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  1. So about four months ago I was picking a blackhead and made it bled and got infected and turned into a cystic pimple. Stupid me I popped the pimple and there was nothing but blood that came out again... five days later it scab over and not knowing anything about skin care I peeled the scab off first thing I saw it.. now it left me a big triangle shaped scar in the middle of the cheek... here’s a pic from four months ago. Since then all I have been doing is applying cp serum on it day and night and have not missed one application. That did not seem to improve the appearance of my scar at all. Three weeks ago I also added 2% salicylic acid toner in my routine. Here’s is what it looks like now Beside the redness has gone down I do not see any improvement in terms of “filling in” the hole ... I’m so desperate to find something that would work... what are you guys suggestion!? I’m willing to try anything but the bottom line is I don’t want to make it worst... I’m Asian 24. Idk what kind of in office treatment would work for my skin type and scar type. And if you guys have ideas about in home treatment that would be great!!! Thanks for reading!!
  2. sorry i know that this isnt the place to ask about moles and its place to ask about acne or scars but i dont where on internet to ask this so i asked here i have these moles on my cheel i want them to be removed but without scarring..i read on internet that Scalpel Sclupting or Ellman radiofrequency can remove them without scars...have anybody done that..or know about that any help would be appericiated..please guys..thanxxxx
  3. I have a hypertrophic scar on my forehead. Its very dark in pigment. I have already had a few cortisone shots to flatten it. I have done a few peels but none are working to remove the dark color and I barely see any improvement. Retin a and hydroquinone are not helping it to lighten. I went to a few derms and they suggested either Fraxel Dual or Intracel RF microneedling to help improve the scar at this point. The scar has lichened, meaning it has a leathery appearance. Its not smooth. Should I follow thru with Intracel or Fraxel Dual for hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scar? For reference, I am brown skin.
  4. Hey, i wanted to do a TCA-cross this weekend , but i am also doing a general health check next next week in the hospital (doctor said no eating in 10 hours). I am worrying TCA might effect the result of the health check, should be i be concerned? Couldnt find any information about this.
  5. Hello all, I'm back at my scars again. I was looking good for a few years after Fraxel Re:pair, subcision, and various IPL type lasers in 2012-14. However, my scars have now returned again..ughh.. (no new acne, just reappeared) I am currently taking a break from Microneedling RF treatments (non-insulated). I've had 3 so far and of course, my scarring looks worse than ever. My current doctor does not do subcision but she does fillers. I am taking a break from the Microneedling procedures because they are taking a toll on my sanity (Dr. went so aggressive I lost volume). Moreover, I believe that I should have Subcision done as a must needed scar revision modality. Previously, in 2012-14 I used Dr. Ting (San Ramone) and he's so expensive (per scar) for Subcision. I have scarring all over my face and would like a doctor that is good at subcision and is economical in the bay area. I'm looking to do the suction technique at home after the procedure. I read many posts and I think @beautifulambition mentioned trivalleylivewell for fillers but would they do just subcision? Like you mentioned in your posts, many professionals don't want to do just subcision because they make so much with their 'energy machines' as you put it. Thanks for reading! Chow!
  6. i have seen after mohs surgery doctors put flaps or grafts on that wound and that area heal completely without and difference from surrounding skin..i want to know if it will work for one atrophic scar on face..will that work ? i am curious to know about this ..
  7. Chicken Pox scar

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    I have a chicken pox scar right between my eyebrows since I was eight years old -- now I am 25 years old. The chicken pox scar is kinda deep and it is shaped as a circle. I went to my dermatologist and they recommended mirconeedling (three sessions in total). They said, that the microneedle might help shape the scare about 50 percent. I was also told about fillers but they said I will have to come back every year to reapply the filler. The last option I was told was excision which surprisingly was the cheapest of the three options even though this requires surgeons. My question is, what option will be best. I am leaning on the microneedling but it will cost 700 bucks. The excision will cost 300 bucks.
