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    Okay so every since I turned 21 last year, I've been breaking out in disgusting little clogged pores. I always wash off my makeup at night and shower after I workout. But no matter what, these nasty acne things won't go away! I used to have such clear skin and now it's going insane and nothing seems to help it. I inserted 3 pics of my horrific face. Anyone have tips??
  2. Really need advice

    23, Female Acne type: larger red pimples along jawline and cheeks. At least one new breakout a day. Also have blackheads on nose and milia (maybe just deep white heads) on my chin and cheeks and in between my eyebrows. Medications: birth control. And I take a vitamin A supplement every night I started getting acne when I was in grade school and I’ve and it ever since. I used Proactive in jr high and then quit it and started using over the counter products for about 3-4 years. I went to the dermatologist my freshman year of college and they prescribed me some creams that I never used for more than a few weeks because they made my skin so dry and it was like I was a snake shedding it’s skin. Then I tried proactive plus and it worked alright but I was still getting regular breakouts. Then I tried rodan and fields and the jawline breakouts have been so much worse and more painful. Should i just go back to the doctor and try the creams for a longer amount of time? What are your opinions? I will not go on accutane because of health history in my family.
  3. Hi Everyone! I wanted to share on here to hopefully help some people because throughout the years I have googled over and over to find tips and advice. And i found my cure by way of the internet so hopefully the word spreads and this starts helping people! History: I am 28 year old female, I have had acne since puberty middle school. It started around my entire face, forehead, cheeks, chin. At 23 I took my first 8 month course of Accutane. It was amazing. My side effects were not bad, just the usual. It cleared everything up and my skin was absolutely beautiful for 2 years. I barely even had to wash my face and I never got a zit. After the 2 years, my acne slowly started coming back but more on the lower part of my face on my chin and sides of my mouth. And it was more cystic. So larger nodules under the skin that would not come to a head for a few days. And they were big and red and sore. I tried to ignore it but it got worse and worse. By the time I was 26/27 it was SO bad. And it was all focused on the 2 lower side area of my chin below my mouth. I also was getting big cysts on my jaw line as well. And some times huge ones on my neck or a few clumping on my neck that wouldn't go away for a few weeks. These were all big, underground cystic pimples, red, sore, sometimes they would itch. And they would also leave scars. Sometimes indented scars and always always red hyper pigmentation. Also my acne never totally cleared. Maybe there was one day when a cluster of pimples had finally gone down (but my skin was still completely red & inflamed in the area) and no new ones were rising up, but the next day a new one was forming and I could feel it under my skin. And there were no certain times of the month for me , it was constant. I would cry over it. I had to put tons of make up, I was embarrassed infront of my boyfriends. My skin was bumpy and rippled and I had deep scars. And I couldn't believe at 28 years old i was STILL dealing with this problem. BTW up until this point I had tried everything in my acne history: antibiotics, topical creams, Spironolactone (which made me break out worse the whole 4 months I was on it) all face washes, face brush, retin-a, switched to all natural clean toothpaste, changing pillow cases every couple days, pulling hair away from face, cleaning phone, mixtures of vitamins, eliminated dairy, chocolate from my diet, cleaned up my diet, green diet, gone to facialists, had my hormones tested (which they were all normal and fine) blue light treatments, cortisone shots, peels, accutane EVERYTHING. I had tried everything. I went to demo and all she could offer me was Accutane. I didn't want to but I didn't want to keep living like this. So I tried it again round 2. I was only on for 1 month and towards the second half of the month my hair started falling out right in the front of my head where my part started. I started getting a bald patch. My eyelashes also fell out and I started getting darker skin on my mustache area. I was also feeling very depressed and down. So I stopped the accutane on the last day of the month and I was determined to find another way. So I did a TON of research and found a blog at Super good and lots of info and loved seeing her pictures. Her acne was in a different location than mine, but I still figured I would try her suggestions. At this point I had nothing to lose. It couldn't get much worse and I as not going back to accutane. So I bought Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics I take one pill first thing when I wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. I have a sensitive stomach and this is very gentile and does not upset me at all. I try to wait a little after before I eat breakfast, but sometimes I don't have time, so thats okay too. I have been on for 45 days, (so 45 pills out of the 60) and my skin has cleared up SO MUCH. RESULTS: My skin has never looked so good! My cystic acne has completely cleared up. And the redness can finally calmed down and cleared because there is not constantly new break outs forming as soon as the others go away. The type of my pimples has changed too. If I do get a pimple, it is smaller, and has a little head (more like a zit) and gone in a few days. It doesn't go deep down underneath the skin and hurt like the cysts did. I am SO HAPPY!!!! I literally ask my mom and brother to look and check it out because I cannot believe the results myself and I am so happy and proud to finally have clearing skin. Please do yourself a favor and BUY THE PROBIOTICS. Its totally affordable for a 2 month supply and there is nothing in these that can harm you only help you. So if it doesn't clear your acne, then I'm sure its going to help with your digestion or your daily deification or whatever. I think these can just help your body balance out whatever bad bacteria you have going on inside you that is manifesting itself outside your body and in my case through the lower part of my skin on my face. The girl in the blog said she only did a 2 month supply and then was cleared, but I think I am going to buy another box and do another 2 months because I think these can only help and I really want to cleanse my gut. Anyways hope this helps you all! Blessings!!!
