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  1. Hey, just wondering if anyone has had experience in quitting the use of epiduo altogether and what you used instead? I have been using the regular version since Feb. and switched to the forte version two months ago. It has been really great at managing my acne, but my face has become really sensitive, super oily and tingles all the time, not just after applying. It is even worse as it is warm right now and I can not go out as the tingling increases. I am just tired of feeling my face all the time. Even if I tried to stop obsessing over my face and acne and running to the mirror every 5 mins, I could not, as the burning is a constant reminder of something being there. My next derm appointment is in a few weeks, but I am hoping to get some insights through this forum.
  2. Okay, so a little backstory of my skin. i had normal teenage acne like any other person, turned 18 and all my acne went away. You can imagine how thrilled I was. But well, last year I started medical school and the combination of stress, coffee and sleepless nights fucked me up and I had a huge breakout. So in the middle of last year went to a couple of dermatologists and I settle for one who prescribed me tetrinoin. Well.... my skin reacted bad to it. The breakouts that I had which most were closed comedones, turned into inflamed and painful pimples. Used the tetrinoin for 3 or 4 months and then gave up. Those breakouts left my skin the terrible PIH and PIE. My skin continued to be fucked up till December of last year and the beginning of this year which is when I went to my old acne treatment which was a gel that consisted of benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. So every night I would wash my face with sulfur soap and then apply the gel. And my skin got SO MUCH BETTER. My acne never went completely away but it improved a lot. I need to clarify that I have extremely oily skin and I am very prone to comedonal acne; most of my breakouts are closed comedones I get all this bumpy texture on my skin. So then I went to the dermatologist again because i wanted to get rid of my PIH and PIE. She told me that I needed a couple of peeling sessions, but for that I had to stop using my benzoyl and adapalene le 10 days before treatment, and I did. Got the first session done like 3 weeks ago and I have to go back for the second. The reason why I haven't gone again is because I started using the gel again and I can't get a peeling while using it. The reason why I we not back to the gel is because I started breaking out AGAIN. Like im a 20 year old female, why do I keep breaking out no matter what I do?! Like for fucks sake im so desperate that I put baking soda on my skin just last night. I need help, my skin has closed comedones mostly on the sides of my nose, to the sight it looks like my skin is dry and dehydrated even tho is extremely oily. I wanna take care of it but I don't know what creams to use, what oils to buy them what to do! If anyone has any recommendations please help me, I want to clarify just in case that I'm not from USA, I'm from a Latin America country so unfortunately i don't have access to some skincare products that you may recommend. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys! I have a question. I've had acne since I was about 11/12, (I am now 21 and it's gotten better but not completely). I have naturally very dry skin (I am not using any acne medication causing this) and I react to just about everything in makeup. I'm looking for a oil-free AND silicone-free foundation, because these have been breaking me out every time. I've had no luck for now, especially since my skin is dry and most makeup ends up settling into my dry spots. Does anyone know of a good foundation for dry acne prone skin which hasn't broken them out?
  4. skin care

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    What's the best skin regime for people with depressed acne scars on their face? I have terribly deep scars (boxcar and icepick) so I'm a little confused as to what products I can/cannot apply. Also, I'm currently undergoing treatment for the scars so is there something I should totally avoid? I follow my regular CTM routine that's all. I use a cleanser prescribed by my doc then go in witch a hazel toner followed by cetaphil moisturizer and finally spf 50 in the morn. At night I cleanse and replace cetaphil with vit e oil and skip spf. That's all. any suggestions?
