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  1. Hello, I'm a 17 years old guy. I've started having acne in my early twelves and it continually got worse until probably last year when it started to slowly disappear and eventually becoming a lot less severe, just the ocassional pimple here and there sometimes 2 or 3 but no cysts or giant red pimples like before, However, last week I had a few pimples, bigger than usual, appearing on my forehead, result of me going to a party and drinking a lot of sodas and eating too much junk food. Becuase of this I decided I wanted to start taking care of my skin, and so I started a low carb diet 5 days ago and the thing is, I think it isn't really helping me, I'm seeing new pimples starting to "grow" and the olds ones are still in here! Last time I went low carb, because of a dissease, I had awesome results, however I was medicated during that time and that may have also played a role on that, but still, I like to bellieve low carb should be good for acne. I also take coldshowers, exercise regularly (and sweat), I don't drink coffe and don't masturbate aswell (don't know if this has any impact however). I've also been using an exfoliating gel twice or thrice and have been trying to get at least 8 hours of sleeep a day. Does anyone know if this is normal? Has anyone experienced the same? Another question I have is, does drinking 2 liters of water a day really helps acne or does drinking, for example, only 0.5 liters has the same effect? Thanks
  2. I'm 17 years old. I have acne since I was 11-12 years and now it's time to change my life. I read many articles about acne and I know that our diet is strongly connected with our acne. Our health, also acne, is depending on what we eat and how we eat. I also believe there is a cure for any disease, so from many and many articles and topics that I read, the paleo diet low carb is the best solution for acne, but also a drastic diet who requires persistance. I experienced on my body that eating healthy will improve acne, eating junk food will make acne worse. But a low carb diet will make you feel weak and lethargic, because everyone needs carbs to fuel energy. Carbohydrate is the highest macronutrient with 9 kcal / gr, so it’s definely a must to boost energy. But if you want to look perfect and clean, you must do sacrifices, because there is no change without sacrifices. So the question is how long should I be on paleo diet ? And what from inside my body must be healed to make acne disspear forever? I read that if the gut is frequently feed with good food (paleo in my case) for a long time, there will be no acne after you heal it, it won’t appear again. The thing that scares me it’s that I don’t want to cut the carbs for all my life because I have dreams that I want to make reality, so I need to feel energic. So I will have acne for all my life if I don’t cut carbs ?
  3. Hey, Just wanted to check in and add some value now that I've made some personal progress with acne. Background was I had pretty bad cystic acne since 13, controlled well through the regimen from 18-22 or so. I got to 22 and I got sick of having acne and I decided that it must be an external manifestation of something that's going on "wrong" internally. I mean, if you have a bad breakout it literally looks like you are diseased in some way. I went off the the BP and tried to caveman it, tested a variety of things. I had a HUGE rebound from the BP addiction, but now my skins never been better. 1. No more soap or shampoo of any kind (I only use it on important areas now - pits, groin, butt) 2. Cold water showers ^both of those reduce skin irritation and finally 3. Very low carb diet My skin's never been clearer. I break out as soon as I eat any sugar (occasionally I'll have a cheat day. Two- three days later I break out.) I've been off BP for months. No longer have to do that shit twice a day, worry about it when I miss a night, on adn on and on. I'm testing adding in fruit and a little white rice to fastrack my digestion a bit -- apparently I'm eating too much fibre, but otherwise I've never looked and felt healthier. I'm lean as hell (I work out but never been this lean) and I just.. feel good. Anyway just letting you guys know what's worked for me. I would say I am now most of the time more clear than I was on the regimen (doing it only once a day) with the occasional breakout that lasts only a few days.
