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  1. 24/M First a bit about my acne before my rant. I had cystic acne all of high school which really killed my self esteem and social skills. I was put on antibiotics which cleared things up 100% for about 3 years. 4 months ago after my breakup I started to breakout. I was put on antibiotics yet it seems I've built up immunity to them. My derm put me on accutane. 3 weeks in I had a pretty bad IB, my whole right side of face broke out in cysts. Recently it has cleared up, but some new spots are forming on my other cheek. Side effects include dry lips, dry face, fatigue, joint pain, muscle soreness and maybe depression. Now comes the part where I discuss why I might be depressed. So I went through a really tough breakup about 4 months ago with my ex-girlfriend. She was the love of my life (and still sort of is), yet she couldn't do the distance anymore. She and I were heavy gamers (Which is where we met), and she streams on and is quite big on there. Ever since the breakup I haven't been gaming at all because everything reminds me of her, and I have no friends anymore because she and I met all the friends either from gaming or her twitch channel. Obviously they prefer her over me cause shes gorgeous. I feel like I'm constantly in a competition with her because I know she goes out every week and probably gets hit on my numerous guys. And it's really difficult to deal with because I have no friends to go out with to forget her. Before taking accutane I was feeling optimistic about life and my future for the first time after my breakup. A month in to taking accutane at 40 mg a day, I just feel worthless and I feel like I wont make any friends or find another love. I'm fairly attractive I guess but the accutane is making me so anti social because of how tired it is making me so it's hard to be interesting to others in order to try and make some friends or find another girl. Should I keep taking accutane? I really don't want my acne to return but it feels like I've tried every other treatment. Sorry for the long post.
  2. Acne has ruined my life

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    Ok. My story so far. I used to have normal skin. Not perfect but so bad i wont look in the mirror. About 8 months ago everything change. Right now is the worst my skin has ever been since I was 17 years old and in high school. Acne is ruining my life. I go to med school, so i have to study, theres no option, but i’m so depressed. All i can think is how horrible look, i dont wanna go back to uni, I dont wanna get out of the house, been to several derms, none has help. A doctor diagnosed me with pcos. I also have facial hair. I feel i look like a man. I feel so disgusting. Lately all I can think about is the fatest easiest way to kill myself. I see no end to this. I’m sick of it. I dont go out anymore, no one’s gonna love looking like this. I wish i could just dissapear. I wish i didnt have to wake up in the morning. I want to die. I cant go on living like this anymore. I ask god everynight why this happened to me and why cant he just kill me in my sleep. I know a lot of people have it worse, but this is important to me. I want to die, please god just let me die
  3. I don't know how many of you heard about the acne no more program(mike Walden). Is it a scam ? Please I want honest reviews about it.
  4. Hi, I have suffered from moderate to severe acne since I was about 16 and am now 21. I have taken doxycycline pills, benzoyl peroxide cream (which I still use on occasion- I am unsure whether it actually helps or is irritating and drying out my skin too much) and now take anti-androgens. I have taken antidepressants for about a year until recently as well. Since January, I have pretty much eliminated dairy products from my diet as I've heard multiple times that it is good for acne. My skin has improved slightly but that may also be due to changing medications and using Lush's Ultrabland cleanser. I have also read that, forgive me if I'm not using the correct term, 'carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index' such as bread, cakes and rice often contribute to acne. I am trying to reduce these in my diet but am finding I now feel very hungry and irritable a lot of the time. I've always followed a pescatarian diet and I don't ever want to eat meat that isn't fish. So what is there left to eat? Fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, vegan meat and dairy substitutes? I eat all these things but I think that because of my tall, slim body type I have always been the kind to get very hungry easily and my body is used to me eating a lot of bread and pasta. I don't have a lot of money to buy lots of fancy non-wheat vegan food. Any suggestions of what I can do and is it even worth restricting my diet so much in order to reduce acne?
