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  1. By chance I happened to remember that I posted on this forum many years ago when I was 15 to seek information to improve my skin care as I had horrible acne. You can read through my post here:As it has been archived, I decided I would create a new post to tell you all what I would have done differently from what I did back then. Nothing too detailed, though. 1) I would have stopped popping my pimples. In my original post I wrote that I popped pimples - this is a bad idea looking back on it. I still have some scarring on my face (Red blemishes) and in certain lighting, you can see the scars.. although it doesn't look too bad, it was still avoidable. But I was young and going through highschool, so I hated the look it gave me, but I would go back and tell myself to suck it up as they are temporary. 2) I would have started using a moisturiser and cleanser straight away. I currently use a moisturiser and cleanser from 'Cetaphil' and I rarely get acne anymore on my face. It's been 2 years since I started using those products and they have been wonderful. I noticed when my face wasn't moisturised then it would become itchy and I would often touch it.. but now I don't! I would heavily avoid using things like goats milk which I did in my original post as it dried my face immensely. 3) Cut down on dairy. For whatever reason I still manage to get a pimple or two from heavy dairy consumption. 4) Sleeping on a fresh towel helps to stop the buildup of crud you sleep on every night. Would have done this straight away. 5) Stop being so concerned about what people think about me. At the time I really cared if I had good skin, but clearly the recovery was going to take a while. It challenged me emotionally everyday, but I wish I stepped back and said 'Screw it' and just embraced my skin rather than hate it (Whilst ofcourse getting the proper treatment). Now that I'm older, I feel like I could have enjoyed my adolescence much more without being concerned about the appearence of my skin. Oh FYI I still get pretty crappy back acne and so does my nephews - no idea what's the go with that.
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Anthony and I'm a filmmaker from the UK. I'm currently writing a short film based on a teenager that suffers from acne. My intention is to make a compelling film that shows the difficulties that people who suffer from acne have to endure, especially through school life. The inspiration to make this film comes from my Mum who was bullied at school because of her acne. As someone who also suffered from acne, I know how difficult it can be. My intention is to make a fictional film based on real stories and real experiences. Ultimately, my hope is that the film will help to educate people, deliver a message they can take away, and also inspire other people who may suffer from acne. If anyone would like to share their personal story/experiences with me, please can you message me via my profile or post below? It would be very much appreciated! I can then hopefully speak to you over the phone or email you about your experiences. Please be assured that I will treat everyone's stories and experiences with complete respect and confidentiality. Thanks for taking the time to read this post - and I hope to hear from as many people as possible Anthony
  3. My Accutane Story

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    So, I figured I would share my Accutane story in order to benefit anyone considering going through the process. I started getting acne about 4 years ago, and I figure it was from stress and school. Anyways, before I saw a dermatologist I used Proactive and it never worked. When I eventually did go to a dermatologist they first tried a few different morning and night time creams. I don’t necessarily remember the names of them, but long story short they never really worked. The cream would help to prevent acne, but I would still get it on my cheeks and chin. Once it finally got so bad, my dermatologist and I discussed Accutane. I was informed of all the effects Accutane can have on you and all that and I made the decision to begin my 5-month course. When I think about it, I really had no choice. My acne was really bad and Accutane was the solution. Now it could’ve been the fact that I was doing my capstone senior project during all of this, or my stressful semester, or the fact that I was trying to juggle so much in my spring semester. But while I was on Accutane I don’t think I really have ever felt so depressed. I actually hate talking about it and it’s kind of uncomfortable to even type it out for you but it was bad. I’m really not a typically sad guy. I get my work done, live my life and that’s it. I have nothing to be sad about, but I’m just saying that the drug turned me upside down. My friends and family noticed, even tried to talk me into stopping the drug. Obviously, I didn’t want that since I needed be able to look in the mirror and feel okay again. When I started Accutane I weighed 185 pounds. Two months later at my checkup for the dermo to check me out I weighed 167. I kind of quit eating all my meals during the day and I crawled into a shell. I’m not saying that everyone will end up this way since there’s so many success stories, but basically I just didn’t exactly feel the best on the drug. What I’m really trying to say is just to evaluate all your options with your dermo before you start jumping to Accutane-conclusions. Cause if I had any other option I probably still would have taken Accutane. Regardless of how you feel it works. I mean I’m fine now. I’m happy again, and it’s been 4 months since I finished my 5-month course. I have no zits. Haven’t had one since. Just wanted to share!
  4. Too young for acne?

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    I'm a young girl in the elementary still not even in the fifth grade! I have lots of breakouts on my fore head and a couple on my chin. I don't have any on my cheeks though. None of the other kids in my class have acne. Whenever people ask me "Hey whats that ugly red dot on your face"? I would get embarrassed and turn around put my head on the desk and cry in my head a little bit. I always wished I never had acne. My mom doesn't seem so concerned about it, but I do, i'm always trying to hide my face and just my whole entire body. Today, at school I had picture day and I was covering up my face and the teacher said don't hide such BEAUTIFUL face!!! Everyone was laughing at me ,even my friends. How do I get rid of it without breaking the bank. My mom and dad don't really have jobs,they have it hard putting food on the table.
  5. Golly, I would be lying if I said it was easy, but it was worth it. I had to really change my lifestyle, but it was for the better. Eating Habits COMPLETELY cut out soda and any sugary drink (occasional orange juice) COMPLETELY cut out dairy (almost, i love milk and cheese) lol COMPLETELY cut out frozen foods COMPLETELY cut out desserts Daily Routine Wash face with Clean and Clear 10% benzol peroxide wash (morning) Apply Neutrogena 2.5% benzol peroxide vanishing cream (morning) Apply Neutrogena Sport Face 70 spf sunscreen (morning) Wash face with Clean and Clear 10% benzol peroxide wash (bedtime) Apply Neutrogena 2.5% benzol peroxide vanishing cream (bedtime) Apply Differin Adpaline 0.1% gel (bedtime) My skin is VERY oily and this really dried it out so be cautious. I followed my routine and only missed maybe 3 or so days out of the year and I rarely broke my new eating plan. I know this is a short blog but I just wanted to make a quick post to inspire people not to give up. My acne was horrible, it ruined my self-esteem and confidence, it was a mental problem just as much as it was a physical. But after clearing it all up, it felt like my life was changed. If this blog gets attention I will most definitely post my full journey with pics and descriptions of what happened each month.
