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  1. Hi, I have recently been prescribed isotretinoin which has really started to dry my skin out. My current moisturizer is not helping at all and I am really fussy about which moisturisers I use as most seem to break me out in spots. Are there any that you could recommend for me? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! I’m new to this website so wanted to start off saying apologies in advance if I haven’t tagged this right etc. Anyway, I have acne and have started a new acne cream called Differin and it sorta helps but my god it dries my skin out. At at the moment my acne’s active AND I have old scars so rely on make up to cover it up. But covering it up is a a huge issue as my sling is dry and have tried countless moisturisers to no avail. Could anyone recommend a good mosituiser for me to try? (I’ve already used cetaphil oil free and the normal one). Many thanks in advance! Shangrilisa
  3. Which moisturiser is best to use to clear flaky skin? The moisturiser seems to break a lot of people out (and has mainly bad reviews) and I don’t think it will be great for me, is E45 lotion any good or does E45 break a lot of people out too? What moisturiser is best for people with oily skin that also is a bit flaky and dry in areas (I want one that is non comedogenic and won’t break me out)?
  4. Which moisturiser for my skin?

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    Which moisturiser is best to use to clear flaky skin? The moisturiser seems to break a lot of people out (and has mainly bad reviews) and I don’t think it will be great for me, is E45 lotion any good or does E45 break a lot of people out too? What moisturiser is best for people with oily skin that also is a bit flaky and dry in areas (I want one that is non comedogenic and won’t break me out)?
  5. Hi I’m about 14/15 weeks into my Accutane (or Isotretinoin here in the UK) course and am currently on 40mg. I’d prefer to up my dose and get this over with, but my derm won’t do it Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for moisturisers? I’ve noticed that now the sun is starting to make an appearance, I’m burning so quickly after very little sun exposure. I’ve been trying to find an oil-free moisturiser which has UV protection, but I’m really struggling to find anything. It seems that oil-free and SPF aren’t a common combination. Has anybody found anything that works for them? Thanks
  6. Does anyone have any experience using Cetaphil Daily Advance Hydrating lotion? I am on the regimen but I am not that fond of the moisturizer. I live in South Korea and don't have a credit card so I am limited in what I can get my hands on. I have used products like Avene, Placentor, and Eucerin. Still looking for a good moisturiser as none of these really did it for me. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  7. Has anyone ever used Tebiskin products before? I'm currently only using the Tebiskin OSK Cream that My derm recommended it to me and I have only used it for about nearly 3 weeks and although my acne has cleared up a bit, I now have developed small spots everywhere on my forehead. Most are not red, but just small raised lumps. Very annoying, hopefully, it's only temp.
  8. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturiser

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    Hey, did you guys ever used Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturiser? If you did do you recommend? because it's oil-free and water based. Is it better if I moisturise my face after using cleanser?
  9. Diprobase Cream

