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  1. Hi, I was wondering. How do you exactly know what food causes your acne For example: After binging on sugar how soon will something show up. Because it could also be a coincidence. Is it possible for acne to show up in 12 hours after binging on a box of sugar filled cookies? I haven't binged in so long but it was either that or doing something worse. It also seemed like nothing would improve my skin anyways so I was like screw this, I have restricted myself so long for no results. However it seems like my new cysts came to prove me wrong. I was cyst free for 2 weeks! But is that even possible in 12 hours? Maybe I'm just finding things to blame myself or they were already there? maybe I made a huge mistake I don't know. I would appreciate any input, since all the voices in my head are certainly not helping me let alone giving me any facts. Also, Does anyone know food that is good for acne but could replace unhealthy binging..
  2. Hi, can someone please suggest a no dairy/no sugar salad dressing? I am having a hard time finding one in the stores that i go to and it sucks so bad to eat a salad without some type of dressing. any and all suggestions are welcome!! thanks
  3. I’ve posted here few times before. If you ever read any of my posts before you would know that I eat around 4000-6000 calories a day mostly junk food. Especially dairy, wheat and sugar. I still eat like this too. But today I found some absolutely shocking pictures of my acne that I couldn’t not even believe. Don’t even remember taking them. Check this out. I never took accutane but did take some antibiotics way back last February. Only for two weeks though. This is the last thread I’m gonna make on this site most likely as I don’t feel the need to post after this. October 2016: my face was pretty much clear. January 2017: got horrible acne breakout and popped all my pimples every single day with dirty fingers. February 2017: March 2017: May 2017: July 2017: August 2017: september 2017: October 2017: Now: I don’t have a picture of me today but I’m better now then those last pictures in October. Anyways I used to put undiluted tea tree oil on my skin to dry out my pimples and this led to those red burn marks on my cheeks. I still have some red marks on my temples and on cheeks but wayyyy better.
  4. Carbs - Insulin - Acne link??

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    I wanted to share my story and struggle with acne in the hope other people can relate and share their advice, including any information they may have found that could help. Long story short, I began to suddenly suffer with severe acne two years ago - unsure and frustrated with why this suddenly occurred I was put on a 4 month prescription of Accutane or Roaccutane depending where you're from. The accutane helped, it cleared my skin significantly and didn't damage my liver etc. 1 year later after continuously researching about acne, diet, insulin and other things I've found to be linked with acne, my lifestyle and diet have significantly changed which I've found (contrary to the doctors belief) that diet has a MASSIVE impact on how clear my skin is. Frustratingly, my diet consists of only chicken, tuna, brown rice, lentils, vegetables and eggs everyday. When I eat a high amount of carbohydrates, especially when it's processed food such as pasta, pizza, bread, beer and cake I seem to suffer quite immediately afterwards (sometimes acne follows a day after eating such foods). This link has become clearer to me through experimenting with foods, but what I'd like to hear from other people is if it's possible to change this!? I'm desperate to live a normal life again where I can drink a beer, have some pizza or sweets knowing I won't develop acne days later. It may seem my body is now very much insulin sensitive, and that when I eat these kind of foods my body struggles to deal with the sugar spike/carb spike and so produces excessive sebum followed from the insulin spike which quickly leads to breakouts. What confuses me is how I used to eat many many sweets, cake, pizza as a kid and now it's impossible... Please please, anyone who suffers from a similar experience or has any other findings I'd love to hear your story.
