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  1. Hello. First of all, don't get too excited if you're in a similar situation to me and were hoping this post would hold the fix for long-term (Ro)accutane damage. I just wanted to express my situation and see if anyone can help. I'm bored of reading depressing no-way-out answers and I refuse to give up and stop trying to fix myself. I'm also not inviting those who say the side effects aren't caused by this drug - I am 100% sure, and have read enough posts from others to know that Accutane isn't simply 'out' of your system after a month. I've read several theories into why things like IBS, Erectile Dysfunction and knee problems can occur months or years after stopping treatment. I'm talking about the liver storing the high-levels of Vitamin A, Accutane staying in the colon, and even something - which if it's true means only bad news - to do with DNA change and 'Telomere' shortening, which means a slow but sure decrease in health(This has been written by Nathan Carr, who you may of heard of). But I'm not writing to find out which of these theories, if any, is true. I want to see if anyone can actually give good advice on supplements/diet, or whatever else, to repair damage from this poison. Below, I will list the details of when I took this drug and what side effects I have + how I cope with life. One last thing - Anyone saying that these side effects are rare, i.e 1%, forget it. 1% reported. Since taking this drug, my life has been limited and difficult. I'm not in that 1% statistic because I haven't reported it directly to the manufacturer. I expect the figure is a lot higher. As I said, side effects can come on AFTER taking this, so people could be ignorant to the cause. However, I know better, and after watching my health drop dramatically while/after taking Accutane, I can firmly say it's the cause. Let's begin ... Basics: I'm 21 at the end of this month. It's now 5 years since I touched Ro-accutane (Ro-accutane is just the British name for it). I took it from December 2005 - May 2006. I was meant to finish in June, but stopped due to feeling very depressed/suicidal (because of the drug). My problems are below... - Dry Eyes (Severe) - E.D/ Low Libido (Started last year and has gone on consistently since) - Hair-loss (Including eyebrows, facial hair 'gaps' and body hair) - Slow Healing (Shaving is a pain now - No, it's not my technique) - Lack of sebum (oil) - Brain Fog/ Memory problems - Somewhat minor - Anxiety (mainly because of the other side effects - i.e. dry eyes causing me to feel embarassed about eye contact) - Excessive hair (Not related to head, but my beard grows high up on cheeks and even on the outside of my nose) - I believe I look older than I should due to lack of oil - Joint/Muscle problems - Aches/ Slow recovery - Excessive sweating.. Terrible if I go running at the gym, for example. - Dry mouth - Nosebleeds more than I should - Fatigue - Overall depression and confusion (*Rhetorical question* Is this a direct symptom or am I like it because of all the other side-effects stressing me out?) That's what I can think of for now. Of course, I wasn't told about half of these being a possibly problem and I was told any side-effects will be temporary. I was 15, so I had no reason not to trust the Doc's word. I've tried lots of different supplements (a lot of which I still take just incase they are helping/slowing down the problems) including Omega 3, Biotin, B-Complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera Juice, MSM, Colostrum, Garlic, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Quercetin, Tumeric. So, yeah, I've tried a lot of things. The Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root are recent additions because despite having my liver test results come back as positive, I've heard your liver can still not be functioning correctly and people are given liver tests monthly while taking this drug for a reason, right? I'm starting to eat better foods as this sh*t taught me that Natural is the way to go. I still binge on cakes and that occasionally - Mainly for comfort. I'm average weight and height, but want to cut out processed foods to support my body. I don't want to make this EXTREMELY long, so I'll cut it short. I'm currently seeing a Homeopathy about these problems. And Yes, I know "Science says it's boll*cks", and I don't understand how it's supposed to work, but sometimes you have to think outside the box and give things a go. I don't have high hopes for things getting better these days, but I'm not giving up. There is so much more I could say, but let me know your thoughts. I don't want to hear negative and hopeless responses. What HAS helped you? seems to be the biggest place to speak about this, but we NEED the word out, so the 'experts' can do the research instead of hoping for someone else to fix us. Thanks for reading, Indy.
  2. I'm 20 y.o female, struggling with acne for approximately 5 years, recently it was found out that I have uterus inflammation (cervictis)and I was prescribed an antibiotic (for 2 month) called Josamycine I was told it also can be good for cystic inflamed acne but as my acne is hormonal (getting better on BC,than comes back when I stop as it's now + it's almost never severe on forehead extremely bad on cheeks ,temples and jawline ) I started using DIM by natures source 200 mg a day+cod liver oil so the question is - Is it okay to combine this supplements with antibiotic? I'm on my third week of antibiotics and 6 day of using supplements no huge changes in my skin yet just in case how my acne looks like + will it be better to add milk thistle to my routine? thanks ❤️
  3. Supplements for Acne

    Hi folks, My teenage son had bad acne starting in 8th grade, and he tried all the OTC and prescription stuff. He went on Accutane, which cleared him up, but then it came back. What ended up clearing him up again (long-term) was supplements -- he takes one Oregon grape root and one burdock in the morning & one milk thistle and one burdock in the evening. That's enough to keep him in good shape. It won't work instantaneously. I am not sure how long it took for his face to clear up because it's been a while now that he's been taking them, but I would guess two or three weeks. Just wanted to let you know in case it helps somebody. Addendum: my son is sensitive to the effects of medicines, so a low dose works well for him. Other people might do better with a bigger dose. Experiment to find the lowest dose that works for you.
