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  1. I have a weird question to i have to apply the msm cream within the dent or around the dent? Because if it is supposed to remove the top layer we should apply only around the dent otherwise it will deepen the scar as well. And if it only regenerates new cells, should we apply it only within the deep scar and not around it? This is the picture of my scar. pls tell me how i can treat them wih products without laser or any other major treatment like TCA cross and etc. Some people claim that only rosehip treated their boxscar. i have the same question for rosehip oil. Apply it only in the scar or around it?thank youuthe msm cream i have is this .. pls tell me if this one is good for deep scars
  2. I get blackheads very often on my chest. A few months ago, a stubborn blackhead on my chest became infected and a ton of pus filled up the spot. After a few weeks, all the pus cleared and the area looked better. I think its healed since then, but now I have a reddish brown bump from where the blackhead was and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I don't know if there's still anything inside or not. It's really affecting my confidence when I wear tank tops/bikinis! What can I do? (sorry for the gross pic)
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    Please help me identify the type of scarring I have and the best approach to treat. Should I try a dermatologist or aesthetician or self treatments. My image is attached.
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    After Popping my a bumb on my nose i decided to peel of the skin that was on my nose, it then turned pink and grew back darker then my orignal skin tone. Will it go away after awhile and will skin grow over it so that its normal again
  5. I have some scars/decolouration of the skin after some pretty bad acne over the past few years. I have been on doxycycline for around 6 months and my acne is starting to clear but I still have these marks from picking skin etc, and I want to know some of the best/quickest ways to remove and fade the colouring and marks and make my skin clear. Any home treatments, products etc will be appreciated and also anything for future prevention. Also if anyone could tell me what the name of the particular condition my face has (what type of scars) that would be awesome, Thanks
  6. Always make sure that there is someone in the room to document the subcision to make sure you are actually getting the treatment you paid for!
  7. It's been a few weeks since I last updated this blog, so be prepared for a long one! Right now, without hopefully jinxing it, I have no actives on my face!! It's by no means clear however, unfortunately still some quite persistent lumps from previous spots that just won't go down . I also have A LOT of hyperpigmentation and a few scars so definitely not looking clear by any means. But I honestly can't believe this right now, after just 4 weeks I've reached a point where I am going a good few days without getting a cluster of new spots. Before roaccutane I would usually get about 3-4 new spots a day so this is a real difference. I did notice a bit of a purge in the first 2 weeks with a cluster of cysts quite suddenly popping up around my mouth and a few on one of cheeks - the ones on the cheeks being the persistent ones that won't fully go down (). But since then I've still been getting spots but just not the same quantity and going a few days between them popping up. In terms of side effects, my skin certainly isn't oily anymore. Before starting the medication, I would have said my skin wasn't even that oily but now that I'm producing so little of it I realise I was wrong hahah. And my makeup lasts really well all day!! However, I wouldn't say my face is particularly dry. After washing my face, if I were to leave it for half an hour without moisturising, I would notice dry patches on my chin but that's about it. I've been using the Clinique moisture surge collection which I really recommend, pricey but good at battling the dryness! My lips are pretty dry though. I apply the La Roche Posay Cicaplast lip balm which I really like. I apply it in the morning, then usually sometime half way through the day and then a thick layer at night before going to bed. So only applying 3-4 times a day max, but I have split my lip twice since starting roaccutane. My hair is now going days between washes. Right now, I washed my hair 4 days ago and have been to the gym twice in that time, sweating a fair bit, and it still no grease to be seen (for reference I washed my hair every other day before starting). I began getting a dull ache in my lower back about 2 weeks ago, which I noticed whilst running. Since that happened I have been taking an omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement everyday and today I was at the gym doing bursts of sprinting on the treadmill and didn't notice any aches. That's pretty much it on the side effects, my mood has been pretty positive, no stress as uni is finished for summer and generally happy about the progress being made. I also had my dermatologist appointment last week. My skin wasn't actually looking too good last week at the appointment (always happens) but I spoke to her about how I'm doing good with the side effects but obviously want some more progress, so she's upped me to 30mg!! I'm pretty excited about upping my dose but also slightly nervous that I'll see another purge, which I know will disappoint me given how good it's looking right now. I'm also going on holiday next week to see family so I'm reaaaally hoping it doesn't happen. Oh, I got my blood test done last week also, and found out my cholesterol is high, but still within standard limits (5.2) so I'm trying to keep to a low fat, healthy diet as up until last week my diet consisted of a lot of pizza and chocolate, so sad times :((( Well I think that's it for the update. I'll try to update more frequently as this was a lonnnng post, soz about that. Let's hope for more progress at the next one!!