  4. For the first time in a few months, I'm actually beginning to feel hopeful. Now that they've discovered I have an ovarian cyst, I think I'm getting closer to finally healing my solution. I just hope they can easily identify the hormonal imbalance/underlying problem. Anyone have any similar experiences with hormonal acne and an ovarian cyst? What finally fixed yours?
  5. I think I finally found a way to reduce my very stubborn hormonal acne. I am 30 and have been struggling with hormonal acne for as long as I can remember. I usually get them around my mouth and chin, and I get very oily skin in that area. I usually start breaking out at around 2 weeks before my period. Sometimes they get as high as my cheeks and some really hurt (Even recently I started getting cystic acne along my jawline). Unfortunately I have a very bad habit of picking at them especially when I am stressed or distracted. I think I tried just about everything to get rid of them by using various methods, to name a few: antibiotics (which I decided to stop at some point for health reasons), Proactive (which really irritated my skin), natural do it yourself products, no products at all, cutting out dairy, carbs, taking the contraceptive pill and many many more. The only thing I didn't try was Acutane and honestly I started to really consider it towards the end. I don’t think my acne was severe enough for that. Anyway, I did quite a bit of research throughout the years and I recently discovered a combination of products that really seems to be working for me, it cleared up my skin almost instantly, in just a few days I saw major improvement and I got so excited that I finally found a cure after almost 10 years, I just had to share it online and help others get out of this miserable cycle that is hormonal acne. I found the solution by doing a lot of research and through trial and error. Don’t forget that hormonal acne is the result of a hormonal imbalance in the body, which may be caused by various factors. It is often very hard to identify the exact cause of hormonal imbalance in a woman, but there’s a few natural products that can help regulate your hormones and trigger certain problem areas of the body without having to take medications or any sort of antibiotics. I just wanted to share those 7 steps to take with all of you in hopes that it works for you too. Heal your Inside: 1) About a month ago, I decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill. The reason being is that I thought the pill would help rebalance my hormones and fix my hormonal acne but within about a year I saw little to no improvement, being on the pill just made me extremely moody and bloated all the time and I still had pretty bad hormonal acne. Also, it just didn't feel right to be on the pill anymore, hence why I decided to get off it at least for a little bit until I put in a copper IUD. 2) About two weeks into stopping the pill, I started breaking out as usual. So naturally I went online desperately trying to find a solution for my hormonal acne, and I saw an interesting post on a forum (maybe this one) where someone was suggesting taking Milk thistle supplement to help with hormonal acne. Now I had never heard of Milk thistle so I did a bit of research, turns out it is a natural herb that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that is commonly used to detoxify the body, especially the liver. A lot of people we’re agreeing, saying they had also experienced success with this product. It made perfect sense as the liver directly impacts our hormones, especially when damaged due to alcohol consumption or other irritants, it may cause some hormonal imbalance in some women and that’s why they often suggest doing a liver detox to help clear the skin. A few years back I tried detoxing my liver with dandelion root tea but it tasted so bad I stopped after a few days. So I got a bottle of milk thistle in a pill form to try it out, I just take one everyday and I don’t know if it’s the main thing that helped the cause but it is absolutely working wonders right now. So I highly recommend trying it! 3) Probiotics, I am not 100% sure about that one, but I am