  4. Hello all. I've been lurking around here for some time, occasionally posting where I could be of help. My acne has always been moderate, but bad enough that it affected my mood and I wanted it gone. Nothing I tried worked really well (I want to be 95% + clear) until pretty recently. Here's what I changed: 1) Started on a liver, kidney and blood cleansing tea 2)Started taking non-dairy probiotic These 2 things have had phenomenal results. But first, the details: 1) For the tea, I researched an extensive list of herbs. I buy: red clover flowers, burdock root, yellow dock root, dang quai root, milk thistle seed, cleavers, schisandra berries, echinacea, and dandelion root. I won't go into specifics but everything's in there for a reason. I grind the milk thistle and put a little bit of everything into a pot and simmer for 30 minutes. Things that are more expensive I use less of. I drink this and then simmer and drink again, 2-4 times. 2) My Probiotic It has 4 billion cells per capsule, with 6 strains of bacteria. Rather than taking 4 at once, I take 1 between meals, 3-4 times a day. That's it. Costs me 1-2 dollars a day, if that. I highly recommend anyone explore these options before giving up. I almost did. My diet, cleansing and supplement regimen remain unchanged for 4 months of so so I don't think they've played a part, but here they are anyway: 1) Diet is pretty starving-student simple. I live on eggs, quinoa, soba, miso and veggies. 2) Supplements include fish and hemp seed oils, vitamin C ascorbate, grape seed extract, vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid and hyaluronic acid. I take these not for my skin but for general health. 3) My cleanser is the best in the world. My cleanser I start with that and add a strong infusion of green tea, camomile, rooibos and honeybush. Then I add grape seed extract and matcha green tea powder. I am so happy it is beyong words. I've blown hundreds of dollars but it's all worth it now. Hope this helps some people and spread the word, liver and bowel health equals clear skin. (PS to al the skeptics like Ben, what of the studies that say silymarin, the main beneficial compound of milk thistle can treat chronic inflammatory skin conditions when taken INTERNALLY? Don't have references now but will modify post with them later.)
  5. Hello everyone, this was the worst week ever! Last thursday (7/7/2016) I took milk thistle 270mg/daily for only 3 days. 2 days later I got a big deep cyst every day. I am crying the whole day because I did 6! Vbeam sessions to get rid of old red acne marks and now my face looks terrible again... I googled if there is a connection between milk thistle and acne. I found a post of a woman who had the same problem and suffered over years from the detoxing effect of milk thistle. She still got these cysts although she was not taking the milk thistle anymore. I am so afraid that this will happen to me too I dont know what to do now... Has anyone here had a similar problem before? Will I really suffer from the liver detox severeal months or years? I will be thankful for every answer
  6. Hey y'all. This morning I oil pulled (still oil pulling with coconut oil spiked with peppermint oil). Brushed my teeth with my homemade toothpaste (coconut oil, peppermint oil, & baking soda). Had a teaspoon of manuka honey (YYYYYUUUUUMMMMM) and a mason jar (32 fl oz) of warm water with ginger tea, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and a dash of salt sole). Oh I put some hemp seed oil on my face this mornin' Morning supplements were: 1 ashwagandha 1 tulsi holy basil 1 neem 1 krill oil 2 spiru blue 1 magnesium 1 calcium 1 coq10 1 glutathione 1 digestive enzyme and 2 probiotics I'll catch up with you guys later. Work is super busy My life y'all...I am getting sick. Our co-worker is hacking up her lungs right now. I have a migraine and my head is warm...Not good. We are all out of it and over the place. Her friend just got over a respiratory infection and all that good stuff. I have been sipping on lemon water and spearmint tea. An hour left for me and then I'm going to get some sunshine and go on my walk around the lake. I have to go to the store after work and get some groceries. Ahhhhhhhh. Evening supplements: 1 probiotic, 2 spiru-blue, 1 krill oil, 1 magnesium, 1 calcium, & 1 evening primrose oil TONIGHT'S FACE MASK: When I got home I put ACV on my face, then put manuka honey on my face. Left it for 2 hours & then washed it off with tepid water. Then I put on straight ACV again.I then put on argan oil & then tamanu oil,
  7. This isn't really anything new as there are dozens if not hundreds of people complaining on this board about accutane side effects. If possible, I'd like this thread to be used to discuss mainly hair loss (and, inherently, any other problems that might be addressed through similar treatment). What happened: I'm 24. A couple of years ago I started accutane by doctor's order because of cystic acne on my face (a first, even though I've always had regular acne breakouts every once in a while). 6 weeks in and I started noticing that my hair started falling in the shower at an unprecedented rate. This was very noticeable (mainly because my hair was pretty long, and by long I mean nearly 2 feet long) and it was pretty scary. I've NEVER had my hair fall even in the shower, changes of seasons/temperature, etc. I only took the accutane for two more weeks until I figured out it was that causing the hair loss, and then I stopped. And I kept losing hair. For months. To the point where I was forced to cut it short. My hair had always been thin but pretty strong and I had my head full of it. No baldness from my mother's side. Fast forward two years to today, my hair is now extra thin as I've suffered follicle miniaturization. I've lost like half of my hair. I still lose some hair in the shower (not close to as much as before obviously), and I've been taking a vitamin and zinc supplement and using a caffeine shampoo prescribed by my doctor for the past 6 months. Haven't really seen much change, it just keeps getting worse as my hairline is also receding. TL;DR: Took accutane for nearly 2 months, hair started falling out and thinning at an alarming rate. It's been almost 2 years since and the lost hair never came back, and the remaining hair is super thin and weak. Possible treatment? When I first started realizing it was the accutane that was causing this from reading about it on the internet, I never thought about doing something to stop or slow down the process because, from my understanding, the induced hair loss would be only temporary. Naturally, I was wrong. So, after nearly two years, is there anything I can still do? Minoxidil aside, which I haven't tried long term (I did it for 3-4 months and then I stopped for some reason). I've looked into some cases and I'm thinking of doing the following, and I've already started doing some of these: Slightly change my diet (eat less sugars and fats, even though I already don't eat much of those, fast foods, etc), eat fruit and fresh vegetables every day, green tea every night, cut a bit on dairy products (mainly cheese, which I eat alot consistently); Milk thistle phytosome, two 150mg capsules a day; Biotin 1000mcg once a day (starting at this dose because my skin is oily and I want to see if I can get an acne outbreak from this before I potentially double the daily intake); And now regarding this: Has anyone ever tried something similar and had any luck? Or is this a bad/useless idea? Should the biotin be a problem because of my oily skin? Should I already be starting out with a higher dose of biotin (2000mcg/5000mcg)? Should I be taking something else alongside the biotin? Like any supplement with B vitamins, L-cystein? After two months of milk thistle phytosome, would it be alright to move on to a higher dose of regular milk thistle? It IS considerably cheaper, but also the bioavailability of the silymarin is much lower so I don't know how this would affect things). Should I get back on the minox and do it consistently for at least a year? I've been looking into this for hours on end for the last few days and I'd like to share experiences and see if this is really a good idea. I REALLY want to get my hair back, or part of it at least. It absolutely destroys me knowing that doctors just keep prescribing this without warning of this kind of side effects.