  4. Hi All, I am 31 years old and have been suffering from Adult Acne for the last year- ever since I went off of my birth control pill and had a Copper IUD put in. When I was on BC my skin was effortlessly perfect for years, and since then I almost always have 3-4 spots including cysts that take forever to heal. I've tried mandelic acid peels and tee tree oil, both of which worked in the beginning and then stopped. I am getting married in 6 months and desperately want to stop this acne. I am going to try a low-carb/low-glycemic diet and the B5 vitamins for a month, and if it doesn't work, I am going back on the pill or blasting my body with antibiotics the months before the wedding, even though I know those results are always only temporary. New Plan: 2x daily mild face wash 5% Niacinamide (B3) serum 2x/week mandalic acid peels Less than 50 g of Carbs/day, all low glycemic 30 mg zinc 2.5 g Pantothenic Acid, spread out over 3x/day 900 g L-Carnitin, spread out over 3x/day Vitamin B-Komplex (no Biotin) Probiotic I would love to be able to give the routine more time, but I know it will take a few months for my body to adjust to the BC and for that to help my acne. I dislike being on BC, but if I knew how difficult it would be to get rid of adult acne I probably would have stayed on it. I thought if I just had a good morning/evening routine and used chemical peels 2x a week I would be fine- what a joke! It seems nothing I've done so far could stop this acne. So hopefully the big diet change and B vitamins do.
  5. Day 7... Really Day 1

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    Finished the summer off right. Went out to eat many times these past few days, eating whatever the f I wanted. Went grocery shopping today. Today is day 1 for me. As of today, I have two zits on left cheek drying up. A tiny one drying up on my right cheek. 3-5 drying up on my chin and two drying up on my forehead. Mind you, I ate a little bit of everything yesterday so a little dairy, gluten, nightshades, etc. Being good from here on out. I will update in a week! Pictures too! I'm expecting a massive breakout because of my Shitty diet these past couple of days. Maybe the chromium will help? We shall see.
  6. Managing Adult Cystic Acne without a Dermatologist or Prescriptions Why I wrote this Over the years I have google searched to help fight my acne and I have found many helpful posts on this board. I want to give back and possibly help someone in a similar situation google searching. DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim that any of this is safe or that it will work for you. Some of this stuff may in fact harm you. Many in this community will say that some of this stuff is unsafe/doesn’t work/is counter-productive, etc. All I claim is that it seems to work for me, I do all of this stuff and I am very healthy. TL;DR Version: Prevention (In order of importance) 1. Avoid Sugar and Carbs 2. Get Sufficient sleep 3. Pursue General Health Treatment 1. Reduce inflammation with Ibuprofen 2. Pop big painful zits or white heads a. Dry them out with oil free acne face wash b. Apply hand sanitizer to help dry out/kill Background 29 year old male in a high stress job (military). I’ve struggled with acne since the 5th grade. I’ve seen dermatologists for years with things that worked (antibiotics) and things that didn’t work (Accutane and benzoyl peroxide). General Theory My general theory behind adult cystic acne is that it is hormonal based and results from systemic inflammation. I therefore looked for ways to reduce inflammation. The most important factor I've found is cutting out sugar, wheat and most carbs from my diet. I also use the anti-inflammatory medication ibuprofen in liberal amounts when I do break out. The only reason I breakout is because I stray from my strategy of avoiding sugar and binge for a few days, always resulting in bad cystic breakouts for weeks after. These breakouts resolve my will to avoid sugar and then the acne again goes away. In addition to avoiding sugar for prevention I think getting more than enough sleep each night helps manage hormones and prevents inflammation. Avoiding Sugar and Carbs I generally follow a low-carb paleo diet which you can find more information about by visiting My breakfast is eggs, bacon, hash browns, quiche, a banana or two and coffee. Lunch is a serving of meat and 2 servings of vegetables with a spinach salad and coffee. I fast from lunch to breakfast except for the occasional whey shake in the evening. Google search intermittent fasting if you’re interested but I don’t think it has much effect on acne. I drink my coffee black, never drink soda and avoid all sweets. I sometimes have some sugar but almost always break out because of it. If I need a snack its fruit, veggies, almonds, cashews or jerky. Get Sufficient Sleep This is the other main factor in preventing acne. If you’re sleep deprived your body will produce more cortisol and probably become inflamed and then you’ll break out. I try to go to sleep at least 9 hours before I need to wake up. I rarely actually get 9 hours of sleep sometimes as little as 4 but my goal is always 9 or more. You know you got enough sleep if you wake without the use of an alarm clock and feel refreshed after you get going. If you feel like you need a nap in the middle of the day you probably aren’t getting enough sleep and/or you’re crashing from sugar intake. Probably somewhat controversial, I take over the counter sleeping aids on a regular basis since I need to go to bed well before the sun sets to get enough sleep (accounting for being woken up in the middle of the night) and still wake