  8. “Scar” from acne

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    Hey guys, im not sure what this is/ if it’ll heal in time. I had a really stubborn pimple that I finally got to pop after two weeks. While it was healing there was still a hard bump for a while and then that went away and I was left with a dark indent. The darkness has gone away but there’s still a tiny indent as well as a weird oval outline around it. I’ve been using mederma hoping it would soften the outline but not much luck so far. Has anyone ever had something like this? I’ve never had indented scars before so I’m not sure if this is something that will fade in time or not. Thanks!
  9. I'm wandering about subcission (probably with some not permanent fillers), Here my questions: 1) How much time I must wait after dermapen to perform subcission? 2) How often can it be done? 3) Should I stop topical retinoids before? How much time before? What about other creams? Any other way should be I prepared? 4) How much time I will need to stay at home (usually on websites time given is not true considering cosmetic surgeries)? 5) Is UVA protection needed after procedure? How much time? (spring is comming) 6) Can it be done without microneedling after (or subcission to be done now and microneedling in Autumn)? Mayby better to wait with all procedure till Autumn? Or do 1 subcission and than 1-2 microneedlings (1 months)? After subcission, when microneedling can be done (I've red about 2 weeks somwhere reg. lasers I think). Thanks
  10. reitoids scars

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    I've red somwhere that retinoinds made somebody's scars worse. I'm wandering if you heard something about it and if it referrs only to oral retinoids or also topical. I'm using topical retinoids to boost collagen after microneedling, therefore I'm asking.
  11. Hey. 21 year old. What kind of scar is this and how can i treat those? My derm told i couldnt do laser beacuse of the skin color/HIP.
  12. Hi, recently been really depressed over my post acne scarring. Can this be fixed? Thanks
  13. Hey folks, I am terrible with introductions so I will jump straight into it. Been here for a number of years, I have suffered from acne since 16. In the past, they would scar and look like enlarged pores. Since the age of 21, they started to indent but I wouldn't get constant acne. They usually come in a bunch then go away so I could treat them. I am now 25 and for the past 4 months, I have been getting roughly 6 cyst spots a month and they are all scarring heavily. Before this, I was treating the scarring with 30% TCA and dermarolling and honestly, they were getting so much better. However, it took years to get it to look decent but now that's mostly have all been undone. I have no idea what triggers it. I juice, I go to the gym, I am careful with washing my face (natural products), I sleep lots and have cut out milk, sugar and things like coffee. Call me Jack Bauer because I basically water-board myself with the amount of water I drink throughout the day. I treat my acne with Lymecycline and Benzoyl Peroxide (5%). I was given Epiduo (0.1% Adapalene, 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide) but stopped because the acne was still scarring, its still scarring with Benzoyl Peroxide (5%). It doesn't matter how fast I treat my acne, or if it naturally bleeds and scabs over, it still indents. I even steam my face to open up the pores, it doesn't help. The only thing I can think of that triggers this would be my depression. Had it for many years and stopped using medication to treat it because I thought that might be a trigger. I have been very low recently and reached out for help. After opening up to the doctor and went in-depth with how bad it gets (attempted suicide in University) he gave me an address for a youth club that opens once a month for people who can go and speak to somebody. I appreciate the NHS but it doesn't take stuff like this seriously. I went to the dermatologist several times but went recently for my last appointment. He told me to let all my acne scar and then save up for laser treatment. Its embarrassing but I broke down soon as I left the room because I have been around here long enough to know that lasers don't do anything. I made a collection of day to day videos that I edited with some clips with me wearing makeup. I was going to post asking for help on how to treat and cover it up. Only a day or two afterward, cyst acne broke out again. I don't think it's the make-up because I rarely touch it and I am super careful about hygiene (throwing out sponges etc). Even as I type this, I got one new cyst on my temple after waking up today. Hopefully, in the video, it shows how fast I get cyst acne and why I am feeling a little down. I feel that I am beyond dermarolling and TCA at this point. I don't know if I should book another appointment with a doctor? To speak to somebody. I live in Wales, UK, so I don't know how advanced our treatments are when it comes to filler. I wouldn't be able to afford it because I am struggling to get employed. I am getting interviews but I think my lack of confidence shows and I never feel my best (even after 10 hrs of sleep). My biggest worry is that acne taking out my hair because part of my eyebrow and beard has been removed due to acne. Thanks for reading. PS: If you need any more photos, I will try my best.
