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  1. Heyyy all my acne friends!! I'm new to this page and wish I could get some help! 1,5 years ago I were prescripted antibiotics (tetralysal) for mine at that time moderate acne! I think that was the worst decision of my life, it made my face break out like never before and didn't even improve as I continued with the pills... today I still have acne not as bad as when on the tetralysal but still pretty bad for me and enough bad to destroy sooo much in my life! Depression etc from this... I have been wanting to take Accutane for a while now and even my derm suggested it for me! The thing is that I never SUPER afraid that accutane will make my face worse and not work as the tetra did!!! So my question is, has SOMEONE experienced worse acne from antibiotics and after started with accutane and it helped clear up the face even tho the antibiotics made it worse ???? SUPER HAPPY FOR ANY HELP AND ADVICE I CAN GET!!! Ps sorry for my bad English I'm European haha:)
  2. Makeup remover

    Hi!! dans fash wash doesn't fully remove my makeup. Is it ok to use the Miceller Cleansing water with a cotton ball first to remove the makeup, then begin the regimen?
  3. Hi, okay so I need desperate help from all the acne solvers out there in the universe. I am a 17 year old girl, and have had relatively clear skin my whole teenage life- even when I hit puberty. Except for the past year my face (chin especially) has been HORRENDOUS. In the pictures attached you can see what it looks like. It is incredibly painful as you can probably imagine and had been consistently like that for a year (as I mentioned before). I've been forced to wear tonnes of makeup just to cover the redness, and even when one pimple fades, a red mark is left over and a new one pops up. I've slowly became depressed over it and I am incredibly self conscious- to the point where I won't even let my family see me without makeup on anymore. PLEASE if anyone knows how to help ( without going on medication) I'm begging you to, I can't deal with it anymore. I've been cleansing with Liz Earle cleanse and polish- which I've been using for my whole life, then using their toner and moisturiser. I've not used many acne treatments because they never even to make it better- only worse. Thank so much, your help is much appreciated!
  4. Please excuse me for this post, but I am so frustrated with my body acne. I am such a freak that I get acne even in weird places like my forearms, hands, and stomach. And yes, I do think that it's actual acne for reasons that I will explain later in this post. MY RANT Having weird body acne is so frustrating because I'm such a freak. Virtually nobody else gets acne in such weird places. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face, back, or chest. It's frustrating because, even on this forum, it seems that there are so many naysayers that doubt that acne on forearms and hands is possible. I have managed to find a few people on this forum that have had acne in such weird places, but there are so many naysayers. People have often responded by saying, "Are you sure it's acne?" and "It's probably not acne - but keratosis pilaris [or some other skin condition]." Nobody seems to accept that, as rare as it is, acne on the forearms and hands IS possible. It seems almost as if the few inflicted with acne in such rare cases are looked down upon, not taken seriously, and treated like freaks. It seems as if there's nowhere for them to turn. Worst of all, unlike acne in other places, it's harder to hide forearm and hand acne. Wearing a shirt can cover back, chest, and stomach acne, and makeup can cover acne on the face, but those aren't as good options for places like the forearms and hands. Anyone that wore gloves on a regular basis, especially if it wasn't winter, would be looked at strangely, and in some cases, wearing gloves might not even be possible. Also, unless waterproof makeup was worn on the hands, it would just wash right off when washing the hands. Plus, even if that weren't a problem, think about how weird that is. How many people have to put makeup on their ARMS and HANDS for crying out loud? MY STORY I'm 28 years old, and I've had severe cystic acne since I was 14 (August 2003). Despite being well beyond my teen years, my acne has never been worse (with the exception of my forehead). I first got it on my face and back - common places to get acne. For my face, I tried a number of different things - like washing more frequently, a soap for sensitive skin, pads to remove excess oil, Clearasil pads, and various other creams and cleansers. Nothing made any noticeable improvement on my acne. Over two years after I first got acne, in early 2006, I was finally put on doxycycline and Accutane (though obviously, I didn't take them at the same time). Both worked wonders, and in the case of Accutane, I had no severe side effects except for chapped lips. However, almost immediately after my course of Accutane was over, my acne slowly started coming back over the course of several months. Five months after I quit Accutane, in January 2007, there was no denying it: my acne had come back in full force. My acne returned to everywhere I had acne prior to Accutane. There seemed to have been no improvement whatsoever. Several months later, in September 2007, I went back to the doctor, and I was put back on doxycycline temporarily, and as was the case more than a year earlier, it worked like a charm. But a few months later, as a result of not getting a refill in time and having to skip it for a few days, the doxycycline was much less effective. Up to this point, I have never since returned to the doctor for acne treatment due to a number of factors - including lacking health insurance - and having other priorities. Also, sometime in early 2008, I started getting cystic acne on my neck - just under my ears. I'd say that sometime in 2010, the acne on my forehead virtually disappeared. To date, my forehead is the ONLY part of my body with acne that got better on its own in the long term. I should also note that it got better completely on its own. I took no medicines and