  6. Hard to imagine this was the end result. This is what dedication can bring!
  7. So this is my first entry, and I think I should start with who I am. Maybe this will help you relate and maybe stuff that helps me will help you! So I'm a 21 year old girl with not too severe acne but enough acne to lower my self-esteem. My journey so far: I had baby skin throughout puberty. Like. My skin was epic. Beautiful. Made from the gods. Okay, maybe not that good but you get the picture. And then it slowly said "F you UnspoiledDude, F you!" and changed into this mess of a skin. At about 18 years old I started to break out pretty bad and I didn't know what to do. So i tried self-made green tea cleanser and bought a completely new regimen based on natural cosmetics. And my skin just... It flipped out. Very badly. It got really dry and flaky and i broke out so much. I tried it for over two months so my skin could adjust to the new products. But it didn't! Who would've guessed that! Not me! So i tried a line called "Avène", it's from France. It should be this really good stuff made out of special magical water from France and they don't use any ingredients that could harm or irritate your skin. It helped a little but didn't actually do much for my skin. Eventually i just paid my doctor a visit and asked for any help. I didn't care what he would give me, I just wanted to have it. He gave me antibiotics called Tetralysal 300 mg and I had to take one pill a day for three months. They cleared up my skin pretty good and he told me that we're finished with the session. I stopped taking the pills but i went to the cosmetician once a month. My skin was okay until... October. I flew to Australia, which is a 24-hour flight and my skin didn't like that at all. Nope. Not at all. So i broke out a little bit. I tried to help my skin by using wipes with peeling effect and salicylic acid (can't remember the name, so sorry). They kinda worked but I made a huuuge mistake. I started to pick at my skin again - I used to do that very often when my acne was very bad. It's just something that I almost can't control. I sit at work, and start to think about something and my hand just... picks at everything. So back to the main story: I started to pick again and of course, my skin went crazy. I mean - hellooo?! What kind of a human being am I? I picked at my skin with my hands - full of bacteria. Of course my skin will get worse. So now my acne is almost as bad as it was in the beginning. Really tho? Really? I saw a dermatologist yesterday and HE PUT ME ON THE SAME TABLETS. What the. Okay, I could've said something, like "Why are you putting me on the same tablets? They didn't work that well last time, did they?". But I am too shy to say something. Life is eternal pain. Jokes aside guys. So what now? I don't want to take those tablets again. My stomach is really weak and antibiotics aren't helpful. So i ordered "Burgerstein Skin", it's supposed to help my skin renew itself and protect it from gross stuff from the air. Sounds nice, will try for two months, we will see. Maybe I'll take the antibiotics, maybe I won't. I'll try the Burgerstein Skin first, combined with: Drinking a lot of water Getting enough sleep Taking my hair out of my face when I go to sleep Not touching my face Eating as healthy as I can So let's start this journey again. At least I am hyped that I can write blog entries. Bye guys, UnspoiledDude
  8. Having acne and being on dianette

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    Hi! So although my skin has more or less settled now, with the exception of the odd spot, I wanted to share my experience of having acne as well as tracking my current experience of overcoming and accepting the scarring it left behind. Last summer, I moved out of my dads and moved counties to live with my mum. I won't sugarcoat it... it was pretty stressful!! and I'm convinced that this was what first brought on the beginning of the acne, as my most problematic area was my forehead-which is proven to be stress related. It began with manageable breakouts but gradually got worse and worse, and wouldn't clear up! so I.tried.everything... everything. I already had a very healthy diet and lifestyle in general, doing lots of running and exceeding my 5 a day. I went that extra mile, cutting out all the foods they say can provoke acne, potatoes, bread, milk etc. All products I used came from a natural skincare business with all naturally derived products, cleansers, face masks, toner, exfoliater (the lot!!) but nothing would help. My skincare routine was perfect, washing it twice a day, cleansing in the evening and exfoliating 2-3 times a week. I was due to start sixth form at this point, in a new county, with no friends and I was beginning to really worry about my skin and what other people would think. So I went to the doctors. .. big sigh....i made countless appointments, waiting weeks and weeks in between each one, just to be prescribed endless amounts of external creams that dried out my skin and made it worse, despite my complaints that they just werent working!!! Anyway, after weeks and weeks of worsening acne I was determined that I wanted to go on dianette.I started dianette and I was on it for six months, I had no severe side affects that I remember, other than feeling a bit nauseous on the first week and probably having some mood changes, although that's difficult to track when you're a teenage girl anyway! It cleared up my acne after about two months, including hard lumps I had under the skin that had been there for months and wouldn't surface. I was left with a lot of pitted and coloured scarring on my forehead, but now that it was less lumpy it was so much easier to cover with make up. Overall, I can say that dianette was a success story for me, it cleared up my skin and since coming off it, did not return to the state it was in before. HOWEVER, I am now into my 5th month since coming off of dianette, and I am having extreme hair shedding. I used to have very very thick hair, but it is slowly becoming very thin. Perpetual amounts of strands come out everytime I wash it, brush it, or simply when I'm not doing anything to it at all! I'm hoping this will subside but I will keep updating. Below are some pictures of my skin, although I don't seem to have any of it at it's worse because I think I was too upset to take any, and back then thinking about making a blog in the future hadn't sprung to mind. Most of the pictures are the start of the acne, and then the worst of the scarring and redness left behind when it first began to ease off. I felt so alone with my acne especially because it was such an uncommon place for people to have it, it wasn't like the more common cystic cheek acne. There were times when my whole forehead would be covered in big lumpy whiteheads and pimples. It was such an effort to wake up early every morning knowing that I was going have to spend so much time doing my make up, for my skin to still look dreadful anyway. People who haven't suffered with acne can never fully understand the feeling of looking at other peoples perfect skin and wondering why they don't have to go through it, why they can do stuff like go to bed with their make up on and still have the smoothest most flawless skin you've ever seen. No one tells you how painful it is to catch someone staring at your skin when you're talking to them or how difficult it is to hold a conversation when you're looking down at the ground in a desperate attempt for them not to see your face. No one prepares you for that overwhelming urge to burst into tears everytime you catch your reflection. No one tells you how ugly it makes you feel when you see your naked face in the bathroom mirror when you brush your teeth at night. But the most important thing is to know that you aren't alone. Whether there's not one clear patch of skin from your forehead to your chin, or whether you have a couple of spots on your nose, nobody can tell you that 'it's not that bad' it's bad to you, and that's enough. If it's bad enough to make you feel bad about yourself, it's bad. But it will get better, and you will be stronger and more aware as a result of it. I still get down about my scarring, still wear make up everywhere I go and still suffer with confidence problems but I'm in a much better place about it than I was. I hope something in what I've written can help somebody suffering from a similar situation. Happy to answer any questions!!:) (excuse the mellow dramatic faces, I wanted to be clear that i was not taking a selfie out of choice .... )