  5. Just came across this website and it makes so much sense. Just want to share it with you guys.
  6. During my many years struggling with mild cystic acne and after seeing many different Dermatologists, who put me on many different medications (including Accutane), I discovered that I must be the one to resolve my acne. If I was ever going to manage my acne, I must be proactive and study my skin in order to understand my acne disease process. So I began reading all I could about the skin and what role it plays with the body. Then I systematically examined my skin, trying to figure out what was causing my acne. The most important thing I found out is that skin is an excretory organ, helping manage the bodily wastes and toxins, like the digestive system and lymphatic system. As a result, I modified my life and it had a profound impact on my acne. Here's what I did-- Regular bowel movements, everyday or every other day. If I was constipated I'd have a cup of Smoothmove Herbal tea. Worked way better than laxatives and stool softeners. Sweat a few times a week--I hate exercising, so I only run until I get a good sweat going to clear my pores (about 10 min), then I stop. Strictly limit alcohol (not eliminate). Plain Vodka with soda water is that only thing that wont break me out. No dairy, it has added hormones--I use unsweetened coconut milk instead. Eat healthy--Limit (not eliminate) fried and processed foods. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Strictly limit artificial sugar (not eliminate). This was the hardest for me, because I love sweets--but I love clear skin more. So if I need something sweet I either have a piece of fruit or a bowl of bran cereal with some blueberries or raspberries. Drink lots of water and Green Tea. Also, hot water with lemon too. One over-the-counter Zinc tablet every other day. Have a generalized skin care routine with a non-alcohol toner. In the AM I use First Aid Beauty Cleanser $20, Seaweed Cleansing Lotion Toner $15, and Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer $40. In the PM I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser with 3.5% benzoyl peroxide $10, Seaweed Cleaning Lotion toner, Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer, and a generic salicylic acid moisturizer over the Clinique moisturizer. Every three days in the PM, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Clay Mask to deep clean my pores, which replaces the Neutrogena Cleanser (I don't want to overdo it and irritate my skin). The makeup that works best for me and doesn't break me out is Clinique's Superprimer $27 with Beyond Perfecting Foundation $27. No setting sprays, bronzer, setting powder, etc. The less on my face the better. I use damp disposable makeup wedges, not a Beauty Blender or a brush. To remove my makeup, I use Clinique's makeup wipes $15, which I find are gentler on my skin than other brands. What I really want to express is that diet and exercise really impacted my mild cystic acne. It was the game changer. My skin care routine has pretty much stayed the same prior to my lifestyle modification. Once I started to do everything on the list my skin cleared up within 2 weeks and I haven't had any new cysts. I occasionally get a white head, but its gone after 2 days, unlike the cysts which would last for 2 weeks. Staying true to everything on the list is still difficult, but having clear skin makes it sooooo worth it. I hope this helps. Now, you must decide to what lengths would you go for clear skin? Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and my experience shouldn't replace what your doctor said. I also never said my acne was "cured" only "resolved". I still get the occasional small zit. I'm only sharing what worked for me and it might be different for you.
  7. I am usually complimented for my perfect porcelain skin however if I eat sugary foods/fatty for a couple days straight, I immediately get all these pimples all over my forehead. If I stop for a few days, magically my skin is back to normal. I have never suffered from cystic acne but definitely breakouts of small pimples. Every body is different and mine obviously reacts badly to sugary foods for whatever reason. Does anyone have any reason why this could be the case?
  8. I've suffered from acne since age 13 (now 26). I finally decided to seek professional help from a Naturopath in Feb 2017. The doctor suggested 3 tests: a GI Map stool test for gut issues ($180), a nutrient deficiency blood test ($180), and a food sensitivity blood test ($600). I opted for the most expensive food test, but there are cheaper ones that test fewer foods. I did all 3 tests and had all results in about 3 weeks. The nutrient deficiency test results showed that i was deficient in D3, B12, K2, and a few other things. The food sensitivity test showed that i was severely sensitive to about a dozen foods, moderately sensitive to about 20 foods, and mildly sensitive to another 20 or so. Most importantly, The GI Map test showed that i had a high amount of Citrobacter Freundii in my gut. The doctor explained to me that Citrobacter Freundii can be caused by long-term antiobiotic use. I had taken Doryx for over a year in my teens, so this made sense. My treatment plan has been extreme but effective. My face has improved by 90%. I'm using the regimen morning and night, mixing in AHA with the moisturizer twice a week to exfoliate. Also, it's been my experience that the recommendation of cleansing for only 10 seconds is not enough. I do it 30 seconds and do a double cleanse at night. Anyways, here's the effective treatment plan that i've been following: Supplementation (in order of importance): Thorne Research Formula SF722 10-Undecenoic Acid 250mg garden of life probiotics 90 billion Oreganol 140mg Ortho Molecular Products Liquid d3 + k2 Klaire Labs Interfase Plus GI Microb-X Vitamin Code Raw K Complex Vitamin Code Raw Zinc + Vit C Olive Leaf Extract Diet: Extremely low sugar, gluten-free, no dairy, mostly organic. Organic almond butter (almonds should be the only ingredient) Food for life gluten-free english muffins with almond butter and organic Cinnamon Food for life gluten-free organic bread with almond butter and organic Cinnamon Organic black bean spaghetti with Organic olive oil, organic flax meal, pink salt Organic almond milk Organic Avacados Wild caught Salmon Organic carrots & organic Asparagus I would suggest that anyone suffering with adult acne see a naturopathic doctor.
