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  1. I decided it's finally time to share my story here, since my journey with hormonal acne is coming to an end! YAY!! I spent countless hours on these forums when my face exploded back in June. It took me 2 months of trying everything under the sun to finally find my fix (found on these forums actually!). And 2 months since then to feel human again. Here's my story: 5 months ago I had clear skin. CLEEEEAR. Boom. Hormones went nuts in June. I had a breakout on my chin, then another one, then they just kept on coming for about 6 weeks until my face was COVERED. My face was inflamed and hot to the touch at all times. I had new breakouts and new whiteheads forming every day. Talk about embarrassing - I didn't want to look in the mirror, let alone leave the house most days. Covering up with makeup was a friggin joke at that point. But I work 6-7 days a week, so I had to suck it up & hope to God that people wouldn't look at my face and think I was a drug addict or something. Long story short, I tried it ALL. Cut out carbs & dairy, loaded up on vitamins, tried every imaginable topical wash & cream, the regimen, hydrocolloid bandages, sulfur mask, light therapy, steaming, & all the natural stuff too (tea tree oil, lemon, yogurt, turmeric, ACV, etc)... Lots of time spent staying up at night on forums & blogs, and way too much $$ spent, and an embarrassingly large bag full of face washes to now take up storage space. 3 things saved my freakin life, in this order: 1) Good hormonal supplements: Not just good for acne I might add! "DIM Plus" & "Vitex," both by Nature's Way. DIM is basically made from broccoli, it helps flush out the bad form of estrogen. Vitex (aka Chaste Berry) helps balance the hormone levels. These two completely shut down my acne the first week. I started taking them August 3rd, just a few days before the first pic shown. You can see how my acne started drying up by the 2nd pic- 6 days after I began the supplements. Bonus: PMS is much better now too and periods are regular and light. I take one of each pill, both morning & night. Also added a 1000mg Milk Thistle supplement once a day, since liver support is an important part of detoxing out the excess hormones. All 3 total, was maybe $40 on Amazon, for well over a month supply. 2) Good Skincare: I'd been taking the supplements for about 2 weeks, I was no longer getting active breakouts (seriously, not even one), but my skin texture was still HORRIFYING. So get this - I used to sell cars and FIVE YEARS ago, on my very first day at the dealership, my very first car sale EVER, was to a sweet, young couple. I hadn't talked to her since then, & didn't even know she had my number or remembered me, lol, but she texts me out of the blue, (now, at the one moment in my life that my skin is a complete disaster) about her R+F skincare business. Me being the jew that I am, have never splurged on expensive/quality skincare. Right at that moment though, I was nearly willing to blow through my life savings to clear up my skin. So I bought an Unblemish regimen (which thankfully didn't cost my whole life savings, it was $165 for 60 days) and started it on 8/17 really noticed a difference around 3 weeks into the regimen. I'll just say I am an R+F believer if there ever was one. My skin texture is better than ever & clearing every day. Since then I've added lashboost & their awesome eye cream & lip serum cause I'm getting to the point where I can sort of feel pretty again. Can't say enough good things. 3) Good Makeup. The bumps took about 6 weeks to flatten out, but unfortunately redness & scars were taking their time to go away. Enter Dermablend. I purchased at Ulta for about the price of any other foundation.. $39 I think. It's used professionally for covering up tattoos, so, sweat & waterproof, serious coverage that goes on really light, doesn't look cakey, and it stays all day. Holy crap. Yes this exists. Thank you to the Ulta lady who showed me the Dermablend aisle does helped me match my skin tone. I wish I knew your name cause you belong on my Christmas Card list forever. So yea... life is back to good. Hormonal acne is a bitch and it was looking sorta iffy there for a bit, but I got it covered now. The last pic is from last night... after 12 hrs sweating outside at work, with 14hr old foundation on plus a few dirt smudges... still a work in progress but I'll take it.
  2. have any of you guys waited out the breakouts and it eventually cleared you up? I'm currently breaking out from probiotics and I was wondering if this "initial breakout" thing really is just temporary EDIT: Just to clarify guys, I take both VSL#3 supplements (currently ramping up) and water kefir. After experimenting with each one, I've found that I break out from the VSL 3 and not from water kefir, which is non-dairy. My concern is whether or not people have been through an initial breakout and then experienced success, regardless of the particular probiotic sources.
  3. Lysine & Probiotics

    I've just started using a probiotic every morning and a lysine pill twice a day (essential amino acid) for my hormonal acne. I also completely changed my diet and do not consume dairy, refined sugar, or meat. It has been 11 days and I'm breaking out on the left side of my face (lower jaw & cheek area) and the right side of my face (laugh line area). I'm not sure if this is "purging acne," but I have seen no positive change in my acne. I usually break out badly around my cheek, chin, and jaw when my period is on it's way. As of now, it is not. My forehead area is clear which I attribute to the food I'm eating (mainly plant based). Has anyone expreined this with lysine and/or a probiotic supplement?
  4. Updated 14th April 2013: supplements changed to B5 only. Disclaimer: The following post is intended merely as a contribution to the global pool of knowledge and experience of acne, I'm not a healthcare professional. Nothing in this post constitutes medical advice, or inducement or encouragement for sufferers to take any course of action, I am simply putting my own experience into the public domain. How you use this information is entirely up to you. Any consequences of your use of this information is entirely your own responsibility. Please scroll down and read the FAQ before posting questions -the chances are it's already been answered. I get a lot of emails asking me for information already posted -please be a good egg and check first. Thanks! Introduction Hello and welcome to my regime! Hopefully by reading and adopting this treatment plan you will take a major step towards dramatically improving your skin and your life. I don't make that statement lightly -people from all over the world have done just that: "My mild acne is completely gone (it took about 10 days), my blackheads are 90 % gone (I had a LOT of them) and my skin looks better than ever. I am 39 years old and I have never had so clear skin!" "'I've been using this regimen for about 2 weeks and honestly, my acne never looked better than it does now!" "I've been doing this regime about 16 days so far...pretty much all my body acne has gone." "My skin looks better than it has in a long time." "My skin and eyes are glowing." "My skin feels much smoother." "My skin is healing very quickly and swiftly in comparison to before." "When I look in the mirror every morning all I can say is WOW...PLEASE, PLEASE give this a go because it has worked a treat for me" "My oily skin has reduced by 85% and acne is 70% gone" "My oil production has stopped completely!" "Awesome results..." "I'm now addicted to the fantastic energy boost that juicing each morning gives me.." "Skin started smoothing out almost immediately....I've received compliments from family about how nice my skin looks." "Vast acne has gone from cystic and relatively severe to much more mild and not at all cystic in just over 3 weeks." "The combination is a winner...It's been 9 weeks so far and I'm very pleased with the outcome." "I have been on the regimen for 4+ months. my stubborn moderate acne is 100% under control, my skin is 95% clear at all skin is softer, and so smooth, literally not a bump on it." "I'm almost at 30 days and continue to see great improvements!!" "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" I know first hand the devastation that acne can wreak in people's lives -I had cystic acne from age 14 to 40. I have been clear for over 4 years now and this is how I did it. If I managed it, I am convinced that you can too. These steps transformed my quality of life and I hope they can help other people. There are 4 simple steps: 1. Vegetable juice. 