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  1. Question !!!!

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    I’ve been using the regimen for more then 5 months now, I’ve recently purchased the AHA+. How is this used? I’d like to use it as an all over the face treatment, do I wash it off after? Is it a leave in treatment? How is it used???
  2. After successfully using the oil cleansing routine for nearly an entire year (during which my face didn’t look oily), I got acne (p. acne) - BUT I think that’s cos I stupidly used shea butter as a moisturiser and it’s probs too heavy for my skin which allowed an anaerobic environment for breeding and development of the acne. Anyhow, I was given duac (benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin 1%) and told to cut oils from my skincare, and, yes my acne is packing up and leaving (btw I’m also on lymecycline pills now), but holy guacamole is my skin all of a sudden VERY oily. I mean like 10 mins after cleansing and applying the duac which is meant to dry your skin, mine will have spread a nice layer of sebum as if the duac isn’t even there. WHATDAHELL? It looks like someone tried the ‘wet-look’ and failed miserably and I never thought I’d say this but it’s actually quite embarassing and I feel more self-conscious about it than I did when my acne as bad. Opinions? Oh and also while I’m here, should I go back to the ocm just without the curséd shea butter or not risk it?
  3. Can't access settings

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    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone had ideas on what I can do to access my settings (username/password, etc.). It looks like you should be able to click on your username by what looks like adrop-down menu arrow (upper right corner of the screen) and options should come up. When I click that arrow (or the box around it) though, it just blinks to another colour for a second and nothing happens.
  4. Aha question

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    If I am only using the benzoyl peroxide on certain areas of my face, do I do the same with aha? For instance I am not putting the BP on my forehead at all , will I be putting the aha on my forehead once I start using it?
  5. BP question

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    I only have acne on my cheeks and left lower jar. Do I still need to use BP all over the place? I don't want to cause breakouts when I never had them in a certain spot. What do you recommend?
  6. irritated enlarged pores

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    i already have a problem with picking at my skin unintentionally, and yesterday i tried taking a bobby pin and using it to pop my black heads, my skin was clear besides a few pimples and black heads on my nose. so i took the bobby pin and all i know was that i started popping them at 4am and ended at 3pm (a long time), and my skin was really red and my pores were huge, which i'm guessing is from me scraping at my skin to get the blackheads out. i took a shower after and my face looked really bad and had gotten worse. My dad thought it was an allergic reaction to something cause my pores were so red and irritated(i'm not allergic to anything so i know it's not that). all i used on my face was dr bronners soap when i got in the shower and i've been putting which hazel on it, and i just put on a product i have that closes your pores. it's now around 11:30pm and my pores look like this, it's a lot less than earlier but it still looks really bad(before i tried to pop my blackheads there was no redness at all besides a few small pimples on my chin). what should i do to stop the skin from being so red and swollen? will it stay like this? and if not how long will it take for the redness to go down?
  7. I assume so but just wanted to make sure that that's who to go to. (I used to have a dermatologist but he's not practicing anymore so I'll have to find a new one). I have a lot of ice pick scars that I'd love to get rid of and my last dermatologist told me they were very mild so don't worry about it until my skin is totally clear. My skin is pretty clear now other than a few breakouts here and there but I'm still left with these scars.
  8. Wearing make up?

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    I am a fan of wearing make up and wear it everyday. I love it and love to Experiment with different looks and different make up brands to find the best ones for me. I am quilty of having not taking the best care of my skin and that has resulted in acne and very bad acne scaring. I am interested in trying this product and I want to know if this regimen would be right for me, and possibly the extra steps to take to also remove the make up completely. Or is this product something you want your face bare for, so it can breath while healing.
  9. I got prescribed aczone to use in the morning and epiduo to use at night and I also take solodyn ( doxycycline) . Is this too much for my skin ??
  10. I'm half way through my three month treatment consisting of Aczone cream in the morning and Epiduo cream at night for my face and I'm also taking Solodyn (Minocycline) during the day . I think it is working , however I beleilve this could be too many harsh products all at once for my skin ? I apply mosturizer 2 times a day about 5-7 min after applying cream . Let me know what you think . Btw I'm 16 yr old guy and have cystic acne .
  11. Hi. Im 31 and suffer from hormonal acne. Im wanting to try a new regimen and would love to hear your thoughts on what im considering. - SkinB5 Acne Controlled Extra Strength Tablets (morning noon and night as recommended) - SkinB5 Acne Cleansing Mousse OR Coconut Oil as a morning and night wash -Apple Cider Vinegar to tone maybe.....though I know it can be a wash aswell so im rather conflicted about what to use it for. -Coconut Oil as moisturiser. Im worried that the Coconut Oil will clog my pores if I use it as a moisturiser. I do get cystic acne too. Any help will be so greatly appreciated!
  12. I've started my 3rd month & just finished 1/3 out of the whole pack. Up until now my face has been rather consistent. But I've started noticing discoloration & tiny little bumps (whiteheads) is this normal?? & should I increase my dosage.
  13. This is a question regarding BP usage as spot treatment rather than all-over face use. At what stage of a pimple should one stop applying BP there? Should BP be applied on the spot until completely flat and clear? Or should it be left alone once the most inflamed stage passes and the spot starts to lose color? Sometimes a pimple will surface to the yellow stage, and it would then calm down the next morning. I feel that using BP at that stage may be a waste of product, as the purpose is to kill active acne bacteria rather than heal skin tissue.
  14. Do I have acne?

