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  1. Hey all, Been an acne sufferer for over 15 years (about to turn 30). Been on every perscription, accutane 3 times, and have been taking .05% retina nightly for the past several years with the bp every morning. Recently been getting more nodular acne and the current probiotic I took for 1.5 months wasnt doing anything (it was 10 bil units, 2 strands, and i overlooked the refridge statement so they could have been dead for all I knew). Decided to give Doxycyclin another try. 2 weeks into it my horribly large cyst and acne seemed to be kept at bay. I decided to switch probiotic brands to one my aunt swears by. She said the 15 bil Renew Life Ultimate Flora was the only thing that finally cured her severe acne in her late 20's. Since I was on an antibiotic, I decided to go for the 30 bil. 1.5 weeks into the probiotic and I am feeling a lot better in the gut and stomache, but over the course of 2 days I have another large cyst on my forehead, the one i went on Doxycycline for is starting to surface, and I have 5 new large inflammed pimples that are quickly developing heads. This all literally happened over night which never usually happens. Interesting enough, they were all in areas where i had redder spots with no bump, or where I had cysts before. I stopped the probiotic today. I think at the very least I shouldnt have gone up to 30 bil. I ordered the 15 bil to see how that goes once my face calms down. Reading more and more I do think there is a connection between the health of the gut and acne. Could this initial break out be a sort of purge? I really want to keep taking a probiotic, but not if it will result in permanent severe acne. I was wondering if any of you had a similar experience and what you ended up doing? Got a derm apt next week because im officially drained with stressing over my skin. While I dont want to, I am even entertaining the idea of accutane a 4th time or trying 16,000 to 24,000 iu a day of vitamin A with supervision and approval from my derm.
  2. Finally FREE From Hormonal Acne!

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    I decided it's finally time to share my story here, since my journey with hormonal acne is coming to an end! YAY!! I spent countless hours on these forums when my face exploded back in June. It took me 2 months of trying everything under the sun to finally find my fix (found on these forums actually!). And 2 months since then to feel human again. Here's my story: 5 months ago I had clear skin. CLEEEEAR. Boom. Hormones went nuts in June. I had a breakout on my chin, then another one, then they just kept on coming for about 6 weeks until my face was COVERED. My face was inflamed and hot to the touch at all times. I had new breakouts and new whiteheads forming every day. Talk about embarrassing - I didn't want to look in the mirror, let alone leave the house most days. Covering up with makeup was a friggin joke at that point. But I work 6-7 days a week, so I had to suck it up & hope to God that people wouldn't look at my face and think I was a drug addict or something. Long story short, I tried it ALL. Cut out carbs & dairy, loaded up on vitamins, tried every imaginable topical wash & cream, the regimen, hydrocolloid bandages, sulfur mask, light therapy, steaming, & all the natural stuff too (tea tree oil, lemon, yogurt, turmeric, ACV, etc)... Lots of time spent staying up at night on forums & blogs, and way too much $$ spent, and an embarrassingly large bag full of face washes to now take up storage space. 3 things saved my freakin life, in this order: 1) Good hormonal supplements: Not just good for acne I might add! "DIM Plus" & "Vitex," both by Nature's Way. DIM is basically made from broccoli, it helps flush out the bad form of estrogen. Vitex (aka Chaste Berry) helps balance the hormone levels. These two completely shut down my acne the first week. I started taking them August 3rd, just a few days before the first pic shown. You can see how my acne started drying up by the 2nd pic- 6 days after I began the supplements. Bonus: PMS is much better now too and periods are regular and light. I take one of each pill, both morning & night. Also added a 1000mg Milk Thistle supplement once a day, since liver support is an important part of detoxing out the excess hormones. All 3 total, was maybe $40 on Amazon, for well over a month supply. 2) Good Skincare: I'd been taking the supplements for about 2 weeks, I was no longer getting active breakouts (seriously, not even one), but my skin texture was still HORRIFYING. So get this - I used to sell cars and FIVE YEARS ago, on my very first day at the dealership, my very first car sale EVER, was to a sweet, young couple. I hadn't talked to her since then, & didn't even know she had my number or remembered me, lol, but she texts me out of the blue, (now, at the one moment in my life that my skin is a complete disaster) about her R+F skincare business. Me being the jew that I am, have never splurged on expensive/quality skincare. Right at that moment though, I was nearly willing to blow through my life savings to clear up my skin. So I bought an Unblemish regimen (which thankfully didn't cost my whole life savings, it was $165 for 60 days) and started it on 8/17 really noticed a difference around 3 weeks into the regimen. I'll just say I am an R+F believer if there ever was one. My skin texture is better than ever & clearing every day. Since then I've added lashboost & their awesome eye cream & lip serum cause I'm getting to the point where I can sort of feel pretty again. Can't say enough good things. 