  5. Hello all who is out there reading this, I’m James, a 23 year old male & I have been suffering from acne since age 11. I’m not quite sure on the exact cause so I’ve come here to hopefully seek some wisdom from maybe those who’ve been in my shoes. Get ready for a bumpy (face of a) ride. Here’s my journey. A brief background on my acne. I’ve tried pretty much all over the counter products. Cleansers Moisturizers Topicals: BP, Salicylic Acid, Clindamycin, Essential Oils Minocycline, Doxycycline, & eventually 6 months of Acutane. All have done there fair share of either helping slightly or damaging my skin. I would say my acne has always been pretty moderate. Anyth region above my eyes has always been crystal clear but my cheeks, chin, & forehead never have been clear. My current regimen includes: VITAMINS & MINERALS & ANTIOXIDANTS: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Zinc, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Beta Sitosterol (active compound in Saw Palmetto), Probiotics, & Fiber capsules. AM: Wash with a gentle gentle cleanser in the morning, use Thayers Witch Hazel (rose water) as a toner with a few drops of Salicylic Acid Moisturize is Aloe Vera gel. Before I head out the door I spray my face with Green Tea water mixed with Thayers. PM: Recently switched to a 3% Sulfur cleanser to help my dead skin cell slow turnover rate. Thayers again as a toner. Also recently switched to Azelaic Acid (20%) as my topical. Lastly I use a Retin-A . I found that Azelaic Acid & Tretinion compliment eachother. MY DIET: This last month I did a full month long colon, liver, & full body detox cleanse to insure my acne wasn’t purely internally based. I am a very health conscience person and happen to be allergic to dairy & gluten so those two factors are already out the window. I stay far from excess sugary foods & hydrogenated oils. Other than that I eat a high fiber/omega-3/omega-6/ diet. Lots of beans, lentils, veggies, avocados, fruit, rolled oats, pumpkin, flax & chia seeds, almonds & cashews. No alcohol. I drink about 3-4 cups of Green Tea a day as well as 1-2 Spearmint or Chamomile teas at night before bed. I also drink plenty of water (at least 100 fluid ounces per day). I believe I may have Hyperkeratinoisis which is a buildup of protein on the skin that clogs pores with dead skill cells. Add my excess sebum (oil) and it’s a mixture from hell. I do get stressed out but not any more than the average person. I’m a fairly calm & level headed human. Depression has taken its toll on me over the last few years after I’ve seen a dermatologist for about 2.5 years which did nothing. I actually obtain more clear skin by researching for myself and trying more holistic approaches. The best thing a dermatologist offered me was Tretinion which I still use to this day. SIDE NOTE: My acne or at least sebum production goes into overdrive after masturbation. I’ve tested the theory and I have broken out bad masturbating consistent days. Also I’ve held off work about two weeks and yes my skin got better but never fully cleared me up. The most frustrating part of this whole journey to clear skin is the teasing of new practices I implement. I try something new & it works, starts to clear me up then out of no where either backfires or stops working. Some examples of these are... Green Tea. Lost its effectiveness so I bumped up to Matcha green tea which was strong and worked again but slowly diminished strength. Pure Tea Tree Oil (huge clogger of pores). My skin was beautifully clear after dabbing pure Tea Tree Oil on my face daily unless it clogged my pores horrifically. Took 3-4 months to unclog them. Alpha Lipoic Acid. Lost its effectiveness. High Fish Oil intake. Stopped its high effectiveness & to thin out my sebum BP. Always overdried me & made my breakouts worse. It’s like my body becomes immune to all of these wonderful options and just wants to make my facial inflammation worse. There’s a few questions that I am eager to have answered. Such as products I’ve been curious to try but have not yet. So without further ado I’ll fire away. Borage Oil over EPO (evening primrose oil)? Does the higher GLA content really make a huge difference Can eating eggs & almonds truly cause more acne? Topical Spironolactone? Anyone have positive experiences with Azelaic Acid? Anyone have positive experiences switching to Sulfur cleansers? If I’ve tried Beta Sitosterol & it didn’t work should I still bother with Saw Palmetto? Sodium Sulfacetamide & Sulfur Topicals/Lotion effectiveness ? Should I try these Best products for Hyperkeratinosis acne? Best acne bacteria fighting/non-drying/non-comedogenic day time moisturizers? Does it does as if I have hormonal acne? Any advice Alpha Hydroxy Acid products? Very curious to try them out if Azelaic doesn’t pan out well. Thank you so much if you got this far. I hope that some of this info can shed new light to those out there struggling because I know some of these products work well for many acne sufferers. I haven’t found my answer yet but I’m still striving to do so. Keep fighting everyone :)!