up at 4:00 am. I try to sleep in total darkness and wear a beanie pulled down over my eyes (similar to a sleep mask). Pursue General Health I also am in good shape and exercise regularly but I don’t think this has much effect on my acne since I’ve been into sports and been in shape my whole life and struggled with acne anyway. It probably has some effect on regulating hormones though so can’t hurt. I do high intensity weight lifting similar to the programs Doug McGuff talks about in his book Body by Strength. I go to the gym 1-3 times a week hitting a mixture of legs, back, shoulders, chest, abs each time or split. I also do a sprint workout 0-1 times a week and run 2-6 miles 0-2 times a week. Diet obviously plays a big part in general health so I recommend you follow a low carb paleo diet. I also take supplements and vitamins but again am not sure how much they effect acne. Vitamin D and Fish Oil are probably the most important followed by a multivitamin. Whey protein isolate and creatine-monohydrate are more for my weight lifting and recovery. Treating Existing Acne My main goal is to prevent acne in the first place but I will often regress back into unhealthy habits and then pay for it with the presence of acne. The most important thing to stop an acne breakout is to stop the inflammation. To do this I take a lot of Ibuprofen (600mg 2-4 times a day) and get a lot of sleep. I attempt to dry out acne and kill the bacteria by popping the largest and painful cysts when they seem ready or have a white head. I pop them deep and hard attempting to “milk” them as much as possible and then put pressure on them. After I take a shower washing my face with an oil free acne cleaner and then I put hand sanitizer on the area. I think it helps dry and kill the bacteria. This will dry your skin out so do it at night. To prevent scabbing I will cover the popped zit with Neosporin and medical tape or bandaid overnight. I hopes this helps someone, let me know what you think.
  7. What are your opinions on taking low dose accutane while maintaining a healthy lifestyle?? it seems most of my acne is gone, but its persistant, and break outs usually happen in cysts on my chin. ive tried all types of foods and it just seems like the only answer is by going extremely low carb(which is unhealthy btw). when im on low carb , im basically clear, but i really cant handle the low energy and mood swings.everytime i eat a little bit of carbs (brown rice, sweet potatos, low sugar fruits) i feel MUCH better, i feel happy and energetic and have much more effective workouts. but ill break out. so ive been thinking about taking accutane on a low dose(20mg/day for around 6 months). while eating very healthy and exercising etc .i really think accutane is the only answer, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle also.
  8. Low Carb + No Sugar Diet

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    Diet consists of: No Sugar, No Carbs or Very Little. Examples of what I eat: Cheese, All Fat Meats, Olive Oil, Eggs, Walnuts ect.. Q: I've been on this diet and I eat around 20g of Carbs a day with like 5g of Sugar. My Acne is basically removed itself and I just get very tiny pimples every now and then. I like the way it has cleared up, but I Cannot sustain this diet. Cons: -Less Energy ( I work out at the gym almost every day to build muscle) -V E R Y expensive -Tired of eating SAME thing every day. -Greasy food = Greasy Face? Pro: -Less Acne Q: Also, Every one says go visit the Dermo. I'm 19 and living on a college budget, with a mom who is barely supportive of me ridding acne. How can I possibly just "visit" the dermo. Seriously. People say it like its a free Bee walk in and out, but its so costly. Q: Will accutane help me and is it worth it? I want to eat carbs again without fear of break outs
  9. Out of luck and ideas :|

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    Hi, I have been fighting my light/medium acne for many years now. I wasn't affected in my teens but since 20 my skin has constantly gotten worse (I'm 26 now). I have tried every over-the-counter thing available. My dermatologist suggested Vit.A topically and different topicals but none of them had any effect. I don't want to take Accutane for health reasons and I don't use benzoylperoxide anymore because it discolored my hair. For three months I have been low carbing strictly (never cheated once except eating fruits in the morning) which initially broke my out massively and then brought me back to the normal level of breakouts (3-5 per week). At the end of the three months I concluded low carb just doesn't do it for me. Since then I am lower on carbs than I was before doing low carb but I eat the odd slice of bread. I hardly ever eat sugar and only drink water through the day. My diet hasn't been to unhealthy before so I didn't have to change too much. After re-introducing carbs I broke out heavily again which I suspect is again due to the switch in diet. I have tried changing my pillow every day, drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables none of which seemed to have any effect. I tried eatin 150g raisins a day as suggested somewhere here. I'm now getting 30 minutes of direct sun every day (for vitamin D) and I eat fish (salmon) two or three times a day to even my fatty acid ratio. I also try to cut poly-unsaturated fats by cooking only with coconut fat. Needless to say I didn't notice any improvement. In spite of everything I have tried the pimples keep coming back so I'm basically out of ideas what else to try. Anybody care to enlighten me what my options are? I really want to get clear - finally.