had no cleansing rituals. From 2010-2015, my acne was pretty stable, and I became less concerned about it. But around March 2015, I started to get more acne more regularly on my chest and cheeks. A year later, in 2016, I started getting some very small, minor pimples on my arms, but it was very rare. In regards to my chest, I had tried a number of things - including toothpaste, supposedly a drying agent, but that had no clear effect. Finally, this year, I started getting acne much more frequently on my arms and hands. My acne has also slowly been working its way from my chest to my stomach, as well. Keep in mind, this is at age 28 - when I've already had acne for 14 years. Getting acne on my forearms and hands is practically my worst nightmare because those areas seem harder to cover up, and they are also among the few, last places where I've had clear skin. It's like my body won't let me have an inch of clear skin. My acne is eating me alive. Also, those areas are such unusual places to get acne, so I'm essentially a freak. As it stands now, my forearm and hand acne isn't too severe, but that is no comfort because I've feared that it will just get worse. At first, my chest and shoulders had relatively mild acne, but it got worse over the years. WHY I THINK IT'S ACNE Many will probably say, "It's probably not acne," but I doubt that it is anything other than acne. I say this because the pimples on my arms are not itchy like keratosis pilaris, and also, they've been appearing in tandem with the pimples spreading to my stomach. Also, from what I've read, acne is possible everywhere on the skin except for the palms of the hands, and to date, I haven't had any pimples on my palms - but have had pimples on the tops of my hands and fingers. The pimples on my arms also have been following the same patterns as the acne elsewhere on my body. Any cleansing or non-cleansing methods have virtually no effect - whether good or bad. Like elsewhere on my body, the pimples just come and go whenever they want. It doesn't matter what I put or don't put on my body. Also, I first got relatively mild, rarely-occurring pimples on my forearms and hands. However, with time, they became bigger and more frequent. The same exact thing has been happening with my forearms and hands. CONCLUSION I feel so frustrated that I've been getting acne on my forearms and hands since I haven't been able to treat my acne elsewhere, and the forearms and hands are far worse places to get acne since it's seemingly harder to hide, and there could be hygenic issues. Worst of all, of the few people that I've found online - including this forum, not many seem to believe that acne on the forearms and hands is possible. In my case, it's even worse because my body is already messed up. I'm short at only 5'3," don't look my age, and have even started losing some hair. My body is so freakish. I'm such a lemon. I wish that I could get a new body because this one seems beyond repair. Since topical treatments seem to have no effect on my acne, I've thought for some time that I might have some kind of internal and/or hormonal problem. I've thought that might explain why I don't look my age - although I've already been to an endocrinologist, who didn't seem to think there was any correlation between my acne and appearance. Also, I've hated that most of what I can find online about hormonal acne pertains to females, but it seems that guys can get hormonal acne, too. Anyway, I'm sorry if I offended anyone with this post, but I just wanted to vent my frustration, and I hope that I can find some way to effectively treat my acne.
  5. Makeup during regimen

    I wear makeup everyday . Will the acne cleanser remove all the makeup . Anyone recommend it ? I bought the whole regimen but I do wear makeup everyday and wasn't curious .
  6. Before / during & after pics- you can probably guess which is which and why im so upset. I have always had mild acne but went on roaccutane years ago and have maintained pretty decent / clear skin for years with Duac gel and regular cleansing but recently I have been getting horrific "allergic reactions" to ALL of my facial cosmetics- just on my face- and cant even wear my foundation / use my facial cleanser without horrific results (see pics) . Basically now im house-bound and have been for months as i wont leave the house unless its to go for doctors/derm appointments and feel so horrific about myself i might have to drop out of uni . So depressing. Sometimes these reactions can clear within a week completely if i remove the culprit- at the moment, EVERYTHING is the culprit even water stings and burns and makes my face sore and bumpy. I take anti allergy tablets every day with little to no obvious help . I cant even use cetaphil cleanser at the moment without it burning/ itching and the dermatologist just said it was acne and i must be stressed........... it will probably flatten within a week though but i still wont be able to cover the marks because every foubdation i try gives me a similar reaction! so frustrating. Anyone been through anything similar? Im at a loss. So sad. Before: perfectly smooth skin (albeit with makeup.... but i didnt have one bump!) again, before: nice normal smooth skin: just before a flare up no makeup : ( my skin gets sore and red and itchy and uncomfortable and bumpy...... annnnnnd after a particularly bad 'reaction'..... (thankfully its not to this extent now but its still bumpy and sore and not right at all) bad. (^^^^^that awful reaction that got diagnosed as acne by a derm actually went completely flat within a week after i swapped laundry detergents and threw out flannels that i was using that were washed in the strongly fragranced stuff and liberally applied my beloved Duac gel which of course i am now sensitIve to and seem to have developed a reaction to after years of use) please help- desperate x
