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  1. I finally feel I am in a place comfortable with my skin, take what you wish and what’s helpful for you. to clarify, ( I may get one pimple a month?) I’ll cut straight to what helped me, I have very dry skin and then sometimes it’s very oily. St Ives Blemish control (wash face once a day at night) do NOT put a lot on your face. If your face feels dry afterwards, you have put on way to much. my moisturizer is Aloe Vera, (this is when I really experienced a huge difference in my skin. My guess is it will for you too) lotion is just too irritating. NOT just any aloe Vera though Alba Botanical Very Emollient after sun. This is important. These two two things are all I put on skin, less is more. Sometimes I’ll gently wipe my face with water in morning but find it really does strip natural oils away so if I do, it’s usually just wipe forehead and cheeks. This alone doesn’t make skin clear, there’s a couple other things I do. Suppliments: if skin is very oily, Zinc (50mg) every other day) multi vitamin (don’t buy cheap brand) omega 3 for when face feels dry most important I recommend is probiotic 100%. Twice a day keep upper lip line clean when eating. Vit D from sun is a game changer! Make sure you are hydrated and have not overdone it with stripping oils from face. Take omega 3 if it’s drying. Read into Vit D role in acne, huge difference and a tan is always nice. Diet: gluten free I try to do. I think sugar isn’t the best. Coffee def trigger for me. My suggestion is to not focus on what you can’t eat, but just start consuming more salads and fruits. Veggies, etc. allow yourself to “cheat” on foods. Working out, I need to be better at as it helps skin rejuvenate. For men, stop shaving for a couple weeks. I noticed shaving can cause me to break out if I’m doing it all the time. Stop, stop picking at your skin. Even small Whitehead’s, give them a chance to go at naturally on their own. Lastly surround yourself with good people and find what you are passionate about and do it. Best of luck.
  2. Hello, I’m planning on getting a tattoo, I’ve been around 5 months into accurate, on a 20mg every other day, the tattoo is to cover a scar, I’m wondering how bad can things go? It’s not an option for me to wait at this time since I have to travel abroad for a year and I the scar is terrible. has anyone gotten a tattoo? It’s in an arm if that helps. I haven’t had any real side effects, the most I’ve had has been dry lips, and they even seem okay when I don’t apply ointment Any input would be great! Thank you or should I ask my tattoo artist?
  3. Hello! Its been a while since I posted on here so I wanted to post an update on my scaring. Today I went through my progression photos before starting any treatments, up until today where I have had a CO2 laser, 3 subcisions and several sessions of dermapen. Its always hard to get lighting the same each time, but I still think I have some good results. Looking at the first photo, on the right side the scars look very "sharp", I remember my plastic surgeon saying the laser would smooth the edges out. None of the photos have microswelling, as all photos are taken several months after treatments. Let me know what you think :).
  4. I am a 54kg female (early 20’s) with mild/moderate (although annoyingly persistent) acne and my derm has prescribed me 10mg Roaccutane per day as a starting dose. My acne is characterized by mainly closed comedones all over my cheeks and jaw with some cystic which tend to scar very badly. I’ve attached some pictures below of my skin pre-Accutane for reference. Weirdly it seems to be way more severe on my right side, with my left only having a small amount of closed comedones (no cysts). Anyway, the dermatologist seemed to think that 10mg per day would still be effective for my acne/skin type with intentions to bump me up to 20mg in the second month and possibly 40mg the months thereafter depending on my results. I am only on day 4 and so far haven’t really experienced any of the dreaded side effects, apart from noticing that a few more whiteheads are popping up here and there. The good news is that the cysts I had on my cheek pre-Accutane cleared up pretty soon after starting. Usually these would linger for 2, sometimes even 3/4 weeks *sigh* Are there any other low-dosers out there who have seen results on this milder form of treatment? All comments/advice welcomed!!
