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  1. Hi guys, I had a little spot on the side of my nose which turned into a cyst (the infection went under the skin) which is not unusual for me unfortunately. BUT after a week and a half on flucloxacillin the swellings has gone down but there’s still a big red boil. I’ve tried a hot compress. I’ve tried Savlon. Magnesium sulphate. It won’t come to a head! I even tried pricking it with a pin... I know I know! But nothing. I got a small amount of clear fluid and a lot of blood. This is looking unlike any type of cyst I’ve had before. It’s not sore anymore. It’s soft and squishy. More like a red blister. Any suggestings on what hat this is and how I can get rid of it?!
  2. I’m 19 now and for the past 6 years I have suffered with acne. I have been to the doctor several times and each time they have been no help. The acne first started on my nose and it has never gone. I get the most horrific painful cysts so far under my skin there is no way i could pop them at all. They stick out of my nose and there is no way of hiding them. I currently have 5 on my nose now. Two have been there for 6 years they have scarred and left what I Am guessing is a permanent mound on my face, and about two times week I can put pressure on the area and spot juice comes out. The other three I have on my face are only recent and show no sign of leaving either. They are bright red and sore to the touch. I only drink water and I drink a lot lot of it and i excerise in moderation and don’t drink a lot. WHen I have been to the doctor he wasn’t sure at all what was wrong and thought I had a fungus infection so gave me a prescription for anti biotics which I never took as i got a second opinion was told the care am given should never be put near my face. I am sick of waking up every morning with these awful lumps on my Face feeling like there is nothing I can do. i debated at times buying a super sharp doe and syringe to drain them but I know I would mess face up. any help on an idea how to pop them or any treatment which will help clear them up would so so apprectiated I am loosing confidence constantly from them.
  3. So I’ve got a cyst.. I think for the first time ever Being the idiot I am I picked it but the top scabbed over and has just healed Its only been a week and is now painless and basically under the skin... but how long is this going to take to heal? Thanks for any advice and help you can give me.. Also I have just started antibiotics will this help get rid of a current one?
  4. So I’ve got a cyst.. I think for the first time ever Being the idiot I am I picked it but the top scabbed over and has just healed Its only been a week and is now painless and basically under the skin... but how long is this going to take to heal? Thanks for any advice and help you can give me..
  5. So I’ve got a cyst.. I think for the first time ever Being the idiot I am I picked it but the top scabbed over and has just healed Its only been a week and is now painless and basically under the skin... but how long is this going to take to heal? Thanks for any advice and help you can give me..
  6. I need help,i dont know what i have! I went to many doctors and all of them gave differents answers but nothing helped me. I need to know whay i have. i have mix skin i believe, dry on cheeks, a bit oily in my forehead and nose. I've been struggling with these little bumps my whole puberty, teenage and now im 21, i cant longer say its bc im a a teenager Any idea of what can be? I dont even know if this is acne!
  7. So i had a raised blackhead on my cheek. I tried opening the pore with a needle and nothing would come out. The area becomes infected and I had a pimple the circumference of a penny. I put a warm rag on it everyday and the infection went away after about 2 or 3 days. The lump from the original blackhead is still there (shrinking though I think) in the middle, but the area around it where the infection was is sunken in. Some things to note are that the texture is more rough and less shiny than the surrounding skin when looking at it up close, and the area is reddish and dark as well (has not been long since infection went away). I was wondering if this was normal and if the area will raise back up to the surrounding skin? I know that atrophy can occur from injections to get rid of cystic acne, but in my case it went away on its own.
  8. So I recently started working at a Dermatology clinic. I've struggled with intermittent moderate acne for years, I haven't had much of an issue lately but started to break out a little this past week on the right side of my face. I had a very deep cyst develop on my right upper cheek and I did a big no no.. I've watched the doctor at work slice open and drain cysts on patients countless times at this point and I thought I'd be able to drain my own at home. So last night, with a crappy give dollar set of currettes I got off Amazon And some sewing needles dipped in alcohol I proceeded to poke and prod at my cyst for hours which achieved nothing. I didn't manage to get even the slightest bit of pus out(it must be extremely deep) anyway now the cyst is five times bigger than before with a big open wound at the surface and the entire right side of my face is swollen and painful. I had to go to work this morning and couldn't even get makeup to stick to the raw skin, but I parted my hair on that side and somehow managed to hide it. I'm extremely embarrassed working in dermatology and I've only been there 3 months and don't feel comfortable asking the doctor anything about it, that would be mortifying to me. I have Wednesday off so I'm praying I can get the swelling down and the wound to scab over by Thursday. I took 4000mg of lysine and a garlic supplement today and have been using antibiotic ointment and bandaids to hopefully heal it faster and prevent a giant scar from forming. Any other suggestions on what to do? The whole side of my face is hugely swollen and throbbing and painful and there's now a two inch long lump that feels hard with puss that I can't pop no matter what. Is this something I should go to an urgent care for and get antibiotics? Idk if I can get it to leave on my own. I've been icing my face for an hour and took Advil and that helps with the pain. Please help guys! what have I done to myself!?