  7. Hello guys! So here's an idea. I think we should have a special topic dedicated to ways to cover up indented scars, either on a daily basis or for special occasions etc. I don't think this topic should be under Cosmetics & Grooming, because it easily gets lost there between all the topics related to acne only. I guess we all know that hiding acne and hiding scars are two different things and most people who suffer from scarring visit the Scar treatments subforum only. Also, covering up scars is sort of like a temporary treatment, right? Well not really, but it still makes us feel good for a little while! I know this topic has been brought up before, numerous times actually, but there are always going to be people who come here for the first time and ask about this, so why not gather all the information in one place? Therefore, if you know a certain product or have a certain technique that works for you, share it with the rest of us! Let us know how well it works, how natural it looks, how hard it is to do etc... like a mini review! I'll start with what I know (a lot of these things I've read on this forum)... Dermaflage - one of the few products specifically made to cover up indented scars; it works quite well for a lot of people but it has a difficult learning curve; it's sort of makeup friendly and it stays on for quite a long time! Personally, I've successfully covered one of my angry red boxcars with Dermaflage, after about 10 failed attempts (spaced apart in about two weeks, because I lose my patience easily lol).. I'm going to keep playing with it, but the main idea is it works. It's not as easy as they make it out to be in their promo videos for sure and you'll probably fail a thousand times before getting it right, but it works. Also, I've seen other people using makeup under it with no problems, but I haven't tried that yet. We'll see. Dermacolor Skin Plastic - there is very little information about this product online; it's meant to smooth and flatten out the skin; it can also come as a part of a kit called Dermacol Scar Cover Kit, which also includes a camouflage concealer palette, fixing powder and some tools to help you use the products; Someone on this forum tried the Skin Plastic product by itself and she wasn't happy with the results. I haven't found any other information. Anyone else? I'm actually quite curious. Silicone Primers - there are a lot of good primers out there and this is what most people use to smooth out their scars; some of the most popular primers are Smashbox Photo Finish, Clarins Instant Smooth, Benefit Porefessional (NYX Pore Filler and W7 Porefection are considered dupes of this one and they are more affordable), MUFE Smoothing Primer, Dr. Brandt Pores No More... If you have any experience with any of these primers, or would like to add a new one to the list, please go ahead and tell us more! Do you use them by themselves? If you use foundation and/or concealer too, what kind of foundation/concealer do you use? Concealer - a thick concealer might be able to fill in some scars if you layer it well; the main idea is to use a lighter color than your normal skin tone in order to create the illusion of less depth; I've failed terribly with this technique. I wish I were a makeup artist. No, wait, scratch that. I wish scarring didn't exit. Yep, I'll stick with that. Has anyone else had any luck using concealer? So... yeah, that's pretty much all I know. I'm actually quite a newbie when it comes to covering up scars, so I can't wait to hear about other people's experiences and techniques. What scars do you have? What products to you use? etc.
  8. put a drop of water on a plate (not paper) and put one uncoated aspirin tablet in the middle of the drop wash your face a few minutes later, go back to the plate. by now the aspirin should have turned into powder. if it hasn't after more than five minutes, add one more drop and wait again apply the powder directly on the cyst. you can put a TINY bit of water on the cyst (just enough to make the powder stick) and then put some of the powder on your finger and tap it onto the cyst. then mix a little bit of water with the rest of the powder (so it's almost like a paste) and apply the rest of it on top of the powder that's already on there. it dries out really fast and can crumble if you move around or talk. try laying down or not talking so you can keep as much of the aspirin you can on there for as long as possible. re-apply as desired; even do it again right after the aspirin on there crumbles off. if i get a cyst i'll stay in for a night and just keep the aspirin on there for a long time. with repeated applications, i've found that it'll bring the cyst to a head in anywhere from a few hours to two days (not that you have to walk around for two days with aspirin on your face; just do it as much as possible within that time period). it does help with the pain and swelling in-between. this is also not practical for a severe amount of cysts. i saw a dermatologist who mostly cleared my skin up; now i only get the occasional one or two cysts at a time. once it comes to a head, don't squeeze or needle it; you'll get an awful scar. wet a cottonball with water as hot as you can stand to put on your face and stick it on the head. this should melt the scabby part of the whitehead away; if it doesn't you can gently rub the cotton ball on the head. keep putting hot water on the cotton ball because if the water cools down the pus will harden up again. once the head is off, GENTLY PRESS the sides of it with two q-tips to make sure there's no more pus in there; you shouldn't have to SQUEEZE it to get whatever's left in there, otherwise apply the hot cottonball again for a few minutes (and if you still feel that you need to squeeze, stop doing what you're doing so you won't get a nasty scar). then press on it to slow bleeding and apply rubbing alcohol. keep pressing while you get an liquid/instant bandage applicator ready, and apply the liquid bandage to the head. don't apply too much liquid bandage or it'll look really bad if you wear makeup over it. now, if it was a HUGE cyst (as i've had), you're gonna be left with a giant crater in your face. don't be scared; just apply the liquid bandage and go on your way. i've found that this method creates less severe scars than when i just leave the cyst there. anyway, it takes a while to get the whole thing down right, but don't give up. good luck guys!