  14. Hello, Are these considered scars or marks? I've had them for about a month now after I kept pressing on bumps that led to bleeding. I try to not touch any bumps now. Also, is it possible for these marks/scars to heal eventually? I've had a 3 month cycle of bumps and popping/bleeding before this point where its all flat. Thanks
  15. Brother has bump on his nose and we can’t figure out what it is. It is sorrounded by blackheads but nothing comes out from the actual bump. We’ve tried squeezing it but nothing happens to it.
  16. Microneedling Radiofrequency

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    Hi, I thinking about microneedling radiofrequency for rolling acne scars, however I've red it is used also for hyperhidrosis treatment (by destruction of perspiratory glands). My concern is if this procedure going to destroy perspiratory gland on the face also?
  17. My Story of failure

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    Hey Guys, I found this forum today and I am relieved in a way I can speak to like minded people because my general friends/family do not understand what I go through on a day to day basis. In my teen years I suffered severe acne. Parents took me to a dermatologist, took accutane for the time needed. Yes it was a temporary fix. But what came afterwards was what has affected me for years and still to this day it kills me to see everyone around me with nice skin and I have been unlucky. Being a 20 year old with fat loss in cheeks is a very rare occurence. Some dermatologists said it was the accutane, others said its my "genes". Not ONE family member of mine has what I have. At 22 years of age I moved states to get better medical advice and start a pathway to treating my scars/fat loss/large pores. After going to apparently the best dermatologist in the area, I started undergoing a treatment plan which consisted of a few co2 laser sessions. With high hopes I did everything right, after 8 weeks there was very little improvement and no collagen reproduction whatsoever. Tried a second co2 after 12 weeks, same result. Very little improvement. As a matter of fact I believe I may have lost more fat. After a few weeks I got hyperpigmentation. Did a series of peels with same thing again, little improvement. Did another cycle of accutane, little improvement and horrible experience. Last year I decided to go to a different dermatologist. They tried to fill my face up with fillers and botox for the forehead and cheeks. Botox worked for a while. A month to be exact. Only 1ml each side was put into my cheeks. Little improvement but they definitely underestimated how much I needed to fill my face up. Now at 27 I have gone to another dermatologist yet again. I have started a new treatment of co2 laser but they have done a subcision treatment and a tca peel in certain areas. I am being hopeful with this new treatment but with my past experiences its playing with my mind. The day after co2 my face looked so full. if only that was a permanent look I am after other possible treatments that have been proven to work if this fails. I have spent easily over $15000 in just treatments alone only to see the same face in the mirror everyday without improvement. Some of the users here complain about a couple of scars here and there. I would kill to have what other complain about on here. I have attached pictures of my scars, this is 1 week post co2 (today)
  18. Okay so I just signed up on to make myself feel better and get some advice on this tragic thing i did for my face, because I really feel like trash right now. So last week. I was looking at the mirror, close up, at my blemishes. I have this problem where I will start picking at the smallest thing on my face because im so afraid of pimples. I pick on three pimples on my cheek. All got inflamed. Throughout the week i tried putting mask, benzoyl peroxide, baking soda, etc. Two of them went down. However it was so emotionally exhausting to go through this. I even have to reshhedule an interview because of how embarrassed i was with the pimples. Last one didnt go down. And then i read somewhere that APple cider vinegar helps. I got acv on a cotton ball and pressed it against the pimple for a while, like 2-3 min. WHEN I LET IT GO I WAS HORRIFIED. I caused a huge scar on my cheek. Not only did the pimple remain but bow there is a scar. I am sooo sad. My parents make me feel worse saying “Whats that on your face” or “Why do u always touch your face” etc. Idk, im so depressed because of this suddenly. I put aloe vera on it went to sleep but it became more dark. What can i do at this point to help my skin heal faster? I really need it to heal in a week for my interview. Thank guys, please I need genuine advice that works.
