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  1. this is an updated version of the original post. most has been unchanged, but i have changed some parts to make them clearer, and i added the tips section at the bottom to answer many questions people have. first off i want to say that i'm not a salesman or here to sling a product. i have had acne for approximately 10 years. from my early teens until recently (i'm in my early 20's). i have tried everything and nothing has worked. neutrogena products are crap. i have finally stumbled upon an absurdly simple regimen that has cleared me completely. my hope is that i can help 1 other person get a clearer face, if not a completely clear one. i know what acne can do to a person mentally, i am that person. it has destroyed my self-esteem and confidence as it does so many others. sorry if this post is very long, just trying to be helpful. so anyways, here's what i did. a friend of mine several years ago recommended a product to me that he said worked well for him. thinking not much of it, since i had tried everything else i figured i would give it a try. so i bought the tube. it is called "clean & clear continuous control", made by johnson & johnson. here is a picture of the stuff so you know exactly what it looks like.. ( ) i began using the product and within about 2 weeks my face had cleared significantly. this product remained in my regimen for about 2 years and did a really good job. i only got a pimple every now and then. nothing big at all. of course after a while i got greedy and figured there was something out there that would clear me 100%. i stopped using the C&C continuous control for about a year, and had disastrous results with other products. nothing else worked. then i started reading stuff about the acne cure. i was reading how it is important to use salicylic acid AND benzoyl peroxide both. the reason of course is that salicylic acid (or BHA, beta-hydroxy acid) has a couple of functions. one, it promotes healthy exfoliation by making your dead skin cells shed off. it clears the surface of the skin of dead skin and oil. second, it is oil-soluable, so it has the added ability of being able to loosen and remove oil and dead skin cells from the inside of the pore itself. benzoyl peroxide's purpose is to create an oxygen reaction which kills bacteria on the skin (and if you're lucky, in the pores too). the problem is if you use only one, it won't work 100%. the salicylic acid does not kill the p. acnes bacteria. also, without the salicylic acid, the benzoyl peroxide usually stays at the surface, killing only surface bacteria. this is because the pores are still clogged with dead skin and oil, and the BP cannot penetrate the pore. with this knowledge in hand, i realized i had to do both. the BP i chose was a product i knew worked about 90%. it was of course the C&C continuous control. now this is 10% BP, most people tell you to avoid something with that high of a concentration. ignore it. i can tell you from personal experience, 10% works better than 3.5% or 2.5% (or, at least this product does, which so happens to be 10%, coincidence, who knows, but 10% is the only choice for this product). sure it is more irritating and drying. but that's only at first. any irritation or dryness you experience will go away within 2-3 weeks, max. so i knew i had to get a salicylic acid product. i first tried the neutrogena oil-free acne wash cream cleanser. crap. didn't work, plus it was way too drying to use in conjunction with the BP wash. finally i figured i trusted the clean and clear line, so i decided to get a second product from them. this is the C&C blackhead clearing scrub. here is a picture of the stuff.. ( ) this is for three reasons, one it's the C&C brand which i know is good, second it contained 2% salicyclic acid, and third, it has microbeads to scrub away dead skin. the microbeads are probably bunk, but they look cool at least, and the product still does its thing. anyways, since this is so long, i'll get to the point. i started using these products together and i have been 100% clear since they began to work. i have been completely clear for months and months. (completely unheard of for me) my acne is cured with these two amazing products. that's it! here's the simple regimen i follow: wet my face with warm/slightly hot water. wash with the C&C blackhead clearing scrub (salicylic acid), massage around/into my face for about 45 seconds to a minute. wash it off. immediately apply the C&C continuous control (benzoyl peroxide) and GENTLY massage that into your face for about 30 seconds to 45 seconds, then wash it off. pat dry with a clean towel. you will notice that when you apply the BP cleanser to your face, after the other wash, your skin will feel SUPER smooth. it feels so nice. then, after you wash off the C&C continous control, you will feel your pores tingling deep inside for a bit after you wash. kind of like noxema if you've ever used that. it's a good feeling. you can really tell it's working. that is ALL. in the morning, use ONLY the SA wash. then, at night before bedtime, use BOTH. this regimen is SIMPLE and there is only TWO PRODUCTS for a reason. i believe less is more when it comes to treating your skin. putting too much crap on your face can be bad and make you break out more. i know i talk about these products like they're god, but i truely believe in them. they are the only two things that have worked for me in 10 years. the C&C product line is GOOD STUFF. plus, it's cheap (about $4.50 USD for each tube). i hope this helps someone out. i really do. NOTES & TIPS: -the SA wash is not drying or irritating. almost the opposite, it makes your skin smooth and nice feeling. the BP is the drying/irritating one. that is why you use it only once a day. -it is not neccessary to scrub these products in. in fact, scrubbing hard will irritate your skin more and it won't work as well. being GENTLE and massinging it around softly works just as well, if not better. -some people may need to modify this regimen. this is what works best for me and most people. some wash with both products 2x a day, because their skin can handle it. it is up to the individual to judge. for me, using the BP wash only once a day works just as well as using it twice a day. -when you use the BP wash, i squirt about the amount of toothpaste i would put on my toothbrush (for estimate). then, i DO NOT apply this paste directly to my skin. i rub it around my palms until it's spread around and i can put my hands on my face and massage it around the skin, evenly. applying it directly to the skin will cause much more irritation. -this regimen works MORE the LONGER you use it. it takes a little while to reach the full effect. you will begin to see very noticable results (almost clearing of complexion) around 1 month, for some it is less time.. 1 month is a good average. at this point, you may get 1 or 2 pimples every now and then. much less that you normally get. keep using it. at the 2 month mark, it will be fully working and you should never get any new marks, and any bumps under the skin or blackheads should be gone. by three months, your old marks should have completely faded and you skin tone evened out. you will be extremely surprised how much your skin looks like that of (insert your favorite celebrity here). now, months later after i started this regimen, i still look in the mirror and it puts a smile on my face. it is still amazing to me, even after time. -this one is a HUGE one. here it goes: DO NOT PICK OR SQUEEZE. if you continue to do this, your face will never get better, and you won't see nearly as much improvement. TRAIN YOURSELF OFF OF THIS. so many times i would go to the mirror every morning or night and get up close and pick at every single thing (even things that weren't noticable unless you get right up to your face). of course i'd end up with red marks all over my face and look 10x worse than i did before i started. this is just something you have to force yourself to stop. as much as you want to, do NOT let yourself pick or squeeze. (unless it is completely obviously ready to be popped, for example, an obvious white head that you can open with a pin). if you must pop it, be as gentle as possible, and STOP as soon as you see any clear liquid come out. if you can get over the initial month without picking or squeezing, you will naturally stop within time. when your face becomes clear, you will have nothing to pick or squeeze at. it kinda works for itself. i know it's hard to stop, but this is one of the most important points. -some people seem to have sensitive skin, and SOME people experience an initial breakout. most, it seems, do not. this shouldn't last past a week or two. most people get scared and bail at this point. unfortunate, because quickly thereafter everything will quickly clear up. those who stick with it past an original breakout end up very surprised of how it clears things up and begins working right after that. don't be scared of this, i would say judging by responses that only about 25% of people experience an initial breakout. -for guys, i shave immediately before the evening or morning regimen. after i finish shaving, i got straight into washing my face. -add things to this regimen at your own risk. some people want to add in other things like AHA lotions, this and that. i do not think that other products besides this are necessary. these two work enough. using AHA or other acids on your face often times just irritates it more than anything. i know when i use AHA lotion, it makes me break out. so if you're using my regimen but also using 5 other things on your face, don't blame me if it doesn't work.