  9. I'm on my own version of the regimen and things are finally looking up for me. I'm wondering about my morning routine, though. I wash with CeraVe foaming wash, use proactiv repairing lotion (2.5%bp), then apply CeraVe AM moisturizer. After that dries I put on CoverFX primer which contains 1% salicylic acid. My question is whether or not it's ok to wear both BP and salicylic acid at the same time under my makeup.
  10. I've been reading posts saying that they use jojoba oil as makeup remover? What are the steps to do it? I tried it before, but very very greasy....not sure it cleaned my makeup or clogged my pores.... need to wait for awhile to see if I will get any acne... Here is what I did 1. clean and dry hands. 2. put jojoba oil and massage on my dry face with makeup on 3. wet my facial sponge and wipe my face 4. my face is still very very greasy at this point. I continue splash water on my face....still very greasy 5. use Cetaphil cleanser to wash my face again 6. use toner and cotton pad wipe my face. I can still see some dirt on the cotten pad.... 7. I think at this point, my face is clean, but surely my skin does not feel "fresh".... What did I do wrong? I used DHC cleansing oil before, and once I washed off the cleansing oil with water and my facial sponge, the oil turned into milky form and my face never never felt greasy... Can anyone share how do they use jojoba oil as makeup remover, please? Thank you!
  11. So my dermatologist has had me on Epiduo Forte and Solodyn for 13 days now, and it's been working great for my acne (cystic and closed comedones). Backstory: my forehead had been the worst the areas since 6 months ago when this all started. So all the products/treatments I tried mainly concentrated there. I still put makeup on the lower half of the face, but never on the forehead. and when my skin started to get better, I wanted to give a bit of concealer or even foundation a chance for my forehead. The same exact makeup that I've used for 5+ years and still work great for my face, instantly made my forehead break out into (what I call) little "oil" pimples and at some point even 2 of the those cysts that I was plagued with initially. this conclusion was drawn over a course of 3 days - a test run for two types of foundation (that I had and used for a long time) and a concealer (that I use everyday). I'm thinking that my skin barrier has been so damaged on my forehead that it can't even take the slightest bit of makeup. And I can't really give it time to heal since I want to stick to applying the epidou forte..... (which by the way has been drying out my skin, but not the intense burning that everyone says). I've went from twice a day to once a day for the epiduo in hope that maybe my forehead will take a tiny bit of makeup again. What can I do to help this? What's going on? are my pores totally screwed or something? Is the epiduo making them wide open, that's why my forehead can't take makeup at all? How do I strengthen my skin barrier while using epiduo forte? I really want to be able to at least tint some of the dark hyper pigmentation that's everywhere on my skin. Is this my skin forever? ): I need to attend a lot of events in the next month....losing hope
  12. This is going to be a ramble but bear with me. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know I could use the help. I've been on the regimen for almost a year. Long story short I'm not the best at sticking to it so still have breakouts on my cheeks. I usually do BP just at night (occasionally morning if my skin is really bad), I use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and moiusturise on the days I'm wearing makeup (3 days a week), I also use half dan's moisturiser half AHA some nights. My problem is makeup. I'm past the really flaky stage at the beginning of the regimen but I still cannot seem to apply makeup well. I cant use a foundation brush or blend because my skin just seems to ball up and go patchy. I use a beauty blender which fixes that mostly but still can't get a great texture because of how thick the moisturiser is (I thought using Cerave moisturiser would help but that was even worse when I tried to do liquid foundation over it). I feel like I can't win and it's really frustrating. The regimen moisturiser just feels so tacky and sticky. My makeup feels dry on but looks greasy and I can't do anything I want to do because my skin doesn't agree with it. I use good products, good brushes and good technique to no avail. If anyone has any tips on how to improve makeup while on the regimen or just anything in relation to making it an easier process id be happy to listen whether it be makeup reccomendation, technique or in how I use the regimen products. My makeup routine - dans moisturiser, smashbox primer, born this way foundation, powder bronzer (blended with light brush), UD naked skin concealer (blended with sponge), setting powder, MAC fix + spray
  13. Hi guys,I discovered a new website where you can get your makeup looks reviewed by professionals. I think it’s pretty interesting and wanted to share with you guys. Here's the website:
  14. Hm...I decided to start a log so I can keep track of my progress. Maybe this will help destress too? Personal log/blog! Woo. So here's my story I started breaking out since I was 11 when I was under an immense amount of stress. Now I'm 19 and I think my acne has calmed down a lot. Currently in college doing the whole adult thing: new apartment, new car, best friend for a roomie, new diets, new situations. I've concluded that alcohol is bad for my liver therefore is bad for my skin. My only problem areas are my Tzone. I only break out in my Tzone. I started breaking out when I was in the fifth grade and my acne progressively became worst as I got older. I've been on every type of prescription but accutane. I've been on Tazorac, Differin, Clindamycin, Retin-a (on and off three times), etc. etc. I find that the pills like Doxcycline, Minocycline, Tetracycline are virtually useless to me. Here's what's in my medicine cabinet Dermalogica Anti-bac Skin Wash Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub (big no-no don't use scrubs!!) Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser (Complete makeup remover) Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner Clinique Take the Day off makeup Remover GM Collin Acne Complex (liquid for spot treatment) GM Collin Gel Puracne Gel oxygen (moisturizer) GM Collin Gel Purifant (face wash) Olay Sensitive Olay sensitive SPF 15 Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Makeup Clinique Perfectly Real Make up Everyday Minerals Diet Lactose intolerant >>kicked in when I started college freshmen year =( Don't drink soda I am currently on Retin-a micro and I use the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush. I don't use all of those products just some of them depending on how my skin feels. =) I JUST purchased my Clarisonic Skin Care Brush and received it 10-1-08 so we'll see how that goes.
