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  1. Irritation, ingrown hairs, or acne on jaw?!

    I've usually been shaving with soap, but I've noticed I've had these itchy red patches of dots on my jaw from the irritation. I switched over to aveeno shaving cream but it's still there. Frankly, I can't tell if it's irritation, ingrown hairs, or just more acne. Was just wondering if someone could look at those photos and tell me what they think. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, So I'm almost 4 weeks on using benzoyl peroxide once a day in the morning, for mild acne. I started with 10%, but for almost 3 weeks, I've been on 2.5% lotion, which I'm pretty sure has a moisturizer in it, as I don't seem to get dry from this one. I also use a clean and clear cleanser in the morning and at night. I thought that the benzoyl peroxide was working, because the acne I've been getting hasn't typically been as inflamed, as I used to mostly just get inflamed pustules. But I still always have one thing on my face, like a smaller pustule or papule, as well as a number of white heads, usually around my mouth where I break out the most. I feel like at almost 4 weeks, I shouldn't be getting new slightly inflamed blemishes, so I don't know if I should give up on this treatment and try to get a prescription. I thought this would be enough for me, as I have mild acne, but it's very stubborn, and it's primarily hormonal. New blemishes just show up every few days, and just when I think I'm finally clearing, so it's very discouraging. Do you think that also using the benzoyl peroxide at night would be helpful, so I'd be using it twice a day, and leaving it on over night? I try staying away from junk food and washing my face towel and pillow case frequently, maybe I'm touching my face too much? I do use a concealer sometimes for really red spots, but as a guy I'd rather not get dependent on make up. I also seem to break out more after shaving, but my shaving cream is made for sensitive skin, so I'm not sure what I should change about my shaving. Should I maybe try using a higher percentage BP like 5%?
  3. Shaving with acne

    I'm wondering what product I should use when I shave my face to avoid clogging pores and reduce irritation. Right now I'm using the neutrogena shaving cream with disposable 2-blade razors. I'm getting mixed results and I'm trying to figure out if this is causing my breakouts because they seem to occur a few days after shaving. I only shave once a week because my facial hair doesn't grow fast. I would most likely go for something natural with no chemical ingredients if possible. Thank you people!
  4. So I finally went to the dermatologist today, and got prescribed minocycline (antibiotic-oral), Retin-A (topical) at night, and Clindamycin pledgets (topical) in the morning. My doctor also told me to use PanOxyl as a face wash. In the morning, I'm supposed to use the clindamycin and the face wash, but I forgot to ask my doctor when to shave my face. Should I do it after using the Panoxyl cleanser, but before the clindamycin. Or should I wash my face, shave, wash my face, then use the clindamycin?
  5. Female Facial Hair

    I am 15, and have had barely visible facial hairs all over my face. However, as I began using vitamin e oil as a mask, I have seen drastic change in the color of my hairs. They are dark, visible, and especially above my mouth, they look like mustache:( Is it the vitamin e? I have done some research, and found that vitamin E help with hair growth but also found some articles on how vitamin E prevents facial hair growth. I do not know what to believe on the Internet, and what I should do about the visible hairs. If I shave them then they will go back thicker, and I did not want to regret shaving my facial hair. What should I do?
  6. How I stay clear!

    I finished accutane 10 months ago. I was on 10 mg/day for 6 months. My acne was mild and only on my face. After the course, I was still breaking out a little and I didn't know why. My regimen during the first half of the course was spectro jel or cetaphil, but the last 3 months, I gave up on any products because everytime I put products on my face, I get new pimples. The only thing I was using is water and shaving cream every 2 days. It's been a year since I started the water regimen and I can say that this is the best thing I've done for my skin + I don't have to care about my face every nights and mornings. My complexion is a lot better than when I was using products everyday on my face and I just feel better in my own skin. The only down side is that I was still breaking out a little, and it was always the day after I shaved. The main problem was with my technique. I was always getting ingrown hair because I was shaving against the grain. After I started shaving with the grain, I didn't get any pimples and my complexion was x100 better. If I do get a small ingrown from time to time, I just dab some tactuo and leave it for the night. This is how I stay clear. Water regimen + shaving with the grain saved my skin... and accutane of course. The shaving cream I use is called Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal and my skin loves it. It leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. This is the only shaving cream I use for my face and my private parts. I still have some minimal redness from old pimples but I don't really care... everyone's skin is not perfect and that's just life. I just wanted to share my ''skin care'' to help people out and I would love to hear about how you guys manage to stay clear and maybe share some tricks! Btw, sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm from Quebec and I mainly speak french, voilà!
  7. Hi all, I've been on Accutane, brand Roaccutane, for the last 7 months. The first month I was on 40mgs once a day, and then went to 80mgs once a day. I finished my course, up to the average maximum, last week. However, within one week I started to get spots on my back (the main area effected). I went back to my Dermatologist and she has decided to put me on another 3 week course of 80mgs a day, certain that will keep me in the clear zone. The results I've had are phenomenal, but it was like taking 10 steps backwards when I had new spots appear just a few days of coming off of the drug. I should finish my 3 week course of 80mgs on 20th August and will be seeing my Dermatologist on the 25th August for a follow up session. My question now is: However, I'm going to Ibiza on the 2nd September for a weeks holiday and I want to remove any chest / stomach I have at the moment. I know I won't be able to tan (I'm going to take factor 30 & 50 sun creams) but I have been working hard in the gym and want to feel good about myself whilst I'm over there, especially if I can't sunbathe. I was thinking of trimming down the hair as my skin has got sensitive to certain products since I've been on Accutane. But has anyone has any problems shaving to the skin, with waxing or even with hair removal creams? Thanks
  8. Shaving Acne (Razor Bumps)

