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  1. So I've been on the pill, being Ortho Tri-Cyclen a combo of progestin and estrogen, for just about 3 months now (I'm in the middle of my third week) and my skin was doing a lot better than my pre-pill skin. I was getting less extreme breakouts and not as often. However, out of the blue I broke out in two painful blind pimples, one on the start of my eyebrow and one on my chin! Not long after, my forehead (which was my main area of my face with acne previously) started to breakout more than normal! Any ideas on why this could be? My diet hasn't been the greatest but ever since going on the pill, my diet has not had any effect on my skin so why would it now? I did miss the pill by accident a week ago but I doubled up the next day to fix it. And i have been thrown off my usual scheduled time to take the pill (usually I take it around 3pm, recently it's been 4-5pm due to work). Please if anyone had any ideas as to why this is?? This surprise breakout has thrown me down a hole of low self-confidence again :((
  2. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  3. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  4. I started breaking out about two years ago and ever since I've been trying to clear my skin. I know it's mostly hormones but I just want to find out how I can clear it. I have spots on my forehead, some acne scars on my cheek, spots on my chin, blackheads on my chin, nose, forehead and some on my cheek and no whiteheads. I use african black soap, tried witch hazel, benzoyl peroxide, doing NOTHING, vitamin E oil and so much more. All they did was make it worse. African black soap is kind of helping but not much. I also use Bentonite clay. Is there anything else I can try that helps people?
  5. Hi, First of all, a small rant: My first year of university starts in about 2 weeks and it sucks that after years of being insecure I still have to deal with this. I'm even considering not going at all, because when I get bad breakout I'm not able to go outside anyways. Backstory: I'm 19 years old (female) and I've had acne for years since I was 14. I've tried topical creams, antibiotics, peelings and even a whole 6 month roaccutane cure. Nothing helped in the end. Okay so I've been on the Yasmin pill (birth contol, generic) for 4 months now. The initial breakout was horrible and lasted for 2 whole months, it's a wonder that I got my diploma at all. At first I thought it was getting better but I'm in my placebo week and once again I'm still getting the worst chin breakouts (yes it happened before this week) and also between my eyebrows. Like really bad, I can't go outside. Just as bad as before I started the pill. So now I'm even regretting starting birth control since it feels like I just added scars from the initial breakout for nothing (mentally and physically). Does anyone have an opinion or did anyone go through something similar?? My doctor told me to wait for 4 months so I did, should I conclude that it doesn't work or give it some time once again? It really feels like a hopeless case and I don't know what I'm doing wrong or should be doing
  6. So I was on 100 mg of spironolactone for about 8 years and then down to 50 mg for the last two years. I have hereditary high cholesterol ( 28 years old female) and my cardiologist has been tracking my levels and within the last 10 years my levels even on cholesterol medications have been slowly going up. 6 months ago she told me to stop taking the acne medication ( spironolactone) as that has been shown to possibly raise LDL cholesterol. Now, I didn't even think about it and I Just quit taking the medication and within a few weeks the breakouts started coming and coming hard! Not just that but my hair turned real oily and I would often find myself needing to double wash my hair and take a shower every day when I used to get away with it every 3 days ( my hair is curly in nature and shouldn't be washed every single day) SO my question is... did I royally screw myself by going cold turkey? I was really hoping my body hormone levels would re-balance and maybe I would adjust to this level. But reading comments on this website I realized most people coming off of spironolactone are weaning themselves off of this medication for this purpose probably to avoid what I am currently experiencing. I am currently getting white head after white head, and then redness in the spot that the whitehead was. What should I do? I have been off of it for about 7 months now, I am going to see my dermatologist and she said maybe I should start a trial of accutane and she said I may never re-adjust to being off of spironolactone and that greatly distressed me. I am using a new topical ( aldapelene) and that seems to be helping the emergency white head to at least shrink it but not prevent it from turning red after it goes away. Any help or anybody who has a similar experience, I would love to hear the suggestions or support!
