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  1. I have had bacterial folliculitis, primarily on my back, for an entire year now. I first developed bumps (in May of 2017) on my back that would become visible after showering but would disappear by the next morning. After a few months of this I went to the dermatologist and saw the NP. She said it was folliculitis and that we could try an antibiotic. She said she wasn't sure if this would work and said that if a round of antibiotics didn't clear it up then we could do a biopsy. I asked if we could go ahead and do the biopsy since I had the issue for so long already. I couldn't go outside all summer long because the heat and sweat would make the bumps worse. The biopsy came back as bacterial folliculitis. I took one round of doxycycline (30 days). The bumps cleared up close to the end of the round. A week and a half or two after completing the round, the bumps came back. I went back to the dermatologist and she prescribed another round of antibiotics (still doxycycline). The bumps cleared, but again came back shortly after finishing the round. I went back to the dermatologist again and this time she prescribed clindamycin topical foam. She said (on my third or fourth visit) that she wanted me to take the doxycycline for one to two months after the bumps completely cleared. I took additional doxycycline from January 2018 to April 2018. My skin was completely clear for over a month. I finished the last round and sure enough.... two weeks later the bumps were back. I went back to the dermatologist again. She didn't even take the time to look at my chart before coming in and asking what was wrong. She asked if I had used the foam and I told her I had. I asked if we should try a new medicine and she said "yeah, sure. I have some samples of something." She gave me a handful of samples (of Solodyn 55mg) and sent me on my way without explaining anything. The samples actually have an expiration date of May 2018!! I called the office to ask if I needed to exchange these and her nurse said that they were fine. I read that expired solodyn can be bad for your liver or kidneys or something..... hopefully they don't cause more of a problem. I am so tired of fighting this skin infection!! Especially since I live in a warm climate... I can't expose my skin because it is so gross and the bumps are red and painful. I feel at such a loss since it keeps coming back over and over and over again despite months of dealing with stupid side effects from antibiotics. Any advice???
  2. help??

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    I started getting these small skin colored bumps about a year ago. They don’t go away and they’re like impossible to get rid of. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Does anyone know what this is? I use all gentle products and i dont know what triggered this. hopefully someone can help
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has/had a similar issue to the photos I'm showing.. I have these tiny bumps (some are hard like whiteheads), along my jawline and on my forehead.. right after a shower I can squeeze some stuff out of them and the bumps will go down.. but I'm not gonna do that all over my face because I'll definitely end up with a few pimples the next day (as you can see this is a main cause of the redness and pimples on my forehead). I also deal with a bit of hormonal acne on my chin and my cheeks which for us ladies is super annoying. I'll have amazing looking skin for a day or two throughout the month, and then boom.. back to little baby pimples and scars. I'm soon going on birth control in two weeks or so as recommended by my doctor, at least for a couple of months to help with hormonal acne. I've heard of these bump issues also being an overproduction of yeast on the skin or in the body, and I really don't know how to fix this. I try my hardest to eat healthy, I wash my face nightly and remove all my makeup.. I don't know what to do anymore. I've heard of Nizoral for this yeast-bump conspiracy. Has anyone tried it? Please leave any tips/tricks. I appreciate it greatly!
  4. after i cleanse my face, my forehead looks like this. i usually look better once i put the rest of my skincare routine, but i’m wondering if anything i’m doing is actually working to remove these bumps. i’m using a 2% bha wash (i typically prefer medicated washes to leave on products just for time efficiency) day and night and focus on hydration so i keep my routine to just: cleanse, hyaluronic acid serum, moisturizer - are these clogged pores?? if so, how long will they take to go away? i’ve been using bha for about 2 months now on/off (there are smaller ones that the camera couldn’t capture too) - is there something more effective for this type of problem than bha? i’ve been looking at sulfur and buying a sulfur cleanser instead since it seems to help with acne and pityrosporum folliculitis as well i sadly can’t visit a derm at the moment so any help is appreciated!
