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  1. What is happening? I've been avoiding certain foods lately, but today I ate a piece of chocolate (something I've been avoiding). Does this look like an allergic reaction or breakout? I have tiny red bumps only on the right side of my face
  2. Just a bit of my background with acne.. I'm 20 years old and I've had acne since I was 14 years old. I've tried everything: birth control pills, minocycline, doxycyline, topicals, supplements, Vitex, DIM and spironolactone (I haven't been on Accutane and I would prefer not going down that road). The only thing that helped me was spironolactone which I took for a year and a half. Spiro gave me a horrible initial breakout but within 3 months I was clear. However, after taking it for an extended period of time I noticed that I was developing wrinkles (I'm assuming that this was because spiro is a diuretic?) and that my hair was falling out. I stopped spiro and immediately started taking Vitex and DIM, which I thought would do the same thing as spironolactone but was a more natural alternative. This was a HUGE mistake. I developed acne all over my jaw line and chin which had never been problem areas for me before. I assumed it was an initial breakout and I kept at it for 6 weeks during which time my skin kept getting oilier and I was breaking out more and more. Eventually, I decided that those two supplements weren't for me and I stopped taking them. I've also had chronic constipation since I was 14 which I've kept under control through natural remedies. However, I was only treating the symptoms and not the cause. Since stopping all medications and supplements, I've started a vegetarian diet, cut out dairy, take Betaine HCL (a digestive aid), and take a probiotic which has helped a decent amount with oiliness and digestion. I no longer breakout on my jaw line but I still experience terrible breakouts on my chin and occasionally on my cheeks. Since spiro helped me so much, I did some research and I found that saw palmetto works the same way by blocking DHT. I've been taking 320 mg of standardized saw palmetto extract for the past two days (NOW brand) and I've found that I am constipated again and I feel much more bloated. I've also developed two cystic pimples on my cheeks. I know that saw palmetto can cause stomach issues for some which Is why I take the pill with food, so I'm surprised that I'm still having problems. The NOW Brand also contains a small amount of carrageenan which I know can cause inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract for some people who have gut issues (which I do). I don’t know if I should switch to a different brand of saw palmetto, or if this is a problem that I’ll have with every brand of saw palmetto. Has anyone experienced this, and if so, how did you deal with it? I was also wondering if anyone had an initial breakout on saw palmetto. I’m willing to be patient and take SP for a while to see results but I want to make sure that I’m not hurting my gut health in the process. Sorry for the long post!! But any advice would be appreciated
  3. Hi everyone. I suffered some mild acne for a bit and cleared it up from being on doxycycline for about 9 months. I eased off of the antibiotic and was doing pretty good. A year and a half later, I now have worse acne (Not even specifically in the same area, but the same type). I feel that I have tried everything! I eat a very clean inflammatory whole foods vegan diet. I'm currently taking Zinc but it isn't making that much of a difference. My doctor is prescribing me doxycycline again but I really want to stay off of it... I'll only go on it if there's a way to keep the acne away long term. Can taking probiotics with it help? I feel that my gut and digestion are all out of whack. Not sure if I should just take the antibiotic now as a quick fix then figure everything out with my digestion or just keep trying the natural route. Any help is greatly appreciated!! So desperate for some other opinions / guidance! Thank you! -Alexa
  4. Hi everyone, I was looking into the bulletproof coffee idea, and even though I don't really drink coffee (except decaf once in a while), I thought I'd try the other ingredients separately. So, I bought caprylic acid triglyceride and ghee to hopefully help with digestion and bloating, and to see if they can help with energy and mental concentration. Has anyone had any experiences with either of these? I'm not even sure if I should be taking each of these together, on an empty stomach, etc...
  5. L-glutamine - how to take?

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    Hi everyone, Has anyone had success with l-glutamine? I would like to address my leaky gut, and my naturopath recommended Designs for Health - L-Glutamine Powder 250 gms. Has anyone tried it, or other glutamine supplements? I'm not sure whether it's best to take it on an empty stomach or after a meal, and there are no specific directions on the box.
  6. Green Smoothie Challenge

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    My story Ive had acne for around 3 years I'd say. Im 24 and have never really experienced acne as a teen at all. Problem areas from day one has been cystic forehead acne, specifically above eyebrow area. I have tried countless skin care products and spent a decent amount doing so, including a topical antibiotic from the doctor. After research I realised that my problem was my digestion and it definitely made sense. The problem was always internal. I had tried cod liver oil and herbal remedies but nothing worked. I decided to move onto probiotics pills. I would take them twice a day after meals as well as a fibre drink. This was actually working but after 2 weeks I was breaking out again, on my forehead.I was avoiding dairy products at this stage as well and trying to get eat fairly healthy in terms of fruit and veg. Challenge I can't remember how I stumbled upon green smoothies but I think it was something that was always coming in my research but I would always brush past it. After reading about the results I'm determined to see it through. I realise that this will be a long process and can take weeks/months before results can be seen. So far... Its been 10 days and I have missed one day. Green smoothie of choice has been 1/2 apple, 1 banana, chunk of cucumber and handful of spinach. Can't really judge in such a short time but I have only really had one new lesion so far. I think the amount I've been having is too low (smoothie is less than 500ml/day) I will try and increase amount of greens im having now to make the smoothie up to 1 litre. My spinach handful is pretty small i read somewhere it should be 2 large handfuls. Will continue with this for at least 1 month and am Im still taking probiotics. Im hoping after the month I will also see a difference in my PIH. In some lighting this looks really bad but I know since green smoothies have an overall effect on skin it should help with this too.