taking some anyway because apparently it really helps regulating your gut flora. Apparently the gut is also directly linked to our hormones so it’s good to regulate the good bacteria in the body and our natural flora to promote radiant skin and kill the bad bacteria causing the acne! I am using this one called Vega, it is vegan and contains no gluten, dairy and is completely natural. However it is non-refrigerated, not sure if it would be as effective. I really try hard to do so, sometimes it’s hard to completely avoid them but I know for a fact that when I consume a lot of dairy (especially certain cheeses) I break out almost instantly. As for sugar well I notice that when I cut out sugar my skin looks less tired. But that is just a suggestion, just keep that in mind and consume these products with moderation. 4) Cut out dairy and refined sugar. 5) Rasbperry leaf is known to help regulating hormones. I got it in a liquid form and put 10 drops of it in my water everyday. Honestly it doesn’t taste like much and my naturopath suggested it to me to help me regulate my hormones. Honestly I have seen improvement doing so as well. Outside: 6) As a face wash and localised cream, I use Paula’s choice CLEAR pore normalising cleanser for blemish prone skin and Clear daily skin clearing treatment (regular strength) with 2.5 benzoyl peroxide. Now I had never heard of Paula’s choice products, as I live in Canada and can only find those products online. I read a lot of positive comments about it online. I was a little bit sceptical because my skin is very sensitive and dries out when using acne-clearing products. So I just got the little starter travelling kit that came with 3 travel-size products for about 13$ US just to try. It also comes with an exfoliant which I don’t really use because I use a toner instead which I will speak about in the next step. I used the two other products for about 3 days and they gave me astonishing results. They do not irritate the skin whatsoever and I felt a difference right away. The blemish cream can easily be applied under my make up and has a very matte yet soft texture that doesn’t make your skin feel dried out or flaky causing no irritation. I tried so many products after many many years of acne and let me tell you, these ones stood out big time! Plus I think it played a huge role in getting rid of my acne. 7) As for the toner I use, a few months ago my cousin who’s a doctor suggested this toner by Clinique called Clinique clarifying lotion. She uses it in her skin routine and it helped her clear out her acne, it’s the Step 2 in the Clinique Acne solution line. Now I am not a huge fan of Clinique products, but I decided to try this one. It is very affordable and gives you that nice tingly feeling after you apply it on the skin. I use it twice a day, morning and night on a little cotton pad, the toner contains a white powder exfoliant that helps get rid of dead skin and dirt. It’s crazy the amount of dirt I find on the pad once I wipe my skin with it. Very satisfying feeling. I suggest a combination of some or all of these steps above to clear out your skin, I genuinely think we have to work from the inside out rather than the outside in to fix the problem. Hence taking all the supplements to help regulate the hormones (probiotics, milk thistle and raspberry leaf), and then use the right face wash, toner and moisturisers with no irritants to help eliminate dead skin, cleanse oily skins that clog our pores and also to erase scars. Do not pick at your pimples whatever you do (this is the hardest thing for me). Be gentle with your skin, I still wear make up all the time and I think I always will but at least now I am not as self-conscious. I hope some or all of these work for you too! J Let me know what you think of my routine!
  6. For the first time in a few months, I'm actually beginning to feel hopeful. Now that they've discovered I have an ovarian cyst, I think I'm getting closer to finally healing my solution. I just hope they can easily identify the hormonal imbalance/underlying problem. Anyone have any similar experiences with hormonal acne and an ovarian cyst? What finally fixed yours?