  5. Okay so, I have pityrosporum folliculitis(fungal acne all over my face) is there a way to cure and get rid of this forever? I havent had this problem before and only got it after putting on topical antibiotics on my face for a few months. Do you think that folliculitis will go away if I leave my skin alone? What if I use nizoral twice a week, will it go away? Probiotics, do they cure pityrosporum folliculitis? Also, is dehydrated skin normal for fungal acne? I would rather be more thankful if my skin turns normal again permanently than having to treat it every week because i dont want to be carrying a nizoral bottle everywhere i go
  6. It started about 4 years ago. I got my first buttox zit. Or so I thought. I had a couple here and there but only on the buttox, then approximately 3 years ago, I noticed them coming up the small of back, between the shoulders, which I figured could be normal and I'm a "late-bloomer." Found unit couple my first fiends got scabies; so I went to the doc and got the cream and used it. These never went away and didn't look like that anyway so I let it be. well 2 years ago I began to get em in between my pecs dad eventually they moved all over my chest, ribs, and now even my thighs and beginning down my arms. i gone to the dermatologist, even got a biopsy, not bacterial.. so he thought follicular and prescribed a plethora of antibacterial soap and topical steroids. THE soap (hibiclense) and others, had literally no effect, the topical steriods (currently on triamcinolone acetone ointment 1%) they work for the first week ridding about 70% but they always come back and the ointment has no effect week 2 no beyond. Any thoughts thoughts or suggestions please let me know.
  7. Hi Everyone, I have been dealing with Folliculitis for about 5 years now it continually seems to get worse and worse. The worst of it is on the back of my scalp along my hairline, but recently it seems to have spread onto my chest, the front of my neck, my forehead and into my beard. The Folliculitis consists of small-medium pustules usually with pus filled heads. They are very painful at times especially when washing or sleeping. I've seen multiple Derms and tried every oral or topical antibiotic in the spectrum and nothing seems to cure it (this includes fungal shampoos, fluconazole, ketoconazole). The only way I have been able to temporally eliminate it has been by taking Augmentin and Accutane. While on both drugs, my Folliculitis seems to totally disappear. Once I get off the drugs, it returns with vengeance. I have also tried many natural/homeopathic remedies but none seem to really work...I've tried, ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut oil ETC...(ACV & Tea Tree Oil seem to help a little by drying the pustules out) I don't think it is Folliculitis Decalvans because I have no scarring and no hair loss. Background on me: I have had severe skin problems since i was 15 (I'm now 25)...I have been on practically every antibiotic (tetracyclines, Doxys, bactrim, Amox, Augmentin, prednisone etc, and practically every topical). I have done 3 courses of accutane. Most of this has helped to clear my face but now it seems that maybe it has caused my Folliculitis. Over the years, Augmentin has been the best drug for me in terms of clearing me up... I have been on Augmentin and other Antibiotics for extended periods of time (over a year)... My current regimen as prescribed by one of the top Derms at University of Miami is to wash with CLN Shampoo (which contains bleach), use a topical Steroid, and apply Gentamicin (seems to mildly control it but its starting to work less and less...might have built up resistance)...the reason for this regimen is because I have had probably 6 different cultures/biopsies taken and all come back normal...They either come back with no fungal or bacterial growth or just coagulase-negative staph (which is normal skin bacteria). My current Derm thinks it might just be due to inflammation and not a bacterial/fungal issue...She said the Augmentin likely works so well because of its anti-inflammatory properties... Going back to see the Derm in about 3 weeks to try something else because it is definitely not working. I also eat pretty healthy...lots of veggies, very little processed foods and I also take strong probiotics along with I drink homemade Kefir and Kombucha everyday (been drinking those for about 2 months now). I figured doing these things was worth a try considering I may have an imbalance of bacteria in my gut from all the far they haven't worked but I will continue them. I am very diligent in my skin care routine and do everything I can to improve it (this includes washing sheets, pillow cases, & towels very often) If anyone has any additional ideas for me or advice, please let me know...I am pretty desperate at this time and it has really put a damper on my life. BTW...the pictures really don't do this justice...a lot of the pustules are in hair, somewhat hidden