  8. Hello everyone! I post a question a few weeks ago but nobody answer it… The question was if anyone had success with the DIM plus new formula which are the white pills. Well I started to take them and I wanted to tell you guys how I’m doing while on it... So as I mentioned on my other post I sotp the bcp because of the side effects and also It wasn't helping with my acne , in fact it just made it worst so I decided to stop it after 2 months… before I stop them I began a research on how to heal my hormonal acne naturally and how to get the extra hormones out of my body due to the bcp so after a long research I decided that DIM and Milk Thistle were my best options since the DIM get the androgen off my body , the Milk Thistle can support and clean my liver of the hormones and toxins… So the next day after my period stopped I started with the DIM and the Milk Thistle… I take the DIM recommended dosage on the bottle which is two capsules per day for women , I take one with the breakfast and one with the lunch and for the Milk Thistle I take Half of the dosage which is 3 capsules per day , 1 with each food. The recommended dosage is 2 with each food but I personally think that is too much... So after I started with this regimen I haven’t had a new cyst and the ones that I already had are healing super fast thanks God.. so fast that only in 6 days on this 6 of 8 cysts on my right cheek already went away and I have to say that my cysts, they last forever to go away so that is a really good sign! I’m also doing an aspirin mask ONLY were I have the pimples because is very drying and it helps to reduce inflammations so far I’m really happy and grateful with God and nature’s ways for this product and I hope things only get better with this I will keep you guys update and remember to be patient and never lose your faith!
  9. milk thistle

    Has anyone here every had any success with milk thistle? Whenever I try to take it I break out pretty badly. I mean, my skin isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, (i've been on accutane twice, and everything else, and have given up on that whole system of healing) but if I take one pill the next day my face is broken out all over, especially around my lips (which hurt really bad), temples, forehead, and jawline. Breaking out in this way is completely new to me, as I used to just break out on my cheeks. But I am entering my early 20s so I guess adult acne is setting in. I imagine that because I break out that my body (mostly liver) is pretty toxic, right?
  10. Hello everyone, Does anyone know if milk thistle helps lower high liver enzyme count caused by accutane without having an affect on the functionality of accutane? I was on accutane for my ance but was taken off it due to my liver enzymes being too high. I am now going back on accutane and im wondering if i take milk thistle while on it could it help my liver enzymes stay lower since i heard it helps and supports the liver. Any opinions and knowledge about milk thistle and liver enzymes and accutane are completely welcome. Thanks. Cathal
  11. I am wondering what the best way to detoxify your liver is. I tried taking milk thistle but it gave me diarreah and pain on my right side, ..... I was starting to blame it on the accutane, hahaha. Has anyone tried anything other than milk thistle, any homeopathic remedies?
  12. 20 Never Had A Pimple Before

    Ok so I posted on here a month ago. I have now done tons of research and would like others input. So the first thing is genetics is absolutely not an option as no one in my family has ever had it. We are actually known for our flawless skin. As a teen not a single pimple. Not kidding not even one ( even wearing mac makeup for days on end and not washing my face). I've been in relationships constantly the last couple of years so I never really wore makeup. I started breaking out a little at 18 and 19 ( a pimple hear and there thinking it was the weirdest thing) last year this time I got a really bad break out from my first job ( clothing store) and used pro active and it cleared up there were only papules though but they still cleared up. I stopped using it and around october of this year ( had the worst nervous break down imaginable - the last 3 years just finally did me in) I was also smoking two packs a day. Of course the breakout that occured I thought was the worst thing I'd ever seen. It just keeps getting worse! Especially when I did any antibiotic or laser treatment or for the one week I tried the oral antibiotic. And I don't mean worse like pro active where it brings it out then takes it away I mean worse like made them from small to angry and "bloated" and my whole skin bright red ( like what I already had put on steroids). The stress has been non stop- so many changes, moves, growing pains etc,...These little papules just keep coming and they start off small or not even on the surface at all and end up being pustules and a couple even nodules. I had stated a month ago that I didn't have any on my neck or back but now that just started happening too. And of course they started off so small then got bigger. I already have a new bf so it's not like I'm worried for those reasons but the truth is I have been through so much trauma and there's very few things in my life that haven't been taken away from me. This is so much more than just appearance for me and the effects are so much greater than I can really explain. I used the bp but stopped as it did nothing (didn't make it worse but did nothing) I have now been on a very strict diet, a gallon of water a day, zinc pills, multi vitamin, fish oil pills,and milk thistle ( tons of cigs, caffeine, and monsters over the years). I just am so confused why they start off so small then end up being bigger and more inflamed. I'm now using lerosett and it's definitely helping bring down the inflammation and allowing me to get them to a place where I can pop them and dry them out but more little papules just keep coming. I will only have insurance for another month so I need answers now. For some people it may just be skin for me like I said it's alot more. I litterally can't focus on anything else. Also one weird little side not I'm getting dandruff for the first time too I don't know if that's any correlation. I'm also getting just one or two in the most random places like inside of my fore arm and one right above the breast. Also I'm pretty sure its not an allergic reaction to soaps or detergents or anything because I've switched to hypo allergenic stuff. The research I've done has made me want to question two things as a cause and I want to know from people who are