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  7. Just thought everyone should know that Accutane is scientifically proven to cause brain damage, and it is probably the cause of many of the long lasting side effects that people experience. Obviously many come out the other side with little significant long lasting side effects, others do. This is because everyones brain is different, which is why after a concussion some are fine a few days later, while some are never the same, and have mental illness for the rest of their lives. In the end its a roll of the dice, and if you are going to roll, I suggest you at least know the risks first. With no further ado, here is the evidence. Dermatologists' attitudes, prescription, and counseling patterns for isotretinoin: a questionnaire-based study. "A 25-question survey was emailed to 7,013 dermatologists included in a proprietary database (MBD, Inc.) and anonymous responses were collected. 591 board-certified dermatologists participated. Thirty-seven percent of the responding dermatologists believe that isotretinoin may cause psychiatric disturbances. Dermatologists' opinions on this relationship did not significantly impact prescription practices in patients with history of depression (P=0.056) or in patients being treated with an antidepressant (P=0.118)." Functional brain imaging alterations in acne patients treated with isotretinoin. "RESULTS: Isotretinoin but not antibiotic treatment was associated with decreased brain metabolism in the orbitofrontal cortex (-21% change versus 2% change for antibiotic), a brain area known to mediate symptoms of depression. Conclusion: This study suggests that isotretinoin treatment is associated with changes in brain functioning." “A 4-month treatment trial with isotretinoin was associated with a decrease in brain functioning in the orbito-frontal cortex, a brain region implicated in depression.” 13-cis Retinoic acid (accutane) suppresses hippocampal cell survival in mice. “We now show, in a mouse model, that endogenous RA generated by synthetic enzymes in the meninges acts on hippocampal granule neurons, and chronic (3-week) exposure to a clinical dose of 13-cis RA may result in hippocampal cell loss.” "This report demonstrates that a clinical dose (1 mg/kg/day) of 13-cis-RA in mice significantly reduces cell proliferation in the hippocampus and the subventricular zone, suppresses hippocampal neurogenesis, and severely disrupts capacity to learn a spatial radial maze task. The results demonstrate that the regions of the adult brain where cell proliferation is ongoing are highly sensitive to disruption by a clinical dose of 13-cis-RA." Retinoic Acid and Affective Disorders: The Evidence for an Association "Increased concentrations of homocysteine have also been associated with attacks of violent anger. Isotretinoin administration to human subjects was shown to be associated with increased concentrations of homocysteine, as well as decreases in 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate, providing a potential metabolic mechanism by which isotretinoin may promote depression." "In the case of patients reported to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) of the brain was performed in 15 cases who reported lasting neurological symptoms. Altered brain function was seen in all cases involving altered or reduced frontal lobe blood flow. Ten of these patients were evaluated to have organic brain damage." 13-Cis-retinoic acid decreases hypothalamic cell number in vitro. "13-Cis-retinoic acid (13-cis-RA) causes depression-related behavior in mice. Hypothalamic dysregulation has been implicated in clinical depression. In fact, apoptosis of hypothalamic neurons may lead to depression after myocardial infarction. . . .We hypothesize that the ability of 13-cis-RA to decrease hypothalamic cell number may contribute to the increased depression-related behaviors observed in mice." These are the potential side effects of brain damage. If you read up on past users, often they display a number of these symptoms Traumatic brain injury: a disease process, not an event. “Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is seen by the insurance industry and many health care providers as an "event." Once treated and provided with a brief period of rehabilitation, the perception exists that patients with a TBI require little further treatment and face no lasting effects on the central nervous system or other organ systems. In fact, TBI is a chronic disease process, one that fits the World Health Organization definition as having one or more of the following characteristics: it is permanent, caused by non-reversible pathological alterations, requires special training of the patient for rehabilitation, and/or may require a long period of observation, supervision, or care. TBI increases long-term mortality and reduces life expectancy. It is associated with increased incidences of seizures, sleep disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, neuroendocrine dysregulation, and psychiatric diseases, as well as non-neurological disorders such as sexual dysfunction, bladder