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  1. ★Why does the DAILY use of SmartPhones cause PAIN in the HANDS and other parts of the body?★ Many users who touch the screens of SmartPhones for long periods feel a BURNING or ITCHING sensation on the TIPS of their FINGERS. The regular use of SmartPhones for months and years can even cause deformities in the nails of their fingers. The daily or regular use of SmartPhones causes PAIN in the HANDS of users because the low-voltage ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of their SmartPhones CONTINUOUSLY TRAVEL through the NERVES of their fingers and ALL other PARTS of their BODIES till the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES finally reach the EARTH through their FEET!! The PAIN is caused by the excessive stimulation and exhaustion of the NERVES, which can produce weakness and tiredness in the whole body. The PAIN can SPREAD to the wrists, arms, shoulders, back, neck, head, chest, waist, legs, feet and other parts and organs of their bodies! There can be an attack of PARALYSIS in the fingers, hands, arms, etc, even without a stroke which is associated with the presence of blood clots in the brain! When the NERVES in and around the bones are affected, ARTHRITIS and other bone diseases can occur. ★ALL the Organs like HEART are Affected★ As the NERVES are present in the whole body, ELECTRICAL IMPULSES from SmartPhones adversely affect the health of various organs. The HEART too is affected by the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones travelling through its NERVES, which can cause arrhythmic beats, palpitations, heart failure, and even a cardiac arrest becomes possible without any blockage in any coronary artery! Constant ACHES & PAINS in the body can cause sleeplessness, headaches, depression, eye problems like blurred vision, etc. ★Other SYMPTOMS & DISEASES caused by SmartPhones★ ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones can also affect the lungs, kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, intestines, pancreas, muscles, membranes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue, teeth, blood, blood vessels, lymph, lymph glands, etc, which can cause problems and diseases of these organs. ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones can also cause skin and hair problems, as there are NERVES in the skin and around hair roots. CANCER: Besides the low-voltage ELECTRICAL IMPULSES, the RADIATION from the SmartPhones is known to cause many other problems like CANCER in the persons who use their SmartPhones for many hours daily. ★★★You should NOT use your mobile phone or tablet when its battery is being charged. Holding and using mobiles and tablets, during the time of RECHARGING their batteries, is much MORE HARMFUL for HEALTH. When we use them during RECHARGING, more ENERGY (electricity) passes through our bodies constantly, which can HARM the heart, brain, other organs and tissues. The BATTERY CHARGER should be SWITCHED OFF or disconnected when we use the mobiles and tablets. ★We must STOP the EXCESSIVE use of SmartPhones!★ Forward this message to your friends and relatives, as this information can save millions of SmartPhone users from PAIN and suffering.
  2. Hey all, I've thought I fixed my acne and posted about it multiple times years ago...but then after a week or 2 of clear skin, I'd be right back where I was. So this time, I waited a full 3 months to make sure this was for real...and thank god it was. So please ignore any of my older posts. I want to let anyone who could be helped by this know what did the trick because having clear skin for the first time since puberty is's so incredibly uplifting that I've literally had my depression associated with my appearance disappear. So first off, here are the medications I still take daily from my derm that got me 50% clear: Topical Clindamycin Tretinoin Aczone Doxycycline x2 day And when these weren't doing enough, I looked to change everything I did outside of them, from diet to extra topicals and nothing helped. Eventually my younger brother got completely clear skin from this product he was using, and I remember being jealous of him for a few months before it hit me that we're related and so that means the product could have the same effect on me (he had moderate-severe acne that I have so it surprised me that it just disappeared). That product is Witch Hazel. I use it as a toner twice a day and within a month all acne ceased and the only thing that remained was a tiny whitehead here or there. I was overjoyed. To fix the little whiteheads, I started exfoliating more times a week and used salycylic acid on my problem areas more than just once a day. I have no idea how it works so well on inflammatory acne since I thought topicals didn't affect them, but I'm 99% clear all the time. So for anyone on a routine that helps, but isn't solving it, try witch hazel as a toner. I don't know what genetically determines who it cures, but it helped as much as all my other treatments combined and that's wild to me. I'm not stopping my other meds, as I want to stay clear (just fyi). Just something to add on and see if it helps as much as it did me.