  7. Hi Everyone!!! So three months ago almost I came on to this website, 1 week on spiro, really struggling with severe cystic acne all over and severe nausea. I have great news!! My pimples/cysts are GONE!!! I still have hyperpigmentation but oh my heck. Its been almost a year since i haven't had painful cysts all over my face! I take 50MG at night time every day. I still have mild nausea but nothing too bad. Keep with it even if you're struggling, I didn't see much progress until the last 2 weeks.
  8. a couple of posts over the past couple months started me rethinking the copper IUD..So I started.looking back at my own timeline...I started researching. I did find a lot out there on various message boards (anecdotal). It's not evidence, but I was literally finding hundreds or THOUSANDS of women with the EXACT same symptoms and timeline...too coincidental. It's well known that it will cause A LOT of women to bleed much heavier and/or longer during menstruation. There had to be an explanation for this?! I finally found a study that found the copper IUD shortened women's luteal phase and that at the end of the cycle progesterone and estrogen were both slightly elevated. No mention of Testosterone at all though...Hmm. It was something--despite this, there is still argument whether or not it affects your hormones. (If it has ANY effect on the cycle, it must, right?) I FINALLY found something DISTURBING. They use heifers for the study (they use pigs for most studies really, because if it works in a pig, it's pretty much how it's going to work in a human)...anyway, I found THIS study: In a nutshell--it JACKED the hormones. Observed over the 120 days were lowered progesterone levels (probably due to anovulatory cycles) and simultaneously testosterone levels were elevated as much as 8 TIMES control levels. They observed the formation of 2 or more cysts per ovary....and significant weight gain. Essentially, using the copper IUD gave the pigs a horrific case of PCOS.
  9. Hi everyone, I had light acne since starting college, and then decided to go to the dermatologist to learn if they can get to see why was I getting acne in the first place. Instead, I was prescribed spironolactone and birthcontrol, without even them seeing if there was something wrong in my body (organs, etc). After taking both for over a year, my skin became perfect and crystal clear, BUT I started getting headaches that I haven't had before, so I decided to stop taking them. Right after I stopped the intake of birthcontrol and spironolactone, my chin started to HORRIBLY break out like never before, I got huge underskin cysts all over my chin, several at a time. I have never experienced these types of hardcore acne in my life! Then I went online read many blogs on cystic (hormonal) acne, bought all the OG products that were praised on youtube and google, my chin was covered in ichtammol 24/7, and the cysts didn't stop coming. Then, I learned that I had issues with my pancreas, it was not producing enough of juice like its supposed to, so I started to take pancreatin for it from Vitamin Shoppe. The first day of taking it, my chin started to finally clear up, thanks to GOD. The bottom line is make sure that your prescriber or whoever works with you, gets to have you check up the internal organs' effectiveness of yours. Birth control is never a solution, it makes things worse. All the best.
  10. Hello, I'm 19 and still suffering from hormonal acne. I have tried accutane and different kinds of antibiotics & topical creams but in the end nothing works. My last hope was the yasmin pill since I've discovered that my acne is hormonal. I've almost finished 2 months now, however my skin only got worse till now. It hasn't been this bad for 2 years. Should I still have hope? Does anyone have experience with yasmin pill for hormonal acne, and if so; how many months before you saw a difference?
  11. Hi all, A little bit about my situation: I’ve never had horrible skin, just a few hormonal breakouts every now and then. I started birth control about 3 years ago and about a year in I started getting horrible side effects (weight gain, breakouts, greasiness, anxiety, etc) so 2 months ago I decided to stop taking the pill and all the side effects went away except my breakouts which turned into a raging case of nodular acne. Since I’ve tried literally every topical and oral medication for severe acne my dermatologist is insisting I try accutane, however, I know I need to be on some type of birth control in order to take it. My question is, if I go on birth control for my round of accutane then stop a month after the accutane is over, will my face start breaking out again due to hormones or will the accutane have been strong enough to prevent hormonal acne?