  9. Hi~, What if there was a little software program that you could tell what foods you're eating each day, and it automatically analyzes your diet and figures out what is causing your acne (assuming it's diet-based, so not going to cure everyone). E.g, you tell it stuff like this each day: Monday 17th April 2017: Eaten/Drank: Cheerios w/ milk Big bag of Doritos KFC value bucket Kool-aid jug KFC value bucket (again) Small brownie Acne Report: 4x existing whiteheads 2x existing cysts 1x new whitehead (upper chin) 1x new cyst (lower right jaw) Tuesday 18th April 2017: Eaten/Drank: Vanilla ice cream Sunny-Dee Orange~ 4 litre - Cola McDonalds nugget meal x2 Wheatabix Glass of soy milk Acne Report: 5x existing whiteheads 3x existing cysts 1x new whitehead (upper chin) 2x new whitehead (lower chin) 2x new whitehead (centre of forehead) 1x new cyst (right cheek) 2x new cyst (under chin) ... Then, after a few weeks maybe, you can tell the program to 'analyze' the data you've put into it, so far. It would look at all the dairy foods, sugar foods, grains, etc., and then spot the correlations where certain nutrients are causing a pattern of more acne, kinda like this: Analysis (two days): Dairy - chance of acne cause = 86%. Sugar - chance of acne cause = 71%. Wheat - chance of acne cause = 14%. It could have like an auto-picker for meals you eat often, where you tell it what's in the meal, then you just click it from a list of 'favourites' or something, and it zaps all the iffy food groups into the program. Does a program like this already exist? If not, would anyone (besides me) find it useful?
  10. I am posting this here because I have noticed some interesting emotional reactions recently. I have had acne since I was a young teen so that's about 20 years (32 now). I've tried BP, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, azelaic acid as well as a bunch of dietary stuff and more oddball treatments like using head and shoulders to wash my body etc. Either the treatments didn't work, I couldn't tolerate the side effects or the treatments eventually stopped working. I kept waiting for the acne to go away in my 20's, when I hit 30 and still had acne I just started to accept that I had acne for life and resigned myself to it. (Face, jawline, neck, chest, entire back and top of arms ). Recently I read a book all about sugar and I decided to give up sugar to reduce my visceral fat for my overall health. A few weeks in and my skin improved. A month in and I am almost clear... I am sort of in shock to be honest. It's so liberating to not have to apply burning treatments etc twice a day I keep crying, I can't believe my relationship ship with acne... my war with my skin is finally over. I tried to hard to be "OK" with my acne and there were times when I managed to feel alright and focus on other things but I guess I kind of feel ashamed that I never truly made peace with it. I feel guilty for feeling so relieved.. that there are so many people still suffering and I don't see why I deserve for it to be over any more than anyone else does. I feel like I am weak/shallow because of how much this means to me. I don't know, it's hard to admit all these negative emotions surrounding something so good... I know it sounds ungrateful :(. I realise that there is so much psychological trauma that must go with being covered in acne for decades... its probably going to take a while for me to process it. (and to accept that it won't come back.. I'm so worried that it will). Thanks for listening x x x
  11. I've had acne since my teens. I waited in hope for it to clear up in my 20's then when I hit my 30's but it stayed. I had some sucess with Finacea (azelaic acid), it cleared my skin quite well for a while but eventually my skin seemed to get used to it. I carried on using it because my acne was better when I used it but I still had a general covering of spots from my face down my chest, tops of my arms and down my whole back. So recently I decided to cut out sugar. I had decided this because I had read a few of the books about sugar consumption and I was learning what it was doing to my/our insides (fatty liver disease anyone? ) and I decided that I wanted none of that thank you. So I decided to do it properly. My rules: 1) No added sugar That means no sucrose, dextrose, glucose, maltodextrose, any syrups, concentrated fruit extracts etc). No fizzy drinks, cakes, cookies, chocolate etc 2) All low sugar foods (except whole fresh fruits) So no fruit juice, no dried fruit, no maple syrup or honey etc 3) Maximum 3 pieces of fruit per day 4) Reduce high carb foods I do not eliminate carbs (we need carbs), I eat sweet potato, squash, parsnips and sweetcorn instead of higher carb foods like pasta, rice etc most of the time 5) Avoid processed food as much as possible No sweeteners, MSG, preservatives, chemical enhancers etc 6) Meal proportions 3/4 meal = veg (with at least one starchy veg like parsnip or squash) 1/4 protein Ensure 2 portions of calcium containing foods are squeezed into here somewhere. Honestly guys I needed to come back here after a few years away to tell you that so far it is working!!! My skin has not been this clear for years. I am one month in and my face, neck, chest and tops of my arms are p retty much clear. My back is slower to follow but it's clearer than it has been in years and it's smoother than ever. My whole "acnezone" area is smoother. Also I am nowhere near as oily as I used to be either. I'm talking hair as well as skin. I'll post some pics below x x Oh and I've also lost 2kg in a month so there is that too I don't have an up to date "before" shot because I don't focus on my acne as much any more (was just forcing myself to accept the I had it and the sugar thing was not an acne clearing attempt so I'm sorry that I don't have an up to date comparison. You can check out my gallery to see what my skin looked like in 2007, that would be a really bad day now since I am 32 but the coverage is the about same... face, chest, back, neck, jawline.... ugh neck and jawline.... ). This pic is me with no cover up last night edit: to be clear I have not used azelaic acid or any acne treatment medication for over a month either. And I had not been using it that much due to irritation for a while before this anyway.