  7. As an acne sufferer for the past 20 years I finally found an explanation/ cure that's worth looking into. Acne is the result when Our body uses the skin as the last resort to eliminate waste (toxins, germs, any other unwanted stuff). That is, our body has tried to eliminate the waste/toxins through the usual channels and we have not allowed it. Our body's immune system has a few ways to eliminate germs and any unwanted harmful stuff by Sneezing, cold, fever, loose bowels. Some people will notice that their skin clears up during fever/colds. This is because the unwanted stuff is getting out of the body. If we don't allow this elimination then then we are withholding waste and the skin will be forced to eliminate it. Constipation is another way to withhold waste. When we have improper digestion we constipate. A ton of waste is clogged up. After this clogging most of us will catch a cold. The body tries to eliminate the waste by giving a cold. A sneeze can eliminate many germs. Now when we try to suppress a cold with medicines, we are not allowing the elimination. Next the body raises the temperature and causes a fever. The raised temperature will kill the germs. When we don't allow the fever to take its course we have blocked another elimination channel. Then the body gives us loose bowels. When we suppress a diarrhoea we again withhold the waste. Finally, the body having been blocked on all attempts, tries to eliminate the waste through the skin. If we do not allow this elimination, we will surely get more serious health issues including tumors and cancer(as a result of more accumulation of waste). I am sure acne sufferers have suppressed one or more of the above waste elimination channels by taking medicines for cold, sinus, fever, allergies etc. Or suffer from Poor digestion. I used to suffer from frequent colds, perennial allergy issues, and fevers. Yes I took medication for all of this and accumulated the waste inside my body. So to cure acne 1. Get ur constipation cured. Allow for proper digestion. I will explain how to eat right for ensuring proper digestion. 2. If u catch a cold / fever allow the elimination to take it's natural course. Our tongue is a good doctor. Listen to it. Our tongue tastes bitter during fever and we don't feel like eating anything. It is better to listen to the tongue and not eat anything. That way, no energy is spent in digestion and all energy goes to fighting off the germs. If u feel like having fluids, do that. The best medicine for fever is to close your eyes and lie down. 3. If you get diarrhoea allow a few loose bowel movements and let the body take it's natural path to heal. When the stomach is empty your body will have eliminated most of the waste and will begin to heal. Our body is not an idiot that requires tons of medications and external interventions to function properly. Left alone, any existing acne will heal without the help of benzoyl persoxides and sal.acids. Just as how our body knows to heal cuts, burns, and broken bones a raised acne is no exception. To prevent further breakouts you have follow the above said three points. Now comes the best part. What causes constipation and how to eliminate it? Digestion is the process of separating the nutrients from the waste. Whatever you eat, it is important to eat right. By eating right I mean the method of eating and not the content. 1. It is best to sit on the floor and cross your legs. This will restrict the blood to the lower body and more blood will circulate in the abdomen area. This stomach gets good nutrition for digestion. If you cannot sit on floor then sit on the chair but don't hang your legs. 2. Include all six tastes in a meal( sweet, sour, salt, bitter, hot- pepper or chilli, thuvarpu- don't know the equivalent english word, but this is basically the taste of olives). Start with sweet first. (One date fruit/a piece of apple). Sweet will get the stomach ready for digestion. 3. Do not drink water while eating, do not drink water half an hour before and half an hour after eating. Drinking water will dilute the digestive enzymes and the hydro chloric acid and food will not be digested well. I want to stress this point because this is the number one cause of constipation and hence acne and all other diseases. Improper digestion means the waste is not separated from the nutrients and so the good stuff cannot be absorbed by the body and the bad stuff cannot be eliminated. 4. While chewing close your mouth. Do not let air go inside. Chew well to make a nice paste and then swallow. Air will prevent good digestion. 5. While eating look at the food and eat. Do not watch TV or read or book. Doing so will not allow proper secretion of the digestive juices. When you eat right like this, you will have a small burp. This means the digestive juices have started to act on the food and the gas comes out through the cardiac sphincter. If you feel full at this point then stop. If you feel you need more food to withstand a forthcoming long meeting or something then eat some more. Again you will burp. This is a good sign. It means digestion has started. After eating don't drink water immediately. Drink after half an hour. If the above explanation makes any sense then try it. It doesn't involve buying expensive products. It is a change in our habits and doesn't cost money. When we get into this habit food will digest well and the waste will be separated well and eliminated well. The blood that is now generated will be fresh and clean. Blood is the transporter of nutrients. When we have improper digestion , we don't have clean blood. This means our internal organs are feeding on impure blood resulting in all kinds of health issues including acne. Our body's natural ability to heal is compromised. So you will see that acne takes a longer time to heal. Scars take longer to fade. Good digestion is crucial for clear skin. Before criticising this idea I suggest you try this method for one month atleast. I'm sure you will notice a change in your skin and overall health. You will get your blood sugar level under control, and many chronic aches and allergies will slowly begin to disappear. Modern science tells us to include all kinds of fibrous foods in our diet but you may wonder why we are still not able to empty our bowels even once a a day( that's the bare minimum). I read many posts here where people have eaten a ton of oranges and prunes and are still constipated. That's because no one told us not to drink water while, before and after eating. It's very sad to see many sites offering advice to drink water before and during eating for good digestion. We don't have blades or stones in our stomach that needs water for lubrication. Our digestion is purely a chemical process and water dilutes chemicals. Before eating food, there is a way to just spray-wet the throat without letting the water enter the stomach. This is a common technique that many Hindu families will follow. I will post that later. Thanks for reading.
