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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a cosmetic dermatologist/doctor in London to treat my forehead which has a large shallow and wide boxcar scar. Can anyone recommend some doctors in the city? I have come across Dr Firas Al-Niaimi - does anybody know anything about him? Also, I have read about Dr Tony Chu and have made an initial enquiry at his West London practice. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Hi I recently moved to Minnesota from Chicago and am looking for recommendations for doctor to treat rolling acne scars on the side of my mouth. I have had two courses of bellafill and do light peels/microdermabrasion in the past. The issue is they are tethered, so laser treatment is not what I’m looking for at this point. I am having a difficult time finding a doctor who specializes in bellafill specifically for acne scar treatment. It seems most doctors I’ve consulted with have little to no experience using bellafill for scar treatment and want to recommend lasers as a course of treatment. I am also interested in microbeedling or other options to help the tethered/texture issue. Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I started getting acne when I was around 10 years old. It got pretty severe and then began to clear up when I turned 17. Now at age 25 I have clear skin but am plagued with acne scars. I have been going to a dermatologist for a year now. I receive chemical peels and microdermabrasion every two weeks (alternating). The derm insists that I will see results if I stick with it long enough. My skin looks a lot better as far as my pore size and coloring, but the texture is still awful. The derm says my next step is micro needling. Last month I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. I asked about subcision and filler but the assistant I saw (I didn't actually get to meet with the plastic surgeon) said that I would have better results with Fraxel on top of TCA. She also insisted that first I get on the Obagi system. The plastic surgeon works with Obagi in Los Angeles. She said with Obagi my skin will be in a better place to receive the best results from the Fraxel plus TCA. I was quoted $500 for the Obagi system and $4,200 for the Fraxel with TCA. She didn't even look closely at my skin or change the lighting around. My skin looks fine in some lighting, but in harsh lighting, it looks horrible. I am tempted to go with the recommendations of the plastic surgeon's office, but at that high a price I want to hear some other opinions. Thanks in advance.
  4. Is anyone planning to visit Dr David Lim from the uk in the near or distant future ? And also does anyone have any advice for someone planning to do this. I’ve had enough of seeing over charging, under performing doctors here in the uk and want to finally be rid of my acne scars
  5. Hey everyone - decided to make a post as I'm currently healing from a laser procedure performed last Friday (27/04). I have severe (mainly) rolling and boxcar scars. I've tried erbium (twice), fraxel (4x) and CO2 core laser (1x), I've also had subcision and filler performed on my cheeks. Before all this, I was on accutane for a year. So if anyone has any questions, let me know! I'm going to post pictures right now as I'm healing and what I looked like before. I know people are a bit skeptical about lasers as am I, I must admit. The laser I was treated with is CO2 ULTRAPULSE. I'm from Auckland but was treated in Brisbane, Aus. The cost for one treatment was $1400 AUD by Dr. Lim. I went to the clinic on Friday, got numbed up, had injections, etc. The procedure itself was only about 10 minutes and the pain was about (7/10). Immediately after, I bled and continued to bleed the following 4-5 hours post-op. My face started to swell on the second day post-op. Now I'm about 3 days post-op and the swelling has gone down, but obviously I'm in no position to leave the house as I'm very very red and yuck looking. I'm not sure how many treatments I will need as obviously this is very touch and go. But the doctor did say I would see a lot of improvement this time around. The ULTRAPULSE from what I understand, is more aggressive. I will update if anyone is interested. Post op: Scars: Scars:
  6. Hi everyone! I have really bad acne scars I'm currently seeing a dermatologist right now and have my next laser treatment in APRIL/EARLY MAY (so really soon!) To date I've tried fraxel (to no avail), fully ablative laser resurfracing (erbium), fractional laser resurfacing (CO2 Core Laser) as well as filler/subcision. The reason for my post was 1) to answer any questions for those seeking scar treatments and 2) show people my scars. I've also added my gofundme page here if anyone would be kind enough to donate. Thanks everyone! Edit: Do not post a link for a GoFundMe Page for treatment - Mod's, this is not a advertising site
  7. Hi everyone! First time poster, but I’ve been reading these forums and have really found so much information- and inspiration from all the support you offer each other A quick background about me, I am turning 35 next month and my acne scars are really bothering me, I think they are looking worse with my age and collagen loss. I also recently went through a divorce and am trying to date again after a long time- so I know some of this is psychological! On top of it, I work as a makeup artist and it’s my job to make skin look flawless- talk about a head trip haha! (I'm thinking about starting a post with makeup tricks I have learned over the years) I had 3 very mild microneedling treatments a year ago, I tried a Vi peel about a month ago but I think I’m ready to try something more advanced. I’m between infini RF treatments, or trying deeper microneedling with another doctor and peels, or possibly subcision? Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you!
  8. Hello guys, I’m a 19 year old who has severe acne scars caused by cystic, inflammatory acne. After a few years of dealing the pain of having this curse (started at about 13), I finally got put on Accutane (around age 16). While this cleared up all my acne, it came well too late. The damage was already done. I had a bunch of shallow scars left over from the terrible breakouts over the years. Now I’m left with the painful reminder everyday when I look in the mirror. My scars have kept me from going outside my bubble, meeting new people, starting relationships, etc. My life is pretty lonely, depressing, and flat out boring. I constantly obsess over my appearance every day. I suffer from low self-esteem among many things because of my face. And I’m really starting to lose hope. I just wanted you guys to see so maybe you can recommend what treatments would be best or to just give me any helpful advice. Anything would be appreciated. I’m under no delusion that my scars will ever go away completely, but any progress is something I’ll take. I’m on a budget as I’m attending college next fall and I’m currently unemployed, so laser treatments really aren’t an option for me. I’m pretty sure my scars are worse than the majority of people I’ve seen on here posting on this forum.
  9. I just had a consultation today with a plastic surgeon regarding subcision and fillers. I live in Toronto so it was hard to find someone that offers this, and he was one of the few and pretty close to me with free consultation. Anyways his nurse looked at my face first and immediately suggested a variety of lasers which I knew I did not want. I specifically asked for subcision and she said that yes, it will improve but you won't get as ~amazing~ results as lasers (what a load of bs). She said that one round of subcision should be enough for me and also suggested Bellafill. Now from what I've read here it is suggested to go with HA fillers so I didn't want to do that. Anyways the doctor came in later and looked at my face for like...5 min and said yeah, you can do subcision but I really recommend fractora laser. I thought he would be more thorough but he didn't even take a close look at my scars or look at them under angled lighting He didn't even tell me what scars I had According to the clinic nokor subcision is a common procedure he does, and the price they quoted was about $800 CAD for the full face. Does that sound reasonable? They said that if I do the subcision, I can go back and do the filler later, and it costs about $500-600 for a HA filler. Do you think I should get a second opinion or go with this guy? It bothered me a bit that he didnt really look at my scars closely. He's mainly a rhinoplasty surgeon and doesn't have many reviews on acne scar revision. Here are some pics of my scars for reference...thanks for all your help!
  10. How to treat these scars?

