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  1. Hi guys! I’m new to this site. I am hoping someone can help with my problem. I saw a video on YouTube about removing flat face warts using Apple cider vinegar. Last Friday July 27, 2018 I soaked a cotton pad with undiluted apple cider vinegar, put it on my two cheeks and secure it with a tape. It was a very huuuuge mistake I know I was not thinking. I hate myself for Burning my face. It left me with red rash, small white bumps and itchiness. (Photo on the attachment) I dont know what to do, I cant even go out of the house because I am shy with my face. And it is really hot here in my country, the itchiness is getting worse. I applied aloe vera gel and honey. It is disgusting and I’m worried it will scar. Can someone help me pleeeaaase.
  2. I dont know if this is melasma, PIH, PIE, but this uneven skintone has remained for over 5 years. There are some indentations, so am wondering if the indentations are affecting the color?
  3. I’m a 16 year old teenage boy, and I started my isotretinoin/accutane treatment 50 days ago. (1,5 months ago pretty much). I’m about 6”2 (187cm) and weigh around 175lbs (80kg). My derm. prescribed me a dosage of 40mg everyday. Each capsle is 20mg. So far i guess my skin has gotten somewhat cleaner, but it’s definately still irritaded and has alot of redness in both of my cheeks which makes my acne look alot worse. Still though, I’ve definitely NOT seen any sort of drastic transformation that I really hope will come eventually. I’m still breaking out, at some point it was much worse really, but I know thats normal. I believe that if it hadn’t been for the redness that covers most of my cheeks my acne wouldn’t even look that bad. Will the accutane fade the redness away or do I have to wait several years until the redness fades naturally? Ps. When it comes to side effects I’ve experienced chapped lips, back ache and excema. I regularly use my moisturizer so my face is not dry at all. Do you think I should ask my derm. for a higher dosage? I appreciate all the answers, I’m just an insecure teen who hope this treatment will eliminate my severe acne.
  4. I normally have relatively clear skin, however, I’ve had these red “indents” in my skin for around 2-3 years now and I’m not sure what they are but nothing I do helps make them fade or go away. I’ve tried cetaphil, cerave, micellar water, st. ive’s, and I’m now using plain old aveeno eczema baby wash and have seen no difference using any of those products. I spoke to my dermatologist about it and he said “it’ll go away in a few months” although I repeatedly told him it had been years since I noticed them. It has now been months since I spoke with the dermatologist about them and still no progress whatsoever. Does anyone know what these are?? Or tips on how to help make them go away??
  5. Hi, I've just finished a second round of accutane and I am clear of spots except one that just wont go away. It is sort of under my skin between my eyes and is visibly red which i'm quite embarrassed about. Also, the skin on my forehead feels quite tight and looks visibly red. I'm wondering if maybe I should request from my derm to have further accutane treatment or if the redness and the last spot will fade with time? Ps the treatment has been pure hell but worth the side affects! Cheers!
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    So i used to take many medicines to treat acne , which left scars and holes on face I have many scars especially on both left and right side of my face and on nose , it annoys me ... moreover I noticed my face gets red and hot whenever I take shower or Put a cream on it like moisturizer , or a sun cream Is there a solution to treat the scars ? And how can I reduce my skin redness? Thanks
  7. Hi, Iv had a spot on my chin since, nothing ever came out just a lump. It burns and hurts... Iv put ice on it, aloe Vera, savlon. But still won’t go. The doctors have given me Fusidic Acid cream.... I just want the redness to go down....
  8. I’m on week 2 of the regimen and I know its common for people to have dry skin around this time but whenever i aply the BP my skin feels itchy and it burns and it’s red in some spots, my skin feels extremely dry and i hate it idk if this is making my skin worse than it already was, I have mild to minimal acne and i had almost no acne scars and I feel like the treatment is making me have more scars? I dont know if im overreacting but this is making me want to stop the whole treatment. My skin is normally not sensitive or dry. Here are pics from before i started then the second pic is after one week and the last two pictures are my skin now
  9. I have this big red mark by my mouth from an acne scar that I picked. It’s been there for almost two months. How can I get rid of it?! I hate it and I feel ugly every time I look in the mirror.