  12. Will my hair fall out or will my acne be back worse then ever by taking at length, and eventually stopping spironolactone? How long can you take it for? I'm curious because I have a prescription for it (again). First time I only took it a few times but it gave me a low blood sugar feeling. I was told to take a lower dose but haven't tried it. I am worried about taking it because I had been taking birth control pills for almost 10 years. I still had some cysts come up, up until a few years ago. My face towards the 10 year mark was getting clear and little oil! But they are more aggressive now that I stopped taking them 1 year ago. Very oily. My hair fell out in the beginning. My periods were so late. Got hormones checked, I'm good apparently. I didn't know these things could happen, every doctor always said you can just stop taking birth control pills and nothing will happen (I'd wanted to before many times) So what about Spiro? Any not talked about side effects? What should I know? How long can you take it? I am 33, is it like BC pills in that you shouldn't take too late into your 30's? I feel like I learn more of what I should know from the internet than a doctor about side effects etc. So I appreciate your time letting me know your experience with this medication.
  13. I'm new to this site but have had acne for about 3/4 years. I'm 15 years old and currently I wash my fave twice a day with The Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser, then toner and a simple (as in the brand) moisturiser. In the past I have used Clearasil, freederm, Clean and Clear etc, and recently tried an Acnecide benzoyl peroxide gel but it did not go very well. I eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg everyday and do not eat meat, I do eat crisps and other junk food but I honestly don't think it affects my skin, at least not for me personally. I drink 2 litres of water and I don't understand how I can help my acne?? I've tried so many different creams and gels but it's likely that hormones are to blame as I am a teenager. What could I do to help this? Also as you can see from the pics (which are very bad quality sorry lol, also excuse the big white head I'm hesitant to pop at the moment) my forehead is the worst area but I usually get a few red+painful spots on my upper cheeks too.
  14. I'm 20 years old with hormonal acne and I've been taking 25mg Spironolactone for just over a month now and in the past week I've had 2 migraines with auras. I only ever used to get these migraines when I was on birth control for over year, which I am now banned from taking as a result of the health risk. I can understand that the excess estrogen from BC would cause my migraines but as an anti androgen, I don't understand why Spiro is doing the same, especially in such a short amount of time. I know that spiro states that headaches can be a side effect but anyone who's had migraines knows that there's a huge difference between the two! Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? I can't carry on with this medication if I continue to get this side effect so any help would be much appreciated! Update: all my migraines previously to spiro have been hormone related but can the diuretic effect of spiro be causing them? I've been trying to make sure I drink a lot of water but I honestly haven't been keeping track with all the stress of final year at uni! Going to start being thorough with my water intake this week and report back if I notice a difference!
  15. The question has been circling in my mind for a while now... is the fact I’m having more sex the reason I’m getting acne? Ill give you some background info on my situation. I’ve never had any huge breakouts for most of my life. Always had clear skin. Until I went on the implant/met my man. i hated the implant and had it removed pretty fast. They say the hormones leave your body, but I’m not sure if they have? (Could be a factor) I have been vegan for over a year, but recently gluten free and unfortunately I wasn’t watching what I was eating for a few months. Gluten free products are processed, packed with tonnes of sugar and unhealthy fats which cause candida overgrowth which can eventually lead to leaky gut syndrome thus leading to acne because leaky gut is where what you eat goes into the blood stream and passes through the blood brain barrier... check can cause an immune response. I had been eating grains and dairy for years so the damage to my gut wall was already pretty bad. I meditate a lot and raise my vibration so my body physically cannot eat low vibrational foods. So, with my boyfriend, we were staying up late sometimes 1-3 am sometimes 4-5am. We were eating Red Thai curry with rice (GRAINS GRR) without realising the damage was and doing. It’s also very sugary and fatty. So there arenthose factors. I hadn’t been exfoliating or using any products consistently - but I am now. My routine is working and my skin is starting to clear slightly. I keep food diary. Ive sarted working out 5 times a week.(cardio, yoga, walks) I stick to time-restricted eating. Which is where you eat in a 8-12 hour gap. Your liver had a circadian rhythm too. I do not eat anything processed, I eat fresh leafy green vegetables. Around 5-7 a day. I try to eat a small amount of fruit (because fructose is still inflammatory) lots of herbsand spices. Maca, hemp, linseed etc. I drink lots of water. Now to talk about the other factor that’s playing on my mind. My partner and I have a age gap relationship which makes me think his gut bacteria, which can be found in his saliva is being spread to me through kissing. When we do oral I get a yeast infection. We also sometimes have sex 2-4 times a day. We have sex lots during the week we are quite horny for each other. However, it can be so overwhelming and stressful because it feels like I’ve tried everything and how am I supposed to heal if my boyfriend is the one with an overgrowth so ever time we get intimate I’m at risk of an acne break out?! ...and he also has stubble (which is irritating to my skin and stimulates oil production, clogging the pores. ) is being respectful and not kissing me too roughly any more. But sometimes I still feel sore around my chin after a long session of making out and love making. He understands and listens to me and has been cooking us healthy food when I stay over (which is 3-4 times week) he is making an effort. He has athletes foot which is a sign of Candida over growth- he really wants to heal it too! my main question is: Are my hormones going crazy because of all the sex? Should I take a break from sexand see if my acne goes away? Has anyone else experienced this? please help! Who has usedClindamycin Phosphate? Does it work?