3) Good Makeup. The bumps took about 6 weeks to flatten out, but unfortunately redness & scars were taking their time to go away. Enter Dermablend. I purchased at Ulta for about the price of any other foundation.. $39 I think. It's used professionally for covering up tattoos, so, sweat & waterproof, serious coverage that goes on really light, doesn't look cakey, and it stays all day. Holy crap. Yes this exists. Thank you to the Ulta lady who showed me the Dermablend aisle does helped me match my skin tone. I wish I knew your name cause you belong on my Christmas Card list forever. So yea... life is back to good. Hormonal acne is a bitch and it was looking sorta iffy there for a bit, but I got it covered now. The last pic is from last night... after 12 hrs sweating outside at work, with 14hr old foundation on plus a few dirt smudges... still a work in progress but I'll take it.
  3. Lysine & Probiotics

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    I've just started using a probiotic every morning and a lysine pill twice a day (essential amino acid) for my hormonal acne. I also completely changed my diet and do not consume dairy, refined sugar, or meat. It has been 11 days and I'm breaking out on the left side of my face (lower jaw & cheek area) and the right side of my face (laugh line area). I'm not sure if this is "purging acne," but I have seen no positive change in my acne. I usually break out badly around my cheek, chin, and jaw when my period is on it's way. As of now, it is not. My forehead area is clear which I attribute to the food I'm eating (mainly plant based). Has anyone expreined this with lysine and/or a probiotic supplement?
  4. Ok so. To begin with, I'm a teen<14 yr> who has moderate/mild acne. I don't get as much cystic acne. I have many blackheads, and white heads. My acne is all over my t zone. I've had acne for about 3 and a half years now. I decided to go to a dermatologist for the first time. My dermatologist prescribed me Minocycline 100 mg twice a day with Neutrogena Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel. I'm on my fourth day of Minocycline but I'm scared. I've been reading upsetting reviews for the past days. I'm scared my liver or gut will turn out bad, or I'll get really sick. I started drinking yakult probiotics since I'm on a antibiotic. I don't know if I should quit or not. I don't know if it's worth it.
  5. I'm on 10 mg of isotretinoin (I use the brand Roaccutane). I just purchased acidophilus and cranberry supplements today to help keep my pH in check and was wondering if it would be safe to take those 2 pills with accutane?
  6. I read somewhere that probiotics kill zonulin, which is a protein that is released when you eat products containing gluten. Does that mean that if you use probiotics you can eat food with gluten in it without causing acne or reduce the amount of acne?
  7. Coming Off Antibiotics

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    Hi, At the moment I'm on lymecycline (408mg) per day for 2 months (and then one month break followed by a further course of 3 months). I'm just curious about how to come off the antibiotics? A lot of sources say that stopping the tablet over night will cause it to come back quite severely. As well as this, I've heard that the antibiotic will destroy the probiotics in my digestive system. Is it possible to counteract this by taking probiotic foods such as yogurt drinks (yakult etc)? Would it be a bad idea to consume this while on treatment as it will make the antibiotic less effective? Should I consider consuming probiotic products in the month break, and then after my 3 months of treatment? Thanks
  8. So today I'm having a better day !! hallelujah! !! I decided that the differin -even though it's like ,% may be too strong for me.. I'm very fair skinned & burn easily as is so I decided to cut back on it to every second day I woke up with 4 spots today like the white head on the surface ones and they were small so who cares? ? I think I won't skip it again though .. I'm going to mi it with a moisturiser every second night I also went to clinique I was looking at the anti blemish range but a really nice woman (who ended up telling me about her own acne battles with the pill) advise me that the anti recess range would be best ! She knew about differin so advised I retry a prebiotic anti redness face was kph an spf .. she also gave me a huge sample of a probiotic moisturiser ! So I'm thrilled ... The face wash and spf were like €20 each and the moisturiser was about €50 so It was pricey but after one use of the wash & moisturiser I'm shocked at the difference ! I'll attach a picture .. have a look back at yesterday photo & you will probably see a difference ! so .. so far so good !