here to help ( not sell their products) The first thing I'm thinking is that it may be like fungal follicultus as it did go away and it came back and the topicals made it so much worse I mean like from a level 2 to a level 10 and I've been on alot of antibiotics the last couple of years because I get sick alot when I'm cold especially because I smoke. The second is that it may be hormonal but my periods are super regular but I still plan on seeing the endocrinologist. I asked the dermo if she could do a cure to see if it was fungal folliculitus or if it was follicultus in general and she wouldn't do it because "acne and folliculitus were the same thing". So my question is how likely is it that it's fungal and not bacterial like acne? Also if it's 100 percent not genetic does that mean that birth control would be a better solution than antibiotics. Honestly, having my face that swollen bright red again makes me want to cringe. And the oral antibiotics sound awful to do to my body ( yes even though I smoke I don't want to put it through much more) These are from my first post Then this is now... even worse ! =(( I seriously cant even believe 6 months ago I didn't have a single pimple... =/ Also I've done alot of research and since bacteria is only one part of acne I really don't want to do the antibiotics. I'm not looking for a cover up ( laser therapies or extractions or "the right product" to minimize symptoms I really want help finding the cause) I'm obsessed I can't even fully enjoy my new bf or getting my own place soon etc all these awesome things because my perfectly flawless skin has turned into this ( in 6 months too! and it keeps getting worse and i'm so freaked out =/)
  13. Stairway to clear skin

    This is going to be my skin diary thread. I will update daily not only for me to register progress or regress, but also to share my experience. I have already given up on skincare completely. I wash my face with lukewarm water only, twice a day. No moisturizer. Twice a week a yogurt-frenchclay mask and a sugar scrub. I use only a makeup remover, non-comedogenic. Likewise with makeup itself. I stopped with all my previous treatments two weeks ago and so far I have light acne on my face, chest and back and a few on my neck. My back being most severe of the four. My treatment involves a healthy lifestyle and diet. Sugary and lactose products are banned for life. No processed food and no red meat. Only fresh fruit and vegetables and fish and poultry. 2,5 Liters of water daily. Additionally I will take supplements. Most importantly being Panthotenic acid. Supplements consist of: Panthotenic acid Zinc Omega 3-6-9 oil Milk Thistle I am still looking for a good multivitamin, otherwise I'll add vitamin A, D, C, Chromium and B-complex separately. So far my diet covers most. Wish me luck
  14. Milk Thistle for Acne

    I have researched and read that milk thistle and probiotics can play a key role in clearing acne. Has anyone tried or experienced these products, and does it really work? Any feedback would be very helpful
  15. I am thinking of getting Vitamin A, instead of using Cod Liver like at the moment. The one I am looking at to buy is Thomson's Vitamin 10, 000 IU. BUT anyway, I need help convincing Mum, she doesn't see why I should get it, and think what Ive got at the moment is enough. I mean Ive bought the last couple of my supplements without telling her, because I want them (Cod Liver oil, Milk thistle, Vitamin E). I really think having like 20 000 - 30 000 IU's of Vitamin A, will help me a lot. So please give me some stuff to give her, to say. Help, please! Thanks.
  16. Frequently Asked Questions - Accutane/Roaccutane Disclaimer: The information below is provided as a courtesy to address general questions. As we are not medical professionals, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this information. By reading this information, you agree not to hold us liable for any damages that may result in your use of this information. This information should not replace information that your Doctor or Plastic Surgeon provides you. Please keep in mind that this is for general information only and results will vary for each individual. Firstly, if you are interested in the actual chemical makeup of accutane and the medical terms in which it is likely to be discussed, please read this excellent thread by m.d.student, which details all of the information you will need about the exact nature of the drug itself. It might be an idea to print it off and familiarise yourself with it. What is the difference between "accutane" and "roaccutane"? -These are essentially two different names for the same drug. Both are manufactured by Roche, but "roaccutane" is distributed in Europe, whilst "accutane" is distributed in North America. Both will give the same results and both have the same risk of side effects. Do I need accutane? -Accutane is only usually prescribed for acne that is scarring and not responding to other treatments, such as antibiotics and topical creams such as retinoids and Benzoyl Peroxide. Dermatologists usually see accutane as a "last resort", and consequently, it is typically prescribed for severe, cystic or nodular acne. The general consensus of opinion among members of is that you should think very carefully before deciding to take accutane, and that it should be a "last resort" treatment. -If your dermatologist decides you are suitable for accutane treatment, you will be assessed to your suitability through blood tests. The results of these may mean you cannot take the drug, in which case you will have to look into other avenues of treatment. What is the normal dosage for the drug? -In the UK, the maximum dosage in mg's relates to your weight in kg's. Accutane dosage per day in mg should not exceed to your corresponding weight, i.e.: for a person weighing 70kg, accutane dosage should not be higher than 70mg per day. In certain cases, it can be slightly higher than this, but if your dermatologist were putting you on a course where the dosage is considerably higher than your weight, it would be advisable to discuss this with them. How long will my course last? -Typically, accutane courses last from 3-6 months, at high doses. However, if the acne has still not been suppressed by the sixth month, the course may last up to 9 months. This can cause complications, however, and if you were still on accutane by 9 months without success, it would be advisable to discuss ending your treatment with your dermatologist. Will I experience an initial breakout whilst taking accutane? - Unfortunately, most people feel that this is the case. The initial breakout