  8. Hi everyone, My name is Alberto, I am 43. Since Nov. 2017 I have been suffering from redness in my face and back (When I mean red, is RED..), sometimes with pimples and always very dry. The situation typically get worsened by showers, exercise (sweat).. sometimes direct exposure to the sun. See my picture of the back.. I am not showing my face but it was the same !!!! Before New Year's eve I decided to pay a first visit to a dermatologist (First time ever), and she said: - It seems to be dryness of the skin. Use Cetaphyl lotion mornings and nights and if after 2 weeks nothing happens, let me know. After 2 weeks, nothing happened. Same situation. Called back the Dr. and after careful review of face and back, she said: - It seems to be a reaction from the soap/shampoo you use. Stop using any soaps or shampoo for 2 weeks, just shower with warm water for 5 minutes and then apply Cetaphyl. Also stop using dryer sheets (I was using them) as they could be strong for people with delicate skin. After 2 weeks, nothing happened and I decided to change Dr. and followed a recommendation of a colleague at work, that suffers from light Rosacea. The new Dr. said that most probably, and after all the trial and error from the previous Dr. my problem was related to bacteria coming from my scalp (Folliculitis), landing in my face and back while showering. He also said that my face was getting a lot of bacteria from my pillow (coming from my scalp). I had serious doubts about this theory, but he proved me wrong. He prescribed Metronidazol for the face, to be used morning and afternoon, after washing my face WITH SOAP !! (my first surprise). And also recommended a shampoo/body wash with antibacterial properties to prevent my scalp bacteria to land in my face and back. I truly believe this was the real change in my case. He recommended a product called CLN Body Wash.. is super hard to find (no pharmacies, supermarkets, etc) and is a little expensive but I can tell you, is great (So far) If any of you in this forum is experiencing similar symptoms give this product a try, I buy them on their own brand amazon store (best price so far). Hopefully the links work: Body Wash, Shampoo, Face cleaner BE AWARE: Dr. Lee told me that they will try to sell you the 3 of them (very expensive), however you can use the Body Wash for your scalp also so you save that money. I am doing it and works ! Is anyone here using Metronidazole? CLN? any feedback? I am new to this and want to make sure none of these products are bad in the long term. Appreciated the reading and feedback
  9. Having teenage acne, I took doxycycline for three years and once I became immune to the antibiotic I then took another antibiotic (minocycline) for another 1.5 years. During this time I also developed juvenile eczema and yeast-induced folliculitis. For the folliculitis I took Ketoconazole 20 mg every other week and I used a Selenium Sulfide shampoo three times a week and rarely had any large breakouts. Since I am almost 21 (and sick of relying on antibiotics twice a day) I decided that I didn't want to take oral medication for my acne anymore and low and behold after 5 days I noticed I was almost entirely clear! Although, after almost a week I noticed that I was developing folliculitis on my chest/collarbone region very badly, to the point where I had to use my Selenium Sulfide shampoo twice a day along with my (3 months expired) Ketoconazole 20 mg cream. Finally after a week it subsided only to start on my back, where I have never had folliculitis before. After a few days that went away but now I have it on my FACE. Now, I have gotten it along my hairline before but this is literally all over my chin, lower cheek region, and forehead. My skin is too sensitive to use the prescription shampoo on my face twice a day so I have been using that once a day and the keto cream twice a day. Unfortunately it has been almost a week and it doesn't seem to have gotten any better! My dermatologist recommended going on Doxycycline, but I said no because I developed an immunity. In addition, I thought that oral antibiotics are a cause for folliculitis? I am so confused as I thought that it would get better, not worse. I am going to stop wearing makeup now, along with using topical vitamin E oil and moisturizer (although I am really nervous because my skin is extremely dry, especially in the Michigan winter). Does anyone have any suggestions or things that worked for them or perhaps things I should avoid? Thank you so much in advance!