  8. I have this big red mark by my mouth from an acne scar that I picked. It’s been there for almost two months. How can I get rid of it?! I hate it and I feel ugly every time I look in the mirror.
  9. So i removed a facial mole using apple cider vinegar on a cotton swab about 5 months ago. At firest it left a red crater, but now there is not much of a crater, but a pinkish area where the mole was removed. Does anyone know if this area will be permanent? Ive been told by someone else who had done a similar thing that his eventually faded and became unoticable, but im not sure whether or not this will scar. Should i be applying moisterizer to it or leave it as be? Thank you.
  10. So I had a big cyst and it left a hole that has been slooooowly healing. I'm about 5 or 6 weeks into healing now. There is still redness and even a little sensitivity at the center (it is closed)...the indentation is gradually rising, but I'm not sure if it's going to make it all the way (?). Staring "atrophy" right in the face. No pun intended... In the case it doesn't and I'm left with some sort of rolling indentation, I've been reading up on my options to treat. I've seen a number of posts making claim that new scars respond better, that early treatment will get better results, etc...Also, I've read here that it's not considered a scar for a year, or maybe 6 to 12 months etc...I'm looking for a little clarity, because there are a few terms being used ambiguously..."new", "old", "early". Can someone please define these terms? I do understand that different wounds will require different time frames to heal (various factors like the size of the wound) Therefore, what other criteria should you take into consideration when determining when is a good time to embark on various treatments? Also, anyone have any idea how long a wound may continue to raise and fill in? Anyone know any tricks for helping it? Thanks!
  11. Hi I had a red dot/bump on my upper check that I got after trying to remove milia with tweezers months ago. I ended up removing the milia with tweezers but it left a red dot/mark on my upper cheek under my eye. Now it won’t go away no matter what I do and it looks as if the milia is inside in again under the redness. How can I remove this? Or make it less noticeable? or lighten it? It’s on my cheek under my eye. I’ve tried vitamin C and callogen creams but they don’t seem to work.
  12. i dont know if i can do this anymore, I'm so sick of my acne. never had any breakouts throughout my high school years until april 2018, my cheeks started breaking out horribly. ive literally tried everything under the sun but nothing has worked and now my acne is getting worse. the post inflammatory erythema are so bad, they make my skin look like i have active pimples. ive cried several times because my acne, and i pray almost everyday for me to have clear skin again. and oh boy oh boy, i am a very sensitive person and two nights ago, my uncle had a small gathering at his place and the adults were asking me how my studies were going and stuff and then this one person had to say "oh you dont have to ask how her studies are going, you can just tell by her face". i was literally so close to tearing up and that comment made me so depressed. anyway, a few of the people that have seen me are quite supportive but honestly, i dont need any "motivations" or "tips" from them because that would just remind me of how visible my acne are. sorry about the grammar, I'm just typing out whatever i want to vent about
  13. Hi I had a red dot/bump on my upper check that I got after trying to remove milia with tweezers months ago. I ended up removing the milia with tweezers but it left a red dot/mark on my upper cheek under my eye. Now it won’t go away no matter what I do and it looks as if the milia is inside in again under the redness. How can I remove this? Or make it less noticeable?
  14. I am Asian (23) studying in the Netherlands now. I did some research and want to get derma fillers (especially Bellafill)(oh i just read that its banned in Europe..:( ) or punch excision surgery for a depressed box scar on my face. I couldn't find any information about it in the Netherlands, only some plastic surgery clinics provide temporary fillers for treating scars. Any recommendations? (Belgium and Germany could also be on my list if necessary, but no UK since I need a visa for it)
  15. Hi I’ve been getting these purple pimples on my cheeks and they’ve formed a line under my eyes, they hurt and feel dry. One of them has puss coming out, how do I get rid of them?