and bowel incontinence, and systemic metabolic dysregulation that may arise and/or persist for months to years post-injury. The purpose of this article is to encourage the classification of TBI as the beginning of an ongoing, perhaps lifelong process, that impacts multiple organ systems and may be disease causative and accelerative. Our intent is not to discourage patients with TBI or their families and caregivers, but rather to emphasize that TBI should be managed as a chronic disease and defined as such by health care and insurance providers. Furthermore, if the chronic nature of TBI is recognized by government and private funding agencies, research can be directed at discovering therapies that may interrupt the disease processes months or even years after the initiating event.” If you've taken it already and are displaying negative side effects, I recommend you take a read of this: It's like a brain rehab protocol I've devised and had success with. Its pretty cheap, and much safer then the drugs and diets others have resorted to in the attempt to reclaim control of their lives. It will take a few months to take effect, but its cheap and if you are impatient, you can easily take it alongside other protocols you are trying
  8. On January 5, 2018 I started 40mg of isotretinoin. Before starting I heard bad things about accutane but given my 10+ years of acne and talking to my new dermatologist, I was willing to give it a shot. Immediately the first week I noticed my skin was half as oily as it usually is (my skin is usually very oily to the point where I would have to blot my face 3-4 times a day). For me this was already a huge success. By the end of the first month, I noticed all whitehead have disappeared. However the blackheads on my nose were still surfacing in huge quantities. I was immensely surprised and impressed, this seemed to be a miracle drug with no known side effects. I was angry that my dermatologists for 10 years didn’t talk about it with me sooner. So now going into the second month, most of my blackheads have surfaced, my nose is back to a normal persons, my oil production has also benefited and maybe reached the point of oilyness after a slight sweat. However in the second month is when I began feeling the depression. Everyday I was getting more and more fatigued, my motivation for my job was declining drastically among other things and brain fog was increasing. I am not one for blaming drugs but I have never felt this way before so I couldn’t help but think it was the accutane. I was depressed, and everything lost meaning so I decided to start reevaluating my life before quitting the accutane treatment and going back to acne problems. So the first thing is I went to work and told my boss exactly what I didn’t like about the job (depression gave me the courage to do this because at that point it was like I didn’t even care anymore about the outcome), but she saw my point of view, agreed with the changes that should be made and gave me a new position and promotion! But I didn’t feel back to 100% yet so I changed my diet, I started eating only fruits, nuts, greens and white meat on occasion. That got me back to a little more normal but still not 100% The next thing I did was start going out during the day more (more sunlight, vitamin D) and talking walks, around the park and beach. Again, better but not all the way, so I then reduced technology use to about half, also cutting out any porn in the process. These changes gave me another energy/mood boost. Lastly, I added some supplements to my diet, namely maca root, raw cocoa powder and small quantities of caffeine (about 40mg per day). After making all these changes I still feel slightly more physically tired than pretreatment (staying hydrated helps) but not really depressed anymore. So from my best guess of what happened is that accutane makes it so the state you started the treatment with drops to a lower level, but in reaction to this a user CAN increase their base state through openness and willingness to change their lifestyle for the better. So for anyone beginning to feel depressed on accutane, instead of continuing all your same habits and blaming accutane (which very well may be justified). I instead urge you to use that depression as a catalyst to make positive change in your life, where any depression you may feel from accutane becomes a non-factor. The end. Love Accuchange
  9. Hi everyone It has been a while that I haven't updated my new entry. So, my acne is still coming up on left cheek close to my mouth and two big cyst on my forehead. One in the centre and another one on my right. Before this there were 3 cyst on my forehead and a fews on my both left and right cheeks. All of them left red scars on my face. It makes me feel unhappy. I am losing my confidence. I don't know how does it come up or what causes it. I did apply benzac overnight and on the spot but lately it works less than excellent. Acne does not subsize as fast as it should. It begin to get red and dry then it comes up and left scar. It takes almost 2 or 3 weeks for me to elimiate a cyst. Very curious what happens.