    Hi. Every single time I shave, the next day I will get razor bumps. I shave against the grain because this is the only way I can get a clean shave (each 2 days). If I go with the grain, it's like I didn't even shave because my hair grows fast and I look like shit (red marks + hairs). When I had no hair on my face, my skin was really clear. Since I started shaving (like 2 years ago), my skin has been a mess. Everytime I get razor bumps, it leaves red marks that take forever to fade. My cheeks are now covered with red marks because of shaving. I don't have acne on my forehead. The only problem are my cheeks. Is there something I could do about it? The only thing that pop up in my head is laser hair removal, but it costs money which I don't have (only 20 years old). Thanks for your help and have a great day!
  9. I'm 32, male and have suffered acne off and on since I was 13. Although it seemed severe to me at the time, it would fluctuate from mild to moderate acne. I bought into the whole modern materialist trend of buying products to fix my problems (not just acne)! When I was younger I would buy face washes, scrubs, cleansers, and a whole array of other chemicals. These were all ineffective. I graduated to topical retinoids which had some interesting effects on my skin but caused far to much irritation, and even after long periods using them, I would still break out occasionally. I stopped using these for good about 5 years ago. Recently, I broke out again. I couldn't work out what the cause was so decided to gradually ELIMINATE products from my daily routine. At first, i stopped washing my face with any kind of product, sticking to just hot water and a wash cloth. The first week was weird - my skin became really dry and sore but over time, I could see my skin improving. The texture was better, it looked brighter, I no longer had any dry skin, my acne was better and my skin was not oily (even at the end of the day. I stopped using moisturising cream as my skin no longer needed it. My theory is that the initial drying was due to skin readjusting after years of being abused. Next I moved onto shaving. I had always shaved with a 2 or 3 blade razor, again, I bought into the marketing believing that a close shave was really important! I used a shave gel made by king of shaves for sensitive skin. Shortly before my breakout, I was given a 5 blade razor. During this experiment, I stopped using shaving gel and shaved after showering using a small amount of lavender oil for lubrication. The 5 blade razor just kept getting clogged up and was really difficult to clean. I tried to buy a natural shaving gel but couldn't find one without any chemicals in it (even the ones claiming to be natural still contain detergents and other nasties). In my searching I became intrigued by the cut throat razor and safety razor. Curious, I bought one of each, using the safety razor for most of my face and the cut throat for my sideburns. Its been two weeks and wow, what a difference! My skin is clear, I do not feel sore after shaving and I get no major outbreaks after shaving anymore. The razor doesn't clog up and its cheaper and more enjoyable than using the multi blade razors. Most men have not experienced a shave with only a single blade. For years we have been led to believe that multi blade razors are more effective. This is not true. They may provide a closer shave but do so at the expense of irritation = breakouts. The first blade pulls the hair from the follicle and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th blade actually cut the pulled hair below the skin line. When released, the hair is below the skin, the pore closes as skin grows over it and this results in irritation, blocked pores and acne. The single blade cuts the hair at the level of the skin. I love shaving now and can't believe I fell for all the hype for all this time. Next I aim to eliminate shampoo.... Although this has been rather long winded, I felt it important to share with fellow acne suffers the pearls of my wisdom. I have been where some of you are or have been. Its easy to think that a product, over the counter or prescribed, will solve the problem because the world we live in is all about selling us things we don't need. Chemicals are sold to clean babies and so we have been conditioned to think that we need these products. The truth is, humans have lived for millions of years without harsh detergents and chemicals, relying on water and other natural ingredients. By stripping your face of its natural defences, we are making our skin more prone to attack. My advice to anyone suffering from acne is to stop all products, use water and a cloth to exfoliate once or twice a day. You will be amazed at how quickly your skin will restore itself but be patient (1-2 weeks). After seeing the results, you too will question why we need all these things sold to us in our lives - we don't!
  10. It seems BP is in everything, cleansers, lotions, etc. but why not a shaving cream? I realize that it wouldn't be on the skin that long, so perhaps not super effective, but it couldn't hurt right?
  11. I sure do I wish I was terminated before birth. I have such crap genetics. Under 6 feet tall small body frame anxiety and acne. The acne bothered me the most. I hate going out in public seeing everyone with clear skin yet they drink and smoke and eat crap food but have the clearest skin. Life truly isn't fair. I wish I wasn't born I'm an ugly freak that no one wants.
  12. Since my early teens I had the occasional whitehead. This later cleared in my early 20s for a short period. In my mid 20s however I started getting regular daily whiteheads. A day didn't pass when a new spot would form. This progressed to multiple spots and occasional deep cysts. I am of Asian origin, male with coarse facial hair. I tired several facial products buying a new brand every week to try clear my skin. Each further irritated my skin made things worse. The following is how I managed to clear my skin completely in under 2 weeks. I now have been spot free for over 4 months. Try this if you suffer from mild/moderate acne, have thick facial hair and regular ingrown hairs. 1. Drink more water 2. Shaving: Philips One Blade, a hybrid razor like electric trimmer. This gave me a smooth irritation free shave with zero ingrown hairs and no skin irritation. 3. Face Wash: I used a brand called Simple from Boots. Cheap. No harsh chemicals. Wash only once a day at night. 4. Moisturiser: Neutrogena daily moisturiser. Light. Doesn't block pores. 5. BP: Every night I applied 5% BP. Just a thin layer. Since my skin has cleared I have switched to 2.5% to maintain.
  13. Any Shaving Tips For Acne?

