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  1. Okay so, I have pityrosporum folliculitis(fungal acne all over my face) is there a way to cure and get rid of this forever? I havent had this problem before and only got it after putting on topical antibiotics on my face for a few months. Do you think that folliculitis will go away if I leave my skin alone? What if I use nizoral twice a week, will it go away? Probiotics, do they cure pityrosporum folliculitis? Also, is dehydrated skin normal for fungal acne? I would rather be more thankful if my skin turns normal again permanently than having to treat it every week because i dont want to be carrying a nizoral bottle everywhere i go
  2. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong forum. I've suffered from acne for about 20 years and do have breakouts every few months. I've recently discovered about this Seborrheic Dermatitis and wondered if my skin may have this or a yeast infection. I generally now just get acne around the mouth, get the odd one around the nose and forehead. I still get acne on my neck, chest and back. I get an oily t-zone but dry cheeks. I've got stubborn flaky skin around the sides of my face and also a patches around the corners of my mouth, on the chin, and about the lip. When I stratch my eyebrows I can see skin flakes fall away and similar on my facial hair (the little that I have). Wondered if anyone else has suffered similar problems?
  3. Help!

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    Wonder if anyone here can give some advice or combatted the same problem! Male, 32, had acne since I was 13. As I've got older breakouts happen now and again, I go through periods where I hardly get anything. I've had a recent breakout and the worst since I tried Clinique products three years ago they tend to congregate around my mouth mainly. I've got pale skin (Fitzpatrick 1 apparently if that means anything to anyone) and its sensitive. Oily t-zone but dry elsewhere but my skin seems to try out I get small skin flakes on my t-zone that are hard to shift. I've read about dehydrated skin could I have this? I wipe across my moisturiser and the skin flakes come off on my hands. I think I get the cyst acne (the large pimples that cause swelling and take a couple of days to form) and got three around my jaw at the moment. Can anyone recommend products that would be useful? has anyone suffered/suffering anything similar? Any help is much appreciated!
  4. Hi all, so about a week week or so ago I was on clarithromycin for tonsillitis. After 4-5 days on this I experienced a pretty strong allergic reaction. My skin on face and body was really dry and red, and hot. It was a little itchy. Now it’s a week post. the skin on my face is very dry, tight and flakey. I moisturise multiple times a day and all over my body it’s still very dry. My face gets so oily during the day normally that I have to blot it constantly but now no oiliness. Even the skin around my eyes was flakey and my eyes and face feels tight. My question is: I have a subscision with prp treatment and possible pdo threads in 4 days. Will this severe dryness impact on my ability to heal? Was thinking like when accutane patients can’t have treatment with their really dry skin... thanks!
  5. Hey. 21 year old. What kind of scar is this and how can i treat those? My derm told i couldnt do laser beacuse of the skin color/HIP.
  6. Accurate on self esteem

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    ive been on accutane for 25 days now and its been getting really difficult. Im a 16 year old girl, junior in highschool. I was aware of the side effects before i started and i have really bad cystic acne so im willing to go through all of this due to everyone’s positive experiences on it. My skin just went through the purging stage but im sure the worst is yet to come, ive noticed almost all of my pores on my nose and chin have become full of blackheads that are pushing past the surface, it has a rough texture and it’s quite strange actually, i assume its the medicine pushing all the bad stuff up but man its gross (ive read lots of reviews of accutane and nobody has mentioned that) The most significant change ive noticed is in my moods. ive experienced depression before but its gotten worse and I know it is a noted side effect of the medicine. I dont know where to go from there though, do I tell my doctor? its honestly really scary and i just want to make sure im not the only one going through symptoms like this. On a different note my skin has been extremely dry and i have moisturizers but i wanted to see if there are any recommendations for lotions to use because the ones ive been using havent been the greatest I know im only in the first stages and it probably will only get worse I just wanted some help bc i feel really alone in this, sorry!! if you read this thank you and please leave me suggestions!!