  10. The last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that I will be Forever Alone forever. I'm too late in the dating game and will never marry and barely have a social life all thanks to acne and some other personal issues I had when I was younger. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to accept this and be content while seeing happy clear skinned people everywhere. Some of us are just cursed.
  11. im fifteen years old and i hate my acne. its only mild acne for me, but every single damn week new breakouts appear and i cant handle it anymore. im on the verge of breaking down and whenever i try and confront my mom about it she just ignores the fact and tells me that its ‘just a phase’. well, this phase is literally affecting my every day life and self esteem. i cant do anything anymore. i lost all motivation and i HATE how my happiness has to depend on the quality of my skin. i’ve tried everything. from face care routines to those face masks that are suppose to be beneficial for your skin but nothing is working. i dont plan on doing proactiv anytime soon because my friend said that it’ll make my skin oily, dry, and even cause more acne. ive become depressed and cant get out of bed anymore. i was always a morning bird, waking up at seven in the morning, but now it seems like ive just gave up trying on life.
  12. Hello guys, I’m a 19 year old who has severe acne scars caused by cystic, inflammatory acne. After a few years of dealing the pain of having this curse (started at about 13), I finally got put on Accutane (around age 16). While this cleared up all my acne, it came well too late. The damage was already done. I had a bunch of shallow scars left over from the terrible breakouts over the years. Now I’m left with the painful reminder everyday when I look in the mirror. My scars have kept me from going outside my bubble, meeting new people, starting relationships, etc. My life is pretty lonely, depressing, and flat out boring. I constantly obsess over my appearance every day. I suffer from low self-esteem among many things because of my face. And I’m really starting to lose hope. I just wanted you guys to see so maybe you can recommend what treatments would be best or to just give me any helpful advice. Anything would be appreciated. I’m under no delusion that my scars will ever go away completely, but any progress is something I’ll take. I’m on a budget as I’m attending college next fall and I’m currently unemployed, so laser treatments really aren’t an option for me. I’m pretty sure my scars are worse than the majority of people I’ve seen on here posting on this forum.
  13. Hey beautiful people, Hope you are all doing well. <3 I am new to this community, and a little lost on where to start from. I had plans to join a support group for this since forever, but for some reason, couldn’t muster enough courage to. I am battling acne for five years now, and it keeps fluctuating. I’ve tried different dermatologists, and they help to some extent, but my acne keeps coming back. Weirdly enough, it has affected me more than anyone would expect to, to the point of driving me suicidal. I have tried ways of emotional healing and being at peace, but nothing works permanently. No one believes how acne is one of the major contributors to my depression. I have tried therapy and have been on anti-depressants, and they made my situation worse. I can’t seem to see a way out, and I feel I’m just moving blindly, traumatically. People around me don’t really have much acne, and if they do, they cover it up with flawless makeup. I live with an emotionally abusive mom, who doesn’t let me use makeup, so that is out of the option as well. ( Before, someone suggests to get away from her, I’ve already tried, but she wields too much power legally for me to do so. ) Sorry for such a long post. I would love to talk to someone dealing with acne, it might help me to feel less lonely. Sending lots of strength, warmth and love to all of you. <3 Have a lovely day/night. <3
  14. Tell me how you did it. Your acne journey. Since when did you got it? what makes it worse? is it severe or mild? for how long have you been suffering? How have people been treating you? And if you had succeeded, how did you do it? Natural or with the help or medications? Is it cleared 100%? Go on, just tell me everything. Let it all out
  15. Some of guys use this topic as chat and write sometimes completety useless thoughts. Many informations was mentioned dozens time. Whats why we have so many trash pages. Please write only significant revelations, tests and improvements during/after treatment.
  16. Turning 22 next month and still have never kissed a girl or done anything for that matter. The thing is my skin is clear but my confidence is shot from the good 4 years I had severe acne. I just feel so inexperienced at this point that there is no reason to try. 15 year olds have more experience than me.
