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  1. Hi, I have suffered from moderate to severe acne since I was about 16 and am now 21. I have taken doxycycline pills, benzoyl peroxide cream (which I still use on occasion- I am unsure whether it actually helps or is irritating and drying out my skin too much) and now take anti-androgens. I have taken antidepressants for about a year until recently as well. Since January, I have pretty much eliminated dairy products from my diet as I've heard multiple times that it is good for acne. My skin has improved slightly but that may also be due to changing medications and using Lush's Ultrabland cleanser. I have also read that, forgive me if I'm not using the correct term, 'carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index' such as bread, cakes and rice often contribute to acne. I am trying to reduce these in my diet but am finding I now feel very hungry and irritable a lot of the time. I've always followed a pescatarian diet and I don't ever want to eat meat that isn't fish. So what is there left to eat? Fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, vegan meat and dairy substitutes? I eat all these things but I think that because of my tall, slim body type I have always been the kind to get very hungry easily and my body is used to me eating a lot of bread and pasta. I don't have a lot of money to buy lots of fancy non-wheat vegan food. Any suggestions of what I can do and is it even worth restricting my diet so much in order to reduce acne?
  2. Brain fog on accutane

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    I have been on accutane 40 mg 1 a day for two days. The first day I experienced mild brain fog and pressure headaches but I thought it was just the drug kicking in. Today I have experienced fatigue, brain fog, loss of vision, nausea, loss of balance, and extreme pressure headaches. Do I find a way to combat this while still taking accutane, or do I stop accutane altogether. My acne started in high school my senior year. I found that I have had leaky gut and candida in my gut. I have been eating gluten and dairy free for 7 months and around month 4 I had no acne. That lasted about a month and now I have the worst acne I have ever had. Splotchy redness but not too much active acne. 3-4 white heads at a time. I'm at my wits end about the whole thing.
  3. I'm on Spiro but....(Advice?)

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    (Ugh, second time writing this out as I refreshed the page by accident. Sorry this is LONG!) Female, 26 Medications I take YAZ - for about 3 years now Vit D3 Spironolactone (100 mg 50am/50pm) I'm on day 5, with little change. A quick summary of what has happened: The beginning of this year I started breaking out badly in cystic spots along the jawline. previously I had been perfectly clear on YAZ and topicals. (Trentinoin .025%). I just attributed the breakout to stress and went on about my life. Fast-forward a bit - my skin texture started to change drastically. I started to have increased oil production and random scarring, especially on the apples of my cheeks. My mood went from good to the depths of depression, literally. A little extra info, I am in the military, currently stationed overseas. 1) Military doctors are insufferable and it is almost impossible to convince them there is something wrong with you. 2) Being overseas, I can't really pursue my own treatment. The first thing to happen when I went to my doctor, was, basically, them calling me crazy because my skin did not "look that bad." Sparing you the long story, I was sent to a therapist, diagnosed with depression (DUH my face was deteriorating and you didn't believe me!) They tried to get me to take Zolof, but that lasted two days because it was unbearable. I FINALLY got to see a derm and he agreed to Accutane, but at the same time suggested Spiro (Which I was aware of.) I told him no, initially and began the 30 day wait for Accutane. The closer I got though, the more I contemplated Spiro. I have a plethora of weird things going on with my body and I was actually pretty terrified that Accutane might make them worse. I am going to list them here, because maybe while I wait to see an endo (whenever that is), some of you can help me be less anxious. Acne. (Not just on my jaw anymore, but small pustules pop up everywhere, they do not discriminate.) Scarring, even where there was nothing, no acne, no inflammation. (Icepicks, boxcar and PIH) EXTREMELY reactive skin that turns red over nothing and doesn't really handle any acne products well. Large pores and excessively oily skin whereas before it was normal all around with pretty smooth skin aside from the acne itself. Excess vellus hair on my entire face and on my neck, not terminal aside from the ones I've had on my chin for a while now. ( I am not anorexic nor do I have an eating disorder.) It seems to have grown in density and length. Dry, brittle hair that breaks easily and is graying faster than usual. Spider veins appearing on my thighs, hips, butt, chest and shoulders. Before I only had them I my left calf. New stretch marks on my inner thigh and lover back above my butt. They are not purple. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, basically I am an emotional mess constantly. So , based on all of that there are a few things I'm trying to rule out, but it is hard with my circumstance. PCOS I have had blood work for this, but my doctor always says it is normal. I show a few signs and have for a while. Thyroid I have also had my thyroid tested, but again, the doctor has no worries over the results. Cushings As I write this I am actually in the process of a 24hr Cortisol test, and will find out how that goes soon. I have recently learned of Estrogen Dominance, but I'm really a little overwhelmed honestly. ANY and ALL advice or support is welcomed. Thank you so much for reading this.
  4. Can anyone let me know of their experiences with eye drops and Accutane? I work on a computer all day long so therefore I'm not helping my eyes while one Accutane. I even use to have problems with red eyes due to working on the computer BEFORE I even started Accutane. I've taken several measures to reduce the harm to my eyes such as warming my screen's color, drinking more water and trying to take frequent breaks from the computer. Although this works to some extent, sometimes I get caught up and spend much more time than I should on the computer. I've been using gel drops for the past month and its been working okay. I went to see a pharmacist and she recommended me some PRESERVATIVE-FREE eye drops for long term use. She said if I was going to use eye drops everyday for the entire 5 months of my treatment, I should go with preservative free. I would like some input from people who were in the same situation as me and had to use eye drops their entire course. I would also like to know if eye drops can cause harm if used for prolonged periods because I read on the product that if red/dry eyes persist after 3 days, to consult a doctor. I'm just worried that I'm causing permanent damage to my eyes with this accutane/computer/eye drops combination. Thank you all!
  5. Hi all, I am a 24 yr old female and I've been struggling with severe cystic acne for 5 years now. Previously I was on topical treatments, years of antibiotics, and spironolactone. I am on month 5 of my first accutane course and have seen amazing results! The first three months were horrible in regards to my acne but I am very happy with my current results. I am on 80mgs a day and have discussed doing at least two more months with my dr. Although I have been super fortunate in having very few side effects (dry lips, mild eczema on arms, aches, and fatigue) I was curious if other people have experienced achy joints and fatigue??? I am pretty physically active and since beginning accutane my knees, hips, elbow, and shoulder have all been bother me. Has anyone else experienced similar aches? Did they go away once off accutane? I am also curious if accutane has made anyone very fatigued? I would say I sleep a lot (8-12 hours a night) and feel very foggy if I am unable to get over 9 hours or so. Lastly, I am wondering if anyone saw a spike in their cholesterol? Last blood test mine was at 215 :/ (I have also been drinking alcohol on accutane and am not sure if this could be the reason or not) thanks for the help sarah
  6. I've been on accutane for about two months and I'm extremely tired all the time. The fatigue usually hits me in the afternoon, and it's making it really hard for me to finish homework and I sometimes fall asleep unexpectedly. I basically cannot lie down without falling asleep. Is this normal, and is there anything I can do to stop it? Due to headaches, my dermatologist lowered my dosage from 40mg one day / 60mg the other day to 40 mg / 20 mg, but I've only been on that dosage for a few days and I don't think it's made a difference yet.
  7. poll to determine if there is a connection between those who PMO frequently and have done so all there life up until and after their course of Accutane which left them severely weakened in health.
  8. I am an anemic that drinks copious amounts of coffee, is moderately active, and takes iron OTC. I just started taking 100 mg Bactrim after 200 mg Doxycycline. Part of the reason I'm so tired is the heat, but I've noticed in general that my energy has gone down severely. Is this going to stop at some point? What can I do? (I can't take a b-complex because I've noticed biotin and all supplements have broken me out for probably the last two years.)
  9. Day 20

