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  1. I have suffered from acnes for a long time and left with so much scarring. Given my Asian skin type, I didn't want to try laser due to the possible side effects. Therefore, I opted to try Infini RF Microneedling for 4 sessions over the course of a year because it was hard to take time off every 6-8 weeks. However, I only see little improvement (if any...) I think spreading out the treatments will not affect the results as Infini is supposed to help with collagen production for up to 6 months to 1 year. I have mixed scars and don't know what treatments I should try next... Too scared to try TCA peel/ cross at home even after reading the FAQ (again, Asian skin type...). Would I be a good candidates for TCA peel/ cross? Please help! I live in the Bay Area and there are not a lot of doctors to offer TCA peel/ cross and/or subcision... I read some forums here but feel like SoCal have more options and no one seem have to have found a good doctor who performs a wide range of treatments here. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the Bay Area? I went to Dr. Ransom for Infini. He's nice and doesn't seem to be interested in checking the progress and just performs the procedure... don't really feel like going back to him. But, someone said he does offer TCA cross... Also wonder if I should try 2 more Infini for a total of 6 sessions to see the difference... Right now considering if I should give Dr. Emer a visit even though he's expensive. Does anyone know what is the price difference btw Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills and Dr. Rullan in SD? Getting time off is also a problem Thanks!
  2. Hi all - thank you so much for taking the time to look at this! I am a male and I have had acne problems since I was about 16 and am now 21 - so you can imagine its getting pretty tiring. The pimples I have been getting in the past 3 years or so are all located around the mouth, chin, jawline and under the chin. My skin condition is fairly inconsistent, one week it wont be too bad, the next week it will be quite bad, however there are never any prolonged periods of time in which my skin is 'good'. The older I get, the more self-conscious I am becoming about them and they're restricting me in social, educational (uni) and economical (dirty work) aspects; hence I thought I'd ask you guys. Firstly, I have chronic liver disease (autoimmune hepatitis), ulcerative cholitis (colon) and primary billary cholangitis (liver) which restrict me from having Vitamin A tablets such as Roacitane which are apparently a good solution and anti-biotics. So, I have tried Vitamin A topical cream, a range of other after shower creams, moisturisers and face cleansers prescribed to me by GP's and dermatologists. I exercise every day, ride motorbikes, surf and skate; so I am sweating quite a bit. I try to eat as healthy as possible (no white bread, white rice, junk food, etc etc) and I drink probably once a week. I know this is quite long-winded and apologise for that in advance, but any help is much appreciated! Does anyone know anything else I can try please???