  9. I'm writing this post so that I can keep track of my progress and begin my attempt on the caveman regimen. I've never had acne my entire life. I'm 19 and I never struggled with acne ever, I would get compliments constantly on my effortless, flawless skin constantly. In February of this year I had my first ever break out and freaked the hell out, I didn't understand what was going on... When I look back now I actually only got my first ever pimple, it was so tiny and completely unnoticeable but it still greatly affected me. What's to come next was just silly on my part, I got one pimple which led me to and I was brainwashed into buying a ton of chemical exfoliants, cleansing products and different acne-fighting products. I look back at my skin now and realise I have caused such detriment to my skin. My skin was never oily and hardly ever had any blemishes EVER. Sure to a certain extent you can blame hormones because my first breakout was after I had a panic attack that was extremely severe on a train travelling back home. Straight after that breakout I was washing my face twice a day, trying cleansers, switching toners, sticking to products for 12-weeks, my skin became my life and I was completely obsessed by it. Today I sat down and got very emotional, I looked in the mirror and my skin is an absolute MESS. whiteheads, blackheads, dripping in oil. But what I forgot was, before my tiny breakout, my skin was virtually flawless. I never washed my face and picked a product up if it was near the shower while I was using it. I never thought twice about my skin and just let it do its own thing. What I've realised is I've been using so many products and obsessing so highly over my skin in the past few months that i've been causing the issues. I've been removing the protective layers and acid mantles of my skin, I went to a dermatologist and they actually SUGGESTED the caveman regimen. It's my family dermatologist and he just said, can you not remember before you started messing with your face that you never had issues with acne? It clicked. I am ruining my own skin, it's such an oily mess because the pH is so unbalanced and me stripping away my natural barriers are causing an over-production in the sebum which is resulting in my acne. Later today I'm going to do a follow up with pictures, I'm going to do the caveman regimen, live the way I use to without any stupid harsh products. I've seen the success storys, I was living it with-out even realising. I'm going to post pictures later today and give an update everyday until my skin has returned to its normal self. I created this topic so that I can finally see with my own eyes the problems I have caused my skin and that if I leave it alone, it will do everything it needs to do, NATURALLY. I'd like to hear other opinions on this topic, sorry if I seem very narcissistic, I'm just staying positive and staying hopeful that the only problem with my skin is me. Thanks for reading if you made it this far! Edit: For those who are unknown to the caveman regimen, it is ZERO washing. No products, for some not even water. Not even moisturizing, nothing, leaving your skin completly alone and letting it do it's own thing.
  10. Hi all, I registered here on to share with you my Acne story and to help others who suffering under this burden. Until the age of 20 I had the prettiest skin, flawless you can say I was full of confidence and dated the hottest guys in the clubs. But when I turned 20, Acne came over me, it was like a curse. I developed nasty cysts all over my face, they were very deep and created disgusting bumps on my face which were impossible to cover up with makeup, not to mention the redness around the cysts. Some of them were even painful I was living a normal/healthy lifestyle, I rarely had fast-food, didn't smoked at all and only drank some alcohol on the weekends when out with friends, but I was always drinking responsible, I got completely drunk maybe twice a year. My life got turned up side down, I lost all my confidence. When people were talking to me they weren't looking in my eyes, they were looking at my pimples/cysts. I saw there disgust in their eyes, rarely someone said something, but they were all disgusted by me, I could feel it and it caused me many mental issues like anxiety, depression and other thoughts I don't even want to mention... Being in university with all this students made it even worse. I became extremely introverted, stopped going out, stopped going to the gym and only attended classes which were mandatory to attend, so I was mostly studying at home. My family told me that it will just go away with time, but I knew that this was bullcrap and I didn't had time to wait. So like many other fellow acne sufferers, I tried many different Products, Programs and over the counter products, from chemical treatments with Benzoyl peroxide to Isotretinoin (Accutane) and even natural treatments like natural clay and expensive supplements. Of course I also wasted my hard earned money on dermatologists from one private clinic to the other one. Most of them prescribed me strong antibiotics which only helped temporarily and gave me bad side effects. At the age of 26 I married my partner who also had acne at that time I am 31 now and about 4 months ago, my partner and I traveled from Germany to the South of Spain for a 1 week getaway. We booked a room for 1 week through AirBnB, the owner of the house was Austrian, which was great because we are from Germany, his name was Thomas. On the second day he made us breakfast and told us his Acne Story, I was really surprised that he had Acne because his skin looked amazing! Long story short, Acne destroyed his confidence and ruined his acting career. Instead of giving up, he studied for years all the scientific research that has been conducted for acne vulgaris. He cured himself and became a "Guru" helping others to get rid of Acne for free! I was amazed by all the scientific papers he showed us, they were mostly from the NCBI. So we thought we give it a shot And it was the best decision I ever made! He conducted veeeery detailed questionnaires with both of us. Thomas told us it was necessary because the cause of acne is different in every person. His approach was mainly from the inside but also from the outside. Like I mentioned before, his program is very individual so I am not going much into detail, for example my partner received a completely different program, his acne is also different, mine is more like a cystic acne, he had papules. We both started his program while we were still staying at his house, but even when we left he was available to answer our questions. Thomas told us that results depend on how strict you stick to the program. After one month continuing the program at home, I saw major improvements and after about 2 and a half months I was completely Acne free, it is such an amazing feeling to wash your face with water in the morning and don´t feel any bumps Especially after suffering for 11 years.... My partner was also acne free after following his individual program for about 2 months. Yeah I forgot to mention that Thomas did this all for free and he wasn't selling us any product. He said we can share his contact details if we know someone suffering from Acne, his goal is to help others with acne, that's it. After my partner and me became acne free we send him a nice gift package to his address as a small thank you
  11. My story + Some questions