2. Removal of sugar from diet 3. Low B5 supplementation 4. Increased water consumption My view After 26 years, I became convinced that intractable adult acne is the result of a systemic failure in the body. If topical treatments could work for you, they would have worked by now. You wouldn't be reading this page. Accepting that fact is not easy for some people, but it is the crucial step in adopting an effective holistic program. It's what I did when I turned 40 and how I managed to clear my skin. I am not a doctor or a dermatologist or a nutritionist. I am regular guy who created this regime from reading and researching what other people had found out and combining it. I simply asked myself two questions: What has come up again and again as producing the best results? Is it possible to combine it into one program? The hypothesis behind this program is that there is a synergistic effect between all four elements, in that the power of the regime as a whole is greater then the sum of the parts. If you omit any one element then you are undermining the logic behind the treatment and hampering your chances of success. My regime 1. Vegetable juice. THIS IS THE KEY ELEMENT OF THE REGIME! I bought a jucier for £100 (about $160). Every day I make up 1 pint of vegetable juice. I generally drink it on an empty stomach. Among my favourites are sweet potatoes or carrots cucumber beetroot vine tomatoes bell pepper celery butternut squash anything else that juices -although dark green vegetetables are often bitter so use sparingly! But I've come to believe you can pretty much use any vegetables, and in fact, it's much better to vary your juice as widely as possible. Carrots tend to be the first thing people juice, but I advise restraint. They are high in sugar. I would restrict their use to every other day at maximum. Similarly with beets. If you after beta carotene, it is far better to use sweet potatoes or butternut squash. Among the very best vegetables for the skin are kale and spinach. Being leaves, a budget juicer won't juice them, you will need to add the juice and the leaves mixture into a blender. I tend to buy organic because I can afford it, but I don't think it realy makes much difference to the effectiveness of the treatment. It takes 5 minutes to chop and juice the vegetables, 5 minutes to drink, 5 minutes to clean the jucier. For 15 minutes effort you are taking therapeutic levels of nutrients. This is a list of the nutrients in a typical glass of juice I make: Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B9 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Betain Calcium Choline Copper Iron Magnesium Manganese Omega 3 Potassium Protein Phosphorus Selenium Zinc and of course, water Also: 10 essential amino acids Anti-oxidants such as Quercetin, Kaempferol and Lypocene all linked with anti-cancer and anti-heart-disease properties. Anti-inflammatories Imagine this powerhouse of nutrients hitting your system first thing every day, in a liquid form quickly absorbed by the body. Now compare that to the breakfast you currently eat. 2. Removal of sugar from the diet I'm not going to discuss the whole sugar-acne thing. All I will say is that I noticed huge reductions in the oiliness of my skin when I cut out sugar. I stopped all discretionary sugar items: cakes, confectionary, chocolate, soda, sweets, etc. I didn't go so far as to stop eating processed foods with added sugar, since you have to be practical. Almost everything has sugar added to it. It doesn't matter eating a little -it's the huge spikes in blood sugar that come from eating things like donuts and cola that you want to avoid. See the FAQ below for why I juice 'high-sugar' vegetables and how this fits in with removing sugar from the diet. 3. Supplements I don't believe in megadosing. I think it's dangerous. I strongly advise anyone considering megadosing vitamins to think again. See the FAQ below for more on this. I take time release 500mg of B5. Incidentally, way before the recent B5 studies, it was known that B5 had a beneficial effect on acne even at low doses. Adele Davies in her book "Let's Get Well" (I think published back in the 60s) noted cases that cleared up by taking just this amount -500mg. B5 hasn't caused me any problems. However, the possible side effects of B5 (mentioned with much larger doses than 500mg I recommend) are related to the fact that it can in theory crowd out other B vitamins. So it is possible in the longer term to suffer deficiency symptoms of other B vitamins. It is therefore very important that you eat a good diet, one rich in B vitamins, and to monitor yourself for any conditions like itching scalp or dry lips. For this reason I now sprinkle powdered wheatgerm into my food once a day. The bottom line is that we all have different metabolisms and what may be okay for me, may be too much for you. I only mention this for the sake of completeness -it's always wise to have as much information about the subject as possible. 4. Water consumption I increased water consumption by 1-2 pints a day. Hydration of the skin is always beneficial. Note, however, that I am not advocating forcing down pints of water for the sake of it. I noticed that I would often wake up in the night, thirsty, so I started drinking a pint of water before going to bed. That's all. This meant my body was always adequately supplied with fluids. The results I experienced There is no such thing as an overnight cure. We've all read posts along the lines of "WOW! I started taking xxxx on Monday and three days later my acne has ALL GONE!!" These posts are often well-intentioned but they suffer from obvious problems: 1. You need to be able to sustain a 'cure' for months and years, to have confidence that it really works. 2. No problem in the human body heals overnight. Think about it. When did you last go to the doctor with some ailment and he said to you, "Just take one of these pills tonight, and tomorrow you'll be cured." Even antibiotics, among the most powerful and targetted drugs available, take about a week to ten days to work. And that's on temporary infections. Any problem you've had for years is going to disappear gradually, not overnight. If you've reached your 30s or 40s with acne, then it's clear that no short term approach will work for you. If there was a short term treatment, you would have found it by now. Only the long term treatments remain. I know that's an unpalatable truth for many people reading this, but it is the truth nonetheless. It is essential, therefore, that you recalibrate your expectations from seeing results in days, to seeing results in weeks, or months. So many acne treatments promise 'visible results in just five days' but this is not a realistic scenario for adult acne. Accepting that requires a fundamental shift in your mindset. With that in mind, here is the timeline I experienced: 1. Five Days Energy levels much higher. Elevated mood levels. No visible skin benefit. 2. Two Weeks Skin felt unusually soft, smooth and younger-looking. Noticeable oil reduction. No improvement to acne. 3. Six weeks Oil overproduction no longer a problem. Number of existing lesions diminished. New acne still appearing but heals faster. Unsolicited comments from people about how well I was looking. 4. Three months Acne had completely disappeared, and has never returned. Note that this is my experience. Some people have reported faster results than this, others slower. FAQ (periodically updated as new questions arise) I strongly advise you to read this FAQ. It covers a lot more ground than the basics above. GENERAL QUESTIONS I've been through all these so-called 'cures'. Why is this one any different? I'm not saying I can cure your acne. What I can say is that it worked for me and I had cystic acne for 26 years. If it can help me it is almost certainly able to help others. You may be one of them. Who are you and how did you develop this program? At the age of 40 I decided that I was going to try my best to kill my acne once and for all, and rather than hopping about from one quack remedy to another as I had done for the past two decades, I would develop a logical treatment based upon the best available clinical and anecdotal evidence. I concluded that if I could combine the elements most likely to help into one program then I would stand the best chance of a 'cure'. From searching the internet and reading widely a consensus of opinion emerged: sugar-elimination, vegetable juice, B5 supplementation. I'm not a healthcare professional. Nothing in this post constitutes medical advice. I am simply putting my own experience into the public domain. How you use this information is entirely up to you. So how does it work? I'm not a scientist. But my hypothesis is that the elements of treatment work together to create a more powerful effect than the sum of their parts. But it's basically healthy eating, right? No. Just eating 'healthily' won't work because there are not enough nutrients in whole food (and they are absorbed too slowly) to fix the problem. Juice is like a mainline of nutrients over and above regular meals. Juicing is not a substitute for poor meals. You still need to consider the amount of fibre, omega 3, calcium, etc that you are getting from whole food. Also, when people talk about eating 'healthily' in connection with acne, they nearly always focus on food elimination, and not food inclusion. Cutting out suspected trigger foods is not healthy eating. The key is the nutrients you supply to the body, not what you remove. In what ways does your regime differ from all the other threads here about diet? It doesn't. My regime concurs with the basic principles of most dietary-based approaches. That's because I took the elements that crop up again and again and put them into one regime. There is an increasing body of evidence to support these principles, rather than them just being someone's opinion. For a recent article, go here: http://www.huffingto...a_b_822163.html However, where I diverge from other views on diet is that I don't think it's possible to cure acne by removal of foods from the diet. Although there is the occasional person on these forums who achieved clear skin through stopping eating bread, for example, I think these cases are very rare. For most of us, the key is what you DO eat, not what you DON'T. Vegetable juice will have more effect in your skin than stopping bread, chocolate, dairy, processed foods, meat combined. Will it work on teenage acne? In principle, I don't see why not. But common sense would suggest that there is something fundamentally different going on between the 90% of teenagers who get acne and the 5% of 35 year olds. Furthermore, all the doses (and that includes the juice) are meant for adults. Not matter how grown-up you may feel, teenage physiology is not the same as that of a thirty or forty-year old. You are still growing. Your internal organs are not the same size. Your hormonal situation is different. You don't have the same tolerances. Most prescription drugs usually stipulate a reduced dosage for children under 16 or under 12, or sometimes it's not allowed at all. So, I'm not recommending it for people under 18. It's listed under 'Adult Acne' for a reason. Please do not