  10. I used to have a lot of acne but now im left with some acne and lot of box car scars and redness, is the regime for me?
  11. Hi guys, my skin has been looking this way for the last two weeks and all of my pimples have become red. My pimples normally took a week to heal before my horrible breakouts but now take up to a month. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix it? Also does anyone know if these pimples will leave me with scars in the future? Thanks!
  12. i saw this news article online today. it talks about a women who often gets sun burnt and the way in which she gets rid of the redness is to uses menthol shaving cream, applied to the area for 30 mins then washing it off. - apparently she got the tip from her mother in law, who learnt the method from a doctor 40years ago. it seems others are seeing success with the advice(?) ... now my question is, do you guys think it could work on the redness of a spots/lump? ive shaved with saving cream but never left it on my face for 30mins. (would be amazing if it works)
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    I'm 18, I tried dieting, different products (both expensive and cheap products), I tried cleaning my bed sheets/ towel regularly and nothing seems to work! I don't know what is the type of acne I have ( but I am assuming I have hormonal) Somebody please help! Current skin care routine: Morning: The body shop aloe vera cleanser The body shop vitamin e cream banana boat ultra protect sunscreen lotion (spf 30) Night: Simple, makeup remover wipes The body shop aloe vera cleanser The body shop vitamin e cream (night lotion) Once/twice a week: Himalayan mask I want to wear less makeup, but I am too insecure but if I do wear makeup, you can see all the bumps and and ugly textures
  14. Hi everyone! Recently I had two pimples on my cheek and was very irritated by the large size of them. There was a little white in each center of them so I thought it was ready to pop. Well I was wrong! I popped them prematurely and they’ve left a big bump onto my face and it looks Iike bad rash. I’ve applied aloe vera gel and rosacea gel, which was what I originally thought it was, but none of it helped. Plus it’s super itchy and looks very inflamed, and is impossible to hide with makeup! Please help me!
  15. I've been trying to hold off from writing this because I know I should be patient and maybe this is temporary since it's only been 2 1/2 months but my self esteem has gone down badly. first off, my prescription is .025% tretinoin cream along with 1% clindamycin. over these 2 months, ive noticed my skin has gotten extremely oily. I actually miss my oily skin (and basically overall skin) before tretinoin since it was much better. honestly at first i was happy to use tretinoin since i heard it dried the skin and I would much prefer to have dry skin than oily skin. instead i got something worse. I've been trying to stop myself from using masks and scrubs because i know its bad. My skin texture has significantly turned worse too. I see bumps on my cheeks but when I touch them there's no bump? my cheeks look like plastic. They look shiny and like stretched plastic under my bathroom light but when I touch them they're soft. my pores are big around my nose area. Seriously like the skin around my eyes is smooth and nice and then you go slightly down and it's a whole different skin texture and color (red). I've begun using aloe vera again to maybe help with the oiliness. I hate using makeup but I had to use translucent powder to mattify my face at school like every 3 periods. As for dosage, I used to use like 3 pea sized amounts for my face but i began to use less and buffered it with moisturizer. anyone can help?
  16. Acne is such a cruel and underrated disease and I'll never understood why we never get sympathy but people with other diseases do. Besides that I've been alone since around 14 and i'm 22 now. Acne just wrecked my teen years and after two courses of Accutane its finally gone minus some redness. How am I suppose to salvage a social life at this point. I have major trust issues because everyone avoided me in school because of my face. No one at this age seems open to making new friends anyway.