  9. I bought a plethora of vitamins to try and eliminate these damn blemishes. We'll see just how well calcium, d3, magnesium, zinc, l-lysine, and krill oil work for me! I'm also going to begin a probiotic as soon as I have enough money to buy one.. stupid vitamins cost A LOT more than I thought. As of right now, my skin TONE has never looked better, but I keep getting more and more pimples on my cheeks. I was practically clear before yesterday. I did work out for the first time in a while, but I took a bath and shower right afterwards. It was actually a milk bath last night (dumped 2% gallon of milk into a tubful of warm water) and it was honestly great!! I had to take a shower after though, because with exfoliating comes dead skin cells. I heard that lactic acid is a great exfoliator for sensitive skin, and I must say it is. But I think washing my honey mask off with the milk water is what broke me out.. I have little whiteheads on my cheeks and chin. Blarghhhh. I just got some Tea Tree Oil but I have nothing to dilute it with (I LOVE grapeseed oil - perfect for sensitive skin). I just have extra virgin olive oil, which in the past has broken me out. Bummer! Hopefully I find what works so I can help as many people as possible with crappy skin like myself! x x Stephanie
  10. To cut a long story short, for the past 6 months I have been suffering very bad acne, I am also farting a lot and they smell revolting. Can any reccomend a grets probiotic for a digestive system? thanks
  11. I've browsed all the hot topics of this forum and not much seems to really work to treat oily skin. So far I've only seen those solutions work : - (low dose) Accutane - High Doses of Vitamin A (Animal Form) [under the supervision of a qualified doctor] - Vitamin B5 Megadoses (10 g a day) - 500 mg Vitamin B5 combined with 500 mg carnitine - Topical green tea - Milk of magnesia (cosmetic effect) - 1450 nm Diode Laser - Hormonal treatments (only for females) - Spironolactone (safe for females only) - Peppermint oil (safe for females only) - (Probiotics?) - (More Fiber in Diet?) Could someone add what I didn't mention, that really, and I insist really work for oily skin?
  12. Accutane 2.0

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    Dear world, Fairly typical acne experience. High school was no worries. the very odd pimple, family has history of acne, thought I was getting off easily. As I began college my odd pimples turned into the odd cyst/nodule increasing in severity and frequency until the start of sophomore year. It sucked, I could not understand what the problem was after years with acne not even making my radar, I digress. Shit happened and it freaked me out...So I tried all the nonsense. Finally, I just demanded tane around mid October 2010. UGA health center was more than happy to oblige. I hated accutane. It was crushing for me, I did have the dreaded IB. Coming from my acne background, was a challenging obstacle to swallow. However, throughout my course, I grew emotionally with exceptional strides in maturity culminating in my acceptance that it is what it is. I did not see improvement till month 4 of 6. I alternated 30mg on day A to 60mg on B days. Side Effects: -dry skin/lips -extremely dry interior nostrils (complete with scabs blood the whole bit) -Shitty IB *that was it* Upon completion, my life had been dramatically altered and I loved it. It worked 100%. Any side effects pale in comparison to the end results, cross my heart and hope to die. Present: my acne is incredibly mild. One small nodule a week. Occasional bad week with 3 or so. Manageable. I won't even post pictures because there is really nothing to see. Doc was uber hesitant to prescribe the drug again. I had been on Antibios and Azelex for several months prior to this most recent doc trip late Oct 2012. He tried to sell me the same bullshit topical/anti bio treatment, I had made my mind up by this point and again demanded the drug. It took every persuading fiber in my body to get him to agree to it. The Log: A week in. Exactly the same as last time. Skin gradually embracing the dryness. For all you Fools out there with a shitty derm or a "it won't happen to me attitude" you will: 1. Get extremely sunburnt, incredibly sunburnt. I dont care if you black white pink yellow or brown. Will happen, and does. Avoid the sun 20 minutes is all it takes. I fish alot, thus am on the water alot. Even your fingers will burn. Just avoid it. If you are hitting the outdoors use 30spf. 2. You will get incredibly dry skin. Try your hardest to nip this problem in the bud. Moisturize at every point you get. --Personally, the backs of my hands would periodically break out in some rash type deal. Hydrocortizone cream did the trick but had I been moisturizing properly, derm said I probably could have avoided it. --My lips were also bad, especially the corners. I even developed a yeast infection in the split corners. Imagine a manila folder repeatedly lacerating these creases. Shit sucked, slather that lip balm on like its yo job. 3. You will experience constipation, fact. Even for you girls that poop ice cream or whatever. Take a probiotic with gallons upon gallons of water. Water is your only friend. If you're really having a problem, take a shot of prune juice in the morning. Watch out with a glass of the uh, works. 