  8. Im Getting Annoyed.

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    I need to express my feelings. I keep most of the shit inside so my only ways of expressing is by writing in my diary or typing. I seem to be getting really annoyed. Recently, I have been researching like a mad woman, honestly. Ive been reaserching endlessley ENDLESSLEY about how the gut affects our digestive system and how THAT affects our skin and acne. Honestly there is so so so much information on this site and on other sites about it, I would actually encourage and infact advise everyone on here to look into that, and actually make sure your digestion tract is working efficiently. So, with that, the reason Im annoyed right now is because I had just finished reading apost about a young girl who's dermatologist had her on anti-biotics. Shes 17. (I was on anti-biotics when I was 13-14). But because she has become immune they now want her to try birth control pills. I stopped reading there. I actually can't handle it anymore that all they seem to do is throw pills to everything, EVERYTHING. Its just got me all angry, I mean why don't they take some blood tests and see if her hormones are alright first, why don't they do some allergy testing to see if they can rule out potential allergens/food intolerences? Im gutted, totally gutted about it. Im not trying to DISS anyone that has took these things (I have took both in my life) or tell them what to do exactly, Im just expressing my opinion in this shit. I strongly believe that acne is a kind of hormonal thing which can be cured, sometimes compeltely with diet and a healthy lifestyle. I do. Obviously it is hard though and much easier to take a pill. In ways though it is laziness, isn't it? Laziness that we can't research it on our own and try our bests ourselves first. Maybe its just the way I am, I am a very "depend-on-myself" person, always have been do I prefer to "heal" myself so-to-speak. Id rather heal myself. After Christmas I am doing a cleanse, it will only last for about a week, it is to rid my digestive system with toxins and get it working efficiently again. I will then carry on with my diet but with pro-biotics too and take this seriously. I have a plan but first I need to find the right cleanse.
  9. Age 25 And Going Through Cystic Acne

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    I haven't really had the need to return back to for a few years when I got over acne. When I was 18, I broke out all over my face and struggled with finding the right skincare products and taking regular trips to the dermatologist. Since then, I've only had mild breakouts and have kept them under control. All of a sudden, I'm experiencing a whole other new kind of breakout: adult cystic acne. For the last 2-3 months, I've been breaking out in cysts. They are large, painful, under-the-skin breakouts that take forever to go away! I've been playing around with the process of elimination to find out what could be causing this by doing some research online. I have stopped taking Norwegian Fish Oil and reduced sugar intake, especially in my teas and coffees throughout the day, while keeping up my regular skin care routine. According to some personal/consumer reviews, it has been noticed that the fish oil seems to cause breakouts exclusively. As for sugar intake, I have read that high levels of intake can be cause of breakouts because it increases the skin's natural exfoliating process which may seem desirable to most people, though it is not. In fact, it is not because it does not allow the skin to expel impurities normally. This leads impurities (potential breakouts) to get "stuck" under the skin and thus cause cysts. Both eliminated factors have not changed my skin, so I did some more reading online. I came across the topic of digestion problems and its link to cystic acne. I have noticed that my stomach feels bloated almost always since a teenager, but have not thought much of it. I yet have to read more on the scientific reasoning behind this, but if you would like to do some independent reading, I found the topic on I've read online that zinc and digestive enzyme supplements have taken care of cysts. Also, probiotics and digestive enzymes are especially good taken together as it ensures good digestion and good bacteria is doing its work. Think of good bacteria as the little workers in your stomach to aid in digestion. Interestingly enough, there was a scientific study which found that probiotic claims made for Activia, the yogurt, are not justified. The ingredients (i.e. sweeteners) and cooking process (i.e. heat) of Activia actually deteriorates most of the probiotics. Needless to say, that is just disappointing because I've been crazy about Activia until now. I've begun a daily supplement regimen based on research, which I will do a review in a month or so. It includes: 1. Zinc (Jamieson, 50 mg) with Digestive Enzymes (from GNC)* 2. Vitamin B100 with Biotin (5000 mcg) 3. Silica 4. Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mg)* The astrixed items are targeted for cystic acne (1, 4) The other two (2, 3) are targeted toward general skin and hair health, as I have skin conditions (i.e. Eczema). Hope this helps someone out there! If it does, I'd love to read about it in the comments! x Leizel