  17. Hi im thinking about going on accutane, a low dose but the problem is is that I suffer with depression. I’m on medication for it but I’m worried they will say I can’t go on accutane as it’s a side effect that it could get much worse
  18. Hi there guys I was just wondering if someone could tell me what severity of acne I have. I have had acne since I was about 12-13 much worse than it is now. Currently I use epiduo every night with aveeno moisturiser afterwards and I use a black pore mask once a week. However despite this I continue to suffer with large red pimples under the skin that are painful and take a long time to go away. Does anyone have any tips to help get rid of these because they make me extremely unhappy and make me not want to show my face at times. Thanks a lot any help would be appreciated.
  19. Help with my acne please!!

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    Hi there guys I was just wondering if someone could tell me what severity of acne I have. I have had acne since I was about 12-13 much worse than it is now. Currently I use epiduo every night with aveeno moisturiser afterwards and I use a black pore mask once a week. However despite this I continue to suffer with large red pimples under the skin that are painful and take a long time to go away. Does anyone have any tips to help get rid of these because they make me extremely unhappy and make me not want to show my face at times. Thanks a lot any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hello evryone , for the first time I decided to write this seeking for help and a solution for my problem I had clear skin my whole life like it was so perfect only some zits on my forehead but they all went away naturally. Growing older I felt like my skin was not perfect enough so I decided to try products it worked for a year I had the clearest skin then it all turned away I was obsessed with my skin and face and the way I look a severe obsession , I tried to buy expensive products so my acne becoane cystic and I had red bumps all over my forehead and guess what for the first time in my life I break out on my chin area and even on my neck , I was and still depressed , I thought that wearing hoodies and never showing my face would be a solution but then I e read about the water regiment and tired it it worked wonderfully the first week then I am having for the first time ever in my life small pimples on my forehead and if I apply any cleanser ( thing that I did but it rapidly turned into a cyst ) I'll break out , i am so depressed my skin looks so clear and good but my forehead looks terrible with small pimples please help me should I continue the water regiment , or should I stop? I don't know how my skin is terrible because of my own faults , i destroyed it every way possible by excessive washing , products and of course the worst home remedies I've tried them all and look at me now , I am so depressed please help me , should I continue the water regiment ? Knowing that my skin is better looking but only on my forehead that my skin is terrible ? PS: it's been a month and a week since I've started this water regiment it was well until a few days ago. PLEASE HELP ME
  21. Hi everyone I am on differin for 27 weeks now. What a ride for me. Still, acne shows up and cause me anxiety. I believe it is all about the hormones because I have chnage my routine to minimize the acne risk. I wash my pillows every week. I eat healthy food such as grain and almond milk. I sleep before 11 pm. Almost every day. I find a hobby to keep me stay away from stress and over thinking. I also do vbeam and smooth beam laser but help little with scars. I think I am going to use differin for the rest of my life for the best of prevention from acne although, it did. Ot perform 100% clear face. I also use benzac 2.5% and 5%. For 5%, I apply it before washing my face and 2.5% is for overnight as my skin uses to 2.5% with no irritation. So the combination of differin and benzac performs great for me but I wish they could do better in preventing acne. Sometime, I apply a dot of benzac on my little cyst for a hope of eliminating it overnight but recently it took 2 weeks to completly eliminate it. The cyst hurt me and create red mark which I hate so much. I wash my face and still feel the bump of it. I wish it could just disappear. By the way, I am 23 going up to 24 next year. So I guess I have late teen acne. It is suck to have it. I try to avoid looking myself in the mirror. It has been many months I look away from myself. Lucky me that I have short eye sight so whenever I look myself in the mirror, I only see my blurry face. It feel like my skin is better when not lookinh throught my glasses and that grow my confidence. How long does it take to completly steer clear from acne? I would ask myself for every night. I even pray for myself to wake up without finding new acne on my face. I don't want to feel the bumps on my face. So this is probably just my online diary now. I feel better when writing things out. You should try it if you bad about yourself. Hope everyone who read till the end stay safe from acne. Wish you all the best