  12. Diet affects acne

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to talk about how my diet has helped me get clearer skin. I've suffered from cystic acne for quite a while now and have barely started to control it. After trying many acne creams, washes, and masks, I realized that the only thing left for me was to either go on Accutane or fix my diet. Long story short, I became vegan and started to see my acne clear up immensely! I no longer get huge cystic pimples like I did before and my skin is better than it has ever been. My acne isn't completely gone, but it's manageable. Before I would have pimples all day, every day, but now I only break out when I eat things that I shouldn't. This includes mainly sugar and processed foods. I'm not sure on the impact that meat has on my skin, but I am 100% sure that dairy, sugar and processed foods make me break out. If your willing to give it a try, do it for at least a month. It's definitely hard but it will be worth it if you do end up seeing results.
  13. Anyone know why this is? I Have other food intolerances too (gluten/dairy/most grains). Ive been working on my digestion, bone broths fermented foods etc. Will this intolerance to sugar/fruit sugar go once my gut flora has balanced out? Even a small bit of dark chocolate or fruit shows up on my skin
  14. What are your trigger foods?

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    Just curious what everyone is avoiding because it causes break outs. For me, dairy is my worst enemy. I can't enjoy ice cream, milk, or moderate quantities of yogurt without paying the price. I have found that kefir is ok though, probably due to the added bacteria helping me digest the lactose. I haven't noticed anything else though. What about you? What foods cause you to break out? I have heard stories that citrus and other weird foods cause some to break out.
  15. It's a complicated theory, and I actually developed this theory not because I was looking for an explanation of pimples, but of atherosclerosis, and I found out they are caused by the same thing: Dying phagocytes. In short, intestinal bacteria tries to enter the body through the gut lining, phagocytes kill them, and the dead phagocytes in this ongoing intestinal war either end up in atherosclerotic lesions or pimples. I'm not going to explain the entire theory here, if you guys want to know the entire theory, I can post a link to my original thread that discusses it (Or I can copy and paste it here). In short, to treat acne through diet: Eliminate all sources of sucrose/fructose [Candy, chocolate, sweets, smoothies, basically anything sweet. Even fruits.]; intestinal bacteria grows like gang busters off these two. Eliminate all sources of 'dirty food' [think dark meats, rotten food and the like] Eliminate wheat and other gluten products(Like Rye and Barley) [The gliadin protein in the wheat increases intestinal permeability which essentially opens the gates to your body to the invading bacteria] For acne in particular, I would suggest eliminating dairy. Don't really understand it's bacterial connection, but I do know it boosts blood sugar levels (insulinotropic), which itself probably helps boost the invading bacterial populations. And, I notice I get pimples if I consume a lot of dairy. For suggested food groups. Anything that helps keep the intestine clean, like garlic, cocoa, coffee, wine, vinegar, pungent citrus fruits[lemons/limes], fermented foods, really, most any pungent sharp/acidic food. For replacement carbs(for wheat), there's plenty of options (I'm going to list what I think are the healthier options first). Maize (Non-sweet corn, has more glucose than sucrose), Sweet potatos, Peas, Cassava, Carrots and then among grass seeds: Quinoa, Rice(Brown and white), Millet, Oats, etc. [Oats do not contain gliadin and do /not/ increase intestinal permeability. But, I would advise watching portion sizes because of its high GI.]