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  1. Hey, just wondering if anyone has had experience in quitting the use of epiduo altogether and what you used instead? I have been using the regular version since Feb. and switched to the forte version two months ago. It has been really great at managing my acne, but my face has become really sensitive, super oily and tingles all the time, not just after applying. It is even worse as it is warm right now and I can not go out as the tingling increases. I am just tired of feeling my face all the time. Even if I tried to stop obsessing over my face and acne and running to the mirror every 5 mins, I could not, as the burning is a constant reminder of something being there. My next derm appointment is in a few weeks, but I am hoping to get some insights through this forum.
  2. Hi, I'm about to start a course of 100mg of Doxycycline (dispensable tablets) a day along with epiduo topical gel before bed. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the use of any of these? When is the best time to take the doxycycline and is there a purge period when using epiduo? If so, how long have people's purges lasted? How long have people seen their skin stay clear after stopping the antibiotics and continuing the topical treatment? Just wanted to get an idea of different people's experiences. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I’m using Epiduo gel for 6 weeks and 2 days ago. My acne localisated on my cheeks and in the bottom of my cheeks. The first week I Had a little breakout of 4 big pimples. The second week it was okay, I had few new pimples but they were little. Then since the third week I’m breaking out as no possible, I have everyday few red pimples which get white in one day or two but the purge/breakout don’t stop. I wear everyday sunscreen in order to avoid my hyperpigmentation to be dark. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation localisated where I breakout. My dermatologist told me to take Tetralysal if there is no improvement after 2-3 months of using Epiduo. I don’t know if I should stop it or still use it. Does anyone who used Epiduo had the same situation ? Ps : I’m french so sorry if i made mistakes.
  4. I have been prescribed Epiduo Forte yesterday by my dermatologist. She said that my face will get really dry and I would need to apply non-comedogenic moisturizer. I applied the Epiduo Forte last night, only using a pea size amount (maybe more). I just woke up and rinsed my face with water, and my face is not dry at all. Does this mean that I didn't use enough Epiduo Forte or used it wrong?
  5. I put a small amount of epiduo on my chin last night for the first time. I woke up today with extremely red skin. The skin feels slightly raised and very itchy. I’m not sure if I’m having an allergic reaction or if this is normal.
  6. I used to see a dermatologist but I stopped because of family insurance problems. My dermatologist gave me pills that helped clear my skin so much! But I can’t get a refill anymore. Since then I continued using the Epiduo Forte she prescribed for the morning and Veltin with Flurandrenolide Lotion USP 0.05% at night. ( This medication is used on the skin to treat acne. This medication is a combination of adapalene (a retinoid) and benzoyl peroxide (an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent). This product may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do appear. Adapalene works by affecting the growth of cells and decreasing swelling and inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel off. ) ( Veltin gel is a precription medicine used on the skin to treat acne vulgaris) I still continue to use also a sulfur wash everyday which helps a lot as well. Now that I ran out of the Epiduo and Veltin, I have nothing to use. Are there any other good products similar to those like drugstore products or at a beauty store like ULTA/Sephora or online where I can purchase? Without like a prescription? My acne used to be really bad. It cleared up, so now I get pimples every now and then. I barely get them on my forehead. They are more spreader out like my cheeks, chin, or even jawline. And they become red and irritated and big or zits. I really don’t want to break out horribly again like I used to. If anyone knows some type for product I can use for my skin which is combination that would help clear pimples/zits/cysts please let me know. Or any similar products to the ones I described the Epiduo and Veltin ^^ Also if anyone knows of any acne remedies to get rid of acne holes and deep scars please let me know as well!
  7. Week 1 I have completed my first week of Epiduo and my skin is irritated and it doesn't help that I've been squeezing my pimples and closed comedones. Yuck! But it's just this indescribable feeling of satisfaction, but I immediately regret it after. I wish my skin gets better because it's covered with acne scars, closed comedones and smaller pimples.
