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  1. HELP!

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    Can someone please tell me if my skin is irritated from acne or is it rosacea? My problem areas were mainly my forehead and I’ve never dealt with problematic skin in my cheeks before so please help out.
  2. Hello, I don't think this is specifically acne-related (though I did accutane a year ago and continue to suffer with 'acne' - not as bad, but still persistent), but several days ago now I woke up with a rash all over my body. The rash is on my thighs, arms, legs, hands and torso. There is no itching at all (which is weird?), but my hands do feel like they are burning somewhat. To me, the hands look a bit like eczema, but I find it odd that it appeared overnight with a rash. I don't think it can be that? This is really affecting me. Constantly suffering with image issues, this it the last thing I want. I am worried it will be permanent, as five days have passed now. What do you think this could be?
  3. I’ve been suffering from acne since I was 13 and I am 16 now turning 17 soon and the acne has only just gotten worse. There was a period in time where my skin started to clear up when I applied Tea Tree Oil to it every night but it dried my skin out so I stopped using it and my acne just came back way worse as soon as I stopped, so I tried to go back to it but now my skin just rejects it and nothing has changed. Ive heard the amazing reviews on the Indian healing clay mask so I got some and have been using it for the past two weeks, mixed with applie cider vinegar and tea tree oil, I’ve been using it every night and applying moisturiser after. But feel as if my skin is just getting worse and worse and worse, I just don’t know what to do and I can’t go to the doctors about it as my Mum won’t take me because she thinks it’s silly.
  4. I have had acne for about 15 years. I have tried it all but it has never really cleared it all until now. My face is clear after 1 week of drinking 1 glass of water with 5 drops of oregano oil in it per day. Also before bed I rubbed 1 tsp of oil mix on my skin (the oil mix was: 5 drops of oregano oil and about 5-8 tbs argan oil). Argan oil does not clog pores as easy as some other oils and oregano oil kills bacteria, parasites and fungus. Be aware to NEVER put pure oregano oil on the skin since it is strong and can burn the skin! Therefore if the oil mix still stings or burns on the skin it needs more argan oil. Since I do believe we all have different sensitivity. Also do not take oregano oil internally for more than 7-10 days since it also can kill off good bacteria. Instead, take a break from it and return after a couple of weeks if needed. Also it might be good to take probiotics while taking it internally.. I did Cutting out sugar from your diet, getting some sunlight and eating lots of veggies is good for the skin too. Best of luck!
  5. Most approaches to acne aim to treat the symptoms rather than address the fundamental root cause of the problem. Stinging nettle tea is a solution which is preventative in nature. Brewed from the leaves of the stinging nettle – urtica dioica in Latin – stinging nettles produce a mild irritant poison, which when treated correctly, can be extremely effective in the treatment of a range of conditions, not least of which is acne. Occurring naturally in the northern hemisphere amongst temperate climates, the stinging nettle is typically considered a weed by those who are not aware of the myriad of uses it can be put to for general health improvement. With a little knowledge though, you can turn this pest into one of your favourite weapons in the fight against acne. Make Your Own Nettle Tea Remove the Toxins in Your Blood Stinging nettle tea works to cleanse your skin by addressing the problems that may be occurring in your blood. The chemicals in stinging nettle tea work to remove excessive toxins in your blood stream, allowing your skin to more effectively cleanse itself, thus preventing acne in the early stages. Although stinging nettle tea is less effective after the fact – that is, it works best as a prevention, rather than a cure – it is still effective as part of a combined treatment regimen. If you already treat your acne with a carefully prepared diet, then stinging nettle tea will be a natural and easy step for you. Of course, the benefit of using stinging nettle tea to treat acne can spill over into other areas of your health. Many users report an increased sense of wellbeing as a result of incorporating stinging nettle tea into their diet. Cheapest Acne Solution Ever? Depending on where you live in the world, you can make your own stinging nettle tea. This makes stinging nettle tea one of the most cost-effective treatments for acne ever! If you don’t have access to stinging nettles though, not to worry. There are several stores that sell stinging nettle tea pre-prepared so all you have to do is brew it. See you local natural health food store or chemist. If you’re interested in preparing your own stinging nettle tea, I’ve prepared a guide. For information on how stinging nettle tea can help treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, anemia, hay fever, kidney problems, as an enhancement to prostate health, or as a tool to help with weight loss. About author: Sen Perfect is a PhD writer from best custom essay writing service, psychologist with over 8 years experience, I answer psychology-related questions about diagnoses, ADD/ADHD, Social Security Disability, Emotional Support Animals, & learning disabilities.
