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  1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look into my problem! So, I have been on the regimen for 12 weeks and I am not so happy. I am STILL breaking out, but only on my cheeks and casually on my forehead. I used to have up to about 5 pimples on my forehead, but now I barely have any!!! The problem is, I broke out recently on my cheeks and it used to be rare when I did. I currently have 4 pimples on my right cheek and they look gross! I do use 4mL of BP on my whole face. MY BIGGEST CONCERN IS that I am still peeling!! Throughout the day, my skin starts to flake on my mustache area, my chin, my jaw, and on the area around my eyebrows. I have recently switched to the Aveeno SPF 15 moisturizer (which is recommended by Dan) and I really like it but it still doesn't prevent my skin from peeling (it does help with both peeling and my oilyness) even after using a drop of jojoba oil. I do use Dan's moisturizer at night with jojoba oil, but not with AHA since it seems to make me flake more. So, how do I stop my skin from peeling? I am very frustrated and discouraged to keep using the regimen! CORRECT ME ON ANY MISTAKES I MAY BE DOING AND FEEL FREE TO ASK ME QUESTIONS.
  2. Hello everybody, my problem is, i am currently taking isotretinoin-accutane for 4 and a half months, 40 mg per day for the whole time...and i am really worried. For the first 2-3 months my skin was getting visiblybetter, stopped to be oily and all of the under-the-surface-painful-pimples and the white heads went away. I started having some side effects, like of course dry skin and lips, eyes, but also some more serious like pain in the back, stiffness of the joints, weird dry red spots on my arms and hands and so on.. but i carried on, because my skin was getting better.. now, as i started my cca 4. month, my skin is getting really crapped.. if i get a pimple, it dries faster than it would have in past, but as the elasticity of the skin is decreased and its more sensitive, the red spots that remain are far more visible and intense than before.. and what am i trying to get to is that as i started my 4.month not only my skin looks really unhealthy, but the bumps underneath the surface of the skin as well as some white-heads started to appear again at the places i used to be having them except for the forehead, that is clear.. but as i go over my cheeks (not the jaws but the area next to your nose under your eyes) with my hands i feel many painful bumps... and i am wondering if the isotretinoin COULD STOP WORKING?? please, if you have any information about this, or experience, maybe you are dealing with the same- or alike kind of a problem, please let me know... my derm is a person which .. well, i dont want to be mean.. but i have the feeling that she doesnt really care about her patients and she would say: it will clear up... ???but when, and why am i getting pimples in my 5th month if it had been relatively good for the past 2 months????? THANKS FOR ALL ANSWERS, i would appreciate any kind of information

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    Sooo I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. My face is constantly irritated (Daniel says this is bad) but its irritated because it is super dry. (Thank you BP) Since it is ALWAYS irritated, especially around my eyes OMG they are so raw! they are so wrinkly and red most of the time and sting whenever my eyes water. My face is so irritated that I find my self always scratching/rubbing/touching my face. (I know Bad girl) I would back off on the BP but I'm still having crazy breakouts and kind of feel like I should be using more. I only use one finger section full of BP but that covers my entire face (I have a small face). I was super juiced to start the AHA and jojoba to cure my dessert face but my breakouts increased a lot with using the Jojoba oil so I stopped. So I'm 3 months in and I'm DRY, and ITCHY, and PIMPLY, and miserable. Any suggestions?
  4. Day 19

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    After 19 days, my skin hasnt gotten any better! I have started to wear concealer on my biggest blemishes because I can't take it anymore. I am on my 3rd week and my skin is the same, or worse than before.