  7. Zinc Blog 1 (WEEKS 1 & 2)

    Hello there, this is my first blog where I report my improvements using Zinc to treat my persistent, painful acne. Lets get the basics out of the way real quick: - I'm 25, female - currently taking Zinc (as Zinc methionine) 30 mg (OptiZinc by Source Naturals) which also contains Copper (as Copper Sebacate) 288 mcg - also currently taking a women's multivitamin that also contains 15mg of Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) (2+ years) and Yaz birth control pill (8+ years) - I avoid dairy (not lactose intolerant, just prefer to not ingest it) and don't eat much red meat - acne is primarily found around my lips/mouth/chin area and more recently right under my chin near my neck (inflamed, itchy, whiteheads, cysts, sore/painful) - been taking the OptiZinc for 2 weeks and a day now WEEK 1: - after a week, there is much less acne overall and less inflammed acne - all inflammed pre-existing acne has gone down - a few new pimples have formed (whiteheads) but not too many WEEK 2: - heavily increased hormonal acne around mouth/chin area - very inflammed, very painful and itchy - most spots are coming to a white head or are a cyst - feeling a little discouraged but I will continue taking these pills for AT LEAST 12 weeks since I hear that is usually a good amount of time to see whether or not things are actually improving or not (I wonder if this is an "initial breakout" like on Accutane.. I hope so **I added a photo from week 1, and later tonight I'll add a photo from today for week 2, sorry for the "deer in the headlights" look I have going on
  8. Painful chin acne

    Hi, okay so I need help from all the acne solvers out there in the universe. I am a 17 year old girl, and have had relatively clear skin my whole teenage life- even when I hit puberty. Except for the past year my face (chin especially) has been HORRENDOUS. In the pictures attached you can see what it looks like. It is painful as you can probably imagine and had been consistently like that for a year (as I mentioned before). I've been forced to wear tonnes of makeup just to cover the redness, and even when one pimple fades, a red mark is left over and a new one pops up. I've slowly become incredibly self conscious- to the point where I won't even let my family see me without makeup on anymore. PLEASE if anyone knows how to help ( without going on medication) Please do I can't deal with it anymore. I've been cleansing with Liz Earle cleanse and polish- which I've been using for my whole life, then using their toner and moisturiser. I've not used many acne treatments because they never even to make it better- only worse. Thank so much, your help is much appreciated! This is it not even at it's worst (baring in mind these NEVER clear up, has been constant for about a year now) :
  9. Hormonal acne

    Hello. I have those bumpy, painful red pimples on my chin, cheeks and forehead. My skin is worse than ever. This started about 1,5 months ago when I quitted sugar and wheat. I'm also trying to avoid dairy, carbs and meat. I do eat vitamin C, D, B6 and B12. I drink enough water. Should I go to a dermatologist? I wouldn't want to take any pills or medicines.... Is there natural ways to cure this? I've heard something about zinc, digestive enzymes and probiotics.
  10. I have suffered from acne for about 7 years now, and today I have been prescribed Accutane. I've tried lymecycline and topical creams before, the cream didn't really work and lymecycline has shown some improvement but did not get rid of the problem completely. I would say that my acne remained at a similar level since I've stopped taking it, and although I would love for it to disappear completely, I can tolerate how my face looks now. At the moment my acne is quite moderate- papular as well as some whiteheads, and it's the strongest around the cheek area and some on the forehead and jaw, I do have some scarring from when my acne was at its worse (around 4 years ago). But I'm not sure if Accutane is appropriate for me, I do not feel like my acne is severe enough for it, especially that it comes with so many side effects. I often experience strong mood swings and I am currently taking part in therapy due to the anxiety and panic attacks I've had in the recent past. I tried to explain this to my dermatologist, as I'm worried that taking Accutane may make this worse, but he ignored me and basically accused me of making a big deal out of nothing and self-diagnosing myself with 'depression' which I definitely did not do. I felt really forced into agreeing to take Accutane without having the option to try or even learn about other forms of treatments. What other options do I have? I've heard about other antibiotics and contraceptive pills that have been highly effective for other people, is that something I should try first or should I just go with Accutane? Also are then any effective treatments that do not require taking pills?
  11. So I posted a topic on this forum a couple months ago and I figured out part of the reason my acne was getting so bad. First, I was using a coconut based face wash and moisturizer that DESTROYED my skin and in the process of trying to reverse it, I was using so many products on my face at one time that, while the worst of it was going away, my skin was still worse than I had ever seen it. Recently, I switched to using Cetaphil on my face since I do have incredibly sensitive skin and decided I should use something as mild as possible. I follow it up with a Cetaphil moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid in it because (and this is the part that's been stumping me for the past six months) my skin has been soooooo dry. This is weird because my face was a constant oil slick up until I started taking minocycline a year ago and even after I stopped taking it, my skin has done a complete 180 and is dry all the time. So now I'm fearing that since my face is so dry, that's why my acne might not go away. I have very large pores, small whiteheads all over my jawline, whiteheads on my cheeks, and a mixture of whiteheads, blackheads, and flesh colored bumps on my forehead. I stay away from dairy and wheat products as much as I can and I've been taking quite a few supplements to treat what I believe is an excess in testosterone in my body (I'm doing all trial and error with this because I don't have the money to get any blood work or anything done to prove that's the case) including cinnamon extract, a vitamin b complex, magnesium, fish oil, and a natural stress response supplement as I do have mild anxiety. My skin is definitely a lot better than it was over the summer, but I just don't know what else to do to help get rid of it once and for all. I feel like I've tried everything. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions? Maybe any advice on what products to use to help regain the moisture in my skin? Thanks a bunch.