  5. My acne is healed. I healed my skin with a combination of: Diet - I do not eat gluten, I avoid dairy products, lots of fruits and vegetables. I still enjoy my food and eat out on occasion. A few months of the caveman regimen (which allowed me to discover that my skin is extremely DRY and SENSITIVE not oily.) Stopping my skin picking habit (took a long time but I no longer touch my face or pick my skin.) The first and most important rule of my current acne routine is that it is NOT a routine. I pay attention to my skin and respond accordingly. I don't mindlessly wash my face morning and night - I keep my use of products as simple and minimal as possible. The second rule is be GENTLE! It is so important for my skin that I am extremely gentle with it. I touch it as little as possible and when I do it is only very gently and I only ever wash using lukewarm water. Never ice cold, never very hot - both of these temperatures dry out my skin. Products In My Routine (I keep to these products but I use them as and when I see fit.) Raw, organic, unfiltered honey - as a mask, applied gently, approx. 2x a month for up to 6 hours. Moo Goo Full Cream Moisturiser - rich, gentle moisturiser with great, natural ingredients. I only apply this to very damp skin after splashing with water. 100% cold-pressed, organic argan oil - helps with my hyper-pigmentation healing, seals in moisturiser when skin is particularly dry. Also doubles as my eye 'cream.' Soft microfibre face cloth - allows me to remove light makeup with only water. For heavier makeup I follow up with some argan oil and remove with the cloth. ALWAYS extremely gently (take your time) and only with lukewarm water. I am only able to use these products with success now because I believe I found the route cause of my acne, which was a poor diet (high in gluten, sugar and dairy) and continuous use of a harsh, acne-targeting skin care routine which damaged the barrier function of my skin. Of course these products will not work for everyone's skin as they have for mine - but I wanted to document what has been working for me for the past year or so. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
  6. Hey guys, So I have been using Cetaphil's gentle cleanser to wash my face for about a year. However, it still dries my face a ton!!! I thought it was supposed to be one of the least drying products out there! If anybody has any experience with another cleanser that might be less drying please let me know. I can't even go swimming without my face looking totally dried and flaky. Please please please let me know if any of you guys are using a product that is less drying. It would help me immensely. Also, please don't just tell me to use water because I've tried and it just breaks me out more. Thanks
  7. Makeup recommendations

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    Hi everyone does anyone have any good foundation and concealer recommendations that doesn’t cause break outs? Most foundations I have tried cause me to break out! Anyone found any good ones that are safe?
  8. keloid scar on nose?

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    A huge pimple apeared in my nose, and it didnt heal well.after months there was a red spot in my nose and it result as a white head pimple next I squezed it and it became very inflamed, most of the red has gone but left with my skin really sensitive and with a red the most similar thing i saw on the internet was a keloid after a piercing but mine is from a pimple not a piercing one so I dont know what I can do in this type of situation it is a little bumped thats why i think is a keloid.Is anything that I can do to help or any treatment?
  9. hormonal acne

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    I've always been acne prone since my sophomore year of high school I broke out dramatically but over the years it seemed to balance out to the point where I didn't mind it as much. It still bothered because I would not leave the house without make up. I am now about to be 20 and this last summer I went through a lot of stress (breakup, college, work) and I even gained 14LB. I also have anxiety so it makes it harder to deal with stress in my opinion. I stated breaking out dramatically on my chin, cheeks, neck, back, chest, forehead... I've tried everything. I've tried brushes, peel masks, scrubs, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, drinking teas, vitamins, lysine, omega3, I've even tried cutting off dairy and eating more healthy... I've tried everything. Ive gone to the doctor but everything they recommend is so expensive... I have a consolation with a dermatologist in 2 months but I know that anything they give me I wont be able to afford. if anyone can relate to a point or have any advice on managing hormonal acne I would be more than thankful! I've honestly felt really down about the way I look... Im even planing on taking time off school to focus on helping myself with my social anxiety that acne has caused me. its been supper had for me to actually get out of my house the past months... and I forgot to mention that my period have been late as well.. I've missed like 2-3 weeks but the doctor said its fine? which I sort of don't agree