  15. Hello people! I have been using the regimen for approx 2 weeks and it makes my skin super dry but then end of the day. This is to be expected for now - but is there anything I can do to ensure my makeup isn't flaky and dried out by the end of the day? I use bare minerals liquid foundation. Primer? Moisturiser? Tricks? Tips? With the dryness chill out soon? Any input is appreciated!
  16. Hello: I'm kind of new here, so bare with me. But I'm an African American female with oily, moderate acne, skin. I've been trying to figure out what would be the best foundation/powder combo for me?? Currently, I've been using Physician's Formula mineral powder by itself. No foundation or concealer. But, of course, that isn't enough coverage for my acne and dark spots. I've been considering Joppa Minerals, but I'm not sure if their coverage would be enough without foundation or concealer. I was at the store, getting ready to buy Iman second-to-none stick foundation, but was hesistant because I've heard that cream foundation is bad for oily skin. So, I am a little unsure, but her makeup, from the ingredients I ready have jojoba, vitamin A and E, so I thought that was pretty good. But what would be best, a foundation/powder combo or just a powder?? And what brands would you suggest?? I'm a little bit lighter than Iman herself.
  17. Hey everyone. I had one of those annoying under the skin pimples- you know, the ones that feel like a mountain under your skin and protruding 3 inches from your face. I knew it was bad, but I was determined to get it popped to relieve the protrusion. Well, I finally got some gunk out, but noticed that the area surrounding was now a dark reddy color. It's about dime sized and seems more red right now than purple, but if I try to cover it with makeup, it looks like a dark purple spot on my skin. Am I correct in assuming that this is a "bruise" caused by squeezing my skin too hard?-- I'm double checking because I'm HOPING that this isn't a permanent hyperpigmentation or scar. If I am correct, how long does the bruise normally take to go away? It's horrible to try to cover and it makes me feel horrible and very unattractive and gross. Also, any tips on fading it quicker? I'm desperate and stressed! Please help guys!
  18. Hey guys! I'm one week into the regimen and so far so good. I just have one question: does anyone have tips for applying makeup while on the first stage of this regimen? -I'll be posting my experience and progress on this thread- I'm 17 and will go to college after summer break, so around the end of august. My goal is to achieve clear skin before college because I can't imagine myself putting on makeup everyday for school. I was homeschooled all my high school years because high schools aren't that great where I live, and my parents worry too much about me so basically I never had to put on makeup on a daily basis because of my acne. Anyways, my acne was pretty mild when I was 14 and 15. To be honest, it wasn't so bad because I didn't really have that much acne scars, just pimples. When I turned 16, I began to use a lot of acne products because the acne on my forehead would keep increasing and I was desperate to get rid of them. Then I turned 16. Now I only used to get acne on my forehead but then, after using this acne gel by Murad, I broke out TREMENDOUSLY on my cheeks! I got cystic acne because of it, and I never had cystic acne before. I don't even know why I put it on my cheeks when they were so clear in the first place. My cousin told me to use extra virgin olive oil on my cystic acne but that didn't help them go away at all. That all happened in November 2016 and I stopped in January. I now have moderate acne. 80% of my cystic acne on my cheeks Were gone before starting the regimen. They went away with time I guess. I just used moisturizers and soon they went away. I used tea tree oil too but not that often. It's been a week after starting the regimen and no new cystic acne. The other 20% of my cystic acne cleared up, but there's one cystic acne left on each cheek in the SAME area!! Which is weird! I do have so many scars. And I'm talking a LOT of scars left from acne. Most are red which draws more attention and harder to hide beneath makeup in my opinion. About 85% of my face is filled with scars. I broke out on my forehead this morning when I woke up. About 3 pimples but they're shrinking already. I'm not that sad over it since I'm just so used to forehead acne. I was just so new to the cystic acne. I know I'm only a week in, but I've used the AHA+ twice so far. I heard it clears acne marks so I got a little too excited hehe. Of course, I experience a lot of dryness and flaking but I don't mind, I just get insecure around other people. I'm also very insecure because my face has gotten so much darker. I got about 3 shades darker than my natural skin tone. Maybe it's from the BP? Maybe it burned my skin? Not sure. I've been drinking plenty of water, I actually have to use the bathroom every 2 and a half hours. Since last month, I began to make sure to have a bowel movement every single day. I used to ever have a bowel twice in week. And that was bad! I think pooping everyday helped clear my cystic acne. But yeah! That's what I have to say so far.