disregard this advice. If you choose to, then whatever you do, make sure that you cut the doses by at least 50%. And that includes the juice. JUICING The more juice I drink, the better, right? No! Doing anything to excess is not a good idea. Don't exceed my recommended dose. Can I drink commercial vegetable juice like V8 instead of making my own? No. Commercial juices have been centrifuged and pasteurised to destroy bacteria. This also destroys many of the nutrients. They have also been bottled many weeks, if not months, in advance. This also degrades the nutrient content. Furthermore, juices like V8 usually have high levels of added salt which is bad for you. Freshly-juiced vegetables from commercial juice bars are fine, but relatively expensive. Can you recommend any juice recipes? I'm not bothered what the juice tastes like; I just want the nutritional benefit. But if you want the juice to taste delicious, there are plenty of juicing websites with recipe blends. Your juice seems very high in sugar. How does fit in with removing sugar from your diet? The average American eats just one vegetable per day (and the average Brit, let's be fair). But they also eat candy bars, soda, and all manner of other very-high sugar foods. By removing these and juicing more vegetables you are still taking far less sugar and getting the intense nutritional benefits of vegetables. The only high-sugar items on my list are carrots and beets. Most vegetables are not high in sugar. Can you recommend a juicer? I use the L'equip 110.5, which has been highly recommended by many juicing websites. It's well built, easy to use and clean, has a decent warranty, and is reasonably priced. It does the job. I would not advise buying a juicer from a department store on the recommendation of a sales person. They'll sell you any old tat, often models that are difficult to clean or not even specialised juicers, but food processors which don't do a great job. The main things to consider are: 1. How easy it is to clean? If it's difficult to clean you wont want to use it. You should be able to do the whole thing in 5 minutes. This is the main thing to check out. 2. How noisy is it? If you've got close neighbours you're not going to be able use it at the crack of dawn. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a workmanlike juicer that will last a number of years. I recommend spending about £160 (US $100) on your first model. If that sounds like a lot to you, think of it this way. If it lasts 3 years, that's just $1 a week for probably the single greatest thing you can do for your skin (and your health). Now think of other things that you normally spend $1 a week on. Which is more important? If you are on a budget, then it is possible to juice using a normal food blender and then straining the mixture afterwards to separate out the juice from the fibre. How should I clean the vegetables? I use a vegetable brush. It is important to clean them well. Should I buy organic? I'm in two minds. Part of me suspects that the 'organic' foods you buy from supermarkets are little different to the regular kind. However, I think it's a big benefit if you can source your organic veggies locally from a farm, which I now do. But I hate the taste of vegetable juice. Carrots and beetroot are sweet, not bitter. I think my blend of vegetable juice is delicious. The 'difficult' vegetables are the dark green leafy ones, which certainly you want to use sparingly. Just experiment until you find a blend you like. I can't be bothered with juicing -it sounds like a lot of work. As I said, it takes just 15 minutes. I would also hazard that you probably already spend at least 15 minutes a day on the topical treatments for your skin. This will being bring better results. Should I drink it on an empty stomach? Yes. Should I drink it in one dose or a half dose twice a day? Logic would indicate that splitting it into two separate doses would more effective. But then you've got to clean the juicer twice. Your call! Should I water the juice down? No. Most of it is water! I'm worried about not being to tolerate vegetable juice. Might it cause an upset stomach? The main vegetables I recommend should cause you no problems. But be careful with others. Dark green veggies should be introduced carefully. Others, such as onions, which are irritants, and leeks, can make a glass of juice completely undrinkable even by adding just a small amount. You will discover these things as you go along. It is possible to make yourself feel quite sick by drinking too much of the wrong vegetable (i have done this a couple of times!) so go carefully with those experiments. Should I add anything to the juice? Some vitamins are better-absorbed alongside fats. For that reason you may wish to add a spoonful of olive oil. Recently I have taken to adding flax seed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds for the fats. But it is rather unpalatable. Olive oil is probably a better idea. You may also wish to add other things like protein powder, etc. Sometimes I add pea-protein. Some leafy vegetables won't juice. What should I do? Make your juice, transfer it to a blender, add the difficult vegetable and give it a whizz. You'll have a vegetable smoothie. Can I make fruit smoothies instead of juicing? Smoothies use the whole of the fruit, blended into a drink. So it's just as physically difficult to drink a smoothie made with ten apples as it is to eat ten apples! The point of juicing is to ingest more vegetable nutrients than possible through eating. To do that you need to remove the fibre. People are often drawn to fruit smoothies because they find the taste more palatable than vegetable juice, but aside from the aforementioned reason, there is no evidence to support fruit juice benefiting acne. That's not to say that fruit isn't healthy to eat; it's just not part of this program. DIET What about pizza/alcohol/gluten/pasta/bread etc? All the salient points are listed in the regime above. Whether you want to drink beer or eat pizza is up to you. Generally I think living a monastic existence when it comes to food and drink is neither desirable nor practical. So you're not some health nut, then? You only have to look around you to see couch potatoes with clear skin and athletes with acne. Living a healthy lifestyle is certainly desirable, and one we should all strive for, but I don't actually think it's of specific value when trying to clear your skin. So don't think you have to get up at 5am and go jogging to help your acne. And this isn't a low GI diet? No. I have never consciously tried to adopt a low GI diet since it seems too restrictive and difficult to follow to me. That's not to say that I don't endorse the principles of it. You may wish to tweak my approach if you wish to follow a low GI approach. You've mentioned sweet potatoes a lot in your posts. What exactly are the benefits? They are amongst the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They always appear near the top of the lists of skin-care vegetables. They are higher in beta-carotene than carrots. They are rich in anti-cancer chemicals. They have proven immune system boosting properties. They are highly anti-inflammatory. And they taste delicious. Do you drink coffee? I don't drink coffee. It's not a conscious decision; I just can't stand the taste without sugar. Starbucks will just have to eke out a profit without me. What about tea? I'm British! The county would collapse without tea! I'm the same. Although recently I have switched almost exclusively to green tea. And what about milk? There's some evidence that milk may be a trigger. I don't drink milk. Again, this isn't a conscious decision, it's just that since stopping sugar, I don't drink coffee. Also, I don't really like breakfast cereal. So I just never drink it. But it was never consciously part of my regime. Perhaps it should be. But diet doesn't cause acne! My friend eats all the junk food he/she wants and he/she has perfect skin. Some people (me included) can eat all the junk food they want and they never put on any weight. I'm the same waist size at 44 that I was at 21. Does that mean junk food can't make people fat? What foods do you emphasis in your diet? Green leafy vegetables. Berries -blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries. I probably spend £5 (US $8) on berries daily. Salmon. Turkey And what about 'bad' food that you shouldn't eat? I love curry. If I could I would eat curry every day. As it is, I have it two or three times a month. I also love pizza. But in my opinion, it's probably the most unhealthy food on the planet. So I never order a commercial one. Occasionally I buy one in a supermarket. SUGAR REDUCTION Mmm, sugary things! There's no way I could get through the day without M&Ms, a can of Coke, and my aunt Alice's delicious lemon cake. It's going to be impossible to quit those. You only think it's impossible because you are attaching a positive utility to eating them. If you reprogram your mind to associate sugary food and drinks with negative utility (oily, spotty skin, excess fat, diabeties) then you will naturally want to avoid them. It takes time to reprogram your mind but it can be done. I did the same with cigarettes. Once I changed how I thought about them I never wanted to go near them again. And 14 years later, I haven't. We each have our own 'weakness'. But the human brain is extremely powerful if you know how to leverage it correctly. Can you elaborate on that? Most of the time our brains work in our favour. If you put your hand into a flame, your brain sends a message to instantly retract your hand to avoid serious damage to the organism. If you walk into a smoke filled room, your lungs crave fresh air and you try to get out of there as soon as possible. You don't have to think about these things -it's instinctive. The body will always try to get us out of pain and into pleasure as quickly as possible. It is a survival