  7. Hi, so I am a 23 yr old female and i have struggled with acne on and off for years. i never really had a skin care routine but I've been keeping one up for a couple months or so...i use CeraVe cleanser/moisturizer and thayers witch hazel toner..anyway, I've been struggling with acne so my dermatologist told me to use panoxyl 4 percent and differin..well I've been using both for 2 weeks, the panoxyl 1x a day at night, and differin 2x a week at night combined with my skin care routine acne has not cleared up at all and it seems to be really drying out my skin (the BP of panoxyl?) especially around my eyes. everytime i apply moisturizer, regardless of whether i applied the panoxyl before it burns majorly, especially under the eyes literally feels like my face is on fire!! i didn't have burning with my moisturizer prior to using panoxyl so i am wondering if it just reacting bc its so dried out?? also, how long does it take for the panoxyl to take affect and is the drying out skin normal? any thoughts about this, or my skin care products/routine are much appreciated!! thanks!
  8. I have now been on Accutane for almost a month now. I have seen an improvement on my face, as I am hardly getting any whiteheads, and if I do they are going away very quickly with little effort. My back however has gone very bumpy, but I am praying this is where the blackheads are being pushed out. All the old spots on my back are drying out very quickly which is a positive. However, on the negative side I am really starting to see the side effects kicking in. I have dry lips constantly which i am trying to moisturise every hour. I am also getting very small dry patches across my face. But luckily, it seems that once the dry patches go they leave behind clearer skin. Additionally, I may having very frequent but small nose bleeds which seem to stop before it ever reaches the outside of my face. And i am still experiencing a very dry and flaky scalp. I am planning to raise my dosage next week to 40mg, so i would expect the side effects to get worse.
  9. So about 3-4 weeks ago I REALLLLLY REGRET THIS but I put tea tree oil on my pimples as I heard it takes them away. i pretty much had the most perfect skin before this just 1-2 tiny pimples on either cheek. So I didn't dilute it or mix it with something I just put a bit right on and kept it over night. since that I've had a darker discoloured looking face, with red marks that burn a bit as well if i put normal creams or anything on it. And I have be verrrrrry dry kind of flakey looking skin. ON TOP OF THAT I have shrivelled skin / wrinkles. PLEASE TELL ME I WONT BE STUCK LIKE THIS FOREVER. Someone help!!!!! I want my normal skin/face back!
  10. Body wash causing problems for face need advice. My face has been irritated and breaking out more After I shower with a body wash I put on my bp and moisturizer and my made my face red and dry and think it's cause I still have soap or body wash still on my hands no matter how much I wash my hands any advice would be awesome. Chris
  11. Hello people! I have been using the regimen for approx 2 weeks and it makes my skin super dry but then end of the day. This is to be expected for now - but is there anything I can do to ensure my makeup isn't flaky and dried out by the end of the day? I use bare minerals liquid foundation. Primer? Moisturiser? Tricks? Tips? With the dryness chill out soon? Any input is appreciated!
  12. Dry Skin

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    So I know my skin is supposed to get dry on the regimen and I'm cool with that. It's annoying to deal with but I know my acne is going away. I apply the BP I let it dry completely into my skin then I apply the AHA with a bit of moisturizer and some jojoba oil. Once that is dried into my skin it kinda still feels a little tacky and sticky so I wait a bit and go over it with a tad bit more jojoba oil but then all these balls start forming and it feels like dry skin clumping up and rubbing off but then there's soooo much that I feel like it's impossible and maybe it's the AHA rubbing off or something? I don't want product to be rubbing off. I want it to stay in my skin! Lol. Does this Seem familiar to anyone?!

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    Hi everyone, I've had this red patch next to my nose for as long as I can remember. There is also a spot on my nose that isn't in the picture. I'm honestly not sure what it even is or how to treat it. I've tried derma rolling, aha/bha gel, and other minor solutions but nothing seems to be working :-/ maybe someone else on here is going through the same thing or already went through it and knows what to do. It'd be awesome if anyone can help me out! Thank you!