. I personally prefer the vegetable carbs over the grass seed carbs, they have less controversy over their builtin protections(potentially harmful to humans)[such as saponins, goitrogens, phytates, etc.] and some of the longest living cultures historically consumed vegetable carbs. Maize in South America, Sweet Potatos in Okinawa, Cassava in Africa, etc. They also have nutrients that white rice doesn't have, and doesn't take forever to boil like brown rice. They also usually don't need to be rinsed like grains /should be/, though if you picked them fresh from the field, I'd recommend rinsing the dirt off, lol. Boiled vegetables also usually have a lower GI than white rice/oats, potentially lowering diabetes risk and leaving you fuller longer. They also tend to have plenty of important vitamins and minerals, like potassium (And if farms fully restored the mineral content to the soil, they would also be rich in magnesium.) Update: I also forgot to mention Eggs. I believe raw eggs have strong antibiotic properties (The albumin is supposed to nourish and protect the yolk), and eggs definitely seem to help lower and stabilize blood sugar levels when consumed in a meal (raw or not) [I believe keeping blood sugar levels in check probably helps keep invading bacterial populations down. Diabetics seem to have a problem with infections. Regular exercise and strength training also helps suppress and regulate blood sugar levels.]. I've noticed so many people who live superlong lives consume eggs, even that one guy whose cats lived to 32 or some such. I speculate the reason why the phagocytes don't filter through the kidney and out the urine is because the phagocytes are too large (They'd end up sticking to the kidney's filters, which it appears some of them do, probably leading to kidney failure in some people.), so they need to go through something a bit more 'open'; your pores. Why some of the dead phagocytes stick to the vessel walls in the form of arthersclerosis is a mystery to me; perhaps the body doesn't really know it's detrimental, since it's usually harmelss in the short-term /until/ it becomes too advanced in the longterm. Perhaps there's evolutionary reasons I could speculate about. Maybe it needs to cement the bacteria down right away to prevent it escaping and potentially risking sepsis.
  16. Just curious. What is the food or foods that make you break out? Mine is sugar.
  17. My diet has been all over the place and it shows on my skin. It's probably the worst my skin has been in a while. My poor body is sick of all the back and forth with diet. When I am eating clean it shows up on my skin in the best way possible. Too much sugar and grains and crappy oils and it goes downhill pretty fast. I really need to get a grip on being more consistent rather than all or nothing. I'm hoping to adopt a less restrictive approach to paleo based eating so that I can keep up with it better (rather than giving up and then going back to it). I am still doing retin a micro .1% but only once a week since it is summer (retin a makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so even though I wear sunscreen and hats I still get accidental exposure now and then so I don't want my skin to be too tender). I'll try to do twice a week once fall / winter sets in. My plan for now is to base as much of my diet as possible on fruits and veggies, lean fish and meats, chia seeds, eggs, sweet potatoes, and some grains here and there (preferably sprouted and organic). I want to eat healthy and feed my skin the right nutrients but in a way that is possible for a lifetime.... not something that is so strict that I can only do it for a month until I quit and binge on snickers Anyways, I've obviously re-thinking a lot in terms of my diet and how I plan to continue and I feel like I'm really figuring out the direction I need to go. I am going to start changing some things up and documenting the changes and progress in my skin (and how I feel as well). Hopefully I will be able to inspire others to get healthy and also improve the health of their skin. Hopefully soon I'll have a new video update but for now this is the most recent:
  18. ●●●●● Using Cream with HONEY & MILK on Pimples can cause TERRIBLE ITCHING!●●●●● ★★★CONSTANT ITCHING, which is caused by the application of some pimple creams, can lead to INSOMNIA, depression, desperation, insanity and even to SUICIDE!!★★★ Many creams, balms, soaps and lotions, which are used for treating pimples and boils, contain different combinations of honey, milk, butter, yogurt, sweet almond oil, carrot oil, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, papaya paste, brown sugar and other edible products. They can also contain very pleasant aromas and flavors. Besides attracting the bacteria and germs, these edible items in the pimple creams, balms, soaps and lotions also ATTRACT the MITES to the persons who use these medications. Many of the MITES are very TINY INSECTS that can be seen only with the help of a microscope. As they are present everywhere, the MITES can be found in and on human bodies, clothes, bedsheets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, carpets, furniture, walls, floors, doors, foods, pets, plants, soil, etc. To get the traces of edible particles left by the creams, balms, soaps and lotions on the faces and bodies of the users, the MITES can constantly CHEW their SKINS, which can cause the patients to suffer from UNBEARABLE and TERRIBLE ITCHING throughout the day and night. It is not easy to get rid of the MITES, as they are so tiny that they can even ENTER the PORES of the SKIN and MERCILESSLY CHEW it from WITHIN! The MERCILESS MITES can produce an irresistable and uncontrollable urge in their victim to scratch the continuously itching skin. Scratching of the skin around the pimples and boils, or squeezing them, due to the constant irritation of itching, can cause HORRIBLE SCARS on the FACE and body. The incessant irritation and extreme discomfort from itching can also produce other disastrous and tragic results. The continuous itching can lead to chronic sleeplessness, depression, desperation, insanity and suicidal tendencies in the patients of pimples and boils who regularly use creams, balms, soaps and lotions, which contain different combinations of honey, milk, butter, yogurt, sweet almond oil, carrot oil, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, papaya paste, brown sugar and other edible products. We should therefore use only the creams, balms, soaps and lotions that do NOT ATTRACT the MITES, as the medications should actually repel them. I feel that I have succeeded in identifying the pimple-curing formula, which can be used for drying and reducing the pimples and boils without producing any toxic side-effects. I cannot disclose the details about the formula at present due to some unavoidable reasons. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● The following article written by me was published about 11 years back. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● ★★★Use Perfumed SOAP with MILK CREAM for BEAUTIFUL SKIN and You can even Think of SUICIDE!★★★ Can the use of soap with milk cream lead to suicide? Can you believe that using perfumed soaps containing milk cream can even cause suicides? Most people, including many scientists and psychologists, would laugh boisterously at me if they hear that bathing with soap containing milk cream and perfume can lead anyone to suicide. It may seem a big yarn coming from me and many people are likely to make fun of me. But using perfumed soap with milk cream can actually lead some desperate persons to suicide! I am not bluffing and I still warn you not to use soap containing milk cream and some perfumes for bathing. MILK CREAM on your skin ATTRACTS MITES to your body, and your SKIN can get CHEWED MERCILESSLY all over the body by the MITES. If you use any soap with milk cream to bathe daily, you can get itching all the time to make you keep scratching your body. There will be continuous itching all over your body, including the face and scalp, during the day and night. You may become sleepless and terribly depressed and frustrated with life due to the persistent itching, and you may even develop suicidal tendencies. Becoming sleepless and depressed due to the skin itching all over the body all the time during the day and night, one can really become desperate enough to commit suicide. Also, how terribly embarrassing it can be for anyone to be scratching all over his or her body in front of other people? ★★Should one Die an Early Fragrant Death?★★ Should one be ready to die an early fragrant death just for chasing the mirage of getting a beautiful skin by using beauty soaps with milk cream? Only those men and women, who stay in highly sterilized mite-free homes, offices, cars, etc, like some rich people and celebrities, may be able to use perfumed soap with milk cream without getting constantly bitten by mites. You can STOP yourself from committing SUICIDE by AVOIDING the use of SOAP which contains MILK CREAM and some perfumes that attract mites.