  2. Hi everyone. I created this post to supply curious minds with a complete (and hopefully) well-written experience, as well as tips, dealing with our Accutane journey. I have read many posts on this site and other sites for a few years now and never really found an all-inclusive guide for Accutane before, so hopefully this will answer some questions that you may have and provide that guide for you. First things first, if you are considering Accutane and are reserved about it because of the bad rumors surrounding it, forget about them! The amount of positive experiences with Accutane outnumbers the bad experiences by such a large amount its ridiculous. It's just that people that have bad experiences tend to express their anger more than success stories because success stories don't usually come back to these blogs! [Edit: September 29, 2017. I have had some bad side effects from the medication, including permanent dry eyes and lips (meaning chapped lips virtually every day), dry hair as well as hair falling out without any family history of baldness on either side of my family, stomach ulcers, dry skin, and permanent minor aches in joints. However, it is also worth noting that my skin has also been completely clear the entire 5 years post-accutane, and this is after years of struggling with bad cystic acne. My skin is honestly an afterthought to me nowadays. So, there's good and bad here. If I could go back and redo it, I don't think I would take it again, but only you can decide if clear skin is worth the risk of developing serious side effects. ] As a point of reference, ---- 140 lb / 21 yr old / Male ----- Claravis (Accutane) 60mg / day (30mg 2x per day) for 5 months. Tips first, theres not too many... 1) AQUAPHOR!! Invest in this stuff its great and heals your cracked lips in about 2 seconds. 2) Aquaphor! Seriously, buy it. 3) Be active. Not physically strenuous active but swim, do something outside every day. On accutane you tend to get tired very easily and staying active is the only way to keep the Accutane tiredness at bay... 4) Using a moisturizing cream will help you on those extra dry days, although honestly I only used moisturizer on about 5 days out of the entire course, my skin didnt get too flaky. I seem to be in the minority here though. 5) Don't read all the crazy side-effects, you will start to think you have every one. There were times during my treatment I forgot I was on Accutane (minus my cracked lips) because I just didnt pay attention to it! It made the journey a lot easier. Trust me. 6) Try not to do hard drugs or drink too much on Accutane, its already putting your body through a lot. Admittedly I drank entirely too much on Accutane, maybe up to 3x a week some months, but my liver tests always came back perfect (luckily). 7) Buy aquaphor! ---------------------------------------------- Back to the journey... So my entire course was 5 MONTHS. And I actually have one week left, but I figured this was close enough to the end to give everybody a clear complete assessment. My skin started having problems when I was 14, first small pimples here and there and by the time I was 15, voila! Deeps cysts, pus, bacne, chest acne, and very bad cheek acne, usually clustering on my jaw line and wreaking havoc on my previously enjoyable life. It eventually got so bad by the time I hit 17 I became quite suicidal about it. If you have experienced the life wrenching effects of acne you know what I am talking about. So like everybody else I tired everything... Benzaclin, tretinoin cream, tetracycline, etc. to no avail. After taking a tiny hiatus my acne reappeared when I was 20 and forced me to take the leap into Accutane. First off, the only regret I have with Accutane is not taking it 5 years sooner!! Probably would have changed my life.... oh well. So I started my Accutane journey 5 months ago, being a junior male in college and part of a fraternity. Not the easiest of circumstances. MONTH 1 (The Start of a Long Road) The first month of Accutane was BY FAR the hardest part of the entire experience. The first few days there was not much, but within 3 to 4 days my lips became very chapped and at the end of the first week, BOOM. World War 2 had less action than my face that week. I moved from what may be considered "Bad" acne to "Holy shit dude what happened to your face" acne. Not fun. My face broke out the worst it had in years, I got deep pimples all across my face, it was horrible. Broke off with a girl I was getting serious with because I couldn't handle the frustration I felt every time I looked in the mirror, I wanted to have a clear face for her. Just another clip of acne ruining my life. I digress. So yeah the first few weeks were very rough, pun intended, and the lips got real sad. Other than that the face got drier as well as the eyes. I didn't drink very much the first month. MONTH 2 (The Frustration Month) The second month on Accutane was better and worse than the first for a couple reasons. First of all, I did not have any results except for a red face with healing acne marks from the torturing first month, and it can be frustrating not to see results. My lips were still chapped, and my joints started to hurt, something that has never happened to me before. I was still getting pimples in certain areas, but they had definitely decreased in size and number from before I started Accutane. MONTH 3 (The Turnaround) I entered month three with a defeated attitude, the Accutane was not working as well as I had hoped and I was started to get down. The so-so results continued, and I did have less pimples although a rougher face. Then, in the middle of month 3, everything seemed to take a fantastic turn for the better! I would wake up some days and be amazed at how much better my skin looked even from the night before! It was an amazing feeling to finally wake up in the morning and not dread going to the mirror. Also worth noting, (obviously not related to my getting better) I did drink a lot in the third month. For all the commentors out there I know it's bad yadayadayada liver, I know. But yes, I would say that I drank about 3x a week, about 10-15 drinks per session. Liver tests came out perfectly normal. Also worth noting is that I used cocaine about 1x a week (fridays...) usually about a half-gram for a month or two, also never affected my liver or treatment. Not that I condone its use. Don't use drugs kids! MONTH 4 (Better than Expected) Wow! After an uplifting second half of month 3, month 4 was the best clearing I've ever seen of my face! I never got one single pimple in month 4, and every day I woke up was so much better than the last because my skin was healing at such a fast rate I couldn't keep up. My scars started diminishing, the red marks started to fade, and my skin was getting clearer. Most of the improvement happened in this month, and besides old marks my face was totally clear by the end of month 4. I started getting more positive comments about my face from my peers, and I started to feel more confident again. Lips were still severely chapped and joints hurt to a good extent, either way those minor pains were never going to stop me from finishing this miracle cure. MONTH 5 (Tying loose ends) Month 5 is probably the most boring month haha. Every side effect you have up to that point is established and your game plan has been set for a while, so nothing new comes up. My skin continued the healing process that started in month 4 and I am only staying on it for this month to hopefully ensure permanent clearing. My skin looks better than ever, my face is not too red for being on accutane month 5, and my scars continue to fade. While writing this, I have one week left to take. Keep in mind, I had BAD scarring going into this treatment, and accutane has already cleared so much of it up! The dermatologist said its very possible my remaining scars will fade naturally over the next year because I am still young, and hopefully I will be scar free! That would be a dream come true. I continue to drink, although not it's only about 1x a week, maybe 2 but I still have about 7-15 drinks per session. All in all, I can say that taking Accutane has been one of the greatest decisions I have my in my life thus far, and as I said before my only regret is not taking it sooner!! I am going to follow this post up in a month or two when I have been off for a while and can give updated results. Hopefully you have not judged me too harshly by now, and I only hoped that this helped to provide a source of knowledge for the people that want it. Good luck in the journey! Remember, Aquaphor!
