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  1. 22 year old male here. I've dealt with bad acne since puberty. After graduating college and several months on the regimen, my face has miraculously cleared of active infections. However, the raised bumps on my nose still remain. Whenever I broke out on my nose, usually a finger-tip sized red area would appear and would be painful to touch. Usually it'd become raised, and then burst and turn dark red for a while before subsiding. Does anybody know if this is hypotrophic scarring? Sebaceous hyperplasia? And what kind of treatment would be best to get rid of these stubborn rascals? When my nose turns red from cold weather, the bumps usually remain less red than the rest of the nose.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to know if I have scarring, specifically on my cheeks. If I do, what kind of scars steer they? What are methods of treatment? If I don't have scars, is it just regular acne? Also, I was looking up some stuff online, and im wondering, do I have hyperpigmentation? Thank you so much for helping me sheet these questions y'all. It means a lot to me as I am really stressed out about my acne...
  3. Hey everyone. I have had white spots on my face for about 5 years now, I think. When they first started I didn't think much of it, I think they were mainly on my chin, then some on the right side of my nose. The ones on my chin are basically what my face is now, I don't remember my face without them. And I tried for the longest time to not care about them. I've had acne before, not too crazy but stubborn acne. I've never played with them. Never popped them. I never tried to craft some home remedy I wasn't sure about. I just let them be. And I tried to do the same with these white spots for some years now. But It's getting worse and worse. When I squeeze my cheeks, or the place between my brows, or my chin with my hands, there appears even more of them, that I previously couldn'T without squeezing. I went to three dermatologists, one of them said it might e past acne scar, one of them said they might be fat glands, and the last one said he didn't know, and gave me "acnelyse" which sheds skin and "sivex" which is a protective lotion I believe. I'm going to include some old photos and the ones I just took with the phone's flashlight, zoomed in. This one is from June 2016. I know it's low res but the sun makes the spots better visible, as if they already werent. September 2016. Obvious raise in chin & right side of nose. October 2016. Low res again. Now for the photos I just took. Left side of my nose. Note that when my skin is stretched, these spots aren't visible, they don'T even leave a trace when I stretch the skin. they just dissappear. So it's not like acne where it would be more visible when you stretch the skin. Left side 2. My nose also has 3-4 bumps, one of them is very visible, right on the upper side of the mini mole on my nose. Squeezing my cheek. Left side acne & spots. Many on the chin also visible. Right side again. this is where it's worst. Left side photos look worse but right side is actually much much worse irl. Chin. Flash makes them look less by destroying the shadows but they're still visible. Last one, squeezing my chin. I'm a 21 yo male. I've tried the "acnelyse" the third derm gave me and it doesnt seem to do much. Maybe it's my mood bur they definitely feel worse on some days and better on some days. So maybe it's an allergy of some kind? I smoke but thse started long before I started smoking. Only thread I've found with almost the exact spot photos is this: Some users say they have the same thing but when I search their post history, I find photos that are nothing like mine. Mine have never been red, always whiter. They don't burn or itch, they're just there. They're not squeezable, they're like a part of the skin. My first phost here. I don't know if I've done something wrong. thanks in advance. If you're going to recommend a doctor, I live in Turkey.
  4. Brother has bump on his nose and we can’t figure out what it is. It is sorrounded by blackheads but nothing comes out from the actual bump. We’ve tried squeezing it but nothing happens to it.
  5. Hi, I intended to try silicone sheets for a raised scar on my chin, but the sheets simply wouldn't stay on (due to the curve on my face) so I returned them. Now I'm looking to try silicone gel instead. Any brand recommendations?