  12. Spiro - stopped working.

    Hi. I am at my wits end with this. I have been on Spironolactone 100mg for almost 5 years. Along with Beyaz, for a little over 8. I had large cystic acne, within a few days of starting Spiro, it just flattened all my acne, and it just stopped. It was a miracle. My hair wasn't oily anymore, my life completely changed. Now, I am 25 years old - and within the past several months all of my acne is coming back, this time on top of cysts + medium & under the skin pimples. They will not stop, around my hairline, forehead, a little on my cheeks and the big area is my freaking chin. My skin is mildly greasy, extremely inflamed (my laugh lines are deep and red) and new zits pop up literally every couple hours. My hair is so greasy, clean hair lasts about 6 hours. I eat very well - I don't do dairy, I don't like meat, I stay away from grain. Although I absolutely know no matter how PERFECT I ate, my skin would not change - this is hormonal, 100%. I've researched it all - foods allergies, foods to stay away from, foods to take, studied hormones, supplements, natural topical treatments. I've tried just washing my face with water. I've tried Doxycycline, I've tried different diets. I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. I do not leave my apartment, I work from home. It is painful, and maddening and I have already went through all of this once, I can't believe I have to go through it again. Why would Spironolactone stop working - yes resistance possibly. And if it has, will stopping the Spiro HELP or HURT? I know there are at least a MILLION variables that could be the case but I haven't drastically changed anything for this to happen. Is the most obvious to me the actual problem, that my body has changed - and BC & Spiro are now working against me. PLEASE. Has this happened to someone else, your Spironolactone has quit on you after being on it for multiple years - and if yes, HOW did you fix it again. - Sara
  13. Hi guys! I just went to my 3 month Dermatologist appointment last week. This was my first time there since I got prescribed my medications. She ended up telling me we probably didn't need to reschedule and I am guessing that is because she really thinks I am on a good treatment plan. No, I still am not clear. I have seen definite progress and reduction in acne, but I still get pimples pretty often. I still have small pimples on my forehead, a couple nasty ones on my right cheek, and some random ones in other places. It is much improved, but I still would say I have acne and not a few pimples. When I went to my appointment, she said we could up the dose if my blood pressure was at a healthy number. I was textbook perfect for my blood pressure three months in. I upped my dose to 150 MG from 100. I am confident this will knock out my acne completely by Month 6... I hope sooner! She gave me the option of adding a new topical or an antibiotic to speed up the process. I am proud of myself for saying NO. One month ago I would have for sure taken her up on that. I am trying to learn patience and I think I can wait this out. One month ago, I would say my acne was significantly worse. I am so so happy I hit the 3 month mark. This is when the work should really start kicking in. I have been saying lots of positive affirmations and learning a lot about myself dealing with acne again. I have finally tried to see a positive side to this. I now know that my boyfriend still loves me with bad acne, I am still beautiful and strong, and I know that quitting my birth control was a big reason for my acne returning. Speaking of birth control, I love my Orthto Tri Cyclen. I feel so happy and stable compared to the Nuvaring. I am in the middle of my second pack of the pills, and I have had a pretty small initial breakout. My emotional stability was worth the switch. I can't wait to see how this combo continues to work in the next 2-3 months. I can do this!
  14. Caveman - Week 4

    Has anyone experienced this using the Caveman Regime before? Background.. I was on Accutane twice when I was a teenager.. Cleared my skin up beautifully. Since having kids I began breaking out again on and off... (hormonal) Since I stopped nursing the breakouts returned but I had them under control a natural regime of gentle natural cleanser, diluted apple cider vinegar toner and tea tree oil as a spot treatment. Recently I decided I was done being a prisoner to all these remedies and felt like I need to let my skin heal itself once and for all.. So I started a modified Caveman about a month ago.. I only wet my skin one a day at the end of a shower and thats it... My forehead has always been perfect even when I'm in the midst of a breakout but for the last few days its covered in what feels almost like a rash.. tiny red spots, bumpy and breakouts on my temples.. Is this part of the "detox" period of the caveman? Has anyone had experience.. Do I keep going or go back to my natural regimen.. I'm close to giving up..