  3. Hi. So I began using Epiduo on my skin for only a few days, which was subscribed by a dermatologist and I noticed that when ever I used it my skin and first would have a tingly sensation and would begin to itch and later turn Red. I noticed two days after applying it on my skin the areas that would itch and turn Red which was along my jaw area became darker than the rest of my skin and left me with dark itchy patches on my skin. I'm not too sure if it burnt my skin or maybe it was too harsh for my skin but it didn't help my skin condition at all so I later decided to stop using it. What can I use to improve the dark patches it's left on my skin?
  4. I’m going to do some monthly posts instead because weekly posts are becoming more and more monotonous and I don’t have time to post weekly. The past month was kinda rough, with lots of rounds of breaking out, calming down, and then breaking out again. The closed comedones are still being stubborn, though they have noticeably decreased. The few that come to heads are somewhat painful and contain a yellowy-white hard grain, like ¼ of a uncooked grain of rice. Switching into college was complicated for my dermatillomania and I’m still trying to get back on track with that, since the second I walk out of my room I’m looking into a huge vanity mirror. And I’m stressed. It’s great haha. I’m breaking out along the sides of my chin and a little on the middle of my cheeks, and the spots are usually the deeper (but not cystic or papule-like) breakouts that are probably from old closed comedones. Products used: -Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night -Neutrogeena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen (SPF 15): mornings when I plan to go outside. -Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day -Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed -Dove micellar water body wash -Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap: Distilled 1:2 of soap to water in a separate glass bottle. Used in morning and in evening. -Heliocare oral supplement: on days where I plan to go outside a lot (still wear sunscreen, though!) -Kirkman’s Multivitamin without vitamin A or D -NAC supplement: for OCD, anxiety, depression (many sites suggest also taking a vitamin C supplement with NAC; I take the daily multivitamin below and a little bit of an “Immune+” Emergen-C packet [the type w/vitamin D, since my multivitamin doesn’t include it] every other day) Symptoms: -Dry face: Not considerably; getting some dry patches on arms -Dry lips: Yes, a little worse than in the past but not tragic -Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. -Depression: Same as usual -Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into -Hair loss: Much less than past few months
  5. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  6. I began smoking maybe 3 months ago, and now I notice that my skin is no clear anymore. I didn't have problems with the skin since I was a teenager and now this awful acne. I read a lot of articles on the internet and found out that usual cigarettes can make some harm to skin, and acne can be like some reaction to cigarette smoking (, but it mostly concerns skin aging or texture of skin. Some sites give information about risks of cancer or psoriasis and discoid lupus erythematosus ( So if somebody has the same problem and can help me, I will be thankful.
  7. Week 3 on Accutane

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    My third week of Accutane is over! My face had gotten a little worse if anything, my chin has broken out in about 5 spots but luckily they have all been small and don’t last very long. My nose seems to be covered in blackheads which I never really noticed before but I guess everything is being pushed out and it just means it’s working. I know I shouldn’t but I’ve been using epiduo on my chin and nose to try and help. In terms of side effects I’ve recently started getting bad headaches as well as feeling more tired than usual, but I’m not sure that accutane is the reason or it’s just because I’ve been busy at work recently. I’ve also noticed that my skin is super sensitive, My ring has caused my skin to flake on my finger and My boyfriends stubble caused a rash on my face. I have my next dermatology appointment on the 23rd so I’ll update with how that goes
  8. Please help me I'm desperate... I'm coming up to the two months mark of using Epiduo and my skin has completely transformed. I used to have extremely mild acne; some raised bumps on my forehead which were barely visible and the occasional pimple and I now have awful acne and the most awful scars. I'm wishing that I never even started Epiduo. My self esteem is ruined and I've cried myself to sleep these past few nights. My face now has so much deep, red and purple scarring (something which even when I constantly picked at my skin was never an issue before), I have acne on my cheeks where it never was before other than the rare pimple, my skin is still getting dry and I feel like my pores have gotten larger. So I thought I'd give you a run down of my experience... I've always been someone who picks at their