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    Over the past 6 months I have began to get a many painful red spots over my face. They are hard and red and they take forever to go away, and don't usually develop heads on them either. Would like an opinion on here wherther you think I have acne or not before I go see a doctor about it, thanks[user]=145879915&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1[user]=145879915&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  15. Hi ! I'm using the regimen since 6 weeks! I'm using extra AHA+ since 1 week and my skin peels off a looot... Is it normal ? I've got some breakouts (arround the mouth mainly..) and i'm used to use tea tree oil, Is this oil compatible with the moisturizer ? I hope soo!
  16. Hello,last summer I had acne all over my right cheeks, after going to the dermatologist He prescribed me to take Locacid and cytacnyl every day. My face totally break out and made me so embarrased and haven't found improvement in the 2 months treatment but my face keep getting worse so the DC prescribed me duac gel to apply every morning along with those 2 ( alternating between them every night), still no improvement. Then the doctor told me to try Granoduxy ( doxycycline) as a pill it did somehow help with my acne but my face started to peeling yellow peels so I got so frustrated and used a corticosteroid cream and did however clear all the peeling and most breakouts but now after Stopping the doxycycline I started to have more whiteheads but the thing is I was wondering what are those things on my face like red patches plus I have a big round pimple that is getting solid to touch.P.S: I have no pain at all from my acne and wash my face everyday twice.P.P.S: I have stopped all the treatments hoping to let my face heal itself but i'm afraid i have scars or PIH.So plz guys if anyone have some medications that I can try that really do miracles It would be appreciated
  17. Hi! I'm on week 6 and it's better but I've got scars dark scars.. I've readen many things about this product but I'm a little bit lost I the Glycolic Acid usefull about this ? Thanks!
  18. I've only been using the regimen for a week now but I've noticed that my skin pigmentation has gotten much darker where my neck is a much lighter skin tone than my face. I think it might be the moisturizer due to its tint but I'm not sure. Is anyone else having this problem? Even the skin around my mouth where i don't usually point the moisturizer to make sure it doesn't get on my lips or in my mouth is visibly a lighter colour than the rest of my face. I don't know if this is supposed to happen or maybe my skin is just irritated. What should I do?
  19. Hi everyone! So I have been using tretinoin .05% for about a month and a half, almost two months now. I experienced the initial purge and irritation but after 2 weeks it subsided, so I haven’t had any irritation from my tretinoin for a while now. My dermatologist just upped the strength and prescribed me .1%, the strongest you can go. I was wondering if I will experience a large purge/irritation stage again, or if I’ll have only a little to no purging/irritation since I’ve been on tretinoin for a while. Thank you for any help!
  20. Hello people of, I've been thinking of acne surgery but not sure of the side effects. Money isn't a problem since my insurance will cover it all because of my previous surgery's. I want to know is it worth it for my type of acne?
  21. I'm writing this post so that I can keep track of my progress and begin my attempt on the caveman regimen. I've never had acne my entire life. I'm 19 and I never struggled with acne ever, I would get compliments constantly on my effortless, flawless skin constantly. In February of this year I had my first ever break out and freaked the hell out, I didn't understand what was going on... When I look back now I actually only got my first ever pimple, it was so tiny and completely unnoticeable but it still greatly affected me. What's to come next was just silly on my part, I got one pimple which led me to and I was brainwashed into buying a ton of chemical exfoliants, cleansing products and different acne-fighting products. I look back at my skin now and realise I have caused such detriment to my skin. My skin was never oily and hardly ever had any blemishes EVER. Sure to a certain extent you can blame hormones because my first breakout was after I had a panic attack that was extremely severe on a train travelling back home. Straight after that breakout I was washing my face twice a day, trying cleansers, switching toners, sticking to products for 12-weeks, my skin became my life and I was completely obsessed by it. Today I sat down and got very emotional, I looked in the mirror and my skin is an absolute MESS. whiteheads, blackheads, dripping in oil. But what I forgot was, before my tiny breakout, my skin was virtually flawless. I never washed my face and picked a product up if it was near the shower while I was using it. I never thought twice about my skin and just let it do its own thing. What I've realised is I've been using so many products and obsessing so highly over my skin in the past few months that i've been causing the issues. I've been removing the protective layers and acid mantles of my skin, I went to a dermatologist and they actually SUGGESTED the caveman regimen. It's my family dermatologist and he just said, can you not remember before you started messing with your face that you never had issues with acne? It clicked. I am ruining my own skin, it's such an oily mess because the pH is so unbalanced and me stripping away my natural barriers are causing an over-production in the sebum which is resulting in my acne. Later today I'm going to