  19. Introduction I have stopped buying commercial cleansers and toners for my face and basically switched to an all natural way to clean my face called the Oil Cleansing Method. My skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER and since I've started I haven't had any breakouts. People of all skin types with all sorts of different issues (including acne) use the OCM and love it. The Oil Cleansing Method/OCM ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Preface OK, this might sound scary to some of you but this cleansing method uses OIL directly applied to your face. Are you cringing yet? lol It breaks down like this: A common misconception concerning oil and acne is that oil causes acne. This is not true. Oil alone does not cause acne--other factors like age, hormones and prolonged clogging of the pores of trapped bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt are the actual contributors to acne. The sebum your skin naturally creates is there to protect and heal it. Ideally, oil is GOOD for your skin. Water cannot dissolve oil, so the vast majority of today's cleansers and toners use chemicals to strip your skin of its oil which irritates it and causes it to produce MORE oil as a result. So why do SO many acne-related products say "oil-free"? Because the oil-acne myth is universally celebrated and sworn by and selling their products using the "oil-free" gimmick makes companies more money. Fact: Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that "like dissolves like." The best way to desolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition: Other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne--while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized. If you have severe or cystic acne, I recommend going to a dermatologist before you try anything else, including OCM, and working with one to find the best medical solutions for you. Getting Started The basic OCM blend is of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Castor oil is fantastic at drawing dirt, bacetria and other nasty stuff trapped in your pores, while healing your skin. Extra virgin olive oil works as a moisturizer and is fortified with antioxidants. The ratio of castor oil to EVOO will vary depending on the person. The typical starting ratio is 50/50 castor oil to EVOO. For oily or acne-prone skin, a ratio of 75% castor oil to 25% EVOO will work better. For dry or flaky skin, a ratio 25% castor oil to 75% EVOO is good. However, you should find the right blend for you. A lot of OCM users cut out the EVOO all together--especially those with oily or acne-prone skin, since it is a heavier oil and in rare cases has even caused people to break out. Many people replace it with other oils like Grapeseed oil, which is light, quick to absorb and is known for its astringent properties. Jojoba oil is another popular choice because it is a great natural moisturizer, is non-comedogetic and mimics the skin's own natural sebum. Other popular oils are Avocado oil, Apricot Kernal oil and Evening Primrose oil--all have extremely low pore-clogging probabilities. I use 60% castor oil, 20% grapeseed oil and 20% jojoba oil. I also add Tea Tree oil, which is a great antiseptic and is popularly used as treatment for acne. Another great oil to use for acne-prone/oily skin is Hazelnut oil, which I, personally, will be trying out next (swapping out the grapeseed for it). How to do OCM You take some of your oil blend and massage it into your face (have you fainted, yet?). Do it gently and avoid scrubbing because that can be irritating to your skin.Then, you take a washcloth dampened in warm to hot water (depending on your tolerance--but don't burn yourself!) and drape it over/hold it up to your face and leave it there until it's around room temperature. What you're doing is steaming your face and opening your pores so the castor oil can draw out the dirt and dead skin cells and the other oil(s) can condition your skin. Take this time to relax or unwind.After you're done, gently massage the oil on your face again to free all of the trapped dirt and dead skin cells. Rinse off your washcloth, wring it out and steam your face again. This can be repeated as many times as you like, depending on how much time you have on your hands. It may take you a few OCM sessions to get your routine down and maximize your time efficiency.When you've finished steaming, rinse off your washcloth, wring it out and gently start wiping the oil away. This gets rid of the dirt and dead skin cells you have freed that can lead to acne. Depending on how freaked out you are by now, you can rinse the washcloth off and keep wipe again to make sure the excess oil is off of your face. Then, splash your face with cold water to close your pores and then pat your face dry.Notes There are two different types of oil for OCM: Carrier oils and Essential oils. Carrier oils (or "fixed oils") are good base oils to penetrate your skin and maximize the delivery of essential oils. Essential oils are strong, concentrated oils, commonly extracted from botanicals and fruit, that are used in small amounts and heavily diluted in other (carrier/base) oils. Different oils of both carrier and essential have their own preferred uses and benefits for different types of skin issues. Essential oils are not a necessity for OCM to work, as carrier oils already do a great job at it, but if you like experimenting or want to tailor your blend further for your own skin, using the right essential oils may be beneficial. Castor oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil and Hazelnut oil are classified amongst carrier/fixed oils. Other oils like Tea Tree oil are essential oils. OCM is also, apparently, great for removing makeup (apply the oil directly over the makeup). The best part of OCM? Your face is not greasy afterward and it is properly moisturized--no more need for irritating chemical toners and astringents or those crappy moisturizers that just add chemicals to your skin which clogs your pores. If you do find that