  10. Hey everyone. I've posted about this before a couple of months ago but got no replies, the problem is still here so I'm trying again! Back in March I changed to a new BC pill (Dianette) along with a Duac gel. Everything was great for 2ish weeks and then I started getting lots of tiny whiteheads all over my neck and chest. Since then it has moved up to around my face and sometimes forehead. I also have even smaller bumps around my mouth & nose area and occasionally my eyes. The rash almost has a cycle. It will be very mild to non existent and then suddenly whiteheads will start popping up throughout the day and for the next couple of days, they eventually turn into small brown scabs and disappear. My skin is then almost clear for a week or so and they return. The bumps on my face are similar, they are skin-coloured normally but whenever I rub or wash my face they turn red, sometimes there's more sometimes less. I have long stopped using the Duac gel, tried stopping most of my skin care products and right now only using two very light and non irritating products to moisturize which haven't been part of my routine back then. I changed shampoos, body washes, toothpaste etc. The only constant is the bc pill, could this somehow be triggering it? I've seen my doctor and was prescribed Rozex gel which helped a little around the eyes and Lymecycline, which made things a hundred times worse. Just to show how drastically it changes in the span of a few days,the first two pics are of my skin today which looks almost clear! This is at it's "good" stage and unfortunately happens almost every time I try to schedule a visit with my GP. The day before this I used Nizoral and left it on for 10 minutes so perhaps that helped? I've tried anti-fungals before and they seem to somewhat work but my skin gets worse every time anyway. Next two pictures are just 3-4 days ago, the spots on my face are the ones that show up when washing/rubbing my face. Here is a pic of the bumps around my mouth, they are difficult to see and are more noticeable in certain lights. The skin is redder and more "scaly" in those areas. Lastly here are some pictures of the flare up I had when I tried to go on Lymecycline. Immediately after I stopped it calmed down. I currently have a prescription for 5 days worth of steroids but haven't taken it yet because if this is fungal it will only get worse Really at a loss on what to do because it seems like at this point I'll never have clear skin, any help would be appreciated.
  11. Good morning, I am 19 years old and I have had for a long time these little red pimples in the areas of the jawline and cheeks. In the past I have already had acne, but now I have practically nothing ... I only have these little red pimples. In my opinion, they come because of shaving (I shave everyday); I have already tried many types of aftershaves and different shaving gels but the problem is still there. Furthermore, I use a purifying foaming gel of "La roche-posay" everyday, plus the "effaclar Mat" cream of the same brand twice a day (morning and night). Also, once a week I use the exfoliant of the "Avène" brand. These products have eliminated my acne but not red pimples ... Is there a cream to eliminate these "shaving pimples"? I hope someone could help me... (P.S. sorry for my bad english).
  12. Since I went off Accutane (about August 2014) I've been suffering with what I believe is scalp folliculitis. I get very painful red bumps on my scalp, which don't seem to harbor pus, as they don't ooze any kind of liquid when I squeeze them (I don't overdo the squeezing, it's just to test, don't worry), and they don't seem to cause hair loss, since I haven't noticed any hairless zones in my scalp, apart from the typical androgenic balding signs. Usually they last four or five days, at most, and then subside, reasonably fast. Worst one I got was about September, 2015, which developed on the right side of the scalp. Felt very big and tender to my hand, but as all the similar lesions I've been getting, it didn't "stand out" off of the skin, just a very pinkish-red zone, with the corresponding hairs coming out of it. This didn't ooze any liquid, either. Lasted less than two days before it began to go away, and apparently it didn't cause any hair loss, though I had long hair at the time, so I couldn't really tell. Apart from that, I get small papules all over vertex and sides, not so tender, and on the nape of the neck, too. These ones don't seem to be causing any hair loss, also, but they have left me with some hyperpigmentation. Any clue to what this may be? I strongly believe it's folliculitis, and I'm seriously afraid it is or will progress into something worse (thinking of dissecting folliculitis of the scalp, or acne keloidalis) but, for hope, I'm holding on to the fact that it hasn't caused any hair loss, and those two diseases almost always do. I can't afford a dermatologist nor a prescription treatment right now, but I wan't to know what it may be, so I can adjust my diet and habits accordingly, and so I can prepare myself for what worse situation might be coming. Many thanks to you, people.
  13. Entire Forehead Covered in Bumps - not acne

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    Hey there, I hope you are all well, so I have been struggling with forehead bumps which have spread over the entirety of my forehead and now down to my temples. I never get acne and the majority of my face is extremely clear but for some reason my forehead has just broken out in all these bumps which aren't noticeable in certain lights but extremely in others as per the pictures attached. I have had mild success with Nizoral shampoo and Daktacort ointment as the doctor believes it is a fungal infection and not acne. If anyone can shed any light on this - if they have dealt with it- then that would be great. I wouldn't feel so down about it if I knew it was improving but now that it is spreading down my temples I am getting very worried. Best Paul
  14. Hi. OK so I am going absoultely mad! I am 23 years old. I don't have acne but I have whiteheads and even pink colored pimples on my face mainly left and right cheek and on my forehead. But what drives me insane is the whiteheads or even pink pimples I get at the back of my scalp napeline and sometimes on top of my scalp. It hurts like crazy and is itchy as well. No dr has ever been able to tell me what it is they all gave me different antibiotics I take them and after the I'm finished with them after about 2 weeks the same thing happens. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I also get it all over my back as well. Sometimes so much that I can't even lay on my back because of the pain. Anyone have any idea what this could be and what I should do about it?