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    Hi, my name is Zacharias and I'm from Belgium and 22 years old. Just wanted to ask which kind of scars I got and what the best treatment option would be? I know they are very minor and I have nothing to complain about but they somehow bother me already for a while. Thank you for your answers.
  11. Dear all, After a couple of years of silently observing (and learning so much) around here, I have finally decided to join in and share my story/upcoming journey of acne scars revision. First of all, let me share the pictures of my scars. As you can see, I have them both on the cheeks (mostly around the mouth, quite untypically) and forehead. The mouth area worries me the most as the dense scarring creates wrinkly, saggy, uneven and aged appearance. My acne scars treatments history: - Biostimulation laser (red light therapy) – hardly did anything but I was new to this and this was what my aesthetician recommended so I went with it - Countless sessions of dermarolling ( 0.75-1mm roller) - Several sessions of dermapen (1-2mm) in the last ½ year – I believe effects of which are really visible over time! I have been avoiding lasers so far – after reading experiences of fellow acne scarring sufferers it really doesn´t seem to me as an effective treatment. I am also scared of volume loss as a negative side effect. I am already starting to lose volume in my cheeks (sunken cheeks run in my family) and I have read that sometimes fat loss is a side effect of laser treatments. But I am certainly gonna research and educate myself more on this complex topic in the future. ___ SUBCISION Now, I have read a lot around here on subcision and decided I want to give it a shot since it is a treatment that really makes sense to me (releasing the scars) and since I have seen some amazing results. Unfortunately, I live in a country where no one performs it (actually there is no one specializing in acne scars in the whole country) but since I live in Europe, I saved up money and am travelling to Denmark in 2 weeks. Obviously, I haven´t had a consultation with the doctor yet (mid-January) as he doesnt do them via Skype but I am really hoping he will find me a suitable candidate for subcision and will perform the treatment right away. Also might combine it with TCA cross. If I do get subcision, I plan to do suction afterwards. Already ordered suction devices from owndoc and also a cupping set. Apart from documenting and sharing my journey here after I am done with the treatment (pictures), I would also like to ask you a few questions regarding your opininon about my scars (what types, what treatments you think might help me) and about subcision in general. Subcision–related questions: 1) Is there something I should/could do prior to subcision - with regards to skin care routine, dietary supplements - to prepare my skin and improve the results? 2) Is there something I should definitely avoid? (i.e. what ingredients in skin care, what supplements) 3) What can I do after the treatment to improve the results? I am planning to take collagen + HA supplements + enzymes that improve healing (they are recommended after surgeries but also illnesses in general to help the organism to jump start immune system and healing) 4) I am also planning to do practically the same routine as I do after dermapen – treat the skin with HA serum, peptide serums, or growth factor serums (not at the same time :)) maybe one thing in the morning, another in the evening) – to stimulate the repair process and collagen production. Is this desirable after subcision too, or it works differently? 5) Is dermapen session helpful like a week before and maybe 2-3 weeks after subcision? Im even thinking I might do PRP. 6) Will suction still be safe even if I do TCA cross along with subcision? I am sorry that this post is SO LONG – I actually really tried to be concise and structured since there are so many topics and questions and thoughts I have around acne scars. Thanks so much to anyone who is willing to share their comments and ideas.
  12. Waiting for treatment