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    Sooo I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. My face is constantly irritated (Daniel says this is bad) but its irritated because it is super dry. (Thank you BP) Since it is ALWAYS irritated, especially around my eyes OMG they are so raw! they are so wrinkly and red most of the time and sting whenever my eyes water. My face is so irritated that I find my self always scratching/rubbing/touching my face. (I know Bad girl) I would back off on the BP but I'm still having crazy breakouts and kind of feel like I should be using more. I only use one finger section full of BP but that covers my entire face (I have a small face). I was super juiced to start the AHA and jojoba to cure my dessert face but my breakouts increased a lot with using the Jojoba oil so I stopped. So I'm 3 months in and I'm DRY, and ITCHY, and PIMPLY, and miserable. Any suggestions?
  15. dry skin

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    My son has used the regimine for 3 months and his skin gets a little better than goes back to bad acne. The moisturizer doesn't work anymore...what should he do?
  16. I am running out of foundation and thinking of buying a new one that covers my redness better. I found his foundation and saw that it has excellent reviews. I have one question though. Does it make dry skin look patchy? I have acne and dry skin from my treatments.
  17. Dry skin

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    the problem now is that my face is very dry, i can feel like a layer of dead skin just accumulated on top of my lower part of the face. I want to exfoliate it so bad, but i shouldn't according to the regimen. and yes i do follow the regimen instructions diligently so i do use enough lotion by Dan and i have ordered the jojoba oil and AHA as well (didn't use yet). But it so disturbingly flaky. like around the mouth area and chin. also on the forhead. and those areas seems a bit dark as well. btw i am on the second week of regimen only! I actually have acne on my cheeks mostly and just a pimple on chin and forehead sometimes only. but i did use the BP all over my face. And the first week i used a pea sixed amount for the face and increased a bit in the second week according to instructions. I really need to know what i do wrong? i dont want to be looking like this always, its not super dry, but i had oily skin before and i used to exfoliate daily . so This is a huge change for me right now. And also i feel that my zits on the cheeks they are still there. a few went and again came back. so i wouldn't say i got any bit cleared. (i dont touch my face) and also i do still have hyper pigmentation of my cheeks too. they did fade a little i believe. just a bit. I am not exactly the happiest. and i could ever think is about my face all the time. i wonder if this is working or if i should have ever started this in the first place. So any suggestions? Is this state normal? should i continue with the regimen? how long do i wait till i see results? I need motivation please!
  18. hi guys I'm 19 years old and i am struggling with acne prone skin since a few years and i really dont know which bb cushions or foundations are suitable for my skin because a lot of them are comedogenic. Do you guys have any recommendations ? i have dry and sensitive skin. I need a foundation or a bb cushion which i can wear everyday without having breakouts the next day In the picture you can see a list of ingredients which i should avoid as they are comedogenic and will make my acne worse. thank you
  19. I'm 13. At around 10 years old, my skin was pretty dry but it was smooth and there were no particular skin problems, just some zits mostly on my cheeks, 5 or 6 max. Around 4 months ago, I started breaking out more than usual, I started getting pimples on my chin, my nose and my forehead. I started buying foundations and bb cream to cover them up, and since i had dry skin the foundation didn't really look good, it was cakey and flaky, but at least it covered the pimples, so i really think about it that much. One day, probably 3 months ago, i went out shopping at a skincare store, and this lady asked me about my skin care. At that time i just washed my face with plain water. So she suggested me a hydrating cleanser and a moisturizer and i started to use that, but my skin would become red when i use the moisturizer. As summer holidays arrived, I started breaking out terribly. (The older breakouts haven't cleared up). Around 2 weeks before my period, i would get even more pimples everywhere, but mostly around my chin and around my