  3. Why Does Moisturizer Make My Skin Burn?

    Please Help Me. I cant figure out why all moisturizers cause my skin to feel like it's burning. I use: Cetaphil Cleanser 5% Benezol Peroxide (Which the directions say to wash off and I do) ​I then use either Cetaphil Moisturizer or Neutrogena Oil-Free Visibly Clear. Both of which cause the aforementioned effect. I can't figure out why as soon as I put on moisturizer, even the Cetaphil one which is supposedly meant for "Sensitive or Dry Skin" ,causes my face to start burning. My skin has also become extremely dry and oily, and moisturizer seems to be making it worse. Maybe it is an ingredient? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have noticed over the last couple days, that the sections of my face that were more prone to acne, are now covered in noticably large holes. Now are these just big pores, or are the small scars that I never noticed before? They are on my forehead, cheeks, temples, nose, and onto my chin as well. hmmm, everywhere I guess. Really sux, I wear make up to hide the redness and red marks left by acne. But then my foundation fills these holes and leaves like little spots of foundation on my face. I hate it. Any way, I am not complaining, but is this just a temp, thing, or is it permanent? Pores or scars? Anyone else experience this?
  5. Loreal Infallible

    Hi ladies, I'm trying to decide if I should change my foundation from Revlon Colorstay to Loreal Infallible. It's just that the new colorstay soft flex foundation doesn't cover as well as their old formula, and I end up having to use a lot of it to camolflouge everything. I have a face full of red marks something aweful from a severe breakout which is now healing. I'm also starting a new relationship and feel self conscious about my shitty skin around him....only a week in so I know he has seen me with acne, it's no surprise, but I don't want to totally scare him away by not wearing make-up. So, my question is: does anybody like Loreal Infallible and does it make anyone breakout?
  6. So yesterday I was browsing an old log that said to put desitin (diaper rash cream) on your face to get rid of acne and red marks. So me being tired trying everything from seaweed to vinegar wanderd over to the baby section of CVS. They had the desitin but I decided to take a chance and go a gentle route. I bought a baby wash, the desitin, and a baby moisturizer. These have oats, Aloe Vera, and calendula which have anti inflammatory soothing properties. When I got home I used the wash, a gentle toner that I had lying around, the moisturizer, and finally the desitin. When I woke up this morning I was SHOOK. That giant comadone that I had been furiously rubbing stubborn acne gel on (for a week 2 times a day) was gone. I have been using acne products for over a year so maybe that is what was aggravating my skin. It's only day 1 but I'll update you on my progress
  7. Ok guys I need help I'm looking for a moisturizer that is gonna benefit me somehow like even out skin or fade red marks instead of just sitting on my skin doing nothing. So, can you guys please list me some of ur best moisturizers and their benefits. I used neutrogena moisture lotion for sensitive skin and neutrogena healthy face lotion and it did nothing and the moisture lotion just sat on my skin. Anyone? By the way, is oil of olay total effects good? Thank You
  8. Pityrosporum Folliculitis - FAQ Introduction A lot of people are struggling with that they think are acne primarily on their chest, shoulders and back. It may also develop on the face(primarily the forehead). After trying countless acne medications or simply by trying to wait it out the condition still persists. The fact is that many "body acne" sufferers got some sort of folliculitis and when the lesions develope on the upper body it's often Pityrosporum Folliculitis they got. The same questions pop up under the body acne section, and by creating this thread I'm hoping to answer some of this questions. However, be advised that I'm not a dermatologist or expert on the field. The information I'm providing is mostly from what I've read(countless hours of reading up on the subject online) and from what I have experienced. This thread is a working progress and I hope others also will participate with information they have on the subject. Questions regarding this FAQ or contributions can be done by replying in this thread, but general questions regarding Pityrosporum Folliculitis can be asked in this thread. It has a lot of great information and users own experiences with PF. What is Pityrosporum Folliculitis? The first thing you should do is research the subject on your own. There's a lot of information found on the net and here are some good links: Do i have Body acne or Pityrosporum Folliculitis? This is the first question that people with "Body Acne" ask themselves when they are confronted with the term Pityrosporum Folliculitis. However this is often the hardest one to answer since "Body Acne" and Pityrosporum Folliculitis look a lot alike. Also a lot of people have them both at the same time since both acne and Pityrosporum Folliculitis thrive on oily skin. Some things you should consider to find out if it's acne or Pityrosporum Folliculitis: - Go to a dermatologist(This is the safest thing you can do to find out if it's body acne or Pityrosporum Folliculitis). Be sure to contact the derm before you schedule an appointment to be sure that he can do a biopsy or something like that to find out what your condition is. - Have you tried acne medication without success? If you have it's more likely that you got Pityrosporum Folliculitis - Have you used antibiotics previously. If this made the condition worse or if you got the spots on your body after the use of Antibiotics it's most likely Pityrosporum Folliculitis you got. - Does it sometimes itch. If it does it's probably Pityrosporum Folliculitis - Do you got Acne on your face too? If your face it's pretty much clear, but your body breaks out it's more likely that Pityrosporum Folliculitis is what you got. Pityrosporum Folliculitis can develop on the face to, but it's much less frequent. - Does it get worse in hot, humid or sweaty environments or in periods where you don't shower much. If it does it's more likely Pityrosporum Folliculitis you got. - There is no comodones or cysts associated with PF. It's Papules and Pastules and the material expressed from pustules is white to yellow - Try some sort of medication against Pityrosporum Folliculitis(see treatments below) and see if this improve your condition. A safe bet is to buy a cream containing 2% ketoconazole(Nizoral, Daktarin Gold or something like that), and try it for a couple of weeks to see if it improves the condition. - Check out the pictures of Pityrosporum Folliculitis below to see if it looks like what you got. What does Pityrosporum Folliculitis look like? What kind of treatments are there? Topical Most popular on Ketoconazole Description: Widely used chemical for PF and can be used topically either as a shampoo(leave on for about 5 min in shower before washing of) or as a cream. It's usually available in 1 or 2% concentrations in various products. Research/information:- The in vitro antifungal activity of ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione, and selenium sulfide against Pityrosporum - Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis Products: - Cleanser/wash: Nizoral, Fungoral - Leave on product: Nizoral, Daktarin Gold, Fungoral Zinc Pyrithione Description: Not as effective against Pityrosporum ovale as Ketoconazole, but used with great success by a lot of members on Head & Shoulders has 1% Zinc Pyrithione in it and that is probably why it works so good for a lot of people. Zinc Pyrithione is both antifungal and antibacterial. However, I recommend trying something like ZNP bar since it has 2% Zinc Pyrithione in it and is designed for use on the skin, not specially for the hair. Research/information:- How I got rid of my bacne - Using only Head & Shoulders - i'm clear using head and shoulder shampoo - The in vitro antifungal activity of ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione, and selenium sulfide against Pityrosporum - Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis Products: - Cleanser/wash: Head & Shoulders, ZNP bar Propylene Glycol Description: Used by a lot of members on with great success. Very easy to use since one option is to just spray it on using a spray bottle. It's fast, cheap and easy to apply to f.ex your entire upper body. With a cream it's hard to apply it to f.ex your entire upper body and it's therefore likely that the PF might spread. Propylene Glycol is often used in a concentration with water(50/50 of each). Sometimes you can buy 100% percent Propylene Glycol, but then you should dilute it with water before applying. If you look at the ingredients list on a lot of cosmetics you can see that Propylene Glycol is almost always on it. However, don't expect that your regular acne medication might work since it has Propylene Glycol in it. It's often a very low percentage of actual Propylene Glycol in the product. Research/information:- Pityrosporum folliculitis: a common disease of the young and middle-aged Products: - Leave on product: PG from, 50/50 PG/Water from Mandelic Acid Description: There is very little research on the antifungal effect of Mandelic Acid, but it's a popular product on this board against Pityrosporum Folliculitis. It's claimed to be both antifungal and antibacterial and exfoliates the skin. Therefore it's also good against red marks left from acne/PF. I personally receommend the product from Vivant for Pityrosporum Folliculitis on the body since it's a strong product(15% Mandelic + 2% lactic), it has very little ingredients