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    Day 20 - Entry's gonna be long. Topic 1: minocycline side effects Topic 2: what I picked on my face Topic 3: pimple updates Topic 4: vitamin c horrors Skip around haha ----------- I started off today feeling super tired and very crappy. I was a bit depressed, especially about my skin. It felt hopeless... I didn't know why but then I realized its probably my antibiotics every since I switched from solodyn brand to the generic minocycline, I started feeling super tired... more than I should have despite my lack to sleep. I was very unmotivated to do anything and, exaggerating a bit, didn't know why I was living on. LOL This just had to be a result of the drugs T_T. so I put on some make up, went out, and did a bit of window shopping cuz im too poor to actually shop HAHA. I felt happier getting out of the house my depression faded completely, but my fatigue did not. I was really really tired the whole time and wanted a wheel chair or something. I did get a bit of dizziness the first few days on the minocycline, but it only lasted like 5 sec and now it doesn't occur at all. So hopefully the fatigue and depression will go away too. Anyways. to the picking! I picked at two. First, the one I tried to pick at but left alone yesterday. Easily got it out today. Then I picked at this thing near my nose. This thing, whitehead or milia or whatever, was a huge flesh colored bump that stayed for about 6 months now. I never picked at it before cuz I was never able to see the hole in the middle. for some reason, despite its huge size, it didn't bother me. Then I saw a black dot in the middle and thought this was my chance! I picked it and yes, something did easily come out... but it kept coming out. I kept pushing and pushing and the thing kept gushing and gushing. What an adventure. I'm now left with a very big red spot, but not too worried about it. My skin in that area seem to heal very fast. Now, onto the pimples. The pimple I mentioned last entry on my right cheek hurts T_T but its not very noticeable. Its not red nor does it pop out. However, I did get another pimple on my left cheek that is very pimply T_T but it doesn't hurt. sigh. The cyst on my eye-ish area actually stopped growing and doesn't hurt. YAY! I think its getting better. But bad news! i'm getting another cyst in the middle of my brow! WAHHHHHHH So I have this vertical scar in the middle of my brow thanks to three horrible deep cystic pimples that ended up connecting with each other. It did sink in after the meds, but in order to help the processes I've been applying vitamin c serum the past two days. Ive had bad luck with vitamin c in the past. Its expensive and legit, but it caused me blackheads! And I know im not the only one... So I stopped, but I thought it would have been alright with just my between brow area. I was wrong. I feel a new cystic pimple erupting. The horror! I drowned it in duac, i'm hoping it was just an irritation and not a cyst. im too afraid. My biggest pet peeve is cystic acne between my brows cuz its so damn noticeable! I'd rather get one on my chin! But surprisingly, my chin has been so clear! its crazy- this has never happened. i'm happy about that, but CYST WHY U APPEAR!? I hate you
  10. Accutane Day 34