4. Drinking on the tane only increases the severity of your hangover. I went to Georgia as previously stated and I partied with the best of them. Both pre tane during tane and post. Please do not lecture me with any type of holy personal message. I do not care. I had many sit downs with medical professionals regarding the subject, they were all of the opinion as long as my liver test showed no sign of damage and I felt I could handle the after effects, was my personal decision to make. --it certainly isn't any worse for you than oh I don't know, snorting some coke while blackout. Having taken the drug once already, I know full well what to expect. I know it is going to suck, first time around I was blindsided...this being the reason I thought it was so difficult. One thing I have learned in the professional world, no one gives a shit what your skin looks like. Unless you are pursuing a career as a super model, with vanity as the central theme. No body really cares about your superficial bs. Easier said than done, but taking the emotion out of it is a game changer. Will make the whole process much easier. Swear to god. I am one of the most open minded people, I will answer any question you've got in regards to anything. I have certainly been around the block once or twice, you would be hard pressed to find a subject I haven't at least dabbled in. As a final reminder to all those on the fence. Nike that bitch and just do it-any horror story you read regarding tane is similar to the national media. Grizzly gruesome sensational stories sell best and those that experience them perpetuate their story, rightfully so. Point being, these stories are by far the minority. I would guess < 5%, again, here I give zero fucks for whatever obscure study you have the intention to post as rebuttal. Most are cured and never come back to the net lamenting their success. I know I did not. Those that do are, similarly, in the minority. I wish everyone the best traveling this road. It is a challenging, but very manageable one, with shockingly beautiful results!
  13. Male, Age 22, Weekly Log

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    Background: Acne has been a burden all of my teen and adult life. I started getting my first acne in the 7th grade. It did not become a huge problem until the 10th grade where I had what I would consider moderate to severe acne (about 5-8x worse than my week 0 state shown below). I saw the family dermatologist who put me on an arsenal of treatments. First proactive, then tazorac, then antibiotics, and finally accutane. Nothing but accutane in the 11th grade did anything to lessen my acne. Accutane itself did a great job of reducing my acne down to 1 or 2 pimples a week which was a godsend for me. However, my sophomore year of college, I started to break out more and more. Now, acne once again plagues my life. I'm in my 4th year of college. I hate having acne. It kills my confidence (I feel I have the potential to be a rather handsome/attractive person). I find myself purposely avoiding social situations when I have break outs (my face is in constant break out mode at this point). I find myself turning my head during conversations so people see the side that is least broken out. White heads are gross, I worry about them popping without my knowledge, and it is hard for me to look in the mirror. I'm sick of dealing with acne, and I've had enough. I'm going to start a treatment with the hopes of curing my acne once and for all. It will start out rather mild compared to some of the regimes I have researched on this board. Problem Areas: My acne largely presents itself around my chin and cheeks. I have never had a pimple on my forehead. This is in the form of white heads and deep, large, red, tight hard spots that hurt if touched too roughly. I do have some occasional acne on my back and neck, but it is very mild. Regime -Oxy Clinical: (This is the 3 pack with the face wash (2% salicylic acid), clearing treatment (5% BP), and hydrating cream (2% Salicylic Acid). I've been using this for about 2 weeks, and the results have not been great. I'm going to stick with it for at least another month) -Paleo Diet: (Basically I'm only going to eat meats and veggies. This means a strict gluten free, no sugar, no pastas/breads diet. I've been on this diet on and