  8. Hi guys, just a quick question for anyone with experience of Epiduo or retinoids in general. I know the instructions say to only use a thin layer once a day but i have some stubborn closed comedones in a certain area that wont go away so i am thinking of using it to spot treat these in the morning as well as using the Epiduo all over at night. Is this a really bad thing to do with a formula that contains a retinoid? Will it harm my skin? Also while I'm posting about Epiduo anyway, what kind of time frame did you guys begin to see positive results in? i have seen some improvement but i still have some closed comedones that haven't come to a head yet, I've been using the Epiduo for about 9 weeks Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey everyone! So, my dermatologist prescribed me epiduo about a week ago. I've only applied it twice so far and have gone through the motions as directed- using a pea-sized amount on problem areas every other day, then applying moisturizer (I use Cerave's moisturizing cream). I apply it around my chin and forehead areas. I've definitely already started to experience the dryness that I've heard about, but my skin's more itchy and tight than anything, not peeling yet. However, I do usually wear makeup (a light layer of foundation and some concealer on my skin) and today I could feel it cracking apart a little bit. Really what I'm nervous about right now is the fact that my senior prom is coming up in about three weeks. I keep hearing about the effects of the "purging period" and I just really, really don't want to look like a lizard during my prom. I do also want to wear makeup that night- I can live without it in my daily life, but I want to have flawless-looking skin for prom at least, you know? Maybe it's a little superficial, but I'm worried that starting epiduo now will prevent me from being able to feel confident and pretty on a night that I've been looking forward to for months. Essentially what I'm wondering is if I should stick through with epiduo for now or wait until after prom has passed to start it again. My dermatologist told me to apply it every other night for two weeks, then to start using it every night. Should I follow that advice and just deal with the side effects as they come, or should I hold off and maybe try every three days or something? Also, if I do continue with epiduo this month, does anyone have any foundation tips they could share with me? I already use a setting spray that truly works wonders for me, but I've been considering investing in a high-end primer too. Honestly, anything that will help my makeup look flawless all night is welcome. Thank you!
  10. I had JUST 4 pimples when I first got to the derm and I was prescribed epiduo. After more than two months now I have SEVERE acne, I cannot even look at myself in the mirror, and my skin became SUPER oily! I regret so much doing this hell called epiduo... I had just 4 pimples. Now I have a pizza face. They want to put me on accutane but I am too scared of it. Screw epiduo.... it made not only my skin worse but also depressed. I stopped going out and always hide at home. Thanks epiduo.
  11. Hi I've just joined this forum. I was prescribed Epiduo Gel in Feb, but I actually started it seriously four weeks ago. I tried on Feb but I gave up after less then a week, then tried again and gave up a second time. Now I have decided to stick with it- and I am right in the middle of week 4. Honestly, the reason why I dropped it twice was the amount of side effects I had... redness, itching, peeling etc. I know it's ordinary but I couldn't take it. Four weeks ago, I decided to try it again even if I was still unmotivated... and I still don't know how I managed to endure these first weeks haha The side effects slowed down: currently my face doesn't really burn, it's very itchy after I apply it and the peeling got a bit better. I am still red but not as red as when I started it. Is it okay that the effects slow down like this on week 4? Or am I supposed to feel the burning and redness till the end? Because sometimes I truly think epiduo isn't working since many had the effects till the end About the "purging": I started to purge really quickly, before ending week 1, and it's ALL in my left cheek. My forehead has always been clear so I don't apply epiduo there, my right cheek is basically acne free. It has just two white heads that popped yesterday. So it's all up to the left one- which has about 5 pimples. I've noticed also that my scarring got suddenly better after epiduo, I have no scars but the recent ones due to the purging. My skin texture also became smoother but (as the title states) OILY! Idk how this is possible, I peeled, I am peeling but by skin is so greasy and oily! And these increased with epiduo. Sometimes I think it's the weather, because I live near the sea and it's very HOT, but I am afraid this could mean epiduo isn't working... That's why I decided to post here. I hope someone can tell me if everything is going alright or if I should ask my derm to change the medication. I hate oily skin and my left cheek, it makes me so unmotivated to go on, and it's gross too. Sorry if I wrote too much!
  12. Hi all, Little bit of background: my acne cleared up nicely with lymecycline, but now I've become resistant to it and my acne has been flaring up again (although not as bad as before thankfully). I've been using epiduo for almost 3 years and still want to continue using it. The thing is, I was considering trying out the regimen, but was wondering if I could try it out while using epiduo at the same time? Thanks!
  13. I've been using TactuPump/Epiduo for the past three weeks, and it's been hell. For the first couple days, nothing really happened. My skin got a little red as expected, with some slight peeling on the corners of my nose. But then all hell broke loose when I decided to use some drugstore makeup (Revlon, to be exact) to cover up the redness. I might have gotten too drug happy as well. I foolishly thought that applying MORE medication would speed up the process (I've now realized that the instructions literally say not to do this). As a result, my skin BURNED. Tears came to my eyes, and it felt like my face was on fire whenever I tried to moisturize (I read that CeraVe was good, but it was the worst moisturizer out of all of them). My chin is still in flakes. I haven't used the medication for two days and just started spot treating tonight. My questions to you all: Can I use moisturizer OVER the medication? If so, how should I do it (I feel like applying moisturizer immediately over the medication cancels its effects, but correct me if I'm wrong). My skin is also super dehydrated now, and my face feels really tight and uncomfortable. How do I rehydrate my skin? Thanks for any help!