mouth. The new ones would look better (not clear up) after my period ended, but the old ones would just stay the same. Since about 2 weeks, I've noticed my skin became drier than usual, my face would hurt when i do facial expressions, my skin felt like it was pulling. My skin texture also became super rough, but at the same time, my skin became so oily, about 2 hours after i wash my face, my whole face would be covered in oil, and it was shiny. I was thinking maybe it was the products that made my skin like this. A week ago my skin suddenly started to clear up, but that was the week before my period started, so that's pretty weird. I was super happy, but the dry and oily problem was still there. 2 days ago i got my period. (idk if this gives any info but i'm just stating it haha), my face was still the same, but i was happy since my acne was so much better than before. My foundation also looked less cakey and flaky. Yesterday I went to a pharmacy and asked the lady there about all my problems, she said everything is normal, i am a teenager and i am starting to produce more oil. And for my dry skin, she says that my skin is only dehydrated. She gave me a cleanser for skin that is a dried by treatments (I'm not too sure about that..?), a makeup remover for dry skin, a serum for dehydrated skin and a "thing" that would help get rid of the shines from the oil and reduce pore sizes. I went home kinda nervous. Before going to bed, i used the makeup remover, the serum and the "help for oil" thing. It felt kinda weird and my face felt hot but i didn't care too much. Today morning i woke up and touched my face, it was less greasy. I went to the mirror and it was less shiny, and my face became less red because of the acne!!! but my skin was kinda messy, like it didn't look smooth and there were like a layer of dead skin all over. I went to take a shower and used the cleanser, serum and help oil thing and put on my foundation, it got a little cakey. After coming home after 4 hours, i looked in the mirror. My face was super shiny, when i got closer i could see the layer of dead skin, my skin became redder and I've noticed bumps (new pimples that haven't formed yet) all over my cheeks. I ended up crying cuz i felt like i'm restarting everything again. In 4 days i'm going on vacation, and my only hope is that my face will become better when my period ends and hopefully it's just because the products doesn't work yet since i've only started using them for 1 day.. ;( Additional info i dont know if this helps: I was born in France. When i was around 1 i had terrible eczema on my face, when i was 3 i moved to china, and my eczema immediately cleared up. Every summer i come back to france and i would get eczema behind my legs and arms, but after i go back to china it would clear up again. Now that i moved back to france, this summer i had eczema on my lips and the doctor gave me a topical cream, but it says on the notice inside the box that people with acne should not use this. I used it for 3 weeks and stopped. Now my lips and round my lips are super dry and hurts, I'm pretty sure it's still eczema, but physically my lips look normal, i just have a lot of dead skin around my lips. Does anyone knows what's wrong with my skin? Why is it both extremely dry (or dyhydrated as the lady said, but im pretty sure its not dehydration since i was born with dry skin and eczema) and extremely oily? How should i treat it without aggravating my acne? I really want it to become better before school starts...
  20. HI there, I'm a 20 year old female, with oily combination skin, living in dry climate, I started using the treatment around 3 weeks ago. There have been no huge results, and it seems my skin is just getting worse! Being on week 3 it says you will experience a break out after some initial clearing, however I have experienced no clearing, and it seems like my skin is just getting worse and worse. I only wear powder for make up, with the occasional day of tinted moisturizer and I am using no other brands for treatment, other than the products. My skin is completely dry, and flakey around my mouth, so I feel like my oil glands are over compensating, producing more oil, leading to more acne. Right now my biggest problem is around my chin area, due to hormones, and I just don't know what to do anymore! Up until december of last year I never had acne around my chin, and I just haven't been able to make it go away! I'm afraid to keep pursuing this treatment in fear of it getting worse and never going away, leaving me with a pizza face! Just very upset and confused with my skin lately, do I keep pursuing treatment?