  5. My results

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    About two years ago I posted a picture here right after finishing my accutane treatment. I was asking about my rolling acne scars and how to treat them. I ended up trying out microneedling, which gave me pretty good results.? Though I still have a long way to go to achieve my ultimate goal with them, I’m not angry at my results lol! I’m sharing just in case anyone can relate and wants to find a treatment option that is less expensive than laser. Also, if anyone has any advice on how I can help make mine better with other treatments. The pictures with the white jacket are the original pictures. The rest are the results
  6. My Regimen Results!

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    I wasn't going to post these pictures because it's embarrassing to see just how bad my skin used to be!!! However, I figured someone could benefit from my struggle. I've struggled with acne for the last 10 years. I've tried changing my diet, prescription meds, Proactiv, Murad, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, all-natural face washes, masks, scrubs, etc. YOU NAME IT, I'VE TRIED IT!!!! I even tried to cover it with makeup. But no matter how much concealer you use, there's just no covering a bumpy surface! It got to the point where I gave up hope. I figured it just wasn't meant for me to have clear, glowing skin--Until I came across the regimen. Of course, I was EXTREMELY skeptical because, like every thing else I've tried, nothing seemed to work. So I figured what else do I have to lose. Either my skin would get better or worse (which seemed impossible) lol. After watching countless successful reviews on YouTube, I placed my order. 1 year later and my skin has done a complete 180!!! Never in a million years did I think I would have clear, glowing, supple skin! Thanks to the Regimen, I no longer suffer from acne, redness, inflammation, or cystic pimples. If you or someone you know is struggling with acne PLEASE do not lose hope!! You don't have to struggle with acne for the rest of your life! Trust me!!! I've been there!!! There's been times when I wanted to quit using this system because I wasn't seeing results fast enough but I stuck with it. My skin isn't 100% perfect..(YET)...but it's a hell of a lot better than when I started!! Thank God for Change & Thank you !!!!!! (I watermarked it because I didn't want skincare companies to falsely advertise my pics.)
  7. I had four months of perfect skin after accutane, but my acne has suddenly returned (its not as bad as before YET, but it looks pretty freakin bad today). Basically, I'm leaving for a 10-day dream vacation in 2 days, and I am wondering if I should start The Regimen now or wait until I get back. I would do anything to have clearer skin for the trip. If I start today, will I see any results in the next week of so? Or on the flip side, would my skin possibly be worse due to an IB? What were the first two weeks like for you? I am currently using Panoxyl 10% BP Wash twice daily. (Which I mentioned in case it deceases my chance of an IB or overdryness) Thanks in advance for your help!! *I've actually done the Regimen before so I'm confident I won't have an allergic reaction or anything. But it was 10 years ago and I don't remember what it was like at the beginning
  8. Best age for scars treatment

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    Well, I have what I think are moderate-to-severe acne scars, with rolling, boxcar, ice pick, and enlarged pore types, the oldest scars being 5-6 years old, and I was wondering at what age it would be too late to treat my scars; that is, at what age it wouldn't be possible to get good results. I know it's kind of hard to tell how bad my scars are without any pictures (which I'll be posting soon), but I guess I could get an estimate. I want to know this because I can't really treat my scars until I get a job, which isn't happening and won't probably happen until 2019 (impossibility due to personal matters, college, etc.). I'm 20 years old, if that's of any use. Thank you all, and sorry for probable infraction of forum rules and grammar/spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.
  9. I'm thinking of starting the regimen, since it seems like it has helped a lot of people, but I'm not sure if I want to use alle the products. I allready have a cleanser I like because it's very gentle and not very drying(I've heard the regimen clenaser is quite drying), and since the moisturizer has such bad reviews I thought I'd skip that too( I have my own moisturizer) and only try the benzoyl peroxide. The benzoyl peroxide is supposed to be the actual treatment though, isn't it? Anyhow, would it be stupid of me only to use one of the products, or can I stick to the products I currently use and just add the benzoyl peroxide? Thanks in advance<3
  10. I have performed TCA cross on ice pick scars and enlarged pore scars on my face and I have seen great success so far. The ones that are not on my face are like 90% gone but the ones on my nose are more stubborn. Like 30% improvement maybe. Are ice pick scars on nose harder to improve and if so why is that? I have only done 1 treatment so far and will wait 4 weeks after I applied the TCA to do it again. 1 treatment seemed to do miracles for the rest of my face but as I said the nose is a lot more difficult. I also successfully removed small skin tags on my face and it looks much better now. I'm using MSM cream and Biafine cream after to help with healing and moisturising. I also take collagen supplements and vitamin D(if that helps I have no idea but it doesn't hurt). Cheers!