    Does anyone have any tips for shaving with acne? One of my biggest problems is that even though I may not pick at the whiteheads, shaving obviously opens them up. I know that my shaving is causing the acne so I changed the way I shave to help prevent razor burn and it helped some but it still hasn't fully helped, much less keep from reopening the sores day after day. Plus, my face becomes very dry only in the areas that I shave. Even after moisturizing, it still dries out pretty quick. Any ideas?
  14. I'm a 31 yo male with mild facial hair growth (only shave a couple times a week, electric) and frequently when I shave I get a large pink blemish almost perfectly centered in the crease between my chin/lower lip. I don't remember it ever coming to a head, but it usually stays for a few days. Any other males get this from shaving the chin/lower lip?
  15. Hey everyone: I´m starting to take Accutane this sunday and was wondering how should I cleanse my face at night and how should I shave. I normally only use water to clean my face at night, but I guess this has helped my pore clogging. I was also wondering if any of you has some sort of tip or product for shaving whle on this drug. Thank you very much.
  16. So I have pretty sensitive skin AND troublesome pimples. I also get a lot of ingrown hairs. All in all a very annoying combination. After a LOT of reading, I ended up with the following, which works quite well: - I use Benzac facial cleanser and moisturiser (Benzac is benzyl peroxide based), and Epiduo cream (benzyle peroxide + retinoid) - I use a double-edge safety razor with proper technique ie a shaving brush, shaving soap, followed by a good aftershave Apparently the problem with cartridge razors and electric razors is the multi-blade multi pass business. You end up with about 4 or 5 blades all at not quite the right angle and having to press into the skin and having to go over skin multiple times. As a result you get a lot of irritation. Whereas with a DE razor you have a single but extremely sharp razor blade going over your face at most 2 or 3 times. I won't lie it has a bit of a learning curve but it's not difficult. The key is gliding the razor over your skin gently rather than pressing. There is an outlay for equipment of about $100 at the start but because the blades are super cheap it ends up paying for itself after about 6 months to a year. Anyway, everyone has something different that works for their particular circumstances but I found that this worked very well for me to reduce irritation, ingrowns and folliculitis without flaring acne. Hope this helps!
  17. All you dudes out there, I have a question for you. Do you find that having facial hair either helps your acne, or contributes to it? I've noticed when I have more facial hair, my acne isn't as persistent as opposed to when my face is completely bare. What is your experience?
  18. URGENT Help needed!!!