  10. Histadelia and Acne Sufferer.

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    Hey, I would like to know, what Histadelias should do? They are sensitive to protein and its recommended they eat a higher carb diet. This counteracts the typical acne diet which consists of low carb and high protein. What to do!!??
  11. Read the parts that you are interested to... I have some other post that said that I was clear, but it was the effects of accutane that were still in my system. Some background: 22 years old, half asian, tropical country, really bad skin family, oily (dehydrated) skin, maybe some facial hyperhidrosis, also I have what I call "seborrhoeic dermatitis prone skin" and obviously acne prone skin. My journey: 3 times on accutane: First time cured me during the dosis. 2nd time suspended: severe nose bleeding, some liver damage. 3rd time, minimun dose, suspended: some liver damage again x_____X My derm used to prescribe me: Peelings + harsh products (BP and others) + antibiotics = freaking dehydrated oily skin + seborrhoeic dermatitis + really bad acne + candida. 3rd time on accutane cured my dermatitis. Candida was cured on diet (no sugar, no carbohydrates for a while). Freaking oily skin was controlled thanks to "my personal Oil Cleansing Method". Now it is oily, but with some blotting tissues it is acceptable. What I know: I used to be a binge eater... The more I eat the more pimples I get. Eat bad = acne. Too much harsh products = dehydrated skin = acne. Hard water + hot water = dehydrated oily skin => acne and maybe dermatitis. 10g on acid pantothenic help me a loooooot. But it was too much dosis, so I quit it. Antibiotics used to cured me. I can't use any moisturizer/sun block. It itch, burn, tickles too much. Maybe due to my dehydrated sensitive skin. What I tryed and didn't work for acne: Dan's regimen (BP). It help a little but it dehydrated my skin too much. Low carb diet, no sugar. Alkaline diet. "Water only" wash regimen = horrible seborrhoeic dermatitis. Omega 3. A lot more that I can't remember. What I'm doing: Started 6 month ago. Important: low fat diet Low sugar diet. Eating healthy (or trying). No breakfast (I knoooow, this is baaad, but when I eat less I don't get pimples. Maybe I should call it acnerexia). Try to eat only 2 times a day (no snacks). 3x500mg pantothenic acid suplement. A lot of green tea (pantothenic acid theory => helps controlling hormones?). Wash 3 times a day. Some blotting tissues for oily skin. No topical products. How I am now: 90% clear. No pustules. Sometimes I get some tiny whiteheads that fade fast. Oily skin, but aceptable. Sometimes I get a pimple because my chinese family eat really bad :S Skinny T____T What I can do now: Get drunk a looot xD. Sometimes a get some pimples the next days, but they fade fast. Some days I didn't sleep at night (party or busy) and it didn't affect me too much. Some days I go to sleep at night without washing my face at all and nothing happens (next morning really oily xD) I am addicted to carbohydrates, so I eat them a lot.