  15. Day 1 on Spironolactone

    Day 1 of taking 100mg a day. Not taking it with birth control. A handful of cysts but A TON (hundreds) of clogged pores that don’t show up too great in the photos. Oily beyond belief all over face.
  16. Hi guys. I have officially completed 2 months of 100 MG of Spiro. I am still looking just as bad. I notice a lot of ups and downs. One week I swear it looks much better and the next week I have a bunch of new pimples. I am sick of feeling the acne on my face and not wanting to look in the mirror. I am sick of plastering my skin with drying gel. It is exhausting. I also have started to take Anti Depressants. My mental state keeps worsening as my acne doesn't improve. I have tons of small pimples on my forehead, despite my Clindamycin use. It helps, but not enough. I have like 3 or 4 big pimples on both sides of my cheeks. -I had to switch from the Nuva Ring to Ortho Tri Cyclen. It is generic but it says right on it that it also treats moderate acne. I have taken this in the past when I was on Accutane and it kept me clear for awhile I feel like. I am hopeful this combination will be good. I really liked the Nuvaring, but the combo with Spiro was making me extremely emotional and I had a severe panic attack that I believe was from the Nuvaring. I used it in the past and it worked super good but now that I have acne again, the second time around hasn't been so great. I know it isn't supposed to help acne, so I think it am making the right move going back to my original Ortho Tri Cyclen. I haven't felt any emotional affects like I did on the NuvaRing. I really hope this isn't going to cause an initial breakout switching, because it already looks bad. I felt cloudy in the head until I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen. It wasn't fun. I have been on the pill for 5 days now. It caused me to get my period a full week early, and that might be why my skin looks especially bad today. -I am hopeful this medication will work. I just keep missing out on social events because I am so insecure. I just want this to be done with. I am so frustrated. My appointment with my dermatologist is near the end of October. I remember her saying I might not be clear by then. It will be the 3 month check up. I haven't been there since I got prescribed it. It is frustrating seeing people say it cleared them up in 1 month because I have had my initial breakout well over 2 months. I saw a few Youtube success stories, from girls with worse acne than me, getting clear at 6 months. It is so hard to wait that long. I don't have severe acne, it is more moderate. I feel like mine should clear up faster than that. Will someone comment and tell me how long it took them? I was hoping I would be back with a positive update. I am still going to keep moving forward and give it the full 6 months before I think about quitting. I hope I will get my dose raised at the appointment, or it will be clear by then? My birthday is November 29th and I will be devastated to not have clear skin by then...It is possible but also could very well not happen. Please comment! Support is always welcome!
  17. Hi gang! My background: Lurker for close to 10 years, almost as long as I have had acne. I am a mid-20s college student raising a sibling. In other words, I have no time. I want to look presentable, though. This is why clearing my skin naturally is so important to me. I also don't wear makeup.. so it's magnifies the issue. I'm a hard INTJ, if you dig MBTI. That means I'm typically anxious and tense, which I'm sure is a big part of my acne. BCP (Yasmin) cleared my skin in my teens. Went off of it because of some of the possible side effects, then went on Spiro, which worked perfectly. However, I want to heal my body. I don't want to be on medication forever. Both my parents have adult acne, so I could be looking at hard cysts on my face with other inflamed red rolling hills until I hit menopause. I was going to do Accutane, but stopped when I realized I would have to go back on Yasmin (i.e. my skin would be perfect on yasmin so I doubt the accutane would cure me.) I am using the Neutrogena light therapy mask right now. It is helping but I doubt it will help as much as I need. I eat a diet of chicken, vegetables, and glucomannan/oat fiber (non-soluble fibers that fill you up and pass right through.) I have always had chronic constipation, so I take Miralax. When I don't take it, the inflammation gets worse. I have noticed that if I eat a ton of vegetables, my skin can get inflamed. This worries me. When I don't eat, or eat tiny portions to keep myself from starving, acne is reduced. But how can I sustain that? It doesn't seem possible. I know tanning and sweating/working out have helped in the past, but on this diet I have no energy to work out. I am scared of how hungry it would make me. No, not anorexic. I'm 5'6 and ~140. If you have read this far, my heartfelt thanks. I am so grateful for this community. Acne is such a difficult disease to deal with in the modern world-the shame, I mean. MY QUESTION: Is there anything else I can do for my acne naturally? Should I just suck it up and go back on Spiro?