    Hi all. I got the collagen induction microneedling procedure done yesterday to most of my face and especially the cheekbones area on each side. However, I don't think the office is open today (many of the Dr's in the city I went to probably work in other offices or at hospitals too on certain days) and I am only getting the voicemail. I called another clinic in the area that offers many of the same services and unfortunately they weren't able to advise since they haven't seen me before the procedure and now and they don't know how aggressive the other clinic was; it makes sense that they wouldn't give advice on this out! My concern is this: Can I use an electric shaver to shave off my facial hair stubble??? I believe my skin has recovered well in the 24+ hrs since the procedure, as much of the redness (like a bad sunburn yesterday) has gone away and there really isn't any more pain or dryness.... In the aftercare sheet, there is no mention about avoiding shaving (both with a razor type shaver or an electric type shaver that doesn't get as close) in the days following the procedure... I didn't do any shaving yesterday and did not wash my face with regular soap per the instructions; but only used their after care serums and my cetaphil gentle cleanser this morning... The reason I ask is that I'm starting a new job this afternoon - in a few hours!!!! Although it is in a manufacturing environment, I'd like to avoid having the stubble showing... Please help anyone!!!
  19. Hello all, First and foremost I apologize if there is a more appropriate section for this post. With that out of the way, here it is. I generally keep my "beard" at a long stubble length. I recently got a cystic pimple under my beard right along where my chin meets my jawline. As the cyst grew, it formed a head and ended up scabbing over under my beard. While the cyst formed and scabbed over I ended up not trimming my beard. I let my facial hair grow for a solid two weeks without trimming. Out of frustration that the scab was still present weeks later, I ended up pulling the scab off (stupid idea, I know). When I looked at the scab, a cluster of maybe 8-10 hairs were stuck inside of the cyst. It looked like the entire hair follicle came along with it. I didn't think much of this until i trimmed my beard. Where the scab was is now a completely bald spot. No new hair has grown in this patch. Do any of you know what the chances are of this hair growing back?
  20. My Shave Routine

    So one thing I always make sure to do it apply rubbing alcohol to the blade of my razor after I'm done shaving and before I start as well to disinfect any microbes on the blade or near the blade plastic housing. It seems to help a lot with "razor burn" acne. Also, if my beard gets longer, I trim it with electric razor first and then shave with razor after to reduce drag. Shave after a warm shower when hairs are soft and pores are open. Be gentle with everything.
  21. Hello, I am new to the regimen, I just bought the 'Big Kit' and a big Glycolic Acid to alternate with my moisturizer. I am aware of the process and have watched the video about how to do the steps. I like to wear light 'scruff', maybe a day or two to three worth of facial hair typically. And then when I shave it I just use my Conair iStubble electric trimmer which brings to back to a 5-o-clock shadow length. I only use a real 2 blade razor to shave and trim my neck area so there is form to my facial hair around my jaw. My questions are... 1. How does this regimen work with this length facial hair, and does the constant treatment bleach your facial hair lighter? 2. Would I be better off just shaving frequently? 3. Is the electric razor too rough/irritating on face? I am gentle when I use it but it does jostle around the skin a bit. I'm not sure how rubbing your face smoothly with facial hair works well.. I do know when I apply benzoyl peroxide now, it takes me a lot more of it to cover my face when I have facial hair. Its hard to spread and therefore I need to push harder to get it all around. Anyone have experience with this?
  22. Hello, I am new to the regimen, I just bought the 'Big Kit' and a big Glycolic Acid to alternate with my moisturizer. I am aware of the process and have watched the video about how to do the steps. I like to wear light 'scruff', maybe a day or two to three worth of facial hair typically. And then when I shave it I just use my Conair iStubble electric trimmer which brings to back to a 5-o-clock shadow length. I only use a real 2 blade razor to shave and trim my neck area so there is form to my facial hair around my jaw. My questions are... 1. How does this regimen work with this length facial hair, and does the constant treatment bleach your facial hair lighter? 2. Would I be better off just shaving frequently? 3. Is the electric razor too rough/irritating on face? I am gentle when I use it but it does jostle around the skin a bit. I'm not sure how rubbing your face smoothly with facial hair works well.. I do know when I apply benzoyl peroxide now, it takes me a lot more of it to cover my face when I have facial hair. Its hard to spread and therefore I need to push harder to get it all around. Anyone have experience with this?
  23. So I need some help. I am a guy who wears liquid foundation to help cover up my acne which is caused by shaving and just the general teen stuff. Basically what happens is that I'll shave (with the grain the first couple of passes then switch to against to get the rest of the hair) and within minutes of shaving, my face gets extremely dry so I apply mink oil (which works for me). However, this is where the problems begin. Even after applying the mink oil, scabs start to form. After about an hour of letting the oil sink in, I apply my foundation and head to school. But like clockwork, I can count on the fact that by lunch, the scabs are very visible. It's really embarrassing. I've tried everything to changing the way I shave to preven razor burn to even exfoliating my face just before I shave and just before I go to bed at night. Any ideas for at least keeping my makeup intact?
  24. My jawline has had these red marks for 2 months I would say and they don't seem to be fading? if anyone has had something similar to this please let me know. thanks for your time
  25. Ingrown Hairs

    A question do men here suffer from ingrown hairs when shaving??? Any tips or products thata ctually work to prevent them?? I've tried everything.....