  15. Do I have folliculitis

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    I have had these lumps/spots on my head for 5 months, since June. I have tried many ‘blocked pore’ regimes and products and none have seemed to work. The spots disappear and pop up again but don’t seem like blocked pores to me? Or is it a source of acne? What can I do to get rid of this? I can only remember when after dying my hair to brown after having been a bleached blonde they started to appear. Although I don’t think that has anything to do with it considering I’m still getting so much lumps now? Also, they some appear the same colour as my skin and some appear red but definitely aren’t normal spots. Can anyone please help ?
  16. So I have these tiny bumps all over my forehead. A little pit of a back story. I have had clear skin for most my life. I am 19 years old I started working out about 3 months ago. I was on weigh protein. The protein (from what I think) made zits appear on my jaw line. I started applying face washes and srubs to clear the acne. After about 2 month I sort have got it under control. About 2 weeks ago, I developed these tiny bumps all over my head. I don’t know if it’s from the gym, because that’s where I thought the ance came from other than the protein. Or I thought they old be from clogged pores tom even acne wash. They are ichty and my dermatologist told me they are clogged pores. They are the worst above my eyebrows. I started using Nizoral 1% for about 5 days now. I have not seen any noticeable difference which scares me. Also my skin gets super try after a shower and by the middle of the day, my forehead is super greasy. Should I be cleaning that grease off? Should I stick with nizoral? What do the bumps look like to people who have had it? They look worse in person I think.
  17. I hope my experience can help someone. I have been suffering from severe butt acne for about 8 years. Tried benzoyl peroxide lotion, soaking in salt water, iodine, different acne creams, retinol - A, coconut oil, avoiding some foods ( milk, coffee, oil) - nothing worked. Some time ago I was searching some new information about the subject and came across someone saying that usually people who sit a lot get butt acne. So I thought that maybe long time pressure on the butt causes ingrown hair. I have been really sitting a lot at work or when I am relaxing at home and laying on my back - there is still a lot of pressure on my butt. So I decided to avoid sitting and laying on my back even when sleeping. I lay on the sides and try not to sit at all or to sit for a very short time. Especially it's easy to do because I am not working at the moment. Have been doing this for about a week, and my butt is almost clear now - no new boils, old ones have dried out, no inflammation, just some dark spots that keep fading each day - I guess it will take some more time for them to fade as the boils were really deep. I am so happy that this nightmare is finishing!
  18. Folliculitis - HELP!

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    Hi All, I have what I now know is Folliculitis. This is typically is in my beard area and hairline at the back of my neck (please see pictures attached). It usually occurs when I let my hair grow, and clears up when I get a haircut or trim my beard (with a trimmer and not a razor). For your information I have tried the following methods to try and clear up this disease: - Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Gel Witch Hazel/Aloe Alcohol-Free Toner Turmeric Capsules w/ BioPerine African Black Soap HibiScrub Antimicrobial Benzoyl Peroxide - PanOxyl Salicylic Acid Moisturiser Glycolic Acid Pads Glycolic Acid Face Wash Quinoderm Antimicrobial Flucloxacillin 500mg - 10 Day Course Apple Cider Vinegar Tea Tree & Oregano Creme Derma E This has been with little - moderate results in the long run. I am now considering laser hair removal at the back of my neck, and i'm not sure what to do about my beard area. I have not yet gone to a derm or doctor face to face, and have used an online doctor to get my prescriptions. My plan is to see a GP this week and push for a skin biopsy to find out if this infection is bacterial or fungal etc. My questions to you guys are: - Have you experienced this before? What treatment worked for you? Is this a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection? Do you have any additional information and/or advise? Thank you and hope to hear back soon. Mitch.