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    Disclaimer: This is probaly just a boring long post but I just wanted to share my story. Sorry for any English mistakes. Also, if this post is in the wrong forum/place then I am sorry, please move it to the correct one if possible. Hello, I rarely post here but I've been lurking for a while when searching for questions about my acne, I just want to share my own story of how my acne went from okay to the worst point of my life (today). I'm a currently a 16 year old boy and I know that is still pretty young but I still just wanted to share my story. I've been having acne since I was 12 years old, I still remember the day when it all began. Looking back at all these years I feel like it's my own fault that the acne has gotten so bad, up until recently I almost always popped anything on my face and I can't recall why I was so stupid to do that even after reading a lot about it, I don't do it anymore but I still have a lot of scars to remind me of my mistakes. It started out mildly and I didn't really mind having acne (almost everyone has it right?), I've probaly tried over 10 "Over-The-Counter" products and nothing worked so far. About 5 months ago my acne really started to accelerate and I started getting it on my cheek which was like the worst thing that could happen in my opinion so I went to see a doctor about my acne and I told him how many products and what I've been trying. He prescribed me something called Tetralysal 300mg (lymecycline) and told me to take 2 pills a day for 50 days. I'm currently at day 23 and so far I've seen no improvement on my face (I got a mix of cystic acne and a lot of scars), in fact it just seems like it's been getting worse since I visited him. He also prescribed something for me to take after the Tetralysal (apparently it would be too much to take both at the same time) which I sadly can't remember the name on, I only remember it was a "2-in-1" thing and one of the parts was a Vitamin-A preparation(not sure if that is the correct word) and that it would help about my scars (unsure) and that my skin could become dry when using it. I'm not depressed or anything but it's just kinda sad that my social life outside of my computer has been ruined because of something so stupid as acne and I just needed to share this story. My questions are: What could the "2-in-1" thing I tried to describe be and do you have any experience with it? What comes after my current treatment if it doesn't work? What's the next step? Any kind of reply makes me happy
  12. The Journey To Clear Skin

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    Sorry, this is going to be a bit lengthy... (I would post pics but at this time I just don't have the courage). I've had every type of acne you could think of since I was around 14-15 years old. I didn't think much of it at first, but it got worse, and got worse and worse. I finally had enough so I went to the dermatologist when I was 17, and within a few months I was on accutane. Having all this acne ruined me as a person. I use to talk to people and go out and have fun, but it changed completely. I didn't like to go anywhere anymore, or talk to anyone, because of my face. So the accutane did clear up my acne, but that's when it got worse. I was left with lots of hyperpigmentation which has faded over the last year, but I have these things on my face. My worst enemy... SCARS. It's not your mild acne scar, it's everywhere on my face. All down my cheeks, to my temples, and on my forehead. The only place that's clear on my face is my chin. It's bad... really bad. I could honestly be cast in a horror movie as a monster. Probably a werewolf. I'm now 19 and going to a local community college near my house. Everyday of my life I wake up and feel worthless because of knowing that all these people are going to see me and my face. I feel embarrassed, sad, and just down right depressed. If I'm not at school, I'm in my room reading or watching LOST or Game of Thrones. The scars have honestly changed the way I live my life. I haven't told anyone about this, not even my parents. There's days where I just look in the mirror and think about my friends and family and wonder why me? They all have these clear cheeks, flat and shiny, while I have these craters and divots all around my face. There is a lot more I could tell you but I'm afraid it would be as long as full length book. I know about all the scar treatments, and I've tried many at home ones, all of them. All the gels, lotions, oils, natural substances, derma rollers, PMD's, etc... and they have not done a thing. My next and final option is the dermatologist. I know about the lasers and fillers and surgery's. Even the face lifts, the chemical peels... everything. I just have one question. Will any of them actually improve the scars, and which one is the best to go with? Will the dermatologist even understand? Is there anyone else out there that feels the way I do, reading this right now? If so, hi. I just cannot take it anymore, waking up and feeling ugly and worthless. I am no one. I will try and do everything to get that clear skin. I don't care about the money, the risks, the pain. This is my journey to clear skin, it started when I was 15 and it continues... If I had only one wish...
  13. Week 13 - Month 3

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    So week 13, it's gone quick. Ill be finish in 2 months according to derm! Positive experience all round. Symptons havent been as extreme as i anticipated. Dry lips and a dry inner nose is the only issues for me. Dry inner nose is sore and constant vaseline poking up my nose! Seems to have calmed down though Lips are fairly constant. But my skin in flawless except from odd spots i mean 1 or 2. Still have lots of scars but no bumpy oily spotty skin. Skin isn't dry. Just not exactly oily. Its great. Don't want to go off accutane incase it comes back!! I drink on accutane aswell you aren't supposed to but haven't had any negativey on me. Good experience, skin has neve rbeen this clear!!
  14. First, I want to say that I hope nothing but the best for those going through the tough acne stage. I've been there before, and it's not easy for sure. For those of you who would like to add on or share anything, feel free to do so. I would gladly appreciate it. I want to share my personal experience to you all, hoping that it will be of some help. Here is my story. I am a 16 year old male and I had pretty severe acne as a kid growing up. At the moment I'm still going through puberty, and acne tends to be common around teen years. I have noticed a couple significant factors that greatly affected my skin over the long years of my acne stage. My acne flare ups started around the age of 12, so sometime during middle school. My type of lifestyle at this time was sedentary meaning lazy, unhealthy, with bad habits. I never went to the gym, and I was a huge couch potato. I ate junk food everyday and hated vegetables. So as a result, I had the worst skin possible, my forehead would hurt from all the cysts, the back of my neck had cysts and scars from picking at the zits, and my back just looked like fresh pepperoni pizza. My neck acne was so bad, everytime I would stretch my neck just to look at something to the side would hurt sooo badly. I grew hopeless due to the intense severity of my acne. I researched a lot online hoping to find natural remedies and solutions that would help fix my problem. I've tried honey for my back, benzoyl peroxide for the face and back, salicylic acid for the face and back, pads for the scars, pretty much most OTC products, but I had no luck with any of them. They dried up and aggravated my skin which caused even more breakouts. I remember that I cut out fish oil from my daily supplements, and that seemed to help a little, so for those who are taking omega 3 fish oil and have consistent acne, try eliminating that out of your system for a couple weeks and see what happens. I'm not promising fast results or clear skin, but I found it to be a cause in acne, from my experience. So fast forward 3 years later, I would be 15, I moved to another location where the weather was humid but had moisture, unlike the dry and harsh air from my previous home place. I took a visit to a dermatologist for the first time and he prescribed me some antibiotics called minocycline, and I took those everyday after breakfast to avoid the upset stomach side effect. This minocycline pill was a miracle, it worked and my face started clearing up and felt smoother over the course of time. Along with the antibiotics, I had to apply Tretinoin cream to the affected areas to help dry the pimples. This treatment process from week 1 to week 3 made my skin dry, that is the purpose of the medication, is to dry the pimple to eliminate the pus inside. I would apply moisturizer afterwards and it would alleviate the stiff feelings I would have on my