  16. Two months ago: today: So this girly needs some advice from women who have or are suffering from hormonal acne and have used birth control to control their acne breakouts. Background: I have suffered from anorexia for the last 6 years (since I was 16) and due to this I have never properly had my periods, only the occasional one every now and again. However since maintaining my weight, still low but healthy enough (BMI 15, if that is any help to anyone), I have had a massive hormonal breakout. I am guessing it was hormonal as I broke out a month ago at the same time as I was experiencing blood spotting and my boobs had swelled that week. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me Yasmin as I have been having weak periods every now and again since September last year and he thought this would regulate my periods and help my acne settle down. Now when I say I had a breakout I don't mean 3 or 4 spots on my chin, I am currently sitting here with around 20 spots on my face! I have never had a breakout before only the occasional pimple. I am unsure whether to go on the pill I am worried that it will cause my acne to get worse as it has been slowly getting worse and worse since the breakout in early march. I'm already vegetarian but over the month I have cut down on dairy, I'm drinking more water, taking vitamins, drinking green tea, eating more vegetables, I've been using a topical cream named Zineryt (for the last week) and all has led to no results so far! I'm feeling lost on what to do and I already suffer from body dysmorphia, all I now see when I look in the mirror is a girl covered in spots and I need to find a way out of this mess. I'm extremely distressed, cancelling on friends, hiding away, finding myself skipping university lectures etc. Also, it is making my anorexia hard to deal with again as it keeps telling me to just lose weight so my body won't be able to have the energy to produce the hormones. I DON'T WANT TO RISK EVERYTHING I'VE WORKED SO HARD FOR IN RECOVERY, I know I'd be put back in rehab. So any advice would be very much appreciated! Should I start on birth control? Would that be advisable? What were your experiences? I mean the doctor thinks so but he only chatted with me for five minutes so he doesn't fully understand my situation at all.
  17. I was on Tri-Sprintec for a very long time and last year switched over to Vienva. Now I've been experiencing chest and back acne since I switched (which I thought could have been related to this one shampoo). I used to NEVER have chest acne and all of a sudden this started. The past 2/3 months I have had cystic acne and the side of my face flared up. I have not changed any regimens. I moved last year to a much more polluted area but I don't think thats the cause considering I've been here for a while. Should I switched back to the tri-pill? I think this one is causing body acne. I'm 27 and very much over trying to figure out what's going on with my body. (Also had scalp acne which has improved ALOT since my gluten free diet and changing pills.) I'm worried that may come back if I switch. Ugh. Anyone have any advice??