  9. I have been having a problem for the past 5 to 6 years were basically I would get big cysts on my buttocks area, recently I got one removed surgically that was quite big. The problem is that the cysts' scars remain there and never fully heal so once in a while they randomly start bleeding. The scars that I have around the ex-cysts are multiple and nothing seems to work to stop them from bleeding and fully heal. Any recommendations and suggestions on what I could do?
  10. i dont know if i can do this anymore, I'm so sick of my acne. never had any breakouts throughout my high school years until april 2018, my cheeks started breaking out horribly. ive literally tried everything under the sun but nothing has worked and now my acne is getting worse. the post inflammatory erythema are so bad, they make my skin look like i have active pimples. ive cried several times because my acne, and i pray almost everyday for me to have clear skin again. and oh boy oh boy, i am a very sensitive person and two nights ago, my uncle had a small gathering at his place and the adults were asking me how my studies were going and stuff and then this one person had to say "oh you dont have to ask how her studies are going, you can just tell by her face". i was literally so close to tearing up and that comment made me so depressed. anyway, a few of the people that have seen me are quite supportive but honestly, i dont need any "motivations" or "tips" from them because that would just remind me of how visible my acne are. sorry about the grammar, I'm just typing out whatever i want to vent about
  11. Cyst near my eye

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    Hi, this cyst popped up a couple of days ago. I’ve had the same issue in the same area three different times over the past five years. I wish I could have insurance and get on accutane and stop this once and for all! I had to cancel an acting gig tomorrow because of it :-( has anyone else ever had this issue? Cysts popping up in the same areas over time? Ahhh I feel like a monster
  12. In the span of just overnight a giant cyst has formed on the left side of my mouth. I was told to lance it with a sterilized needle and was wondering if that’s really the case. If not could someone possibly provide me with some kind of instruction as to how one would approach a cyst like this?
  13. In the span of overnight (6-8 hours) this giant cyst formed on the left side of my mouth. Was wondering if I should lance it. If not, is it possible for someone to provide me with some instruction.
  14. Hi so I really need advice !! I've always had acne but never really a cyst. For this long underneath my skin. It started with an inflamed huge pimple on my chin but now after a week there's still a huge bump underneath my skin and there is no white opening. What should I do? Wait ? Make an appointment? Needle it myself? Help
  15. A quick overview of the last few months: prescribed Lymecycline for worsening moderate acne beginning of Feb. Ever since then I've had awful cystic acne.(never had this before) Doctor told me to stick with it for 3 months. I wish I hadn't. Finally off those god awful tablets but have 4 very inflamed, very painful, very red and very LARGE cysts on my face. They have been active for weeks, two of them over a month. Nothing I do seems to help. They are most probably infected- doc prescribed flucloxacillin which did nothing. Been referred to a dermatologist and left to deal with it solo for now. I have a good skin routine but have had to only use gentle products for a while due to the pain and broken skin. (i.e no BP/sulfur.) I have a clean diet with nothing that could aggravate acne. Taking a lot of supplements and superfoods to try and boost immunity/help fight the infections. Losing my mind a little. My skin has never behaved like this and the pain and swelling are constant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Hey I need help identifying what this is on my face. I think it may be a cyst,but im not completely sure.I have applied warm compressed water on it for 2 weeks now. Its getting smaller,but it isn't going away. Also if anyone has any tips on how to get rid of it, that would be great! thanks
  17. I had a painful under the skin cyst that lasted a couple of weeks. I did NOT pick it or pop it, but did use hydrocolloid bandaids to help drain it and put benzoyl peroxide on it. Now, the cyst is finally gone except for redness where it was and a HUGE hole! I think the cyst formed because of a blackhead because that’s what it looked like when the cyst first started to form, so I think the hole is the pore with the gunk removed. Is there any hope for it to heal on its own? How should I treat it? Benzoyl peroxide? Glycolic acid? I also have Derma E Scar Gel; would that help if it’s an ice pick scar? I’ve been putting hyrocolloid bandaids on it during the day to hide it since it’s so embarrassing. I’m terrified that the hole will never close. I’m attaching a picture but it doesn’t really show how deep the hole actually is.
