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  1. i just had a gp appointment and my doctor told me that benzoyl peroxide above a value of 3% will only lead you to suffer the side effects, eg) dryness and redness. he said the sweet spot for treating acne with bp is 3%. he said anything below is too little and anything above is too harsh. please read this and action it, i can confirm that the 3% has been vastly more effective to me than the previous 5% i was using.
  2. Hello everyone I have been on monitoring this forum for years for my acne. I haven’t found an answer to my current issue so thought I’d make an account and ask the real experts! Bit if a background: I’m 25 years old and have mild/moderate cystic acne. It has got worse over the years (since I was 13) but has never been horrendous (except for the few months I used isotrex) but is enough to cause me to not go out, cancel plans etc. I’ve tried all the usual things: duac, antibiotics (multiple times), isotrex, dairy free, finacea, acid peels (the list goes on...) so finally accutane was prescribed. My problem is that I’m now on month 4 and I’m still getting spots, not as deep but regular still. The worrying thing is im having almost zero side effects. My lips aren’t even that dry. If I don’t put lip balm on all day they’d be “tight” and uncomfortable but nothing I couldn’t deal with. I’m still using my finacea every day (am and pm) and it’s not irritating or drying out my skin at all. The only side effect really is I’m having heavy and long periods, where previously due to being on the implant, I hadn’t had any. I’m taking my pills with a high fat meal, although not at a regular time. Im also taking vitamin supplements: vit e vit b12 something for joints (begins with g?) probiotic tablet I’ve taken 20mg first month, 30mg the second month and now 55mg the next 3 months for a total of 5 months and I weight 56kg my in question really is: am I doing something wrong/ are my pills working?? Thank you!! X
  3. Wanted to Share... Thank to Dr Lim For his contributions to the acne scar community. Happy Watching. Welcome New Poster's. You can PM - message me for help (please be patient), post, or read the FAQ - the very top post of the acne scar sub for recommendations and general information. BA
  4. Hi all. i'm 18 and i have struggled with acne on and off since i was about 13 or so. i used proactiv (worst thing ever), and then when my insurance changed and the dermatologist was covered, i went. whatever they gave me worked almost instantly and it continued to work for about a year or two. my acne started to get worse when i was seventeen. i would get these huge, painful zits underneath my skin that would stay for weeks. i broke out mostly on my cheeks, chin. and forehead. my dermatologist suggested that i go on accutane, however i dis not think it was the best choice for me personally. i kept with whatever the dermatologist originally prescribed. after doing a lot of research, i decided to try to work from the inside out. i began taking a multivitamin with collagen, vitamin a, and other skin clearing properties, probiotics, vitamin d, and zinc. these vitamins all improved my skin overall, but it was still was not where i wanted it to be. at this time, my mom suggested that i go on the birth control pill before college, and as an added bonus, she said it helped with her acne as a teen/young adult. it didnt work overnight, but after being on the pill for several months (im on loryna) i saw great imporovement. other than birth control and vitamins, here are the skincare products i use and absolutely love: simple micellar water- makeup remover cerave renewing SA cleanser- face wash thayers rose petal witch hazel- toner rosehip seed oil (miracle for scars and hyperpigmentation and did not break me out!) vitamin e cream- moisturizer corsx pimple stickers- spot treatment, sucks all of the pus out of zits i also do face masks from time to time. my favorite is the indian healing clay. anyway, these are my tips on how to get clearer skin. it works very well for me, but everyone is diferent. i hope you all find what works for you...