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    Hi y'all! I am on day 34 and have some new developments from the last couple of weeks. I now have muscle soreness for very minimal amounts of exercise. I worked out for 20 minutes yesterday and today I feel like I ran a marathon! I also have achy joints and some weird back pain going on- it feels more like a piercing pain in the middle of my spine. In addition, I have had 2 8-hr migraine headaches over the last 2 weeks that did not respond to water or ibuprofen. I left work early yesterday and just lay in a dark room for 2 hrs, which seemed to to the trick. Otherwise, I experience the same dry lips and T-zone area, my back is super itchy, and I generally feel tired- nothing sounds better than resting! On the plus side, the Accutane seems to have gotten rid of my usual insomnia- I am going to bed at 10pm every night, barely able to keep my eyes open. That is a great side effect! Overall, these are tolerable symptoms. I feel like I am about 80 yrs old, but it is okay as long as these side effects are temporary. Has anyone else experience muscle soreness? I read on wikihealth that this is common, but I didn't see that in any of the source materials the derm provided. Thanks for the feedback. My skin looks fantastic! Cerave lotion, neutrogena face lotion, and aquaphor lip balm are saving my life Lizzard
  11. Accutane Day 22

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    Okay, so i have been on accutane for 22 days and felt great for the most part. My skin and lips are still dry and I am applying lotion multiple times per day. In addition, my skin seems to require more exfoliation than usual- if I dont do it I look like a mess when I go out. However, I am not wearing make-up at all these days and my face has a nice shiny glow. I am extremely sensitive to light. Just riding in the car on a sunny day gave me a sunburn. I am going to need to get a more face friendly suntan lotion, bc the simple spf makeup and lotion I have are not strong enough. One new symptom began. I am EXHAUSTED suffering from extreme fatigue. I am not always the most active person, but I NEVER take naps, and now I need at least one or 2 and feel tired after very basic non strenuous activity. I looked online and wikihealth said this is normal in the 2nd month and will subside as my body learns how to absorb this much vitamin A. Another blog indicated this is caused by toxic levels of vitamin A in the system and that I should call the derm...I am not an alarmist, so will wait until my first appt on Wednesday to talk about it.. what do you all think?
  12. I'm at the point now where I think managing acne (and depression, but especially this) has had a huge, crappy impact on my life...specifically, ability to focus and energy levels (so, everything). In a given day, I drink four cups of moderately strong homebrewed coffee. (More.) I eat well, I take a multivitamin, I'm on 50 mg of Aldactone (have been since September 2009, weaning self off of it because I suspect it was causing hair loss, hyperkalemia, severe fatigue and perpetual muscle pain) and onto 115 mg Solodyn ER (one month on it). I feel like I'm drowning in my own brain every day. The fatigue is serious. I take iron for anemia, I get 7 hours of sleep per day, I'm moderately active, I'm not overweight, I don't drink or use drugs, and this is becoming unbearable. Blood tests show I'm not nutritionally or thyroid deficient. And yet I am borderline punch-drunk 24/7 and I still get little nodules/have discolorations. (20s, woman, have had moderately severe to plain severe cystic acne from age 13 onward, and am getting so tired of this. I don't want to go back on Accutane. Every drug seems to have these side effects.) This is my question--should I just get off of his drug and star using a blue light I bought? I'm miserable. There's nothing in life that side effects of drugs I'm sick of taking can't make worse. For what it's worth, I also use astringent and benzoyl peroxide and Retin-A, but I use the one more consistently than the other. I don't use sunscreen or moisturizer unless I go out before PM and (for the latter) am putting on make-up. I don't use a comedogenic face wash. The drugs are all that's worked, but they are making life awful. My derm also offered Ziana gel.
  13. I've been on Solodyn + Ziana for about 2 weeks now for my moderate acne and in the first week I only had a few headaches and lightheadedness but starting with the second week to now I've been extremely exhausted, having to take naps everyday but my headaches have gone away... For those who have taken Solodyn, does the fatigue usually go away with time?