  18. I am thinking of stopping my intake of birth control soon and I am terrified of the consequences. I went on birth control (aviane) when I was 15 to treat moderate acne. After a few months of taking that, my doctor switched me to an ultra low dose pill, alesse. Ever since then I have been taking the pill - now I am 27. I realize I have a high chance of having terrible acne once I stop taking it. I have a little plan in mind, which is to "ween" off the pill, maintain a healthy diet, exercise and take supplements. I am wondering if anyone who is prone to acne has success stories on either not breaking out at all, or clearing up their Acne after quitting birth control?
  19. Hi! I am fifteen and I've been struggling with mild to moderate acne on my face and back since I was twelve. About two months ago I went to a dermatologist near where I live and had a pretty bad experience. The derm didn't even look at my skin or ask questions about it. She just shoved a bunch of prescription meds in my face and I left prescribed Epiduo Forte, and spironaldactone. I used the Epiduo for four weeks and it made my acne way worse than it had ever been before. I normally only broke out on my chin and around my mouth but my entire face was broken out by the end of the month. I ended up not taking the spiro and was prescribed a birth control so I have been taking that too. I decided to stop taking the Epiduo so I went back to my old routine. My skin has improved slightly, but is still very broken out. I don't know if I should go back to the Epiduo, keep hoping for the best, or see another dermatologist. I just am not sure what to do at this point, and my self esteem is at an all time low. Help!!
  20. Where do I even begin. I took birth control (portia 28 I believe) for the first time because I was sexually active at the time. I had clear skin prior to this, I don't think I ever got huge breakouts since high school- anyway, fast forward to a few months after stopping birth control I had comedonal acne. It's gotten progressively worse, and it's been 7 months now and my skin is the worst it has ever been. I have horrible (sore and painful) white heads and just really bad acne. I went to my GP and he prescribed me Alesse 28 about a little over a month ago but 5 days in I stopped taking it because I felt like it was breaking me out even more and I had terrible mood swings. It was awful. I went back to my GP and now will be starting a very low dosage of Accutane Roche, however I just noticed that he prescribed me Alesse 28 AGAIN! I sat my butt down for a good amount of time doing extensive research and found that Alesse was horrible for acne and that it may actually aggravate hormonal acne even more. I'm going back to my GP on tuesday to discuss this with him and also give him a list of all the other BCP's that have more anti-androgen properties (i.e Diane 35, Ocella, Zarah, Yasmin etc). I guess I have two questions: 1) What is the best BCP to take while on Accutane? I've done extensive research and I haven't really found a solid answer. I'm just tired of my skin suffering so much- it's taken such a toll on my confidence. I have hormonal acne and in the past have taken: Portia 28, Aleese 28. I've done diet changed, drank (still do) buckets of water. I've tried taking Omega-3's, Probiotics, Vitamin B. I've tried topical medicine (Dapsone gel 5%). 2) Will I break out if I discontinue taking BCPs after Accutane? And is it possible to take Accutane without BCP? I will be taking a low dosage of Accutane (10mg) for the course of 2 months, just to see if it works with me, but I'm so frightened to take BCPs after my past two horrible experiences with BCP that led me to take Accutane. I also live in Canada, so no iPledge here. I am single, and have been abstinent for 7 months now and do not at all intend to be with anyone for the next year. Will not taking BCP while on accutane effect the way it works on my skin? Do I need to take it for my hormonal acne to disappear, or will Accutane be enough on its own? I would immensely appreciate any sincere advice given. I'm sick of waking up to my aching face and new pimples all over. I'm tired and fed up. I want to start my journey with accutane as soon as I possibly can (and yes I do know about the side effects of taking accutane; I watched a lot of videos and read many things but I've solidified my decision to take accutane) Wishing everyone the best, x K
  21. Zinc Blog 7 (2.5 MONTHS)

    WEEK 11 (2.5 MONTHS): - I stopped posting for a while because midterms started coming up and I got very busy. I think I may be posting less frequently though as i don't see me having any skin epiphanies anytime soon lol - I have currently a few spots (active) and a lot of healing ones on my cheek (those honeslty kind of come and go and I swear it's due to not washing my makeup brushes frequently enough) - I have not had any super inflammed or itchy/painful hormonal spots around my mouth anymore & I can say with confidence that I am absolutely certain it is becasuse of the zinc! I plan to continue to take zinc from now on. I am convinced that it has had a positive impact on my skin and acne issues Here are some pictures from tonight:
  22. DAY 2

    It's late at night Monday, so its really Tuesday so to keep the math simple in the future, its going to be day 2 and I started on Sunday. I'm back a year and a half later STILL WITH BAD SKIN. I really have to have decent skin going into college because I can't be hiding in makeup 24/7. Some things I have learned about my skin in the past year and a half: -My acne is most likely hormonal. I have noticed this because of when it occurs worst as well as the fact that it is mostly on my cheeks and jawline. -I don't have oily skin (especially after what I've been doing with spearmint tea, continued below) so i need to target products other than just "oil stoppers". If you have suggestions for me keep this in mind: -Money is not a problem when it comes to skincare for me. I am so desperate for something to help my skin ANY SUGGESTION will be taken into consideration no matter how pricey. Good skin is priceless. -I have worn out my dermatologist with all pills and creams besides Accutane, so I am exploring my options of what else is out there. -I am trying to not have to go on birth control, I want to solve this skin issue on my own. Current: Because I am almost certain a big acne problem of mine is hormonal, I have been drinking a cup of spearmint tea everyday because that is supposed to help it. They recommend drinking 2 cups per day, but i did a month with just now cup and I have noticed less painful jawline, under the skin, cysts. As of yesterday (Sunday) I started drinking a cup in the morning, and one at night. Hopefully I'll see double the results. Morning: My skin is slightly dry from my evening spot treatment, so I was the remaining ~crust~ I use a light moisturizer and then I go in with the makeup I am wearing for the day. I do primer (Smashbox photofinish primer) and then foundation. I try to use the IT Cosmetics CC cream because it is lighter and better for your skin, but I do use the clinique 2 in 1 foundation if my skin looks really bad or I'm going to a party or something. Night: I use Clinique "Take the Day Off" cleansing balm to get my makeup off then I put a mask on and jump in the shower or just jump in the shower and use Noxzema. Then once I'm out I use the same lotion as the morning and then I go live my life. Then, before I go to bed, I use Mario Badescu Chamomile Night Cream and then some MB buffering lotion, drying lotion, and special healing powder on the places that need each specific product. Throughout the day I use the Mario Badescu rosewater spray to keep my skin fresh. (I am slightly obsessed with Mario Badescu). Attatched is my skin starting out:
  23. hormonal acne

    I've always been acne prone since my sophomore year of high school I broke out dramatically but over the years it seemed to balance out to the point where I didn't mind it as much. It still bothered because I would not leave the house without make up. I am now about to be 20 and this last summer I went through a lot of stress (breakup, college, work) and I even gained 14LB. I also have anxiety so it makes it harder to deal with stress in my opinion. I stated breaking out dramatically on my chin, cheeks, neck, back, chest, forehead... I've tried everything. I've tried brushes, peel masks, scrubs, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, drinking teas, vitamins, lysine, omega3, I've even tried cutting off dairy and eating more healthy... I've tried everything. Ive gone to the doctor but everything they recommend is so expensive... I have a consolation with a dermatologist in 2 months but I know that anything they give me I wont be able to afford. if anyone can relate to a point or have any advice on managing hormonal acne I would be more than thankful! I've honestly felt really down about the way I look... Im even planing on taking time off school to focus on helping myself with my social anxiety that acne has caused me. its been supper had for me to actually get out of my house the past months... and I forgot to mention that my period have been late as well.. I've missed like 2-3 weeks but the doctor said its fine? which I sort of don't agree
  24. Mirena IUD and Cystic Acne

    I've struggled with spots since about the age of 14 (spots but not severe enough to call acne in my opinion) probably just because I have large pores and my skin is prone to get oily. A year and a half ago (at age 20) I got the Mirena IUD implant. A few weeks afterwards I noticed my skin getting noticeably worse. I left this for a while cause I knew that the Mirena affected hormones and I hoped that it would settle in a few months. It did not settle and in fact got worse. I went to the doctors and I have tried 2 different anti-biotics each for 5 months and a few different creams and it has made no difference. I now very bad cystic acne which seems impossible to get rid of. I have read that the Mirena only causes bad skin within the first year and then it settles down however mine is getting worse and worse. Would having the Mirena removed help my skin? I know the hormone dose is very low after the first year so I'm not sure it will make a difference. Has anyone else had the same problem?