  19. So I saw that almost everyone started to avoid junk food and sugar to stop breaking out. Ok !! It's a good thing and I'm glad that people are more conscious about nutrition and the results of our healthy are behind our food and nutrition. But I saw that the people are afraid to eat even HEALTHY FOOD. I saw topics that users don't know what to eat even more and they avoid even the vegetables and fruits. I saw comments which say that "sugar is my biggest weakness" or "I don't know what to eat because I'm afraid of trigger". Actually I'm glad that people are aware of acne and they got to this level. In my country, over 95% of people don't care what they eat and don’t care about the quality of food. Now let’s explain why junk food and sugar trigger out acne. Everyone know that junk food it’s not actually food, it’s a poison disguised in delicious food. Hormones, pesticides, injections, unhygienic methods … that’s how it’s treat junk food. But, there is one thing in addition except of that obvious unhealthy methods which affect our health: MACROS. Macros are: proteins, fats and carbohydrates which 1g protein has 4kcal, 1g fat has 9kcal and 1g carb has 4kcal. Okay, now “How it will help me with my acne??”. Well, it helps you a lot !! Let’s see why: the main role of insulin is to transport the nutrients in cells. With every kilocarie we eat, the more insulin will be pumped by pancreas. Low levels of insulin and temporary extra levels of insulin are totally fine. After we eat a meal, there will be a temporary extra level of insulin for 1-2 hours to happen what I said in the definition of insulin. It's totally normal and fine to happen that. BUT, there is one bigger "but". The problem isn't low levels of insulin or temporary extra levels of insulin, it's actually PERMANENT EXTRA LEVEL OF INSULIN. Why? Because like testosterone and DHT (DHT rise from testosterone), there is a hormon called IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) who rise from insulin and it's in directly connetion with our sebaceous glands and it is stimulating them. The more insulin = The more IGF-1 = The more activity of sebaceous glands = The more oily skin. Make sense right? Earlier I said that after we eat, we have an extra level of insulin to transport the nutrients to cells. So we can say that the more calories we eat, the more insulin we have. That's why not good to have an extra calories day and one of the reasons to avoid junk food. For example, take a shawarma. It has over +2000 calories. It's a lot. Those calories should be eatten in all day, not in one meal. But, there is one macro that extra increase the level of insulin: carbohydrates. One of the main role of the insulin in to transform the carbohydrates in glucose. It's a human process. Carbs are energy, but it's not just that simple, we eat carbs and we have energy. NO !! After we eat carbohydrates, our pancreas produces more insulin to transform the carbohydrates in glucose. Now, what will happen with extra glucose (extra carbs eatten in a day, means an extra calories) ? The excess of glucose will be transformed in glycogen and it will be stored in glycogen stores in our muscles. When this new glycogen arrives at the stores, it sends a signal to stores to open and gain the new glycogen. But what happen when the glycogen stores are full of glycogen and cannot accept anymore? Our body secrets more insulin (and more IGF-1) and this cycle continues until our glycogen stores become insulin resistant. They won't be anymore sensible at the insulin. When you are insulin resistant, there is extra level of insulin in your body, so there is extra level of IGF-1. How to solve this? Before I tell you, I must mention that you are prediabetic. That's a human diabetic. He doesn't have insulin and he needs to inject in his body to live. If you continue to eat carbs and to be in a extra calorie life, you will become diabetic !!! That means your pancreas won't work because it's so tired that he can't work anymore... To solve this problem, you must reduce the carbs you eat in a day and your calories (caloric deficit) !! Also, it's important to empty the stores of glygocen. You must also exercise to burn calories and to empty the glygocen stores. What you shall understand? Insulin it's not evil, it's critical for our life. You can't 100% exclude the carbs from your diet, it's imposible. You must maintain at 20-30g / day for excellent results. You will feel tired, you will have head pain, because you make a change in your life and in your diet. But it's temporary, not forever ! Also, reduce the fats and proteins per day. Remember, the less calories, the less insulin. You must be at a normal level of insulin. Listen to your body, don't eat to much, but not either to less ! Eat 1000-1500 calories per day and less carbs. The predomiant macronutrient should be protein. I forgot to say that sugar it's a carbohydrate. So that's why you should avoid it ! Of course there are are rich vegetables in carbs like potatoes and rich fruits in fructose like grapefruit. But the fructose is less productive in insulin, so you can eat it, but in less quantities. Remember, 20-30g carbs / day, not more to see excellent results. But there are more fruits and vegetables which aren't rich in carbs. You can eat more broccoli, avocado, spinach, everything which isn't rich in carbs and doesn't trigger out you.
  20. Hi guys, I had really terrible cystic acne almost two years ago now and since then it's cleared up with some red Post Acne Erythema marks on my cheeks which are really difficult to get rid of unless I pay some good $$$ for laser treatment but I'm a senior in college so that's obviously not happening any time soon. Anyways, when I do break out these days it's from hormones when I'm on or near my period OR when I eat sugar/fried foods. Sugar is my biggest weakness. I almost never eat candy but I get sugar from baked goods mostly and occasionally ice cream. How can I stop these strong sugar cravings? Sometimes I can't sleep because I'm thinking about sugar? Could this also be a health issue like is my body trying to tell me something? I rarely get cysts anymore but when I do it appears after a sugar binge and I get white heads after I eat greasy foods like chips. How the heck do you guys fight off cravings? Let me know! I feel like it'll really improve my skin if I stop eating sugar but I can't seem to stop. Thanks!