neck. I thought this treatment helped me significantly but nothing is more important than a healthy diet when it comes to acne. Think about it. When you consume junk food, the bad toxins build up in your system and those toxins have to release out somewhere, either through your feces, urine, or the skin. This explains why I had so much acne as a kid, it was because I had so much junk in my body. So, I ate less junk, ate dairy once in a while but not much, exercised more often to maintain good health, etc. I also washed my face and skin once or twice a day in the shower; it mainly depends if I worked out in the gym. If you live in a dry area, don't wash often, you will dry out your skin causing more acne. What's good about the humid and moistured place that I lived in was that I had no worries about having too dry skin. So by practicing good habits like no picking at the pimples or skin, and going with a junk food free diet, my acne cleared up around 85% I would say overall in a period of a couple months. In recent day, my back acne is mainly covered with stubborn dark scars, my forehead is completely spotless, my cheeks and chin is 95% clear, and my neck acne is better looking than before but still a bit consistent with acne. Overtime I believe all this will eventually fade away, as I am still going through puberty. I'm still taking the same medications from before and instead of taking minocycline every day, I now take it every two days. I'm still using the tretinoin cream as well, but in small amounts so that I won't have super dry skin. So a brief summary of what helped treat my acne is: Good Diet, Exercise, Wash 2 times a day or less, moisturize when dry, moving to a moisturized environment (not saying that you should consider moving!), and finally, when in doubt see a dermatologist (trust me, you won't regret it!) . I'll also add that you should wash with Cetaphil (Facial Cleanser), and just lightly scrub your problem areas with clean fingers to avoid irritation. Cetaphil has always been soothing to the skin and has help calm my acne. I also recommend using Eucerin lotion for body acne and the Olay Face Moisturizer for face acne after washing, these are skin calming, non-comedogenic products that you would want specifically for acne. Also, drink more water. Not only does water help flush out the bad toxins in your body, it helps your skin rejuvenate. If you're getting really frustrated with acne, I totally understand where you're coming from. When I had bad acne, I kept thinking to myself, when is this ever going to end? How am I going to go out in public looking like complete crap? Well honestly, who's going to care about how you look like in the next 5 years? Also just think, there are people that have it worse than you and me both. I'd rather have acne than have cancer, a chronic illness, or a lifelong disability. At least if you have good health and the potential to treat acne, theres really nothing to be worried about! Remember, God has a plan for all of us, and he may not reveal it instantly, but soon things will be better! If you read the whole story, thank you for taking the time to do so. I hope i have helped out in any way, good luck guys, and have a great New Year!
  15. My Acne Story

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    So I've always had almost perfect clear skin as a kid and even as an early teen, even while always having oily skin. However, as I got older I started noticing small breakouts, but not many. They usually went away rather quicker and left little to no marks on my face. Around age 15-16 my face became REALLY oily and I started developing blackheads, but they were barely noticeable. However, recently, now aged 17, my acne has been getting really bad and bothersome. Sometimes it calms down, and sometimes it just flares up. I used aloe vera gel from the leaf ifor a month with some improvements. However, I started to develop a patch of small closed comodones on both cheeks that make my face look rough. I began to use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and this just dried out my face and made it flake, although I do admit I overused it by using 4-6 pumps every time I used it. I left the wash and began to use Clearasil, with a Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Toner, and then some oil free moisturizer. This regimen helped a little, but barely. I'm just lucky my skin flared up AFTER prom and graduation. I turned to a natural face cleanser, raw African Black Soap. This soap made my face tighten, which some moisturizer solved. I have been only using it for a week (as of August 24, 2015) and to be honest, it has made me breakout. Some people say there is a purging period but who knows. Before beginning the ABS, I had pimples that I hoped the soap would remove, but it didn't. Out of desperation, I popped them. They oozed so much gunk (sorry, TMI) but they left red and dark spots. The picture where my face doesn't look too bad is a picture before I started the ABS and before I popped them. The picture with all the pimples and redness is after I popped them. Seeing this picture made me cry a little - I had never seen my face so horrible ever. I will begin, starting tomorrow, using Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask with 3.5% Benzoyl Peroxide while also using the African Black soap. The ABS will be for the morning while the neutrogena cleanser will be for nighttime. I will be posting updates on how my skin will react. Hopefully I get good results since I start college in a few days.
  16. Dolla dolla bills y'all. Just hyperpigmentation now!
  17. My Depression; Struggling With Acne

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    (Bare in mind the photo above ^ is with makeup and good lighting. To see my skin without makeup go on my previous blog post) So how do I say this without sounding conceded, I am an average person I would say physically. I am not a "unattractive person" per say. However, facing moderate to mild acne for a couple years now has really affected my personal views on myself. From someone who was very comfortable in herself to some extent I went from trying being happy with myself to avoiding eye contact. I find myself now analysing other people's skin and maybe this is because I find comfort in seeing others flaws as I won't feel as alone in my own problem.. I also find myself in complete awe of people who have absolutely clear skin! And I can say I'm very jealous and sometimes bitter. Why was I cursed with such skin? My friends all have amazing skin and for that I am resentful. My acne is not to anyone's fault but this is a constant thought process I have with myself. I found myself very emotional and having constant breakdowns about my skin. I started cancelling plans very often and found myself at home more. I couldn't bare to go out with the way I looked. Even in school I remember once my skin was so bad ( well in my mind ), I went in half way through the day as I had to mentally prepare myself and calm down. I would cover my mirrors and avoid them at all costs or just constantly be in front of one counting or looking intensely at my spots. My life is not bad but facing a few tragedies did make me a bit more emotional and prone to these breakouts however I think this is how my depression began. My depression is not diagnosed by a doctor but in my opinion I think I do have it. I am a very specific person and very critical when it comes to myself and this has resulted in me being self destructive. Many people do not understand acne if they have not faced it. So I often found myself apologising if I didn't have make-up on or hiding my face with my hair. Sad that our society has put this pressure on us. Sad that I put this pressure on myself. My views on this are not filtered correctly. I believe truly if I have clear skin I will be happy. And it's true I am happy when I have good skin days and feel confident and my makeup applies well. This makes me happy. Confidence is key. But the emotional scars I left on my self will be around long after the physical scars of acne will. Well this is my current story there is no end to it. Just for other people although I cannot take this advice myself. LOVE YOURSELF XO