  5. Advice? Help?

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    Alright so I literally never post on anything like this and this is my first time. I am 24 years old and I have struggled with acne since I was about 14. (10 years of this shit). My acne has never been insanely terrible in the sense of it’s covered my face from forehead to chin but it’s also not a “spot here and there” type deal. ITs pretty consistant. My face almost never 100 percent clear which sucks. I get pretty severe acne too. Cysts (I think) and all that. I’ve always got after marks/scars to deal with. I’ve tried a ton of different stuff to help. Over the counter stuff a bunch of home remedies like salt water, honey and cinnamon, tea tre oil etc. out of all the stuff i have tried the best was neturagema stubborn acne cleanser and that worked pretty well for about a year but now it doesn’t any anymore. I have suffered from severe depression and have bascially zero self confidence because of acne. I can barely look my wife in the face without feeling insecure, we cant even have dinner at the table without me having an anxiety attack over it. I don’t talk to anyone else about my battle with this. Antways, I’m at a bit of a crossroads over the last month my face is worse it’s ever been and I’m lost. I started the caveman with water routine to just stop using everything. I’m about a week into it hoping that it will “reset my skin” or something. I can’t add afford to go to a derm. I’m kinda thinking about trying the regimine on here or trying to get accutane but honestly I’m defeated. I’m tiredness of trying to fight this I feel like I could be a different person if i didn’t have acne. I’m afraid of becoming “dependant” a product, I just want normal skin, but honestly I’m to the point where I don’t care how I get it even if stuck on a treatment for the rest of my life. So any advice?
  6. Hi there I’m Sergio from south of Mexico. I’m 23 years old and I’m a newbie here in he forum but with the acne and scars, not really. I would like to know which treatments you can recommend me to improve my acne scars, I’m pretty stress out and even depress about living with them, I swear that it’s a daily fight with my own self and the mirror. and that’s why I’m kind of desperate to find the better option to improve them. Thank you so much, it’s kind of nice to know that there’s people outside living with my condition.
  7. There is a user from 2003 who proposed his theory on Keloids. Worth taking a look even though he's inactive. Basically, he and I have experienced keloids disappearing after a whitehead comes out of it. I've seen it happen numerous times and have actually tried to somehow force a whitehead to appear on my keloids...Which is weird, but it actually works... He recommends using bentonite clay and vinegar to draw them out, which I am going to do now... I'll update ya''ll....
  8. I used to see a dermatologist but I stopped because of family insurance problems. My dermatologist gave me pills that helped clear my skin so much! But I can’t get a refill anymore. Since then I continued using the Epiduo Forte she prescribed for the morning and Veltin with Flurandrenolide Lotion USP 0.05% at night. ( This medication is used on the skin to treat acne. This medication is a combination of adapalene (a retinoid) and benzoyl peroxide (an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent). This product may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do appear. Adapalene works by affecting the growth of cells and decreasing swelling and inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel off. ) ( Veltin gel is a precription medicine used on the skin to treat acne vulgaris) I still continue to use also a sulfur wash everyday which helps a lot as well. Now that I ran out of the Epiduo and Veltin, I have nothing to use. Are there any other good products similar to those like drugstore products or at a beauty store like ULTA/Sephora or online where I can purchase? Without like a prescription? My acne used to be really bad. It cleared up, so now I get pimples every now and then. I barely get them on my forehead. They are more spreader out like my cheeks, chin, or even jawline. And they become red and irritated and big or zits. I really don’t want to break out horribly again like I used to. If anyone knows some type for product I can use for my skin which is combination that would help clear pimples/zits/cysts please let me know. Or any similar products to the ones I described the Epiduo and Veltin ^^ Also if anyone knows of any acne remedies to get rid of acne holes and deep scars please let me know as well!
  9. Hi Guys ! I got several sources of information (dermatologist, books, forums)... But I find hundreds of different opinions. I just want to know your opinion on this specific situation : Would accutane work for mild to moderate acne with 30mg or 40mg per week and with how many weeks will the skin change? Thanks for your time!