mechanism. Unfortunately, with cravings also, you are in pain, and your mind will try to get you out of pain (the craving) and into pleasure (the craving has gone) also. It is instinctive too, and works on a very powerful subconscious level. That is the simple reason why WILLPOWER ALONE WILL ALWAYS FAIL. It's why people who try to stop smoking fail again and again because the pain (nicotine withdrawal) is too strong for willpower alone to overcome. The way to change behaviour is to reverse the pain/pleasure process and get it to work in your favour. If you mentally associate sugar with pain (blackheads, lesions, cysts, oily skin), then your mind will start to work in your favour by trying to get you away from the pain of horrible skin and into the pleasure of not eating sugar and having clear skin. It is then easy to stop. Really. Willpower is not required, since it doesn't take any willpower to get away from something bad. It happens automatically. Now. To get to this stage is simple, but not easy. You have to reinforce your new way of thinking about sugar until it becomes subconscious and automatic. This means repeating the bad effects of sugar to yourself several times a day. Sounds silly? It works. I advise writing out all the bad things about sugar consumption and keeping it with you and reading through it several times a day. Don't just write down 'spots' -write down the emotions connected to them. Embarrassment, isolation, self-loathing. Really FEEL the pain of those negative emotions. This is the most powerful way to start mental reprogramming since you are experiencing the pain on an emotional level. Tempted to eat sugar? Then run through the list again. You wont want sugar after reading it. It's a chore at first but it yields massive benefits if you manage to see it through. After a while, your mind automatically associates sugar with pain and eventually it never crosses your mind to eat it again. This saves you the futility of fighting cravings all your life. These are well-known principles of changing addictive behaviour and they really work. I have applied them to several areas of my life and they have yielded incredible results -results that I could never have got through willpower alone- and I advise everyone struggling to change their behaviour to try them. Sounds like too much effort? I understand. But you're trying to change your life here. It's not an easy thing to do. Massive effort = massive results. SUPPLEMENTS That low level of B5 supplementation can't possibly work -you have to take at least 5g/10g etc. It does work. There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of low supplementation. I'm concerned about the possible side effects of B5 It's sensible to be concerned. See the section on B5 above. I can't find B5, can I take Pantothenic Acid instead? They are the same thing. I already take other supplements. Can I continue to take them whilst using your regime? In recent years I've come to believe that supplements are generally not beneficial and may well be harmful. I would advise anyone to take only the barest minimum level of supplements necessary. You may be able to take even less than the B5 and Carnitine doses I describe. Can't I just take lots of vitamin pills to save me the hassle of juicing? I have to say that it concerns me greatly to read (albeit well-intentioned) posts from young people treating their acne by megadosing vitamins. If you research the clinically documented cases of vitamin toxicity caused by megadosing you will be shocked. Don't be fooled by the fact that vitamin pills are legal products, available without prescription. Cigarettes and alcohol are legal products. Does that mean they're safe? Cigarettes aren't safe at all, and with alcohol it's left up to the user to moderate his or her consumption. Society does not employ legality of a product to ensure safety; it's left up to the user to do that. The problem is that desperate people do not moderate their usage; they take very high doses. The manufacturers know this -that is why these pills are packaged in high doses. It is a response to demand, not a statement of safe dosage. Furthermore, don't be fooled by the fact that because these substances occur in nature they are therefore 'natural' and must therefore be good for you. Many things in the world are 'natural' -it doesn't make them desirable. There are all sorts of poisonous plants, insects, fish, etc on the planet. No-one would eat Deadly Nightshade. Or the seeds of the Laburnum tree. So forget the myth of 'natural' = good. And remember that these pills are drugs. They are mass-produced in factories using artificial processes to synthesize chemicals into pill form, often at concentrations hundreds of times stronger than the richest food source. Just because it doesn't require a man in a white coat to prescribe them does not mean that they don't share the essential qualities of a drug. If you're not convinced of this, remember that the origin of drugs is in the natural world. No-one would deny that opium is drug, and yet it comes from poppies. Heroine is derived from opium. Cocaine is derived from the coca plant. And I'm not just referring to illegal drugs. Many prescription-only drugs are part-synthesized from the natural world. I know the harmful effects of megadosing first hand, having given myself vitamin D toxicity in my 30s. This was taking 'just' 5000 IU a day. Over a period five months it built up in my system and made me very sick. (Note: there is a difference between the way Vitamin D is synthesized through UV exposure and that gained through dietary sources, this is why UV synthesized Vitamin D will not lead to problems). My doctor had no idea what was wrong with me. I was in hospital for five days. Did it cause any long term damage? Who knows. I don't want anyone else to put themselves through that. People have said to me, "Look, here's a website showing Vitamin X is absolutely non-toxic" or "Dr Z states categorically that Vitamin X has never caused any adverse symptoms." Well, fine. But for each one of those, I can show you someone else with a contrary opinion, with different research. The very fact that it's a matter of debate proves that the health risks are unknown. And megadosing is relatively new. It's not until a generation has passed, that we will know the full story. And let me tell you that being able to point to a specific website saying that Vitamin D is perfectly safe is of no benefit if it's you that's sick. I would strongly advise anyone considering taking megadose vitamins to do some research and think again. Juicing the amounts I recommend doesn't begin to approach megadose level. Wow. You sound quite opinionated on that. I have no particular axe to grind with the vitamin industry. Vitamins are helpful for many people. I'm simply keen to dissuade others from making the mistakes I made. TOPICALS Do you think a good skincare regime is still important? Yes. Unfortunately most people make this the focus of their treatment, when it really should be a secondary treatment. So what topicals do you you use, then? If you ask a hundred people to recommend a skincare product to you, you will get a list of a hundred products! It is futile to ask for recommendations because everyone differs in product tolerance, pH skin values, and oiliness. For that reason, what you should be looking for is the overall reputation of the manufacturer, not any individual product. Companies that make effective acne skin care products tend to also make a range of acclaimed skin-care products for all skin types.This is no coincidence. I use a cleanser of clinical grade and a non-oil based rehydrating gel. They are relatively expensive but they are superior to anything you can buy on the high street. That's not to say that these particular products will work for you; but rather that the manufactuer's product range will almost certainly contain a product that will. I'm not going to mention the brand here because this thread is about holistic treatment, not topicals, and I don't want to be misinterpreted as promoting anyone's products. But if you'd like to message me, I will gladly tell you which ones I use. What about Benzoyl Peroxide? I stopped using BP prior to starting this treatment. If my program works for you, then you won't need BP either. MANAGING THE TREATMENT I've started your treatment and I'm still getting zits. What's going wrong? Nothing is going wrong. Review the timeline that I mention above. Remember, you are attempting to heal a systemic problem in the body. It takes time. Don't get obsessed over the day-to-day fluctuations in your skin. Much as people like to look for cause-and-effect situations in acne ("I ate a fresh cream cake on Monday, and on Wednesday I've got a big cyst on my chin") I believe that this is merely pattern-fitting out of random data. The only meaningful measure is the bigger picture over the longer timescale. What's the key to success with your program? Setting up a routine and seeing it through. I'm going away for a while. How can I follow this regime whilst on vacation? If you're going away, then enjoy the break! Don't spend time worrying about your face. Short breaks from the regime won't make any lasting difference. But that doesn't mean it's acceptable to gorge on chocolate. Stick with the main points as best you can. If you want to continue to take vegetable juice whilst away, then I suggest tracking down a local juice bar, if possible. Here in London, there are several specialist juice outlets dotted around, and the better cafes will also do you a nice fresh blend. I daresay it's the same in all major cities. Failing that, emphasise vegetables, where possible, in your diet. Personally, I would rather take no vegetable juice at all than drink V8. As I've said above, I think V8 is of very limited, if any, benefit. I'm some weeks into your program and I haven't seen any benefit, I feel like quitting. I know how tempting