  11. It's now been 6 weeks since I took my final dose of isotretinoin, so thought I should provide an update. I noticed the drug leaving my system after I stopped taking it - I became less tired after a week or two, stopped aching after going to the gym after about four weeks and now I no longer have to apply lip balm every five minutes! The moisture levels in my skin and my eyes appear to be back to normal and I feel the same as I did before taking it. The most exciting part so far is that I have still not had a single spot (or any feeling that one might appear), so it is still working. Hopefully that will continue! I am still using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion as it has been great up to now. In my last week of taking isotretinoin, I experienced a slight rash on my chin, but it went away after a couple of days and has not returned. All in all, I'm incredibly happy with the results and have received numerous compliments on my skin, which is pretty amazing given my 'before' photos.
  12. Hello all, Long time viewer, first time poster. Keeping this as simple as I can, here is a background to my skin, my experiences on the regimen and my learning’s that I want to pass onto all of you currently fighting acne. Up until the age of 23, I had mile acne. I wasn't covered in it, however I was prone to big cystic pimples, irritation and my shoulders were in a bad way. I loosely tried various ways to fix it, but in the end I think I just grew out of it. While my skin substantially cleared up, it was never perfect and I was always wary that on any particular morning I could wake up with a break out of 3 or 4 large cystic pimples. In between those break outs however, things were good and I was content, I had gotten use to living like that it was the norm for me. At the start of last year, at 27 years of age, I had a break out like I was prone to. 3 large pimples around my chin formed and it took 2 weeks for them to subside. A week after that, I had another break out, this time worse. This continued to happen until March when I began to realise that I was now suffering from full blown acne. Cycstic acne was popping up all over my face, chest and back, while under the skin I could feel it festering. I had never been so low and embarrassed, here I was turning up to work at 28 years of age looking worse than pubescent kids going to school. One Doctor said it could be a staff infection, another said it was rosacia until finally in May I admitted to myself that it was acne and looked into how best to deal with it. I won't go through all of the methods that I tried, but I will only talk about what worked. Here are 4 main steps that I took that completely transformed my face in the space in a matter of months: Benzoyl Peroxide When I came across this page, obviously I was over the moon. I rushed to the shop and grabbed myself all of the ingredients and began the process. It worked, maybe not as quickly as I wanted it to, but it worked. I had issue like everybody else, I overdid it trying to speed the process up and ended up causing irritation to my face and burning it in places. Despite always having oily skin, it completely dried out, was sore and pimples were still coming through. Now that I've found my solution to the irritation though, see below, I absolutely swear by this product. My girlfriend now uses it as well as other people in my family and it's worked wonders for them, so please stick it out. It took 4 months for some of the lumps under my skin to completely go away, so you just have to be patient. Cutting out Dairy At my lowest point, I was sitting at work one day pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I had changed, what could be causing my face to look how it was. That was when I realised all that had changed from the year before was that I had switched my breakfast over from toast to cereal (with milk), had started taking whey protein shakes again (more milk and dairy) and was drinking more coffee (more milk again). I did a quick search in google to see if there was any connection between the 2 and came across article after article of people talking about the effects dairy had on their skin. Now I don't want to sit here and argue about the science behind it, it doesn't matter to me. For every person that says dairy does cause acne, another person is adamant that it doesn't. All I know is that I cut it out of my diet and my skin improved out of this world. While the acne on my face may have been controlled by the benzoyl, I wasn't doing anything different on my back and it too was improving. Fast forward 6 months and now I only have almond milk in my coffee and cereal, I avoid eating cheese regularly and I drink pea protein shakes instead of whey protein. Small changes that make no real difference to my life that actually work. A few weeks ago over Christmas I went back to milk (away on holidays and it was all that was in the fridge) and I had my first mini break out for the first time in months. If you are serious about your skin and want to do what you can, try it. Give it 3 months, don't expect results over night and see for yourself the impact that it was. Washing my hair every night before bed This last change I made was more a theory of my own and using common sense, but it coincided with the turnaround in my skin. For whatever reason, I got into the habit of