  16. Hello. So I’ve never really had acne or pimples before. About 3 weeks ago I started plucking my ingrown hairs I noticed on my chin. It literally broke the skin. I then started popping pimples as well thinking I was clearing my face. Well now I have the worst stuff on my face I probably could ever have. Literally swollen and painful and keep reappearing in different spots. It is almost like a blister full of pus, then I would pop it and it just makes it look worse. Me getting tiny white head pimples everywhere. The swollen pimples are on my chin and now my face. Filled with pus. Swollen around the outside. I’ll go down if I get the pus out but then spreads me the next morning I wake up with a bigger swollen lump now my face. Some are painful to touch. Please help me figure out what to do. I have attached a I tire but I have makeup on because it looks so horrible without it. I’ve been telling people I got it by glass on my face. Will upload more pictures tonight after I get home from work but really would like to have something to buy to try. All response is appreciated. I own makeup won’t help but it damn sure doesn’t make it any worse. Omg
  17. I picked a pimple and scabbed my skin, how do I get these marks to fade away?
  18. I had a painful under the skin cyst that lasted a couple of weeks. I did NOT pick it or pop it, but did use hydrocolloid bandaids to help drain it and put benzoyl peroxide on it. Now, the cyst is finally gone except for redness where it was and a HUGE hole! I think the cyst formed because of a blackhead because that’s what it looked like when the cyst first started to form, so I think the hole is the pore with the gunk removed. Is there any hope for it to heal on its own? How should I treat it? Benzoyl peroxide? Glycolic acid? I also have Derma E Scar Gel; would that help if it’s an ice pick scar? I’ve been putting hyrocolloid bandaids on it during the day to hide it since it’s so embarrassing. I’m terrified that the hole will never close. I’m attaching a picture but it doesn’t really show how deep the hole actually is.
  19. So about four months ago I was picking a blackhead and made it bled and got infected and turned into a cystic pimple. Stupid me I popped the pimple and there was nothing but blood that came out again... five days later it scab over and not knowing anything about skin care I peeled the scab off first thing I saw it.. now it left me a big triangle shaped scar in the middle of the cheek... here’s a pic from four months ago. Since then all I have been doing is applying cp serum on it day and night and have not missed one application. That did not seem to improve the appearance of my scar at all. Three weeks ago I also added 2% salicylic acid toner in my routine. Here’s is what it looks like now Beside the redness has gone down I do not see any improvement in terms of “filling in” the hole ... I’m so desperate to find something that would work... what are you guys suggestion!? I’m willing to try anything but the bottom line is I don’t want to make it worst... I’m Asian 24. Idk what kind of in office treatment would work for my skin type and scar type. And if you guys have ideas about in home treatment that would be great!!! Thanks for reading!!
  20. sorry i know that this isnt the place to ask about moles and its place to ask about acne or scars but i dont where on internet to ask this so i asked here i have these moles on my cheel i want them to be removed but without scarring..i read on internet that Scalpel Sclupting or Ellman radiofrequency can remove them without scars...have anybody done that..or know about that any help would be appericiated..please guys..thanxxxx
  21. I have a hypertrophic scar on my forehead. Its very dark in pigment. I have already had a few cortisone shots to flatten it. I have done a few peels but none are working to remove the dark color and I barely see any improvement. Retin a and hydroquinone are not helping it to lighten. I went to a few derms and they suggested either Fraxel Dual or Intracel RF microneedling to help improve the scar at this point. The scar has lichened, meaning it has a leathery appearance. Its not smooth. Should I follow thru with Intracel or Fraxel Dual for hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scar? For reference, I am brown skin.
  22. Hey, i wanted to do a TCA-cross this weekend , but i am also doing a general health check next next week in the hospital (doctor said no eating in 10 hours). I am worrying TCA might effect the result of the health check, should be i be concerned? Couldnt find any information about this.
  23. Hello all, I'm back at my scars again. I was looking good for a few years after Fraxel Re:pair, subcision, and various IPL type lasers in 2012-14. However, my scars have now returned again..ughh.. (no new acne, just reappeared) I am currently taking a break from Microneedling RF treatments (non-insulated). I've had 3 so far and of course, my scarring looks worse than ever. My current doctor does not do subcision but she does fillers. I am taking a break from the Microneedling procedures because they are taking a toll on my sanity (Dr. went so aggressive I lost volume). Moreover, I believe that I should have Subcision done as a must needed scar revision modality. Previously, in 2012-14 I used Dr. Ting (San Ramone) and he's so expensive (per scar) for Subcision. I have scarring all over my face and would like a doctor that is good at subcision and is economical in the bay area. I'm looking to do the suction technique at home after the procedure. I read many posts and I think @beautifulambition mentioned trivalleylivewell for fillers but would they do just subcision? Like you mentioned in your posts, many professionals don't want to do just subcision because they make so much with their 'energy machines' as you put it. Thanks for reading! Chow!
  24. i have seen after mohs surgery doctors put flaps or grafts on that wound and that area heal completely without and difference from surrounding skin..i want to know if it will work for one atrophic scar on face..will that work ? i am curious to know about this ..