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  1. Hello everyone! I've had subcision + sculptra + cooltouch laser twice before (I just got my 2nd one a 6 days ago). I intend to get another scar treatment four weeks and I'm not sure what procedure to undergo. Please note, I still have one big lump and two small lumps on the subcised area. I am also using tazorac for acne & collagen renewal. Option A: Just subcision. I'm really leaning towards this since it's cheaper Option B: Get subcision + sculptra again Option C: TCA Cross for Ice pick scars Option D: TCA peel for general texture Thanks everyone!
  2. Always make sure that there is someone in the room to document the subcision to make sure you are actually getting the treatment you paid for!
  3. Hey everyone - decided to make a post as I'm currently healing from a laser procedure performed last Friday (27/04). I have severe (mainly) rolling and boxcar scars. I've tried erbium (twice), fraxel (4x) and CO2 core laser (1x), I've also had subcision and filler performed on my cheeks. Before all this, I was on accutane for a year. So if anyone has any questions, let me know! I'm going to post pictures right now as I'm healing and what I looked like before. I know people are a bit skeptical about lasers as am I, I must admit. The laser I was treated with is CO2 ULTRAPULSE. I'm from Auckland but was treated in Brisbane, Aus. The cost for one treatment was $1400 AUD by Dr. Lim. I went to the clinic on Friday, got numbed up, had injections, etc. The procedure itself was only about 10 minutes and the pain was about (7/10). Immediately after, I bled and continued to bleed the following 4-5 hours post-op. My face started to swell on the second day post-op. Now I'm about 3 days post-op and the swelling has gone down, but obviously I'm in no position to leave the house as I'm very very red and yuck looking. I'm not sure how many treatments I will need as obviously this is very touch and go. But the doctor did say I would see a lot of improvement this time around. The ULTRAPULSE from what I understand, is more aggressive. I will update if anyone is interested. Post op: Scars: Scars:
  4. Hi everyone! I have really bad acne scars I'm currently seeing a dermatologist right now and have my next laser treatment in APRIL/EARLY MAY (so really soon!) To date I've tried fraxel (to no avail), fully ablative laser resurfracing (erbium), fractional laser resurfacing (CO2 Core Laser) as well as filler/subcision. The reason for my post was 1) to answer any questions for those seeking scar treatments and 2) show people my scars. I've also added my gofundme page here if anyone would be kind enough to donate. Thanks everyone! Edit: Do not post a link for a GoFundMe Page for treatment - Mod's, this is not a advertising site
  5. I need help to determine whether these are keloids or hypertrophic scars. I'm planning on starting microneedling on them.
  6. How much will procedures help me?

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    Hi everyone, I'm am about to start my 5th month on Accutane. The inflammation from my initial breakout has finally gone down significantly. Now that that has happened I can now see the toll that it has taken on my skin in terms of scarring.... I have rolling scars almost all over my face and a lot of boxcar (I think??). It's really hard for me to just to look in the mirror :/ Sometimes i really feel hopeless. I'm definitely planning on getting some scar removal after im done with accutane. For any of you that have like similar scarring to me I guess, how was your success with treatments? Also, how much was it in terms of cost? Also, some of my scarring has formed like a outside bump instead of just being sort of indented - its sorta like scar tissued that sticks out. Does this eventually go away because I've never really seen that on other people? If not, is it easily removable? For the natural healing of scars, did any of you have significant improvement after accutane without having any treatments??
  7. Subcision In The Uk (Glasgow)

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    Hi people who also trying to improve their rolling scars~~ Pls HELP me! I am based in Glasgow, UK. But I am originally from China. I am 28 years old this year. I have quite severe rolling scars on both of my cheeks, especially my right cheek, and I still have zips (crysts) from time to time, in particular during cold and harsh weathers like now, I have been on birth control pill for over a month now, so I have stopped getting big painful spots as I used to, I have some small spots occasionally during my period. I am interested in having subcision done on my cheeks quite soon, but I dont know any good surgeons in Glasgow, or Scotland. I wonder if you would have heard of any names? Thank you for your help Olivia xx