  6. Making this post just because I was thinking about how much this account helped me when I was struggling so bad. I now get a pimple once in a while, I get less anxiety about them and don't freak out about pimples like I used to. I could not thank accutane or this blog enough for getting me through a tough time. I also and still using the moisturizer and I love it. I won't put anything else on my skin.Heres some updated pictures.
  7. Hey guys, I’d really appreciate your help on this since I’ve tried everything I could. For the past 2 years I’ve been getting tons of little white heads pretty much all over my skin, but mainly around mouth and on the forehead. They are very small and pop very easily. My skin always burns during this time and is very sensitive. I get them for 2 weeks every month (in various cycles) and then they disappear and my skin goes back to a normal state. They don’t look bad on the pictures but without makeup (sorry, I’m not confident enough to share those pictures) my skin is super red and irritated. I’ve been to 5 different dermatologists about this but none of them helped. One of them suggested going on antibiotics but I am quite scared as people often say their acne came back even worse. My blood results are fine, I’ve been avoiding dairy but I don’t find that food affects it in any form. I would really appreciate any suggestion. Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone I am trying to clear my skin which definitely is a struggle. I am not sure if i have scarring or cystic acne where that bump is. But my cheeks are definitely puffy and its driving me crazy. Its red and i have large pores. I live in canada and do not want to order products online so shoppers,sephora, walmart etc is my preference! I know you wash your face with salyclic acid then do spot treatment, then moisterize with spf during the day. Im curious if i should get a face mask or if its only redness and not cystic acne.
  9. Mario Badescu?

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    Has anyone tried any of his products? I am interested in his rose water spray but wanted to know if it was comedogenic? Is it good for sensitive skin? Thanks x
  10. Hey guys so i've been using the regimen now for 10 months and my skin definitely has gotten better acne wise even thought i still do get some pimples that scar sometimes but its better than it was at the beginning. My issue is my skin texture, its still dry peeling and flaky just like the first few months of using this treatment. I've tried to lower bp, use jojoba oil to get rid of peeling skin, I've used so much moisturizer, i started using cerave moisturizer as well as the one and jojoba oil together because my skin was so bad, i use aha+ regularly. but i don't think it helps because its not really dong much. Should i start just using bp at night? HELPPPP
  11. I don't have the money or time to go to a dermatologist in person (at least not right now). About two months ago, I had a horrible break out on my left cheek and the acne was spreading to other areas of my left cheek and I felt a tingling sensation. I got a prescription from an online dermatologist for Aczone, Tazorac, and Doxy and I have been using it for about a month and now there are no more bumps on my skin, I just have uneven area of pigmentation/dead skin cells on my left cheek that don't seem to be going away. Even though acne is completely gone in that area, I can still feel my left cheek tingling (which makes me think there is still something on my skin). I went to an esthetician and she said that the area literally looks like scratches. I thought the prescriptions would take care of the problems on my left cheek quickly. Does anyone know what I might have or may be going on with my skin?