  12. I hate this acne! Its not fair that some of us have to go thru this and some dont. I feel like i need to hide all of the time. I started the regime 2 days ago and started taking niacin. I am getting a few more pimples here and there. I already had some as it was and now im getting more! Maybe im just purging and it will start to get better. God, i hope. I am gonna give it the full 3 months and see hwo it goes. Something has to give! I eat really healthy. Low carb all the way. I dont eat hardly any dairy, just good fats, nothing processed at all hardly, i eat brocolli everyday. I dont know what to do. I am good to my skin damn it!
  13. I've found a website that covers EVERYTHING on these forums. It's author is just a normal guy who I now have the utmost respect for and mainly relates to overall health but most of the topics also are covered extensively in these forums. I was browsing through the net and found a concept that I found to be really interesting. It's called food combining and you can read about it here: It would take alot of time to accurately do this, but just be sure to space your meals and wait to eat your fruits and skip dessert. 'Food combining' refers to the combination of foods which are compatible with each other in terms of digestive chemistry. Food combining is a basic component of optimal nutrition because it allows the body to digest and utilize the nutrients in our foods to their full extent.' 1. Starchy carb foods (pasta, wheat, rice) different times to protein 2. Staches at different times to acidic or sugar foods (so obviously fruits) 3. Protein and fats at seperate meals 4. Don't eat dessert with a meal as they ferment and bacteria turn them into poop 5. Melons are to be eaten ALONE as they combine with no other food To read about 1000 other things: Bentonite Clay (some people have been asking how it works): Bentonite clay and flaxseeds assist with the colon cleansing process. Bentonite is a type of edible clay that acts as a bulk laxative by absorbing water to form a gel. It binds toxins such as pesticides and helps to carry them out of the colon Rebounding (on a mini trampoline! I actually went out and got one for $39!) paraphrased: The lymphatic system carries nutrients and cleans our body and relies on movement as the heart does not pump it around. 'Vigorous exercise such as rebounding is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times' ... 'The rebounding motion stimulates all internal organs, moves the cerebral-spinal fluid, and is beneficial for the intestines.' ... 'Many immune cells such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages are self-propelled through amoebic action' ... It facilitates oxygen delivery, combats depression, normalize blood pressure, lowers cholestrrol AND triglyceride levels, muscle tone, relief from pains in back, neck, slows down aging, and can help with allergies and colds etc.... Rebounding is a good form of mild exercise as you're not putting pressure on your body. Do it whilst listening to your iPod! Niacin flush: Niacin opens blood vessels wider. Niacin, when used properly, offers benefits in terms of cholesterol reduction, as well as for detoxification. If you want to know more theory behind it, then visit the website. From what I gathered as well; Potassium Bicarbonate (No idea why I wrote this down) Eggs have cysteine! Chlorella (and I assume all chlorophyll products) lower mercury levels! The website also talks about NAC and if a large enough group decides to take NAC (N-A-Cysteine) and also then take 2 b5 pills a day they should see the same results as taking 10grams of b5. The importance of nuts and seeds - their low calories, good fats, low carbs, high protein, antioxidants and phytochemical, omega’s and lignans (fibre). READ MORE HERE Nutrient density rankings for foods – I don’t really agree with this method as it would be impossible to compare every nutrient and olive oil is at the bottom of the list. Nevertheless… READ MORE HERE Additionally; everyone should look into Chlorophyll for detox and it also assists in wound healing. It's green, doesn't taste bad and is affordable. CHLOROPHYLL BENEFITS: GREEN MIRACLE! There's so much information out there, but the website that talks about all of this really is one of the best websites around as it's very straight forward, easy to understand and covers alot of ground. If you don't want to scour the forums for health topics and wait for people to answer your questions, read it at the website. Then if you have any more queries relating to acne, come ask the pro's here. More topics of importance covered there: Colon/kidney detoxification Conditions Exercise Juicing for health Liver detoxification Oral chelation Healing diet Related Links Bathing in epsom salts