skin and I think that probably caused me to have these minor skin issues such as barely noticeable small raised bumps on my forehead. I also started wearing foundation more often (NARS sheerglow) so in retrospect that probably was what was causing my skin to be that way. What annoyed me about my skin was these bumps and an increase in the occurrence of pimples so I wanted to go to the doctor to get rid of them so that I would stop picking at my skin which also gave it a flaky texture and could stop wearing makeup on an everyday basis. The doctor had a very quick skim of my face, said "it's acne" and prescribed me epiduo in conjunction with Doxylin 100 antibiotics to take once a day. So I began using small amounts of Epiduo on my forehead, on the middle of my cheeks (which I now wish I hadn't because I only had very sparse raised bumps) and on my chin where I has blackheads and under the skin bumps. In the first week or so I was fine and I thought I had mostly escaped the big Initial Breakout I had read about. Then it began. I got lots of raised pustules on my forehead and my face went extremely red and flaky. I hated it but I was fine because I thought I was on my way to better skin and I was in the middle of exam study so didn't go out very often or wear makeup. I also heavily resisted popping anything although I did slip up a few times but was still good. However my "initial breakout" was lasting much longer than anticipated and only seemed to be getting worse and I was getting proper pustule pimples on my cheeks which would come to a whitehead and also had a hard lump under the skin next to my mouth (is this a cyst? I've never had one before). My skin didn't burn as much when I put moisturiser on but it was quite red in the pimple ridden areas and was extremely flaky. During this period I would sometimes stop using it on my cheeks and use only a minimal amount once in a while. Keep in mind that I've never had more than 3 pimples on my forehead at once and during the few months before Epiduo had only had 3 pimples on my cheeks (which I think I picked and the scar and redness went away extremely quick). Up to the 6 week mark my skin was still awful and I began to get frustrated, especially as lots of the pimples would come to a head then never go away. So I would pick at my skin every now and then until about week 8 when most of my raised pustules were gone. However I was left with TONS of icepick, red scars (which never happened before) and I STILL HAVE BUMPS UNDER THE SKIN on my forehead. I also am still getting new pustules although not as many. Also my cheeks still had bumps under the skin, whiteheads and pustules also a few on my chin. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the type of acne I have now is really different to what i used to have and so much worse. I don't understand why picking at pimples now has caused icepick red scars when it used to sometimes scab, fall off, heal and look exactly the same. It's now past week nine and I'm just confused and extremely upset. I wish I had never gone on Epiduo and that the doctor had just referred me to a dermatologist who may have recommended me some simple products and to change my foundation (I now have begun using the bare minerals powder). I also use an even smaller amount of Epiduo on my forehead and only as a spot treatment on my cheeks. However, my right cheek (which used to be practically perfect) is just getting worse and worse and I don't know whether to stop using it there and possibly ruin it even more or keep on using it til I see results. Also I still easily get flaky, burning spots sometimes, generally around my mouth and the sides of my chin. It's annoying because now I have all these other issues and it hasn't even fixed what I wanted it to do in the first place. I feel like I've gone through a traumatic experience which is supposed to come out good... however I'm never getting to the other end and i know that even if I do, I will be left with intense scarring and texture changes which I would trade for a few bumps any day. At the moment I don't think I'm even using Epiduo to fix the issues I had before but using it to fix the problems Epiduo caused. Should I stop or keep going? I don't want anymore acne to come up and more scarring. But if I stop now I am just left with awful skin and this whole thing was a big mistake (which it already is). Also I'm worried that the new issues that have arisen will become ongoing issues even if I stop. Has anyone else had this experience? Will the scarring ever go away completely? Is it possible for my skin to go back to normal? I have no idea what to do I just want to reverse time completely and never begin Epiduo. I feel like it's ruined my skin forever The first two images are of my skin before Epiduo. The first one of my forehead was taken long before and at a particularly bumpy point(I probably had just been picking it), but you can see the texture of it although I think I had two pimples when I went to the doctors. Then my cheek was fine but I could see a few small bumps up close). The other images are during epiduo and the last two are my skin's current state.
