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  1. Hi I have cleared most of my acne(still have some small bumps) but my face is filled with acne marks. How can I clear these up fast? also how can I clear the stubborn small blackheads(?) seen in the pictures Thank you!
  2. Hey. 21 year old. What kind of scar is this and how can i treat those? My derm told i couldnt do laser beacuse of the skin color/HIP.
  3. Time Lapse of The Regimen

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    From the album Acne Journey

    The first picture to your left was the first day I started Dan Kern's, The Regimen July 14, 2012. The middle was taken December 7, 2012. And the picture to the right was taken today, December 27, 2012. As you can see there is a pretty big difference!! I had 60 blood pimples (there is actually one that is bleeding of the first pic, eww!) and in two months of committing myself to the regimen, I was finally clear. I look like a human now:P I have also been using 40 and 50% glycolic peel at home to work on my spots, holes, indents, and scars. They are wonderful! If you have any questions, feel free to message me and ask away
  4. From the album Acne Journey

    SO…the first picture was on July, 14, 2012 and this picture on the right is of December 7, 2012. I got clear at about week 9, and have been using at-home 40%glycolic peels to work on indents, scarring, holes and texture So what do you think? Thank you
  5. Before and After The Regimen

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    So the picture on the right I took today Aug 17, 2012, and the picture on the left I took about 2 weeks prior. See the difference? I have been on the Regimen for 5 total weeks and so far so good!