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  1. Hello there, Just wanted to know, if somebody has experience of tanning while on accutane 20mg? I'm tanning few months, all is very good, no skin problems, but.. old red scars, red cheeks with large pores won't fade a away fast! There is some research on the web, about UV effect on skin wline on accutane? Niice and thanks!
  2. Hi gang! My background: Lurker for close to 10 years, almost as long as I have had acne. I am a mid-20s college student raising a sibling. In other words, I have no time. I want to look presentable, though. This is why clearing my skin naturally is so important to me. I also don't wear makeup.. so it's magnifies the issue. I'm a hard INTJ, if you dig MBTI. That means I'm typically anxious and tense, which I'm sure is a big part of my acne. BCP (Yasmin) cleared my skin in my teens. Went off of it because of some of the possible side effects, then went on Spiro, which worked perfectly. However, I want to heal my body. I don't want to be on medication forever. Both my parents have adult acne, so I could be looking at hard cysts on my face with other inflamed red rolling hills until I hit menopause. I was going to do Accutane, but stopped when I realized I would have to go back on Yasmin (i.e. my skin would be perfect on yasmin so I doubt the accutane would cure me.) I am using the Neutrogena light therapy mask right now. It is helping but I doubt it will help as much as I need. I eat a diet of chicken, vegetables, and glucomannan/oat fiber (non-soluble fibers that fill you up and pass right through.) I have always had chronic constipation, so I take Miralax. When I don't take it, the inflammation gets worse. I have noticed that if I eat a ton of vegetables, my skin can get inflamed. This worries me. When I don't eat, or eat tiny portions to keep myself from starving, acne is reduced. But how can I sustain that? It doesn't seem possible. I know tanning and sweating/working out have helped in the past, but on this diet I have no energy to work out. I am scared of how hungry it would make me. No, not anorexic. I'm 5'6 and ~140. If you have read this far, my heartfelt thanks. I am so grateful for this community. Acne is such a difficult disease to deal with in the modern world-the shame, I mean. MY QUESTION: Is there anything else I can do for my acne naturally? Should I just suck it up and go back on Spiro?
  3. Hi everybody! In about a month, my boyfriend and I are going away to the beach. I'll be wearing bathing suits, so I'm very worried. I have pretty dark acne scars on my chest, shoulders, legs, and even butt. I do have some current acne as well, which is just as embarrassing. I'm super grossed out by my skin at the moment, and I've been trying a lot of different things to try to make it go away. If it matters, my current regimen is: -Exfoliation -All natural soap -Clean and clear body wash -Desitin for my shoulders, chest and face -Acne clearing lotion by greenheartlabs for my lower regions -and soon I'll be adding Mederma in an attempt to lighten my scars. Anyways, if this all fails, I'm going to need a quick fix- either gradual self tanning lotion or makeup (for my body). I've purchased the tanning lotion and plan on trying it out soon. I'm extremely pale so any impurities on my skin are very obvious. I could always use makeup as well, but I'd be embarrassed if it rubbed off on my boyfriend or something. Does anyone have advice/tips on whether self tanner or makeup is better in terms of covering up body acne and scars? Thanks :)
  4. Hi! Basically, for about 4 years now my face has been 100 times lighter than the rest of my body and I've found no causes or way to solve this. I have been in the sun and when I tan, the one on my face lasts maybe a week while my body is very dark.(I'm naturally olive skin tone) I usually just go more pale and red in the sun but my body will tan, I have used a face solarium to tan my face but it actually makes me paler. This has caused so much distress for my self esteem as I used to be so confident and now I can't look people in the eye because I look deathly pale, it's like my head is photoshopped onto my body. I've tried everything and nothing is working, I'm meant to be revising right now but I'm not because I'm search "pale face tan body" on google to find answers (I do this for hours). I hate wearing make up and self tanners, I just want to be okay with my natural self again. I know this is vain and I should just accept it, but I used to do modelling and was actually very pretty and now I look unwell constantly and I have no colour at all to my face, you can see the veins under my eyes. It's not just pale, it's a weird texture and consistancy with a lot of redness compared to my cooler yellow toned body. I feel so ugly and insecure now, does anyone know how to solve this? I've had acne for 4 years as well, I don't know if that contributed?
  5. Regimen Is Tanning My Face

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    Just finished my first week of being on the regimen, and after applying the BP and Dan's moisturiser, and even in the morning, where I just apply the moisturiser - I am left looking like I've done a very poor job with fake tan on my face. This wouldn't usually be a problem, as hey, who doesn't love a tan? The only problem is, it's only colouring certain areas of my face and I live in the UK, where Sun is a rare occurrence, thus making me look like I got a bit too excited with my sister's fake tan or something. My neck down is almost anemically pale (which I've been used to most of my life, due to my interests and lack of holidays), so this is a very bad thing for my confidence, when my facial pigment isn't corresponding with my neck and body. Not to mention, because I've been doing a seemingly bad job of applying the BP and I've only been using it on my typical breakout areas, it looks utterly ridiculous, as my face makes me look like a white and tanned Dalmatian. Anyway, enough of the self pity and insulting - Has anybody experienced this? And most importantly, does it subside? I've heard of A LOT of redness on this website, and I think I've even caught a glimpse of 'tanning' somewhere, but nothing has settled my mind yet. However, I still apologise if I'm attempting to turn on a broken record with this thread. Also, I used my Sherlock deduction skills, to figure out that it might even be Dan's moisturiser? After all, it is an odd yellowy colour, and I still seem to be harboring a tawny pigmentation, even on my morning routine, which currently doesn't even involve the Benzoyl Peroxide! - I hope not though, because my face and Cetaphil DID NOT get on well, even before the regimen, and I really enjoy Dan's moisturiser. Thanks