off, but I want to give it a full month to see the full benefits). -Exercise: (I already do cardio 3 days a week and lift 3 days a week, but I will stick to this) -No touching my face: (This is a big problem for me. I constantly find myself picking at my acne and scratching itches. I have a feeling this is a huge contributor to my acne.) -No masturbation: (I'm not sure how much this contributes to my acne, but I am mostly doing it for other reasons). -Zinc Supplements: (I'm going to take 60mg. This is something I have not tried that gives me hope given the good reviews) -b5 supplement?: (I'm considering 10g a day, but my understanding is this is to control oil. My face is typically dry as a result of the accutane I took, so I doubt this will help.) -Daily moisturizer: (This is a necessity due to the oxy clinical treatment I've been using. If I don't use it, my face will peal and break out even worse. I use a cetaphile brand that is non-comedogenic twice a day) -shaving: (I use a beard trimmer to give myself a 24/7, 5 o'clock shadow. This seems to not irritate my skin, and I have not seen any correlation between shaving and breaking out). -Sleep: (Something that is very, very lacking in my life. Some nights I get as little as 4 hours of sleep. I'm going to make it a habit to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Also, I am going to start positioning my head such that my cheeks do not touch the pillow; IE I look at the ceiling when I sleep). -Probiotic: (I've been taking one capsule a day for the past week. I don't have the bottle with me for more information) -Fish Oil: (I take one tablespoon a day to supplement my strength training.) -Water: (I'm going to up my intake from 1.5 liters a day to 3 liters a day) With that out of the way, I present my week 0 photos which I will use to benchmark my progress (haven't shaved in a good 4 days... sorry about that): Disclaimer: My camera is pretty terrible. I recognize my acne is not as bad as some people (not by a long shot), but it still kills my self-esteem. Also, as I mentioned previously, my acne was anywhere from 5-8x worse back in high school, so believe me, I know it could be worse.
  14. Hi there So if you havent seen me post around here lately (which I have often lately lol) I'm a 28 year old female, with what I presume is hormonal acne. All on my chin/jawline area. The bumps are almost always inflamed and rarely come to a head. They hang around forever. Sometimes they are itchy, sometimes hot, sometimes i can kinda feel my pulse in them (that sounds weird i know) Usually get 1-5 of them at any given time. I dont eat gluten or dairy (except for a few cheats a month) I eat low amounts of processed sugar and alcohol and the only caffeine would be from small amounts in green tea. I eat lots of good gut foods, sauerkraut, kimchi. I take b complex, d, omega 3, c, probiotic and just started saw palmetto a few days ago. I do the regimen with cetaphil cleanser, dans bp and cetaphil moisturizer. So now here's my question. Hopefully with all of the above it will start to help the severity and frequency of the acne, but what do you do when you do get one of these big inflamed bumps to help them go away faster?
  15. So i was clear for 1 week about 3 weeks ago. I had stopped taking accutane after being on it for 6 months 5 weeks ago. I didn't actually finish the treatment. My skin was dry up until recently. I used to have severe acne back in febuary but i cured myself mostly through the gut diet and accutane, Im on the 3rd month of the gut diet now. I started eating fermented dairy again when i started the diet as it was a good source of probiotics. Because of this consumption of probiotics in the form of matured cheeses ect i got rid of my cystic acne, or so i believe. The problem is about a week ago, i started getting small spots again, i also noticed this must be because of my newly oily skin. I think the accutane stopped the oiliness but because i didn't finish the course the oiliness came back quickly, especially becuase of all the cheese i've been having. So i've stopped all dairy consumption now. I would like to know by which time the oiliness would have subsided? I had a LOT of fermented dairy in the past couple of days. p.s. can anyone suggest another source of probiotics other than saurkraut and capsules?
  16. Hey guys! I have had this deep sebaceous cyst in my armpit which I had to get drained. I need to take about 4-6 more weeks of antibiotics (doxy) in order to get rid of it. I know it's important to take probiotics during and after a course of antibiotics. My question is: would it be as effective if I get probiotics from food (raw sauerkraut, kimchi, brine-cured pickles, miso, etc.)? Or would supplements be more effective? I would prefer food sources of probiotics, because it's yummier and cheaper.