  19. My Scar Treatment Journey

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    Hi guys, I will be starting my acne scar treatment journey next week with Dr. Novick . I sent him an email with the pictures of my scars and I told him that my acne scars might be untethered since they completely disappear when I pull my skin slightly. He suggested me to get a field subsicion to address the generalized atrophy within my cheeks. I am really excited to finally start my journey of scar treatments and I heard great things about Dr. Novick. Is there anything that I should be doing to prepare for my subsicion? I will keep you guys updated. Also I am worried that my scars are too shallow to respond to subsicion. But Dr. Novick does not seem to think so.
  20. Hello. First of all, In no way acne/scars can reach my self-esteem. I live a happy lifestyle and always try to be the best version of myself. Right now, I'm seeking for help and comments because I feel like there's not enough stuff online for situations close to mine. Been on this thing for a couple years now. I want help, and most of all , help others. I'd like to keep this as short as possible, telling you what I have, what I've tried and what seems to help me bit. Placed a picture so you get some hold of the situation! Short and simple: - I've had mild acne since I was 14 years old (mostly face), nothing too special. - As cysts and mild acne started to bother me (at 15yo, face-neck-back) my mom took me to dermatologists. - Tried every single gel, cream, antibiotic, aloe vera, natural oils. Some of you can relate. Nothing works, and sometimes it even irritates it further. - Last treatment: Our beloved isotretinoin (or as some people call it - Acuttane). Did it for 6 months, 20/30mg. Was acne free and dry as hell. I hate that those side effects ahah! - Couple months go by, it all starts to comeback. This time I also have some cysts on my pubic area. Yes. Moreee isotretinoin. 4 months this time, it all seems to go away but for 2 cysts - 1 on my neck, another on that pubic area. - As you can see the scaring is awful. You're seeing the result after 2 cortisone shots. I also have a keloid which resulted from a cyst. (left side) - This is my current situation - It has better and worse periods. Right now it's a bad one. - Cysts and some acne also lead temporary or permanent hair loss. - Currently about to turn 18; 9cm scar on pubic area (multiple cysts removal); Scar+Keloid+Acne on neck; clear face. Lifestyle: - Been active my whole life, playing football. Regular gym enthusiast for the past 3 years. - Drink pleeeeeeeeenty of water. - No dairy. No processed foods. No fast foods. No oil. Little to no sugar and no salt. - Meat (red meat not so usually), fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, carbs, overall really healthy food. - I try to never touch the area, sometimes I slip (seems to get better when I don't touch it). - Big one. - Don't smoke, don't drink most of the time, and when I do It's just a little. - I try my best to stay healthy in every field. Might be missing something that I don't remember or know. What are yours toughts? Hope I was clear in my typing. Any further questions will be awnsered! Ready to hear from you, André
  21. Hi so I am finishing accutane and am essentially clear but I have had this small bump under my eye for about 6 months now. It is skin colored and not very noticeable sometimes but it occasionally flares up and becomes all red and then it just goes back down after a few days. I'll attach a photo of what it usually looks like and what it is like when it flares. How should I get rid of this as I don't think it will go away on its own? Thanks!
  22. I have the this mark on my nose ever since I got a huge pimple/cyst thing drained. I had it about 5 months ago and this Mark is still there and it doesn’t seem to get any better as time goes on. What should I do?
  23. Good day to you! I would like to seek some help and suggestions about these scars, or dark marks. They started with small bumps and pimples but i cannot stop my self from picking them until they become scars and when they become scars, i will pick them again until they form bigger scars. and here’s the result. some of them got lighter by themselves through time but i have bigger new ones and they look awful. can someone suggest me what to do to clear them (the new and old scars)? i am trying to use roseheep seed oil for a month for my older scars but it doesn’t seem effective for me. and when i use tretinoin, my face becomes itchy and red AF! any other products that i can use to clear them as fast as possible? please help me.
  24. Help! i have deep ice pick scarring and suffer with eczema and sensitive skin (nightmare!) So finding a treatment for my scarring has proven difficult. I've spoken to a dermatologist who has advised fractora would be the best treatment and wouldn't cause my eczema to flare up during recovery. It sounds as though fractora would be the only treatment not to irritate my skin and cause further problems during recovery, however I have read elsewhere that fractora wouldn't change the appearance of icepick scars. Has anyone had any luck with fractora and ice pick scarring? Any help or recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!