  14. I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible. I went on Accutane January of 2017 and was on a 5-month course of 80mg. I experienced the typical side effects of dry eyes, dry lips, and a sore back. After I finished the course, my skin was perfect and glowing. 6 months after, however, my acne has come back and I don't know why. After Accutane, I was using CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner, and Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer. I switched my routine around a bit prior to this routine and noticed that my skin was breaking out more on the new one (I think it was the toner). After seeing my skin freak out, I tried the Caveman regimen to see if my products were causing irritation - bad idea. At first, my skin seemed to clear up. After two weeks, however, my skin texture and complexion was shit and I started breaking out. Today, my skin looks just as bad as when I started on Accutane. I went to the derm to talk about a second course and she said I would have to talk to the head derm about it since she was only the assistant (I guess) . So in the meantime she prescribed Epiduo Forte and said I could use CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser and Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel for a moisturizer... I just need help knowing what I should do!! Will Epiduo Forte help any? I haven't read too many success stories on it. Also, what should I do lifestyle wise? I exercise, drink water, cut out dairy and sugar... It feels like I'm doing everything right, but nothing's working.
  15. So..I think it might have been my moisturiser that was making my skin break out, I have stopped using it and my face seems to of calmed down. I still have the horrible under the skin spots and a lot of redness.
  16. Used it 7 times now and my skin is breaking out all over the place with big under the skin cycstic spots, they have all come at the same time too. I really hope they go down before the end of this week, I have an event to go to. I have switched moisturisers which seems to have stopped the dryness, which is good!
  17. The dryness is back. My skin is really flakey and it is making it really hard to wear make up without it cracking and looking horrible. Really don't want to leave my house but trying my hardest to keep the dryness down. Spots are still there but not as angry.
  18. So, I have used Epiduo 4 or 5 times now, I’m still only putting it on every 3 days anddd my face has, to say the least, reacted. I think this is the purge part of the process starting as I have new spots all over along with the dry skin and flaking, although this has calmed down a bit now. I will use it again tonight and see how my face reacts, hopefully it will calm down soon
  19. After two uses there is not much change except my skin is still dry and now it’s started to peel. I put loads of aloe Vera and Simple moisturiser on everyday and use Differin on the days I’m not using Epiduo. Skin was very red this morning after showering
  20. So, I went to the doctors again after my Differin wasn't doing much and she gave me Epiduo. It has ruined my skin, I should have just waited until my hospital appointment. Anyway, I have used Epiduo once two days ago, used tiny bits on my affected areas (forehead, chin & cheeks) and my face burns, peels and looks horrendous. I have decided to use it every three days to try and stop the peeling as much as I can, so tonight I will be using it. I will also be moisturising after use as I didn't do this last time so maybe that will help the peeling.
  21. Lymecycline + Epiduo journey

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    Hey there, I started using Lymecycline plus epiduo about 2 weeks and a few days now, I think I have severe acne but however my dermatologist prescribed Lymecycline. How long Will it take to work and will it get rid of all of my acne??
  22. This is going to be a very long first post because I’m going to go into detail of my whole acne experience. So I apologize in advance! Im not even sure anyone will be interested in reading this blog but I know for myself I have read a few other personal blogs on this site and they have encouraged me in this battle with acne. I’m a female, 32 years old and have had mild to moderate acne on and off since I was 13. In high school I had a few zits here and there but it was very mild and nothing that could not be controlled by a topical treatment. I used proactive as my skin care routine and at age 16 went on birth control for about a year. I didn’t stay on it long. After high school I went to one year of college and my skin was pretty much the same, a few break outs here and there but manageable with benzoyl peroxide, and other topicals etc. I got married at age 20 and had our first son at age 22. My skin was beautiful and flawless throughout my pregnancy and the year after that I nursed him. I became pregnant again and had our second son at age 24. Once again my skin was clear and flawless throughout that pregnancy and the time that I nursed him. As my second son approached the age of 2 I started noticing my skin breaking out more. My acne was pretty much all over my face. I had white heads, black heads and under the skin pimples. I did not have cystic acne. I had never been self conscious about my acne before but it was getting much worse and so I decided to see a dermatologist because I was feeling insecure. This was in September of 2011. He put me on an antibiotic called Cephadroxyl and a few topicals. Within 3-4 months my skin was clearing up. That next year (2012) I knew we were going to be trying for our 