besides the Mandelic and has some Propylene Glycol in it. However, the serum is very expensive and therefore it might be wise to buy the toner(9% mandelic) if your economy is tight. Research/information:- Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ... - Nucelle changed my life Products: - Cleanser/wash: Vivant Mandelic Acid Cleanser - Leave on product: Vivant Mandelic Acid serum, Vivant Mandelic Acid toner, Nucelle Mandelic Acid Other treatments: Salicylic Acid Description: Used against both acne and Pityrosporum Folliculitis and is always a safe bet if you aren't 100% sure what you got. Mostly used in a concentration from 1,5% to 3% and either as a cleanser or a leave on product. A leave on product is nearly always the best bet since the Salicylic acid in cleansers doesn't sit on the skin long enough to do anything. Also, a Salicylic Acid product has to have a low pH to work(no higher than pH 4 is recommended). Most if not all cleansers has a higher pH than that and therefore the Salicylic Acid is pretty much ineffective. Research/information:- The antifungal activity of Salicylic Acid - Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis Products: - Leave on product: Dan's Salicylic Acid, Paula's Choice Liquid BHA, Salicylic Acid from Sulfur Description: Isn't the most known chemical against Pityrosproum Folliculitis, but has has antifungal, antibacterial, and keratolytic activity. Very drying when used as a leave on product and is therefore often used as a cleanser/wash and washed of after 5-10 min. Research/information:- The use of Sulfur in dermatology - Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis - Topical Sulfur Products - Increase cell turnover (dead skin cant harden to create sebum) Products: - Cleanser/wash: Sulphur Soap(10% Sulphur), Sulphur(10%)/Salicylic Acid(3%), Grandpa's Thylox Soap Selenium Sulfide Description: Selenium sulfide is highly active in inhibiting the growth of P. ovale. It's usually used in shampoos and is washed of after about 5 min on the skin. Research/information:- Pityrosporum folliculitis: a common disease of the young and middle-aged - Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis Products: - Cleanser/wash: Selsun Blue, Selseb shampoo, Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Tea Tree Oil Description: Both antibacterial and antifungal and effective against Malassezia furfur(the same as P. Ovale) Should be diluted with f.ex another oil like emu or jojoba. You can also find it as a shampoo. Never buy Tea Tree Oil in plastic bottles. Also it's best if it's stored in dark glas bottles. Research/information:- Tea Trees and Their Therapeutic Properties Products: - Leave on product: Desert Essence Organic Tea Tree Oil Manuka Oil/honey Description: Manuka Oil is 20-30 times more active than Australian Tea Tree Oilfor gram positive bacteria, and 5-10 times more active for fungi. However, there's a lot more research on Tea Tree Oil and it's effect on the Pityrosporum yeast. Research/information:- East Cape Manuka Oil, Manuka Cream and Manuka Soap - Tea Trees and Their Therapeutic Properties Products: - Leave on product: Living Nature Manuka oil and honey gel, Manuka oil from Ciclopirox olamine cream Description: Antifungal often used to treat Pityrosporum folliculitis Research/information:- Monograph - Ciclopirox Olamine Products: - Leave on product: Can be bought from Econazole cream Description: Treats fungus infections Research/information:- Pityrosporum folliculitis: a common disease of the young and middle-aged Products: - Leave on product: Can be bought from Oil of Oregano Description: Antifungal Research/information:- More information on this Products: Leave on product: Oil of Oregano from North American Herb and Spice Apple Cider Vinegar Description: Malic Acid is found in Apple Cider Vinegar and is antifungal. It can be used directly on the skin, but should be diluted first. Research/information:- Apple Cider Vinegar Cures - Apple Cider Vinegar* Pictures On First Page, Reduces Oil, Red Marks, Acne, Dry Skin, Regulates pH levels & More Products: Leave on product: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Oral Azole antifungal agents Description: The two most used are Ketoconazole and Itraconazole. It's very effective, and if it is indeed PF you got these mediacations should make a remarkable clearing. However, you are lucky if the results are permanent and one should continue topical medication afterwards. Research/information:- Short term treatment of pityrosporum folliculitis with itraconazole Products: You need a prescription to get this medication legally, and therefore you have to contact your doctor to get this stuff. Isotretinoin Description: A lot of people try Accutane after years of struggling. In a lot of cases it's effective against Pityrorsporum Folliculitis since the yeast thrive on oily skin. However, it's not always effective and some people on this board has experinced that their Pityrosporum Folliculitis has come back after the course of Accutane. Research/information: Products: Ask your dermatologist if you want this drug. Does diet, hygiene or physical activity affect Pityrosporum Folliculitis? When it comes to diet and Pityrosporum Folliculitis I'm not an expert. It's always hard to know if something is breaking you out or not. Some people say the fungus feed on sugar, but I have yet to see any hard evidence supporting this. So when it comes to general diet guidelines to help treat Pityrosporum Folliculitis there is a long way to go. However, there are several things that you can eat which should help to treat the condition from inside. This is a great list of natural antifungals Pityrosporum Folliculitis often affects athletes. This could be due to the sweating, rubbing from clothes etc. However I don't think working out and sweating makes PF worse if you take a cool shower right after you sweat using a medicated cleanser. Some people on this board feel that the Pityrosporum Folliculitis/acne increases due to bodybuilding. . I'm not sure about the direct connection between working out and Pityrosporum Folliculitis. The reason people feel that they get PF due to bodybuilding could simple be that they sweat a lot, wear to tight clothing or experience rubbing from weight bars or machines. I work out a lot myself an for a long time I tought Pityrorsporum Folliculitis were a result of that, but I have now realised that I manage to keep it under control by taking a cool shower right afterwards and use a medicated cleanser. However, I will break out if I go days with physical activity and no showering. What is your experience with Pityrosporum Folliculitis? Started getting what I tought was acne on my forehead around december/january 2006/2007. I used hair care products full of shitty ingredients and had long hair that touched my forehead. This caused several papules/pastules. However, the damage was done, and now I didn't want to cut my hair to reveal my shitty forehead. After a while I cut my hair and stopped using any products in it, but the problem persisted and got worse. During the following months I tried Dan's regimen, several diet changes, washes and more. However nothing seemed to do any good for my forehead. Summer 2007 I went on vacation and was in the sun for hours each day. I got a nice tan and all my acne on my forehead "cleared up". What I actually was doing was damaging my skin and disguising all the red marks behind a nice tan. I still regret this to the very day since it made my red marks stay for ages. At that time I hadn't acne on my body at all(just some spots on the top of my back). However, I got a pretty severe sunburn, and a lot of dead skin on my shoulders and upper back. A couple of weeks later I started getting "acne" on my shoulders, upper back and chest. Mostly I got Pastules and what looked like whitehead on my chest(see the last picture under pictures) and the little deeper kind of pastules/papules on my shoulders/upper back. Mostly it only itched on the upper back and sometimes on the chest. However the itch was far from irritating and was never really a problem. Through the winter(2007(September)-2008(January)) I didn't do much to the problem. I was hoping it would go away on it's own, and it was winter so I didn't have to reveal my upper body. When the summer got nearer I realised this shit wasn't going away, and I started trying different kind of products. After a while I started vitamin B5. It worked well on my forehead, but didn't do much for my upper body. Read my progress on this in my log Around april 2008 I started reading about Pityrosporum Folliculitis, and I soon realised this was what I had. Since then I've spent countless hours researching the subject. Started using Head & Shoulders, but without great results. After a while I also started using Mandelic Acid and it began to clear up. However it didn't hold the folliculitis in check and soon I satrted a new topical regimen including a Sulphur/Salicylic Acid soap( and Daktarin Gold(Ketoconazole 2%) cream. it worked well for a while, but the PF soon started to occur again. The next thing on the agenda was Propylene Glycol which seemed to work great for the first couple of days/the first week, but as I had previously experienced PF is a bitch and after 3 weeks I still got spots on my chest and shoulders/upper back. September 11th I started Itraconazole 200 mg/day and a new chapter in my treatment history is about to begin. Without this forum I would have never realised that it's Pityrosporum Folliculitis I have, and I would probably still be struggling with different kind of acne treatments. It's about time I give something back to this community, and I hope this post will help other members. If I can help one person to get clear by creating this FAQ it's all worth it. Good luck!