  12. MUST GIVE THIS A TRY^^^^^^ hello I'll try to make this short and sweet but basically I have been struging with acne (mostly hormonal but occasionally caused by other things) for many many years. Some years it as not as bad as the others but you understand. If you have been struggling please read! ive tied everything from proactive, clean and clear, neutrogena, clinique, pretty much all of those popular drugstore brands. Every single one promise results but at the most I just maintained my acne- never solved it. I eventually went on doxycycline and that seems to clear most of it but when I got off of it the breakouts starting up again and they were worsened by stress and other info like makeup. I tried birth control because everyone said it helped : made it worse and made me very insecure and sad. I got off birth control because it wasn't for me and continued to try new brands from ulta. I began sing a derm that recommended me to use clean and clears blackhead eraser scrub, ry night saying "i need to scrub"..? She seemed smart but she didn't really take too much time to help me out with my skin and tried to prescribe me a million pills instead just fixing my skin on the outside. I started working at a place that includes skincare in their service and I began seeing a Estitician there became friends. She commended some of the products we sold there were on the pricey side to very good quality. SPEND MORE MONEY!!!!! CHEAP PRODUCTS WILL NOT FIX YOUR PROBLEM!! I'm telling you this from experience. Spend the money. Will help in the long run. Don't feel pressured to take all these antibiotics to fix your skin, buy GOOD QUALITY .
  13. Hey everyone. I have had white spots on my face for about 5 years now, I think. When they first started I didn't think much of it, I think they were mainly on my chin, then some on the right side of my nose. The ones on my chin are basically what my face is now, I don't remember my face without them. And I tried for the longest time to not care about them. I've had acne before, not too crazy but stubborn acne. I've never played with them. Never popped them. I never tried to craft some home remedy I wasn't sure about. I just let them be. And I tried to do the same with these white spots for some years now. But It's getting worse and worse. When I squeeze my cheeks, or the place between my brows, or my chin with my hands, there appears even more of them, that I previously couldn'T without squeezing. I went to three dermatologists, one of them said it might e past acne scar, one of them said they might be fat glands, and the last one said he didn't know, and gave me "acnelyse" which sheds skin and "sivex" which is a protective lotion I believe. I'm going to include some old photos and the ones I just took with the phone's flashlight, zoomed in. This one is from June 2016. I know it's low res but the sun makes the spots better visible, as if they already werent. September 2016. Obvious raise in chin & right side of nose. October 2016. Low res again. Now for the photos I just took. Left side of my nose. Note that when my skin is stretched, these spots aren't visible, they don'T even leave a trace when I stretch the skin. they just dissappear. So it's not like acne where it would be more visible when you stretch the skin. Left side 2. My nose also has 3-4 bumps, one of them is very visible, right on the upper side of the mini mole on my nose. Squeezing my cheek. Left side acne & spots. Many on the chin also visible. Right side again. this is where it's worst. Left side photos look worse but right side is actually much much worse irl. Chin. Flash makes them look less by destroying the shadows but they're still visible. Last one, squeezing my chin. I'm a 21 yo male. I've tried the "acnelyse" the third derm gave me and it doesnt seem to do much. Maybe it's my mood bur they definitely feel worse on some days and better on some days. So maybe it's an allergy of some kind? I smoke but thse started long before I started smoking. Only thread I've found with almost the exact spot photos is this: Some users say they have the same thing but when I search their post history, I find photos that are nothing like mine. Mine have never been red, always whiter. They don't burn or itch, they're just there. They're not squeezable, they're like a part of the skin. My first phost here. I don't know if I've done something wrong. thanks in advance. If you're going to recommend a doctor, I live in Turkey.
  14. I am so sorry for not posting in like, four months! I think the reason for that was that I was starting to feel okay about my skin, and I just kept blowing off posting on here because it reminded me of how long I still have to go. I believe I am now on month 7, and I have definitely seen results. I went from a full-on breakout of the entire face to just occasional spots, although I have a few more than usual rn, and I think that is because of my diet being so poor lately. I will start to eat better again and hopefully, my skin will get better too. I think I will start posting pictures just to show you my progress. Keep in mind, all the red spots on my skin are either PIH or scarring, I'm not sure which, but if someone could help me if with figuring that out I would be so grateful! Here is my skin rn: The dry spots are just spot treatment. As you can see, I don't have much texture anymore. What I have to deal with now is the aftermath of my past breakouts, and I honestly don't know how to, because I don't even know what they are. I have talked to a dermatologist who said it was PIH and a facialist who told me it was scarring. Also, I will try to update more frequently, every couple of weeks, but I guess last time proved I can't make promises :D. I would greatly appreciate help with this, from what it is exactly, to what to do about it. I would love so much to go make up free by the time the next school year begins
  15. How to?
  16. Which moisturiser is best to use to clear flaky skin? The moisturiser seems to break a lot of people out (and has mainly bad reviews) and I don’t think it will be great for me, is E45 lotion any good or does E45 break a lot of people out too? What moisturiser is best for people with oily skin that also is a bit flaky and dry in areas (I want one that is non comedogenic and won’t break me out)?