3rd baby so I weaned myself off of the antibiotic and got pregnant with our third son in May. My whole pregnancy with him my skin was again perfect and beautiful. I nursed him for a year and it was clear as well for that time. Once he was a year old and I was done nursing him I started to noticed my skin breaking out again (Fall of 2014). It gradually got worse and once again I went to my dermatologist. He put me on a different antibiotic this time called Doxycycline and another topical but this time it was not having any effect. It actually made me very sick and I was losing weight. So he told me we could try something called Spironolactone. But first I had to be on a birth control because of the birth defects it can cause if you get pregnant with a boy. So I went off the antibiotic and went on Tri-Sprintec in November of 2014 and then in the beginning of January I started the Spiro. I had heard of Spiro because my mom had been on it for a few years for her adult acne. My acne seemed to be improving pretty fast and by February I was thinking it was working for me. My periods had been sort of sporadic. I had gotten 2 in January so in February when my period didn’t come I wasn’t worried. But as the weeks went on I started to get concerned I might be pregnant so I took test..... low and behold I was pregnant!!! I was so upset and afraid because of everything I heard with how dangerous it was to be taking Spiro and conceive. Long story short I somehow got pregnant even though I was taking birth control religiously. Fast forward to November 2015, I had a healthy baby boy. Absolutely no birth defects and he was completely healthy and normal in every way. But throughout my pregnancy with him my skin was not good like it was with my other 3 pregnancies. I nursed him for 18 months and during that time my skin was still not good. I even had a cyst that I had to have injected with cortisone. Like I said earlier my acne was never cystic so this was VERY abnormal for me and given the fact that I was breastfeeding it was crazy. (I forgot to mention that I had a tubal ligation done in July of 2016 because we knew we were done having kids) That brings me to this past summer 2017. My skin was pretty good.... I was using a skin care called Ninja Skincare and it seemed to be ok. But towards the middle of October something went absolutely crazy and I started breaking out worse then I ever have in my life. I was under a ton of stress. I started homeschooling my boys, we were in the middle of trying to sell our house and I just felt so overwhelmed by many things. So I feel like it was most likely stress, hormones and genetics. I tried switching my Skincare to something more natural called ‘Carly’s’ but it seemed to be making it worse. So all of that to say once again I started taking Spironolactone at the end of October. I decided to start out on a super low dose (12.5 mg) because I wanted to gradually increase so my period wouldn’t go nuts. By December I had increased up to 100 mg and have been on that now for closing in on 2 months. Since starting the Spiro my skin has been totally up and down the entire time. I’ve had pimples in places that I don’t usualy get them. For instance there was like 3/4 weeks where my forehead was covered in black heads and these tiny little zits that wouldn’t ever come to a head. They sat there unless I’d squeeze all of them then my skin would be so inflamed and scabby for days. I also started getting a ton of blind zits on my chin and jaw. This was again not typical for me. So now here I am at the end of January and I feel pretty hopeless. My forehead continues to have zits and my cheeks and temples aren’t clear either. My chin is finally seeming like the deep ones I had might be dissolving. I had like 4 that would NOT go away. They were there for over a month. Or I’d pop them, then they’d heal, but once the scab came off I could still feel a bump under my skin. I definitely want to stick out taking the Spiro for at least 6 months. (Which will be like April) From what I’ve read on this site and a million others, it takes a lot of time for the Spiro to work. I am also using the topicals Epiduo and Benzoyl/Clindamycin -switching every other night. I wash my face with Dr. Bonner’s Tea Tree Hemp Castile soap diluted with water. And in the morning I am only rinsing my face with water because I’ve been reading a lot about how too many harsh ingredients can strip the natural oils my skin needs. If you are still here and have actually read this entire blog post, thank you! I hope my journey can help someone else who is also facing this terrible battle with adult acne. I will try to respond to comments and update each week with my progress and maybe upload a few pictures if I have the guts to.
  23. Hi all So a year ago I went to a dermatologist at a hospital. He prescribed me Minocycline (Hydrochloride) 100mg and an Epiduo gel 0.1/2.5% (adapalene & benzoyl peroxide). The treatment was for 6 months and the tablets did a great job. I barely have any whiteheads or nodules, whiteheads only pop up if I masturbate a bit too much. The the thing is I'm left with discolored spots, still some tiny/small bumps that never turn into whiteheads, and what seems to be scars. I think the Epiduo was supposed to take care of that, but it doesn't work for me. I think my skin is too thick, it doesn't work on my sister either but it does work on her friend's skin... So my questions to you guys: How severe is are my scars? What can I use? Can I also treat the discoloration and the bumps alongside treating the scars or do I need to treat those issues differently? Thanks in advance!