which can cause acne. Is it safe to consume a lot of salmon and sardines since they do have a lot of omega 3's. I'm just worried the b12 will cause more breakouts instead of helping my skin. Any input please? Thanks!!
  16. Oily Skin Help, B5 & Coenzyme

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    Hey, So I'm a 17 year old guy with tan skin. I live in Canada, with humid summers and dry winters (which is now). I usually have more oil production during the winter months. I've tried many different cleansers and moisturizers. I'm currently using Cetaphil gentle cleanser and Complex 15 moisturizer with Clindoyxl as a topical spot treatment. As well Im taking 4.5 grams of D'pantothenic Acid daily, 1.5 grams three times through out the day. This seems to help, I don't get as much cystic acne when I take it but I'm still producing lots of oil and still getting acne just not as bad or as frequent. I eat healthy, no fast food, and eat mostly vegetables and meat, and limit my self to sugar and dairy as I am lactose intolerant. As well cut out alcohol consumption and no drugs. I've tried antibiotic's but I went off them because I didn't want to be on antibiotics as it was unhealthy and I already didn't have a healthy digestive system. Right now I'm happy with my cleanser and moisturizer and topical creams. I want to stay on D.Pantothenic Acid, but I would really like to cut down on the amount of pills that I'm taking. So I've been hearing talk about taking D'Pantothenic Acid (vit b5) with a coenzyme called cysteine I believe? I'm wondering what this will do to help with vitamin B5, in order to reduce the amount of pills and ultimentley help with my skin. As well what are the pros and cons to taking a B-complex instead of just D'pantothenic Acid, I'm very interested to learn about this coenzyme and B-complex. What i've seen on the web is that, people were still getting results at taking 500mg of D'Pantothenic Acid and 250 mg of Cysteine three times a day. Any information will help, Cheers!
  17. hey guys! so i recently ordered some zinc supplements from amazon, and the type i bought is good 'n natural's zinc for acne: high potency formula.reading the supplement facts on the back, it says that one serving size of the zinc is 50mg (achieved by taking two 25mg pills). the type of zinc used in these particular pills is zinc gluconate. QUESTIONS: i was wondering how i should actually take the two pills... should i just start taking one 25mg pill at night after dinner for several days and then incorporate the second 25mg pill in the morning after breakfast? or can i just take the two pills at once after dinner? i'd just like to know if HOW i take them will make a difference. on a side note, this particular brand of zinc pills also contains vitamin B-6. taking two pills would bring the B-6 amount to 20mg. i've read in multiple forums and articles that some B-6 can be helpful for acne, while higher amounts can actually have the opposite effect and can cause more acne. so is 20mg of B-6 a day considered to be high? also, if anyone needs or wants to know, i am an 18 year old girl who has dealt with acne since i was around 11 or 12. i have mild to moderate acne (with combination skin), which fluctuates throughout the month, but my skin is never actually clear. i use neutrogena's acne stress control daily scrub before i use clinique's 3 step system for combination/oily skin (i only use the face wash and moisturizer from clinique though; i use neutrogena's acne stress control toner as a substitute for clinique's toner). i'm hoping that this skin regimen combined with these zinc pills will be beneficial for my skin and that they'll help get my skin clear and as always, any replies are greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!
  18. So I've been taking acutane for 2 months and the dryness is so annoying, as I'm sure everyone has noticed. Especially the chapped lips. I am chugging water to the point where I constantly have to pee, and I think I apply chapstick every 10 minutes - but my lips are still chapped and dry. I'm starting to think I might have a vitamin B deficiency as well, so I'm going to get the multivitamins. But this is becoming a problem because I enjoy kissing my boyfriend, but now I don't think it's as much fun because of my lips. Can anyone recommend really good solutions to getting soft, smooth, plump lips while on acutane?? Thanks!!
  19. I have recently started the vitamin B5 treatment, but I have been taking a much lower dosage than what I have seen most people taking. I know that the studies were done with 10g a day, and I know people take anywhere from 5g-10g. I had asked for some B5 for Christmas to start me regimen, but I got the 250mg rather than the 500mg I had asked for, and as a result I have only been taking 2-2.25mg per day, yet I DEFIANTLY have experienced an initial breakout. I was almost out of B5 so I stopped by the vitamin shoppe today and picked up their generic brand of 500mg capsules (previously I was taking 250mg country life capsules). I am also on the smaller side (I'm only 5'5 and 110lb) which could also be swaying the scales in terms of dosage. Anyways, has anyone taken these levels of B5 and seen results? Am I just an anomaly, or did I randomly just break out badly (I never break out like I just did though, which lead me to believe it was an initial breakout)? Thanks!
  20. Greetings, I'm an adult male (aged 38) who has suffered with moderate acne for the last 25 years. I have extremely sensitive white skin, which I inherited from my father. There is a major genetic component to my acne as my father had severe acne with scarring. My mother had moderate acne as well. My acne seems to wax and wane. At times, my face is virtually clear w/ the exception of a few tiny scars on or around my nose. I recently saw a dermatologist and unfortunately it was on a 'good skin' day. The doctor only wanted to treat eczema, which recently developed on my right hand. Like many fellow acne sufferers, I've tried multiple treatments with unsatisfactory results. One major issue I encounter is major redness and irritation, which limits my skin care options. A couple of months ago I became so desperate I tried Darque Tan, which was a major mistake. Although I received some temporary benefit, the end result was dermatitis and a worsening of my acne. Unfortunately, I read Dan's article on sun-tanning after my ill-fated experiment. Anyway, I've tried to use Dan's regimen in the past with mixed results. My firm belief is that the regimen works. However, the cost (i.e. redness) is so high that I can't utilize the main ingrediant (BP). I do use BP as spot treatment, but I do so with great restraint and caution. Invariably, my skin turns incredibly red and itchy - even if I use liberal amounts of moisturizer. My current routine is daily use of Cetaphil Cleanser, Neutrogena Salicylic Acid, and Cetaphil Moisturizer. Also, I use Neutrogena On-The-Spot on well-formed pimples as well as my nose (which doesn't redden as bad as other parts of my face). I would say I use the BP about 2 or 3 days a week as a spot treatment. Also, I use vitamin B12, D3, and flax seed oil. Unfortunately, the Salicylic Acid doesn't work as well as the BP. The benefit is that it doesn't make my skin look like it's severely sunburned. I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions on how I might either reduce the reddening from BP or suggest an alternative product. I wanted to try oral medication but my dermatologist thinks I should just use cleanser at this time. Thank you, Jeffrey
  21. Vitamin B6