  18. So I've been reading this forum for seven years looking for answers to my adult acne but this is the first time I can actually say that I've found something worth sharing! I had adult acne after quitting the pill seven years ago and it stuck around up until recently. I would get painful red cysts around my chin and mouth that would fluctuate between swollen to extremely swollen depending on where I was in my cycle. I tried antibiotics and a cabinet full of useless topical treatments. These things seemed to make it worse at times. I had my hormones tested last year (you have to get your blood drawn about three times during different times in your cycle) and the results read that I have low progesterone and am estrogen dominant. My doctor recommended I go on POPs (progesterone only birth control) but I thought F that! So I went to an acupuncturist who specializes in hormonal issues with the blood test results. She recommended that I start taking vitex berry to raise my progesterone (I take 1000 mg of the Gaia brand every morning), margarite pills, and a liver cleanse that she concocted for me. It's been two months since I started this regimen AND MY SKIN HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER!!!! The disgusting, red, painful cysts around my chin and mouth are all gone. All of them. I'm supposed to get my period tomorrow and there is nothing. Not only that, but my skin feels softer and less dry. I'm actually shocked. It took about a month and a half for my cysts to fully disappear. The first month, instead of cysts, I was getting tiny little painless whiteheads on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. They were barely noticeable and have disappeared in the last couple of weeks. I think that was purging? Anyways, I highly recommend finding the hormonal root of your skin problems so that you can figure out what exactly needs to be treated. Make sure that the acupuncturist or herbalist that you see is well versed in hormonal issues.
  19. Hey guys, so my GP just prescribed me Yasmin for my moderate-severe nodular acne which is on my face, back and chest. Up until about a month ago I was controlling my acne with Retin-A but after 1.5 years of around 80% clear skin my acne came right back I'm not using the Retin-A anymore because I don't see the point in putting up with the side effects if it's not keeping me clear anyway, I was wondering if you're generally supposed to use something topical in conjunction with Yasmin? My GP told me to just use a basic cleanser and non-comedogenic moisturizer so that's what I've been doing, just trying to see what other peoples' experiences are. Thanks!
  20. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on here and I’m not too sure how to use this site but I need HELP. I’ve exhausted all my options it feels like. I’ve had chronic cystic acne for the last 8 years. I’ve been on every prescription and antibiotic. I’m not interested in taking anymore. I tried Accutane and finished my dose in October 2016. My acne came back slowly but surely in April 2017. I started seeing 2 different naturopaths but they never addressed my acne. They just told me to detox. I started seeing an endocrinologist after my OB told me that my TSH was kind of high. The next time I got it tested it was just high normal. The overall consensus is that my DHEA-S are high normal as well as my testosterone. I typically breakout with a cyst during ovulation and also during my period. During my period I break out with uncontrollable cysts on my cheekbones and chin. My diet is pretty good. I don’t eat dairy, eggs, or nuts, and pretty much stay on a Whole30 based diet. I tried high carb low fat veganism recently and it DESTROYED my face. I’m currently recovering from that stint. My question is: has anyone else been diagnosed with PCOS but still ovulates and just has high androgen symptoms? Specifically hirutism and acne? (My doctor didn’t give do an ultrasound to diagnose me) Im thinking mine is just related to chronic stress? I don’t know anymore! If so, what has worked for you? My supplement routine right now is 60 mg zinc, 400 mcg selenium, and vitamin D. PLEASE HELP!