  21. Thought I might try to start an updated thread for skincare on accutane, since new products are constantly coming out and I've never seen a derm that didn't recommend anything other than cetaphil or cerave. I'm a 26 year old male, I started about a month ago, and my derm recommended the usual cerave etc. I tried them out, and aside from the cerave moisturizing cream in the tub I wasn't really a fan. I didn't feel clean and none of those cleansers removed makeup effectively for me. I did find a few things I thought I'd share that have been working for me though. the biggest savior has been the Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom. It has a heafty price tag on it, but it's a literal life saver. It instantly soothes any irritation and dryness, I can't recommend it enough if you're okay with shelling out the $160 for it. It's also all natural, organic, raw, fair trade etc. I also switched to glamglow's thirstycleanse (the blue one) as my primary cleanser. It feels super hydrating and my skin feels cleansed but not stripped at all. I've also been using glamglow's powercleanse (the green one with two pumps) on days I wear a lot of makeup or feel particularly gross face wise. It's a little more agressive but by no means drying for me. Definitely not using it daily but it's good for days when a moisturizing cleanser doesn't make you feel clean enough. still hunting for the best lip balm, sunscreen, and body moisturizer! I'm not someone that's all that worried about prices, I just want to have the smoothest treatment I can. So high end and budget recommendations are all welcome! Coming from incredibly oily skin, this is all new ground for me. ☺️ 6/2 Edit: my lips finally started splitting yesterday in the corners. I went out last night and bought the bite beauty agave lip mask and this morning there's a big improvement. All the other balms I tried soaked up and disappeared after 10 minutes, this guy stays on for hours! You also get a large amount of product for the price.
  22. I am feeling so sad. My skin is dry, cracked, and it hurts. It makes me want to take the BP and throw it away. I feel like it's destroying my skin. Like its stripping it of anything good it had left in it. I want to stop using it, but I'm afraid of what may happen. Before I started the regimen, my acne was getting progressively worse. The regimen stopped it in its tracks and even made it a lot better...until recently. I slowly started implementing the routine twice a day, and my skin is so dry it hurts. I've broken out again (not as bad as the first time, but who knows if it will continue to get worse). My skin is flaky and cracked, and when I put the moisturizer on, at first, it burned so bad. I then put on some argan oil (organic 100%) and it's helping sooth it a little, but I can still see the flakes. I'm so disgusted with my skin. Honestly, I don't even recognize myself. Please, I'm open to suggestions. PS: I'm thinking about going the natural route, but I'm afraid to stop the BP. I have 100% tea tree oil; I hear it's supposed to be good. I don't know though, honestly. I'm at a loss. (pictures below the dry skin isn't visible. This is after the argan oil application. I usually don't have that pinkish-red undertone, but my skin still stings slightly. Also, the camera quality isn't that great, note that it doesn't look as bad in pictures) Should I stop the regimen? Push through? Try something new? See a derm?
  23. Anyone who is/has been on these two medications, please tell me how your experience was! I just finished week two and my skin is definitely more dry, but it's not too bad because I do moisturize and that helps. I have noticed a few new small pimples and I know that could be the initial breakout because it's pushing all the bumps under my skin, through. Just wondering what I should expect based on your experiences? if it's worth it to stick through. I never had acne growing up, just recently I started getting breakouts quite frequently but I just consider it mild acne. My problem areas are my chin and around my mouth. So since I normally have mild acne, will this stuff possibly make everything worse in the long run? or will it actually help if i stick through it? Please anyone who has experience on this please give me some advice!
  24. Dry Skin?

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    Many people have dry skin while on medication for their acne. I used to use the St. Ives face scrub but I was nervous to use it because I thought it would irritate my skin and cause even more redness while on Absorica. So while I stopped using the face scrub, I began to get really annoyed by the small dry patches on the top of my arms and on my face. I was looking for a natural remedy and came up with my new 'go-to' for dry skin. The best part? It's completely all-natural, and safe to use anywhere on your body, including your face. Since it is made with all natural ingredients, you don't need to worry if it is ingested accidentally (it will just taste horrible). Here are the can use as little or as much of each as you want. -Coconut Oil -Lemon Juice -Salt -Sugar I recommend mixing it while you add everything so that you have a good consistency. I made mine a little watery because the coconut oil will thicken after a while.I also used an old gelato container made of plastic and keep it in my shower for easy access. My skin has been insanely soft, it keeps moisture locked in, and the best part is that you can use coconut oil for so many different things (cooking, beauty remedies etc.--> check out Pinterest or just Google it for some creative ideas). I ordered my coconut oil on and got a huge jar for only $6, you can also find it in Whole Foods, Trader Joes or any other store that sells natural goods. Let me know your thoughts!!
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    This is yesterday 13/2/13 - 21 months post accutane. I am very sick now.