  10. Hi everyone, I am desperate need of a sensitive moisturizer that delivers good hydration but also mattifies upon application. Is there anything of the sort? story to follow... Im in desperate need of some help. I need a moisturizer that helps to mattify my skin upon application and helps keep my oil at bay. I have extremely sensitive skin and anything such as a perfum will lead to redness and tightness of the skin. Acne is not really the issue anymore, it's the oil, but when my skin gets irritated it's produces little spots. I thought I'd share my regime with you lot to see if there's anything I am doing drastically wrong. In the morning: I shower in warm but not too hot water. I use either an aveeno ultra calming facial foaming wash, or clearasil sensitive skin perfecting wash. Neither of them leave me with sensitive skin and seem to thoroughly clean me. After that I will pat my skin dry. My skin still looks shiny straight after washing, there is no excess oil at this point so I don't know if have naturally tight skin and it is becoming shiny in nature somehow?! After this his I use aveeno daily moisturising cream. This is so far the only moisturizer that makes my skin look and feel healthy, even slightly mattifies upon application but due to it being so thick it's not long before I start to get a great shine across my face. Nighttime: If my skin is free of spots I will use hydromol to wash and moisturizer (prescribed by a doctor). This is a vegetable wax that can be used as a soap substitute and as a moisturizer it doesn't give me spots, I'm using it to try and repair my skin (from treatments I used when I was younger for serious acne). sometimes I will just use the clearasil wash that I use on the morning instead if i feel need to. Again using the hydromol as a moisturizer. To repeat: I am desperate need of a sensitive moisturizer that delivers good hydration but also mattifies upon application. Is there anything of the sort? thanks in advance
  11. I have been experimenting for about 2 weeks with completely eliminating exfoliation from my skincare routine. I have very dry, dehydrated, and extremely sensitive acne-prone skin. I used to mistake it for very oily skin until I quite using harsh acne cleansers and benzoyl peroxide. I used to exfoliate at least twice a week, very gently, with a washcloth or crystallised raw honey. I've tried quitting before and it has only made my skin worse, lots of dead skin cell build up and drier and drier skin - this time I did something different. I read this article about using facial oils - I switched to 100% organic, cold pressed facial oils when I started to follow a natural skincare regimen. But this article showed me that lots of skin types can't just use oil to moisturise because it is not the complete picture. They may be natural but there is no water in oils, they are 100% active ingredients and very potent. During my skincare experiment I have been washing my face with only luke warm water, once per day, and liberally applying a moisturiser to my (still very damp) skin. Making sure to apply another layer of moisture before taking a hot shower or bath (hot water can be very drying for the skin.) At first my skin felt the same as always, dry and scaly, especially on my cheeks, my worst problem area. But slowly over the course of the last few days my skin has actually become soft and hydrated, I have not broken out, it doesn't feel tight and my rosacea has calmed down substantially. It is possible that I was over-exfoliating, even though I was being gentle. The answer to dry skin is not always to scrub the skin off! You could be making things much worse and creating a vicious cycle of skin-stripping. And oil is not the complete picture for moisturising! I spent years terrified of moisturiser, thinking that creams would only clog my pores and break me out, but I was wrong. My dry skin contributes to my extreme sensitivity - and messing with my skin's natural barrier leads to acne.
  12. Cures for oily skin?

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    Hello! Unfortunately, I have been blessed with oily and acne prone skin. My oiliest areas are the T-zone, which I find I need to blot every hour, and I have yet to find a solution to this. Are there any good products that oily people have had good luck with? I wear makeup if that makes a difference. I wear Becca mattifying primer and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.
  13. I am using Moiz cleanser whose ingredient is similar to Cetaphil but without paraben and SLS. It suits sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Cleans well without foam and the consistency is thicker than Cetaphil. Check this out [Link removed]
  14. I have lurked a bit and the factual level seems just best here at I have acne problems as must of us here But my problems are quite specific so I have made a new post after reading several posts. Generally healthy male, 20 In December 2016 I took 100 mg doxycycline orally daily for 20 days or so as a preventive drug for malaria in Indonesia. I had a severe sunburn just a few days after ending the cure triggering a painful photosensitive allergic reaction. The skin on my upper body especially on my face immediately also formed severe acne. After two weeks of zero sun exposure the allergic reaction and its blisters seemed to heal fine but the acne persisted. It actually only slowly got better over the next two months even though I had still zero sun exposure. It was definitely worse than ever before ( had mild acne in my teens) Now 6 months later I am still having problems. The situation are generally slightly improving but I am having some frequent and severe breakouts If I am exposed to small amounts of sun I get a breakout only on my face. If I am exposed to great amounts of sun i get a severe breakout. If I drink alcohol the breakouts gets worse If I eat yeast (active or powdered) the acne seems to mostly heal extremely well but sometimes not What can I do to love me better?
  15. I'm 23 years old. My acne has come a very long way since my teenage years, but I feel like it has started to get bad again. Every time I think my breakouts are going away more appear. And every product I try, there's an issue. I was using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Clean & Clear oil free acne control moisturizer, but that started to dry my face out, causing breakouts. I try to drink a decent amount of water daily and take women's daily vitamins as well. Someone please give me some advice!
  16. my hairs a mess sry. how do i cget rid of this nasty sh*t?!! im so sick of it! i used to use tazorac but it made my face so itchy that i couldnt even fall asleep.