  9. Apple Cider Vinegar vs. Vitamin E Oil?

    This isn't really concerning acne, since neither of these products make me break out. I was using ACV in the summer, and then quit because of the smell. So I switched to Vitamin E oil. I'm not sure which one delivered better results, but I keep reading about people using ACV more than Vitamin E oil. If you use ACV - what is your routine, and how effective has it been (time frame, etc.)? If you use Vitamin E oil - same questions. EDIT - I'm so frustrated. Everytime I think I'm doing something right, I keep reading the threads and seeing what other people do for their red marks. I guess I just need to be patient and let the Vitamin E oil do it's thing? I'm so tired of spending money on more products. My face is probably tired of it as well.
  10. I'm considering using a spray tan to help cover up the redness and red marks left by large lesions. Has anyone done this on accutane? Does it have any effect on your skin? My main question: Should I put moisturizer on before spray tanning or after? Can you still moisturize with a fake tan? I'm considering using Bio Oil to treat the redmarks, can I use this with a spray tan on? What about spot treatment? Any other comments about how to spray tan on tane or suggestions of tanning products are welcome!
  11. Lets cut the introduction, lets cut the drama of past failures of trying to get rid of hypertrophic scars, and lets get down straight to business... THE SOLUTION What you need: 1) White Distilled Vinegar 2) Q-Tip 3) Aloe Vera 4) Antibacterial Cream 5) About 1-2 weeks of downtime (unless you dont mind going out in public while its healing) The steps to getting rid of it: 1) Dip the Q-Tip in the vinegar 2) Apply the Q-Tip against the hypertrophic scar and rub against it for about 10 seconds 3) Use the dry side of the Q-Tip and rub the vinegar nice even onto the scar. Dont be shy about it, rub against it firmly, not hard, but firmly enough to where you're not bending the Q-Tip. It is important that you do this in order to penetrate this scar and get into it. Do this for about 10 seconds as well. 4) Redip the vinger side of the Q-Tip into the vinegar and reapply it onto the scar with just as much firmness as you did with the dry side, but do it for about 30 seconds. 5) If you're doing it right, the scar will become white, or encircled by a white line. You may also bleed (this may not happen the first few times) but all of this is just signs that you're on the right path. 6) Apply Aloe Vera and/or Antibacterial Cream to the bump about 15-20 minutes after you're done. You should expect scabs, BUT DONT PICK AT IT, YOU MAY SCAR. Let theese creams do the "picking" for you. Do this twice a day for about a week, or until you feel the bump has dissapated. Here's how my process went, I am currently on day 8. day 1) nothing day 2) nothing day 3) texture of bump becomes scabbed, but otherwise nothing day 4) stays scabbed with no signs of improvement day 5) bump is really red. and after applying vinegar in the evening, for the first time, theres a little bleeding (and from there on out there would be bleeding everytime I applied the white distilled viengar). day 6) wake up in the morning with a red marked bump. I mean, BRIGHT RED. Its still hard to tell whether the bump has eroded or not because of the scabby surface. It did feel a little smaller. In the evening, I bleed a lot. I decide to apply aloe vera 10 minutes after due to this (from here on out I applied aloe vera) day 7) Groundhog Day. See day 6. day 8) MILESTONE DAY. Today is day 8. The bump looks terrible, perhaps even worse than it did before. But I realize that the bump is no longer hypertrophic. It only feels hypertrophic because of the dry scab formed. The Bump is GONE, but the scabby, red, inflamed, remains. It looks like its going to take at least a couple weeks for it to be gone. I still intend on applying aloe vera from here on out until i feel its gone, but I am done applying the white distilled vinegar. I am not the first one to do this vinegar experiment. And all of those who tried it before me were 100% satisfied with the results. Please be patient with the process. Day 1 - Before Day 8, Healing not Complete Though it remains unsightly, the healing is not complete. I will apply neosporin and aloe vera from here on out until it completely heals. Otherwise, you can tell the hypertrophic scar is no longer hypertrophic. 2nd Round - done twice a day from 11/25/08-11/30/08 I've been applying a lot of aloe vera and then anti-bacterial cream. And I intend on doing this twice a day until that bright redness subsides, and the "wound" heals. EDIT: DONT USE ALOE VERA OR ANTI-BACTERIAL CREAM TO THE AFFECTED AREA. IT IS TECHNICALLY AN OPEN WOUND. APPLY HYDROCORTISONE CREAM INSTEAD.
  12. anyone know of a good tinted oil-free,non-comedogenic moisturizer? I figure if I use this I would get some coverage for my red marks and need to put less make-up or maybe none. Maybe guys can use one too. anyone know of one? thanks
  13. I put too much benzoyl peroxide all over my skin it was 5% and it was too sensitive for my skin and got really burned and my skin was peeling so much ... so I put some vaseline and peeled the skin off it has been over 5 months and I am still seeing the affects of the benzoyl peroxide it has really damaged my skin and it also made me get many pimples due to this ...and my skin is really thin now and is really damaged and dark and I think the skin has become very old looking due to this and I'm only 21 !!!! will my skin go back to normal ....what can I do ???? is the skin permanently going to be like this ??? Will I have the burnt damaged skin forever ??how can I heal this ??? My skin has lost its youthful look and feel ..what to do ? My skin used to be so much whiter but it looks very dark now and damaged ..i don't know what to do ... I very sad cuz of this ...plz help me !!! thanks ur help is very appreciated !!! Will Benzoyl peroxide damage the skin structure and its ability ?