  18. Hey kids. So I just finished week 3/started week 4. And I'm still pretty pleased w the results of the regimen! As a reminder I'm using 1/3 fingers length of bp twice a day, with dans cleanser and Cerave moisturizer twice a day too. I also just started my 3rd month of the bc pill Trinessa... I try and wear as little makeup as possible. Some Clinique concealer under the eyes and on any zits usually makes me half presentable for a day at work. But I'd like to start trying maybe adding a primer and/or bb cream to even out my skin tone. Any suggestions? It looks like the brand smash box gets good reviews, but I'm just worried about backtracking on all the progress I've made. Most face makeup makes me break out so I usually avoid all powders and foundations. But any recommendations from a similarly plagued individual would be delightful. As for the state of my breakouts, I'm obvi breaking out less. Not 100% but definitely a solid 80%... And the pimples I am getting are smaller and heal quickly. I totally think the whole "gentle" factoid from Dan is spot on. I notice much less redness and oiliness overall, and although I am a bit dry, I'd take that over shine any day. I think it's because I'm not scrubbing or rubbing my face really hard anymore either. The lather from the cleanser does such a great job that when I rinse it off any trace of makeup or flakes is completely gone! Well anyway guys this has been a long one so I'll spare you any more frivolous banter! Cya in a week, dudes. Peace
  19. Me in all my make up free before bed glory. #wokeuplikedis
  20. Hey everyone, recently started searching all about acne since I've had a very bad breakout about 3 months ago so I thought I'd share my story. First off I'm 19 years old and male, have oily skin and huge pores which I inherited from my mom. All throughout high school from grades 8-12 I thought my acne was really bad with around 4-5 zits around my forehead and my temples. In reality it was just me freaking out because everyone around me had perfect skin. I did use benzol peroxide 0.05% or 5% i forgot which, but it did help control my zits. After highschool I went to post seconday, where I had more time on my hands so i started working out more. I guess thats when puberty hit because i started breaking out more around my chin and jaw which is related to hormonal acne. The benzol peroxide effects slowly started not working so it got worse and worse. Here i am in my second year being through popping my zits and pimples and scarring my face mainly my temples, forehead and neck. Also a tip for everyone if you dont already know.. DONT PICK AT YOUR FACE. There was this music festival which i went to which changed the game for me. It was an indoor event which was really stuffy and sweaty. During the event i was touching my face alot which got it really infected and my whole forehead had inflamed red pimples. It started becoming a more serious problem as i was getting really insecure and depressed about it to the point where i woukd always wear my hood to cover my face, skipping school and even calling in sick for work on some days and not going out in public to hangout with friends. (Ps. Ive been told I am a very good looking male with a nice physique). So i went to see my family doctor who prescribed me minocycline 50mg for 30 days. Yep.. it just made it worse.. 2 weeks in i had at least 9 whiteheads on my forehead which looked horrible and maybe 10 more in other parts of my face. They did however dry out face and were easy to pop. BIG MISTAKE now my whole forehead and temples are scarred from it. I went to see an actual dermatologist because i felt like my family doctor didnt know shit about skin. My dermatologist prescribed accutane yesterday and i started taking my first pill of 40mg accutane and i had the hugest headache and felt like my brain was being squeezed hard. Maybe its because i didnt cycle off my minocycline yet but i stopped taking it since. I hope my acne doesnt get even worse before it gets better as ive heard online. Sidenote: I workout 6 days a week. For supplements i take protein, creatine , and BCAAs. I stopped taking protein because i thought that broke me out but no difference after 2 months. Although i stopped taking my omega 3 fish oils and noticed my skin is WAY less oily so maybe sometimes diet does affect your skin. Anyone else have a similar experience where it went downhill?Any advice or success story? id love to hear about it since now all i do i search up stuff about acne -.-. Hoping accutane works fast and clears my face. Thanks for listening, James.
  21. My Acne Story

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    Hello there! I thought I'd start off my blog with an introduction into how I (unfortunately) got acne, and my experience thus far, with it. I'm 1/4 Polish, and my mother and everyone I ever knew used to tell me how lucky I was to have inherited my father's clear, poreless Slavic skin. At 14, I thought nothing of these comments, 'clear skin's no big deal' I would say, but I think I speak for all of us when I say how wrong I was. I first starting showing signs of spots at around 15, which is fairly normal, I was a young girl experiencing adolescence. A few spots were to be expected, right? However, at that time I had become extremely stressed with school, friends, family, (boys too) and I didn't have any methods to relieve my stress, so two cystic spots appeared on my cheeks. Now if that happened to me now, I'd put some Benzoyl Peroxide on them for a few nights in a row, and hopefully they'd be gone, or at least reduced. However, at that time, I had no idea how to treat spots, so I just left them. It's worth noting that at this time in my life, I was starting to go out to parties with my friends, and we'd try some (revolting) alcohol on occasion. I personally believe that this terrible trio; Hormones, Stress and Alcohol was what initially started the acne, and I often find myself wanting to tell my 15 year old self to grab some BP, ditch the vodka and not stress over that one guy because he's really not worth it! Sadly, life doesn't work that way, and although I've never been glad to have acne, I do try to look at positives in every situation, and acne has seriously opened up my eyes to how judgmental people can be just by appearance (I'll talk more about that later). So gradually, my skin started to worsen, the target areas for my acne (mostly cystic, a lot of whiteheads, once one spot had been taken care of, another one would pop up!) were both cheeks, one slightly worse than the other, and my chin (especially around that golden time of the month for us lucky ladies, yaaay!). I think those first two years of having acne were the worst, I tried TONS of topical treatments, mostly ones that aggravated my acne rather than soothed it. My GP put me on Erythromycin, which I believe helped decrease the severity of my acne, but only slightly, and I admittedly grew lazy with the routine and stopped using the drug. I then tried to change my diet, tried to flush all the toxins out of my body, drank only superfood smoothies for 2 days (never had something so disgusting in my life), and needless to say, it didn't work. I also tried to use 'all natural' skincare products, and similar to changing my diet, there were very few positives to come out of that experience. I did however, manage to find a few diamonds whilst searching through the coal. I cut out mostly all dairy products from my life (Yet I still treat myself to some ice cream or a nibble of cheese once in a while), and I saw a noticeable difference, I believe being lactose free is what brought down the severity of my acne, and I feel better in myself aswell, as sometimes dairy can make you feel heavy, sluggish and bloated. For those of you that can't live without a bowl of cereal in the morning, Almond Milk is a great alternative. You can use Soya or whatever you feel comfortable with, but it's all about trial and error, and I found Almond works the best for me. As for my natural skincare phase, I discovered the benefits of Rose Hip and Jojoba Oil, as I had, and still have red marks/scars from previous spots (Yes, I'm guilty, I picked at a few, but who hasn't?), and whilst Jojoba Oil is very good at hydrating the skin, Rose Hip is great at fading that horrible red scarring that acne so kindly leaves behind as a present. I'm 19 now, and I've nearly finished my 2nd week