  17. Hey guys, so I've been on Accutane for the past two months and have been using Vichy Dermablend for the last month. Dermablend has been amazing, but unfortunately I have noticed that it keeps breaking me out. I see a lot of things that form under my skin when I use Dermablend. I have also been using a BB cream recommended by my dermatologist, but I get some allergic reactions to it. My skin gets all red. I'd love to use again (I will hopefully go back to it after finishing Accutane) BB cream from Nuxe which I have been using the whole summer when my skin was clear. It is completely organic and I love the glow it gives my skin. Unfortunately I can't use it right now cause I have too many blemishes So can somebody recommend me a good foundation that isn't heavy and won't break me out? Has anyone used Urban decay foundations? Are they any good? Also, if you know which ingredients I should avoid in makeup? (Talc, Mica?)
  18. Dehydrated Skin?

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    Heyyo, I'm new to this forum but joined because I'm having some serious issues getting my skin under control, and need some advice if possible? I used to use a ton of things on my face, alcohols, BP, Salicylic Acid, you name it, sometimes all at once, and other times switching products very frequently (I had mild-moderate acne as a teen). As you can probably guess, my skin didn't like that and ever since trying products I've always had issues. After I stopped wearing makeup entirely and cleaned up my diet, I haven’t broken out like I used to in the past, but now I’m facing just very temperamental and uncomfortable skin that I’ve been trying for more than a year to resolve with no results. Currently my skin feels extremely tight, it hurts to smile or even laugh, and when I do, my face then produces a lot of oil and gets red. Sometimes I even have a mild burning sensation with it, as though my skin is hot. I see a lot of fine lines everywhere, and when I smile or scrunch my face, my skin looks very leathery. You can see my pores, and most all of them seem to be filled with dried up gunk (sebum, I assume) that keeps filling and seeming to just pile up. I've tried moisturizers ad infinitum, and whenever I do, I only become greasier, and break out. Most of my breakouts are just clogs and small whiteheads, up until I recently used the Cerave Moisturizer cream and hydrating cleanser and I've gotten a few real pimples like I used to get as a teen. It had gotten wonderful reviews though, so now I'm stumped on what to use. I’ve since stopped that and I’m just using water until I can get my bearings, but even that’s stripping and irritating. I also tried not washing for about a month, and while I didn’t break out, my skin developed dry red patches and was just overall uncomfortable. It seems that no matter what I do, nothing is working and I’m becoming quite hopeless with it. It’s not only aesthetically terrible to look at (I’ve covered all my mirrors, lol,) but even uncomfortable to move my face like I used to because of how tight it feels. My skin never used to be this way until I used a lot of products, and I just need some sort of regimen to calm everything down that shouldn’t break me out As an added note, I eat fairly healthy, (no sugar or white bread, limited red meat, no dairy, tons of water, no caffeine), try to sleep adequately enough (in college though so that’s hard), change my pillowcases, clean my cellphone, all that golden star stuff, but again, nothing works! Sorry for the long first post, but I just really need a solution! Thanks much! J
  19. please help :(

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and not quite sure to expect. I'm extremely desperate this is really starting to get me down and seriously affect my self esteem, so I have come here as a last resort having unsuccessfully tried treatment after treatment after treatment. If anyone can offer me helpful advice to get rid of my problem I would be forever grateful. A bit of history: My skin is extremely oily. I finished a roaccutane course in May this year and it definitely made a huge difference to my face and most of my body, however my biggest issue is and always has been cystic acne around my buttocks area, something that I am extremely insecure about. Although, having previously shaved this area before I used to get a ridiculous amount of ingrown hairs that sometimes grew huge and therefore I've given up with all hair removal from the area for the time being because I'm afraid it will aggravate the problem, so I'm not sure if it's ingrown hairs perhaps still? Although, I haven't carried out any kind of hair removal around this area in months. Whilst on roaccutane, symptoms were definitely relieved and the cystic acne was still present but alot less, however never fully cleared up like my face did. A few weeks after finishing roaccutane, the area broke out nearly just as bad as before my course.In regards to my routine, I have recently tried epsom salt baths and leaving epsom salt water solution to dry on this area e.g. overnight and during the day. This has been somewhat successful however I feel I'm fighting a losing battle in that whenever one part clears up more smaller cysts appear in another area. I don't tend to use moisturiser on my body at all as I'm paranoid about this making the area more oily than it already is, and these days I'm hearing a lot of people say moisturiser is pointless but perhaps this is not the right thing to do? At the moment I am using a grainy exfoliator once every five days.In addition to this, I am also insecure about the fact that this area is also quite hairy and I want to get laser treatment in the near future but feel as if I can't due to the area being so inflamed, something I'm embarrassed to bring up with my doctor. In addition to this, I don't want to go back on roaccutane even though I have relapsed as you have to wait at least 6 months after finishing a course for laser hair removal and clearly roaccutane is not a long term solution to the problem. I still have yet to try the regimen and I've heard how good it is but it is really expensive over here in the UK, is it really worth it? Is it relevant for a body issue aswell?I will be so so so grateful if anyone has any advice, thank you for not judging and being understanding.