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    Anyone tried this moisturiser? Can't see any comedogenic ingredients on the list and seems to work really well but recently noticed the odd spot appearing.
  10. Hi. I am on the last day of the second week since I started this regimen for the second time, and I have EXTREMELY dry flakey skin no matter how much moisturiser I apply. I don't know if it's because of the bp but after the moisturiser is all soaked into my skin, I still have some flakes on my chin area and my forhead. And today I applied the moisturiser and it burned like HELL. Also, for the last two weeks my skin has been very red. Is that normal? This is the second time I am trying this regimen because the first time I had to quit because I started too fast with the bp but now I am applying the right amounts and I still have excessive drying and redness. If anyone experienced this please help me realize what is wrong. Thank you
  11. Hi everyone, I am desperate need of a sensitive moisturizer that delivers good hydration but also mattifies upon application. Is there anything of the sort? story to follow... Im in desperate need of some help. I need a moisturizer that helps to mattify my skin upon application and helps keep my oil at bay. I have extremely sensitive skin and anything such as a perfum will lead to redness and tightness of the skin. Acne is not really the issue anymore, it's the oil, but when my skin gets irritated it's produces little spots. I thought I'd share my regime with you lot to see if there's anything I am doing drastically wrong. In the morning: I shower in warm but not too hot water. I use either an aveeno ultra calming facial foaming wash, or clearasil sensitive skin perfecting wash. Neither of them leave me with sensitive skin and seem to thoroughly clean me. After that I will pat my skin dry. My skin still looks shiny straight after washing, there is no excess oil at this point so I don't know if have naturally tight skin and it is becoming shiny in nature somehow?! After this his I use aveeno daily moisturising cream. This is so far the only moisturizer that makes my skin look and feel healthy, even slightly mattifies upon application but due to it being so thick it's not long before I start to get a great shine across my face. Nighttime: If my skin is free of spots I will use hydromol to wash and moisturizer (prescribed by a doctor). This is a vegetable wax that can be used as a soap substitute and as a moisturizer it doesn't give me spots, I'm using it to try and repair my skin (from treatments I used when I was younger for serious acne). sometimes I will just use the clearasil wash that I use on the morning instead if i feel need to. Again using the hydromol as a moisturizer. To repeat: I am desperate need of a sensitive moisturizer that delivers good hydration but also mattifies upon application. Is there anything of the sort? thanks in advance
  12. I recently got this gel prescribed to me and I have not experienced any flaking or peeling on my face, I have been applying a light moisturiser on top ( simple's light moisturiser). Should I be using a moisturiser on top of this gel or not ? Or does anyone think that I should increase my dose - from 5% to something stronger? Any advice please would be most appreciated!
  13. I currently use freederm oil free perfecting moisturiser for the daytime. However as I use duac gel it was recently brought to my attention that my daytime moisturiser should have some sort of sun protection. So I need recommendations for a non comedogenic moisturiser for slightly dry and sensitive skin with sun protection.
  14. So, the question is basically in the title. I've recently bought a moisturiser that I like but is so thick that by the time I've managed to rub it in my skin has gone really red and angry and irritated just from the rubbing process (after half an hour or so it chills out again and isn't accompanied by burning or anything so I know it's not an allergic reaction). I'm just wondering if it is possible to dilute a thick moisturiser like this with a bit of water to make it thinner and go on easier or is that a really stupid idea? Has anyone tried it?
  15. Hello people! I have been using the regimen for approx 2 weeks and it makes my skin super dry but then end of the day. This is to be expected for now - but is there anything I can do to ensure my makeup isn't flaky and dried out by the end of the day? I use bare minerals liquid foundation. Primer? Moisturiser? Tricks? Tips? With the dryness chill out soon? Any input is appreciated!
  16. Dry flakey skin!!!

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    Hi all! So I've been on roaccutane for 3 months now, I'm on 30mg. I've had mild to moderate acne for 6 years now & tried roaccutane as basically a last chance saloon. Not seen huge results so far, but my skin is noticeably drier; yes this is a good thing & the purpose but putting make up on is a nightmare!! I use liquid concealer & a power foundation obviously to hide the spots & scarring. Under my make up I've been using Cetaphil moisturiser but the dryness remains, and half way through the day at work, my skin is looking flakey around my chin (one of the word affected areas) which isn't the most attractive look for a female lol. Are there any moisturisers/products that anyone would recommend? I'd appreciate suggestions a lot!! Sam
  17. Hi all, So I started using the regimen about 4 days ago. I have only been applying a pea sized amount of the BP once a day, at night, as I wanted to see how I reacted. The first day after using it my skin was fine, and the second day my skin began to get a bit flaky, the third day my skin was VERY oily but also itchy and flaky. Tonight would have been my 4th night of applying the BP but I have refrained because this evening my skin has begun to get quite red. Is this normal for this early on in the treatment? and should I carry on or should I start using it every other night until the redness subsides? Also it might be good to tell you that a year or so ago I used 5% BP on my face every night for a week with NO moisturiser at all, and one morning I woke up and my skin was extremely dry and flaky and was quite red and swollen. Now I don't know if this means I'm allergic. I'm more inclined to think that this was becuase I really didn't know what I was doing at the time and my skin reacted badly as I applied to much BP too quickly without replenishing any of the moisture that the BP takes away. So people, was are your thoughts? Thanks!
  18. Moisturiser yes or no?

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    I know I should be moisturising my whole face, but I've had a terrible hormonal breakout since coming off birth control pill (revigidon- my skin was perfect and flawless when I was on it ) anyway since coming off it awful hormonal acne, this week it is all around my chin and mouth- I went for a sunbed to try and heal it, skin feels so dry now of course but should I moisturise the actual breakout area or just leave to heal itself? Terrified of making it worse.....
  19. Yellow