  6. Hello! I've been heavily researching the topic of scar removal for my face. I have less than one month left of my isotretinoin course, so I can't do any treatments yet; just planning for the future. I wouldn't consider my scars "acne scars", but rather scars from me picking at acne. I have several indented fingernail print scars, and one long, raised fingernail-picking scar on my chin as well. I would consider them minor/shallow. When I brought this up to my dermatologist, her advice was basically along the lines of "deal with it," and "they probably won't go away." I'm not delusional; I'm fully aware that these are scars and honestly don't have too much hope for them to be treated. But they distress me endlessly and have left me with body dysmorphia that affects me 24/7. Has anyone had any success with scar treatments for these types of scars? Unsuccessful treatments? I was interested in trying derma rolling, but my dermatologist shot that down (still interested though). Again, definitely wouldn't call them "acne scars", they are 100% from me picking at acne with my fingernails. Thank you!
  7. Hi, i had a spot on my nose in the summer and it left a raised scar, i think it is a hypertrophic scar. I was wondering what treatments are out there for me to get rid of it or even make it smaller and less noticeable. I prefer not to go to a dermatologist as I don't have the money I have included 2 photos, thanks.
  8. Hi guys, So i've been reading through a tonne of posts, and thought i'd write up a post to see if anyone had any ideas. After many many tries by my doctors to solve my back acne, finally they put me on accutane and i've been on it for about 8 months. It's been completely clear for about 4 months, and i'm only on about 10mg/20mg. Anyway it's left some scarring on my back, that covers the whole back. Now the main two issues i'm finding are a tonne of little white 'follicular macular atrophy' scars scattered across the sides and centre of my back, along with various light discolouration and redness. Now in all honesty, while the scarring does cover my entire back, it's actually been manageable. After taking a shower, or going for a swim, when my back is covered in water the scarring is pretty much not visible unless you go really, really close. Although when my back is dry, it is pretty obvious from about a metre or two away. I usually feel comfortable swimming once my back is wet. Anyway you might be thinking why would I bother if it isn't *too* bad, and not visible when covered in water. Well it feels like I am so so close to getting my skin back, and surely it is possible. One thing I have tried as my skin is quite white, is rubbing tanning cream over my back, and it evened out the skin colour enough to hide the majority although the white bumps are still visible when in bright light eg sun. (for example, I looked at my back in the mirror on the wall, faced away from the ceiling light and my back looked overall clear. If anyone has any solutions, or ideas, please let me know. I feel so close to something at least resembling clear skin. Has anyone tried silicone sheeting? Lasers?
  9. How would you describe my skin type? I feel like it's so much different than typical 'acne' appearance and I just want it to be gone now. im on oxytetracycline which obviously doesn't work and I cleanse, tone and use an AHA twice a day. I also use drying lotion at night. Please help me define my skin and acne.. Would you say it's moderate? (I've had it 3 years)
  10. hello all, i have no clear diagnosis on what this bump on my nose is, but it's history is that before this bump there was about two pimples i popped (shouldn't have done) and reappeared after another (last year) now there is a small raised hard dark red bump on the spot where the pimple was and it will not go away, it's been on my nose for about a year now and i have been wondering what it was. things i have tried: popping it (mistake it came back anyway) apply vitamin e onto it (my go to lol) thanks any help would be appreciated.
  11. I suffered from a few deep pimples (possibly cysts) on my lower lip / upper chin areas over the past 5 months. They all were eventually able to be popped after a week or so of being large, raised, pea sized, dark red, etc. They all healed with scabs and gradual shrinking. However, two or three spots remain that are light pink and appear slightly raised. They are about the circumference of the original cysts and behave a little oddly. When I blush they get more red then the normal skin around them. When I wash my face they do the same thing. One even seems to have caused a hair to grow sideways and no longer outward (I'm a male btw). Yet these spots don't physically feel any different then my normal skin. Are these a type of scar common with cysts? A decade ago when I was 20 and dealing with typical puberty acne I used to have deep acne on my cheeks and never had marks like these left behind...
  12. During January of this year i got a really big pimple on my nose and after a while it started to go away, but never really went away completely. It left this really bad scar/raised bump on my nose and I'm in desperate need of help as to how to get rid of it. It seems like it will never go away. any ideas?
  13. Cryoshape

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    Hey guys, just came across cryoshape tonight. Looks like some awesome before and afters for a non invasive procedure! I might do this! Has anyone on here done it? If you don't know what it is, Google