  9. So I want to start what would be considered the caveman regimen. The only thing is I live in south Florida and I wear sunscreen every single day, it’s something I can’t go with out. My face would fry. I want to start only washing with water and using no products on my face and see how it goes. Is water okay to use as the only thing to get the sunscreen off my face at the end of the day? I’ve always been made to believe you need to wash sunscreen off your face. I read online people suggest using an oil cleanser or oil to remove things like makeup. I would assume that would work for sunscreen too. But then isn’t that technically washing your face? I have light to moderate acne, and nothing I have ever used has made it stop completely. I always have at least 1-5 small zits or bumps on my face. I want to try this do nothing routine and stop wasting money and time on products and let my skin heal and do what it’s supposed to do for itself. However I can’t not wear sunscreen. Anyone have any experience or done this themselves?
  10. Week 2 on Accutane

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    I finished my second week of accutane a few days ago and my skin is blemish free! It’s been years since I’ve had not one spot on my face! My skin hasn’t broken out in over a week now but I’ve noticed that in certain lights my skin does look more uneven and my pores look larger. I’ve read from other people’s blogs that their pores became less visible after a few months so I’m hoping this happens with me too. My lips and skin aren’t as dry anymore so I haven’t felt the need to use moisturiser this week or apply as much lip balm. I feel like when one symptom goes away another appears, as my eyes are starting to hurt and feel quite dry now. So far I feel quite lucky with my experience, I’m only on a low dose at the moment so I hope things continue to stay this way when my dosage increases.
  11. Acne help

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    I have some scars/decolouration of the skin after some pretty bad acne over the past few years. I have been on doxycycline for around 6 months and my acne is starting to clear but I still have these marks from picking skin etc, and I want to know some of the best/quickest ways to remove and fade the colouring and marks and make my skin clear. Any home treatments, products etc will be appreciated and also anything for future prevention. Also if anyone could tell me what the name of the particular condition my face has (what type of scars) that would be awesome, Thanks
  12. I have taken accutane for a month and had to stop it due to me getting so deppresed, this happened back in january 2018. My skin routine is simply wash my face with cetaphill gentle skin cleanser morning and night. Dont know whats happening to my skin and how i can get rid of these spots and scars which are ruining my life and confidence!! So if you have any suggestions for how i can fix my acne please tell me!! I had light acne in the years 2015-2016 the end of 2016 and all the way up to summer 2017 i had perfect clear skin. But in the summer of 2017 i started to breakout and it caused scaring, then in september 2017 to june 2018 i only had scaring and some pimples which would pop every 2 months. Now in the summer im breaking out again what is happening??????
  13. Hi, I've just finished a second round of accutane and I am clear of spots except one that just wont go away. It is sort of under my skin between my eyes and is visibly red which i'm quite embarrassed about. Also, the skin on my forehead feels quite tight and looks visibly red. I'm wondering if maybe I should request from my derm to have further accutane treatment or if the redness and the last spot will fade with time? Ps the treatment has been pure hell but worth the side affects! Cheers!