  14. Hey guy's I've just got a few queries - I don't want to start a debate on which diet outranks which. Hey guys, I've been reading threads about no grain diets, low carb diets, and no dairy along with other stuff. Q1: I was eating popcorn for dinner and realised that corn is considered a grain. I eat museli for breakfast, oats and the like - would (airpopped) popcorn and museli be considered grains/bad? Q2: I know it may work for some people, but wouldn't cutting out on grains be detrimental to health? Some people also go on a carb diet (similar to atkins) and wheat is the big nono. I was eating subway and they only have multigrain and wheat. Multigrain is on white bread, you would presume (refined all the way) which is bad (although the grains are good) and Wheat is 'bad'. Q3: Should I avoid bread then? I can't imagine living without it! Q4: Could anyone sum up the point of these diets? above link: The 'truth' about acne and carbohydrates? All this nutrition stuff is really getting to my brain. I was going to go vegetarian for the sake of my acne and was also going to go gluten free and no grains. However, I think I'm just going to drink soy milk INSTEAD of cow's milk, drink lots of water, eat more veggies and fruit and generally cut down on the sugar, salt and fat (which I already do). Diet tips would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Okay, so I understand most of the basics about the food you can eat and the food you cant eat, when youre going low carb and fighting acne. But what is it with the fats? How do they impact acne, and how do you get the best fat ratio? Im using the following fats in my diet: - Flax Seed oil (a little over some of my salads, not when I cook) - Olive oil sometimes over my salads and when I did wok/light steamed vegetables, before I knew I had candida - Cod liver fish oil (a little every day) - Cod fish 1-2 times a week. I think Salmon breaks me out, does that mean I cant handle fatty fish? - I use Coconut Oil when im cooking turkey and chicken. - I eat 1/4 avocado every 2nd day or so. Not like 2 each day. - I sometime eat omega-3 eggs for breakfast. (sometimes 2 a week, sometimes 0) Am I doing anything wrong, like eating too much fat? And how would be the best way to get the fat I need? Im only taking bit of Cod liver fish oil the days im not eating fish. Im using Nordic naturals, and it doesnt seem to break me out (don't really know why it would break me out actually) I know about all the good low GI veggies and fruits (only doing veggies at the moment), and I know all about the good grains and the ones to avoid. The only things im concerned about at the moment is fats and how iodine affects acne. Haven't really figured that out yet. But I guess nuts breaks some people out due to the high amount of omega-6 fats?
  16. OK - Going low carb - high fat

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    Carbs give me gas like crazy - the hell with em! Cutting carbs is the best way to balance hormones, so here we go. carbs: 9% fat: 64% protein: 27% Source: Some good old meat for lunch, instead of those dry slices of bread. I think I can get used to this this
  17. this article says that eating a high fat low carb diet reduces energy to the heart. it also says that the heart becomes 'stiffer' and doesnt relax as well. i'm not totally sure what that implies. im personally experimenting with my fat intake to find out what works best for me. i think im going to aim for around 40-50 percent healthy fats in my diet. more than that i think is too much but with less i don't feel satiated, especially now that its colder out. i don't think eating very low fat (10-20 percent) is good nor do i think eating super high fat (70 or more percent) is too good. maybe its best we find a middle ground.
  18. hello there, i failed the blood test to go on accutane. my lipids are too high. they were 2.27 i have another test in 2weeks times. i'm so pissed off i want accutane now! anyone got any ideas? how can i get my lipids down? i don't drink alcohol or have fatty food. is a low carb diet best or what? tim
  19. thanks in advance
  20. are u allowed n e carbs cos i quit a week an 2 days in becos i was sooooo wekk, reminds me of wen i was on atkins......... how o i get round this weekness???
  21. Has anyone else here tried low carbing to help their acne? I went on atkins about a year ago to lose a few pounds and remember that it did made my skin a little clearer and recently I've been cutting out a lot of carbs and I have noticed that it does make my skin better even if I just do it for a few days. Has anyone else found this to help their acne?
  22. I tried the regimen for two months and noticed some improvement but the acne just comes back with full force. Anyone else have problems with the regimen? Accutane was a failure, too. I have severe acne, severe acne scars and I'm obese. It's genetics. I was exercising 3 days a week and eating low carb but lots of veggies, and didn't lose weight. Finally, I got a stomach ache and didn't eat for a while, and I started to lose a few pounds from starvation, but I'm still obese. Obese and acne are bad! And I'm in my 40's.