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    How long do people wait with subcision on new scars? Mine is 2 months old and am wondering if waiting 6 months is the right thing to do. Thanks.
  13. So if you've been stalking my old posts, you would know that I'm really big on using DMSO ( DMSO pretty much scavenges and eats free-radicals for lunch. More importantly, it breaks up scars and boosts collagen.* Iodine, being an essential metabolic element, helps in scar regeneration. Copper peptide works amazingly well in scar reduction. Hyaluronic acid serum is all about wrinkle-free smooth skin, aka anti-aging. * DMSO should not be used alone but combined with others like the ones listed above. Only use topically, namely, don't get it into you eyes, nose, mouth, and any other possible opening or orifice that I've left out. Lastly, be smart. Don't overuse it. One word of caution about DMSO: DMSO is a transdermal agent, meaning it gets absorbed into the skin, so make sure you clean the site before application and be certain it doesn't come in contact with anything dirty, like soiled clothes. Also avoid plastic and latex gloves when handling DMSO. From what I know, all the toxins found in plastic/latex will get sucked in by DMSO and penetrate into the skin and/or bloodstream. Spooked yet? On the other hand, because DMSO is very effective as a delivery agent, it works beautifully as a vehicle to take your topical cream or liquid down into the skin. Take hyaluronic acid serum for example. The molecule of HA acid to too damn large to penetrate our skin barrier, so it just sits on top. To be effective, the hyaluronic acid needs to be absorbed into your skin, period. By using DMSO, this is quite possible. ◙ Previous threads worth regurgitating ◙ Regeneration of Human Scar Tissue with Topical Iodine
  14. I'd really appreciate if you tell me the type of my scars and the best solutions for treating them. I'm 29 years old. I've had this scars for 10 years and what bugs me a lot is the biggest linear scar which has ruined my life! So I'd like to know if there is any treatment to improve that one or it'is just a waste of money.
  15. This is a cross post from the Acne Scar sub discussing new data 2017 changing the thinking of (one must wait 6 months for treatment after tane),... Accutane / Isotretinoin and the possibility of acne / scar treatment during and shortly after prescription usage.
  16. How long should i wait between subcision treatments? What is the minimum time? I have deep scarring so i will probably need 2 or more subcisions. Thank you all for your answers
  17. So I am 18 and i still have some active acne but i am wondering if the marks on my face are indented scars or just pigmentation. I started useing differin 5 weeks ago for the acne, will that combat these marks, and if they are scars will differin even them out?
  18. I popped a pimple and this pinky red patch has been on my forehead for about 5 days. What is this and will it scar? Will aloe Vera gel help? I have been applying anti-septic cream but I think that's been slowing down healing. I have olive skin if that helps.
  19. Scar Type and treatment options

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    Hello All, I have been suffering from cystic acne from last 10 years. I was on antibiotics and accutane for quite a while and with second course of accutane last year my acne went into remission. I do get small zits but the frequency has decreased drastically. But as we all are aware that with severe acne comes severe scarring. I have been researching on internet about the types of scarring i have and possible treatment of it. My dermatologist suggested me laser considering my skin type and level of scarring. It goes without saying that the scarring has ruined my social life to a great extent and i have been living in my own shell from last 10 years. But all being said, I am still very hopeful and trying my best to cope up with it. At last, I need some help from all the viewers who were or are in similar situation like mine to suggest the possible treatment for my scarring as i wasn't very confident with suggestion of my dermatologist to go with laser. Is there any other treatment which can be effective for me. I am not looking for cure just a way to enhance the appearance or smooth out my skin. Very Gratefully, Divy
  20. Paying for treatment - Advice needed.