may be quite severe, as your body adjusts to taking the drug. However, it should have subsided significantly within 1-4 months. How long before I start seeing results from accutane? - You may not start to see your skin improving for several months. Do not despair, though; in the vast majority of cases, the skin WILL improve eventually. What are the possible side effects of accutane? -Possible side effects are many and varied. The most widely experienced side effects are: dryness and peeling of face and lips, increased redness of skin, rashes on hands and arms, dry eyes, muscle aches, back pain, headaches and increased sensitivity to sunlight. -Other side effects that have been reported include hair loss, yellowing of teeth, blurred vision, bone changes, depression and other mental health issues. Females taking the drug should MAKE SURE THEY ARE USING EFFECTIVE CONTRACEPTION AT ALL TIMES UP TO 6 MONTHS AFTER THE TREATMENT. ACCUTANE IS LIKELY TO CAUSE SEVERE BIRTH DEFECTS IN FOETUSES. I am worried about becoming depressed on the drug. Will this happen? If you are prone to depression, you SHOULD NOT take the drug. If your depression is related to your acne, your dermatologist will probably allow you to take the drug, but your mental state should be monitored closely by a friend, family member or doctor. Many people do not experience depression when taking accutane, but you should not take the risk. There have been people who have committed suicide possibly linked with taking accutane, so IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TALK TO SOMEBODY IF YOU BEGIN TO FEEL VERY LOW. Is it okay to tan/use sun beds whilst on accutane? No. Your skin will be much more sensitive to sunlight, and will most likely burn very easily. You should wear a high-factor sun block throughout the course and for 4-6 months afterwards. Good sunscreens are recommended in the "tips for accutane users" section. Is it okay to exercise whilst taking accutane? -Generally, yes. You may experience more muscle aches and pains after strenuous exercise, but there should not be any more serious complications. If you aches are severe, discontinue exercise and speak to your dermatologist. Is it okay to take vitamins whilst taking accutane? -You should not be taking vitamin A in any form whilst on accutane, as this may interfere with the drug, but other than this most other vitamin supplements should be fine to take. Is it okay to drink alcohol whilst on accutane? -It is not recommended, but the majority of people find they can have occasional drinks without any problems. However, since accutane impairs liver function, it is not a good idea to tax your liver with any other harmful substances, such as alcohol. If possible, avoid it. I have heard several horror stories about accutane. Could the things they are speaking of happen to me? -Unfortunately, there is a chance that you could experience such side effects. The drug affects people in different ways, and whilst cases of severe, permanent side effects are rare, they can happen. You have to assess whether you are willing to take the risk. Bear in mind that the horror stories are always more highly publicised than the success stories, and that people who have had success with the drug do not usually post as much on message boards, hence the amount of negative stories circulating on other accutane message boards. Will accutane cure my acne? -Dermatologists claim that typically 90% of patients' acne is put into remission through use of the drug, and 60% is completely cured. It is possible that your acne may return after a course of the drug, but it is likely to be much less severe. Can accutane leave me with permanent damage? -There is a risk of permanent side effects, such as ongoing dryness, reproductive problems, and internal organ problems, but permanent side effects are relatively rare, and typically, normal bodily function resumes within a few weeks to a year after finishing the course. I have seen accutane for sale on Ebay. Is it okay to buy my drug here? THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. ACCUTANE IS A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS DRUG AND IF YOU ARE TAKING IT YOU SHOULD BE MONITORED BY A QUALIFIED DERMATOLOGIST TO AVOID COMPLICATIONS. Is it okay to go on a second course of accutane? Many people take this option if their acne returns significantly. There are no added problems with this, other than the risk of the same side effects again. Is it okay to go on a long-term course of accutane but at a low dose? This is not generally recommended – some people have found themselves on this kind of course for well over a year, and this can have a detrimental effect on your body. Personally, I would rather have stronger side effects, knowing that the drug will be out of my system within a year, than suffer milder side effects for years. Essentially, it is up to you and your dermatologist what sort of course you take, though. Will accutane exacerbate my scarring? -Many people feel that accutane did aggravate their scarring. This may be due to the fact that accutane usually causes a significant flare-up in the patient's acne, initially, and to the fact that it makes the dermis more fragile. It can also impair the functioning of the liver. However, it is highly unlikely that accutane actually CAUSES scarring. If you have been left with scarring, please check out the scar forum of for more information. Is it okay to undergo scar procedures whilst on/after accutane? NO. The things you can use on your skin to help with scarring whilst on or immediately after accutane are mild topicals such as copper peptides and amino-plex spray. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD AN INVASIVE PROCEDURE SUCH AS DERMABRASION OR LASER RESURFACING BE PERFORMED WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF TAKING ACCUTANE. Also, you should not be using any form of acid peels until at least 4 months after finishing your course of acne. I have heard about liver flushing as a recommended treatment to cleanse my body after taking accutane. What does this involve? -Liver flushing is quite a serious procedure that you can do yourself at home, but which requires careful preparation to avoid complications. Please check out the diet/holistic health forum for more information. GENERAL TIPS FOR LIVER HEALTH FOLLOWING ACCUTANE TREATMENT: -Avoid processed food, alcohol and additives. -Eliminate fizzy drinks – they are loaded with phosphates and interfere with digestion. -Eat fruits and vegetables which nourish the liver: apples, black grapes, carrots, blackberries, blueberries, asparagus, celery, cucumber, lemon, beetroot, romaine lettuce, seaweed, watercress, sweet potato. These balance the flow of emotional and physical liver energy. -Try taking one of the following supplements for 1-2 months: soya lecithin, milk thistle, burdock root, alpha-lipoic acid, Chinese bitters, tejaswini. USEFUL LINKS FOR ACCUTANE INFORMATION FDA Accutane Medication Guide, with particular emphasis on side effects for females. - FDA hub page for accutane. - Roche website - info on accutane. - Accutane action group. Hard-hitting site that details some of the worse cases of side effects from the drug. Chemical and scientific descriptions of accutane, for those interested. - Accutane info. from drugs.com - 'The Accutane team' website - a group of lawyers dealing with accutane cases. Again, very hard hitting, with details of cases with extreme side effects. - Australian website that contains a downloadable PDF about the drug. Top Tips For Accutane Users These tips are IN ADDITION to the information that is provided on the instructions with the drug, and are in no way intended to replace these. The tips are merely recommendations based upon my experience on a seven month course of Roaccutane (the UK version of the drug) along with past comments made by other users of the drug. There is no need to follow the advice here rigidly, but some of the tips may help make your experience on accutane a little more pleasant! The first and most important tip I could give is to take accutane or roaccutane under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist who will be able to monitor your physical and psychological health Accutane is a powerful drug and you should not be taking it unless you are under close supervision. 1) It is highly recommended to use an intensive moisturiser whilst on a course of accutane. Without a moisturiser, your time on the drug can be extremely uncomfortable and you may suffer permanent skin damage. The use of an effective, non-comedogenic moisturiser will not inhibit the results you will get from the drug – do not assume that "drier is better". Watch out for certain ingredients in moisturisers – in particular avoid synthetic lanolin and stearic acid, as these can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Recommended moisturisers are: Emu oil - available from Ebay or, Eucerin Daily Renewal, Cetaphil SPF 15, or Living Nature's manuka day cream - available here Here is a thread about moisturisers: Here is an article about moisturising. Sourced from skinbiology. 2) Some people have advocated washing only with only water or even not washing at all whilst on a course of accutane. I would NOT recommended this. Just because you are no longer getting spots does not mean that your skin does not need to be washed. However, cleansers can leave your skin feeling very dry. A gentle cleanser is recommended. The following are very good: Puredeming's castille bar, Cetaphil gentle cleanser, Living Nature's purifying cleansing gel and most 'Simple' cleansers. 3) Use of a high factor sun block whilst on a course of accutane is highly recommended. Your skin will be very fragile and will burn more easily, so unprotected exposure to sunlight should be kept to a minimum and sunbeds/solariums should be avoided. Arguably the best total sunblock on the market is Total Block spf 65. Available here However, I have also found Green People's SPF 15+ and Aubrey-organics' SPF 15 to be effective. Sorry for how expensive these products are, but good quality sunscreens are usually $20 and upwards. 4) Your lips will be extremely dry whilst on accutane, so use of a good lip balm is essential. Vaseline is highly effective but can be pore-clogging on some people. Members have had good results with use of Carmex and Puredeming's Gilead Lip balm (available here: Puredeming) 5) Try to keep yourself hydrated whilst on accutane to combat dryness. There are several ways you can do this. Firstly, consume plenty of water. This may sound obvious, but your body can become more dehydrated by the drug. Try to keep your intake to 8-10 glasses a day, more if exercising. No additional benefit is gained by drinking more than 12 glasses a day and excessive consumption can be dangerous. (for more info on drinking too much water, see this website:,00.html ) Also try to increase your intake of essential fatty acids (EFA's) whilst taking accutane. This may alleviate some of the dryness and can help keep skin supple. Good sources are all types of nuts (especially walnuts) and oily fish. 6) Try taking high dose supplements of Vitamin E in addition to accutane. There is some evidence that taking 400IU (around 300mg)– 800 IU of Vitamin E can help alleviate some of the side effects of accutane. 7) Avoid eating foods high in Vitamin A such as liver and pate on a regular basis, as this increases the risk of side effects from accutane such as potential liver damage. Instead, consume foods rich in Beta-carotene, which is only converted to vitamin A in the body if the body needs it. 8) It is quite likely that you will experience flare-ups in your acne at some point which may result in an increased risk of scarring due to the fragility of your skin. To combat this, I found using manuka honey on the active acne and wounds helped with the healing process. Manuka honey also contains anti-itching agents which can help to soothe your skin. An excellent product is Living Nature's honey and oil antiseptic gel: available here or you can buy pure manuka honey from and Comvita 9) Make sure that at least one person close to you is aware that you are on the drug. This is especially important for young people going away to university/college. You should let a family member or friend know that you are on the drug and inform them of what the side effects can be, so that they will be able to keep an eye on you and ensure that you are not becoming too isolated or depressed. There are many people who go through a course of accutane without suffering from depression but it is best to be on the safe side. 10) be realistic with your goals whilst on accutane. Be prepared for flare-ups and redness which may last for several months. Do not expect instant results, but remain positive by thinking that despite the fact that your skin will usually get worse before it gets better, it almost certainly WILL get better. Good luck to all people taking accutane or considering taking it. Please do not hesitate to post your experiences on this thread or add further tips of your own. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a Private Message and I will try my best to answer. Take Care, Paul. 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  17. Hormonal Acne?