  14. After Popping my a bumb on my nose i decided to peel of the skin that was on my nose, it then turned pink and grew back darker then my orignal skin tone. Will it go away after awhile and will skin grow over it so that its normal again
  15. Hey guys. I badly need help. I’ve been being really conscious and pressured at clearingmy acne. Im literally the one that tried EVERY SINGLE OTC products- from facial washes, peeling agents (astringents/Salicylic/Hydroquine/tretinoin) soaps, creams. Ok, heres my background. Im from a tropical country and a student, the only product that has decently (decent for me means that after using that product, no more than one or two new pimples will pop out) worked on me are peeling agents specifically Hydroquine-Tretinoine. Its a product I discovered that features both anti acne and clears the spots (literally). while the skin peels, removing all the darkspots and my old skin, not even a sngle acne popped out. The only thing I hated about this kind of product (peeling) is that my face gets SO red. Trust the bold and caps. When I use this product, I make sure that I will NOT even put a foot outside our hide because if I cant even manage to look at my own face, how can others, right? It only takes one week domt worry Here’s what it does: Day 2 you will get darn red, day 3 you get a darker shade of red, day 4-6 shedding, day 7 you will have a literally naked skin. it looks so bare to the point that your skin is not dry, not oily, and not elastic. This is the point that I take care of it extremely- I sleep facing towards the ceiling, moisturizes, and use mild soaps. It was rainbows and unicorns at first, but fuck it was bad when i recall it and I dont wan to experience it again. Right now, i want to try out Benzac- the 2.5 one since I read a lot of good infos about it as well as reviews. Still, I cant get the courage to but it right now even if i can since i have lots of questions going through my head and google can asnswer it directly. Please, what I need is answers not background. There are times that when you give an answer and explain yourself, it makes the reader confused of what you are trying to say. Are you saying yes, no, or just explaining the effects of it? Q1: Im from a tropical country, shall I expect redness from using Benzac. I am expecting micropeeling like how kojic soap makes my skin very lightly peel to the point I see flakes of skin BUT it doesnt make my skin red. Yeah Benzac is my last resort. Im planning on turning to lasers and microneedling stuffs. Im really sad to say this unlike otc products that gives really blurred answers on my questions, dermatological procedures has very enlightening and clear answers. Q2: My reciepts are the proof of my trial and error. Shall I try my luck with Derma procedures like fractional needling?
  16. Just want to know anyone's experience of when their acne went away? I personally had acne since I was 11 but it was only oily nose and forehead with no spots. When I was 13 it progressed to whiteheads and the rare pustule around my nose, forehead and temples. Then at 15 it went to my chin, mouth and a little at forehead. Then when I was 16 it went away on my forehead and stayed on my chin and mouth. then when I just turned 17 it completely went away for 3 months and then I suddenly started getting these bumps around my neck and jawline which take a week or sometimes up to a month to stop swelling, i hope these are not cysts! At least my skin is less oily than it was before. I'm nearly 18 now and I first thought I finally got over this problem.
  17. Can someone please tell me if my skin is irritated from acne or is it rosacea? My problem areas were mainly my forehead and I’ve never dealt with problematic skin in my cheeks before so please help out.
  18. Hello, I don't think this is specifically acne-related (though I did accutane a year ago and continue to suffer with 'acne' - not as bad, but still persistent), but several days ago now I woke up with a rash all over my body. The rash is on my thighs, arms, legs, hands and torso. There is no itching at all (which is weird?), but my hands do feel like they are burning somewhat. To me, the hands look a bit like eczema, but I find it odd that it appeared overnight with a rash. I don't think it can be that? This is really affecting me. Constantly suffering with image issues, this it the last thing I want. I am worried it will be permanent, as five days have passed now. What do you think this could be?
  19. I’ve been suffering from acne since I was 13 and I am 16 now turning 17 soon and the acne has only just gotten worse. There was a period in time where my skin started to clear up when I applied Tea Tree Oil to it every night but it dried my skin out so I stopped using it and my acne just came back way worse as soon as I stopped, so I tried to go back to it but now my skin just rejects it and nothing has changed. Ive heard the amazing reviews on the Indian healing clay mask so I got some and have been using it for the past two weeks, mixed with applie cider vinegar and tea tree oil, I’ve been using it every night and applying moisturiser after. But feel as if my skin is just getting worse and worse and worse, I just don’t know what to do and I can’t go to the doctors about it as my Mum won’t take me because she thinks it’s silly.
  20. I have had acne for about 15 years. I have tried it all but it has never really cleared it all until now. My face is clear after 1 week of drinking 1 glass of water with 5 drops of oregano oil in it per day. Also before bed I rubbed 1 tsp of oil mix on my skin (the oil mix was: 5 drops of oregano oil and about 5-8 tbs argan oil). Argan oil does not clog pores as easy as some other oils and oregano oil kills bacteria, parasites and fungus. Be aware to NEVER put pure oregano oil on the skin since it is strong and can burn the skin! Therefore if the oil mix still stings or burns on the skin it needs more argan oil. Since I do believe we all have different sensitivity. Also do not take oregano oil internally for more than 7-10 days since it also can kill off good bacteria. Instead, take a break from it and return after a couple of weeks if needed. Also it might be good to take probiotics while taking it internally.. I did Cutting out sugar from your diet, getting some sunlight and eating lots of veggies is good for the skin too. Best of luck!