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    I'm new to the regime - its been about a week and I'm going through the superdooper dry skin phase (lucky me). I'm using A LOT of the moisturizer because I'm really self conscious of my cracking, peeling, Sahara desert face - however - I've noticed my skin is REALLY YELLOW! At first, due to being a medical student, I thought it was something liver related but my eyes and mucous membranes are fine - and as I was slathering on the moisturizer it hit me - is the licorice derived ingredient staining my skin?!? I feel like I look ill, or really bad at applying fake tan. Is there anyone experiencing a similar effect? Also, why doesn't Dan offer both the old and the new moisturizer so people who do experience adverse effects from the new one have an alternate product? I'll upload a pic if people want to see.
  20. Hi. Im 31 and suffer from hormonal acne. Im wanting to try a new regimen and would love to hear your thoughts on what im considering. - SkinB5 Acne Controlled Extra Strength Tablets (morning noon and night as recommended) - SkinB5 Acne Cleansing Mousse OR Coconut Oil as a morning and night wash -Apple Cider Vinegar to tone maybe.....though I know it can be a wash aswell so im rather conflicted about what to use it for. -Coconut Oil as moisturiser. Im worried that the Coconut Oil will clog my pores if I use it as a moisturiser. I do get cystic acne too. Any help will be so greatly appreciated!
  21. Hello, In the past few months my cystic acne has cleared up thanks to Gedarel 20, however I have started to develop occasional (light red?) whiteheads on my cheekbones and blackheads on my forehead (which I have never ever gotten before). I have attributed them to moisturiser (Garnier Shine Be Gone Matte) I started to use in mid-December because as soon as I eliminated it from my routine they disappeared again. In the past, during winter months for flaky skin due to the cold, I have used moisturiser before (La Roche Posay Hydraphase Legere) and it never broke me out bar the tiniest, tiniest of pustules in the mouth area. However, I now need to moisturise my face again as it's reacting badly to the cold weather, so I went out and bought LRP Hydraphase Legere again, but now my whiteheads and blackheads are reappearing? Does anyone have any clue as to why this is just starting to happen now? I changed nothing in my skin regimen for months before starting to use that moisturiser daily. If my skin is reacting badly to a moisturiser I have used in the past without any ramifications then surely something's changed with my skin? Does anybody else's skin change the type of pimples they get regularly? Thanks
  22. Hi all I've been using rosehip oil and hemp seed oil for the past few months and feel that they are breaking me out as I have a LOT of little bumps under the skin. I am after a natural or as natural as can be facial moisturise that is oil free and definitely not comedogenic. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  23. I have been through many bottles and tubs of exfoliators. I've tried so many ingredients and DIY exfoliators and finally after years of research and trying out so many different things, I had made my own best DIY exfoliator THE SUGAR SCRUB There are many different types of sugar scrubs out there and everyone likes to put their own personal ingredients in them, well here are my top ingredients... "There are only 3 ingredients which are honey, coconut and sugar (any type of sugar). The honey has bleaching properties and will help lighten the skin, coconut will help tone your skin contains anti bacterial properties and act as a moisturizer. Next sugar will be added to act as an exfoliator which helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Add as much of these ingredients as you think is necessary, scrub and then wash it off with warm water." This is by far my favorite exfoliator and far exceeds any expensive product. Check out my blog, I make it super easy to get rid of acne, scars and stretch marks, it is a list of remedies that have worked for me and others:
  24. Hi, it's my fourth week on the regimen and I'm facing a bit of a dilemma. I know Dan strongly recommends using 2 pumps of moisturiser but that to me feels like a ton on my face. I hate the moisturisers formula, I dread putting it on because of the colour, slight smell, how thick it is and the fact it never really fully absorbs AND leaves a film on my face that transfers to anything that touches my face. There's also the tanning effect of having my face be yellow in comparison to my neck, so I've been using 1 pump. Will this cause a problem for my progress? If I absolutely need to I'll use more.
  25. Hi I don't know if anyone can help, I got a few questions as I'm just starting my regimen. 1. The moisturiser is a bit too greasy for me during the day, so I was wondering if there are any alternative SPF face/gentle moisturisers I can use for daytime use and then acneorg moisturiser in the night, I want SPF as I go on the sunbeds twice a week for 15 mins and i don't use any SPF on my face at the moment, just an accelerator. 2. I'm going to be cutting down on makeup but on days where I wear it heavily how can I remove it before using the 3 step regimen? 3. Adding to that can I apply makeup on top of the creams? and lastly 4. I got quite a lot of blackheads on my nose and I know one thing you shouldn't do is pick your skin or exfoliate it, now I have got the AHA cream to help exfoliate my skin but it says to use that 1 month into your regimen, so in the mean time when I can't exfoliate my nose what can I do about the blackheads? any help would be deeply appreciated x