  10. New here.

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    Hi there, I decided to give this forum a go seeing as I seem to be the only 30 year old in my town with crappy skin. I'm female and have been getting cysts and boils on my face since I was 10. It became much worse after being on minocycline, as soon as I stopped the course my face erupted in so many cysts I could barely move my face, ever since then they flare up several times a year. I finally found a Dr at the age of 28 who decided to try oratane, I was on that for 6 months and it was magic!! The dryness sucked but my skin had never been so clear. About 2 months after stopping the treatment I started getting the odd pimple which then slowly turned into getting cysts again, at the moment I have had at least one cyst on my face for about 2 months. They are so vile. At their worst I hid for a week, I refused to leave the house and was so down about it. I went back to my Dr and have been given a whole raft of medications. It's just so rubbish.
  11. Hey everyone, so I suffer from the occasional cystic pimple but this one seems to be really persistent. It’s a hard bump under the skin right in between my eyes (embarrassing) and it doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. It also doesn’t hurt at all anymore, though it did when it first formed. Anyone know any remedies for a pimple like this? It’s driving me crazy and I’m scared it will scar. Thanks!
  12. I am looking for treatments, oils, masks, pretty much anything you can buy online or in store to treat those pesky pitted scars left over from acne. I want to find everything possible out there before reaching out to dermatologists and or high end treatments.
  13. So I put on my face like always the Vichy normadem purifying gel but when I woke up the day after, my face was and still is 3 days later dry and flaky. What should I do to reverse this?
  14. I have suffered from acnes for a long time and left with so much scarring. Given my Asian skin type, I didn't want to try laser due to the possible side effects. Therefore, I opted to try Infini RF Microneedling for 4 sessions over the course of a year because it was hard to take time off every 6-8 weeks. However, I only see little improvement (if any...) I think spreading out the treatments will not affect the results as Infini is supposed to help with collagen production for up to 6 months to 1 year. I have mixed scars and don't know what treatments I should try next... Too scared to try TCA peel/ cross at home even after reading the FAQ (again, Asian skin type...). Would I be a good candidates for TCA peel/ cross? Please help! I live in the Bay Area and there are not a lot of doctors to offer TCA peel/ cross and/or subcision... I read some forums here but feel like SoCal have more options and no one seem have to have found a good doctor who performs a wide range of treatments here. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the Bay Area? I went to Dr. Ransom for Infini. He's nice and doesn't seem to be interested in checking the progress and just performs the procedure... don't really feel like going back to him. But, someone said he does offer TCA cross... Also wonder if I should try 2 more Infini for a total of 6 sessions to see the difference... Right now considering if I should give Dr. Emer a visit even though he's expensive. Does anyone know what is the price difference btw Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills and Dr. Rullan in SD? Getting time off is also a problem Thanks!
  15. This device is safe?

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    I used dermaroller for a straight year at first I felt an improvement in the skin but over time I was noticing a worsening in texture and scars. In the last session I was very aggressive with 1.5 mm and seems to have got worse. I am a year without using any invasive treatment and I want to start using this device in conjunction with 15% TCA. I would like to know if it is safe to use in the size of 1.00 mm. I have some indentation, boxscars, ice spick and rolling is mild and are located on the cheeks.
  16. does anyone know what these bumps are and how i can get rid of them? theyre really annoying and i really want them to go away
  17. I'm 20 now and have been taking antibiotics since I was 13... Honestly feel like I've tried everything so any help appreciated. Been on Lymecycline, Erythromycin, Roaccutane for 8 months (this 100% worked but my skin got INSANELY bad before it got better and don't really want to go on that again, even if I am tempted). I've used pretty much every topical cream prescription under the sun, and have tried Kefir regime for 2 months but this didn't seem to do anything. I am currently on Doxycycline, using Tretinoin cream and the La Roche Posay 3-Step Effaclar Regime, as well as birth control. I also use Rosehip oil as a moisturiser daily, which definitely helps with scarring. For like 1-2 years when I was 18/19 my skin was GREAT but then I came to Uni in Scotland and everything went downhill, cystic acne and all. Honestly just so pissed off at my skin right now so any help at all as to how anyone actually cleared up their skin would be a lifesaver.