it is to quit after a couple of weeks and move on to another treatment. It is inherently challenging to continue with programs that appear to be producing poor results. But often the one thing we haven't tried with skin programs is time. I guarantee that there are people who will have read my regime, tried it for a few days, seen a couple of new lesions pop up, then quit, concluding it doesn't work, off to another thread to try that for a few days, and so on. How do I know that? Because I used to be that person! If you can manage it, try to formally assess the condition of your skin just once a week, say every Sunday night, for twelve weeks. Use objective measures such as how many active lesions, how many are healing, how oily your skin is, etc. Perhaps put this down on a spreadsheet. This will help you see the broader trend over time and keep you on track to the 12 week goal. Only at that point, can you make an informed decision about whether to continue. I've reached the three month period, I've followed your regime to the letter, and I can't see any benefit whatsoever -now what? (so far, this question has been asked just twice) Please don't despair. My regime may require tweaking or reworking to find what works for you. That may be just around the corner. What is important is not to respond emotionally and throw in the towel but to take a step back and consider logically and carefully what additional elements you might add, and to give those time to work. Juicing provides a firm foundation on which to base further treatment plans. Remember Thomas Edison, who took 5000 experiments to perfect the light bulb. Or James Dyson, who needed 1000 prototypes to invent his bagless vacuum cleaner. You need to adopt a similar, calm, scientific approach. I know that's easy to say, but it's ultimately the key to clearing your skin. A couple of areas you may wish to investigate are L Cysteine and probiotics. I've been reading around about Cysteine and some users have reported success with that combined with B5 instead of carnitine. The area of probiotics also looks interesting. My advice is to get a list of your top-4 programs to try, and start at the top and work downwards giving each one program three months. Over the course of a year you will have investigated all of high-probability holistic remedies. A structured and targeted approach has a much greater chance of success. And keep up the juice. PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS I'm age XX and I feel really depressed and angry that I'm still suffering with this awful skin all these years later, especially when I think about the effect it's had on my life. Why me? Everyone reading this knows how you feel. Someone once said to me, "You're so ugly I can hardly bear to look at you". There is no denying that moments like that shape you. You wouldn't be human if they didn't. I can't change anyone's past. But I can hopefully point you in the direction of a better future. What about stress/masturbation/depression/psychological factors? Don't get sidetracked from the fact that acne is a physical ailment like a broken leg. Stress doesn't help anyone but it's not causing your acne and thinking about it won't help any. MISCELLANEOUS So what do you look like these days? Apparently I'm the spitting image of Keifer Sutherland. With a few scars. Although he hasn't aged as well. Hey, your regime has worked for me. Thanks! You're welcome! Please put up a post or email me. Reading about other people's success is very inspiring for others new to the program and you can help other people just by letting them know that it helped you. I can then quote your post in the FAQ. I can't get back the years I suffered with acne but I can give those years to other people. That's why I put this up. So you're not promoting any product or service or website through this post? No. Unless I figure out a way to corner the world's production of sweet potatoes and cucumber! Is it advisable to read all of the subsequent posts below this one? No. I've summarised everything important that's come up from other people in this FAQ (and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future). However, you may find it encouraging/motivating to read posts from other people who have started to juice. Can I tweak your regime with my own ideas? Of course. My treatment plan may require tweaking for you to get results. Some people have found that combining my regime with probiotics or cysteine, was the way forward for them. It's not set in stone. The idea is that this thread evolves for people to develop their own individual treatment plans, and share their knowledge with others. It's about empowerment, and not being a passive sufferer in the dermatologist's waiting room! Any final message to anyone considering your program? Beating acne is not straightforward. If it was, sites like this wouldn't exist. Succeeding means making it your mission in life, for a short while, to clear your skin. Make no mistake, you will need to summon more resilience and perseverance than the average person. But it can be done. And the benefits of succeeding are so significant that it's worth putting everything you can into it. For that reason it is important to prepare psychologically. Don't choose to start the regime just before Christmas, for example, when you will be surrounded with sugary foods. Make sure you are able to get to the supermarket sufficiently often to buy enough vegetables. Think about what time of day you will be juicing. Maybe buy a new knife or chopping board specifically for the task. Consider keeping the regime a secret from family and friends, to see whether you get any unsolicited comments on your skin further down the line. Preparing well like this will give you the biggest chance of success. Woody Allen once said "90% of success in life is just showing up". Be that person who shows up! Can I contact you with questions? Sure. But be a good sport and check it hasn't been answered already. Good luck! Winged Serpent
  5. Ok so. To begin with, I'm a teen<14 yr> who has moderate/mild acne. I don't get as much cystic acne. I have many blackheads, and white heads. My acne is all over my t zone. I've had acne for about 3 and a half years now. I decided to go to a dermatologist for the first time. My dermatologist prescribed me Minocycline 100 mg twice a day with Neutrogena Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel. I'm on my fourth day of Minocycline but I'm scared. I've been reading upsetting reviews for the past days. I'm scared my liver or gut will turn out bad, or I'll get really sick. I started drinking yakult probiotics since I'm on a antibiotic. I don't know if I should quit or not. I don't know if it's worth it.
  6. I've browsed all the hot topics of this forum and not much seems to really work to treat oily skin. So far I've only seen those solutions work : - (low dose) Accutane - High Doses of Vitamin A (Animal Form) [under the supervision of a qualified doctor] - Vitamin B5 Megadoses (10 g a day) - 500 mg Vitamin B5 combined with 500 mg carnitine - Topical green tea - Milk of magnesia (cosmetic effect) - 1450 nm Diode Laser - Hormonal treatments (only for females) - Spironolactone (safe for females only) - Peppermint oil (safe for females only) - (Probiotics?) - (More Fiber in Diet?) Could someone add what I didn't mention, that really, and I insist really work for oily skin?
  7. I'm on 10 mg of isotretinoin (I use the brand Roaccutane). I just purchased acidophilus and cranberry supplements today to help keep my pH in check and was wondering if it would be safe to take those 2 pills with accutane?
  8. Hello all. I've been lurking around here for some time, occasionally posting where I could be of help. My acne has always been moderate, but bad enough that it affected my mood and I wanted it gone. Nothing I tried worked really well (I want to be 95% + clear) until pretty recently. Here's what I changed: 1) Started on a liver, kidney and blood cleansing tea 2)Started taking non-dairy probiotic These 2 things have had phenomenal results. But first, the details: 1) For the tea, I researched an extensive list of herbs. I buy: red clover flowers, burdock root, yellow dock root, dang quai root, milk thistle seed, cleavers, schisandra berries, echinacea, and dandelion root. I won't go into specifics but everything's in there for a reason. I grind the milk thistle and put a little bit of everything into a pot and simmer for 30 minutes. Things that are more expensive I use less of. I drink this and then simmer and drink again, 2-4 times. 2) My Probiotic It has 4 billion cells per capsule, with 6 strains of bacteria. Rather than taking 4 at once, I take 1 between meals, 3-4 times a day. That's it. Costs me 1-2 dollars a day, if that. I highly recommend anyone explore these options before giving up. I almost did. My diet, cleansing and supplement regimen remain unchanged for 4 months of so so I don't think they've played a part, but here they are anyway: 1) Diet is pretty starving-student simple. I live on eggs, quinoa, soba, miso and veggies. 2) Supplements include fish and hemp seed oils, vitamin C ascorbate, grape seed extract, vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid and hyaluronic acid. I take these not for my skin but for general health. 3) My cleanser is the best in the world. My cleanser I start with that and add a strong infusion of green tea, camomile, rooibos and honeybush. Then I add grape seed extract and matcha green tea powder. I am so happy it is beyong words. I've blown hundreds of dollars but it's all worth it now. Hope this helps some people and spread the word, liver and bowel health equals clear skin. (PS to al the skeptics like Ben, what of the studies that say silymarin, the main beneficial compound of milk thistle can treat chronic inflammatory skin conditions when taken INTERNALLY? Don't have references now but will modify post with them later.)