  20. I'm looking for some moisturizer and sunscreen suggestions that won't irritate my acne and eczema. I have very sensitive and oily skin.. A lot of the products that I've tried on my face burns and irritates my eczema. I'm really looking for a product that can combat the redness and oil on my face. My ACV toner already does a good job of getting rid of a lot of excess oil, but I find that my skin gets oily throughout the day, and I don't want to have to rely on blotting papers or anything of the sort. Also wouldn't mind some lifestyle suggestions to help fight my eczema, I would really appreciate it !
  21. hi guys I'm 19 years old and i am struggling with acne prone skin since a few years and i really dont know which bb cushions or foundations are suitable for my skin because a lot of them are comedogenic. Do you guys have any recommendations ? i have dry and sensitive skin. I need a foundation or a bb cushion which i can wear everyday without having breakouts the next day In the picture you can see a list of ingredients which i should avoid as they are comedogenic and will make my acne worse. thank you
  22. Hi, I recently finished roaccutane (6 months 30mg) and I was wondering when would it be ok to get my eyebrows threaded, my dermatologist said 2 months at the very least but I'm looking for other people's opinions and stories thanks.
  23. I used to have a really bad acne when I was in teen years. Then a doctor recommended some type of gel for my face, it cleared my face but the gel was discontinued. So I had to switch to this product called Yanko, from China. The problem is that the product has made my face really dry to the point its peeling. I have tried for years looking for other facial products, like Cetaphil etc but it didnt work out well for me. My face would have a bad breakout eg: itchy small bumps appear, redness all over, and burning sensation when I apply the product. Even when I tried to stop using Yanko, my face would still have the same breakouts. So Im currently still using Yanko because its the only product that stops the breakout but at the same time its bad for my skin.. So im desperate and open to any suggestions. And Im also interested in the's product, not sure if its the right one for me
  24. oily dry burning face :

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    Hi! My face is always superdry BUT oily at the same time. The oil and dry skin is on the T zone. Its like I am super super dry but have a greasy and oily film over the dryness. Have this also under my eyes. The skin looks crepey and pink with big pores and i am looking old have wierd lines between the pores .. .. i am only 29 The skin use to burn from different triggers. I also have weird bumps that looks like clogged pores or blackheads in clusters but i can't squeez them : s I also have normal acne on the chin and forehead. All moisturisers makes skin MORE dry and more red ! Even my own sweat burns and makes me super red and dry and gives me more bumps. I am looking for a cleanser and a moisturiser that wont clogg my pores or dry out the skin. Everything I have tried so far burns the skin :s It feels so uncomfortable to be so dry ! It stings when i move my face because skin is so dry . When i smile it stings and skin gets so red it almost looks purple. But at the same time It feels like the sebum itself irritates the skin :s My dermatologist have given me Erythromycin but it just helps a little for the bumps. I tried cetaphil gentle skin cleanser but it was horrible! It made my face more dry ,red, itchy and left a sticky feeling that was hard to wash of ( almost impossible) . It looked like i got irritant dermatitis from it. I think I am allergic to propyene glycol. Bioderma sensibo clensing water did the same thing and it also contains propylene glycol so it has to be an allergy to it. Have also tried a lot from la roche posay and avene but they all burned really bad! Products with paraffinum liquidum or mineral oil burns and makes skin worse. Tried vaseline one time and omg it burned Only thing right now that my face can tolerate is just plain greek yoghurt . ( have tried raw honey and aloe vera but got allergic reaction from both) Need advice
  25. I mistakely, applied lemon juice directly on my sensitive skin face. Now my skin is became red and burning when applying water..? Applied to remove dark circles. please help me... Thank You