  17. have any of you guys waited out the breakouts and it eventually cleared you up? I'm currently breaking out from probiotics and I was wondering if this "initial breakout" thing really is just temporary EDIT: Just to clarify guys, I take both VSL#3 supplements (currently ramping up) and water kefir. After experimenting with each one, I've found that I break out from the VSL 3 and not from water kefir, which is non-dairy. My concern is whether or not people have been through an initial breakout and then experienced success, regardless of the particular probiotic sources.
  18. Doxycycline Log

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    Hello everyone, ive decided to keep a log on my regimen that includes doxycycline First of all, I am a long time severe acne sufferer. Ive had acne since i started high school and im going to be a 3rd year in college next month. Ive tried everything and the only thing that has worked for me was the wai diet along with a 3 step facial system. the facial products i use come from an acne clinic in san diego, ca, USA. i use their facial cleanser 2x a day, benzoclear 10 (benzo 10%) 2x a day, their day 25 cream in the morning and their night cream at night. i also will use their exfoliating cleanser a couple times a week. ive been on these products for over a year. from Jan 2012 to june 2012 i was on the wai diet 90%. by that i mean i was strict on it during the week, and on the weekends i would eat a meal or two of junk food. This kept my face about 85%-95% clear. Then summer came , i moved back home and ate crap so i had to mix things up. I tried coconut oil, it broke he out so badly, huge cysts, then i moved to milk of magnesium anda sulfur soap. Last month my skin was really bad and i figured i was using too many products and eating crappy so i decided to make a change. for the last month and a half i have been taking a probiotic every day, colostrum 2x day and eating very healthy, like salmon/turkey burgers every other day, lots of fruits and vegetables, homeade sauerkraut. today i actaully bought psyllium fiber from walgreens, i will be adding that to my diet because i heard it helps alot. I plan on using this whenever i eat crappy foods or anything remotely unhealthy. I heard it absorbs nutrients so i wouldnt be taking it when i eat my salads and fruits... i also take a vegan protein powder that has 5g of L-glutamine in it. Im hoping that the colostrum and L-glutamine heal my gut. im not sure if i have leaky gut syndrome because i didnt have the time to see if this diet alone would help my acne. Now to doxycycline. I started taking 75mg 2x day since august 21. I read about how it could make you naseauted so i started eating it with a small meal. That meal was a banana mashed with EVOO and 3 egg yolks, (without the sac). a few days ago, about 1 week into this on the 27, i started to take doxy on a empty stomach. i read somewhere how food could inhibit it so i didnt eat 2 hours before or after. i just drank with a large glass of water and i didnt feel naseauted. well during the past week and a half my skin definitely had an initial breakout. i had pimples and bumps on my forehead, placed i would never get them. also i broke out with tons of whiteheads around my jawline and chin area, as in 10-15 a day!. some would pop when i washed my face and i would pop some myself, but they would come back by morning. In addition to the regimen i said earlier i also have been using concha nacar de perlop #3 on my face for an hour every night for a week now. im hoping that by the time the doxy kicks in, my scars will start to fade because of this cream. ive read tons of great reviews about this cream to fade scars. i do put lemon juice on my face before the cream, let it dry and then apply the cream. Next week i also plan on starting the KAVI salicyclic acid peel, 15%. That also has great reviews on this website and im hoping it helps with my scars, along with any redness/cycsts... i want to use it once per week. i will keep you all updated on my progess and will upload pictures tomorrow so you can see how bad my face is.