  9. Good morning y'all this mornings supplements were: 1 triphala (new supplement) 1 ashwagandha 1 neem 1 tulsi holy basil 1 evening primrose oil, 2 spiru blue 1 krill oil 2 probiotics 1 magnesium 1 calcium 1 n-a-c on an empty stomach and 1 coq10 when I eat my lunch in a half an hour I will take my digestive enzyme. I drank my mug of ginger water with ACV and sole without the coconut oil cuz I forgot and I had my Manuka honey and n-a-c ive been laying out in the sun for a few hours so at 12 I gotta go get ready for work at 1. Before I went to work I put on some hemp seed oil on my face. ok I'm almost off work... So today I've been drinking lemon water, dandelion root tea and milk thistle, and spearmint tea. I am thinking about including a Blood gluco support supplement in my regimen. I have insulin resistance so part of my issue with my hormones and thyroid and auto immune disorders are intertwined with my blood sugar. Especially now I've really been incorporating complex carbohydrates into my diet. evening supplements were 1 probiotic 1 ashwagandha 1 tulsi holy basil 1 evening primrose 2 spiru blue 1 krill oil 1 magnesium and 1 calcium. im eating some mushrooms watching ghost adventures. also wtf almost forgot--- I have a face mask on. I put it in on at about 8pm. Some refrigerated Manuka honey cinnamon probiotic mask with some additional Manuka honey and probiotic capsule powder. At 10pm after tonight's AMAZING GHOST ADVENTURES LOCKDOWN IN A PRISON!!!! Ermergerd!!!! I will make my bed (just washed my sheets) and then wash my face with some water, tone it with ACV &then put the Argan/tamanu oil on. I will use fresh aloe tomorrow night. I have an extreme headache from my day today. I need to sleep
  10. Hey y'all morning supplements were: 1 ashwagandha 1 tulsi holy basil 1 chaste berry 1 krill oil 2 spiru blue 1 magnesium 1 calcium 1 coq10 1 glutathione 1 digestive enzyme and 2 probiotics At work today I brought 3 mason jars (I think they hold 32 fl oz each) 2 of lemon water and 1 of spearmint tea. oh and enjoy the photos of Knox, the 4 month old Great Dane!!! Absolutely the sweetest Dane I've ever met. baiah came to visit me! I melted into the conconcrete omg I swear she is exactly like my rotty Chiquita so it makes me feel so nostalgic when I'm around a rotty puppy that has the same Disposition. evening supplements were 1 probiotic 1 magnesium 1 calcium 1 ashwagandha 1 evening primrose 1 krill oil 2 spiru blue. have a great night everyone xo
  11. Good morning y'all. I hope you watched the CMA's last night!! I'm telling ya, it frees my soul. This morning I woke up at 6am, even though I've been falling asleep super late (about 11:30pm) but I need to break the habit and not look at my phone at night. When I got home, I just went right in the pool. I didn't even smoke a bowl or anything, bahah. My babies were so excited to go swimming that I took them in with me. Idk if you have read my other posts, but I do not wash my hair with chemicals. I bleach my hair with chemicals, my roots to be exact; every 6-8 weeks. I'm rooted pretty bad right now and actually have to do my roots this weekend--- but anywho--- I have not ever gotten my hair wet in the pool water. And yesterday I did. It didn't destroy my hair like it has in the past because I used to wash my hair with store bought chemical filled shampoo & conditioner. I also do not shower every day. I shower every 3-4 days. And no, I don't smell. I use apple cider vinegar straight on a cotton ball, one for each arm pit. My coochie (yes let's go there) is self cleaning if you didn't know, and I have actually had less irritation since I stopped showering everyday. The skin's natural Ph and microbiome/microorganisms is a wonderful thing. Like I said in my previous posts, I used to shower everyday with commercial cleansers/products and wash my face twice a day with proactive. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? Back to my wednesday night...I had some beef bone broth, reheated cauliflower & broccoli and 1 Piccadilly pork banger (I'm ENGLISH!). Delish. Then I cleaned all the dishes that accumulate daily in my house and my infamous pyrex dishes. I will take a photo tonight of the chaos. I made tons of tea last night, 2 large mason jars of spearmint tea. I am drinking those at work today. And one of my usual vosses with lemon juice. Spearmint is supposed to lower your free testosterone levels, I did a face mask last night, and I put it on my face dry. I mixed one probiotic capsule with a good squirt of colloidal silver and mixed it with my finger. Honey is too sticky to sleep in! It gets all in my hair, all over my pillows, it's a mess. So when I woke up there was still a yeti-powder-facial situation and I just took hemp seed oil and massaged it in my face. I lightly dabbed my face with a towel and called it a day. Moving forward to this morning: Woke up at 6am/ scraped tongue. Coconut spiked with peppermint oil pulled lol. 20 minutes. Brushed my teeth. Drank a mug of warm water with a dollop of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Then I drank a mug of warm water with a tablespoon of psyllium husk and the rhine of one lemon-- GOOGLE IT! That's my new thing. For breakfast I had 10 raw brazil nuts, a handful of blueberries, a cup or so of reheated cauliflower and a dash of ghee, a cup of my split pea ham soup with two froofs of kale and 1 fried egg [seasoned with turmeric and black pepper and salt] I threw the egg on some romaine lettuce and a scoop of sauerkraut. I will screen shot my myfitnesspal today, I promise. I'll add more later! It's still early. PSH! I forgot to include what supplements I took today: after I ate breakfast, so my tummy is nice and full-- I had 1 probiotic, 1 krill oil, 2 spiru blues, 3 PCOS diva, 1 COQ10, 1 glutathione, 0.50mL of PCOS diva vitamin D, and 1 organic india neem. Tomorrow will be liver/kidney and Saturday will be back to tulsi holy basil. Rotation ya feel me?
  12. I have done Honey/Probiotic Face masks before. But they are too sticky to sleep in and I feel like if I only wear it for an hour or so that I'm "wasting" the products, so to speak. Have you seen how expensive manuka honey/probiotics are? Then you will understand my pain. The products I used last night: Manuka Honey 16+ & Colloidal Silver cream (I have been putting this on my face for about a month now, whenever it feels a little dry) Mercola Probiotic Capsules (I take two of these a day, orally, one in the morning after breakfast and one at night after dinner) Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver (I was putting this on my face topically for about a week but I find it hard because it is pure liquid and I don't want to use cotton balls; I find it soaks up too much) So I just grabbed a little glass bowl and put 1 probiotic capsule, a mini finger sized dollop of MH&CS cream and a good squirt of colloidal silver. I slathered it on my dry skin and rubbed it in really well before I layed down for bed, about 9pm. I couldn't sleep until about 11pm. Stress from work, you feel me? But yeah I have a satin pillowcase so I just slept like usual and woke up without much on my face. I didn't have to wipe anything off, I just let nature take its course. I will edit this post and put a picture of what my skin looks like this morning. I feel like it's less inflamed for sure. Mind you, my eyes are still swollen. They have been this way for almost 2 years now. It is a signal from my body that something is NOT RIGHT. I have massive fluid retention in the morning-- because of my thyroid/hormone issue. And my eyelid/eyebrow ezcema has been acting up this week. Mind you again, I did not eat treats in about 6 months and this week I have been INDULGING in treats. Blueberry muffins, and lemon bars. Ohhhhh jeez. Guilty pleasure. coming to you live!!
  13. I read somewhere that probiotics kill zonulin, which is a protein that is released when you eat products containing gluten. Does that mean that if you use probiotics you can eat food with gluten in it without causing acne or reduce the amount of acne?
  14. Hi, At the moment I'm on lymecycline (408mg) per day for 2 months (and then one month break followed by a further course of 3 months). I'm just curious about how to come off the antibiotics? A lot of sources say that stopping the tablet over night will cause it to come back quite severely. As well as this, I've heard that the antibiotic will destroy the probiotics in my digestive system. Is it possible to counteract this by taking probiotic foods such as yogurt drinks (yakult etc)? Would it be a bad idea to consume this while on treatment as it will make the antibiotic less effective? Should I consider consuming probiotic products in the month break, and then after my 3 months of treatment? Thanks
  15. A whole lot of green :D

    So today I'm having a better day !! hallelujah! !! I decided that the differin -even though it's like ,% may be too strong for me.. I'm very fair skinned & burn easily as is so I decided to cut back on it to every second day I woke up with 4 spots today like the white head on the surface ones and they were small so who cares? ? I think I won't skip it again though .. I'm going to mi it with a moisturiser every second night I also went to clinique I was looking at the anti blemish range but a really nice woman (who ended up telling me about her own acne battles with the pill) advise me that the anti recess range would be best ! She knew about differin so advised I retry a prebiotic anti redness face was kph an spf .. she also gave me a huge sample of a probiotic moisturiser ! So I'm thrilled ... The face wash and spf were like €20 each and the moisturiser was about €50 so It was pricey but after one use of the wash & moisturiser I'm shocked at the difference ! I'll attach a picture .. have a look back at yesterday photo & you will probably see a difference ! so .. so far so good !
  16. Hi all, I've suffered from mild-moderate acne since the onset of puberty, but recently the last couple of years it has calmed down significantly in comparison to what it used to be (I am now 18 years old). I now only usually suffer from noticeable small breakouts on the chin/jawline around my menstrual cycle; other than that, I am generally pretty clear (still suffer from uneven skin tone, old red spot marks and stubborn blackheads). However recently, I have found myself on somewhat of a small health-kick and have joined up to the gym and started taking a women's probiotic supplement (I also suffer from lactose intolerance if that is of any relevance). I exercise 3-5 times a week, mostly focusing on moderate/intense cardio and occasionally some strength/weight training; my gym sessions ususally last between 1 hour to 1.5 hours. I am pretty diligent with my hygeine after a workout and always cleanse my skin never more than 30 minutes afterward (this is how long it takes me to get home) and immediately following my workout I will use a makeup wipe on my face. I drink a fair amount of water 1-1.5L per day, most often infused with lemon, and generally eat pretty healthily. I avoid processed foods 90% of the time (you can't always resist chocolate), eat minimal wheat/gluten based foods and steer clear of dairy products such as full fat milk, ice cream, cream and most cheeses (I eat feta sometimes). The bad news is, while I feel great; my skin has taken a massive dive. I now have 2 massive clusters of zits on either side of my chin and along my jawline-- as well as a few smaller spots on the lower portion of my cheeks and around my mouth. I have been applying tea tree oil and mud masks as a spot treament overnight, which seems to improve the affected areas slightly but there's no dramatic difference. I'd hate to think that I have to stop working out / taking supplements which benefit my overall health because my skin is out of control. Do you think it is possible that my skin is going through a "purging" stage as a result of these changes to my daily routine? If so, how long does it usually last? Has anyone ever experienced a break-out like this solely from taking probiotics? It's frustrating to finally have been starting to be comfortable with my skin after so many years, only to have it back to square 1 essentially in a matter of days, so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  17. I found my ACNE CURE!!!!