of The Regimen (I'll talk about that in my other blog posts). My acne has cleared up a lot in comparison to when I was 15, however it's nowhere near clear. You know, the clear that we all desperately want, and I honestly hope that we all find someday. I understand how tough it can be, there were days I just didn't want to get out of bed, purely because I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror to see the new spots that had formed overnight. Ooh speaking of night, I will say this, every time I had a good nights sleep and got in bed by 10PM, my skin would look 10x better than if I'd stayed up just a few hours longer, so if you can, do try the 'Baby Method' and get to sleep before 10, as I'm sure you all have heard before, it allows your skin cells more time to repair and rejuvenate etc etc (However it's 5:43 AM whilst I'm writing this right now, so I think Hypocrite of the Year award goes to..). But seriously, I know how shit acne is, we all do, and I'm so sorry if any of you have been judged or mistreated because of this condition. I still find it hard to talk about with people I know, I don't really like addressing the issue because in all fairness, I don't like addressing that I have it in the first place. That might sound totally mad to some of you, but I think we can all agree it's something we'd rather not have. And let's not even get started on the 'Try washing your face' jokes (Quite ironic in all honesty considering we probably wash our faces more than those without acne). If you've got to the end of this, then well done, and thankyou for reading. I hope you know that you are loved and no matter how you may feel or what other people say, you are very beautiful inside and out, and I hope you never forget it. On the upside, if there is one, at least we know what a skincare routine is, unlike the 14 year old me's of the world! Stay strong m'lovelies, and let's beat it together
  22. Day 4

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    Hello People of the World!, I’m back, sorry about the delay. So today is day 4 for the Epiduo, and I am starting to notice some changes. My T-Zone started breaking out and my right cheek is breaking out with large zits. Also where my glasses rub on the bridge of my nose, I had one or two zits that were still under the skin, now I have three HUGE!!! Ones (I think they may be cysts, oh how I hate them!) my skin is also a little flaky, as if the dead skin the Epiduo is ridding of is piling on top of each other instead of falling off. I’m not really concerned right now, because I had read about this happening, the Epiduo as a tendency to cause skin to be bad before it gets better, so as long as it starts getting better in the next 3 weeks and 3 days, I’m okay with that. And with the flakiness, also expected, since the Epiduo is very drying and probably causing skin to regenerate faster than it is falling off, I’m just going to have to exfoliate more often than normal. (Does anyone else think that exfoliate is spelled weird? It just bothers me because I don’t hear the ‘f’ in it!!! >.<) Many people also talked about how their skin got really, really, dry the first month, but mine has yet to get noticeably dry at the point they were talking about. But that could be because I’m starting out with every other day for the first week or two. So that’s really all I can say about the Epiduo, and right now can only hope for the best :/ . Sorry, still don’t know where the camera is to show how my skin is changing… will find it soon! Promise People of the world! -Byebye for now, Summer Star P.S. Would anyone get really annoyed if I went on a guy rant ever? Because right now I am holding back so~ much. So this is your warning about it right now, and if people start commenting about them not liking the boy freak mood, I won’t do it again. ‘I got a hug today!!!! So~~~~~~~~~ happy! All I had to do was put my arms out and he gave me a hug! WAY different than how it was before, right before winter break when I had asked him and he just stared at the ground until I said goodbye. AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< ^.^ he’s just such a cutey face!’ Okay I got that out of my system for now. Thank you all for reading that if you did, I just needed to express myself for a second. Officially byebye for today.
  23. My Story So Far

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    I probably won't post in this blog very much, but I wanted to share my journey with everyone and have my whole story in one place so people know where i'm coming from. My battle with acne started years ago, probably when I was 11 or 12. I hit puberty early (I was 9) so I got to go through the awkward phase even sooner than most. Yay! I started out with the typical solutions to acne- when you're 11, mom says 'Just wash your face and you'll grow out of it soon enough'. When it became apparent I wasn't growing out of it, I moved on to an acne cleanser/acne moisturizer, and when that didn't work I started Proactiv. I was about 14, and even though it worked for maybe 5 months to somewhat clear my skin (I'd still have one or two zits, but not 10) it really screwed me up in the long run. It was over-drying and I would scrub so hard that I eventually caused a lot of scarring that has still not gone away. When it eventually stopped working and I stopped using it, the breakouts were so bad that I ended up with even worse scarring and hyper-pigmentation. Then the battle with bad concealers and an endless cycle of makeup that ends up causing new acne began. For the last 3 years i've been more careful about gentle, non-comedogenic products and been on a constant wash/ BP/ moisturize regime. However, nothing has really improved in that time so in the last 6 months I've gotten serious about my skin. I did a lot of research, bought the right products, and made an effort to stop popping and picking, which has always been a problem for me. I've been using this new regime in its entirety for only one month, but i've been introducing it part by part for a while now. In the past month my skin has improved drastically, but I know it could be a little early to see results. The major change in the past month it that I began Alesse birth control, so if it continues to work i'll let everyone know- I know its very androgenic but its a nice low dose option for me and its been great so far. My acne has gone from mild/moderate to very mild- I went from 6-7 inflamed lesions and perhaps 10 whiteheads at a time to a few whiteheads and between 0-1 inflamed pustules at a time. My skin feels smoother and looks so much more even in texture. It's less oily as well (although i've always been combination leaning towards dry, so thats not necessarily something I needed). Without further ado, my current regime! ORAL: 2 tbsp flaxseed, 1-2 tsp flaxseed oil 1 mulitvitamin (Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, D6, B12 and D, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Chromium, Biotin) 50mg extra Zinc Alesse birth control, taken as directed at the same time each night. Morning routine: 1. Wash face with african black soap 2. Tone with 2 drops lemongrass essential oil diluted onto a wet cotton ball 3. Spot treat with Spectro's BP for sensitive skin (2.5%) 4. Moisturize with BB Cream+ 3 drops jojoba oil Morning Makeup Routine: 1. Prime and moisturize with Vichy's Pro-Even BB Cream + 3 drops jojoba oil 2. Apply 2 Parts BB Cream with 1 Part Make Up Forever Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer with a brush to hyper-pigmentation 3. Use pure concealer sparingly on spots that are still dark 4. Clarins Instant Light Blush for days I need longer wear (its a liquid so it goes on before my powder) 5. Finish with EITHER Korres Oil-Free Multivitamin Powder Compact (for a very light powder finish) or Purminerals Original powder compact (if I still need a bit of coverage) 6. Bareminerals loose powder blush for added flush if I need it 7. Everything else- eyes, lips, brows, whatever i'm in the mood for Nighttime Routine: 1. Remove eye makeup with jojoba oil 2. Wash face with african black soap 3. Treat all over with Spectro's BP for sensitive skin (2.5%), let dry 4. Treat hyper-pigmentation and budding acne with AHA 10% Glycolic Acid 5. Moisturize with Garnier Moisture Resuce Refreshing Gel Cream + as much Jojoba as I need 6. Moisturize the eye area with pure jojoba 5. Use store-brand topical antibiotic cream with 3 antibiotics on any scabs or popped acne