  22. I'm fully aware that most accutane cases are unique, difficult and tough to go through, but if anyone out there could help me with this one... I will be forever grateful. Some backround story: My acne problem started when I was on exchange in a foreign, and fairly unhealthy and humid country. By skin became swollen, infected and I was basically a pimple with a face on it. At some point people even yelled "Go wash your face!" at me. Anyways. I went to a dermatologist in May, that put me on accutane AND predisone. She put me on 40 mg of accutane per day, but one week before I stared taking it she put me on 20 mg prednisone for 2 weeks. She never gave me any information to step the mg down, and my acne reeeally broke out. Then I took antibiotics... then I was put on prednisone again... and then I came back home, quit predisone (stepped it down this time), and by skin went back to inferno again. I almost died taking this treatment. Okay, I might be a little dramatic. In August I was sent to emergency due to a swollen eye and swollen throat. I though this was because of some infection but no - accutane. The dermatologist told me that my immune system was so low that if I got a cold during those days, I would be hospitalized. I also started seeing a psychiatrist due to my now much worse depression. I believe the prednisone has ruined this treatment (or my life, if I shall be the dramatic acne patient that I am). Every time I quit prednisone my acne inflames, but at the same time I cannot use prednisone forever. My skin has improved a little since I started taking accutane, but I'm not sure if it will ever help me get healthy. I still get cyst, some of them take weeks, if not months to leave, and are filled with blood and pain. That's why I am thinking of taking Diane 35 combined with Accutane. Or maybe just quit taking it? The side effects are horrible. Maybe there actually is a hormonal underlying problem. I really don't know what to do anymore. Does somebody intelligent on have a good idea to what may happen if I take Diane 35 on Accutane? Some may feel like refer me to a dermatologist, and I have already been there. I live in a small town with poor medical help, and my former dermatologist replied "Yeah, just try it out" when I asked her on a text message. I still feel a little nervous about it though. If I do get replies on this topic, I may submit photos of my acne if that is of help. Help me please. - Nina (18)
  23. Hi guys this is around my 20th week of using differin and around 10 weeks of using benzac. For the past 2 weeks, I had almost clear face. I mean no major acne outbreak. This week I have 3 cysts. BIG CYSTS. I hate them so much. I have no idea how they come up on my face. It is so annoying. I was happy and now I am panic. Wondering if there is going to be more tomorrow. I can't tolerate the feeling of cleaning my face and it hurts so bad. For a while, I have hope and it was vanished by cysts that I can't find the root of it. I hope benzac take care of them as soon as possible. I want to be happy again. Happiness without panic and nightmare.
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    ive been on accutane for 25 days now and its been getting really difficult. Im a 16 year old girl, junior in highschool. I was aware of the side effects before i started and i have really bad cystic acne so im willing to go through all of this due to everyone’s positive experiences on it. My skin just went through the purging stage but im sure the worst is yet to come, ive noticed almost all of my pores on my nose and chin have become full of blackheads that are pushing past the surface, it has a rough texture and it’s quite strange actually, i assume its the medicine pushing all the bad stuff up but man its gross (ive read lots of reviews of accutane and nobody has mentioned that) The most significant change ive noticed is in my moods. ive experienced depression before but its gotten worse and I know it is a noted side effect of the medicine. I dont know where to go from there though, do I tell my doctor? its honestly really scary and i just want to make sure im not the only one going through symptoms like this. On a different note my skin has been extremely dry and i have moisturizers but i wanted to see if there are any recommendations for lotions to use because the ones ive been using havent been the greatest I know im only in the first stages and it probably will only get worse I just wanted some help bc i feel really alone in this, sorry!! if you read this thank you and please leave me suggestions!!
  25. I'm only 18 yet the pores on my nose are so big and full of blackheads. I feel so conscious whenever I talk to people because they start to stare at my nose. I know this is not as horrible to some people but seeing my nose full of holes just really creeps me out. I have been using a facial cleanser and a toner both containing salicylic acid for about 4 months and although the dark marks and active acne disappeared, my pores however became larger, I feel. I just want to know if there is any method for my pores to become smaller or atleast appear smaller. I really hate looking at the mirror because of my nose. I don't even want to know how my nose would look like in the future with the ageing and the schoolworks and exposure to the sun and stuff. I've become very distant to people because of this. I really don't know what happened. My family has oily skin in general but I'm the only one with a nose like this. Please help :'( I really want a solution for these holes on my nose. egjnfjjnjd!!! Also the texture of my nose is weird? I think? if you look closely it has like wrinkles or something xD