  17. im 20 tahun ...saya punya jerawat kistik yang dimulai pada bulan Desember 2017, terburuk ... sampai sekarang Mei 2018 (6 bulan +) wajah saya mereda tetapi kemerahan di wajah saya kuat :(, semua cara pengobatannya hampir saya coba, tapi tidak bisa menghilangkan kemerahan dan jerawat saya.Sekarang saya mencoba mengobati jerawat saya dengan obat (bukan accutane) dan krim malam dan pagi hari, tentu dianjurkan dengan dr saya dermatologis. Sekarang im hanya menunggu keajaiban ke wajah saya ... karena jerawat saya, hidup saya sangat sepi ... saya malu, tidak percaya diri, dan saya tidak ingin keluar rumah ... terutama di siang hari karena jerawat saya akan sangat terlihat, orang tua saya orang tua saya tidak berpikir ini adalah hal yang serius, tetapi bagi saya ini adalah hambatan dalam hidup saya yang saya rasakan yang paling sulit, saya tertekan SETIAP HARI, sampai kepala saya sakit, saya di sini merasa berjuang sendiri dan hanya saya yang tahu saya masalah 2 hari yang lalu saya menemukan blog ini dan saya ingin mencari teman yang sama untuk berbagi cerita dan berbagi, adakah seseorang di luar sana yang menderita hing dan mau berbagi? kirimi saya pesan ... mungkin sedikit melegakan saya ... karena saya malu untuk memberi tahu orang-orang di sekitar saya, Terima kasih banyak.
  18. It has now been about 8 months since I have started taking spironolactone as well as acidophilus. A couple of weeks ago, I was starting to get spots again, so they decided to up the dose from 100mg to 150. Honestly, I didn't see much improvement. I then was prescribed amoxicillin to take for 8 weeks. It is supposed to help my body absorb more of the meds. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I don't think it has really kicked in yet. My skin is not bad right now, but I do have a couple spots on my jawline that are getting a little painful, and I have texture on my cheeks. It is really just little spots and bumps. What is really getting to me though is the PIH. I am thinking about getting a chemical peel this summer, maybe even micro needling, but that is my last resort. I doubt it was my diet, but I am trying to clean it up a little bit and I think I am going to switch from foundation to a cc cream to maybe free up my pores. I am also trying to drink more water and green tea to try and get rid of these spots. The face wash I used before was the Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser, and I think my skin really liked it. However, it wasn't exactly drugstore, so once I finished the bottle I switched to the Biore baking soda foaming wash. Maybe my skin is adjusting to it, and that is what is creating the texture. I just hope it goes away soon. Other than that, my skin hasn't changed much. I have been thinking if going on birth control and ditching spiro would be a good idea because on spiro people still get occasional spots and I'm wondering if birth control would work better? But at the same time, I cant go through another initial breakout again. It's not my best skin day, but it's definitely not my worst. I even started going out without makeup. (for hiking, I didn't want to risk breaking out from it) but its something i guess. It's not much of an update, so sorry if this entry is a little boring. But I guess boring is good in this case.
  19. My wife started having some heavy acne for the first time in her life, so when she visited dermatologist they recommended Benzoyl peroxide 5%. After applying it twice, once in the morning and once at night, the following morning her entire face was dark red, peeling, it was horrible she looked like a tomato. As soon as that happened she stopped using the cream right away, it's been two weeks since that happened and her inflammation has only gotten worse. We had to wait two weeks since the local dermatologist wouldn't be back till then we live in a pretty rural area in Japan, this was during Golden Week, a famous time in Japan where the majority of business go on vacation for 2 weeks. She is also suffering from intense insomnia from her ketogenic diet during these two weeks she's been super stressed out and only being able to get 3 hours of sleep on average maybe less. I fear that the insomnia, stress from the extreme redness is only making her more depressed and making her inflammation worse. Today my wife was prescribed Protopic but it makes her skin so itchy. We're both hoping that this will get rid of her intense redness. But the thing she's worried about the most is she's afraid that she will have permanent skin damage from the damage Benzoyl peroxide has done and her face will never look the same. She started developing a puffiness under her eyes, and the inflammation was pretty intense puffiness the same day before getting the Protopic cream. Is it likely that her skin will never return to the original pale color, will she have permanent skin damage? the doctor gave us a really unclear answer if all of the redness would disappear which made her really depressed, she's afraid to go outside cause her face is extremely red but only her face. We're going through this together hopefully after the first 2 weeks of using Protopic all of her redness will disappear but do you think there's a chance she will have permanent pigment damage? And if so is there anything we can do about it?