  21. Unbalanced Hormones

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    Hello all, I write here today as I am a bit desperate... (sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker) I am 20 years old and have had acne for the past 7 years. I have been on antibiotics (3 time), and Diane 35 for 6 months (it worked but made me feel sick so I stopped it.) I decided to quite every chimical product and try something more natural. But oils are not for me, and I feel sometimes that the natural approach is not doing anything for me. I cut out dairy, but I sometimes make the mistake to have some again, and I regret it days later... I think that antibiotics have fucked up my gut, as I don't tolerate dairy at all anymore (I used to have so much of it as a child and a teenager as well), so I have been taking probiotics before, and now I take collagen to try to restaure my gut... Also, my period are sooooo irregular.. And I feel like, as long as it will be irregular, I will have acne. I have been thinking about trying vitex, but I am afraid it's going to be even worse with it. anyone with great experience with it? I also started differing 1 month ago, still waiting for results, but I don't have that much hope about it anymore as I know the root is more internal. I wish I could be extreme in my diet and routine, but with social events, etc, it's so hard to stick to it. Also, I know diary is a culprit, but even when I don't eat it as all, I breakout sometimes, so I have no clue which other food cause acne to me... it's like a desperate research. If you have any informations that can help me, thanks a lot
  22. implant induced acne

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    I am 22 years old and up until last year have perfect skin and no history of spots in my teenage years or anything (other than a few small ones in t-zone). But In february of last year (2017) I was persuaded to get the contraceptive implant nexaplanon. before this I have been on the bc pill for three years. Two months after getting the implant I started getting acne, specially deep painful cysts. I stuck it out for a while but got it removed in August (after 6 months). It is now January (2018) and my skin has got no better even after 4 months of its removal, every time I think its maybe improving a new wave hits me. Ive read that the progestin in nexaplanon basically eliminates your bodys progesterone which causes acne so I assumed I was estrogen dominant. I have been taking DIM and Vitex for about a month now but no improvement yet my periods came back to normal very quickly after the implant was removed (I only got one while I was on it) and weirdly my skin is normally very good right before and during my period but it TERRIBLE the week after it has ended. has any one else has experiences with acne induced by the implant ? or good stories about DIM and Vitex? desperate to know when my hormones will go back to normal
  23. I've posted about other conditions that may have contributed to my acne before, and with all of them, I have stated my different theories as to why I may have developed acne after having completely clear skin. After my gynecologist's suggestion of pelvic floor therapy, though, I came across this article: Though it was only for a few months, I struggled with eating disorder type behavior: starving, overexercising, occasional use of laxatives. I found this article interesting because, along with my acne, I've undergone a few other physical changes. I'm no longer able to have any sex due to extraordinary pain and tightness, and I've had very bad constipation to the point that I constantly have to strain when going to the bathroom. I've tried every kind of treatment for constipation, magnesium supplement, complete diet change, gluten-free, fiber increase, probiotics, etc. And then, I noticed something... It's not so much that I feel backed up, but moreso that I physically have trouble with bowel movements. The muscles seem to be very tight and have trouble relaxing to allow me to do so properly. Continuing my google journey, I found another article about how a woman had gone to physical therapy in order to fix her "broken vagina", and... "Apparently, while my recently increased core-heavy regimen of pilates and barre had not given me late '90s Janet Jackson abs, the doctors hypothesized that it had caused the muscles in my pelvic wall to tighten." This was VERY interesting to me, because when I was struggling with eating disorder type behavior, everyday I would incorporate a 15-30 minute intense ab workout. This seems like such a coincidence to me. That is when things began to go downhill with my skin and stomach. I've also developed an ovarian cyst, which is why I went on an expedition to get my hormones tested, but... if my constipation has created estrogen dominance, couldn't that hormonal imbalance have created the cyst? I know this theory is a bit dicey, but it's all I have right now. My life has been turned upside down because of the physical and mental complications of this entire health issue. It's felt like a never-ending nightmare. My acne is pretty mild right now, having just ended my period (the only time it really starts clearing up), but I just got two small pimples on my left cheek. I'm preparing for the dreaded monthly ovulation time, where every red mark on my face seems to flare up relentlessly. I'll continue posting about this theory, though, and I'm hoping to undergo the Pelvic Physical therapy, which may give me a chance at permanently beating my constipation and maybe clearing my skin up for good.
  24. For the first time in a few months, I'm actually beginning to feel hopeful. Now that they've discovered I have an ovarian cyst, I think I'm getting closer to finally healing my solution. I just hope they can easily identify the hormonal imbalance/underlying problem. Anyone have any similar experiences with hormonal acne and an ovarian cyst? What finally fixed yours?
  25. For the first time in a few months, I'm actually beginning to feel hopeful. Now that they've discovered I have an ovarian cyst, I think I'm getting closer to finally healing my solution. I just hope they can easily identify the hormonal imbalance/underlying problem. Anyone have any similar experiences with hormonal acne and an ovarian cyst? What finally fixed yours?