  19. Resistant folliculitis [Staphy]

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    Hi, I am new user here, and hopefully somebody who can help me out. because am just tired of this shit. I just had a laser removal and suddenly have those small pustules in my beard line. I have done a research, and I believe which am not sure it's foliculities infection caused by staphylococcus. I just got Hibiclens + clindacin t solution t + fucidin ointment in order to eliminate staph in my body. I apply those but still its remaing resistance specially under my nose one comes from time to time while am fully cleaned. so what shall i do?, any advice?
  20. Hi, I previously had mild cystic acne. Went through accutane and during my course I developed "folliculitis", which worsened throughout the treatment. The nurses thought it was part of the initial break out, until all of my acne healed and I was left w/ only the "folliculitis"...which spread and worsened as time passed. It's located on the back of my scalp as well as on my upper arms, stomach, and on one side of my upper back. The bumps are deep, painful sores that repeatedly swell, crust over, do not go away, and spread. They are not like acne in that they are painful, they have red (not white) centers, and the fluid inside them is not thick - it's blood or a combination of blood and clear fluid. I had a culture and a scoop biopsy done, however neither showed any fungal or bacterial growth. The scoop biopsy led to a diagnosis of ulticaria (hives - allergicic reaction). After browsing hundreds of photos of ulticarial reactions I was unable to find even one photo that even somewhat resembles my condition. I have, however, found countless photos and descriptions of folliculitis that mirror my condition. I'm wondering if it's possible to have folliculitis without bacterial or fungal presence? This has been going on for nearly five months and I'm worried due to the worsening severity of it. Regardless of my uncertainty re: my diagnosis, I've stopped seeking dermatological treatment due to being prescribed countless antibiotic and steroid treatments. After doing endless research, I've come to believe that having been on antibiotics for over 10 yrs straight has led to dysbiosis - an unhealthy imbalance of the good and bad bacteria within my intestines, which leads to gut permeability (aka "leaky gut"), which is the cause of nearly all inflammatory, allergic, and autoimmune issues. Research it! Hippocrates was ahead of his time and is still ahead of THIS time. A very small sector of modern medicine is beginning to use probiotics to treat infections by balancing microbiota flora (instead of using antibiotics to kill the good with the bad for some temporary relief), and I think this healthier and long-term approach will trend up with time. I'm attempting to fix my issues from the inside out, instead of continually and unsuccessfully treating the symptoms with prescribed suppressive therapy. Although the process is lengthy and requires significant ongoing lifestyle changes, I'm hopeful that rebalancing the flora within my microbiome will effectively treat my skin issues while simultaneously improving other things for me. I don't eat dairy, and a little over a week ago I cut out gluten and sugar (aside from fruit). I got a new water purifier/alkalizer, just bought a shower filter and I'm using Nizoral shampoo, which is sulfate-free. I'm beginning to take supplements to help heal and seal the tight junctions within my guts while restoring the healthy bacteria that keeps the bad bacterial/fungal invaders within my guts in check. These supplements include pure organic powder forms of: L-glutamine, MSM, and collagen, plus liquid ingestible probiotics. I'm taking these things on an empty stomach,. I'm also using sprayable probiotics that I mist on to the affected areas of my skin. Anti-bacterial/anti-microbial products cannot be used while doing this, because doing so would counterproductively kill the probiotics. So far, after about a week, I've seen noticeable improvements in all areas that are affected. This is somewhat relieving, as compared to how I was feeling about the uncontrollable spreading. Unfortunately, I'm unsure about what exactly is helping since I made various simultaneous changes. Additionally, I have a hypoactive thyroid and want to avoid prescribed medication to fix that issue. I want to start supplementing for that as well in hopes of naturally regulating my hormonal imbalances, which likely contribute to my inflammatory skin condition. In combination, I definitely need to decrease my very high stress levels, and that job is ALL on me...although the relationship is cyclical in that this condition exacerbates my stress while lowering my self-confidence, which in turn increases both stress and inflammation. I'd really like to have a food sensitivity test done, but I'm a Kaiser patient and I can only see an allergist for life-threatening allergic would be beneficial to know exactly which foods to avoid in order to help decrease these inflammatory symptoms. I'm also considering visiting a naturopathic MD/Nutritionist down the line to assist me on this frustrating journey, if need be. I may exit the Kaiser network in the next few months as well...time will tell. PLEASE share with me any relevant information out may have! Thank you
  21. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my problems. I've had these bumps all over my skin since March. They started forming right after I came off of antibiotics. Since then I've been doing everything possible to get rid of it- new skincare, serums, healthier diet, drinking more water and taking probiotics every day. Any idea what I should do? Thanks for any help.