  14. Red

  15. Hello. I'm a 13 year old girl in junior high, and obviously, I have severe acne scarring. Of all kinds, too. Box scars, rolling scars, ice pick scars, red scars, brown scars.... you name it. The worse part, is that it isn't even about zits anymore. All the treatments I see on here are STRICTLY for acne, whether it be red bumps or whiteheads. Nothing for my type of situation. And if there are, it's pretty much pointless since it's something that requires insurance like laser treatments or fillers. Nothing for a girl my age. I've dealt with this for 2 years now. I have absolutely NOBODY to talk to, my confidence has plummeted to the bottom of the Earth, and the teachers at school send me to the counselor because they think I have "social anxiety" no..... I just hate my face. I can't stand to show it to people. I can't stand to look in the mirror, if I do I start sobbing because of the wretched scars. Sometimes I even gag at the sight of them. Dermatologist I used to go to won't accept my insurance , so I have nothing. NOTHING. NOT A SINGLE THING TO HELP ME. I'm sorry if my little vent is bland or boring... I just needed to kinda get rid of it all.
  16. I have really bad post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, they're basically huge red marks on my face. I've tried everything and nothing seems to help reduce it. I know it's going to take more than a couple weeks, but it's so embarrassing. It's even dry and flaking and I can't cover it up with concealer. Does anyone have any treatment, tips or suggestions? Please help!
  17. Epiduo

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, i made my profile today and i read many of the topics related to epiduo experiences. I want to share my experience too and I hope the people who have finished their treatment write me and give me some courage. First of all i'm 18 years old female, who have been struggling with with acne for about 7 years now. During this time i've got some pretty good results but unfortunately they haven't been permanent. I've used tones of things such as Bioderma cosmetics, Iwostin and many others, products made in a special pharmacy ( they helped the most but i had to stay with face pack for 2 and a half hours every night, and the products were quite agressive - they consisted of different kinds of alchohol, fuller's earth and such things) and also my former derm have made me electrocoagulation which was really paintful and the recovery process was very hard too. She wanted to make me another one so i quit going there. Then I went to another derm who had helped me clear up my chest acne. First she prescribed me mild cosmetics such as Avene Triacneal Cream which slightly peels your skin and Avene Cleansing gel and Avene moisturizer. I've used this for about a month it didn't helped a lot but the goal was to prepare my skin for epiduo so when i start using it it won't be so harsh to my face. Then I went to Greece i bought Epiduo because I live in Bulgaria and we don't have this product here (unfortunately) .. I also bought Indoxyl Gel as I was prescribed. Then I started the follow regimen: 1. in the morning - wash up my face with Avene Cleansing gel ( i'm pretty pleased with it by the way ) , then put on Avene moisturizer, Indoxyl gel only on the pipmples and then Avene couverance foundation 2. in the evening - wash up my face only with hot water ( in order not to dry out my face additionaly), then put on Epiduo I also take herbal meds with pansy and burdock. I'm not a fan of antibiotics, so I would never take one. I'm now on the way of my sixth week. My acne has never been worse so in times i get really discouraged.. but then i discovered this forum i've read many stories about epiduo with the same experience like mine and a happy end ( hopefully mine will be too! ) . Firstly I was all red and my face hurt a lot, but this wasn't a problem for me because i'm pretty good in handling pain ( i had an electrocoalgoatin without anestetic for God sake, because my formed derm is a sadist! ) . I'm still scarring of course and the make up part is really difficult because i put on make up and it peels right away and make my face look only worse and really scary .. I sometimes get really annoyed with it, but what can I do... What about my acne? I have it on the inner part of my cheeks ( just one or two pipmples ) , on my cheek i've got a lots of whiteheads and under my nose also and on my forehead i've got red marks , not pipmples just kind of scars.. but my derm said they will fade out when using epiduo and if someting is left she will do me some procedures with new microneeling technology .. some rolers. but i don't have any improvement yet.. i'll stick with it another 6 weeks of course because this is the only chance to get rid of the damage it caused me the past 6 weeks. What a paradox! The other thing is about my diet. I don't drink enough water but i'm determined to start drinking a lot of it every day because it's good for detoxication of organism. My derm said that food has nothing to do with acne but i'm not sure of it. My former derm told me i shouldn't eat chocholate or lots of sugar, fried food or fast food and greasy food as a whole and it kinda help i think so now i think i'm going to give this diet a try again I'm really interested about everyone's experience with epiduo so i will apreciate i you share it P.S. LOL my post went really long and maybe boring? I don't think i missed something. I'm also opened for questions if i did. P.S. 2 I'm not sure that my english is that good so I want you all to excuse me for my unawareness Thanks for reading this ! :)
  18. Pink/Red skin on nose

    So I had a scab on my nose around December 2015. The scab eventually healed but has left pink/red skin behind that is still around. Does anybody know what this is and how to manage it?
  19. Hey, I've been doing a lot of research about post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pih) recently, because like many of you, I have had red marks that vary from pink to purple to bright red, and have had them for almost 2 years. Upon doing some research, I came across various websites explaining that PIH tends to NOT actually be red or pink in colour, but actually light brown to black. I found several sites indicating that these red/pink marks are actually another inflammatory response of the skin called post inflammatory erythema. This makes a little more sense, because it's probably why my derm initially prescribed by hydroquinone, which is mostly for brown spots, and only seemed to make my red marks much worse (this was over a year ago). Some of you may be aware that I have been getting V-Beam treatments for my red marks (just got my second one yesterday), because I believe it may be a more vascular issue (simply because they are faint when I take cold showers or red when slightly irritated). My derm that I am currently seeing even told me that PIH tends to be brown in colour, and seemed to agree that what gives redness to my marks is probably blood vessels. Surprisingly enough, I can't seem to find much info about PIE online, so I was wondering what you guys know about it. Am I on the right track... am I making any sense? Does PIE have to be treated differently then PIH and is V-Beam any help? Kind of hoping to make this a good place for people to better understand the difference, including myself. Thanks
  20. Pile Cream/Haemorrhoid Ointment Just to let you all know, im a 17 year old lad from England. Ive had every cream, wash, & scrub man can make and nothing has really helped me. Ive had been on 3 different kinds of anti bitoics for my acne and ive been recently reffered to a dermatalogist. Anyway, i was told to try pile cream for my spots so i thought what have i got to loose. Went to Bargain Buys (Discount UK) and bought a tube for £1. Ive been using it for 3 days and i dont wanna get my hopes up too quick but its working wonders. Ive just had a massive breakout over the last week. Like were talking worst its ever been you could do dot to dot on my face. But with this cream My pores are less apparant, its got anti inflammatory so its reduced the size of my existing spots, Put the healing process into over drive and makes my skin feel really soft i cant believe how quick its healing. If it keeps up ill buy £50 worth. Anyway if i were you id try it! Dont over do it though because it is quite oily so it might start to back fire. Absolutely recommend trying it. My daily routine: use clearasil cleansing liquid with a cotton pad to clean my face on a morning and take 2 erothmycin tablets (would highly recommend but their perscription only) then i cleanse again before bed, apply a thin layer of pile cream allover my face. Wait for it to soak in for abit, then put dots of sudocrem on my scabby spots Aswell and take another 2 erothmycin then about twice a week i exfoliate using a tea tree face scrub and once a week ill put a mud mask on. If you use clearasil cleanser like me, add about 10 drops of pure tea tree oil to the mix and shake it before you use it, natural aid for acne. hope this helps!