  19. Thanks to general research and advice from moonbase and alternativista I've compiled a shopping list! Can you make notes next to each food stating whether it's safe and what I can have only in moderation, and also add other types to each group please? And does anyone have recommendations for organic recipe books involving safe acne foods? I'm just getting into basic cooking and am not sure about anything other than using the microwave, oven or boiling vegetables. Vitamins and Supplements Men's multivitamin (low in biotin, iodine and other B vitamins) Vitamin D3 Zinc (gluconate, picolinate, optizinc) Omega 3-6-9 complex Magnesium (not oxide) Apple cider vinegar Niacin flush Selenium Milk thistle Chlorella Spirulina Primrose oil Turmermic Substitutes Almond milk Coconut milk Rice milk Coconut oil Probiotics Supplement Dairy-free yoghurt Cocounut or water Kefir Kombucha Sauerkraut Sauerruben Miso Teas Green tea White tea Rooibos Dr Stuarts Liver Detox Tea Bags Organic dandelion tea Nuts and seeds (soak or sprout first) Pumpkin seeds Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds Brazil nuts Almonds Meat, fish and poultry Grass-fed or organic meat (ex. red) Wild fish Eggs Vegetables (none with high GI) Sweet potatoes Green beans Broccoli Cauliflower Cabbage Carrots Peas Lettuce Cucumber Sprouts Mushrooms Sweetcorn Celery Spinach Fruit (no citrus or bananas) Apples Grapes Berries Pears Pineapple Plums Melon Watermelon Peach
  20. Kombucha

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    What exactly does kambucha benefit, is it good for acne sufferers? I am looking into probiotics antioxidants ect and this keeps popping up. It looks kine of gross but if it helps Im willing to try. I know you can make your own but Id like to try the commercial brand first if anybody can make suggestions. However I saw it also has yeast involved so maybe NOT good for candida problems? Eh I need help on this one )
  21. Probiotics

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    I'm looking into taking probiotics to improve my digestive system and bowel movements, I heard inner health plus is a good brand ( it's from Australia) Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with probiotics?
  22. Helloooooo All fellow sufferers here... Shall we stop suffering, and kill this grotesque facial disfigurer called acne? Yes, yes. Acne CV I'm a 28 yr old female and have had acne since I was 11, and the past few years it has been more cystic/jawline hormonal, with many clogged pores in my chin and around my cheeks. Now that I'm older, red marks take FOREVER to fade, and on the left side of my face I have a bunch of clogged pores around my temple (in pic it's pretty clear ((er, not clear but, clear to see how clogged it is)) - not something you'd notice except in the light - and not something that is bad but it annoys the heck outta me). I have this one cyst on my chin that has graced me with its horrid, ridiculously huge presence for no shorter than 6 weeks. And a scar from it's brother who only recently receded - hopefully, to never ever return again. But for those of you with cystic acne, you know how it is... out of nowhere, an old scar can continually re-emerge, re-recreating crappy chaos in it's ever evolving wake. FML. Like many of you on here, I've tried EVERYTHING: Accutane (5x!) / Retin A / Retin-A micro / Antibiotics (many diff kinds, oh joy) / Tazorac / Facials / Peels / Extractions / Micro Derm / AHA / BHA / Glycolics / Topical Antibiotics...ETC (grrrrrr). Oh, and, diet - eliminated dairy, wheat... Sugar is a tough one for me, but I've tried to reduce it. For awhile I was excusing greek yogurt from the dairy category - somewhere I had read that the probiotic bacteria 'eat' the lactose and so therefore yogurt wasn't necessarily 'actually' dairy.... As of the past week, I've decided to get very strict on the no dairy (meaning NO yogurt, no drop of cream or milk in coffee, no nada) and I have seen a little bit more improvement. Instead of having, say, 5 active pimples, I'm down to maybe 2 or 3. My acne seems hormonally related: Birth control made me crazy(er) and so after 7 years on it, and mostly clear(ish) skin, I went off. I honestly can't remember how much worse this made my skin, and I'd rather not use BCPs to control it - however, I DO take 50mg spironolactone 1x/day and while this seemed to work pretty well, I still don't have that perfectly clear skin I am after and I wonder if it works at all anymore. Hoping diet, exercise and strict faithful application of DKR will get me there, so that I can taper off the spiro and say hello to my nice clear face. Supplements I've been using anyways: Good n Natural: Zinc for Acne (has A,C,E,B-6 also) 1 pill 2x/day GNC: Triple Strength Fish Oil + Vitamin D-3 2 or 3 pills a day KAL Pantothenic Acid 1000mg down to 1-3 