    So, here is my "plan of action": Diet No Refined Sugar/Low Natural Sugar No Baked Goods (like cookies and cake) Low Gluten/Yeast Low Soy (only unsweetened soy milk) Whole Grains (no white flour) No Fruits (temporary to reduce sugar intake) Lots of Veggies Lean Meat/Fish (no hormones!) Eggs OK No Diary (other than greek yogurt) MAXIMUM of one cup of coffee per day (usually none) DRINK ONLY WATER or Herbal Teas Supplements 2 Capsules Blood Cleanser (Tumeric, etc) 3 Capsules Milk Thistle (one per meal) Threelac Probiotic (2 Packets Daily - anytime) Oxygen Colon Cleanse (4 capsules at night) 3 Capsules Garlic (one per meal) Active Digestive Enzyme (before each meal) Washing/Medication Morning: Wash face with Cetaphil Wash Body with Dr. Bronners (need better body wash - suggestions?) Apply Duac to Upper Back Apply Finacea to Face Apply Coconut Oil (Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed) to body not affected by acne Oil Free Moisturize Oil Free Makeup Night: Wash face with Cetaphil Apply Duac to Back (Possibly Retin A a few times a week to reduce scarring) Apply Ziana to Face (Retin A Micro may be added to blackheads on nose or persistent dark spots minimally) Starting soon: YASMIN (Mid January after period starts) Spiro (100mg - 50mg Day/50mg Night) as soon as I get blood tests Glycolic Peel on January 24th Anyone who has used ANY of these medications/methods, please give me feedback. I am severely depressed due to having acne for the first time as an adult. I know many people on this board have suffered for years and I certainly am not self-pitying nor pretending my situation is worse...but I basically have to return to work on Monday (I am currently on vacation) looking like a different person. I am humiliated and scared. This has been creeping up on me for months but I thought it was "clogged pores" and it remained calm so no one really noticed. I have now broken out and there is no covering this...I have to face it. ha ha. Thanks to everyone for having this forum - it has given me some hope and comfort. Be well.
  18. Hi, I'm currently taking: Zinc 50 mg Omega 3,6,9 Evening primrose oil/Cod liver oil Magnesium/Calcium Vitamin C I also take 2 teaspoonful of Psyllium Husk. I'm hoping to buy MSM powder, Saw palmeto (maybe), this Liver detoxificating pill (Milk thistle, dandelion, etc) and some probiotic pills. I'm just worried that this will be too much. Is it okay for me to take them all? If not, which one should I be taking? Also, I'm not too sure about buying these new products, so is there any recommendation for supplements that I should consider buying? Thx a lot.
  19. Damn liver....

    I think I posted on this before, but here we go... Went to see the derm Saturday, and wouldn't you know it, one of my liver enzymes is up FIFTY points since last month (it was at about 83, I think ALT). Normal range for my test was 3-35 pts (which was lowered, go figure). My derm didn't take me off accutane, but lowered my dose to 40 mg (was on 80 mg). I don't want to have to stop my treatment, especially since I'm going to Europe this summer and wouldn't be able to start again until late August. Has anyone experience issues with their liver enzymes, or have any tips on how to get it back down? I don't drink more than 1 or 2 times a month max (and that's light drinking), and I already take milk thistle. Some good cholesterol is down 30 pts! And a quick update...been on Claravis for about 3 months now, still slightly breaking out. Usually on my face/neck I'll have 1-2 cysts (there's one on my cheek I'm just itchin to pop, but I have enough scars...), and a few on my upper back. Dryness is on and off, it's been humid recently which has helped.
  20. My Acne Cure Recipe Essential Purchase: Tea Tree Oil Skin & Scalp Treatment by Hollywood Beauty (can be found in your walgreens or grocery store) More info here Fresh Flax Seed Oil - 100% Organic, Pure & Unfiltered, Barlean's, 32 fl oz (can be found in your grocery store like Whole Foods Market - my favorite shopping center) More info here Amazing Grass Wheat Grass Powder, Organic - 10 oz. (can be found in your nearest Whole Foods Market) More info here Neem Leaf Capsules (Certified Organic), 440mg - 90 Caps (can be found in your nearest Whole Foods Market) More info here Cuticura Medicated Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap, Original Formula, 5.25 oz bar (can be found in walgreens/cvs) More info here Queen Helene Masque, Mint Julep 8 oz (can be found in your nearest grocery store) More info here Instructions: Wheat Grass Powder - 1 tablespoon mixed with juice every 8 hours (fasting only on wheat grass juice and lots of water with the flaxseed oil for 3-5 days is recommended - a great way to eliminate toxins and speed up healing especially with acne will definitely notice a significant difference!) Flaxseed Oil - 2 Tablespoons every 12 hours (might be more effective on empty stomach, thins sebaceous glands decreasing in oil production) Vitamin C 1000mg - 3 tablets every 12 hours w/food (make sure you drink lots of water with vitamn C - anti-bacterial, production of collagen, inflammation, skin healing, reduces redness, decrease in oil production, great for consptipation) Vitamin E 400IU - Natural - 2 gelcaps once a day (to maintain healthy smooth skin) MSM 1000mg - 3 tablets every 12 hours w/food (sulfur - heal skin wound faster and make the skin appear softer, smoother and more pliable.) Chromium Picolinate 200mcg - 2 tablets daily (The mineral is used to reduce elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and promote weight loss. chromium was reported to induce rapid improvement in patients with acne. Repeated skin biopies have shown there to be a localized glucose intolerance in most acne patients.) Basic Multivitamin - 1 tablet once a day w/food (I recommend a basic woman's formula that doesn't contain IODINE) Two other Highly Recommendations Oral Herbs is: Milk thistle 175-200mg - 2 capsules every 12 hours (a wonderful liver detoxifier - many acne sufferers confirmed its healing properties) Neem Leaf 450mg - 1-2 Capsules every 12 hours (proven to actually kill the bacteria that causes acne, very popular in india! I've seen a difference!) Bedtime: Rub a thin layer of Tea Tree Oil Skin & Scalp Treatment by Hollywood Beauty on entire face at bedtime. A wonderful blend of oils to keep your skin from drying, heals scars and keeps skin soft. Wash off in the morning. Wash face morning and night with this very effective acne soap: Cuticura Medicated Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap - Original Formula (contains 1.5 % Triclocarban, very effective antibacterial) Weekly Facial Masque: Queen Helene Masque (the best facial masque out there for acne prone skin, contains sulfur and zinc oxide - leave on for 20 mins - rinse off with warm water. I recommend a hot steam on your face for 15 mins before applying masque to enlarge pores.) Other important advice: Drink Water, Water, Water, and only Water. (great detoxifier and speeds up healing) Cut down or completely cut out sugar from your diet. (can aggravate and worsen acne) Limit meat & dairy intake, or consider becoming a vegeterian/vegan (worked for me!) Always get plenty of sleep, 8 hours or more. (the body can concentrate on repairing skin) Reduce as much STRESS as possible. (can aggravate and worsen acne) Good Luck!