your skin starts to become a little on the dry side (which does happen with some people), try using a very small dab of EVOO or Jojoba over your face after cleansing and/or cut down on the castor oil and increase the other oils. Some people prefer to steam their face using other methods. I know many people will massage the oil onto their face when they jump in the shower, do the rest of their routine and let the steam from the shower do the work and then wipe off their face as their last step. My boyfriend does his OCM this way and he usually has pretty behaved skin except for blackheads all over his nose. After just a couple of weeks since starting OCM himself, his face is looking fantastic now and his blackheads are almost gone completely. Note: If you have acne and your existing pimples look red and irritated after you're done, don't freak out. This just means that the pores on which they reside have been opened and drained of their gunk. Be patient. With just a little persistence, your skin will clear and will have the proper conditions for healing itself. Some people OCM morning and evening and some do it only in the morning or only in the evening and others do it a couple to several times a week--while just using water to rinse their face off when they're not OCMing. You can decide what works best for you. If you've got nothing left to lose or you're brave enough to try something new, I seriously recommend the OCM. I've been using OCM for weeks now and my zits have pretty much vanished. What I love is that my skin is all tame and glowy and all of that other good stuff now--all the time. I do it every night and in the morning I usually put on my Concha Nacar cream and/or just rinse my face off good with warm water and a washcloth. OCM as my major life-saver, In conjunction with the small number of other treatments and products I use, my skin is now virtually clear, healing more every day, improving in tone and texture and making me happier with it than I ever have been. ---------------------------------------- Other things I use/do for my skin: Concha Nacar For extra deep cleaning of my pores, treating the occasional blemish, aiding in reducing the severity of post-acne marks and improving my skin tone, quality and texture in general, I use this all-natural cream called Concha Nacar, by a small Latin American company, which is a treatment that utilizes Mother of Pearl/Oyster Shell Powder, among a short list of only six, simple, great, natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Mother of Pearl has been used by native Latin Americans and the Chinese for centuries for the treatment of an array of skin issues and general beautifying of the skin. I usually use this in the morning, but it's not rare that I use it at night before cleansing, either. My post about it is here: ACV Toner After cleansing, I use a homemade, all-natural toner consisting primarily of Apple Cider Vinegar and Green Tea. It also utilizes a little bit of aspirin. It is fantastic at balancing my skin, reducing redness, controlling shine, drying up any blemishes and evening out my skin tone. My post about it (as well as the recipe) is here: Aspirin Tea Mask Aspirin breaks down into a wonderful beta-hydroxy acid which is oil-soluble and excellent at penetrating pores beneath the sebum and dissolving/exfoliating dead skin cells. I combine it with the leaves from a bag of Green Tea, which is high in essential anti-oxidants that protect against harmful agents and stimulate circulation which is good for healing and skin tone. After I rinse this mask off, my skin is soft, bright, even-toned and fresh looking. My post about it is here: ---------------------------------------- Additional Resources: Some basic oils that may be beneficial for acne-prone skin: Carrier/Fixed oils: Flax Seed oil Hazelnut oil Neem oil Perilla Seed oil Seabuckthorn Berry oil Watermelon Seed oil Essential oils: Bergamot oil * Cedarwood oil Lemongrass oil * Litsea oil *~ Niaouli oil Patchouli oil Rosemary oil (avoid if you have high blood pressure) Tea Tree (may be irritant to some, do a skin-patch test first) * = Strong photosensitizer; avoid contact with direct sunlight for at least 4 hours after application ~ = Not recommended for sensitive skin Links to other pages discussions about OCM: Good luck to you if you decide to try OCM! Be sure to come back and keep us updated on your progress.
  20. So I've been thinking about trying the caveman regimen.. but the thing is i wear makeup and i work and see friends a lot so there is no way I'm gona not wear foundation to cover up my acne marks. does anyone have any ideas to do the caveman regimen but still wear makeup? Has anyone tried this?
  21. Hi, so I posted a while ago expressing my concern over my skin, my acne in particular. I know that my acne isn't severe- or even close, but I am asking for help because I personally want help as I am unhappy with my skin, so please don't comment if it isn't going to do so. I have continued to stick to my normal regime, in hope that doing nothing would help, but as expected I was wrong. I've took the pictures attatched today which is probably my best skin day in a while but as I type this I am in so much pain from my chin acne that I can't even move my chin. I am becoming desparate as summer approaches- I still don't know whether my acne is hormone caused as I just have it all the time so I can't tell if it gets worse on my period or not. Originally my acne was mainly concentrated on the centre and crease of my chin, but recently it's been spreading all over my face. The acne is also painful under the skin cysts which are most difficult to get rid of. They even show through my makeup - that I hate wearing but I have to due to my self consciousness. To add to my problems I am under a lot of stress and am currently on a weight loss regime. I am desparate now so could you please recommend advice and products. I have normal/combination sensitive skin and bright red acne scars so I could do with a product to lighten those. Thank you!