  17. Hi everyone. I have been suffering from acne as long as I can remember.. literally. Back in elementary school is when it started and when it ruined my life. I was made fun of on a daily basis for it and quickly became super insecure and I still am to this day (I am now 27 years old). I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne and NOTHING helps. Does this look like cystic acne? Maybe that’s why over the counter products are not working? I’m not familiar wirh cystic acne, so I don’t know. I just know I need help. Please! Any advice, input, insight. Also, are these icepick scars? How can I get rid of them?
  18. Hello. I have been struggeling with acne for about 3 years now. Ever since I started to break out in 9th grade, my acne has come and gone. Don't get me wrong though, but we all have the better days when we think our acne finally is clearing up, when waking up the next morning just to count the 10 new pimples on your face. It gets me mentally exchausted in a way. And after I've been trying products on products - pills on pills, nothing has ever "worked". Yeah sure... Sometimes you can see changes, but I've always experienced paybacks from the products I've used. Whether its to dryness, redness or god knows what. So today. 28/03/18, I'm willing to make a change. This will be all natural. And the reason I'm wanting to do this here live, is to know that many people here will be hoping for a change just as much as me. My diet will change. Because trust me, I'm not overweight, infact I do hold a lot more muscle on my body than what is normal to see on a 16 year old. But I do eat a lot of crap. It goes from candy, chips, fast-food and unhealthy drinks like soda and so on. The plan is to basically cut out all the unhealthy drinks and sweats/crappy food there is to find. While cleaning my skin 3 times a day with a basic cleanser and fresh water, while trying as good as I can to never touch my face with my dirty hands. I suffer from pimples, redness, blackheads and whiteheads. I do not have any scars, which I find very hard to understand as I've been dealing with this burden for a long time. Wish me good luck. I defiantly will tell you if I bail out of this, but I will be going as strong as I can the next 3 months to accomplish this. Going to give you an update with some pictures and a summary of how it's going every wednesday from now on. Hope this'll work as well as help some of you. ((Never done accutane)) 28/03/2018:
  19. Hi. About almost 2 weeks ago, I began using apple cider vinegar on my forehead to get rid of the millions of small bumps that randomly appeared. I've been struggling with cheek and temple acne, but had been mostly clear on my forehead for a while. Anyways, the apple cider vinegar worked very well in the beginning days, even started helping fade some hyperpigmentation on my temple, but now I'm continuing to get small pimples on my forehead. They get very irritated. Aside from them, the skin of my forehead is now drier and smoother than it had been for weeks. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of them? I don't THINK they're hormonal, but I could be wrong. I always linked them to my on-going digestive problems. I've cut out gluten to no avail. The small bumps are completely gone, it's just these red little inflamed pimples. Here's my current routine: -neutrogena pore refining cleanser (AM and PM, i use a clarisonic brush with it in the evening) -apple cider vinegar as toner (i only use it on my forehead, temples, and one side of my jawline where i have a lot of trouble spots; AM and PM) -cerave moisturizer (i moisturize everywhere but my forehead - i tend to get little bumps when i do; AM and PM) -occasionally tea tree oil (as a spot treatment) -st. Ive's green tea exfoliating scrub (just purchased today and used it for the first time, so i can't yet just its affectiveness; planning on using it PM only) any suggestions on how I could improve my skincare? I'm also considering trying evening primrose oil to balance hormones internally. I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few weeks ago, along with irritable bowel syndrome. My doctor and I are developing a treatment plan for both, and she suggested the EPO. In the mean time, I'm trying to use natural methods to at least manage my acne. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  20. Please help me. I am on my last limb here with this skin issue. The problem: 1. Skin always red, skin always looks stripped as if has no moisture (or looks over oily like I just put Vaseline on it). The Problem: 2. Lips chapped to the point where it changes the form factor of the bottom 1/4 of my face. Not getting lips wet is only thing that returns them to normal. How can I do this and brush teeth? Another alternative? No chapstick works for me, makes it worse. Background: I have been trying to heal my skin for 2-3 years now in the short term. Did 5 month course of accutane. 80 mg a day for 5 months. Then did 5 sessions of dermapen to get rid of scarring (improved texture, DID NOT GET RID OF HYPERPIGMENTATION) Solution: How can I have skin that isn’t stripped? I’ve tried not washing or getting face wet with water. 2 days ago I washed with olive oil and wiped it off with hot cloth. Haven’t touched it since. The photos are what it looks like now. Still stripped, still red. I even bought “clear lungs” vitamin because I read that it gets rid of facial flushing and redness. Has not mailed yet. I even bought glutathione pills to get rid of hyperpigmentation, does not work. Accutane cleared acne but now my face is stripped. You know how healthy skin looks like you have tiny bumps all over it, like you can see each pore. I don’t have that but in two places on my forehead. Photos attached. Please help. Dermatologist don’t know anything. If they had I’d of never been on accutane.
  21. Hi everyone , so I came back from the Naturopath and they ask about my blood type. Afterwards the doctor gave a correlation between the food I ate and my blood type. Wow I didn't know for the longest time that chicken is bad for me , so does lentils and buckwheat. Omg I've been eating all that pretty much everyday. Maybe that contributed to my acne. So I'm gonna stop eating the food that I should mainly avoid and see how it goes. I'll update you asap. And I just wanna say that I ordered toothpaste with is fluoride free and only contains natural ingredients . It just arrive and hope to use it later at night. That all haha takecare!!
  22. Today will be my visit to the Naturopath. Hopefully I'll get to find there. I'll update here if I'm done with the visit. Takecare and have a great day everyone.
  23. Hey, I am a new member. I am in a dilemma of choosing an efficient and budget friendly sunscreen for my skin. Provided that I breakout easily and have super oily skin. Which of these is good?
  24. Its never going to heal, never, never. I took accutane and got 4 sessions of dermapen to remove all acne scarring so my skin would be perfect. Now while I don't have acne. I have skin that looks stripped. Its looks like I have permanent makeup on my face and I'm a dude. People cant even look at me without laughing. This on top of the dry lips from accutane means my lips are always puckered because they get dry and there's nothing I can do about it. Nope chap stick doesn't work. This has ruined my life. Atleast when I had acne and scars I looked manly. This has ruined my life. My skin doesn't retain moisture. I completely stopped washing to get my skin barrier back but it won't heal. Went 22 days without washing nothing. No dead skin mask nothing. My skin will NOT heal. It won't heal. It stays the same--stripped. Vaseline and neosporin help but I can't (well I could) go out with that every day on my face for 2 months while I let it heal because then people laugh bc its shiny. Its a losing battle. I cant leave the house or do anything bc my skin won't heal and it always looks like I have makeup on but I'm a man!!! All because of accutane stripping the moisture. I regret it so much.
  25. Hi everyone, As we all know, acne can be a real b*tch when it comes to self image and self esteem. I've personally sought a lot of solace and support from and will be forever grateful to the people who encouraged me to keep fighting to find a treatment that works for me. Since I've been there myself, I wanted to share a new instagram account some of you might be interested in, since it focuses less on treatment and cures, and more on the psychological effects of acne and how people have overcome their struggles with self image as a result of acne or other skin issues. They are a new account, so they don't have many stories up yet, but if you've personally overcome, are overcoming, or are barely handling the psychological battles of acne, then consider sharing your story with them and the many others who could find support in hearing it Their tag is "clearskinofficial"