    I am currently two months in to perfectly clear skin. I have started to wear hats, eat sugars and dairy again and i go to the gym 4 days a week and sweat my @ss off. None of this effects my skin any longer. If you dont have time to read the whole thing skip to the last parts for what i call my personal "cure" to adult acne. Ive had acne since 14, im 29. I started off with whiteheads, then in at the end of highschool went from not only 3-5 whiteheads every morning to a few deep large cystic type pimples every week. I shave my head and get acne on the top of my head, and i get acne on my chest and sometimes shoulders. I got a great job at 21 and had lots of money to go pay for every and any magical acne cure i saw advertised. Here is a list of products/brands i have tried and will never use on my face again and i believe do not work and the chemicals can and will do damage in time. Skin Id Proactive Murad Stiefel clean and clear regimen Ive used others but forgot exactly the names, some were over $200 for 1 month. ohh the dumb things i did for hope. I used proactive the longest because from 23-25 i had hardly any acne and life was good and proactive kinda worked about 85% of the time which i thought was ok. I am now a health nut because i love going to the gym and want to make it count. I was told that there can be an allergy to food during adulthood that causes acne so i stopped dairy because it makes my stomach hurt sometimes now that im older, i stopped sugar, bread, flour, basically started a gluten free diet. i even stopped eating fruits high in sugar. and i love ice cream more then my dog, and i love sugar more then life itself. Here is what i started doing that "helped", which let me to question why when it only "helped" Over the course of 2 years my skin changed badly, any chemicals burned my skin, stuff that before didnt phase it. i knew chemicals were no longer a solution. i would put on the proactive wash and my face looked like i was choking it was soo red. I knew i had to look for something better. I started taking a mulitvitamin, zinc, fish oil and vitamin b complex. The zinc and fish oils did help alot for the quality of my skin over my whole body, and for me the vitamin b seemed to help keep pimples smaller. After not using chemicals i realized i had oily skin, not dry skin which i though i had from the chemicals destroying it. The zinc stopped all oily skin problems with just 1 50mg tablet per day. All these helped but i still had acne. So something else had to be causing it. So here is where the path to my "cure" started. I found Dermify, it helped but was not the cure. It is hands down the best thing i have ever used and its natural/organic. my skin is soo soft, and now that i dont have acne i can touch it, and feel how great it is and not get pimples from touching my face. I was a preteen the last time i could say that, about 15 years..... dermify and those supplements listed cut down my acne, my skin felt better but i still had acne. all of a sudden i started to have less whiteheads and more cystic acne. so i went to nonstop research mode. in my seach for cystic acne i came across many different issues but there was a flashing spot light that is the big #1 problem. So here it is, the leading cause of adult acne, especially adults who use or have used any prescription drugs which i have not......POOR DIGESTIVE HEALTH!!! The average american eats soo much meat and carbs and eats in 1 year on average the amount of fiber their body needs in 1 month. bread is not fiber, not in the amounts you need so dont say "i eat my fiber" you dont. The cure is not in your food intake, but in your digestive tract and your BM's. after 1 week taking fiber you will be able to see everytime you #2 that you were not healthy in your digestion. the foods you eat DO NOT CAUSE ACNE, unless you have a reaction to them. I know for some people sugar can cause acne because of candida. there are many food allergies out there, many of them can cause acne, but those are more rare. But, its safe to say almost everybody has poor digestion. There is tons of info to read about that, but here are the two items that taken every day WILL cure your adult acne, and probably for that matter all acne. the first is a quality fiber, not physillium. Try the NOW brand Fiber 3 that has omega 3's in it, the second step and most important is PROBIOTICS. I have tried 3 different types the one that i like is a pill from the NOW brand called GR8-dophillous. you keep it in the fridge after opening to keep its potency but if you need to travel it still works not cooled. i normally take the amount i need and put them in a different bottle for the trip. Here is my new daily regimen. I wake up walk to the fridge get out 1 probiotic pill, mix up a cup of fiber and use the fiber drink to swallow the pill. fiber makes your body need water so i drink 1 more glass 2 if you can take it. You need to drink room temp water because cold water is hard on your stomach and the probiotic pill. then i wash my face. right after dinner i take my supplements, a couple hours after eating dinner when my stomach is empty i take 1 more probiotic pill with a glass of water and wash my face and go to bed. that is it. i suggest you take the supplements as well because they have worked great for me. the fiber is about 12 dollars per month, the probiotics are about 7 per month. dermify is 30 per bottle but lasts over 3 months per bottle when it says a 1 month supply. all my other supplements cost around 7 dollars a month from walmart. they are more expensive but have 3-5 month supplys. overall my acne...wait i dont have acne any longer, face care is...$36. give or take, it is cheaper then that now because i have found places to get supplements in larger quantities which make them very cheap. it is more like 30 bucks. and if you dont need the zinc or vitamin b, or feel that omega'3 in fish oil isnt needed (google it, you need it) it will be closer to 23-25. that is cheap in comparison to most regimens. On my gym days i wash my face three times. I have used the crappy gym soap on my face, axe body wash on my face, a towel for almost a week, bad smelly well water, and none of it has given me breakouts. all these little things i thought caused my acne were all bogus, i had great skin, i just had to find it. I had to share this information. Google probiotics and fiber cure for acne, or probiotics cure for acne. i think they are trying to hide this from us. it is a known fact, but yet how many of us know this? I have 2 friends i started on this regimen. both acne free in less then 3 weeks. one had very mild acne, the other had cystic acne and horrible body acne. worked for both. go forth, fix your digestive problems and feel better, get way more energy, and wake up every morning as i still do, walk to the mirror, and smile like you just had the best sex of your life because there is not one $#%#$%^'ing pimple on your sexy little face.
  18. Just wondering if my sore throat could be the result of drinking 2l of yogurt yesterday. I hadn't had yogurt in a long time before that... Maybe a die off or something like that?