  18. Dianette Treatment Log

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    I was looking back at photos from when I was 14 and I was amazed at how clear my skin was ! I was a late-bloomer, so puberty didn't catch up to me until I reached 15(ish) - It got me thinking, that maybe my acne was hormone related and so I have been placed on Diane-35/Dianette/Co-Cyprindiol. I've decided to do a weekly log (as such) so that I can hopefully look back and see some improvement ! Started: 26/10/17 (aged 17 and 1 month) Skincare Regime Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser (twice daily) Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exofliating Scrub (4 times weekly) Manual Cleansing Brush (twice daily) Witch Hazel Tea Tree Oil Acnecide Treatment (5% Benzoyl Peroixide) Biore Charcoal Peel Mask Oil Free Moisturiser Co-Cyprindiol (35mg) Pill Nivea Essentials Night Moisturiser WEEK ZERO (26/10/2017) Co-Cyprindiol - One Pill Taken First Day !! I'm not starting my skincare regime until Monday (30/10/17) so I'm trying to leave my skin be, i.e no foundation, makeup. I've told myself no touching, squeezing or picking. My forehead is bumpy and somewhat oily. The acne is worst on my left temple. Some whiteheads around my mouth and cheeks. Lots of Blackheads now my nose. *Fingers crossed* (Image as of 25th October 2017 in Bathroom Lighting)
  19. So back in 2015 i had gotten really bad cystic acne and was put on retin-a for a few months. in that time, my skin had cleared up a ton but about a year later i had started to break out all over again and went on proactiv and my skin cleared up tons. i recently have been starting to break out regally terribly again but i’m not sure if these are cystic pimples. some i believe are, but i have relatively small red bumps all over my cheek and they’re really hard. i’m not sure if it’s something other than cystic acne that i have?? it’s all on my right cheek
  20. Hi everyone thanks for visiting I am aged 25 I am facing acne from my teenage but it wasn't that severe like now. I tried using Clinique products (anti-blemish kit) it was very good later I went to laser skin clinic Australia to treat my acne scars and they suggest to use the skintitut Australian made products ,then I started to see more pimples I have spent $1000 nearly for the treatment they started the blue LED treatment to kill the bacterias before they start micro needling as my acne was severe I was in blue LED treatment for almost 5 weeks and i have done nearly 7 blue LED and i stopped booking further treatment from them face was far better before I started the treatment .. Has anyone used any one of the products ( clinique ,Skintitut) and Does glycolic acid prevents acne ?? I looked for many acne medications but I couldn't find an even single post which refers to Glycolic acid. so can you guys please suggest good medication to get rid of acne ??? I have attached few of the photos please suggest me something
  21. I am 15 male and am 100% confident that my acne is being caused by an androgen increase. My skin isn’t oily, dry, or sensitive. I wash my face with Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile and use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion afterwards. I drink a gallon of water a day, exercise, and have a fair diet. I have acne on my face, upper back, and the top of my thighs along with a few pimples on my neck. How can I get rid of my acne?
  22. What should I do?

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    What do y'all recommend for me to help my acne scars look better?
  23. It seems like I've tried everything, but I'm wondering if any of these things might help? These are just things I've heard before that've worked for other people. I don't have cystic acne, just lots of normal-sized pimples... everywhere. Along with some whitheads. Makeup looks horrible over it all. - No dairy? I've heard many many people testify to this, but I'm wondering if it's the change to healthy foods, or dairy. - DIY cold cream as a cleanser & moisturizer, instead of commerical products. - Dermatolgist perscription. Pretty hesitant on this one, as I know most people say it only somewhat helps your skin & isn't worth it. - Exfoliation. I exfoliate around once a week by using a gentle washcloth to wash my face with facewash instead of my hands. Is there an effective way to do this that isn't a $25 chemcial exfoliant? I use CeraVe moisturizing cleanser, for reference. - No washing. It might sound strange, but I don't wash my face at the very sides (where you might contour, I guess) because I've never broken out there, and didn't ever wanna mess it up. It's still always been clear. Maybe there's a link? Any thoughts or new suggestions are appreciated!