leaving my hair gel in overnight and washing it in the morning. Thinking about this logically, I would then lie on my pillow and press my face against it during the course of the night, most probably clogging my pores in the process. Keen to avoid this I now make sure my hair is clean every night before bed and it appears to be working. Avoid using products In Australia we can buy Benzoyl Peroxide off the shelves in the form of a cream called Benzac. This is what I started my regime with, Benzac cream, Cetaphil cleanser and various moisturises (no real preference). Combining these and following the steps of the regime, I started to see results and got excited. Despite knowing it would take time, I wanted it faster and all of the commentary from Dan on was that for the best results I should be using his own products as they are what work best. So I bit the bullet, paid a fortune for shipping and had the Benzoyl peroxide delivered, 2 massive tubes that would last me months. Like the instructions show, I built up the amount I used until I was lathering my face with the stuff. The problem was though, for the first time in months, my skin was irritated and seemed to be going backwards. I tried reducing the amount, using it only once a day, but nothing would work. While my skin was still relatively clear, I didn't want to have dry irritated skin for the rest of my life. It actually looked noticeably sore. Unable to ride it out, after a month I looked on line to see when people were reporting that their skin got used to the products and the irritation died down. Instead I realised that there were 100's of posts from people out there who have been using Dan's products for years and still can't get rid of the irritation. It was at that point I realised that Dan's products aren't the best. Without being a cynic, basic sense tells you that if you were selling a product, you would convince your audience that it is the best product on the market, the only product that really works and you would also encourage your audience to use as much of it as possible so they have to buy more sooner. That is effectively what Dan’s Regimen does, it encourages you to use far more than anywhere else does and constantly reminds you that for best results, you need to use his products. Eager to make a change I switched back to 5% Benzac from my local chemist and the results are utterly amazing. My skin is soft, there is no irritation at all and even if I miss a week of moisturising, my skin isn't dry. Stuck with 1.5 tubes of Dan’s stuff, I decided to give them to my girlfriend to use. She had run out of Benzac and only required a minor amount on her skin so figured she might have some more success than I had. A month later she gave it back, questioning whether it even worked and claiming that her face had gotten that dry it hurt to smile. She's now back using Benzac and her skin too is perfect. Fast forward a year, my skin is blemish free. I actually don't get pimples at all, there isn't a single mark on my face or back and my girlfriends is heading in the same direction. I actually forgot how it felt to have clear skin and it hasn't been like this since I was an early teenager. I no longer stress about waking up with a cyst or a break out and I never thought I would get to this stage. In summary, my regimen is as follows: Small amount (10c piece) of Benzoyl Peroxide in the form of Benzac applied once a day before bed to my cheeks and chin. Avoid milk and dairy products. Ensure hair products are washed out of hair every night before bed. Avoid using products and stick to the products actually stocked on shelves. Any questions, please just ask. Happy to help anyone that might need it.
  13. I thought I would post some photographs of my progress since I started taking Isotretinoin 6 months ago. I have 1 month left to go and still no spots, so I am incredibly happy with the results so far! Photos 1 and 2 were taken before treatment started in mid-April 2016. Photos 3 and 4 were taken in June 2016, 3 weeks after starting treatment. Photo 5 was taken in August 2016, just over 2 months into treatment and Photo 6 was taken in November 2016, so after 6 months of treatment.
  14. So this is my 90 day review my skin was amazing actually the best I've seen it, EVER. I was still only using the cleanser, the treatment, and the moisturizer, however I felt like at this point I needed to exfoliate my skin. Not to mention I also used the PMD Microderm face kit once or twice a month as well.. so my face was feeling a little flaky like dead skin was building up and I needed extra moisturizer through the day. these are the review pictures for August and September (2&3 'months into product )
  15. after 3 weeks

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    the result after 3 weeks I think I started to fast that's why my face red and painful:(
  16. So I'm 41 and German, English, Irish. I started getting my first Sebaceous Hyperplasias at about 27. Then about fifteen more within the next few years. So first thing I did was have a dermatologist freeze them. The liquid Nitrogen didn't penetrate any and so I tried later on Compound w Freeze away and a professional liquid Nitrogen spray and none could do anything but peel the surface skin a bit. So that myth is bunk. I will tell each method and experiences in continued blogs. Please share yours.