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    Hey all, I have deep acne scars over my face, which are indented. I am on the wait list for my dermatologist, but in the meantime, I continue to roll with a 2mm dermaroller. I own the highest TCA chemical peel available in the UK (30% I believe), so I'm not looking for a peel from the GP. I looked around in my area and found one that was highly rated. I understand that peels won't do anything with deep scarring and yet many GP's suggest them. From looking around, the practise of subcision is effective. I emailed the GP and had a response back. " I am a fully qualified GP with my own practice in the heart of the city and I have a specialist interest in Facial Aesthetics. I have qualified as an Advanced Level Practitioner in numerous Cosmetic Injectable Techniques & Procedures. I am also a Facial Aesthetics Tutor and has successfully trained several practitioners over the years with regards to Cosmetic Injectables so you know you are in safe hands.For scarring I use dermal fillers and dermapen for optimum results. With this combination treatment, get fantastic results. 3 - 4 sessions are required, each 4-6 weeks apart. Each session is £400. I would suggest a free consultation for me to assess your scarring and decide on optimum treatment. We can then proceed if you so wish.I appreciate you have deep scars - I also use TCA chemical peels for this. Subcision is not my preferred choice, but we can discuss this option." Do you think it's worth checking out? His methods are dermapen, which I own and can safely say you need more than 3 - 4 sessions. The price is steep but I don't own any dermal fillers, so maybe that's worth the cost? I don't want TCA chemical peels because I own them. With that said, subcision is what I want. Do you think it's worth asking him despite that not being his preferred method? I ask because getting to his clinic is costly for me, but if it gets the job done, then that's great. Thanks for reading!!
  21. i need help for scar + acne

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    i need help. what kind of acne/scar is this? what kind of treatment should i get. this is my first time im having this kind of breakouts. it is really scary and i have loss my confidence
  22. i need help for scar + acne

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    i need help. what kind of acne/scar is this? what kind of treatment should i get. this is my first time im having this kind of breakouts. it is really scary and i have loss my confidence
  23. what should i do ? i used to have a clear skin but then acne started to pop out and i hate it a lot and pick all those acne. now i have scar all over my face. i cant differentiate whether it is scar or black marks? please give me some advice what should i do ? which treatment should i go ? As you can see , my lower part of my face is having that problem. and no, i dont have chicken pox or whatsoever
  24. At the moment I'm on Lucky Vitamin stocking up on on spices and realized that I should turn my attention to my biggest problem. My skin: never quite breaks out, but the pimples that do come usually stick around for a long time I mainly have a lot of hyperpigmentation. Red, dark marks, along with what I guess is some inflammation, along with dull, oily, sometimes flaky skin. Now I have some witch hazel toner, some cocoa butter/jojoba oil moisturizer, this cleanser: I can't decide between emu, marula, argan, and rosehip oil for my acne scars. There's also a product by Acure that's supposed to be a radical resurfacing treament with lemon prebiotics, but I don't know if it necessarily would work any better than their night or day cream.
  25. Retin-A / Chemical damage.

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    Hey guys, I'm 27 and my nightmare started almost two years ago, I was using AHA's and Retin-A in an attempt to lighten some sun damage on my face (which I still have) when I realized I was doing a great deal of damage to my face. My pores became huge and stretched out on my cheeks, some are as big or bigger than the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen and have an irregular shape like someone stretched them out. I have the dreaded orange peel texture and large dents of varying depths in my face and broken capillaries, mostly on my nose but a few on my cheeks. I've never been too concerned with scarring as I had very little before, but this has consumed me. I don't know if anyone has done as much damage to their face with topicals as I have. I've tried talking to talking to family and friends about it, they told me to get over it or that I had BDD, in hindsight I've been wearing lotion since this happened because my face was dry and it does minimize some of the damage, it's still noticeable but when my face dries out it looks significantly worse. Every day I wake up with an overwhelming sense of sadness, it just feels so hopeless. The only thing that has kept me going is the belief that there is something out there that can help me, I've done endless amounts of research on scar treatments: Subcision, needling, peels, TCA cross, laser, punch excision, but I'm scared to pursue any of these treatments because harsh products are what got me into this mess in the first place. I have very little money so laser is off the table as is seeing any Dermatologists/Plastic Surgeons and even ablative lasers don't seem to do much for scarring anyway. My biggest hope has come from TCA peels and cross where people with scarring similar to mine have seen significant improvements but like I said, I'm afraid I will just make it worse. Has anyone been through a similar situation, or had scarring like I've described and treated it successfully?