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  1. Inflamed pimples

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    I NEED HELP! I am on a light pill from my doctor which cleared my skin up. For the past five months I've had zero breakouts, just marks left behind. Well this week every day I have been getting new pimples. I put my benzoyl peroxide on them last night and woke up to them being smaller but redness all over my forehead! I need to get rid of this fast as I have a big event in two days and i need my skin to look good! What do I do!? Thanks!
  2. I made another post about this, with my pictures, but has anyone had this happen from something they've done or used, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...has it gone away?!?!IM SCARED TO DEATH that my skin won't return to how it was 3 weeks rather have my cysts back from 4.5 years ago and just go on accutane again than have my whole facial skin uglified in a matter of days just from using a retinoid twice and GENTLE as hell exfoliation. I literally sucked Google dry for search results on this exact situation and all the threads and posts I come across are incredibly hopeless with people supposedly dealing with this YEARS after stopping all products. Ive went through probably 500 posts from various sites by now. im losing my mind here, I've got enough to deal with. After Accutane (and before I got cysts from trying birth control), people would come up to me and tell me I had beautiful porcelain skin and often think I was still 16, now I'm being mistaken for my mother's sister and my skin looks like that of a field worker who never applied sunscreen a day in HIS life (yes my skin now looks like a man's...which I ain't)(no offense guys...actually I found threads where men are experiencing the same thing, so this stuff must roughen up everybody's complexion) and my face hasn't so much as touched the sun in over seven years!! (Besides walking to the car and walking into someplace..I even block the sun when I'm in the car and the windows of my house as well.. I eat healthy as all hell, no dairy or gluten or sugar or even coffee now! Fish and vegetables galore. i'm afraid to even eat half a Piece of dark chocolate right now, even tho what I have going on isn't even really acne per say, but I dont want anything more to come up that can scar with whatever the hell this texture is that's going on, i also drink two gallons of water a day and take my vitamins and now I'm not doing anything to my face other than the only constant that I was doing before which was just Cerave Hydrating cleanser morning and night (now only once because OW), any once a month exfoliation or moisturizers from before are not even being touched as my skin won't take them in anyhow, I'm afraid to even exercise as the sweat and urea might burn me further, I've got one foot in the grave until somebody comes along with a Happy ending to this similar madness.HELP ME
  3. Extreme overnight dandruff

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    So to begin with im 14 regular hair. Previosly bleached, dyed, relaxed, keratin treated, and sometimes blow dryed and straightened. Well i do hurt my hair alot but i do lots of good to it aswell. After i had my keratin treatment with 3 weeks i mixed coconut oil, hair oil and castor oil and applyed them wrapped my hair and left them for 4 hrs. When i removed them and washed my hair i had the WORST dandruff you will ever witness. My scalp was litteraly peeling like a sunburn. HUGE flakes falling everywhere and it was just endless. No itch, no burn, no redness and i had dont this treatment before aswell. A couple of washes later that night i knew somwthing was serious so i told my father (emergency doctor) who told me to take locoid drops for 7 days. The dandruff decreased big time but then came the pimples and the itch and again the dandruff but this timw with a great amont of hairfall so i went to a dermatologist and she gave me similiar drops and nizoral shampoo and she said i should use both for atleast a month and a half and she said she think i have sebaherroic dermatitis. I never had dandruff before in my life and this was my first time. What do i do ?!
  4. I know this isn't an acne problem, but I figured this would be a good place to find information about skin because I can't find anything about it on google. I've had oily skin my entire life. Oily enough to not even see a slight difference in oil even in the middle of winter (and I'm from Minnesota, so you know the winters get harsh and dry. I've been doing a few things differently, I tried a different cleanser because I was noticing some dry skin hanging on my face so I needed to scrub it off. I wasn't harsh with it I was gentle, and the soap I used I've used on my face before but it's a.cold press organic soap bar so I can't be sure how much lye is in it. But literally two days of using it can't be enough to do this to my skin. I also used a different moisturizer. I loved it at first! My skin was moisturized and soft. And then I added Argan oil and my skin could've been the poster child for smooth soft and moisturized. None of these things make sense to me about literally changing my skin overnight. I also changed my foundation, and it's a cheap drugstore one that literally reeks of rubbing alcohol and I loved that it kept me matte all day. But I've only used it two, maybe three times. And about two nights ago I woke up and touched my face and where I usually come off with shiny fingers, I had no oil- and not in a good way. My skin is dying from thirst. It's so textured. I discontinued the products (except the moisturizer cuz my skin loved it before and obviously I need moisture). I used more argan oil cuz it had made me so soft and moisturizer but my skin just soaks it all up and needs more. Today I even got scared enough to use products I know make me oily usually. I used a foundation I know on my old normal oily skin causes me to overproduce oil and still!! Dry as a bone! I'm 20, I've been more dehydrated than I am-when I was 16-17 I drank water once about every 10 months, and I still was an oil slick. My skin looks so crepey and every fine line is noticeable -and all OVERNIGHT!! Please, what's happening?! i should add that it's not the kind of dry that you get from extremely harsh acne cleansers, it's like being someone with dry skin.