  21. I'm considering getting laser work done on my red marks leftover from acne. I do not have that much scarring but rather, red hyper-pigmentation marks. For whoever has gotten IPL done for red marks (not deep scars), what was your experience like? Did you see positive results? How much did you pay per session? Thanks!
  22. So I've been on accutane 30mg for a month now coupled with erythromycin, and the number of new spots I've been getting has vastly decreased, and the ones I do get tend to be small. However, potentially because when I was at my worst a few months ago I was popping around 3-5 new whiteheads most days I have a significant amount of red marks on my cheek. I know your skin's very sensitive on accutane, and I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to reduce them and/or remove them while on the 'tane, because I'm normally a pretty confident guy, but these marks are really getting me down. I never really had particularly bad spots, medium at worst, until after this year's reading festival, when my face blew up. I thought there'd be other questions about this, so I had a quick search but couldn't find any exactly like mine, sorry if this is a repost. Any responses would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  23. Hi! My skin is not perfect and it never will be. I still have a bit of active acne (easily only 10% of what is was, maybe even less) and i have some scars and a LOT of red marks. I am not saying that i have the secret to perfect skin. I am posting this because there are some things i wish i had known back when i first got severe acne, and because i have been able to see 90% improvement with completely holistic methods. So, just a quick re-cap of my journey - last may (2010) i got REALLY really bad severe cystic horrible disfiguring acne. I refused to do accutane and tried a bunch of cleanses and really restrictive diets (candida diet, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, etc) as well as lots of topicals and SO MANY EXPENSIVE SUPPLEMENTS. I had another log at that time if you want to look at it. Around November my skin started to slowly improve. I think that what helped me more than anything was improving my attitude and reducing stress levels, as well as completely removing industrial meat/dairy from my diet. I discovered that eggs were a HUGE trigger for me, so i stopped eating them, too. My skin continued to improve although it was really a roller coaster with my menstrual cycle. This summer i apprenticed with Susun Weed and my skin improved tremendously during those 3 months! Right now i have reason to believe that i have PCOS. I have acne - it's in my genes, its how my body expresses internal problems. But now it is so so much better and i haven't touched a drug! I am going to begin taking herbal remedies for PCOS and hopefully that will help to clear me up 100%. Oh, also, i was using a LOT of essential oils when my skin was really bad and i think that that may have overloaded my system. I used to think of essential oils as being benign and just as "safe" as using a whole herb. Really they are extremely concentrated and drug-like, and are only one constituent of an herb. Now i use extracts of the whole herb like an oil or tincture or infusion instead of essential oils. A lot of the things on this board and in health food stores today are "heroic" - the extreme cleanses, the severely restricted diets, the intense supplements. Often they do more harm than good. I do not want to go into it too much right now, but (for example) liver cleanses are really bad for you. Ask anyone who has done one - they feel like you are going to die (because you will if you keep it up)! The heroic tradition says "the worse it feels the better it is for you" that is not sound advice, in my opinion. This summer, i apprenticed with herbalist Susun Weed. She is the contemporary voice of the wise woman tradition. Whereas the heroic tradition 'heals' through cleanses, purges, restrictions, and punishments (it's your fault you've got acne, if you just followed the rules better you wouldn't have acne!) the wise woman tradition heals through nourishing (nourish your body so it can heal itself). So, here is what i believe helped my skin to heal so much: 1. nourishing herbal infusions This is hands down what helped me the MOST. I've been drinking nourishing herbal infusions every day for 4 months and i feel amazing. My hair is thick and shiny and healthy, my skin is really doing better, i have more energy, i'm more calm. I will explain this part a little bit here, but for anyone who is really interested in drinking nourishing herbal infusions, go check out - there is a free online class that explains all the logistics. EDIT- the free online class is actually on sorry. lots of good info on the other website though! an herbal infusion consists of 1 ounce by weight (which is a LOT) of dried herb in 1 quart of boiling water, steeped for 4-6 hours or overnight. This allows for maximum mineral extraction. Then you strain the herb (squeeze all the good stuff out and compost the herb!) and drink up! It's best to drink a whole quart a day but even a cup or 1/2 cup will do you good. Nourishing herbal infusions have TONS of extremely bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and protein so its even better than vitamin supplements. Seriously, i haven't taken a supplement in months and i used to take like 15-20 a day! And, drinking 1 quart of nourishing herbal infusion a day costs around $1 a day (f you buy herbs in bulk which is WAY less than i was spending on supplements. don't make infusions out of aromatic herbs like peppermint or chamomile because the high amount of essential oils are not good for you (if you've ever let chamomile tea steep overnight by accident you know that nasty taste). Also, its best to only make one kind of infusion at a time and then have a different kind the next day, don't mix a bunch of herbs in one jar. There are a lot of herbs which can be made into infusion. I will list the 5 that Susun reccomends and personally drinks and then others which i have been drinking in addition for my acne. Nettle leaf: nettle is AMAZING. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals, has a rich, deep earthy taste, and is known as a purifing herb. It is especially good for your skin and hair as well as your kidneys and adrenals and thyroid (which aids in detoxifying). It is also energizing . Red Clover: red clover is known primarily as an anti-cancer herb but it is also extremely good for balancing hormones and has TONS of minerals - known as an herbal multivitamin! It tastes very mineral-rich and adding a tiny pinch of peppermint to the ounce of red clover will make it more palatable. Comfrey Leaf:comfrey leaf heals your skin from the inside out. it builds strength and flexibility in and soothes and heals your mucous membranes, the inner lining of your digestive tract, your tendons and ligaments, your outer skin, and it also aids your short term memory! You can also apply this externally to speed up wound healing. It is both mucilagenous (soothing property) and astringent, so it has a strange feel in your mouth, and it tastes a bit like grass. I like drinking it warm with honey, but you can add it to juice or whatever makes it palatable for you. it's worth it! Linden flower: Linden is the world's leading cold and flu remedy. It is EXTREMELY anti-inflammatory and it tastes great! can also be applied topically. oatstraw: oatstraw is a nerve tonic and a sexual tonic (good for ED, just a side note). It builds calm strength and is extremely and deeply nourishing. It tastes really sweet and mellow, like oats! my extra infusions: cleavers - I drink a quart of cleavers infusion once a week. They are good for lymphatic circulation and are generally known as a detoxifying herb for the skin. has a mild pleasant taste. burdock root- i drink a 1/2 cup of burdock infusion a day. It is a slow but thourough detoxifier and it works on all of your internal systems - liver, kidneys, lymph, etc. and really increases your body's ability to detox. It's known for working on skin issues. has a mild earthy taste. Dandelion root - dandelion is wonderful for your liver and roasted dandelion root tea is soooo yummy! It is also a digestive stimulant. I could write a lot about dandelion but i won't. So, there we go. Nourishing herbal infusions. They are not just good for people with acne, they are good for EVERYONE. And the great thing about this is that even if you don't change your diet or lifestyle, and all you do is drink a cup to a quart of nourishing herbal infusion a day, you will notice a difference in the way you feel and look. 2. not picking! I didn't pick at all for the three months i was apprenticing because i was so busy and also because i was happy and not obsessing over my looks all the time, and i'm sure that helped. I would just put some faerie organic mineral therapy on as a spot treatment during the day and some NZ naturals manuka honey cream at night and not think about it. If i got sweaty or dirty i would use witch hazel and a cotton ball. I only washed my face every couple of days with himalaya neem and turmeric non-soap cleanser. So it was pretty minimal. Not focusing on my skin really helped me to not stress,too 3. lowering stress levels - this is one of the most important things that anyone can do. I know for me acne is extremely related to stress. Not looking in mirrors all the time, doing things i enjoy, being with friends who love me as i am, spending time outside and with my pets, etc. all helped to reduce my stress. Also, not being on this website all the time haha. It's a great resource but it can become an addiction lol. Also, taking stress away from food was really helpful . I used to get so worked up when i had to go to a restaurant... well, read below. 