pills per day after mega dosing for a month - this DEFINITELY helped dry out my oily skin, but I still have hormonal breakouts One A Day, Teen Advantage when I remember Emergen-C vitamin C packet Diet and nutrition is of HUGE importance to skin, I am merely doing topicals to up the ante. If I could cross list this log with holistic nutrition, I would. I worship Alternavista and have been reading up on her advice for YEARS on here. She knows her shhh. Green smoothies work wonders for skin!!!! Include in diet 3-7x per week + Green Vibrance powder NO WHEAT, NO DAIRY (when I cheat, which I do, I'll let ya'll know how it effects skin) Very limited sugar Organic veggies, fruits, fish, nuts, oils... some grass fed beef on my moon, very rarely I'll have chicken Also have been doing some Herbalife supplements/allergy free shakes but I'm not sure about the products' efficacy at this stage. I was sort of conned into it by a well meaning friend who got sucked into their MLM scheme, and I was curious. Anyways, just wanted to throw that out there as something I've been consuming. TODAY = DAY 5 on DKR, faithful morning/evening application exactly as outlined in videos on here. Yesterday the dryness was way too much so I have just moisturized this morning. So far, so good - I am noticing no new acne, but the acne I do get has been quick to dry yet slow to heal... Skin Condition: 1 giant old relentless cyst (who teases me each morning pretending to be more flattened out and then rages throughout the day and is like, huge before bed, maybe I should call it 'Walter' - ugh, I haaate Walter). One big pimple on my neck (neck acne is a new thing I am blessed with) Same amount of clogged pores scattered throughout - too many to count, in fact. And a few small scattered small red pimples that I attacked last night. MUST NOT PICK ANYMORE. Overall my skin looks a little bit like a very very very old person's skin right now (wrinkly itchy old neck), so it's dry and damaged from the BP in the Regimen but I am NOT giving up - it worked for me when I was 23, so hopefully, 5 years later, it will work again. I will keep updating with pix. I'm using Photo Booth on my mac so the accuracy of the pics are a little bit blurred, which makes it hard to post detailed skin pictures, oh well. My skin is doing OK - not great - but it's improved quite a bit in just a few days by tightening up my diet, drinking loads of green smoothies. Hopefully it will keep moving in that direction. I considered not putting my whole face on here, but you know what, I don't give a damn anymore. SO here I am, world: acne and all. SO: DKR + Diet + Exercise + Supplement + Happy thoughts + Meditation + No Picking + Some Sun = fingers crossed: clear skin. ......MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL ON YOUR JOURNEY'S AND MISSIONS.... Let's beat this thing and then help get everyone else in the world clear through diet and love and topicals and exercise. A multi-pronged approach hopefully works!
  23. Hi everyone! This thread is about my regimen and how I was able to get COMPLETELY CLEAR of acne after 17 years. I am a 35 year old male and have experienced moderate acne since I was 18. I have been on this new regimen for about a month now and my face is COMPLETELY CLEAR of acne. A big thanks to spriorda and his regimen as it formed the basis for my own regimen. Here is my regimen: Olay Acne Control Face Wash I use it once per day (at night when I shower), but can certainly be used twice per day if needed. This face wash is absolutely amazing and the only face wash that doesn't dry out my skin. Metamucil MultiHealth Fiber Psyllium Fiber Capsules capsules Take 2 in the morning (I take them just after breakfast), 2 at lunch period, and 2 at dinner period, with at least 8oz of water each dosage. Phillips' Colon Health Daily Probiotic Supplement Capsules'-colon-health-daily-probiotic-supplement-capsules/ID=prod6056555-product Take one per day during lunch period (along with the 2 fiber capsules). GNC Mega Men® Performance & Vitality Program Take one pack per day after consuming lunch (along with the 2 fiber capsules). Most of the links are to products from Walgreens because that's where I buy mine and everyone should have a Walgreens in their area. I get the multivitamin obviously from GNC. As you can see, you MUST consume at least 24oz of water each day. After 3-4 days on this regimen, you should notice that your bowel movements will start to get more cleaner, meaning that the toilet paper will be spotless after only a few wipes (sorry, this is the best way I can explain it). This is a good sign that you are on the right track. Your face should be getting clearer at this point. For me, after two weeks on this regimen, my face was COMPLETELY CLEAR of acne. Hope this helps others. Please reply with your results on this regimen.