  21. Most approaches to acne aim to treat the symptoms rather than address the fundamental root cause of the problem. Stinging nettle tea is a solution which is preventative in nature. Brewed from the leaves of the stinging nettle – urtica dioica in Latin – stinging nettles produce a mild irritant poison, which when treated correctly, can be extremely effective in the treatment of a range of conditions, not least of which is acne. Occurring naturally in the northern hemisphere amongst temperate climates, the stinging nettle is typically considered a weed by those who are not aware of the myriad of uses it can be put to for general health improvement. With a little knowledge though, you can turn this pest into one of your favourite weapons in the fight against acne. Make Your Own Nettle Tea Remove the Toxins in Your Blood Stinging nettle tea works to cleanse your skin by addressing the problems that may be occurring in your blood. The chemicals in stinging nettle tea work to remove excessive toxins in your blood stream, allowing your skin to more effectively cleanse itself, thus preventing acne in the early stages. Although stinging nettle tea is less effective after the fact – that is, it works best as a prevention, rather than a cure – it is still effective as part of a combined treatment regimen. If you already treat your acne with a carefully prepared diet, then stinging nettle tea will be a natural and easy step for you. Of course, the benefit of using stinging nettle tea to treat acne can spill over into other areas of your health. Many users report an increased sense of wellbeing as a result of incorporating stinging nettle tea into their diet. Cheapest Acne Solution Ever? Depending on where you live in the world, you can make your own stinging nettle tea. This makes stinging nettle tea one of the most cost-effective treatments for acne ever! If you don’t have access to stinging nettles though, not to worry. There are several stores that sell stinging nettle tea pre-prepared so all you have to do is brew it. See you local natural health food store or chemist. If you’re interested in preparing your own stinging nettle tea, I’ve prepared a guide. For information on how stinging nettle tea can help treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, anemia, hay fever, kidney problems, as an enhancement to prostate health, or as a tool to help with weight loss. About author: Sen Perfect is a PhD writer from best custom essay writing service, psychologist with over 8 years experience, I answer psychology-related questions about diagnoses, ADD/ADHD, Social Security Disability, Emotional Support Animals, & learning disabilities.
  22. Making this post just because I was thinking about how much this account helped me when I was struggling so bad. I now get a pimple once in a while, I get less anxiety about them and don't freak out about pimples like I used to. I could not thank accutane or this blog enough for getting me through a tough time. I also and still using the moisturizer and I love it. I won't put anything else on my skin.Heres some updated pictures.
  23. Hey guys, I’d really appreciate your help on this since I’ve tried everything I could. For the past 2 years I’ve been getting tons of little white heads pretty much all over my skin, but mainly around mouth and on the forehead. They are very small and pop very easily. My skin always burns during this time and is very sensitive. I get them for 2 weeks every month (in various cycles) and then they disappear and my skin goes back to a normal state. They don’t look bad on the pictures but without makeup (sorry, I’m not confident enough to share those pictures) my skin is super red and irritated. I’ve been to 5 different dermatologists about this but none of them helped. One of them suggested going on antibiotics but I am quite scared as people often say their acne came back even worse. My blood results are fine, I’ve been avoiding dairy but I don’t find that food affects it in any form. I would really appreciate any suggestion. Thank you!
  24. Hello everyone I am trying to clear my skin which definitely is a struggle. I am not sure if i have scarring or cystic acne where that bump is. But my cheeks are definitely puffy and its driving me crazy. Its red and i have large pores. I live in canada and do not want to order products online so shoppers,sephora, walmart etc is my preference! I know you wash your face with salyclic acid then do spot treatment, then moisterize with spf during the day. Im curious if i should get a face mask or if its only redness and not cystic acne.
  25. Mario Badescu?

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    Has anyone tried any of his products? I am interested in his rose water spray but wanted to know if it was comedogenic? Is it good for sensitive skin? Thanks x