  22. Hey guys, I need your help. I've only recently come across the idea of using setting powders or setting sprays to make your makeup last longer. This is something I really struggle with due to oiliness as my foundation tends to become a bit of a mess by a few hours in. So I could really do with some recommendations! My main concerns are a ) that it won't break me out and b ) that it won't disturb the makeup underneath that I will have spent a lot of time perfecting to hide all my horrible spots! Very especially the first one..... My skin also tends to be quite dry because of my treatments which can make it look cakey under too much makeup, so nothing too drying either. Maybe that means a spray would be better? I'm totally new to this so a bit clueless! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  23. urine therapy

    Hi. I know this topic is strange, but urine therapy has really been working for me. Its been about three weeks since I started. The first two weeks, after rubbing fresh urine on my face, I would rinse it off with water after a few minutes. I realized that the effect wasnt as strong after rinsing it off with water, so I stopped doing that the 3rd week. Now my skin is much softer and clearer. For the past few days, I have also stopped using soap or cleansers and I stopped wearing makeup and moisturizer on my face. I also broke out a lot the first two weeks. The urine was breaking me out in places where I have pitted scars and I have several shallow scars that are about 8 months old, so I broke out on several of them. Now I just have a few whiteheads that go away in about 3-4 days so it isnt much of a problem anymore. The whiteheads are just the urine's way of pulling out the toxins from my skin and flattening out the scars. My skin looks so much more even toned and glowy. Except for the few whiteheads I have, it looks like I'm wearing a light layer of makeup; thats how much my skin has changed. My scars arent lightening as much as I hoped but they certainly are not as violently red. Overall my complexion looks much healthier. My regimen (Morning and night): 1.Wash your hands with antibacterial soap 2. Splash face with warm water in the shower to open the pores (No soap!) 3. Pee in a cup catching the midstream urine and massage gently into the face (I massage it in a few times; pouring a little bit at a time in my hands). Do this for about 3 minutes. Longer the better. Afterwards do not rinse your face with water or put soap on it. After you get out of the shower, your skin will look more rosy and after 30 minutes, when you look it the mirror you will notice that the redness of your pimples and marks will have gone down a little. Also, you may think not using soap is disgusting but urine is sterile and it gets rid of the dirt itself. Soap strips the natural oil and destroys your skins natural defenses. Nightime (before bed) regimen 1)Pee in a cup (midstream urine) 2)Get some toilet paper and fold it so it is the size of your cheek. Put it in the urine and then on your cheek as a compress. I put it on like a face pack for about 10 minutes on my face and it usually brings the pimples to head overnight or the day after. It also gets rid of the itchinness and pain that is associated with cystic acne within a few minites. 3)Take it off before sleeping and do not rinse your face off. The compresses are very effective. You can also use them several times a day and they speed up the healing. Please try it. I did this a few months ago and it broke me out in these small pimples so I stopped, but I didnt realize that it was healing me. I thought the urine was full of bacteria, so thats why it broke me out, but it was actually just cleaning out my pores. Urine is completely sterile and fresh urine has absolutely no bacteria in it if it is caught midstream. I know that within a few weeks. my skin wont have any zits anymore. I remember I had a patch on my forehead like 2-3 inches where I always get red inflamed pimples and it was extremely discolored. The first 1-2 wks of urine therapy, it broke me out in that area pretty badly with three large inflamed pimples, but they came to head and healed in a few days.Now that area is clear and smooth. The discoloration is completely gone and I dont think Ill ever break out there again. Once urine breaks you out in an area, it never breaks you out there again. It cleans it out completely.
  24. Hey everyone, I have been on the regimen successfully for a few years now, and have added in some new makeup products recently. I started breaking out on my chin in 4-5 zits yesterday and I think it's related to the new makeup. I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions about applying loose or pressed powder? I tried brushes but after a week or so, I started breaking out. Also, I noticed on the website, it is recommended to use a clean, dry powder puff. So, I have been using a clean, dry powder puff to apply Nyx HD Loose Setting powder everyday for the last week. After I apply the powder, I wash the powder puff in warm water with antibacterial dish detergent (Palmolive) and let it air dry until the next day. However, after this last week of trying the powder puff, I am once again breaking out. Do you think the breakouts are caused by the powder, powder puff, or the way I clean it? Do you think the Nyx powder is bad for acne-prone skin? The only ingredient is 100% silica. Any help is soooooo very much appreciated! Powder makeup looks so much better on me than liquid, so I am sad that it may be causing these breakouts. Edit: I would like to add another thought that has occurred to me! On Sunday afternoon of this week, I briefly put some powder on my face that contained Talc as the first ingredient. Another time that I tried a powder with Talc as the first ingredient, I also got huge breakouts after only wearing it 1 day...maybe I have found the culprit :-)
  25. Wearing make up?

    I am a fan of wearing make up and wear it everyday. I love it and love to Experiment with different looks and different make up brands to find the best ones for me. I am quilty of having not taking the best care of my skin and that has resulted in acne and very bad acne scaring. I am interested in trying this product and I want to know if this regimen would be right for me, and possibly the extra steps to take to also remove the make up completely. Or is this product something you want your face bare for, so it can breath while healing.