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    Is good for acne ? What's the difference between b5 and b6 !?
  22. Vitamin B's And Cal-Mag

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    Vitamin B's and Cal-Mag along with a good wholesome diet will help so much. Follow my posts for more information. P.S. Prickly Pear cactus is wonderful also.
  23. So here's my situation: I'm 24, out in the professional world, and having adult acne is nothing short of a nightmare. I have very sensitive skin, which often appears red and inflamed at the onset of any blemish. I get painful cystic bumps and my skin always looks and feels very oily and greasy. I have been researching and considering Accutane for the past 6 months but presently deal with dry eyes - made drier from LASIK surgery one year ago - and so I have been hesitant to proceed. In the meantime I have been considering similar but realistic solutions. Right now I'm currently on 115 mg of Solodyn, which helps with the cystic acne but by no means has been a cure. Along with that, I take Nicomide (an expensive prescription Vitamin B and Zinc supplement), which, so far in the course of a month, seems to have only provided minimal relief. Finally, I've recently begun taking Pantethine (the active ingredient in Vitamin B5) (450 mg, twice daily) but my skin is still very oily. I've read about L-Carnitine and how it's suppose to enhance the effects of Pantethine and so I am considering that as well. This is all very frustrating, very overwhelming, and I just want a solution - not researching and experimenting well into my late 20s. Anyway can anyone provide any insight? Has anything helped? Has anyone ever considered realistic alternatives to Accutane that have worked? Any help would be well appreciated. I am a 24 year old male.
  24. I went to a dermatologist today. First time I've been there, I had to find a new one as my previous two were completely useless at solving my problems. My problems being extremely oily skin and blackheads. So, this is exactly what I told him: I want to fix my extremely oily skin and get rid of blackheads. I've tried epiduo gel, i've tried differin gel. I've tried antibiotics and I've tried a whole bunch of mattifyers and cleansers, including bioderma's mattifying cream and paula's choice her mattifying solution (which, according to their website is clinically proven to keep your skin matte for up to 6-8 hours.. in reality it barely lasts an hour on my skin). I've also tried a Vitamin B5 overdose.. which actually helped slow down my oil production significantly (slowed it down an hour or 2), but due to the cost and unknown side-effects of this, I quit. My question is, should I try a really low-dose course of accutane? I've heard so many positive results of this... He immediately replied by telling me vitamin B5 does not work for oily skin whatsoever. I told him, it does because... well, it worked. He ignored it. Then he said differin should work for me. I told him, no, I've tried it for months without it working. Then he said BioDerma have a good range of oil-curbing products. I said it sounds like every other product out there, promising a lot but delivering very little. Then I asked him again, what about accutane? His answer: accutane isn't meant to dry up your skin, it's just a side-effect. I replied by telling him I don't care if it's a side-effect, as long as it gets the job done. Once again he said the only solution for me is BioDerma's products... So I told him about all the positive reviews and success stories I've read from people in the same position as me who've gone on a low-dose accutane course and got good results. He replied by telling me the internet is full of lies and people wanting to make money. Why would people suffering with the same condition as me lie about something like that?? Pardon my French but how the fuck do these people get a job? He clearly does not have a clue what he's talking about. He claims a couple of topical cosmetic products will reduce my oil production and claimed Vitamin B5 does absolutely nothing for oily skin. Both claims just complete nonsense - I've tried god knows how many topical products and none have diminished my oil production at all, yet B5 actually did to something. I felt like punching him in the face, the smug happyflowers. That little visit, which did absolutely nothing for me and taught me nothing I didn't already know, cost me 33 euros. 33 fucking euros for listening to a bunch of shitty excuses and lies. So fucking fed up having to deal with these people.
  25. Zinc And Vitamin B6

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    Hi this is my first time posting on this site (i go on it a lot but never post) and i wanted to ask something about zinc and vitamin B6. i understand that B6 helps absorption of zinc but from the information I've gathered Vitamin B6 it really bad for acne. i'm planing on taking blackmores bio zinc. it has 25 mg of zinc ( i'll take 50 mg, one in the morning and one at night), 25 mg of magnesium, 2 mg of manganese, 2500 IU and 50 mg of vit B6. n ow im taking 2 a day so that makes 100 mg of B6. should i still take it even though it has that much B6? if you take/have taken zinc can you tell me how much B6 is in it and if it did anything bad to you. also are the effect of zinc permanent or will my oily skin come back once i stop using it. *Additional information i am a 14 year old boy and i'm not really taking it for any pimples. im taking it for my SUPER oily skin which started around 6 months ago (so its probably hormonal) and I've tried a lot to control it but no luck. i only have like one white head and a ton of blackhead all over my face (though they're not really noticeable) and some wired tiny little pimples on my cheeks and neck (also not really noticeable). thanks for your reply.