  17. Please answer the week 1 poll! WEEK 1 RECAP My skin got super dry around day 3 and is still dry on day 7. Im using lots and lots of moisturizer to try and combat it. Over the past week the overall redness of my face has become signifigantly better Im still getting pimples at a regular rate, but they go away faster and dont get as inflamed I got a cystic pimple (something ive only had one of before) but i believe its coincidence and not because of the treatment, and its shrinking Skin Condition My skin was redder than usual this morning. Nothing crazy but not how my skin usually looks when I first wake up on this treatment. Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks 3 red pimples on my lip now I felt some red painful areas on my chin in the morning and by evening they had turned into 3 tiny whiteheads My skin dryness isnt all that bad anymore. Only around my mouth is it still a little excessive, but I have it handled. Still takes a washcloth to remove dead skin in the morning and plenty of moisturizer throughout the day I have 1 red pimple on my forehead The deep "underground" pimple is smaller, dryer and less painful than yesterday Application This morning I washed my face with warm water and then my sulfacleanse I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions to remove all the dry skin that needed to be shed I applied a thick layer of moisturizer After that dried I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it I decided to ice my pimples again today because it worked really well yesterday. I focused on the deep underground pimple, the 2 on my upper lip, and the painful area on my chin that I assume will be a pimple soon. I took my doxycycline Midday I washed with warm water and a little hydrating cleanser Before bed I Washed my face with the hydrating cleanser I applied moisturizer (yes im switching it up again tonight and applying poisturizer before adapelene) because I have some plans tomorrow that I really want to minimize the dryness of my skin for I waited a little while I applied a small amount of adapelene on my cheeks, tip of my chin and forehead I waited a litte while MORE moisturizer!! Feelings/Thoughts/Observations Less dryness than yesterday so im continuing to see improvement in that department Even though my skin is still improving overall (in texture and acne marks), i do have a few more pimples going on than I did 2 or 3 days ago. It seems like the ice has made the big underground pimple start to go away, but im not cancelling my appointment scheduled for next thursday (8 days away) to get it injected just yet. This is because next thursday is the day before my birthday, so I want to keep the appointment in case any other cystic pimples emerge. I want to have clear skin for my birthday! Notes Take this weeks survey please! im curious to see you guy's experiences If you guys have questions or advice feel free to comment!
  18. Accutane works!!!!!

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    I ended my accutane treatment about 2 months ago. I put in some before and after pics and as you can see, the results for me were stellar. When I was on the pills, however, (that sounds like birth control lol) there were many times when I would lose hope because I was 4 or 5 months in and still breaking out (although progress had been made, my post acne red marks hadn't been helped that much) however after being off of the medicine, my skin is no longer dried out and unhealthy and my marks have gone away (I also make sure to wear sunscreen on my face because sun can slow the process) All in all the best decision I ever made was to go on Accutane I have my confidence back and I love my skin it works wonders...
  19. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a little update of my 4 month journey with this regimen. Quick background story: Hormonal acne, mild and I was on the pill Yasmin for more than 10 years, stopped, had a bunch of acne, tried a bunch of "natural" treatments, didn't stick to a routine, got scared, went back on the pill, it was horrible and now I stopped it again, 6 months ago, promising to stick to the regimen. For the longer version, check . So, here I am 4 months after, my skin is great and super soft. I don't remember ever having such soft skin. I tried quitting BP because I was afraid of long term use, but 2 weeks and my skin broke out. Yeah, I'm in it for the long run, it seems. My routine right now is the following: AM - Cleanse - BHA (salicylic acid 2%) and wait 30 min - Moisturizer - Physical Sunscreen 50 SPF PM - Cleanse - BP 5% (there's no less around here) and wait 10 to 15 min - Moisturizer with jojoba oil - Vaseline sometimes, if I'm feeling my skin needs extra moisture I use only a small amount of BP, less than half a finger. I find that it's quite enough given that my acne is mild. However, if I feel my skin is starting to have a strange texture, like it may start to break out, I use a bit more BP for the next few days. I used to put BP in my neck as well, because I got some acne there but now I just have a huge patch of dry skin like an allergic reaction of a sort. So, no more BP there. Also, once a week, in the PM I skip the BP and moisturizer and sleep with a Hyaluronic Acid silicone mask. In the morning, with breakfast, I take Zinc Picolinate 22mg (before it was Zinc Citrate 30mg), Evening Primrose Oil 1050mg and Vitamin D 20ug. I tried AHA but I don't think I do well with Glycolic Acid, honestly. I broke out every time. I will be incorporating Vitamin C serum soon, which I hope will help me my skin colour more even. Now for the good stuff: the pictures! Just a note... I had 2 pimples in my jaw out of nowhere yesterday - I don't usually get them though. But it is that time of the month......