4. balanced diet - don't be scared of food! mostly organic non-industrial food. whereas before i could hardly eat anything - my list of forbidden foods was sooo long - now i am eating whole wheat gluten products and organic dairy, chocolate, even ocassionally ice cream. The only things on my restricted list now are: eggs, soy. that feels really really good. I don't have to OBSESS over what i am going to eat anymore! I don't see food as scary and potentially dangerous, but as nourishment. No, this whole wheat bread is not going to break me out. On the other hand, eggs are so i'd better not eat that yummy quiche. And yes, if i go on a sugar binge it will probabally break me out as well. I'm not saying that you can eat anything without consequences - i'm saying that not everything does have consequences. I think that the nourishing herbal infusions have really reduced my sensitivity to the common allergens. Many people avoid them all because they are either paranoid (the mindset that is promoted by the alternative/heroic tradition) or because they are hypersensitive at that time. I never had a reason to think that gluten caused acne for me, but i wasn't eating it just in case. Now i am not scared of it. Everyone is different and for some people gluten does cause acne and for some people eggs do and for others its dairy or corn or citrus. Elimination diets are the only way to figure out what really does affect you, and they are grueling but worth it because once you find out what you are actually allergic to, you can eat other things! The insanity is when you are on an elimination diet indefinitely - just in case. That leads to less than optimal nutrition, and creates so much stress around food! some other nutritional tips - cook your fruits and veggies - plants have a hard cell wall which contains their nutrients. Unless that cell wall is broken, you don't have access to those nutrients. Ways to break the cell wall include: freezing, cooking (boiling baking roasting etc.), marinating in oil, and dehydrating. Chewing doesn't cut it. That is why raw food diets are so bad for you. It gives you a feeling of being energized because you are going into starvation mode and your brain is producing feel good chemicals. Also, fructose is difficult for many people of European descent to digest - cooking fruits makes it easier on the system. Anyway, cooking fruits and veggies liberates nutrients so that you get optimal nourishment from those foods. avoid peppers! i used to LOVE peppers but after not eating them for a while, now i can see that they really do make my skin so much more inflamed. From bell peppers to cayenne pepper as a spice. It makes sense, they are a very stimulating food. Try avoiding them for a month and see what happens. (this is not just because they are nightshades - tomatoes and potatoes don't effect me like peppers do) and in general, don't eat a lot of processed foods and refined sugar 5. getting some excercise just moving around really helped me feel better and gets the lymph and blood circulating. Not a ton. I do yoga, hike, walk, dance. whatever is fun for you. Something else of interest: the 6 steps of healing: 0. do nothing - sleep, rest, meditate, leave your skin alone (for a specific time period ex. 2 weeks) 1, collect information 2. engage the energy - homeopathy, positive affirmations, laughter. 3. nourish and tonify - herbal infusions, nourishing food, tonifying herbs, excercise, stretching. 4. stimulate/sedate - stimulating/sedating herbs, hot/cold water, etc. 5. use supplements - synthetic/concentrated vitamin/minerals 5b. use drugs - benzyl peroxide, accutane, etc. 6. break and enter - surgery many people skip the first 4 or 5 steps and just go right to supplements or drugs. The first 4 steps are really important. doing nothing prepares you to heal, and for some people it may be all you need! Engaging the energy may be enough for others. For me, nourishing and tonifying cleared me up 90%. Now i am going to move on to step 4 by using a stimulating/sedating drug to treat PCOS. If that does not work, then i will consider supplements and then drugs to normalize my hormones. In an extreme situation i guess getting my uterus removed would be the last step, although i'm not really down for that lol. The point it, as you go up in steps, it becomes less safe and the recovery period is longer. Of course the lower steps take more time to work. But, if meditating every day for 6 months clears your skin, isn';t that better than doing accutane for 6 months and dealing with the potential side effects without even trying more gentle remedies? (just as an example) So, this is what helped me. I am really really happy about this and about how my skin is doing. This whole journey with acne has helped me to grow so much and i am truly thankful for it (although i could do without the scars and PIH...). I really think that if someone who was in my position last May started drinking infusions and de-stressing, that it would make a big difference for them and they wouldnt even get scars. I would urge anyone to try this nourishing and tonifying approach. By definition, it can't hurt you! Nourishment is nourishment! Tonifying herbs make your body better at healing itself. With an optimally nourished body and the help of tonifying herbs, your skin will improve. Acne has really taught me to love myself and treat myself well, instead of punishing my body by restricting my diet or doing harsh cleanses. I really hope that this helps someone! sept 2010 Sept 2011 and again, i know my skin now isn't perfect but rather than focusing on the scars/red marks focus on the lack of inflamation and active acne. I didn't discover the things i posted here until this summer, and had severe acne for more than a year before that (which i tried to treat with heroic methods) so the scars are not because what i'm saying doesn't work, they are because the restrictive diets i tried didnt work. sending love!
  24. hey ive been on tretinoin (retin-a) 0.025% [and clindamycin, if that matters] for about 6 weeks now. i do see changes in my skin, but no overall improvement... i have a couple questions. it normal for me to still be breaking out this late in the game? i'm not sure if its purging because i thought i had gone through that earlier when my face was a mess...but i do still get pimples... is this normal? 2. my red marks seem to be more prominent. they are very noticable now and i thought tretinoin was supposed to help fade red marks....? do they get worse before better tooo or something? i just wanna know if this is normal...and if anyone that has had experience with tretinoin has seen a reduction in their red marks. (i don't seem to have any box scars, but at some angles, in some lights, it can look i do have a couple very minor ones...would tretinoin help with this as well??) if anyone has any answers, thanks in advance!!
  25. Log: Help Me Clear My Face ! Pics

    Hi all, just wondering what all steps i should be doing to clear up my face entirely. i know it's not horrible , but everyone here would like the perfect glowing skin complexion. and that's also what i would like. I definitely want these pores to be less noticeable !! and my cheek pores are usually redish pink tint as u can see that i want balanced with my skin ! i hate having them stick out. and both cheeks have red marks from past acne that needs to go ! here's some pics and also my nose is full of blackheads :/ here's what ive been doing daily morning: wash with water, then olay sensitive foaming skin cleanser. pat dry - moisturize with aloe vera or garnier oil free moisture midday: clean off with lukewarm water. pat dry night: wash with water then olay sensitive foaming cleanser. followed by moisturize with aloe vera or garnier oil free moisture. i just bought BHA 2% lotion, used it as directed all over face. tonight will be the 2nd time. and also about every 4-5 days i use indian healing clay mask. i take 8g fishoil too, and my diet is clean. sometimes i drink 1-2 tbs ACV i would love to hear Every One's opinions. help me feel completely confident as i strive for perfect skin ! i need all the help i can get,