  22. Hi everyone, I am new here and looking for a way to clean up acne/folliculitis on my butt. I started getting it about 1 month after my parents gave me a comfy designer swivel chair so I am pretty sure it is due to the chair but since it was a gift, very compfy and does no give my Backache ( I have scoliosis), I would like the best of both worlds by clearing up the problem and still using the chair if possible. I have tried: Keeping it clean regularly, Antibiotics once (2 tablets), Clean & clear Cleanser, Hydrocortisone cream, Sudocrem, Honey & cinnamon once, Whitch Hazel, Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree cream and Daktarin once. I try not to scratch but it's so hard not to sometimes. I have increased my dosage of vitamen suppliments and today started drinking smoothies again. Is it just a case of dumping the chair or is there a different remedy I should be trying? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  23. I am a 40-year-old male and I've decided to register here and share my experience because I think I might have finally found a solution to the bad skin I've had since my teenage years. Just a warning that this is a long story (27 years' worth) but if I can help even one person then it'll be worth it. I never thought I'd reach this age and still have hang-ups about my skin. You get told "it's okay, it'll clear up naturally as you age". Well mine didn't. My problem started back in the late 1980s. Suddenly I developed acne-like bumps on my shoulder blade area. Over the course of a few years these bumps spread and would cover my back, down onto my buttocks and thighs, and sometimes extending to my chest, tummy and neck. I have been fortunate throughout my life to have avoided facial acne and have always had fairly clear skin on my face, except for the odd zit or little patches of dermatitis which would come and go. The bacne, though, was awful. I was ashamed to get changed before and after sports lessons, and my worst nightmare was being made to play on the "skins" team in basketball, when this horrible rash would be exposed for all to see. The rash was always there to some extent, although it could be more or less inflamed at different times. Bear in mind that back then the internet didn't exist, so there was nowhere to get information other than from the doctor. I eventually plucked up the courage to go and see my GP, knowing that it would involve showing another person my awful rash. The knowledge about various skin conditions was lacking in those days, and the treatment options were more limited. I was diagnosed with acne and put on a course of oxytetracycline. It didn't work at all. Once I started having a sex life, things got awkward. Going to bed with someone meant exposing my body and rashes are a turn-off, right? I tried not to get into situations where my partner would see my back (e.g. I'd let them get out of bed first for shower or tea-making, and by the time they got back I'd be half-dressed - I got good at that stuff!) I even started using foundation mousse on the affected areas ("this is for my wife - I hope I got her the right brand!") If I was going through a phase where the spots were fading then this would work quite well, but if I had a new, angry red breakout, the concealer didn't work and I'd have to make excuses not to go on dates (I've had "flu" more often than any other human being!) I think I tried another course of tetracycline at some point but to no avail. Recently I learnt that they don't even prescribe that these days and tried better antibiotics that were effective to some extent, at least until I broke out again :-( Over two decades passed like this. I tried exfoliation which would bring me out in an angry red rash but then help to clear me up for a while until the next uncontrollable breakout. When I was 23 I got put on a course of doxycycline for malaria prevention for going overseas, and this coupled with lots of sunshine on the beach cleared me completely for the first time since my early teens. I was tanned, lean and hot as! I experienced for the first time what it must be like for people with clear skin who can go to the beach and not have to feel ashamed. For a few weeks when I got back home I stayed clear, but then gradually the spots came back. I was mortified and really depressed. My depression got worse until it actually became full-on anxiety and panic attacks in my late 30s. I got put on anti-depressants. I know my depression was related to my skin for the most part - not just stress at work etc. Then I did some reading about malassezia folliculitis and tried Nizoral shampoo. This cleared my skin quite quickly and I got excited, thinking I'd found the answer. But like many people have found, it stopped being effective after a few weeks. I then tried Benzoyl Peroxide wash. Exactly the same thing happened. I booked an appointment with a dermatologist, who diagnosed me with malassezia