  18. Hi there - I've been on quite the journey for the past 4 months that I'd like to share with you. DAY 1 - It all started with a bump on my cheek the size of a nickel. DAY 2 - 15: Throughout the next 15 days it continued to get larger. Probably didn't help that I was jabbing needles into it trying to find the head. I assumed the whole thing was inflated with pus. Very little came out. The biggest mistake was using a derma-roller (sooo dumb. not sure what result I was expecting). By day 15 it looked like this: See those two bumps to the top and bottom left? The end up causing big trouble but also great relief. Day 15 - Around day 15 I was desperate to find relief. Although the growth didn't hurt, it looked super strange - to the point that I was wearing a bandaid to work. I couldn't find anyone in Toronto who would perform a draining, but I did find someone who could perform a quick cortisone shot, which provided relief for a few days. Immediately after the shots, the bump was larger (due to the fluid within) but it slowly subsided. Day 16 to 30 - the bump slowly disappeared and left a flat dark spot. Day 30 to 45 - The bump quickly grew back and eventually looked exactly the same as it did at its worst - then grew about 3x even larger than that. It was HUGE. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture (too busy being anxious). By day 45 I had lined up an appointment with a dermatologist/plastic surgeon combo - though a few days before the appointment, the cyst popped. The pus was white, had no smell, and seeped through those two bumps previously mentioned. Day 45 to 60 - The area where the cyst existed was slightly bumpy for a few days, but eventually flattened out. By around Day 60, I noticed the bump slowly returning. I panicked and called the plastic surgeon - hoping to have the underlying cyst removed. By this point, the bump looked like this: I took this picture with especially hard lighting so you could see the two small ice pick scars around the left side. Those were the points where the fluid had drained. I hated the holes more than the bump itself. Day 70 - Saw the surgeon. He had suggested waiting 2 months before doing any sort of procedure, as sometimes the previously inflamed skin could scar over very badly. He said that we should wait to see if the bump calms down, or if it becomes largely inflamed again. Days 70 to 120 - The bump remained fairly stable. Some days it felt bigger or smaller - but overall remained unchanged. After the two months had passed, it was time for the incision. The doctor aimed to remove the underlying cyst, associated scar tissue and the deep ice pick scars. The procedure was a success - he was able to cut the scar tissue away. Apparently the cyst wall would be within the scar tissue. He warned that because the removed such a thick ball, it may create a dimple where the cyst was. Luckily this spot isn't the worst to have a dimple. WARNING - GROSS PICTURES AHEAD The removed scar tissue: It's now one week after the surgery and the stitches are removed. There a bit of pinkness and uneven skin texture, but this should resolve within the next few weeks to months. I'm noticing a bit of dimpling. Doc says it will probably get a bit worse before it gets better (usually these sorts of dimples will fill in themselves). Wish me luck throughout the healing process! And let me know if you guys have any questions. I left out some details for an easier read -but happy to help where I can. BTW, this is the guy who performed the procedure. So amazing. Totally professional and clearly cares about his patients:
  19. I'm looking for a Surgeon in Los Angeles who is experienced in removing epidermoid cysts. I contacted Dr. Sandra Lee (Pimple Popper)'s office but she is not accepting new patients and I want to find someone closer to the city.
  20. i had a small red cyst on my face for about 4-5 months now and i finally got sick of waiting for it to go away i got a cortisone shot and the hard lump under my skin is gone but the area is starting to sink my skin is black/purple where the red cyst mark was?? is this okay and will it ever go away
  21. HELP: Skin has been consistently breaking out for over a month, there seems to be no indications of improvement. Hey everyone! For some background, I started taking 40 mg absorbica November 28, 2017. I’m an 18 year old female, 125 pounds. I would say my acne was pretty moderate, but stubborn. My dermatologist prescribed me loads of topical treatments that barely worked along with medications like minocycline and doxycycline, which worked temporarily. Eventually I decided that my last resort was Accutane. Basically, when I started the treatment, I never really had an initial break out. Around the beginning of February (3 months in) my dose was raised to 60 mg and my skin started going downhill. My acne got to the worst point it’s ever been even before Accutane. I’ve been getting a bunch of cysts on my cheeks, which I’ve never had before. Since then, it’s been breaking out pretty consistently (now mid March). My derm increased my dosage to 80mg and I’ll be starting that later in the month. I don’t know what to do, not only is the acne lowering my self esteem, it’s also physically painful. Has anyone had a similar experience or is this unusual? How long do these breakouts usually last? I don’t know if this is just a late “initial breakout” but whatever it is, it’s been well over a month which doesn’t seem right.