do a follow up with pictures, I'm going to do the caveman regimen, live the way I use to without any stupid harsh products. I've seen the success storys, I was living it with-out even realising. I'm going to post pictures later today and give an update everyday until my skin has returned to its normal self. I created this topic so that I can finally see with my own eyes the problems I have caused my skin and that if I leave it alone, it will do everything it needs to do, NATURALLY. I'd like to hear other opinions on this topic, sorry if I seem very narcissistic, I'm just staying positive and staying hopeful that the only problem with my skin is me. Thanks for reading if you made it this far! Edit: For those who are unknown to the caveman regimen, it is ZERO washing. No products, for some not even water. Not even moisturizing, nothing, leaving your skin completly alone and letting it do it's own thing.
  22. I have combination skin, (oily in t-zone and dry on cheeks) I exfoliate twice a day, is that to much? my skin is so oily and even after applying an oil-free moisturiser after exfoliating ( I heard oily skin is due to over-excessively dry skin ) hence the moisturiser. I'm going to cut back to exfoliating once a day in the evening but what do I use in the morning?!?! I dont know wether I should buy a cleanser but I have no idea if that helps and what even is it? I would really appreciate some advice I post a lot on the forum and rarely ever get replays and I'm in desperate need for help. Thank you. I'm currently on epiduo but only apply to my forehead as when I applied it to other areas the breakout was too much for me. I just need a skincare strategy and i'm stuck. Thank you.
  23. Hey!! I have question, I dont suffer from horrific acne, I'm 18 and I get the occasional spot here and there but nothing completely drastic and life changing. I've been exfoliating since February, before then acne in general was non-existent on my face. I guess I just hit a stage of puberty and then whatever is happening made its mark. But my type of acne comes in the form of little white spots on my forehead and chin, I'm guessing there whiteheads there usually just a small bump and they come in clusters of about 3-4 but on my forehead since February they have become gradually worse. I was on epiduo which didn't clear the whiteheads but stopped them from multiplying, I was on epiduo for about 3 months, my chin became a problematic factor which contributed to my acne, but my chin was covered in red pustule zits that were big lumps and were quite painful to deal with. Funny thing was that epiduo cleared it up pretty quickly, but then it came back and it was on and off for several months... Until I came off epiduo and then the zits on my chin dissapered completely! There are still a few whiteheads there that are closed comodones but there are no more red pustule zits that are big lumps and were pretty hard and miserable to deal with. Right now my forehead is my most problematic area, with tons, (I'd say about 30-50) small bumps that in the right light are extremely apparanet and obvious and seeing people look up and become distracted by them makes me really self conscious. Ever since I came off epiduo my forehead got worse while my chin got better, which is what I didn't understand. I have combination dry/oily skin. The only thing I'm currently using is a clean and clear exfoliater which doesn't seem to get rid of them, I'm going to go back on epiduo for my forehead as it kept the situation under control but I want to know how I get rid of these small whiteheads/ bumps on my forehead, they make me awfully self conscious and I just dont get what type of acne this is. I started using a natural clay mask and I feel this has been a contributing factor in making the situation worse, more started to appear and they weren't white they were just red which then developed into whiteheads/ closed comedones. I dont know how to see the last of them!! My acne is gradually getting worse I would say which brings me onto the topic of a skincare regime. Can someone tell me what is the difference between exfoliaters and cleansers? Do I need to use both? Do I need to moisturise with oily skin? Whenever I do a face mask it seems to make my skin more oily after and it makes me believe it's drying my skin up? I appreciate anyone for reading this and I'll take any advice. Thank You!!!!
  24. Is it true or "normal" that after first time you dermaroll your scars can look worse(maybe deeper) or maybe new small scars can apears? because the dermaroller removes upper layers of the skin each time?? and then some scars can/could hide under the surface you never seen before, but they have always been there just not that eye-catching?? (for others than you of course) Is that the dermaroller's "thing" to nice and easy remove the upper layers of the skin and with the time, make the scars equal to the normal skin ?? and therefore give you better skin ? sorry for all the questions.. -Simon,DK
  25. Here are pictures- IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!! UGH I don't know what to do. I am 3 weeks into Tazorac so is this the worst of it? Ever since I started trying to make my skin better it only has been getting worse. Something I did notice that idk if I wrote about yet- The side of my face that I sleep on is the side with more acne. I have always slept on this side- why is is only starting to cause problems right now? Also- at what time do I re-evaluate what I am doing? At what point can I give up or try something new? Tazorac (mine is 0.05%) seems to work for a lot of people, and I don't know if it will work for me or not. School is starting soon and I was hoping that at least by now I would have clear skin :(((((((