folliculitis and told me to use Nizoral shampoo. I told her I was already using it and she explained that I wasn't leaving it on for long enough: at least 20 minutes, she said, not 5. I asked her why BP had worked for a while if the problem was not bacterial and she said it was because of its exfoliating and deep-pore oxidising qualities which would help stop plugs from forming. I tried leaving the washes on for longer and that may have worked for a while but then I went on holiday overseas in 48-49C heat and sweated a lot. My rash came back angrier than ever and Nizoral and BP were now totally ineffective. This problem is coming from the inside, I thought. Is it stress? Probably to an extent, but I was now keeping a diary and I seemed to get breakouts even at times when I was on holiday and relatively reponsibility-free. Is it diet? No, I told myself, because I was always reading that skin conditions aren't related to diet. Anyway, there were people who lived on fast food and fizzy drinks and they had clear skin, so it couldn't be that, right? Wrong. I hadn't taken into account that we're all different. Our genes predispose us to problems and some of us need to work harder to maintain decent skin. My breakthrough came after recovering from a really bad bout of flu (actual flu this time). The virus totally ravaged me and left me weak and feeling totally depleted. I craved vegetables and fruit, and started wanting oranges (I don't usually). I did some research on the net and it was when I came across this article that I had my "aha" moment. I had been looking into nutrition and what exactly all the vitamins and minerals do in terms of function, and this was telling me that certain deficiencies could cause skin issues. I looked through the list and recognised problems I've had to deal with on and off over the years: the folliculitis, keratosis pilaris (tiny bumps at the top of my arms), cheilitis (dry lips and cracking at the corners of the mouth), eczema, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, seborroeic dermatitis... they were all there. Maybe I have malabsorption issues, I told myself. Or maybe I'm just not putting enough of the good stuff into my body. I immediately changed my eating habits. The only meal I changed was lunch. Lunch is now a salami, ham, sardine or cheese sandwich stuffed with as many vegetables I can lay my hands on. I have a big tray full of veg which I bring out of the fridge and treat like a sort of "Subway with all the salad". Onto my meat/fish sandwich go olives, cucumber, spinach, herbs like basil and parsley, red onion, grated carrot, sliced radish, red pepper, sometimes avocado, spring onions, tomatoes, gherkins or raw mushrooms - basically anything I can lay my hands on. If there's part of a carrot left or a stick of celery, I'll have that on the plate separate from the sandwich. I have a piece of fruit with every meal - usually a banana, orange and apple in that order. I've also started taking multi-vitamin tablets once a day. I bought an anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger liquid and take a swig of that with my vitamin pill. Since I started this new diet, I haven't had a single new spot. My skin has smoothed out and feels invincible. Even when it gets sweaty, greasy or dry depending on my activities or changes in the weather, my skin just deals with it. I don't know exactly what mechanism underlies this or what out of the fruit/veg/pills/liquid is most responsible for the effect, but whatever I'm putting in my body must be doing stuff involving enzymes, receptors, inhibitors, immune system and absorption boosters... whatever, I don't know. Anyway, it's working, and that's the important thing. There's no way I'm changing my new routine! I used to think I had an ok diet, but it seems my body needs a bit of TLC when it comes to nutrition. The 5 serves of veg a day just won't cut it, perhaps because my gut is dysfunctional. If I bombard my body with more fruit and veg than you would think it needs so that it can absorb its daily requirements, I am rewarded with clear skin. I'm so happy right now after 27 years of anguish! Even though I've only been clear a short while, I know deep down that I won't relapse like I did after a few weeks of topical remedies, which were only addressing the surface symptoms and not the underlying cause. And the sandwiches are delicious :-)
  24. About 4 months ago, about 10 little bumps appeared on my forehead. At first, I assumed it was acne and I treated it like it was. I heard great things about the Shea Moisture African Black Soap and decided to try it out. I used it for about 2 weeks and it made it 100x worse. Now my forehead is absolutely covered. I began researching it and I learned about something called Malassezia Folliculitis and it really does look like it could be that. I have no idea which it could be, and how I can treat it. I inserted some pictures to help. Thank you.