  21. Milk Thistle

    I have been taking Milk Thistle for about 2 month now and have noticed a tremendous difference in my cystic acne. My complexion has improved alot. I started to take milk thistle just to do some liver cleansing to help with years of taking medications and such. I did not expect it to help my acne. I had acne as a teenager and was put on accutane. I no longer take it. The effects of that lasted for a couple of years but symptoms started to come on again as I entered adulthood. I am so excited and delighted about this that I wanted to share this with everyone. I have attached some info from a web site Milk Thistle acts as some sort of cleansing agent for the liver and also purifies the blood of impurities. Hope this might help someone out there. Cheers! Demulcent: Soothes and moistens. For both kidney and bladder irritations, as well as mucous membranes and inflammations of the skin and integumentary system. BASICS OF DETOXIFICATION: Detoxification is an ongoing process that takes place continuously within the liver, kidneys, intestines, lymph, blood, and in every cell. The primary pathway of the elimination of this waste is through the liver, where we transform the waste into bile. Bile contains the vast majority of the body's metabolic waste, deceased blood cells, and toxins that the liver has filtered out from the system. Once formed, bile moves from the liver to the gallbladder and is then secreted into the intestines where it is used to break down fats and lubricate bowel movements before it is eliminated. Bile is the primary agent for giving our bowel movements it's classic dark brown color and imbalances can often be detected by the presence of green or straw colored fecal matter. Bile is a natural laxative, has a normalizing effect on the intestines, and any increase in its production and secretion leads to an increase in our body's ability to cleanse out toxins and waste. PROTECTING THE LIVER DURING DETOX: One aspect of the detoxification process is that the liver is unable to completely purify the system of toxins while those substances are still coming into the body on a regular basis; otherwise the Liver's energy is spent processing and sorting the incoming toxins rather than eliminating them. In such a situation, by the time the liver is ready to begin flushing toxins out, another flood is introduced to the system and the liver must deal with the new load of incoming assailants rather than continuing the final phase of releasing toxins. From this picture it is easy to see how the liver can become overburdened, congested, and stagnant leading to a need for a period of detoxification. As a hepatocyte protector, the ability of Milk Thistle to guard each cell of the liver (hepatocyte) from incoming toxins is an important and valuable trait given the number of destructive substances our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis.
  22. Quitting BP

    Hello everyone. I have used BP or SA for about 6 or 7 years and I would like to work on clearing my acne internally instead of externally. I went to a health food store and bought some vitamins that stated they were for adult, mild, non-cystic acne. I took them for a month and I can't say whether they worked or not, because I was using BP at the time. I ran out of them and decided not to repurchase. Right now I take a multi-vitamin, vitamin C and MSM daily. I came across some vitamins from GNC and I am debating whether or not I wanted to buy them. The ingredients are: Vitamin A 5000 IU Vitamin C 120 mg Vitamin E 60 IU Biotin 300 mcg Zinc 15 mg Selenium 50 mcg Proprietary Herbal Blend 150 mg Tumeric Root Extract Green Tea Leaves Extract Grape Seed Extract Cucumber Fruit Extract Burdock Root Powder Dandelion Root Powder Milk Thistle Seed Extract Yellow Dock Root Powder Cranberry Concentrate Hydrolyzed Gelatin 100 mg L-Cysteine 100 mg MSM 100 mg L-Methionine 50 mg Does this sound like a good vitamin for my acne? Thanks in advance for all of your replies!
  23. drinking on

    well iv been on it 9 days and today im drinking some iv had 4 shots of crown not shots but like crown and got 4 shots worth , first drink in like over a week , is it ok every once in awhile, i dont wanna fuck my liver to bad, lol. after accutane im gonna take some milk thistle pills or whtever for awhile to help out my liver.
  24. Just curious to know what your daily diet is like while on Accutane. My doc said don't eat fried foods too much. My diet is low in fat and high in protein (cottage cheese, egg whites, fruits) I drink a shitload of water, sometimes juice and rarly coke. Pills I take: I take 3 servings of Fish Oil or Udo's Oil (it's a blend of the essential fatty acids). because its good for your health in general but especially for your skin and will prevent your skin from drying out too much. I take two 400IU Vitamin E pills, Vitamin E helps your body absorb Vitamin A (Accutane) and reduces the side effects and Accutane toxic effect. You might also want to pick up a bottle of Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root to help protect your liver while you're on Accutane. I have these also. I also workout so my diet is with that.
  25. Has anyone on accutane tried taking milk thistle extract? It's supposed to cleanse your liver and help it to work better, but I can't find any information about it's interaction with accutane. I'd like to try it (after years of hard living I'm a little worried about my liver enzyme tests) but I'm not sure if it will work, or if it's safe. Let me know what you all think. Thanks!