  24. Dealing with the emotional side effects of having bad skin This time last year I couldn't look my Dad in the eye, my skin was the worst it had ever been and my confidence rapidly shattered. I couldn't bare the pain of waking up each and every morning, walking into the bathroom, not turning the light on, looking into the mirror and having to look at my acne-ridden skin. Some days were better than others, some days there would be no new heads and like most days I would see a cluster of new pustules. For months I had hope that this new cream or tablet that the doctor had given me would make me back to "normal", that's all I wanted; to fit in. With acne, you wear the condition on your face, the first thing that people see is your face. What do people see? They see clusters, lumps, bumps, cysts, pigmentation, scars, redness, they see an unhappy face and a young boy looking down with no backbone to face the world. What do they think? Oh he's just a teenager with acne, believe me it's worse than that. As human beings we thrive to connect with people, to be accepted and be part of a group. Having acne makes you feel excluded. The amount of parties, sleepovers, walks with my family, days out, chances to meet new people and photos that I missed out on in the time I had acne was dreadful. I remember looking around constantly scanning people's skin with my eyes to see if they had a single blemish, that way I could somehow connect with them; I then wouldn't feel left alone. Small story Many people don't understand what it's truly like to have a bad skin condition, it changed my life. People would comment "Have you ran out of cream" or "Your skin looks bad"- that was the worse thing I ever heard. I remember the day I came back from Christmas break of 2012, my skin developed a much adverse type of acne; Severe cystic acne, covering almost 95% of my face. Starting at my chin, either side clustered with sizeable lumps, then receding across both cheeks, progressing up my temples and then to the forehead (Which was like a mountain). It was painful, not only emotionally but physically and I couldn't bare to squeeze them...who doesn't? So I was sat there in my room, on my bed, legs crossed. It was the day before school, looking at my self in the mirror and dreading going into school. I felt incurable, a failure and unwanted. In a desperate reach for hope, I grabbed my over-sized tube of benzyl peroxide(BP) 10% (Any acne sufferer will have encountered BP before), exhausting the bottle of its contents. I felt like a drug addict, it had to work. It was like starting all of your revision the night before an exam; it never really works that well. I applied the cream to my face, I spent over 10 minutes massaging the thick, unpleasant paste into my skin. Slowly the BP began to dry, it was a mask and I hated the agonising pain; it made me feel stuck, it became tighter and tighter. At this point I couldn't break a smile, I couldn't even move my eyes without the mask feeling discomforting. I slowly fell asleep, not knowing what to expect. *Buzz buzz buzz* my alarm was screaming at me to wake up, I switched it off. I didn't feel tired, my skin was moistureless. I felt my skin, still I could feel the lumps...everywhere. There was no hope. I entered the bathroom, looked into the mirror; I felt like breaking down, my skin had erupted. White heads and red lumps masked my face. Running parallel to my nose was a colony of spots, they aligned perfectly with the shape of my nose, it was awful. I squeezed my nostril and out like cheese the puss oozed from my skin. Then I had to do the same with my chin, cheeks, sideburns, temples, forehead, it was a strenuous task to do every day and night. I then cleaned my skin and applied a moisturiser, at that point I stopped wearing BP to school as it was too uncomfortable and made me look unreal. I clothed my self, styled my hair and headed down stairs for breakfast. I made my eggs and dipping toast(My favorite) then sat with my head down. My step Dad said to me "What are you doing today?" (He does every morning) and I would sit staring at my egg, avoiding any possible eye contact and reply with "I don't know". All I wanted was for someone to not make a comment about my skin, so I made minimal conversation and eye contact. I continued with my eggs, sat there at the table scared and felt like crying. My mum spoke to me, I responded with minimality. She knew there was something wrong. I had that feeling that you get before crying, then I felt the cold tears began, my face shrivelled, my hand met my forehead. I had been so strong for so long, I kept it inside "I can't do this anymore"I said. My mum hugged me and we moved to the living room to sit on the more comfier sofa. "I can't do it anymore mum, I can't put up with it" I cried for a long time, it was the first time since my uncle Phill had died that I had cried. It felt good to cry, it released my true feelings and was an opener to my mum. She gave me some advice and I pushed on, she gave me a lift to school. "Have you lost your spot cream Will?", "Your skin looks bad", "You had it bad a year ago, it got better and now it's really bad, what happend?". The repeated comments really got to me, I am a sensitive person as such. I did what most people would do as a first reaction; hide. I wouldn't walk in the corridors, too many people, I would spend most of my lunch walking about on my own and pretending I had something to hand in or had to see someone. I had changed completely, before i'd spend my lunch time chatting to my friends, making jokes, feeling a sense of happiness and a sense of part. The people around me changed; there was a prejudice towards me, I was an outsider to the world. Anyway, comment if you think I should continue this story, as it's pointless writing anymore if people don't like this set up in my blog; some people prefer simple structure, but I felt that I had to express my emotions and hopefully this bit of text put your through my feelings. Please comment what you would like me to write about next. Thank you, William.
  25. Okay guys, so this is a post thats VERY hard to share but im hoping that if i can give at least one person hope ill be succeeding with what i initially wanted to do with this post. So if you guys have been following my posts ive talked about having very bad nodular cystic acne and up until now i was so afraid to post any photos just because looking at them hurts me, the pictures show a different person than who i am. And i know thats weird to say considering its been a month and a half but that guy in that photo has no self confidence, didnt want to go out in public, cried a lot because of his skin condition and just felt like nothing was going right for him. The same guy posting this blog however is a confident happy proud guy who cant wait to go to the mall and hang out with his friends. ive noticed a HUGE change in myself since my skin cleared up. right before i started RAM i was depressed and i tried to hide it when i was around my friends and act like there was nothing which worked but that didnt make me feel better. i tried avoiding my problem rather than tackling it head on. My depression caused bad diet bad skin care routine etc... while on RAM i realised something which i probably mentioned in all of my previous blogs. if you want to get rid of your acne you have to change your lifestyle completely. but enough of me talking on and on lol so for the update. my skin still looks great, acne marks are fading, skins smoothing, not as much flaking. still burning but its not as bad as before! my confidence is just rising and i feel great. my health is good, ive been eating right, drinking plenty of water and tea had a can of pop this month but i felt like treating myself for my birthday haha. so the before photos are very personal and quite embarrassing so please dont write any rude comments im trying to show my progress and that better skin is possible with a few changes . leave some questions and comments please and thanks to everyone whose been reading my blog :$ you guys are awesome! hope i can touch one person! and if i do leave a comment or a message in my inbox <3