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  1. Hi gang! My background: Lurker for close to 10 years, almost as long as I have had acne. I am a mid-20s college student raising a sibling. In other words, I have no time. I want to look presentable, though. This is why clearing my skin naturally is so important to me. I also don't wear makeup.. so it's magnifies the issue. I'm a hard INTJ, if you dig MBTI. That means I'm typically anxious and tense, which I'm sure is a big part of my acne. BCP (Yasmin) cleared my skin in my teens. Went off of it because of some of the possible side effects, then went on Spiro, which worked perfectly. However, I want to heal my body. I don't want to be on medication forever. Both my parents have adult acne, so I could be looking at hard cysts on my face with other inflamed red rolling hills until I hit menopause. I was going to do Accutane, but stopped when I realized I would have to go back on Yasmin (i.e. my skin would be perfect on yasmin so I doubt the accutane would cure me.) I am using the Neutrogena light therapy mask right now. It is helping but I doubt it will help as much as I need. I eat a diet of chicken, vegetables, and glucomannan/oat fiber (non-soluble fibers that fill you up and pass right through.) I have always had chronic constipation, so I take Miralax. When I don't take it, the inflammation gets worse. I have noticed that if I eat a ton of vegetables, my skin can get inflamed. This worries me. When I don't eat, or eat tiny portions to keep myself from starving, acne is reduced. But how can I sustain that? It doesn't seem possible. I know tanning and sweating/working out have helped in the past, but on this diet I have no energy to work out. I am scared of how hungry it would make me. No, not anorexic. I'm 5'6 and ~140. If you have read this far, my heartfelt thanks. I am so grateful for this community. Acne is such a difficult disease to deal with in the modern world-the shame, I mean. MY QUESTION: Is there anything else I can do for my acne naturally? Should I just suck it up and go back on Spiro?
  2. Has anybody tried this mask? Did you have any success? I started using it last night so too early for me to tell if it's going to be effective, but looking forward to see if it helps. Would love to hear from from anyone who has tried it :-)
  3. After one month of Accutane I was forced to quit due to high liver enzyme levels. Luckily, my acne wasn't/isn't too bad. I'd say it was at sometimes moderate, but now is mild...enough. The month on Accutane really did wonders on my oil production. It went down significantly. All I'm doing now is using a 10% BP wash morning and night as well as using a honey mask at night, most nights, and using a Tanda Blue and Red light thingy that I got off of Amazon recently. I had 3-4 cystic-like pimples pop up on my forehead and left temple the other day. One on my chin several days ago...Besides that, I just have fairly noticeable red/brownish scar/marks on my forehead and temple. Cheeks and chin aren't too bad. Today, I went in for a Blue Light treatment. 16 mins 40 secs. Also got a script for Tazorac .05% from my derm, which I purchased off of a Canadian online pharmacy for $110 sans insurance. I was going to do it with the Levulan, but decided against it due to work and the down time required...mostly. $200 for just the Blue light or $700 with Levulan. Seems REALLY STEEP!? I guess that's South Florida for ya? Nothing to report or say about the light as of now, nor do/did I expect anything crazy for the first treatment. I AM debating on getting it with Levulan next time, though. I like this derm, but damn is that expensive. I might want to shop around a bit. So, with that said, does anyone have any experience with this treatment and care to share? I've read numerous reviews already on here and Real Self, but am still looking for maybe a little more reassurance before I take the (expensive) plunge! As far as downtime goes, did anyone have relatively short DT or excessively long DT? Experiences and opinions are welcome!
  4. Hi, all. I purchased Revive Light Therapy system, a few months back on my trip to the US. I never used it though, because things were looking up and perfect on Zinc for Acne. Two months into Zinc and it doesn't work like before anymore, I do not know why. I have decided to use Revive system from today, on a regular basis. Would keep posting on the org daily for a few weeks to keep you journaled on the results I've had
  5. Hahahaha I've been driving myself mad limiting my diet like this! I'm pretty happy with my skin but I have a lot of flesh colored bumps all over my face that are pretty damn persistent suckers. I need to find makeup that works with my skin, not against it. I can't wait until I find the perfect combination of everything. This trial and error stuff is exhausting. I plan on purchasing a blue light bulb for light therapy. I've heard it can yield some great results.. so why the hell not?! I'm also waiting for my Paula's Choice Clear line to be delivered!! I'm excited, but scared at the same time. I don't know how my skin will react to Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide now. It's been so long since I've used anything with them in it. And it was about $16 so I'm not out too much money. We'll see! Something has got to give, I know I will figure this out. Even if it's the death of me! x x Stephanie