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  1. Hi, does anyone have experience applying TCA 50% on box scars or chickenpox scars? Will you be so kind to give me some insight of your experience and advice on my current issue? Last Wednesday, April 25, I applied a 50%-grade TCA on some of my chickenpox scars on both of my cheeks and on the temple area. I used the non-sharpened end of a thick toothpick, which I dipped in TCA chemical for about 5 to 10 seconds, removed the excess and then dabbing it on each of my depressed scars for a few seconds. I was very careful to stay within the depressed areas, though some went over a little. I also applied the chemical on three small skin tags near my left eye and three spots on my forehead. The areas where I applied TCA turned white within seconds, and then minutes later they all turned brown. I did not use any neutralizer or rinsed my face with water after the application. For four straight days, I applied Vaseline moisturizer with aloe vera onto the affected areas, but the scars have not started peeling off since April 25. Is this normal? How long did yours take for your skin to start peeling with TCA 50%? On some forums, people said their skin started peeling after 2 or 3 days of the application, but they were using a lesser-grade TCA. Mine hasn't, but I used 50% TCA. I'm worried that I have permanently damaged my skin. The pictures below were taken today, April 29 (day 5) when I woke up and on April 26 (day 2). Do you have the same experience? Did yours turned brown like mine on the pictures? Thank you in advance.