  20. just thought i would share a recent treatment which is working well on my adult skin problem (redness,small spots and cysty lumps), which is pure tea tree oil applied topically. since using tea tree oil ive stopped getting acne lumps and my redness has subsided. i had used tea tree oil in the past but it must of had other chemicals added as it made skin extremely red (pure tea tree oil = no redness for me) tea tree oil kills demodox mites and is antiseptic.
  21. Today is the end of my 4th week on the regimen. I am 17 yo male, mild acne and bright skin. Up until last week i only used the bp at night, and half of the amount Dan says, because my face couldnt take it, and ever since i tried using it at the morning my face is so red, people ask me why do i look like that. The regimen is not working currently, im breaking out as always. I understand it is because i only use the treatment at night, but it is not possible to do it twice for
  22. I have a red/pink mark from a cystic pimple above my lip which resolved about 3 months ago. The color of the "scar", or PIE as I think it is, is about the same color as my lip. There is a small indented scar near where the center of the pimple used to be, but I'm most concerned about the redness surrounding that area, which is quite visible in some lighting, especially when I am smiling. I have been reading a ton online about PIE and options for treatment, and I'm expecting that this will improve over time. However I also wan to consider pulsed dye laser to resolve the redness. However my dermatologist says that the laser would be too risky near my lip as it could burn or change the color of my lip. This surprised me as I didn't think the laser could burn the skin at all. I'm going to get a second doctor's opinion anyway as my dermatologist kept referring to "pigment" in my skin although the redness is entirely blanchable, which makes me think it is the result of capillaries formed during the inflammation. Has anyone had experience using lasers for PIE on or near the lip? Or any other advice? Thanks!
  23. Hi all! I've come here with a few questions for you and would love any and all input First off, my nose has been red for almost 8 years now (I'm 20) and I'd just like some opinions on it, I've had severe acne since about 13 and it's really taken its toll on my life, my confidence has always been awful, I've struggled to make meaningful relationships with all but a few people, and that's due to going to school with those people, I've recently moved to a new area and although some of my old friends are only a bus ride away, many of them are busy and/or at uni, so I HAVE to make new friends some how but I can't with the way I look and my awful confidence, and romantic relationships have been out of the question for years. Now my acne has cleared up a little (it was quite bad and has left me with quite a scared face) the only thing truly bothering me at the moment is my ridiculously red nose, not only is it huge (I'm not sure if it swollen or not) it's also red, and has been since 12 or 13, anyway if anyone has some suggestions I'd love to hear it (I've attached some photos by the way). The second is my post accutane results and what I'm to do next. I'm not exactly super happy with the results, these photos are just over a week after my last pill (40mg a day for 6 months), my dermatologist was very happy with the outcome but I'm not too thrilled, there's still plenty of redness everywhere and I even still have some deeply inbedded cysts on my left check and my nose, though I haven't had a white head in months which is quite nice. I also would like some information on what I'm to do about scaring, my dermatologist said there isn't much I can do on the NHS which really sucks because I don't have the money for private treatment. What, if anything, would you guys suggest I take as my next actions? Thank you all
  24. Was wondering if these are hyperpigmentation marks like I know I have scarring but Lately these have gotten me depressed like I wish I can get rid of them I am trying palmers fading cream from redness I'm hopping it takes some what away
  25. Please help me, my insurance has repeatedly declined helping with accutane and my back has changed my lifestyle for over a year, causing pain, scratching, and lots of bleeding.