  19. I bought a plethora of vitamins to try and eliminate these damn blemishes. We'll see just how well calcium, d3, magnesium, zinc, l-lysine, and krill oil work for me! I'm also going to begin a probiotic as soon as I have enough money to buy one.. stupid vitamins cost A LOT more than I thought. As of right now, my skin TONE has never looked better, but I keep getting more and more pimples on my cheeks. I was practically clear before yesterday. I did work out for the first time in a while, but I took a bath and shower right afterwards. It was actually a milk bath last night (dumped 2% gallon of milk into a tubful of warm water) and it was honestly great!! I had to take a shower after though, because with exfoliating comes dead skin cells. I heard that lactic acid is a great exfoliator for sensitive skin, and I must say it is. But I think washing my honey mask off with the milk water is what broke me out.. I have little whiteheads on my cheeks and chin. Blarghhhh. I just got some Tea Tree Oil but I have nothing to dilute it with (I LOVE grapeseed oil - perfect for sensitive skin). I just have extra virgin olive oil, which in the past has broken me out. Bummer! Hopefully I find what works so I can help as many people as possible with crappy skin like myself! x x Stephanie
  20. Male, Age 22, Weekly Log

    Background: Acne has been a burden all of my teen and adult life. I started getting my first acne in the 7th grade. It did not become a huge problem until the 10th grade where I had what I would consider moderate to severe acne (about 5-8x worse than my week 0 state shown below). I saw the family dermatologist who put me on an arsenal of treatments. First proactive, then tazorac, then antibiotics, and finally accutane. Nothing but accutane in the 11th grade did anything to lessen my acne. Accutane itself did a great job of reducing my acne down to 1 or 2 pimples a week which was a godsend for me. However, my sophomore year of college, I started to break out more and more. Now, acne once again plagues my life. I'm in my 4th year of college. I hate having acne. It kills my confidence (I feel I have the potential to be a rather handsome/attractive person). I find myself purposely avoiding social situations when I have break outs (my face is in constant break out mode at this point). I find myself turning my head during conversations so people see the side that is least broken out. White heads are gross, I worry about them popping without my knowledge, and it is hard for me to look in the mirror. I'm sick of dealing with acne, and I've had enough. I'm going to start a treatment with the hopes of curing my acne once and for all. It will start out rather mild compared to some of the regimes I have researched on this board. Problem Areas: My acne largely presents itself around my chin and cheeks. I have never had a pimple on my forehead. This is in the form of white heads and deep, large, red, tight hard spots that hurt if touched too roughly. I do have some occasional acne on my back and neck, but it is very mild. Regime -Oxy Clinical: (This is the 3 pack with the face wash (2% salicylic acid), clearing treatment (5% BP), and hydrating cream (2% Salicylic Acid). I've been using this for about 2 weeks, and the results have not been great. I'm going to stick with it for at least another month) -Paleo Diet: (Basically I'm only going to eat meats and veggies. This means a strict gluten free, no sugar, no pastas/breads diet. I've been on this diet on and off, but I want to give it a full month to see the full benefits). -Exercise: (I already do cardio 3 days a week and lift 3 days a week, but I will stick to this) -No touching my face: (This is a big problem for me. I constantly find myself picking at my acne and scratching itches. I have a feeling this is a huge contributor to my acne.) -No masturbation: (I'm not sure how much this contributes to my acne, but I am mostly doing it for other reasons). -Zinc Supplements: (I'm going to take 60mg. This is something I have not tried that gives me hope given the good reviews) -b5 supplement?: (I'm considering 10g a day, but my understanding is this is to control oil. My face is typically dry as a result of the accutane I took, so I doubt this will help.) -Daily moisturizer: (This is a necessity due to the oxy clinical treatment I've been using. If I don't use it, my face will peal and break out even worse. I use a cetaphile brand that is non-comedogenic twice a day) -shaving: (I use a beard trimmer to give myself a 24/7, 5 o'clock shadow. This seems to not irritate my skin, and I have not seen any correlation between shaving and breaking out). -Sleep: (Something that is very, very lacking in my life. Some nights I get as little as 4 hours of sleep. I'm going to make it a habit to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Also, I am going to start positioning my head such that my cheeks do not touch the pillow; IE I look at the ceiling when I sleep). -Probiotic: (I've been taking one capsule a day for the past week. I don't have the bottle with me for more information) -Fish Oil: (I take one tablespoon a day to supplement my strength training.) -Water: (I'm going to up my intake from 1.5 liters a day to 3 liters a day) With that out of the way, I present my week 0 photos which I will use to benchmark my progress (haven't shaved in a good 4 days... sorry about that): Disclaimer: My camera is pretty terrible. I recognize my acne is not as bad as some people (not by a long shot), but it still kills my self-esteem. Also, as I mentioned previously, my acne was anywhere from 5-8x worse back in high school, so believe me, I know it could be worse.
  21. To cut a long story short, for the past 6 months I have been suffering very bad acne, I am also farting a lot and they smell revolting. Can any reccomend a grets probiotic for a digestive system? thanks
  22. Accutane 2.0

    Dear world, Fairly typical acne experience. High school was no worries. the very odd pimple, family has history of acne, thought I was getting off easily. As I began college my odd pimples turned into the odd cyst/nodule increasing in severity and frequency until the start of sophomore year. It sucked, I could not understand what the problem was after years with acne not even making my radar, I digress. Shit happened and it freaked me out...So I tried all the nonsense. Finally, I just demanded tane around mid October 2010. UGA health center was more than happy to oblige. I hated accutane. It was crushing for me, I did have the dreaded IB. Coming from my acne background, was a challenging obstacle to swallow. However, throughout my course, I grew emotionally with exceptional strides in maturity culminating in my acceptance that it is what it is. I did not see improvement till month 4 of 6. I alternated 30mg on day A to 60mg on B days. Side Effects: -dry skin/lips -extremely dry interior nostrils (complete with scabs blood the whole bit) -Shitty IB *that was it* Upon completion, my life had been dramatically altered and I loved it. It worked 100%. Any side effects pale in comparison to the end results, cross my heart and hope to die. Present: my acne is incredibly mild. One small nodule a week. Occasional bad week with 3 or so. Manageable. I won't even post pictures because there is really nothing to see. Doc was uber hesitant to prescribe the drug again. I had been on Antibios and Azelex for several months prior to this most recent doc trip late Oct 2012. He tried to sell me the same bullshit topical/anti bio treatment, I had made my mind up by this point and again demanded the drug. It took every persuading fiber in my body to get him to agree to it. The Log: A week in. Exactly the same as last time. Skin gradually embracing the dryness. For all you Fools out there with a shitty derm or a "it won't happen to me attitude" you will: 1. Get extremely sunburnt, incredibly sunburnt. I dont care if you black white pink yellow or brown. Will happen, and does. Avoid the sun 20 minutes is all it takes. I fish alot, thus am on the water alot. Even your fingers will burn. Just avoid it. If you are hitting the outdoors use 30spf. 2. You will get incredibly dry skin. Try your hardest to nip this problem in the bud. Moisturize at every point you get. --Personally, the backs of my hands would periodically break out in some rash type deal. Hydrocortizone cream did the trick but had I been moisturizing properly, derm said I probably could have avoided it. --My lips were also bad, especially the corners. I even developed a yeast infection in the split corners. Imagine a manila folder repeatedly lacerating these creases. Shit sucked, slather that lip balm on like its yo job. 3. You will experience constipation, fact. Even for you girls that poop ice cream or whatever. Take a probiotic with gallons upon gallons of water. Water is your only friend. If you're really having a problem, take a shot of prune juice in the morning. Watch out with a glass of the uh, works. 4. Drinking on the tane only increases the severity of your hangover. I went to Georgia as previously stated and I partied with the best of them. Both pre tane during tane and post. Please do not lecture me with any type of holy personal message. I do not care. I had many sit downs with medical professionals regarding the subject, they were all of the opinion as long as my liver test showed no sign of damage and I felt I could handle the after effects, was my personal decision to make. --it certainly isn't any worse for you than oh I don't know, snorting some coke while blackout. Having taken the drug once already, I know full well what to expect. I know it is going to suck, first time around I was blindsided...this being the reason I thought it was so difficult. One thing I have learned in the professional world, no one gives a shit what your skin looks like. Unless you are pursuing a career as a super model, with vanity as the central theme. No body really cares about your superficial bs. Easier said than done, but taking the emotion out of it is a game changer. Will make the whole process much easier. Swear to god. I am one of the most open minded people, I will answer any question you've got in regards to anything. I have certainly been around the block once or twice, you would be hard pressed to find a subject I haven't at least dabbled in. As a final reminder to all those on the fence. Nike that bitch and just do it-any horror story you read regarding tane is similar to the national media. Grizzly gruesome sensational stories sell best and those that experience them perpetuate their story, rightfully so. Point being, these stories are by far the minority. I would guess < 5%, again, here I give zero fucks for whatever obscure study you have the intention to post as rebuttal. Most are cured and never come back to the net lamenting their success. I know I did not. Those that do are, similarly, in the minority. I wish everyone the best traveling this road. It is a challenging, but very manageable one, with shockingly beautiful results!
  23. Hi there So if you havent seen me post around here lately (which I have often lately lol) I'm a 28 year old female, with what I presume is hormonal acne. All on my chin/jawline area. The bumps are almost always inflamed and rarely come to a head. They hang around forever. Sometimes they are itchy, sometimes hot, sometimes i can kinda feel my pulse in them (that sounds weird i know) Usually get 1-5 of them at any given time. I dont eat gluten or dairy (except for a few cheats a month) I eat low amounts of processed sugar and alcohol and the only caffeine would be from small amounts in green tea. I eat lots of good gut foods, sauerkraut, kimchi. I take b complex, d, omega 3, c, probiotic and just started saw palmetto a few days ago. I do the regimen with cetaphil cleanser, dans bp and cetaphil moisturizer. So now here's my question. Hopefully with all of the above it will start to help the severity and frequency of the acne, but what do you do when you do get one of these big inflamed bumps to help them go away faster?