  20. I am 25 and have low estrogen!

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    I received my saliva hormone test results back - and I have very low Estrogens, actually normal-low range Progesterone and normal-high range Testosterone. What are your thoughts?! RESULTS: Estradiol - 0.8 Progesterone - 112 Testosterone - 48 Ratio: Pg/E2 - 140 RANGES: Estradiol: 1.3 - 3.3 (Pre-meno / Luteal) Progesterone: 75-270 (Pre-meno / Luteal) Testosterone: 16-55 (Age dependent?) Ratio: Pg/E2: Optimal 100-500 When E2 1.3 - 3.3
  21. Hello! I am working with a naturopath on trying to get to the root of my acne, but I would love everyone's opinion on what is going on here! I just received my hormone saliva test results, and they are a bit odd. Like everyone else, I thought I probably had a low progesterone / high estrogen dominance thing going on. And of course, since Spironolactone worked so well for me and for so long (until it just stopped working one day) I thought I probably had high Androgens that were unbalanced by the low Progesterone etc. BUT I actually have extremely low Estrogens, and what looks like normal to slightly low Progesterone, and slightly high Testosterone (which I am hoping is just because of the balance of having the other two main hormones lower. So, I am 25 years old, not 50 like these tests read - have had acne ever since I started my period as a kid. Why is my body not producing barely any Estrogen? Is there something going on with my ovaries or my pituitary? What do you guys think the root of this hormonal imbalance is? How do you think I could fix it? I am assuming my naturopath will have me stay on Vitex, and supplement somehow with estrogen? I'm not sure I really wasn't prepared for this kind of result, I thought maybe I would start a Progesterone cream and get on a DIM, but nope - I have no Estrogen a totally different problem. RESULTS: Estradiol - 0.8 Progesterone - 112 Testosterone - 48 Ratio: Pg/E2 - 140 RANGES: Estradiol: 1.3 - 3.3 (Pre-meno / Luteal) Progesterone: 75-270 (Pre-meno / Luteal) Testosterone: 16-55 (Age dependent?) Ratio: Pg/E2: Optimal 100-500 When E2 1.3 - 3.3
  22. So I have been using a daily AHA (Paula's Choice skin perfecting 8% gel) for almost 2 weeks now on a patch test area of my face where I have scarring and normally get acne. Before I started the AHA I had been using Paula's BHAs (several over the course of several months) on this particular area of my face without any improvement. In fact it made my skin worse. I still got blackheads and clogged pores, I still had redness, scars didn't fade my skin looked a wrinkly texture and I just never stopped breaking out even past the initial "purging" period. I thought I'd try AHAs after reading that some people had found more success with those than the BHAs. I use it once a day and these are the changes I have noticed so far: Initial smoothing of the skin (but this hasn't lasted) Dry skin and flaking No improvement in scars I just keep breaking out Skin has a wrinkly texture As you can see, no improvement at all. I just wondered what I should be expecting from an AHA. Does this sound like I should stop and give up on AHA?
  23. Yesterday I did an at home 25% Mandelic Acid Peel from I did it to treat hyperpigmentation, red marks from shaving, breakouts on the sides of my face and some ingrown hairs. Today, my forehead is covered in small red marks. It looked much better before the peel even happened. The sides of my face have very minor peeling but are mostly covered in red blotches. I discontinued using tretinoin roughly 36 hours before the peel, did not leave the acid on for more than 3 minutes or so, and washed it off thoroughly. I am wondering if this is a normal reaction and will go away in the next few days or if I did more damage. This was supposed to be a mild peel. I've attached pictures. my aunt, who has had peels done before, said it looks like a normal day after result, but a second opinion would be much appreciated
  24. IT REALLY WORKS First off I cannot stress enough how much the regimen works! It works, it works, it works... You just need to be consistent, keep up the routine, and the advice on how to care for your skin. Why my late post? Well time has flown by and i have been MIA because my hubby and I have made huge changes in life. Like no joke: moving to another country. However, when a friend of mine mentioned the concern she had re: her acne it made me think of and I referred her to it. Then it hit me that although I swear by the product/site/info I never actually updated the site with my results and it bothers me when people don't do that! haha So here is what I have to say: I saw the beginning results of following the regimen within the first month. My hubby really noticed a change in about 4 months. I finally gained control of my acne and learned how to care for my skin in about 9 months ... and to this day I keep following what I learned here. It has worked for me. Biggest change I made: Being gentle on my skin and I stopped touching my face so much. That and using's benzoyl peroxide as my go to product if ever I notice any changes occurring with my skin. My advice to any newbies: Take advantage of the information that gives to it's readers. It is important to understand how to treat our skin. Then, basically, keep up with it & Be patient. I really hope this works for you as well! Side Note: I promise to take a moment to find my before and after pics to update the post with!
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    This is my Acne regimen that I use on a daily for the past 6 months.