  22. I’ve had a pimple about a pea size with no head and under the skin for 4 days. it’s red and it’s not swollen anymore but the bump is still very noticeable and it feels hard when i press on it. i’ve been applying tea tree oil and vick’s vapor rub because i read that it can make the pimple come to a head. i havent been using BP on it because it’s under the skin. what else can i try?
  23. Hi everyone It has been a while that I haven't updated my new entry. So, my acne is still coming up on left cheek close to my mouth and two big cyst on my forehead. One in the centre and another one on my right. Before this there were 3 cyst on my forehead and a fews on my both left and right cheeks. All of them left red scars on my face. It makes me feel unhappy. I am losing my confidence. I don't know how does it come up or what causes it. I did apply benzac overnight and on the spot but lately it works less than excellent. Acne does not subsize as fast as it should. It begin to get red and dry then it comes up and left scar. It takes almost 2 or 3 weeks for me to elimiate a cyst. Very curious what happens.
  24. I have tried to ask this question to two different regular dermatologist who have viable practices and contribute content on Youtube. One just ignored my question and the other one just blew me off. I know that most people here are dealing with skin conditions that can are challenging. I empathize with you all but I had the mildest of acne problems as a youth. Now at 62 I get the occasional bump that shows up one day then disappears without a head. I think it maybe due to lack of water intact, not eating enough fruits and vegetables or a lack of sleep. Please take me seriously. If this is the wrong place for this type of question then the admin people can move it. I really do not seek out a discussion but maybe a link where I can do my own research. I was hesitant in signing up because I know that the struggles people do go through with acne. Question: When an open comedo is extracted it can have different shapes? Ex. I have seen blackheads come out as a plug. I have seen them come out as a longer plug and wider surface area. When a pore is extracted sometimes it comes out as a small thin white line or sometimes it comes out so fast something similar to silly string. Any help on this type of information would be helpful. Thank You in Advance
  25. Hello. First of all, In no way acne/scars can reach my self-esteem. I live a happy lifestyle and always try to be the best version of myself. Right now, I'm seeking for help and comments because I feel like there's not enough stuff online for situations close to mine. Been on this thing for a couple years now. I want help, and most of all , help others. I'd like to keep this as short as possible, telling you what I have, what I've tried and what seems to help me bit. Placed a picture so you get some hold of the situation! Short and simple: - I've had mild acne since I was 14 years old (mostly face), nothing too special. - As cysts and mild acne started to bother me (at 15yo, face-neck-back) my mom took me to dermatologists. - Tried every single gel, cream, antibiotic, aloe vera, natural oils. Some of you can relate. Nothing works, and sometimes it even irritates it further. - Last treatment: Our beloved isotretinoin (or as some people call it - Acuttane). Did it for 6 months, 20/30mg. Was acne free and dry as hell. I hate that those side effects ahah! - Couple months go by, it all starts to comeback. This time I also have some cysts on my pubic area. Yes. Moreee isotretinoin. 4 months this time, it all seems to go away but for 2 cysts - 1 on my neck, another on that pubic area. - As you can see the scaring is awful. You're seeing the result after 2 cortisone shots. I also have a keloid which resulted from a cyst. (left side) - This is my current situation - It has better and worse periods. Right now it's a bad one. - Cysts and some acne also lead temporary or permanent hair loss. - Currently about to turn 18; 9cm scar on pubic area (multiple cysts removal); Scar+Keloid+Acne on neck; clear face. Lifestyle: - Been active my whole life, playing football. Regular gym enthusiast for the past 3 years. - Drink pleeeeeeeeenty of water. - No dairy. No processed foods. No fast foods. No oil. Little to no sugar and no salt. - Meat (red meat not so usually), fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, carbs, overall really healthy food. - I try to never touch the area, sometimes I slip (seems to get better when I don't touch it). - Big one. - Don't smoke, don't drink most of the time, and when I do It's just a little. - I try my best to stay healthy in every field. Might be missing something that I don't remember or know. What are yours toughts? Hope I was clear in my typing. Any further questions will be awnsered! Ready to hear from you, André