  21. Help!!! Acne

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    I ate a huge Millie's cookie on the weekend and when I mean huge I mean it was the size of a pizza with a lot of icing and chocolate chips and I've had the worst breakout ever, could eating the cookie be a result of this or was the breakout going to happen anyway? FYI. The breakout came about a day after eating most of the cookie and then as I continued to eat it day after day the breakout gradually got worse. Could it be diet? Thank you
  22. Do peaches cause acne?

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    Hey guys. I wonder if peaches cause acne, and what other things can cause acne? I'm already dairy-free, it helped SO much. But right now i have the fear that EVERYTHING i eat will cause acne. I'm severely underweight because of this and i hate the way i look. anyway, does peaches cause acne? Thanks.
  23. 100% clear skin at last!

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    I thought I'd share with you my success story, as battling acne over the past 15 years has been very challenging and emotionally draining! I changed a few things in my diet, can eat normally otherwise and have completely clear skin for the first time in as long as I can remember. Firstly, I have mild to moderate acne on my cheeks. I have always had around 3 large, red, active spots at any one time, up to 10 during a breakout and scarring that stays red for a long time. I only had clear skin whilst taking dianette, which made me feel depressed. I currently take the mild Mercilon, which has always helped my acne. I've had battles with food and acne for a decade and have struggled to work out any triggers. I would go on a strict, healthy diets and see no change in my acne (often it would get worse). Furthermore, when I got spots, they would stay red and angry for a long time, only healing after a week of BP. Every few weeks I would have a cystic breakout (which was new to this year). After the most recent, depressing one, I analysed how my diet had changed over the past year (to what I thought was healthier!) and decided that the best way forwards was to change a couple of things at a time and closely monitor impact. I finally hit bingo! The most significant and dramatic impact for me was swapping my morning black, filter coffee with one sugar for a green smoothie. Overnight, the spots I had started to go down suddenly and I got no new ones. Within a week, I had no spots, beautiful skin and could go out with no make-up feeling good (the first time in a year!). I had no idea before that caffeine amplifies blood insulin levels significantly for the rest of the day. During this time I also cut out all nightshades (I sometimes have a mild allergic reaction on my tongue to tomatoes, so I suspected they were causing inflammation). I ate tomatoes and peppers every single evening prior to this in curries and fajitas; jalapenos seemed to be the worst trigger. I also (incidentally, not on purpose!) stopped eating nut products, since I switched my morning oats with almond milk for a green smoothie. At times I had tried a vegan diet (I never gave up my morning filter coffee during this time though), and noticed that my new snack of almonds and walnuts during this time caused me to break out badly. Having tried snack pots of nuts at work a few times over the years for stints, there was definite cause and effect. My digestive system has since been amazing and I have otherwise been able to eat white pasta, bread, a couple of pizza slices and a little dairy, without breaking out. If I eat badly at lunch time and feel the start of inflammation on my cheeks by evening, having a greens-heavy smoothie with just a banana to sweeten it also seems to calm my skin overnight and prevent a breakout. In summary, these 4 things have made my skin completely clear: 1. Swapping filter coffee for a green smoothie (kale, spinach, apple, banana, ginger), then ACV (1tb 1-2 times a day) in water & green tea during the day 2. Cutting out nightshades (potentially... will add a few back in in the future and see if I break out, but too happy with clear skin atm!) 3. Cutting out nuts 4. Limiting sugar (not obsessively) (I take a good multivitamin too, but did before anyway, and have not been using ANY facial products other than Microfoliant once a day). I'm so happy that I've not had to stick to a strict diet otherwise! I also have 10 times as much energy as a I used to and no longer suffer from lethargy. I suspect the positive result is due to a much healthier digestive system overall. Could not be happier!
  24. Sugar overload=acne?

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    Maybe this is going to sound obvious but I've noticed a correlation between sugar and breaking out. Last week someone gave us a 1 lb bag of jelly beans and I've been eating handfuls and guess what...inflamed spots! If I eat gummis or sugary candy same thing. I know I shouldn't eat it but I just want to point it out in case anybody was having the same issue. For me avoiding dairy and sugar is important. I think I'm a sugar addict but I'm cutting down and am trying to drink green tea instead of juice and avoid candy and sweets. Anybody else have comments?
  25. Sugar cravings

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    How do you curb your sugar cravings? I get terrible cravings around my period, but otherwise I'm not a sweets person. The problem is sugar is my number one trigger for cysts, and those who get them know how long they last ;(. I know fruit is a better alternative, but if I eat too much fruit in a day, I STILL break out. Any tips?? Men feel free to answer too!!